AOC Collective Marijuana Dispensary
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    WTF happened to the love?
    No more love. Hustled for tips just to get em pulled out of the jar and counted before I get helped for low weight low quality , then on my return visit I'm told by this greedy son of a bitch that I'm not allowed to fill up my 16 oz water bottle from the water cooler.
    So I took my money to ALLGREENS and got an amazing deal service Free coke and a slice of Pizza B I T C H!!!!!

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    Thanks for being there.!!!!!!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5-5
    Some of the staff are friendly but some of those guys DAMN

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    the bud tender called me cheap as I walked out the door
    i gave a $5 tip and the girl was like a $20 would be nicer then we laughed but i closed the door gently behind as i left and i clearly heard her call me a cheap ass. also when a bud tender sits there tapping there foot like hurry up it makes a person not feal welcome. on another note you only have to be 18 to get into the area with free beer on 4-19. who the fuck closes on 420

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