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  • Report my fave =]

    this is my favorite club in the area. i know stuff is already weighed out but this makes my visit a lot faster and convenient. it makes me feel comfortable knowing that this is a legit club and its gonna be around when i need it. overall i'm happy with this club because they have over 25 different og's and everyone is really nice. i haven't had any problems with them and i've been a faithful patient for a couple of years so I know what i'm talking about!!!!!

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  • Report 1st time review

    I think ive been to every spot in van nuys and sherman oaks and have found some decent shops and some definately shady ones. Thank god ive finally ive found a spot that has everything i could possibly need over a hundred strains they cap at 60 but thats only for the top 10 kushes and i have to say possibly the best meds ive ever smoked and the rest were 55 and under and all high quality!!! they have over 25 OG's!!! Starting at $40 on up 1/8s starting at $25 and there bomb!!! They sell some of the strongest edibles ive ever had ask about the lights out brownie!!!$10 grams of humbolt hash!!! Clones were only $8 dollars $5 with purchase ...Good atmosphere very friendly and knowledgeable staff there was no rush i could take my time and there a legally registered dispensary so overall love this place ill definately be back Thanks!!!!!!!!

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  • Report herb!!!!!

    its a cool spot to hit up if u havent already. 100% legal dispensary too
    the board is filled with all types of herb (indicas, sativas, OGs and everything in between) they got edibles, my favorite the peanut buttter cup! its pretty yummy and stong and all i need is half and the other half the next day. oh the herb is awesome... the top shelf stuff is crazy good but they got good herb in every price range. theres somehting for everyone (i.ve never seen so many strands!)check it out.
    i.ve been going here since '09

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  • Report Best of 5 I've tried in past year

    This one just happens to be a block or two from work. And its by far the most
    selection I've ever seen at one of these places. It literally felt like I went
    to Amsterdam or something with like over 50, ALL of them nice, strains. Santa Monica PK
    is rocking my world.. and I've smoked a lot of weeds in my days.
    The second best I've been to for selection is Kushism which was also my first time recently..
    but this by far has Kushism beat on selection. Kushism has them beat though on
    crackwhore-looking babes working the place and cooler posters in the lobby.. i.e. Nirvana.

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  • Report Tired of Indicas

    I must agree with the average 5 star rating of this place, however I lodge a class complaint against the majority of LA-based dispensaries I've found so far. They _ALL_ emphasize or have a majority of Indicas rather than Sativas and I'm really getting tired of it to the point I'm about to start looking for a place that specializes in Sativas unlike this place and Kushism up the road a ways and virtually all I've seen so far for some reason.

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  • Report Honest Review

    Let me start off by saying this place is formerly known as GAM or "Green Angel of Malibu", for those of you who don't know. This place was very conveniant for me when they were in Malibu as they were only a 20 minute drive from the Conejo Valley area, sadly though they had to move. The great thing is that they are still the only home of the 91 strains which are all fire!
    The Meds: great selection to choose from prices start at $25 an 1/8th to $60 an 1/8th and they have the biggest selection I have ever seen, all quality and cured perfectly, the meds are pre-weighed.
    My choices were 91 Malibu fire which is and always is the knock out indica strain, classic lemon-diesel, pine taste, top notch. Also went with 91 Hollywood........to lit now to finish this bowl, but let me tell you, sticky with nice expansion, goes straight to the cerebral with a nice body high as well.
    Overall: Well stocked with over 60 strains, huge selection of edibles, hashes, kiefs & accessories. A++
    Sorry for the low marks on the parking but it is what it is.

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  • Report Angel's Touch

    My buddy 91Malibu and I took a little tour of the LA dispensary scene this weekend, and the trip would not have been complete if we didnt stop at the shop that gave him his weedmaps alias. When someone with such plentiful knowledge of herb, and experience with such a variety of strains, picks out that one strain he got way back in the day as the dankest strain ever, you know it will be fire, and indeed this shop stocks nothing but fire.

    Check in and paperwork were pretty easy, parking was non-existent, which meant we had to walk pretty far, but its a small sacrifice for these top-notch meds.

    Making a decision in this place was really tough, everything they had looked amazing. Notable strains were the Malibu Fire, the 91 ChemBand, and The Legendary PK's. The desicion was tough, but i knew i couldnt leave there without some '91MalibuChemDawg, and the Legendary Pure Kush #1.

    '91 Malibu ChemDawg- Wow. Now i understand the hype. This ChemDawg s incredible, it has that sought after "medicated chapstick" smell, that fan's of the strain rave about so often. The bud-structure on this stuff is really impressive, the main nug from the slice i received is like a fat golf ball with devilish, twisting fingers shooting out in all directions. The trichs on these nugs are everywhere, making my hands very sticky every time i pack a bowl. The taste you get on the first hit is amazing, a menthol like tingle encompasses your tongue, followed by a nice sour flavor reminiscent of its relative Sour Diesel, but it stays all sour with little or no "diesel" flavor. The effect from this medicine is quite strong, and will quickly take your mind off of whatever pain, anxiety or other ailment you are facing. The nice thing about this strain is it's strong medicating effect, without the couch-lock effect that can keep many people from using such a strong medicine throughout the day.

    The Legendary Pure Kush #1- This strain name is another mouthful, but you can't hate when something is this good. They have both #1 and #2 in stock, and both looked very good. From what I heard, pure kush used to be a very illusive strain in the days before MMJ, going for $1000+ per ounce, and only being available to celebrities and the super rich. After smoking this stuff I can believe it, both Malibu and I both smoke a lot of concentrates normally, and we were both extremely medicated from the 2 bowls we split of this Pure Kush, I felt like i had just smoked a bunch of earwax. This is that stuff that you set aside for a rainy day, because daily consumption would just be too intense. A perfect cure and manicure on this bud, as you would expect, this is one of the very few strains worth $60 per 8th to me.

    Nice job guys.... only complaints i had were the parking situation, and the fact that you have to ask the bud tender to see every strain one at a time, instead of having the stuff all out on the counter, but that seems to be the standard for Los Angeles.

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  • Report mmrc is dank...glad i found the chem

    Went up north with RTBriggs a week ago in search of the 91malibuchemdawg. My favorite meds of all time relocated to Sherman Oaks and I was on a mission to find them! Check-in was a breeze at this super dank collective. The shop is very organized, clean, and they carry some of socals finest strains. The check-in dude had us fill out our paperwork and we were in the back in no time. The budroom is quite large, as is their menu at MMRC. Once in the back we checked the menu and prices on the big board in search of some quality mmj. The tenders were a bit quiet but showed us everything we wanted to see. My only suggestion would be to allow patients to pick from a bunch of the pre-weighs. A few extra points on the 8th would be nice too as my 8ers were both 3.4. All the medicine here is top notch and their flowers are well worth the donation price. They cap at 60 but here the meds. are so dank, that you'll be kicking yourself for not bring more cash.

    I've had the opportunity to check out the meds here before and have puffed all the 91's and have tried basically everything 45 bucks and up. The concentrates and edibles here are so dank! The edibles are made from hash and they have some cheaper strains for 40 and 50 that are top shelf but are smaller nugs. Great for blunts or people on a budget who don't wanna sacrifice quality.

    I've puffed the planets and the presidential og's in L.A on down to S.D and the 91's are where it's at! I'd take any 91 over any planet except maybe mars, and the presidential og's pale in comparison to the 91 fire, norcal, valley, tahoe, both pure kushes, etc... The 91's have been favorites of mine since I got my card a few years back. The 91malibuchemdawg is by far my favorite strain! It's chemdawg on a whole other level. It reeks like chapstick! Other sick strains mmrc has that Ive tried: all 20 something 91's, the purples they carry are sick, the chems they carry are the best in socal, the chem #4, and chem's sister are sick too, any og you grab here will be better than any you've seen from S.D. to L.A. The pure kush strains they have here are truly some sick, sick, dankness. One goes by the name p.k ripper and the other goes by p.k creeper. Both are legendary! That's right legendary!!!

    For this visit I went with the 91malibuchemdawg because it's dank and because it was on special that day! 55 for an 8er of my favorite medicine? Sold! The chem looks so delicious this time around. Large nugs made up my 8er and the buds are frosted beyond belief. Light green hue to the nugs with large orange hairs throughout the bud. There are so many trichs covering the nugs that honestly a scope is useless. No need for it when the trichs shine so bright. A little spin of the nug and the light catches every trich. It looks like a really classy christmas tree with all clear/amber lights on the tree. No need for presents under the tree when the tree is the present! The army of trichs is accompanied by a smell so dank, and so delicious any chem fan would strike a man just to puff on this magic herb. Quick side note: I'd love to try some 91malchem wax!!! It would be epic!!! Once jarred this magic flower really lets the aroma grab hold of you. She stinks so good! I put my 8er away for a rainy day but luckily RTBriggs cracked his jar and we got into the chemdawg immediately after. The effects from this gem are sick too. Nice head high coupled with some sort of pain reliever. My back pain subsided instantly. RT said it best, you can puff this flower all day and not be couch-locked, but it still packs a wallop! We also puffed on that amazing pure kush and I'm bummed I didn't get any of it...Oh well next time! The pure is so dank on so many levels. The smell, looks, taste, effects, etc... were all something to write home about!

    Great shop thats carries some of the finest flowers and concentrates in socal! I can't wait to check them out again in a few weeks! peace

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  • Report Best of the best!!!

    Believe the hype......this is the premier spot in ALL of SoCal!! Their "91" strains are amazing. Talk about medicinal meds......easily the most powerful of all the dispensaries that I've been to!

    The 91 Pure Kush strains are easily the best out there. Legendary, Pure Nitro, 91 Malibu PK are some of the finest well grown strains to be found anywhere.

    If you want clean, powerful full melts, they have those also. Check out their Pure Nitro d-9.....you'll be on your a$$ after your 1st pull!!!

    These guys know their bizz & will lead you in the right direction to get the meds best suited for your particular ailment.

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  • Report Great Dispensary

    I went in here after seeing good reviews on Weedmaps and it definitely met my expectations. The bud room was very clean and spacious with tons of nice looking glass to gaze at. The menu board was packed with strains in all different price ranges, and they also had a daily special board that had some reduced prices. I glanced at the hash and edible menus but I was mainly looking for bud today.

    The budtender was cool-- not too talkative but definitely helpful. He pointed me to Phyllis Diller, a sativa named after the comedian. I'm not usually into sativa but this strain is easily one of my favorites.

    I'll definitely be going back. For the past few weeks I've been sticking closer to the NoHo area, but this is worth the extra miles.

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  • Report Quality meds and very convenient location

    This place is great because its the closest dispensary to the area I live. This place is great! The bud-tender was very helpful. Their meds are high quality. Their prices are a bit higher than other clubs in the valley, but they do have a daily specials board that included a whole range of strains. The verification process was very quick. Parking was a bit annoying, but I'll definitely go back.

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  • Report Crazy Bud

    Visited here the other day, took about 20 minutes to find parking. The verification process was easy and breezy. Once I got in, the bud room was very spacious and open...very welcoming. The budtender was a cool dude, very helpful. Put all the sativa strains on the table for my choosing, as a great disp. should. Only complaint is I feel the gram was a little underweighed for the stiff $20, and the lack of any appreciation for a new patient. I might go back if I want to shock some friends with their Phyllis Diller. That shit knocked me off my ass, very cerebral!

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  • Report Is this the best dispensary in So Cal?

    I asked Weed Mapper 91Malibu ChemDawg (who’s been to 250+ dispensaries) which dispensary had the best marijuana in Southern California and he said Medical Marijuana Relief Clinic. His screen name is the name of one their signature strains. Needless to say, I had high expectations going in and I did not leave disappointed. MMRC has some of the best marijuana I've ever sampled.

    The staff and growers from the legendary Green Angels of Malibu now work with MMRC. Located in Sherman Oaks, about a half hour north of West Hollywood, MMRC is in a nice area, near a huge carwash and an awesome hot dog stand. The location itself looks kind of like a nice head shop. All black on the outside with minimal signage. The check in area was spacious and clean. The budroom was large, clean and nice. The budtender was extremely knowledgeable.

    I told them I had heard great things and wanted to try the best they had. The budtender showed me several very impressive strains, I'm sure I would have been happy with any of them. They have a huge variety of strains, along with many edibles, concentrates and medicated teas. They specialize in OG related strains (OG Kush, Chem Dawg, Pure Kush) with Pure Kush being their premier Indica. Pure Kush is a sister to OG Kush that was sold in the 90's at crazy prices. The growers at MMRC have some pretty impressive genetics with a wide variation of originals from 1991. The 91 strains are the main event and they delivered. MMRC doesn't split eighths, only offers pre-weighed meds and their prices are high, but they have a nice variety of top shelf shake packaged at reasonable prices. They do not offer a first time patient special. The lack of flexibility would have been much more frustrating if they didn’t have such high quality. Without further adieu, here are my choices:

    1.) 91 Hollywood Pure Kush (Mostly Indica):
    Pure Kush is a sister phenotype of OG Kush. Not surprisingly, it looks and smells very similar to an OG. This batch was grown from a seed found in a batch of Hollywood Pure Kush from the 90’s. This batch took 3 months to grow and was grown and cured to perfection. Really impressive stuff.

    Look: Dense, dank and very sticky. Mostly light green with some dark green and orange hairs. Sugar coated in trichomes.

    Smell: Fuel, pine and a hint of citrus. Very pungent smell reminiscent of OG. Almost overwhelmingly strong.

    Taste: Very complex taste. Out of a vaporizer, the citrus really came out with a good amount of menthol and pine. I picked up the smell in the taste, but really was hit with a cooling citrus menthol flavor. Tastes amazing.

    Effects: Pleasantly strong. I felt it immediately behind the eyes. Clean tingling head buzz with a wave of relaxation through the neck and shoulders. Euphoric, uplifting and heavy.

    Bottom line: One of the best batches I’ve ever had. This stuff is no joke. The effects are really euphoric, but very heavy and relaxing. The taste is pronounced and delicious. Love it.

    2.) 05 West Hollywood Wicked Pure Kush (Mostly Indica):
    Another stellar version of Pure Kush, this one originated from a seed found in a batch grown in West Hollywood in 2005.

    Look: Dense and sticky when broken up. Deep forest green with light green and some dark orange hairs. Completely covered in trichomes.

    Smell: Pine, fuel and citrus. Smells exactly like a well grown OG. This sample smells more piney than the 91 Hollywood PK.

    Taste: Toasted pine and citrus most dominant with a hint of fuel. Strong and smooth. So tasty.

    Effects: Strong and immediate. Starts with a numbing kick to the back of head and shoulders. It hits hard with very stoney head effects; I had to regroup for a minute. The effects are similar to the 91 Hollywood PK, but stonier. My eyes were red and droopy. The head effects cleared up as time went on and I was left with a pleasant, long lasting head and body high.

    Bottom line: Looks amazing, smells amazing, tastes amazing and feels amazing. I prefer the effects of the Hollywood, but this is an awesome sample. For those who prefer stonier head effects, I would strongly recommend this.

    3.) 91 West Hollywood Fire OG (Mostly Indica):
    I take it 1991 was a pretty good year for OG and Pure Kush in Los Angeles. This strain is an original cut of Fire OG grown from a seed. They had a pre-weighed bag of shake, so I decided to give this a try. I’m glad I did.

    Look: Tough for me to judge the looks because I bought shake. Deep dark green with some light green and dark orange hairs mixed in. Plenty of trichomes.

    Smell: Piney and citrusy with a hint of fuel. Pine is definitely the dominant scent.

    Taste: Out of a vaporizer, the taste was very similar to the smell; piney with some fuel and a little citrus. Woodier than the Pure Kush samples. It hit smoothly and definitely expanded in the lung. The taste lingered nicely.

    Effects: Strong and relaxing. Started with a head buzz and some numbing effects. Nicely sedative with an active, slightly euphoric head high. Very heavy and relaxing. Good for the evening.

    Bottom line: This took me down in the best way possible. I’m going to have to pick up some proper nugs on my next visit. Another truly impressive sample.

    4.) Master Kush (Mostly Indica):
    I love Master Kush and had to try a version from MMRC. They had a straight Master, a Master crossed with OG and a Master crossed with Bubba. All of them looked great. The budtender wasn’t sure about the genetics. He said it was either Hindu Kush crossed with Hindu Kush or Hindu crossed with Skunk. He also thought there was some Northern Lights in the mix. This sample doesn’t smell like traditional Master Kush (Hindu Kush crossed with Skunk #1), so he’s probably right.

    Look: Dense; mostly light green with orange hairs. Looks like it’s been dusted with trichomes.

    Smell: Musty, skunky, spicy and a little cheesy. Funky smell.

    Taste: Very similar to the smell. Difficult to pinpoint; the description that came to mind was “spicy cheesy” when vaporizing.

    Effects: Relaxing body high with numbing effects. Primarily a body high with a clear head high. Familiar “kush” effects.

    Bottom line: I personally prefer the taste of traditional Master Kush, but this is still a nice batch. The effects are definitely consistent with a good Kush.

    The samples I received from MMRC were spectacular. I’m truly impressed. If you’re anywhere near this dispensary, you must visit. Thanks to the staff for the hospitality. I will be returning as often as possible.

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  • Report Sweet spot

    Came in about a week ago and grabbed some PK and malibu fire the MF was great but the Dave PK was just ok seemed a little old. It was recomended over the legendary that either tells me that the BT had no clue or they were just trying to dump the poorer strain. Either way it's little things like this that get's ya docked.

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  • Report Not Bad At All

    I've never driven to the Valley to get meds before ever, but I saw a post from this dispensary on another website touting their "super SICK Sour Diesel" (their words) and, being a true Sour Diesel fiend, I decided that last Wednesday was the day to make my first foray into the Valley.

    Let me say, too, that I LOVE LA and everything about it EXCEPT driving, especially if I have to get on any freeway. Actually, I love driving, but I can't stand all of the idiots doing 20 down Sunset and 35 on the freeway for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I like to stick as close to my 'hood as possible and that goes for more than just when I need to pick up my meds. But I'd say that the quality of the meds at this dispensary makes any kind of driving pretty worth it. The prices kind of suck, but you get what you pay for here, definitely.

    Traffic was kind of bad, owing to the fact that I got on the 101 at four o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon, but it still only took about a half hour to get there. And that includes the ten minute drive from my apartment to the freeway entrance at Franklin. Parking was really easy, too. I got a metered spot right in front of the dispensary and there was TONS of metered parking up and down Ventura. Not too sure where the complaints about parking that other reviewers have mentioned came from, because I couldn't see how anybody would have a hard time finding a spot pretty close to MMRC. But maybe it's different at different times of the day.

    Dude who checked me in was nice enough. There were two old-timers in there, too, which I really liked. Sometimes I'm in the mood for the kind of "dealer's living room on a Friday night" vibe that a lot of dispensaries seem to have cultivated, but that day I wasn't (probably because of the drive haha), so it was nice to see a couple of dudes with silver beards in there kicking it and not acting like idiots, like so many patients seem to do these days. Verification took like two minutes and then I was let into the back.

    The meds room was kind of cavernous. None of the meds were actually out for me to look at. MMRC pre-weighs all of their meds (I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pre-weighed meds are BULLSHIT), so I had to look at their menu, which they had written on a big board, and then ask the 'tender to see a particular strain. I wish that every dispensary would just put the meds out in jars to look at. Even if they'd just put a few choice buds in a jar so that I could get an idea of the quality of the meds, it'd be better than asking to see twenty-five strains. I feel guilty for making the 'tenders show me strain after strain after strain and MMRC definitely had a big selection of strains.

    Speaking of the budtenders. the girl who helped me needed a personality lesson. Talk about dull. And she wasn't too informed, either. When I asked her what she thought the difference between the '91 Malibu Chemdawg for $60 an eighth and the $55 Chemdawg was, she replied "One's better. The $60 one is better." WOW! Really?!?!? Thanks! I never would've guessed that she'd say the more expensive Chem was the better of the two. What would've been nice is if she'd have gone into particulars about each one. Or at least tell me that one's more Indica-leaning, one's more "head" or "body." I don't know, SOMETHING. Don't treat me like a moron.

    Okay, sorry, that shit kind of irritates me (obviously), but I'll shut up about it. Anyway, the most important thing is the quality of the meds and MMRC has some very high-quality meds. I looked at probably ten strains (although there were at least ten more that I wanted to look at, but I didn't want to bother the 'tender) and all of them looked more than good enough to buy. I ended up getting an eight of said '91 Malibu Chemdawg, a quarter of their "sick" Sour Diesel and an eighth of their Skywalker OG.

    I'll start with the Sour Diesel. While it's definitely good quality Sour D, I wouldn't go so far as to describe it as "sick." I get almost the exact same quality Sour D from the dispensary right down the street from me on a regular basis for $45 an eighth. MMRC was asking for a $55 donation. I actually still had a fat nug of Sour D from my neighborhood dispensary and I did a little side by side comparison. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between the two. To tell you the truth, they looked exactly the same. Like both batches came from the same exact grower, even (which they probably did). So, okay, good quality Sour Diesel, but not better than my local dispensary and for ten dollars more an eighth. $20 more a quarter. Advantage: My local dispensary.

    On to the '91 Malibu Chemdawg. Now, THIS was a whole 'nother story. Easily some of the most impressive cannabis I've seen. My eighth was one big, fat bud (more on THAT in a second) that simply GLISTENS in the sunlight. It doesn't smell very good, although it has that "dank" smell that let's you know it's probably pretty good herb. Kind of skunky, maybe a little bit of pine. Honestly, it smells a little green, like maybe it needs to cure for a bit longer. However, the buds are ridiculously sticky and they taste AMAZING. Kind of piney and spicey and incense-y and perfume-y. Really interesting layers and layers of flavor and not one that I associate with any of the Chem phenotypes at all. It really reminded me a lot of some King Bubba I got from one of my favorite dispensaries a little while back. And the '91 Malibu Chem is strong, too. I was kind of jonesing for some Chem and MMRC definitely has very high quality Chem. Apparently, this '91 Malibu Chem is somewhat of a "house" strain that not many places (no other places?) have. I'd actually really like to head back out there and get quite a bit more of this one, because it's definitely very good. Advantage: MMRC, but only because my neighborhood dispensary doesn't ever seem to have any Chem.

    HOWEVER, because my eighth was just one big bud, it had a massive stem right in the middle of it. I tore all of the individual flowers off of the stem and weighed the stem and it weighed .6 grams. Not cool. I wouldn't mind a huge stem like that if I had bough a half-ounce or even a quarter, but a .6 gram stem in an eighth is bullshit. And the thing is, they pre-weigh their meds here. It's not like there was a line behind me and the 'tender was in a rush to weigh out my meds and keep the line moving so she just picked up a big ol' fat bud out of the jar and threw it in the container. They could've EASILY removed that stem during the pre-weigh process, but they didn't. And the donation on that one was $60 for an eighth, too. Honestly, I felt a little cheated when I weighed that stem. $60 for 2.9 grams is too much. $60 for 3.5 grams is too much! TAKE THE STEMS OUT. Or compensate by weighing the eighth heavy. Advantage: My neighborhood dispensary. They're VIGILANT about removing any and all extraneous stem.

    Just as an aside, I don't GET pre-weighing. Why do dispensaries do it? My four favorite dispensaries of all time never pre-weighed and they were all waaaaaaay busier than this place seemed to be. In fact, just about every dispensary I've ever been to that pre-weighed were actually really NOT busy at all. Being super-busy is the ONLY reason I can see for pre-weighing anything. Plus, if dispensaries like the ones I usually go to, which tend to actually be very busy, can get by without pre-weighing, I'd think that every dispensary could do away with it. What is the point of pre-weighing? What are the advantages to the patient? The patient, after all, IS the person these dispensaries are here for. Why cheat us out of our meds? And pre-weighing IS cheating me out of my meds. The buds dry up and lose weight while they sit in those containers, it's not cool at all.

    Anyway, the Skywalker OG was also very, very good. Sticky. Well-grown and manicured. Tasty. STONY. I love Skywalker OG, it's one of my favorite cannabis varieties of all time. So good. Still, if I'm not mistaken, MMRC was asking for a $60 donation on that one, too, possibly $55, and I don't think it's any better than the Skywalker OG I get from my two other dispensaries for $50 an eighth. Advantage: My local dispensary.

    All in all, I'd say the main reason for me to come back out here is to pick up more of that '91 Malibu Cham. It's definitely superior cannabis. In fact, MMRC has a really big selection of '91 strains that I can't wait to try. '91 Pure Kush, '91 West Hollywood Fire, '91 Valley, '91 Skywalker etc etc etc. You guys should see their menu, it's impressive, and even though one can never be sure that those '91 strains are truly buds grown from clones that date to '91 or whatever, I still like the idea of it. Plus, if the '91 Malibu Chem is any indication, I'd say all of those '91 strains are FIIIIIIIIIRRRRE. I looked at a few of them, they all looked good enough to take home.

    Real quick, I'd also like to say that I just re-read my review and I want to say that, although it sounds like I had kind of a bad experience (and I guess I did), I actually liked this place. The energy was good here, despite the 'tenders lack of enthusiasm and knowledge. I will definitely be back here and I can't say that about a lot of dispensaries that I've visited that are much, much closer to me. I WOULD like it if the dispensary would respond to the fact that one-seventh of my eighth of Malibu Chem was a stem. An explanation for why they pre-weigh their meds would be nice, as well, either in this review itself or in a PM. But even if they don't respond , I'd recommend this place, but really only because of that '91 Malibu Chem. SO GOOD!

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  • Report Strain Reviews for 8 of MMRC's Best

    I've visited MMRC several times and they have the best marijuana I've sampled. Their Pure Kush (a sister to OG Kush) is the real deal and is my current favorite strain. Out of the several Pure Kush varieties they carry, the 91 Hollywood PK and Legendary #1 are my favorites. Their Malibu and West Hollywood Fire OGs are amazing as well. There are a few downsides about MMRC that have been spelled out in previous reviews, but should be mentioned again. All the meds are pre-weighed, you can't split eighths and there are no first time patient deals. Ultimately, their quality gives them a pass on all of this from me. I drive a LONG way to get to MMRC and I wouldn't if I didn't think it was worth it. You can see several photos from these reviews and a lot more (including an in depth dispensary review) in the Marijuana Reviews section of my blog. Here are reviews for many of the strains I've sampled:

    1.) Pure Nitro

    Grade: A

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Lineage: Unique phenotype of Pure Kush (Sister to OG Kush)

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Light and forrest green nugs that appear lighter due to abundant trichome coverage. Burnt orange hairs peak through the green. Sticky when broken up.

    Smell: Pine, citrus, fuel and menthol.

    Taste: Like the smell with the pine being dominant. Heavy lung expansion.

    Buzz: Starts strong behind the eyes and forehead. A heavy hitter. Highly relaxing and moderately euphoric. Clear clean high. Good for the evening.

    Summary: The heaviest example of Pure Kush I've come across. It's aptly named Nitro.


    2.) Malibu Dream

    Grade: A

    Type: Hybrid (about 60% Sativa, 40% Indica, maybe 70/30)

    Lineage: Blueberry crossed with Haze

    Price: $20/gram, $55/8th, $100/ quarter, $200 half ounce

    Looks: Dense popcorn sized nugs with light orange hairs and heavy trichome coverage. The buds are mostly light green with some dark green visible. Slightly brittle to the touch.

    Smell: Sweeter than the smell, but similar. Smooth vapor.

    Taste: Similar to the smell. Difficult to pinpoint; the description that came to mind was “spicy cheesy” when vaporizing.

    Buzz: Potent euphoric and clear head high with a light body buzz. Mellow and trippy. Relaxing without being lethargic. Great for outdoor activities.

    Summary: The most potent and sweetest batch of Blue Dream I've sampled. I've seen a couple more impressive looking batches, but the effects and taste were really stellar.


    3.) 91 Malibu Fire OG

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Lineage: Unique phenotype of Fire OG Kush

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Milky trichomes over tightly trimmed light green buds. Some orange hairs. Dank. The trichomes make the buds look almost white.

    Smell: Deep pine and citrus with a touch of fuel.

    Taste: Like the smell with toasted pine being dominant. Very tasty.

    Buzz: Heavy and sedating. My eyes were droopy and my body was comfortable and at peace. It helped put me to sleep. Great for late in the evening.

    Summary: I love a heavy nighttime OG and this is one of the best I've come across. The taste was fantastic. The effects were comfortable and peaceful. The nugs look amazing. This is the whole package.


    4.) Dave's Pure Kush

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica (about 70% Indica, 30% Sativa)

    Lineage: Unique phenotype of Pure Kush

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Tightly trimmed nugs sugar caked in trichomes. Mostly light green buds with orange hairs. Brittle to the touch, but sticky when broken up.

    Smell: Sweet citrus, pine and menthol. Smells kind of like eucalyptus. Strong stank.

    Taste: Close to the smell with the menthol/eucalyptos really coming through. Rich and smooth vapor.

    Buzz: Relaxing and euphoric. Not at all couch lock-y. Really clean, clear high. Great for the late afternoon or daytime for seasoned Indica smokers.

    Summary: The effects are among my favorite of any strain. I love the combination of euphoria and relaxation and the unique smell and taste. Dave's PK is very similar to the Hollywood PK, but slightly more active.


    5.) 91 Hollywood Pure Kush

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Dense, dank and very sticky. Mostly light green with some dark green and orange hairs. Sugar coated in trichomes.

    Smell: Fuel, pine and a hint of citrus. Very pungent smell reminiscent of OG. Almost overwhelmingly strong.

    Taste: Very complex taste. Out of a vaporizer, the citrus really came out with a good amount of menthol and pine. I picked up the smell in the taste, but really was hit with a cooling citrus menthol flavor. Tastes amazing.

    Buzz: Pleasantly strong and euphoric. I felt it immediately behind the eyes. Surprisingly clean tingling head buzz with a wave of relaxation through the neck and shoulders. I have never sampled a strain that is simultaneously so euphoric and relaxing.

    Summary: One of the best batches I’ve ever had. This stuff is no joke. The effects are really euphoric, but very heavy and relaxing. The taste is pronounced and delicious. I can't say enough about this strain. I've picked it up twice and will pick it up every chance I get. It was grown from a seed found in a batch of Hollywood Pure Kush from the 90's.


    6.) Master Kush

    Grade: A-

    Type: Indica

    Lineage: Unsure. Either Hindu Kush crossed with Hindu Kush or Hindu crossed with Skunk #1.

    Price: $20/gram, $55/8th, $100/ quarter, $200 half ounce

    Looks: Dense and trichome caked. The trichomes have a "cheesy" appearance. Bright orange hairs stand out from mostly light green buds. A bit dry to the touch.

    Smell: Musty, skunky, spicy and a little cheesy. Funky smell.

    Taste: Similar to the smell. Difficult to pinpoint; the description that came to mind was “spicy cheesy” when vaporizing.

    Buzz: Relaxing high primarily to the body with some numbing effects. The head high was minimal and clear. Familiar “kush” high.

    Summary: I prefer the taste of traditional Master Kush, but this is still a nice batch. The effects were definitely consistent with a good Kush.


    7.) Legendary Pure Kush #1

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Dense, dank, soft and sticky. Light and dark green with orange hairs. Excellent trichome coverage.

    Smell: Deep pine and citrus with a floral sweetness. Smells like a sweeter, more delicate and complex OG.

    Taste: Out of a vaporizer, the taste was similar to the smell with the the floral and citrus taste really coming through. Hit smoothly with heavy expansion in the lungs.

    Buzz: Came on quickly with a strong kick to the chest and head. Powerful clean high. Very relaxing with an inquisitive and creative head change. Euphoric and heavy. Long lasting effects.

    Summary: This is some truly elite marijuana. The smell and taste is really complex and unique. The high is incredible. My mind was soaring, but my body was totally relaxed. It hits harder than the Hollywood Pure Kush and is definitely heavier. Honestly, this is one of the best samples I've ever had. It's worthy of being labeled Legendary.


    8.) 91 West Hollywood Fire OG

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce /$400 ounce

    Looks: Tough for me to judge the looks because I bought shake. Deep dark green with some light green and dark orange hairs mixed in. Plenty of trichomes.

    Smell: Piney and citrusy with a hint of fuel. Pine is definitely the dominant scent. It smells closer to Pure Kush than most other batches of Fire OG I've seen. The scent is deep and complex.

    Taste: Out of a vaporizer, the taste was similar to the smell; piney with some fuel and a little citrus. The vapor was rich and very tasty. Woodier than the Pure Kush samples I picked up from MMRC. It hit smoothly and definitely expanded in the lung. The taste lingered nicely.

    Buzz: Strong and relaxing. Started with a head buzz and some numbing effects. Nicely sedative with an active, slightly euphoric head high. Very heavy and relaxing. Good for the evening.

    Summary: I take it 1991 was a pretty good year for OG and Pure Kush in Los Angeles. This strain is an original version of Fire OG grown from a seed. They had a pre-weighed bag of shake, so I decided to give this a try. I’m glad I did. It took me down in the best way possible. I’m going to have to pick up some proper nugs on my next visit. Another truly impressive sample from MMRC.

    Review Source:
  • Report this was an ok place

    I like to shop around, and I stopped into this club the other day and the parking was not so good. The check in went fast. The bud quality was ok, but the prices were a little much for what they offered and they are a little stingy on the weight for my liking. Not as bad as some other places, but I doubt I'll make it back again.

    Review Source:
  • Report Almost a 5 Star

    I have been a member here for two years now. Always friendly staff and helpful in showing you the latest unique strains in the valley. '91 PK's in all there varieties are awesome! 91' PK Fire is one of the best strains I have ever smoked. They always get great Hash Full Melts that melt your brain. Over all 1 4 close to 5 5 star establishment.

    Review Source:
  • Report Best in the west!

    Yo why'd that mother fucker pick that user name?
    Shut up and chill while I break it down for you again.

    I love the 91's and chem d's my favorite strain.
    G.A.M was the shit they always brought their A game.

    The Malibu shop closed, man it was a dam shame.
    Cuz they stacked that fire, no need for a dam flame.

    Shops claim to have the 91's but it's hella lame.
    It's never ever good, it's not even the same strain.

    No worries a shop called M.M.R.C is here to reclaim.
    Those 91 strains that should be in the hall of fame.

    I'm stoked that M.M.R.C stacks all that fucking kill.
    Their vendors are the definition of true fucking skill.

    This isn't a fluffy review, or some wack ass shill.
    Check them out for yourself, on your own free will.

    I should be good for a week, until I need my refill.
    Another trip to LaLa Land is on deck so I can chill.

    My only wish would be to see the cap go downhill.
    But no hate or ill will, it's still always worth the thrill.

    The first strain up is some shit called pure nitro.
    It's a sick ass flower and she's properly triched bro.

    It looks like it was dunked in a layer of thick snow.
    For real it's caked out, there's a grip of frost yo.

    The nugs stay aglow there's no need for a light show.
    And the herb burns smooth, man this ain't no hydro.

    This grow is amazing and it's worth the extra dough.
    I got high as fuck man, the weed be letting me know.

    Although it's not my favorite cut, it still doesn't blow.
    But the other shit I got is nuts, just read down below.

    Next up is the dankest batch of Hollywood P.K.
    Otherwise known as Pure Kush, if you use an a.k.a.

    Either way this shit is killer, like O.J. in L.A.
    Their pure kush is dank and I'm glad it's on display.

    P.K Ripper or the Creeper? You're good either way.
    Or try to scoop them both up, is what I meant to say.

    This flower's fucking heavy, for real she doesn't play.
    She has an array of trichs and the smell won't go away.

    The buds are firm and dense but aren't hard like clay.
    And there's a grip frost, make sure to bring your sleigh.

    This flower is killer so I bought the whole bouquet.
    But much to my dismay they still rock the pre-weigh.

    It's okay cuz their flowers are the best around today.
    They rock the best in L.A. is the message to convey.

    Without further adieu here's another herb review.
    Sponsored by the p.k. from somewhere in Malibu.

    The Malibu Pure is that piff, in my point of view.
    Pure Kush is the best herb, true dat! Double true!

    The color of this batch of pure is a deep olive hue.
    With a slew of orange hairs that poke out through,

    The layer of frost and the gang of trichomes too.
    This batch is fucking killer, you better get a clue.

    It's the kind of fucking herb, you try to hold onto.
    I only bring it out when I'm chilling with my crew.

    The high is heavy and it will stick to you like glue.
    So go scoop up a sack, matter of fact scoop up two.

    Up next is a flower...yeah that's right there's more.
    It's a lovely little lady that I'm sure you will adore.

    Called Wicked Herojuana and it's dank for fuckin sure.
    I've fucked with the hero but not the wicked 1 before.

    This herb is laced with trichs. and there's frost galore.
    One smell of this lady will have you down at their store.

    Banging on their door, asking if there's anymore.
    If you're on a quest for dank, it's the shit to look for.

    Her taste is smooth, she won't leave your throat sore.
    The high was heavy and heady, It made my head soar.

    Check this sexy flower out, but don't call her a whore.
    You'll be beefing with me too, and you don't want a war.

    G.A.M. or M.M.R.C. it really doesn't matter to me.
    I've been messing with their herb for like 5 years homie.

    I've seen lots of shops come and go.
    Some rock organics, while others rock hydro.

    The 91's are the shit but I haven't tried them all.
    But here's a list of their flowers as best i can recall.

    91malibuchemdawg but what else is new?
    The malibu fire is sick like swine flu.

    91 valley and tahoe come to mind.
    There's also socal master, that's kinda hard to find.

    The 91 beverly is blinged out, it's crazy.
    And the 91 hollywood will leave you fuckin lazy.

    Don't forget the flowers that I already shouted out
    This is without a doubt the shop with the most clout.

    Peace and I'm out.


    Review Source:

    This place is crazy sick. Some of the best bud i've had. The 91 Malibu Chemdawg is a must. If you got time the trip out to the valley is well worth it. It's kind of hidden though. it's the grey building next to the car wash. Although the meds are pre weighed, the quality is well worth the 55 dollar 1/8th price.

    Review Source:
  • Report MMRC Remix rhyme review

    Here's another review of the top shop in the West.
    MMRC has that dank shit, way better than the rest.

    I've hit up so many shops but they're still the best.
    If you want that kill this is where to start your quest.

    Cuz their '91 shit puts all your lame strains to rest.
    Ya think your shit is better? Bring it on, take the test.

    Cuz their shit hits real hard, like a left to the chest.
    For real I must attest their growers are truly blessed.

    Go check their shit out, for real you'll be impressed.
    They're the best in the west, it's not even a contest.

    The 91 Hollywood is the first strain I got to try.
    It was 4 years ago when it first crossed my eye.

    This sexy hybrid will leave you hella fucking high.
    Higher than the Hollywood sign way up in the sky.

    First is a head change then your mouth gets dry.
    And my energy didn't drop much, I still felt spry.

    Dark green buds with brown pistils that comply.
    With every single demand of their trichome ally.

    It smells sweet and piney and the stench isn't shy.
    And the taste is fucking incredible, for real, no lie.

    If you're looking for OG it is what you should buy.
    After seeing this OG other shit will make you sigh.

    This is the very best O.G. from L.A. to N.Y.
    So in a few more days I'm gonna re-up my supply.

    The Malibu pure kush is the next strain to puff.
    Another sick cut that you should try to hand cuff.

    For real stack this shit up cuz this cut's up to snuff.
    These other wack strains don't fuck me up enough.

    The nugs are a nice density, but not super tough.
    And the smell is addictive bro I need another huff.

    These nugs are flawless there's not even one scuff.
    The taste is sweet and smooth and not at all rough.

    And she's super duper sticky like marshmallow fluff.
    This flower is dam perfect there's no need to rebuff.

    It's piff, dank, heady, kill, it's some crazy good stuff.
    The shit is fire like Sparky and the crime dog McGruff.

    Next is another pure kush brought to you by Dave.
    This flower is so fucking sexy. Oh 91 behave!

    She's another heady flower that I'll jar up and save.
    She's a sexy lil flower that's worth this rhyme rave.

    Lime green buds and a few pistils that are brave.
    The hairs are scarce, I guess it got a close shave.

    The layer of frost looks like a white water wave.
    And the trichome coverage is the shit that I crave.

    This pure puts your kush six deep in the grave.
    I'm talkin buried underwater in a deep dark cave.

    Is it evident now their pure kush is like my fav.?
    I love the flavor and the crazy high that it gave.

    The Legendary PK is the next strain out my jar.
    A lovely little flower that shines like the a star.

    Because of all the trichs. it's visible from afar.
    And the nugs are super sticky, sticky like tar.

    You better believe these nugs stunk up my car.
    My whole ride reeked, it's the dankest bud by far.

    And she hits hard, it's like this flower can spar.
    She gave me a 3 piece like an MMA superstar.

    This strain left it's mark, a true permanent scar.
    If you wanna talk P.K., I'm the Pure Kush czar.

    Her taste is super strong, for real it's up to par.
    It's super sweet with buds the size of a space bar.

    The high is hella funny, I mean straight bizarre.
    I walked from Miramar to the coast in Del Mar.

    Nah I'm joking but my energy hit the high bar.
    That's all for this pure kush. Peace out. Au revoir!

    The '05 WEHO Wicked PK is last this afternoon.
    This strain will keep me high right up until June.

    If you miss this herb you'll feel like a buffoon.
    Cuz this shit had me so high, I touched the moon.

    I mean I was hella high, like a hot air balloon.
    Probably because of the deep trichome platoon.

    The hue is green with tan pistils that are strewn.
    I held my first hit so long my face turned maroon.

    And all of the nuggets were the size of a prune.
    I snapped this shit out of my new Paisley spoon.

    If Daygo shops rock the Pure I guess I'm immune.
    The shit is way wack bring the Real Pure down soon.

    If you're looking for that Pure I'm the kush tycoon.
    Your bud stash is trash you garbage pickin' raccoon.

    M.M.R.C. is the top shop in all of the land.
    You think your shop is good but it's just not my man.

    Their 91's and Pures are the best, yours are bland.
    If you don't believe me check the palm of my hand.

    Go see for yourself if you don't believe me.
    The stack the sickest Kush and all the dank OG.
    Matter fact don't check them...just more for me.
    I love the Pure Kush and the Ninety-one OG.

    1991malibuchemdawg son

    Review Source:
  • Report popular place

    Came in yesterday to check them out upon getting a recommendation from 91malibuchemdawg and they're pretty awesome, 1 page paperwork easy to fill out. they got some seriously heavily crystalized meds probably 8 different indica's that I'd all want to try, unfortunately they don't split eighths, and they have a bunch of preweighed shake sacks so I got a .86 of a gram for 10 bucks of legendary shake. Got an 1/8th of malibu P.K. for 60 bones which is pretty nice, kinda pricey, the buds are nice and sticky and its got the perfect Pure Kush look, the taste is like a 8 outa 10 on the other hand, but the effects are pretty nice and work well for me, 1 small 1 hitter bowl is all i need. Lots of people coming in and out, seemed like a pretty popular place. I hope to come back and try the legendary or the 91 skywalker to name a few, so many i didn't see also. Lots of selection. Friendly staff and doors person. Thanks guys!

    Review Source:
  • Report I dont know about you

    this spot has really good medicine for any ailment and really good concentrates always on deck hardly ever whack nuggets and seedless for the top shelf smoker only fall back it adds up quick and the smoke is so smooth youll smoke it up just as fast as it adds up but you get what you pay for soo with being said still blazin still blazin my smoke is always amazin 91 malibu 91 hollywood pure nitro weho daves 05 pk pk malibu pk 91 skywalks all super meds

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Bud, Huge Menu!

    I have been going to this dispensary for just over a year. Before that, I tried several different dispensaries in the area but once I found this one, I stayed. The check-in is fast, even the first time you go. The staff know their stuff and are very friendly and helpful. The selection is HUGE, with many of their signature "91" strains. I love their Maliblu Dream (a strain of Blue Dream grown in, you guessed it, Malibu). They also have a huge selection of edibles and tinctures, drinks, etc.

    I have not found the parking to be a problem. I almost always get a spot right out front, but they also have a parking lot in back.

    The atmosphere is friendly and laid back, with a sitting area where people can relax and chat (or not) before they go on with their busy day.

    All in all, this is the best dispensary I have found.

    Review Source:
  • Report great place to stop by when driving south

    When I lived in Sherman Oaks I went here often fo about 2 years. The flowers are top notch. I wish they had one where I am living now. Friendly professional staff. Great specials going on all the time. Gnarly concentrates and delicious edibles. I still stop in whenever I have to drive to the valley on business for concentrates and edibles.

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  • Report MMRC Sick Strain Rhyme Review Roll Call

    I rolled up to LA to grab some Fire for the Fourth.
    Scooped some heads in OC and we headed up North.
    Fired up an OG wax jay and passed it back and forth.

    If you have that P.K pass it off like Stockton.
    It's the dankest shit from SD on up to Compton.

    I'm LA bound on the regular, been doin it for years.
    You other suckers are still "wet behind the ears."

    I've got a list of 25 91's you'll never get to try.
    Their chem crosses still bring a tear to my eye!

    Pk Ripper or Pk Creeper, they rock the real pure.
    Been saying it for years, SD pure is wack, I'm sure!

    SFV PK or the 91PK, it's always dank, day after day.
    Legendary or Malibu PK,you can't go wrong either way.

    Their 91's are official other shops push the fakes.
    You claim to have the 91's? STOP! Put on the brakes!

    That beat ass herb you rock is straight up stress.
    I tried your meds. then tossed em out, I must confess.

    M.M.R.C. rocks that fire, I've preached that for a minute.
    They're nice, dank, fire or piff, any way you wanna spin it.

    Before I get to my purchases I need to do a roll call,
    Of the sick strains from MMRC, the ones that stood tall.

    91Malibu Fire is here and next to her is the 91Valley.
    Then the 91Hollywood and 91Norcal, you keepin a tally?

    91Socal, 91skywalker, and that sick ass 91Diablo!
    91Malibuchemdawg is sick, but you knew that though!

    The 91Tahoe is so earthy and is super sticky-icky!
    Their 91BeverlyHills is dank too, and I'm super picky.

    The SFV they rock is fire, all there strains are paradise.
    Their meds are fucking fire and it's always worth the price.

    Point Dume, Santa Monica, Lost Hills, Paradise Cove.
    Their 91OG's bring the heat so you can turn off the stove.

    91headband, 91bubba, 91SourD cuz I'm a diesel lover.
    Their New Jersey Sour Diesel's dank, it's like no other.

    East Coast Sour D or their sick ass N.Y.C.?
    No need to pick 1 scoop em both up Homie!

    Chem number two, four, six, and eight.
    If ya forget Chem's sister the hate will be great.

    Whoever this Dave guy is, he's cool with me.
    He sent down some PK and some Herojuana OG.

    The NorCal Nitro is another OG that's amazing.
    That pure nitro is that shit you wish you were blazing!

    Let's start with this 91Hollywood she's the sickness.
    The nugs in the jar are large so I call her "Thickness."

    She's triched out like crazy, all their shit always is.
    This Hollywood is A-list, she's the best in show biz.

    Frosty conical shaped pieces, bout 2 grams each nug.
    The smell leaks out thick as soon as you give her a tug.

    These arrow head shaped nuggets are caked in crystals.
    Caked so much it's hard to see the tannish colored pistils.

    Frosty olive green chunks that taste smooth and creamy.
    The pungent citrusy pine smoke left my crib super steamy.

    I was couchlocked after 2 pipes, I didn't stand a chance.
    I started staring into space, a glance became a trance.

    The high was incredible and lasted for a few hours.
    If you want top shelf nugs go check out MMRC's flowers!

    This strain is sick but all the 91's are straight up legit.
    I've been repping them for years homeboy, ask about it.

    Malibu Pure Kush is next are ready for some dank?
    Their Pures look amazing and they're always super stank!

    This one is camo green with light and dark on the scene.
    The sugar leaves are plentiful and I'm not trying to be mean.

    I keep all my sugar leaves, then turn em into fucking gold.
    The 91sugar I made is killer, I hope the pure is just as bold.

    This Pure has a sweet pine and citrus smell like it should.
    I bet you didn't know P.K. would taste this fucking good.

    S.D. serves Pure Kush that's basically just some Bubs.
    Real Pure would sit SD's Pure down with them scrubs.

    This batch isn't super dense but her smell is way intense.
    I really wish this smell came in the form of some incense.

    She's caked in trichomes so I had to take some home.
    I packed a bowl or two then let my mind start to zone.

    She's frosty, super smelly, she had this guy sky high.
    And I got crazy munchies so pass me some apple pie!

    The Legendary is up next and I've reviewed her before.
    So you know what's coming up, you know what's in store.

    Another sick Pure Kush that'll have you looking for more.
    I stack all that sick Pure Kush, I've got Pure Kush galore.

    These nuggets are tighter in this batch of Pure Kush.
    And the smell seeps out just give the nug. a little push.

    She's a light frosty green with reddish hairs in between.
    There's crystals everywhere, it's a really sick sight to see!

    The taste is super sweet and piney with hints of citrus.
    The flavor lingers hella long, this strain is the sickness!

    I felt a nice head rush followed by a pain free existence.
    My back pain was long gone, thanks for the assistance.

    The high was super strong, it stayed around all day long.
    So go twist something up, stuff a pipe, or rip your bong.

    The meds are fucking fire, I know it's the same theme song.
    They're my top fucking shop and they've never done me wrong.

    Dave's Herojuana is last but she's definitely not worst.
    Because with M.M.R.C.'s flowers they all come in first.

    This dude they call Dave should be nicknamed DaveDank.
    All the strains he puts out are sick and they smell hella rank.

    His P.K. grows are top notch, they're super fucking heady.
    So I bet this batch of herojuana is just as fucking deadly.

    One hit confirmed my thoughts, Dave's got it dialed in.
    Other vendors are played out, there lame ass has beens.

    Light lime green hue with a super frosty surface to view.
    And she's loaded with trichs., clear heads you can see thru.

    The taste mirrors the smell she's super sweet and piney.
    And the high kept me focused, I could time my rhymes gee.

    The nugs are a nice density without being way too hard.
    And the smell intensified after 3 days of keeping her jarred.

    This batch is some killer shit but what else is new?
    It's just about time for me to finish this review.

    But before I leave you let me give a shout out to.
    The staff at MMRC, you guys kick ass, like kung-fu.

    Nineteen Hundred And Ninety One Malibu Chemdawg

    Review Source:
  • Report Safe and secure and surrounded by Bud

    I have nothing but good things to say about this place. The staff in the checkout area always greet with friendly faces and sometimes sleepy-eyed gazes. You feel very secure since you see huge plasma screens with MULTI views of outside/inside/everside even upside. The budtenders are def nice to look at it, of course that's NOT why I'm there but it never hurts. The selection is wide and staff very knowledgable. From day one, I've never been dissapointed. Every 20th of the month is customer appreciation day

    If anything negative to say, it would have to be the meter-parking is off-putting but that's Ventura Blvd and better yet Sherman Oaks. I'm partial to Indica and HIGH-ly recommend Wicked Herijuana or Malibu PK. I have been medicating for years and have built up a tolerance which is nothing for afore mentioned strains. They help tremondously with my back pain and sleeping issues.

    Pain relief and sleep, what a NICE feeling! *Sigh

    Thanks MMRC

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  • Report The Marvelous, The Myth, The MMRC!!!!

    So the saying goes if you love something and let it go it will return if it is ment to be.... Never expected this to be true for a Collective but these guys proved me wrong. A little over 5 years ago when I first got my recommendation I was privied to a shop that was located in Malibu right off PCH. They went by the name G.A.M which stands for Green Angels of Malibu and at the time they were renowned for carrying this special set of strains called the 91's that had gained acclaim from there down to San Diego and all the way up to the Bay. I made several trips up to Malibu from Palm Desert and San Diego seeking out the quality and customer service I received at G.A.M over and over and truly considered myself to be lucky to have access to such an elite grown set of OG's and vast other strains that G.A.M seemed to have stocked consistently.

    Well, this all came to a hault a little while back and what seemed to be a dream came to a somewhat nightmare and access to me personally the 91's I had no more and this made me a very sad patient. I had many discussions in the mean time with other faithful members of the club and had heard rumor that they had re-opened under a new alias and location and while at first one would think excitment, but I was a little skeptical to believe it cause I had not personally been able to see it with my own eyes.

    Well, my prayers were answered last week as I took a trip up to Sherman Oaks and made my way to MMRC Aka the Home of the 91's and I literally felt nostalgia and gittiness that I have not felt at Collective since my first year as a patient. I felt like a newb in a new land and felt compelled when I first entered the building to thank God that I had refound my love and Precious. I instantly recognized the format of the Budroom and some familiar faces behind the bar and yes of course on the menu, The 91's and yes you guessed it the The Malibus and Legendaries. Not since going to Medco a few years back have I seen more strains that I wanted to check out on a menu and remember what I had once medicated with. It literally felt like a reunion with an old friend looking at the Legendary PK, Malibu Fire, 91 Norcal, Dave's Herojuana and R.I.P GDP. I seriously wanted to hug the guy behind the bar just for being there and having these strains for me to remember and look at.

    Neways, enough gocking and here is my visit as it may. Verification was super quick and the girl up front was very nice and efficent and got me back to graceland within minutes of me being there. The initial atmosphere is quite a bit different from the old shop and the Old house feel is kinda absent but, I guess the nugs are what do the talking and not walls and furniture. The budroom is set up nice with a large menu board some nice glass to look at and some couches to sit on while waiting if the counter is busy. Everything is pre-weighed here so there aren't jars so to speak to look at but by asking to see the strains a pre-weigh with a fresh and extremely large nug is presented in the pre-weigh jars so any issues with freshness or weight or appearance of nugs should be checked at the door cause I have never received better pre-weighed medicine at any shop let alone shops that do weigh it out right in front of you so I have no complaints on the way MMRC chooses to dispense their medicine to their patients.

    On this trip I was able to look at alot of the strains available and it was very difficult to make a decision on which strains to go with so I ended up with 3 eighths some edibles and some Delta 9 LOL. Nothing like going to a place like this and being able to try a variety of things to really take in the experience and remember how much you loved it when you had it more often. Amongst the grab bag of meds I went with I ended up with a slice of the Legendary PK, Malibu PK, SnowJack and a half G of the Delta 9 and assortment of edibles. I honestly could have gone with at least 4 or 5 other strains and more edibles and concentrates but I was tapped and working with a budget this trip haha.

    SnowJack: Yummy, this stuff smells and tastes so good. Its like a skunky fruity citric candy aroma rushing thru your nose and a taste to match. This batch is giant blobs of Light green and Orange goodness with a sea of tricomes spread out all over the blobs of buds that comprise these nugs. The high is pretty clear and energetic with a slight haziness from the Jack but a very uplifting and soaring burst of energy is what comprises the majority of the high from this strain. Wake n Bake or quick energy Snaps are best directions to follow from this heady masterpiece.

    Delta 9 concentrate: This stuff is a little different and a little less desirable than the concentrates and waxes I normally medicate with. The consistency is like that of a Budder when frigerated but turns to dehydrated taffy when left at room temprature. The substance flashes on most surfaces as to which is the undesirable side of this concentrate but other than that the wax like hit expands nicely and sends a medicative thrust to all limbs and parts of the body and mind. While being slightly inexpensive at 43 bucks for a gram I suggest giving it shot and coming up with your own conclusions cause the effect is nice.

    Legendary PK: MMRC is known for their 91's but also their Pure Kushes are second to none. They are very similiar to OG Kush and if one was not a Cannasuer and had tried many different variations of the plant may in fact mistake these strains as OG's but they are infact Pure Kushes that are better bread and finely cultivated better than pretty much any PK out there and what Jason King Bragged about in the Cannabible having to donate so much for if you found a real batch of the Strain. The nugs are giant in comparison to your traditional OG and have a somewhat leafy or Airyish but Dense look to them. They have lighter tannish Green look incomparison to the the tight and more dense and darker green and tan look that traditional OG appears to represent most of the time. This batch is a dream and was awesome to medicate with. The hit was smooth and superior in effect to any PK I have previously came across and the taste is really something else. My best comparison to anything would be Woody Fruit. Its like smoking Berry Bark and it expands and leaves the patient with a very nice Indica Body buzz that lasts and lasts. I truly recommend trying this strain and I promise you won't be dissappointed.

    Malibu PK: Wow, there are some strains that make you go OMG and this is one of them. This stuff is so Bomb I don't even know where to begin describing it. These nugs smell almost Sour and Piney incomparison to the Fruitiness of the Legendary PK. These nugs seriously could be mistaken as OG and it is represented in look and smell and effect all the way and this truly could be OG's lost cousin. This stuff is pretty dense but still has some give to the nugs but after a quick pinch return to their original form quickly. The term dripping in tricomes is an understatement as each nug appears to have been dipped in a tricome bath on the outside and in. The flavor is so Kush and expansive and rich and dibilatative. The first piney hit expanded my chest and sent the smooth smoke sending THC to my whole body and sent me into choke and coughing and spouting out smoke before I could even clear the bowl. This stuff is for the Heavy Hitters club and should not be pitched to those at the end of the line-up if you know what I mean. Such a treat to medicate with such a strong and tasty strain and it was so good that I smoked pretty much all of the Malibu up before even making any kind of a dent on the others so you see even us Cannasuers get hooked on the goods too haha. Out of the lot of strains there are there to check this shit right here is the Business!!!!

    Incredible return to an Amazing Collective in my opinion and as I stated before, I thank god to have found these guys again. They really do have a lock on Southern California Medical Marijuana and honestly I would say they could compete against pretty much any Collective in California as far as Quality goes. I really do feel honored to be a member of this collective and those that are calling this Collective home are really lucky to do so. If there is one Collective in California that this Reviewer could suggest to any Person being a Patient or just a lover of Cannabis to visit I would without a doubt say MMRC, thanks again to the staff at MMRC and all they do on a daily basis, we the patients are in you debt. Till my next rant this is the Headbandfan signing off from The Home of the 91's and possibly the best Collective in California MMRC, Peace Weedmaps!!!!

    Review Source:

    phyllis diller is the truth! much respect, you guys really hold it down - buds are truly a step above the rest.

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  • Report The Spot for HIGH quality meds

    picked up an 1/8 of some Phyllis diller and an 1/8 of Malibu pk and VERY satisfied with both buds. Both glisten with trichomes and smoke very well. So many good looking flowers it Was hard to choose what to get! But will be back very soon
    Fav club in my books!

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  • Report MMRC remix rhyme review part 222...

    Another sick M.M.R.C. trip is in the books bro.
    These cats are thorough, not mmj rooks though.

    Some cats in the game are just mmj crooks yo.
    MMRC does it right, none of the buds look so-so.

    All the 91's are piff, for real they're fucking fire.
    Here's quick breakdown to prove I'm not a liar.

    91 malibu fire is sick but so is the Hollywood.
    91chemdawg is my shit, I think that's understood.

    91 Norcal O.G. is super earthy and narcotic.
    My movements felt robotic, this herb is hypnotic.

    91Tahoe is so dank it's fucking out of control.
    Shit is so heady I never share a single bowl.

    91skywalker was the O.G. I always copped.
    Check it out now, the sickest batch just dropped.

    91 Socal was hella smooth and super sweet.
    It's super heavy, it knocked me right off my feet.

    That's all for now yo this could go on for days.
    All the points of interest will leave ya in a maze.

    The 91 that's up first to be reviewed today.
    Is the Valley OG and bro this strain don't play.

    She's super triched out and covered in frost.
    And it was on sale today so 55 was the cost.

    There's trichs. everywhere, it's really not fair.
    I've seen other OG's, they don't really compare.

    Large conical shaped gems round out the jar.
    The smell is intense, you can smell it from afar.

    Citrus and pine with earthy notes that combine,
    to form the sickest flavor out, earthy lemon-lime.

    The taste stays till the last drop, oops I mean hit.
    The smoke was super smooth, not harsh one bit.

    The high was heavy then it mellowed out some.
    My pain subsided, couch-lock was the outcome.

    I felt a sick head rush and she had a nice chest.
    I mean crazy expando, I'm not talkin about breasts.

    Some cats smoke wack nugs, we call that stress.
    I'm glad I have that Valley, for real I feel blessed.

    91Malibu Fire is their "top" house O.G. strain.
    It's top shelf, P.R. shit, it's some insane shit mang.

    Large gram sized, arrowhead shaped pieces.
    Oh and if you get small nugs the price decreases.

    The nugs I got are super dense but not hard.
    And the smell seeps out even if properly jarred.

    The citrus smell is there with hints of sweet pine.
    The smell is way Crazy like the song by Patsy Cline.

    Crystals everywhere man the trichs. are aligned.
    These nuggets look amazing, I dig their design.

    This flower's tremendous bro, without a doubt.
    The buds are light green, the color of sour kraut.

    With thin orange pistils that try hard to stand out.
    Pistils are plentiful but all the trichs. have the clout.

    The flavor is so strong and that's what I'm about.
    It lingered long after exhale, and stayed throughout,

    The entire joint and even long after it went out.
    So i'm a loyal fan of this strain, a Malibu Fire devout!

    05 Weho wicked is the last to be chopped up.
    This strain would place first in any cannabis cup.

    Light green buds that were shown lots of love.
    Large sugar coated gems sent down from above.

    Trichomes run deep, they shine bright like stars.
    With a flavor that reminded me of the planet Mars.

    The taste mirrored the smell as best I could tell.
    A large hit induced vertigo and man I almost fell.

    The frost was present throughout the nugget.
    And the smell seeps out, grab the nug and tug it.

    A real flavor savor, every hit is fucking tasty.
    I stay with the green, call me James Fuckin Hasty.

    Nice tight nugs but not hard by any means.
    I got super fucking high, blown to smithereens.

    The head rush was nice, I felt it behind my eyes.
    And the munchies crept up, pass the french fries.

    If you're looking for that fire this 05 would be wise.
    I wouldn't steer you wrong, no need for the lies.



    Review Source:

    I've been to so many shops in the valley and this spot is the best ive come across yet! My favorite strain is the "epic malibu pure kush" soooo DANK!!! very helpful staff who make sure your not leaving with some shwag.
    i give MMRC a perfect 10!

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  • Report my #1 shop! best in the Valley

    my fav bud shop by far. this spot has soo many strains its always hard to choose! they always have deals, edibles and concentrates! p.s. try the cookie brownies!

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  • Report Another sick MMRC experience

    Another visit to MMRC, another bunch of smiles.
    Each visit separated by weeks and like 200 miles.

    Different strains but the end result's the same.
    They're the top shop in socal, the best in the game.

    This visit was Epic but we'll get to that later.
    MMRC is hot like rockin wool near the equator.

    Their meds. are so dank it's worth the drive.
    I'm always northbound speeding up the 405.

    Ask thatdog or randynash they know the time.
    Randy told me about MMRC so he's in this rhyme.

    Thatdog asked me about meds. in his blog.
    He was curious why I chose the name chemdawg.

    I told him the 91's are killer and I'm a chem fan.
    So he peeped out MMRC and the sick 91 clan!

    Go check his reviews they're always on point.
    So Thatdog and Randy let's meet up for a joint.

    First up is Herojuana Pure Kush from Dave.
    All his cuts are killer, it's the herb that I crave.

    This batch is so dank I'm at a loss for words.
    Sike, here's a few nice nouns and sick verbs.

    Dave's hero is dank and the jar is super stank.
    The nuggets straight reek, the stench is rank.

    Huge buds in my 8th but it's always that way.
    There's a grip of trichomes, a big trich. payday.

    Hunter green leaves mixed with gecko green.
    Did I mention all the trichs? The shit is obscene.

    With all the frost the tan pistils are hardly seen.
    This batch of herb is insane like Charlie Sheen.

    The taste is sweet and piney with floral hints.
    I got high super fast, my eyes caught the squints.

    This high is real heady and left me pain free.
    Run and scoop some up if you don't believe me.

    The 91Skywalker OG is next up to bat bro.
    It's a wonderful flower, a real sick ass grow.

    One look at her and it was straight to checkout.
    The pistils poke out and they're scattered about.

    She's frosted up real good, like winter in SIberia.
    This skywalker is top shelf, it met my strict criteria.

    For another 8th of this stuff I'd walk to Liberia.
    But I'm too damn hungry, where's the cafeteria?

    This herb is trich. loaded, but what else is new?
    Oh and thanks for stopping by to read this review!

    The flavor is sweet pine with hints of lemon-lime.
    And the color of the buds was the color of slime.

    The high's felt near my eyes, then down my spine.
    I sat down to relax with a nice glass of white wine.

    I'm sitting around feeling fine from this skywalker.
    I love this ninety-one shit, I'm the ninety-one stalker.

    I told you this visit was Epic but you didn't listen.
    These Epic Malibu Pure nugs straight up glisten.

    Trichs. loaded is definitely an understatement.
    And she stinks real good, she's hella fragrant.

    Large conical shaped pieces, a gram each nug.
    The nugs are a nice density, just give her a tug.

    Pinch her a little bit and the smell oozes out.
    I can smell it from the other room, man no doubt.

    The nugs are super frosty, a real winter whiteout.
    Did I mention the trichs. are present throughout?

    The taste is super sweet with piney/floral notes.
    This flower is the winner yo, I tallied up the votes.

    I like my high to be super heavy, I'm an indi guy.
    There was no chance this bud would pass my eye.

    This is a top shelf flower, no commercial crap.
    I'm done reviewing this flower bro, that's a wrap.


    aka I'm stuck in a chem fog.
    aka no stems dawg!

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  • Report super effing bombies!!

    duuude....best buds in the SFV....staff is super tiight. the delta 9 is the tits!!! :) i love this damn place!!!!!!! all their buds are good....from the top shelf to all the cheaper stuff...very knowledgeable staff!!! ooh and if you like edibles....the space cakes are the way to go

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  • Report First time visit to MMRC.

    I'd heard about MMRC through the grapevine growing up in SFV my entire life but I didn't know where they were located or anything more than the abbreviation and I'd heard of their Delta 9 hash. Having had my MMJ script for about a year now I hadn't heard anything about them until coming across a fellow mappers review who was actually from out of town, 91malibuchemdawg. I'd had my eyes on them ever since noticing that and finally found my way in today.

    They're located on Ventura BLVD so parking is pretty simple, you have some meter parking in front and I believe there's additional parking in the back or side, not sure though, the area on Ventura that it was in didn't seem too busy (you might have to park a little down the block but everyone should walk a little more each day). Enter in the front on the street and ring the bell and a lovely lady opens the door for you. Paper work was easy, 1 sheet, 1 side was the rules and the other you filled out, took about 60 seconds and another 60 for her to finish the paperwork and we were let back into the bud room.

    We introduced ourselves as new patients to Mark and Tony and told them that we were specifically here for the Jilly Bean. Mark pulled open a cabinet drawer and pulled out a few 1/8th bottles and brought them over. The first one was the Jilly Bean which was 1 giant fat bursting nug that looked perfectly cured and in prestine condition with a generous trim. I knew I was happy with my research and new collective right there. Then I was shown the Malibu 91 Chemdawg I believe it was and I was equally as impressed with it - nice fat nugs covered in triches. They had a lighted magnified glass to view the buds with on the counter which is always really nice. The one thing I probably could sort of complain about was the prepacking but after being shown everything I wanted to see AND additional selections which normally if it was something like wax I'd have picked up the additional selection as well. So I decided to get an 1/8th of the Jilly Bean and check out their Delta 9 concentrates and maybe try that out.

    Mark went to the freezer and brought out a gram sized glass vial with an extremely light white tan substance inside. He explained to me that it was CO2 extracted and all the CO2 extractions I've ever seen look like regular BHO but they smell and taste worse - this stuff smelled like a Hubby bar - extremely sweet hashy tones to it. When it comes to concentrates the color was just like I like it and I was pretty sure as long as it didn't scare me I was going to get some to try so I decided to get a half gram for $23. We'd planned to make several stops after but Mark warned us that this stuff needed to go right into the freezer and even made sure to ask us if we lived close or not too since I'm sure anyone traveling a distance to come here would be very disappointed when they return home. We decided to cancel our errands and get the Delta 9 and try to get it home safely. 73$ total for a nice fat 1/8th that for sure looked like it was weighed heavy and a sexy half gram of the delta 9 concentrate. I'm not sure which strain it was because it wasn't labeled and I failed to pay hard enough attention when it was being shown to me and only 1 was shown to me along with a very nice looking selection of water extracted concentrates which all smelled much nicer than any water extracts I've seen lately.

    Both Mark and Tony were really friendly and we didn't feel rushed at all which is always nice but I also noticed how Tony was able to get other patients in and out so quickly while Mark serviced us, I've seen teams with double the amount of tenders not be able to keep up with these guys. Like I already said I could complain about the prepacking but they're doing it all right and it actually works out to the patients advantage as the 1 huge 1/8th sized nug I got was the nicest nug and not the usual popcorn shake you get elsewhere or if its nug its got the shake still on it. I'd confidently say that the guys working here would be happy walking into their own collective and having their needs met to their standards as patients. I don't think I could say that for half the collectives in LA let alone within 5 miles. I can't say it for half of the collectives I've been to. I really enjoyed my experience at MMRC today and would return happily.

    Jilly Bean -I'd heard that it is a highly aphrodisiac strain and when Stilletostoner a fellow mapper brought up the subject and I did further research I verified that it is actually an award winning aphrodisiac strain. The sample I have looks like just that - award winning. Both smells and looks delicious with scents of sweet fruity juicy bubblegum. This huge nug is extremely dense and packed with both strong orange hairs and fat frosty trichomes. It was nice seeing it under the magnified glass, you could really see how the trichomes completely showered the buds. Once I broke the nug open it there was almost no stemmysness which I love and the bud to leaf to stem ratio was crazy in favor of the buds overall. Buds were a deep dark green with a nice pastel light green toward the bases. This looked both perfectly cured and grown.

    WeHo PK Delta 9 - So Mark was more than right about getting this stuff home quick. We're only maybe a 10 min drive and the texture was already sort of changing and it went from the sandy texture to a clumpy sandy texture. The clumps break up easy and its a very dry grainy texture when frozen and doesn't cling to anything well. I wouldn't recommend this kind of texture for your novice concentrate smoker or anyone who gets frustrated easily. It's probably actually really nice on top of bud but I medicate with concentrates to avoid smoking bud. Once I mcgyvered a dab and got it onto the Ti-nail it sizzled and bubbled but didn't splash. The bubble was more vicious than any concentrate I've seen vaped but the flavor that followed was very mild and no overwhelming tastes at all - just a light sweet flavor like candy. High was felt immediately in the body, a tingling in the arms and a heavyness behind the eyes and forehead. This really wasn't as hard to dab with as I anticipated as I figured out quickly that a hot dabber picks the grains and clumps up easier. Mark recommended bringing a ice pack for it next time and I know now to take that advice!

    The bud was great for not being an overpowering OG and the unique concentrate was a very interesting but good experience. I really liked the different body high that I got with it that I don't find with my wax's. If there's ever a body high with my wax it usually fades quickly but the Delta was actually the opposite, the headyness faded quite quickly and the body high remained. I was very satisfied with MMRC today both with their meds and their customer service which is all we're asking for. We don't want Cannabis Cup quality for 45$ but we do expect medicinal quality. Everything at MMRC was of medicinal value like every collective should be. Even their large selection of smaller nugs which are compassionately marked at reduced prices usually $5 less an 1/8th than what it originally was and I even noticed some of their 60$ strains at $50 an 1/8th for the smaller nugs! They had lots of different options of shake as well all of which weren't trim which sometimes you'll get trim being passed off as shake. I wish I'd known about MMRC sooner because this is for sure some of the best medicine in SFV. Thanks MMRC! See you soon!

    **Edit** I just realized that we got a receipt with our meds which doesn't always happen but clearly comes in handy, we got a half gram of the WeHo PK Delta 9, thank you guys so much for the great customer service again! So greatly appreciated.

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  • Report Legendary Pure Kush and Malibu Fire-WOW

    I've been enjoying 2 of my favorite strains of all time, Legendary Pure Kush #1 and 91 Malibu Fire OG Kush. I've sampled more than 5 batches of each strain and every batch has been consistently fantastic. Here are reviews for the 2 strains, you can see the full reviews and multiple photos of these strains and many more from MMRC in the marijuana reviews section of my blog.

    1.) Legendary Pure Kush #1

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Lineage: A unique phenotype of Pure Kush (sister to OG Kush)

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Compact tightly trimmed nugs. Medium green buds with a few peach colored hairs. Caked in trichomes.

    Smell: Pine, menthol, citrus and fuel. There is a floral sweetness.

    Taste: Similar to the smell. Pronounced taste with hearty vapor. Heavy lung expansion.

    Buzz: Euphoric and heavy. Powerful clean high. The head high is clear and slightly introspective. Good for the evening.

    Summary: It's called Legendary for a reason. My favorite version of Pure Kush behind the 91 Hollywood PK. It packs a punch and the high is fantastic.


    2.) 91 Malibu Fire OG Kush

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Lineage: Unique phenotype of Fire OG Kush

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Milky trichomes over tightly trimmed light green buds. Some orange hairs. Dank. The trichomes make the buds look almost white.

    Smell: Deep pine, earth, citrus with and fuel.

    Taste: Like the smell with a piney and earthy flavor. Very tasty.

    Buzz: Heavy, soothing and sedating. My eyes were droopy and my body was comfortable and totally at peace. It helped put me to sleep. Great for late in the evening and bedtime.

    Summary: I love a heavy nighttime OG and this is the best I've come across. The taste was fantastic. The effects were comfortable and peaceful. The nugs look amazing. This is the whole package.

    ******Thanks very much to the crew at MMRC for the hospitality and for providing truly elite marijuana to patients in So Cal.

    PS: Please bring back the 91 Hollywood PK, it's my #1 favorite strain of all time!

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  • Report my church

    i love these guys. also, their store is one of the nicest i've ever encountered with these neverending ceilings. i truly respect this establishment as a long term medicinal user and would suggest it to anyone who wants to alleviate any ailments they might have...they have it all. take care

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  • Report I FOLLOW THE 91'S...


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  • Report MMRC rhyme review. This shop is soooo dank!

    MMRC was the next stop in my shop run.
    They rock the best bud, it won't be outdone.

    Their flowers fucking rock, it's all burnable.
    They've been sick for awhile, man it's terminal.

    They were my first shop so they get mad love.
    Plus those 91's were sent down from above.

    Every flower ever scooped has been a winner.
    This is heavyweight herb, not for a beginner.

    The shop is easy to find, I've never gotten lost.
    Park on the street, a quarter will be the cost.

    Once inside you're greeted and signed in.
    Then onto the budroom, the menu's never thin.

    They've got cases of herb as tall as my chin.
    And you can smell the stank herb from Berlin.

    Every visit is sick so I leave with a big grin.
    This trip was no different, where do I begin?

    First up is this pure kush, shit is legendary.
    I've reviewed it before, another is necessary

    This herb is caked in trichs., man it's nuts.
    I love MMRC and their killer pure kush cuts.

    I wanted to puff an L, so I dumped the guts.
    Then I dropped the bud, fuck I'm such a klutz.

    No worries I scooped up the fallen flower.
    I scoured the ground, for more than an hour.

    I twisted up a big blunt, the size of a tower.
    A blunt so big, George Burns would cower.

    The taste is sweet pine with an earthy note.
    This is the best flower, sorry I had to gloat.

    I mean I got high as fuck, I started to float.
    Words slipped my mind, I forgot what I wrote.

    I misplaced my keys and lost the remote.
    This strain is elusive so don't miss the boat.

    The smoke is way smooth, no sore throat.
    It's the leader of the pack, I tallied the votes.

    The smell is sweet citrus with an earthy pine.
    The aroma is intoxicating, the scent is divine.

    Next up is their ninety one malibu fire OG.
    It's their flagship cut, it's as dank as can be.

    I've seen it down in SD but it's weak homie.
    The malibu fire isn't diesel that's a guarantee.

    This batch is way sick, but that's expected.
    This is their dankest flower so it got elected.

    Every nug is perfect, none were neglected.
    Because each nug is properly inspected.

    I grabbed a big nug and it got dissected.
    The trichomes run deep, it's THC infected.

    The trichs aren't alone, they come protected.
    By a blanket of frost so thick, it's unexpected.

    I mean I've seen frost but this is frost injected.
    So much frost the tan pistils feel disrespected.

    This is some dank flower, so it got collected.
    I got high as fuck, my five senses were affected.

    Roll by MMRC if you're looking for that piff.
    That shit is the best, no ands, buts or ifs.


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  • Report First time!

    I had to go to this shop and get the most fire they had. Which was...91 Malibu Fire. It is such a heavy hitting, body relaxing indica. Perfect for my back pains. And the free raw indica joint didnt hurt either ;) Thanks for being real caregivers MMRC!

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  • Report For those who havent heard....

    MMRC is one of the few real deal, true top shelf connoisseur providers that is always on deck with some true top shelf medicine....Ive been with MMRC since the GAM days...Recently i have tried the WeHo 05 wicked, Wicked Herijuana, 91 Malibu Fire, Epic Malibu PK, Legendary PK, Pure Nitro, Cherry Pie, Super Jack, 91 Skywalker and 91 Hollywood...all of these flowers would hold the top shelf at ANY collective. All of these have superb flavor, trim and cure, effects, medicinal qualities, flushed right and grown to perfection. I promise u cant go wrong with any of the above mentioned choices.

    HASH---MMRC has been killing it in the hash department as well...Not only are the hashes priced fairly at 30/g, 15 for half grams, but the quality is top notch...Currently i have the Legendary PK, Malibu Fire, 91 Skywlaker, Lambs Breads, 05 Weho wicked, and 91 Hollywood...all of these are very good and pretty damn close to being full melts...

    Just come by and see for urselves....

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  • Report MMRC

    Stopped By MMRC to pick up some Legendary Pure Kush and the strain definitely lives up to its name. The nugs had really good structure and were covered with trichromes. The PK has a strong Indica body high with really nice cerebral effects as well. Although I was there to pick up the Kush they also showed me some beautiful Sativas. Its always nice to find a club that provides properly grown fire medicine. Thanks again

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  • Report Epic is the Only way to describe Epic PK!!!

    Got to make a stop at literally my favorite place to find Heavy Hitting Trees in So Cal this past week located in the Valley MMRC. This place is the Shit I gotta say and there really is no other way to put it. They have so many options for OG's and PK's and 91's I never really know which strain to go with and not feel like I missed out on the next they are all that Dank!! I am literally gitty when I go this place and even this past trip being a more of a budget trip, I feel like I left with possibly one of the best Batches of Pure Kush I have ever had!

    MMRC has the PK's and 91's available most times and since the Planetary OG's, I have not seen a more consistent Family of Strains that consist of more than 4 or 5 strains since finding the PK's and 91's at Green Angels of Malibu and now here at MMRC. This past trip I had a tough descision to make when the Budtender pulled out some of my favorite Pure Kushes and 91's but when the Epic Pure Kush jar's lid was popped and I smelled the contents of said Jar I knew instantly that was gonna be the winner!! I was so stoked on the batch I really wish I could have got more and probably when I return next week there won't be any left, but I do consider myself a lucky patient to have been able to medicate with it this past week and hopefully up till the point I can replace the contents of the jar it is being housed in now with another wonderful strain from MMRC.

    Epic Pure Kush: After having the Legendary and Malibu Fire and countless amounts of 91's I really considered myself spoiled and to have found the cream of the crop till I found this batch of Epic Pure Kush. My only gripe would be that the nugs are not that large and not more than a quarter in diameter for the most part in my largest nug in my Slice, but each nug is so Awesome and delicous that size really doesn't matter. I really salivate each time I open the Jar I have it in now and every time I break up the literally white and green power pellates to medicate them with a smile on my face haha. This stuff is so delicous and Piney and fruity and Diesel esque and woody and every mouth water explosion you can come up to describe OG Chem Pure Kush. I really love this stuff and next time I am gonna bite the bullet and donate for a Half Zip no matter the donation! Can you really put a donation number on truly fine grown Sensimilla?? I don't think so and even though it may hurt my bottom, my soul is gonna love every minute of it!
    10/10 Quality Strain Rating

    Never a dull moment or a less than stellar visit to this mecca of amazing medicine. I wish this place was in San Diego, cause I would probably stop in every week at least once haha I have to thank all the staff for taking the time on my visits to pull out ur best recommendations and this last one is by far the best. Thanks again to whoever grows the Epic Pure Kush, you are a talented individual. Till I get another chance to peep out the Pure Kushes and 91's up at MMRC this is the Headbandfan pointing out the Dank once again, Peace Weedmaps!!

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  • Report MY ATF Shop - MMRC Rhyme Review

    When I go to LA I always make a stop.
    At M.M.R.C, L.A.'s sickest flower shop.

    Their meds are fire they got shit on lock.
    Serving the best kush on the whole block.

    I arrived at the spot around 12 o'clock.
    Got checked in fast, the staff here rocks.

    Once in the back I perused their stock.
    I'm indica hunting, let's get couch-locked!

    Some say they're the best in the Valley.
    I say they're the very best in fucking Cali.

    In my eyes they're the best on the planet.
    I wouldn't lie, check them out god dammit.

    Every trip is tremendous, without a doubt.
    Some shops are horrendous, try not to pout.

    M.M.R.C. has what you need, peep em out.
    The menu is stacked, there's never a drought.

    The 91 Malibu Fire is the first up today.
    It's their top OG and I'm glad it's on display.

    This batch is super fresh, I'll jar her a bit.
    This strain is crazy dank, this herb is on hit.

    Huge cone shaped buds colored light green.
    With a layer of frost and tan pistils in between.

    Trichome coverage is always super heavy.
    The crystals shine bright like a '57 chevy.

    The smell is sweet citrus coupled with pine.
    It's an earthy lemon aroma, like a fruit rind.

    It tastes strong on intake and it lingers long.
    With that citrus pine taste ya can't go wrong.

    Pack a pipe, roll something or load a bong.
    You trying to take flight? Here come along.

    After a few hits you'll be done, that is it.
    Out for the year like the Titans' Kenny Britt.

    This herb is strong c'mon you must admit.
    This herb's amazing like a nice pair of tits.

    Next is this batch of Legendary Pure Kush.
    The bud is straight stinky, give the nug a push.

    The herb is hella heavy it put me on my tush.
    My quad was enormous, each bud was a bush.

    There's a coating of frost all over the flower.
    It's caked everywhere, it kinda looks like flour.

    The trich. production is heavy, for real it's nuts.
    The munchies rolled up fast, pass the cold cuts.

    The taste is super piney with sweet lemon back.
    And she's super smooth, I didn't cough or hack.

    These light green gems are crystal covered.
    The smell seeps out soon as the jar's uncovered.

    The herb is fucking legit, it's dank like no other.
    No need for me to lie, that's word to my mother.

    I rolled up a big joint then I twisted up another.
    I'm bout to get hella high with my friends brother.

    Last and certainly not least is the Epic PK.
    If you dig Pure I'll blow some smoke your way.

    This strain is amazing what more can I say?
    Go grab this bud, it'll make your fucking day.

    Large light green colas filled up my quad.
    This herb was heaven sent, it's puffed by god.

    MMRC is sick, they're the Pure Kush Squad.
    Why is SD Pure so weak? Hmm kind of odd!

    She's snowman frosty, just like Young Jeezy.
    With a high so fucking strong, I had to go easy.

    Psych, I tore thru a couple pipes right quick.
    I beasted all the herb with a flick of my bic.

    I twisted a jay and sealed it with angel tears.
    Then I got some wax out from my jar to smear.

    You know I painted the paper bro have no fear.
    That'll take my high and put it up in high gear.

    Good luck busting it up, it's sticky-icky stuff.
    And the taste of the flower is there the first puff.

    A nice sweet lemon with a pine-sol aftertaste.
    I held my hit for a bit, I don't want any to waste.

    The high is heavy and super heady at first.
    My neck went numb and my eyes almost burst.

    This strain eases pain way better than pills.
    And it's cheaper than dealing with doctor bills.

    Go peep out the best in the West!



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  • Report Not really wax, IMO

    Review Source:
  • Report MMRC Dank Flower Review

    I headed up north again to visit my brother.
    I just visited last week, it's time for another.

    I visit MMRC whenever I get the chance.
    Especially if I just got a nice pay advance.

    I've dug all the 91's, since the first glance.
    It's love at first sight, a real deal romance.

    The bud is dank, smell the fire from France.
    It's heady ass herb, it put me in a trance.

    The staff is cool as hell as far as I can tell.
    They're never rude, they never ever yell.

    They don't push herb in hopes it will sell.
    They're pharmacists, not a drug cartel.

    Bring your ID, REC and turn off your cell.
    Look at the camera while you ring the bell.

    Layers of security to protect the clientele.
    Please step thru the metal detector as well.

    Double doors really can't mask the smell.
    The pure kush really reeks, the smell is swell.

    The Malibu Pure Kush is up first today.
    It looked so dank, so I hit it right away.

    Large dense nugs made up the batch.
    Man me and this P.K. are a perfect match.

    This strain always stinks like pine and spice.
    With a sweet citrus stench that's really quite nice.

    The flavor matches the smell, like it should.
    The inhale was sweet, the exhale was good.

    The taste lingered real long on my palette.
    This is cannabis cup shit, put it on the ballot.

    Dank dark green buds covered up in frost.
    Tan hairs scattered, they look criss-crossed.

    The high is heavy and hit my head real hard.
    I felt mellow and tired but wasn't totally charred.

    My back pain was long gone, I wasn't sore.
    I got hungry real fast, so I rolled to the store.

    Lemme check the game first, what's the score?
    I rolled a Legarette Blount, and left out the door.

    Next time I'm there I'll be sure to scoop more.
    I love their Pure Kush, it's that piff for sure.

    The 91 Malibu Fire has been reviewed before.
    I just couldn't stay away, this shit you can't ignore.

    I peeped so much herb cuz I like to explore.
    Now I've seen the best and don't need anymore.

    This is the best OG you'll find around town.
    Why's it the best? Hold on, I'll break it down.

    The look is tremendous and so's the smell.
    This herb was heaven sent, your shit is from hell.

    The taste is amazing and it's so dam smooth.
    The high is super strong, this strain is the truth.

    It's always sugary and super sticky-icky.
    I never wait to puff on it, I pack up a quickie.

    The high is way intense and long lasting.
    I got the munchies quick, there's no fasting.

    I wish my ninety one supply was everlasting.
    It's the star of the show, the best in casting.

    The Epic Pure Kush is the sickest shit son.
    I'm talking terminally ill, like H one N one.

    If you want those sugary covered gems,
    Those jumbo sized nugs, without any stems.

    Go peep out this batch of Epic Malibu Pure.
    This herb is the business, man rest assure.

    This bud is so sick and I don't want the cure.
    I'd follow her anywhere, no doubt, for sure.

    Other shops push meds. that are premature.
    When I see their herb, I take a quick detour.

    Down to MMRC to scoop up some more,
    of that Epic Malibu PK, the herb I fell for.

    This is some herb to write home about.
    So I'm emailing back east, without a doubt.

    If you're looking for fire, this shop has the clout.
    After 300 other shops, this shop stands out.

    peace and I'm out!


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  • Report Prices are high and what I got was bone dry!!!

    I have to say I was hoping this visit would be more impressive than the last, the bud I got last time just wasn't a 55$ strain so I wanted to go with something more reputable and known at mmrc. Made a nice walk into the collective over a week ago and was greeted by Marc after ringing the buzzer. He checked us in this time and in we went to the bud room were there was the other fella who I met last time and a female bt I didn't recognize. She was helping us today so I let her know i wanted to see the best of the best and told her a few I've heard good things about and I was shown a few different strains, between the epic pk and legendary pk I went with the legendary. I also wanted to check out their more affordable meds and asked to see one of the chems for 15 a g and didn't like what I saw so I asked for a recommendation and was shown Jedi. It didn't look too bad and had a nice smell so I went with that. Only got a gram of each, I can get a half gram of concentrate that will last me several days for the same price as a gram of bud here that will last me a session or maybe a day at most. They also have a discount rack that looks like strictly shake, popcorn, and trim but I don't smoke flowers regularly because I really don't enjoy the extra plant matter thats smoked. Maybe it's just my oil spoiled lungs. The trim mixes look like prime material to make concentrates with but the prices are still high on this stuff and for trim mix? At least you aren't charged tax on top of it. I skipped out on concentrates because I hated the way the delta 9 acted on my nail - there's either moisture or remaining solvent, which ever it is it ruins the experience. Also hated the fact that it didn't even make it 10 mins to my freezer w/o gumming up.

    When I got home to check my meds first thing I noticed was how BONE dry the legendary pk was. I was planning on rolling the grams in blunts so I wasn't to happy about that. I paid top dollar for a top shelf gram and received something that should have been on the discount rack. Jedi was a huge disappointment as well but I guess that's my fault for drifting away from your top shelf? Everything is pre packed here and this is a reason I don't like pre packed bud, If I could have seen a batch in it's entirety I could have determined which was fresher and even picked up a bud and seen for myself and I wouldn't have donated for bud that's so poorly kept.

    Legendary PK - dry. Other than that I can say looks wise it reminded me of an og and high wise it was pretty mellow and light. Smoked the entire gram at once but nothing worth reporting high wise really - I was expecting a bit more, could have donated probably 45-50 else where for similar. Sure its not called the same but this strain was so too generic for it's price tag and poorly kept on top of it left a bad taste in my mouth literally.

    Jedi - small airy leafy popcorn nuts with thin almost translucent hairs with hardly any color but what's there is pale dull orange. There seemed to be more leaf than bud and the buds were really whispy. Smell was fresh and sweet which is what got me to pick it. High was practically non existent but left me with a mild head buzz.

    Well what turned into treating ourselves to something nice on the weekend turned into a bit of a disappointment really. Wasn't much of a treat when I could have paid less or the same for better kept and more potent buds. For the price I'd expect lab tests at least, prices need to be way more compassionate especially for what I'm seeing quality and standard wise or rather lack of quality and lack of standards.

    No wax sucks too, they didn't try to tell me their full melts are comparable but they did sell a friend of mine on some delta 9 telling him it was wax. Lucky he came to my place because his is much farther from mmrc and it wouldn't have had a chance making it home in it's original texture. Even when he got to my place it was already gummy. Its one thing to not carry wax but to say the alternative you have is the same is just wrong, especially when the alternative sucks. It's potent, it packs a nice buzzy body high but half the stuff winds up sticking to the container and half the dab gets splattered of the ti.

    Sorry MMRC, I heard you had some really dank fire strains but what I experienced was less than exceptional for the exceptionately high prices. Maybe next time I'll have to ask for something FRESH and the best but I expect fresh with a price tag that's higher than the rest. I still want to check out the full melts soon, they looked nice my first visit and every time I've heard full melt I've thought of MMRC's. Hope my review didn't hurt any feelings, I'm sure ther pe are some amazing here, I've heard so many good things bout, but unfortunately my experience hasent been so amazing. Good luck!

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  • Report Epic Malibu PK and DJ Short's Blueberry

    I had the pleasure of visiting MMRC again last week and had another fantastic experience. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable and their bud quality is second to none. In my opinion, MMRC is the best dispensary in Southern California. I left with samples of Epic Malibu Pure Kush and DJ Short's Blueberry. I loved both. As always, you can see the full strain reviews and multiple photos in the marijuana reviews section of my website. Below are my impressions of the strains:

    1.) Epic Malibu Pure Kush

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica

    Lineage: A sister phenotype of 91 OG Kush.

    Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $210 half ounce

    Looks: Dense, tightly trimmed nugs completely covered in trichomes. Light and dark green buds with a few pale orange hairs. The buds looked almost white from the heavy trichome coverage.

    Smell: Pine, sweet citrus, menthol and a touch of fuel.

    Taste: A piney, sweet citrusy flavor just like the smell. The menthol taste was noticeable on early inhales and had a cooling effect. Rich vapor with heavy lung expansion.

    Buzz: A peaceful and powerful high. The buzz was heavy with numbing effects felt from head to toe. Clear headed, euphoric and sedating. Best for the evening.

    Summary: A fantastic example of a heavy Pure Kush. The buds were caked in trichomes and the taste was fantastic. The buzz was similar to Legendary PK, but heavier.


    2.) DJ Short's Blueberry

    Grade: A+

    Type: Mostly Indica (About 80% Indica, 20% Sativa)

    Lineage: Purple Thai female crossed with Afghan male. Afghani, Thai and Oaxacan are all in the genetics.

    Price: $20/gram, $55/8th

    Looks: Heavily frosted, compact nugs. Green and purple buds with a few orange hairs. Dank and sticky.

    Smell: Sweet, creamy and earthy. Smells surprisingly close to real blueberries.

    Taste: Sweet and creamy blueberry flavor. Smooth vapor with heavy lung expansion.

    Buzz: Mellow euphoric high. Functional, clear headed, creative and relaxing. The body buzz is comfortable and not couch lock-y. Best for the afternoon or early in the evening.

    Summary: An incredible tasting strain with a fantastic euphoric high. This is the best batch of Blueberry I've sampled.

    ****Thanks to the crew at MMRC for another great experience. I'll see you again soon.

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  • Report 3rd time was much more charming.

    I've had my differences at MMRC lately but they're responses have been more than understanding and accommodating so I made my trip back in sooner rather than later. Last visit I picked up the legendary that was a great smoke but for me, the bone dryness was not something I want when paying $60 1/8th - top dollar and a price I cringe at paying ever and unless it's something special I won't. 91malibu knows his stuff so when he can keep telling me this place is good people I believe him and I saw good people from day one, I just have had an issue finding reason to warrant the high prices.

    Yesterday Mark greeted us at the door and was super nice and friendly. Didn't make me feel weird, we right away started talking about my dry bud issue and how next time I can bring it back which is great but it's not conveniently located for us so spending an entire day walking back to switch out a gram would have just been silly. It wasn't really an up in arms issue, but enough for me to complain, I probably wouldn't have noticed or been so scrutinous if I hadn't paid more than I like to. Mark really listened to what I had to say and gave me some things to think about. Collectives have alot of battle fronts, it's unfortunate that sick patients get the bad end of both sticks but we all have to combine our efforts and try and do our best. Collectives couldn't run with out patients and we wouldnt have safe easy access to medicine if it wasen't for the collectives. We all have to help each other out sometimes.

    After some chit chat we went on back and we were greeted by the same lovely young lady who helped us out last time and a new fella who was very nice and extremely knowledgable. I let them know I wasn't too happy with my choices last time and they got right into trying to find out why. I was pulled to the full melts since Ive wanted to try those for sometime and while looking at those out came the bud samples to look at too - awesome! Full melts looked dynamite - no plant matter to be seen, much lighter color than I'm used to seeing on full melts, looked almost like a killer dehydrated wax to me. I was shown 2 solid choices, I forgot the other one but it was between that which was heavier and more sedative than the 91 Hollywood which I went with and was described as a much more functional effect. It wad time to check out the flower again which is not my favorite thing to do. Picking flowers is very difficult for me so I'm always happy to have it made easy for me. I had 3 samples to look at, all special and comparable in their own way. Overall the 91 Malibu fire caught my eye so I went with it. I will say that my visit today and the meeting of a new friend last night has inspired me to purchase one of those nifty magnifying loops to inspect buds with now that I've found bud worth inspecting and a new found heart for flowers again.

    We took up enough of their time as it was but still the recommendations didn't stop! Our lovely lady budtender asked if I liked sativa's and of course I replied with "I like everything" so out came some Durban Poison. It was really frosty and had a lovely purple hue to its huge swollen towered out calyxes so I went with that too. Unfortunately that one was 55 an 1/8th but still 20$ a g. I hesitated at getting it after hearing the price, but threw it back in the mix when I remembered the huge swollen buds it had. A gram of that and the 91 Malibu fire and a half gram of 91 Hollywood full melt for 55. I felt and still feel like this was a pretty fair deal so price wasn't an issue for me this time and the medicine was killer. I appreciated the overall hospitality, regardless of our difference of opinions on a few things and I'm glad we were able to listen to each others concerns because we are all patients fighting for the same thing in the end and before that we are all human beings who should be helping one another out.

    91 Malibu fire (Indica) $20/g $60/1/8th - smells nice and fresh as soon as I popped the top. Chunky dense light green nugs candy coated with sheets of sugary trichomes with stalky protruding resist hairs. Trim job was pretty nice, no water leaf, no hidden buried half water leafs plastering the nugs together and what was left was covered in white goodness which made them a pleasure to smoke with even my finicky lungs. Burns smooth but not too fast and right to ash with a rich earthy fueley flavor that tickles all the right taste buds and leaves a nice after taste even an after scent in the nostrils. I could smell and taste it for several minutes after a small bong load. A bowl with some of the 91 Hollywood full melt gives it a more potent high but more functional and less couch lockish. Surprisingly a regular untapped bowl will make me nit wanting to do squat but the hash ontop gives me the stronger high but keeps me going still.

    Durban poison (Sativa) $20/g $55/1/8th - my g was one nice calyx monster tentacle like creature of a nug blasted with a spackle of trichomes. Dense dark green with a purple hue and hint of light green nugs with whispy nanners towering through out with light dull orange almost blondish colored hairs. . Trim job was close to perfect, nothing but truly fine pleasurable herb to smoke here. Smells of a sweet pungent cheesiness and burns smooth with a very rich hearthy berry exotic flavor to it. Mildly cerebral high, not very narcotic with a nice functional body buzz that's accompanied by a roaring head high. Was a bit short lived and generally much weaker of a high for me but topped with some 91 Hollywood full melt this stuff turned into a real day booster.

    91 Hollywood full melt - I can't comment on wether or not this is a full melt so I'm not going to as I just simply don't know enough about the subject to even care. I wanted some nice hash to put ontop of my bud and generally the nice melty stuff has always been preferred, this had a crumbly texture that presses together with a light brown color. Melts up like a under purged dabbed - kind of bubbles out and then turns to a ash chunk that embers up and whitens out. Ontop of the 91 Malibu fire it made the indica dominate high of the bud alone go to a nice fuctional yet still heavy high. Ontop of the Durban poison it gave the already and functional high a boost and a half with some additional and more noticeable effects. I think I can actually also attribute my lack of whats usually daily stomach pain this morning to the hash. My oils can't even do that, the help with the nausea but the bowl movements and pain are never avoided and this morning I woke up like I usually do when I wake up with pain but I was fine. I also had take out last night and chinese at that so it must be some mirical hash. I will be back for more, takes alot to get a wax head wanting more water hash, props on some really finely made water hashes! The other one I was looking at was really hard to pass up so I'll be back to try that SOON!!

    My last few visits have been attempts at seeing flowers in a different light again and I finally was able to achieve that this visit. Some amazing full melt at a great price was the icing on the cake or in this case, the topping on the bowl. My medicine was as fresh as the price so I'll end this review with a rhym and say that this visit was nice. 91malibuchemdawg - here's a hash topped bong load to you buddy! Wouldn't have made my way in here without your recommendation and loyal support of them. I now fully understand the treasure that is at MMRC!!

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  • Report Happy to have finally found it

    Well, good to see I can add 91's back to my roster of loveliness for the time being. After much contemplation and not enough effort put forth, I made my stop at MMRC the other day. Quite glad I did. Greeted promptly by a lovely and very intelligent member of the staff who had me in her system (didn't catch her name), ready and raring to go. After a brief chat about POSITIVITY (rare these days, no?) I slid back into the medicine room to look at the treasure trove that has become MMRC. Flowers = nothing short of awesome. Grabbed some Legendary PK, and it was fitting of the name. Also grabbed some DJ short's blue, because at a place with a reputable name and history, a strain like that needs to be donated toward when it's seen. In my opinion, anyway. The guy (didn't catch his name either) who helped me in the back was well versed and knowledgable on his flowers. A must for anyone in this industry. Thank you guys for being you, and being around. The flowers were amazing!

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  • Report If u love real Blueberry....

    ...get down to MMRC and fast! They have some of the most delectable, sweet tasting, berry smelling, indica butt kicking, DJ short genius real deal 100% Blueberry!
    The one connoiseurs might remember from 2000-2001 seasons. Personally, the first time i tried this strain was in the summer of '01, in Amsterdam, at the Noon Coffeshop(previouslyu known as the High Noon). I got lucky cuz they literally had 1gram left of the flower when i stopped by. Fortunately, they also had some amazing Ice-O-Lator, pure full melt Blueberry goodness, that was some of the best smoke ive had. Back then it was $25US a gram, which at the time i thought was expensive!..lol...Boy do i wish i had a place to get Blueberry full melt Ice hash at 25/g....haahaa.

    p.,s. Correct me if im wrong, but i do believe this Blueberry won the Cannabis Cup in 2000, 1st place in the Indica category. It was listed as a Noon Coffeshop strain but i have a feeling the genetics were all DJ Shorts'...

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  • Report The Best Quality I Have Ever Seen

    I visited MMRC today for the first time. I was completely overwhelmed by what I saw, touched, and smelled. The variety and quality of their 91 strains and Pure Kushes is simply the best I have ever seen, hands down, bar none. If you live within 200 miles of this place, you need to take your monkey ass to 14303 Ventura in Sherman Oaks right by the Car Wash. There was a lot of street parking at 5:00pm on a Sunday. Easy to find, looks just like the pictures.

    All three members of the staff that I came into contact with, Mark, J, and Tony (if tortured short term memory serves correctly) were super down to earth and welcoming. Mark was holding down the front desk and J and Tone were the BTs. Verification was a breeze and I was in the bud room within minutes. I knew I wanted to see the 91s and the Pure Kushes and J patiently showed me about 10 different Pure Kushes and 91 OGs that had me testifying like I was in Baptist Church. Speaking Tongues and all that fly shit.

    I was in there whistling like a god damned tea kettle, hooting like a mad cow owl at the sight and mostly the smell of these divine flowers: I saw the 05 Weho Wicked Pure Kush, Legendary PK, 91 Diablo, 91 Beverly Hills, Dave's Pure Kush, 91 Bel Air, Epic Malibu PK... My head was spinning. The exotic varying smells that my nostrils were assaulted by are impossible to describe. The most delicious smelling flavors I have smelled in herb. The Epic Malibu smelled like straight up rich, gourmet candy. Literally- like mango rasberry cream hard candies via OG airmail. There was a powerful Ocean Grown musk in the bag, but it was almost completely nullified by this sweet candy smell. Completely unreal.

    I didn't know what to get because everything looked and smelled so delicious. J told me to definitely get the Legendary PK. My original plans were to get one 8th from MMRC and another 8th from a collective with a lower cap to compare quality, but I never made it to the second spot. I went with J suggestion and also an 8th of the 91 Diablo because it was the chunkiest, porniest 8th I saw. There is a unique nutty flavor to the sexy Ocean Grown aroma pouring off of the portly nug. I get a kick out of weird smells and this one Pepe Le Pewed me. Mark kind of let me know that they had better strains... He mentioned the Lemon Haze in particular. But I am good because this 91 Diablo looks and smells better than anything I've smoked in 6 months. Peace tho Mark, I appreciate you lookin out for ya mans.

    I've taken two puffs of the Legendary PK and it is absolutely unequivocally incredible. 10 out of 5 stars. I am 200% satisfied. The taste is top notch. Sweet and kushy with a fuelish aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate. The expansion is exquisitely sharp and painful. The smoke wants to explode when you try to hold it in. The buzz is perfect for me: very strong, very relaxing, with irie vibrations tingling in the head and limbs. This is in the class of the best shit I have ever smoked. My all time list has a new entry on it. And I still have another toke in this bowl.

    All in all, MMRC has the best selection of flowers I have ever come across in a dispensary. They have many top shelf 8ths for $55 & $60 but they are worth every penny and then some. For you bargain hunters, they have 8ths starting at $25. I would be very interested to see some GH takes on these PKs when times get tough, as they always do.

    The staff is super cool, the meds are ridiculously on point, I cannot wait to come back here. What else can I say.

    Peace MMRC, I am in awe.

    Budmaster Flashius, Esquire.

    Review Source:
  • Report Official Flash LPK Review

    About a whole 24 hours after visiting MMRC for the first time, I am still walking on air with a giddy tingle in my stomach like some sort of elementary school boy crush. This excited feeling has a lot to do with the satisfaction and buzz flowing from one half of my haul from yesterday, the aptly named Legendary Pure Kush.

    Backgroundwise, I was not a big fan of Kush before last night. I had a good Master #2 a couple times when I was a noob, but I really don't like Bubba and I've never had a Hindu that blew me away. I was a thorobred OG man, and every one knows that OGs aren't a true Kush the way Bubba or Hindu is a Kush.

    Now that I have tried this LPK though I am a true believer. As far as I know, Pure Kush is a sister phenotype of OG Kush. I believe I saw it in one of the Cannabibles with a write up mentioning a ridiculously long flowering cycle which demanded exponentially ridiculous tickets, like $1000 for an ounce of PK in LA back in the early 90s. *I Don't Know If This is The Same Strain That Is In The Cannabible!* But I don't care what book it is or isn't in, this is one of the best nugs I've ever smoked period.

    I could write an asshole-ish essay pontificating on the virtues of this divine diamond of dank, but I'm trying not to be such an asshole these days. And essays get my craw sandy. So here we go, thus far, one of the all time Peaks of my Noble Quest, LPK.

    Bag Appeal: Upon first sight I thought that the LPK looked like a very nice Platinum OG, but with more of a rosy tone to the hairs than the earthy orange that I am intimate with in my OGs. The nug meat is a beautiful bright green with a nice trichome frost, satisfyingly firm with a dense muscle that betrays quality growing and skillful curing by the Gatekeepers. (You might call them Farmers.) There is an expert manicure with just the right amount of dark green leaf garnishing the beautiful frosty green nug meat. Certainly a beautiful bitch. 10/10

    Smell: The appearance of LPK is extremely solid, but I have seen strains that look comparable as far as what meets the eye. The smell of this flower is a different story. This is one of the most deliciously potent smells I have encountered in my Questing. I bury my nose in the bottle and smell powerful Creamy Mango Kush- like the smell of expensive call girl crotch before a date. Easily 10/10

    Taste: LPK has an overwhelming fuel taste that burns my throat with cream of the crop level expansion. The eyes bulge and water. The nostrils flare. The lungs clench and burn with the the smooth sting of a snifter of cognac. The aftertaste though is particularly remarkable. A long lasting zing lingers on the palate. Somehow, it makes my mouth seem to taste good. The opposite of cottonmouth, the aftertaste of this strain makes me damn near salivate. Absolutely incredible tasting flower, one of the best I have tried in that regard. 10/10

    Buzz: Another easy 10 for LPK. One hit sends me rocketing deep into space, two hits or a small bowl keep me medicated for several hours. Last night 2 hits had me fully entertained for the better part of 3 hours. This buzz is heavy, instantaneous, that smashes the dome initially before exploding in the skull like a thc atom bomb just short minutes later. There is a tingling on the top of the scalp, a happy euphoria, complete and total medicinal satiety. This strain is incredible. 10/10

    This is one of the best strains I have sampled. A fellow patient pal of mine, a veteran of the MMJ scene and a master water extract maker, tried it and was completely dumbfounded by it as well. He said it is the best strain he has ever tried. I don't know if I can say that for sure but I can't remember any strain tasting this good and scrambling my brain like this. You have to try this, but if it's not there don't fret, there is probably at least a dozen strains at MMRC on par with this and there is one in particular that could probably smear even the mighty LPK in a rumble. Still, this flower is nothing short of perfection and it easily shits on any 10 out of 10 rating I have ever given. I might even have to revise my old ratings because my scale is completely different now. What I used to rate as a 10 is more like an 8.5 compared to LPK. I even considered giving it a 15 out of 10 rating because it is really that good.

    Average Score: 10/10 with a bullet

    Peace to all the good folks at MMRC, I look forward to the next time.

    On weed,
    Budmaster Flash

    PS Edit- I forgot all about mentioning price. Price was reasonable enough so every time I have enough to get an 8th I will be visiting MMRC in a very good mood. Read the menu. Peace

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  • Report MMRC weekly rhyme review

    Call me duffle bag chem, I'm down for a trip.
    I needed more meds, it's time to scoop a grip.

    M.M.R.C is that shop you shouldn't ever skip.
    Every time I stop by, I try to scoop a half zip.

    They were my first shop, when I got my scrip.
    So every dam week I make a trip in the whip.

    I'll say it for the last time yo, once and for all.
    M.M.R.C's buds kick ass like Steven Seagal.

    The menu stays large and it's filled with fire.
    Check them out yourself if you think I'm a liar.

    The 91's are the business, the PK's are too.
    If ya don't believe me check thatdog's review.

    He knows the time, he'll break it down for you.
    Ask RT or Randynash I trust their point of view.

    GrandmasterFlash asked, "Where's that piff?"
    The shit you snatch right up after taking a whiff.

    You'll grab their bud on the strength of it's sniff.
    The shit had me real high up, like the top of a cliff.

    First up today is that epic malibu p.k.
    Scoop it up quick before it goes away.

    I got super high, this shit doesn't play.
    This is my favorite cut, I really must say.

    I know I'm 91 Chem, but PK's my a.k.a.
    Just go grab some, you got it, okay?

    She's totally triched and super stinky.
    The buds are giant, not rink-y-dinky.

    I'm in love with dense, sugary flowers
    I love this pk, og, chem and the sours.

    Light green gems with a frosty outline.
    With a citrus pine taste like lemon lime.

    Trichs everywhere, buds straight shine.
    After two bowl hits I was on cloud nine.

    Up in the air like I dunk from the foul line.
    I go so hungry, I knew it was chow time.

    Next is this batch of PK from Malibu.
    This shit is sick like the herb has the flu.

    Large green giant nuggets, fully triched.
    With a sweet citrus smell, just how I like.

    The frost layer is thick, winter's coming.
    This is heady ass herb, mind numbing.

    Taste's like sweet pine with a citrus back.
    If you like tasty herb, go scoop a sack.

    I picked up a quarter this time around.
    It's is the best batch of PK, hands down.

    The buds are super dense, but not hard.
    Boy the smell got stronger, after it's jarred.

    You can smell the bud from Scotland Yard.
    The bud burned smooth, not all charred.

    This bud earned it's A+ on the report card.
    Who grew this shit? Please give em my regards!

    If you haven't been here what's the delay?
    Pick up their Og or the Pk, you're good either way!

    The 91's are my all time favorite, check them out.
    This shop is bananas, for real without a doubt!

    aka Mr.PK™

    Review Source:
  • Report phyllis!

    so basically here;s the scoop : phyllis diller - uhhhh yes please. legendary pk - don't mind if i do. you guys rock, nothing short of amazing!

    Review Source:
  • Report greatness

    mmrc is my new favorite place. we got in 10 minutes before close and we were treated like royalty. the buds are soectacu

    Review Source:
  • Report MRCC

    I was amazed for the second time with the Malibu, Epic and the Legendary Kush. The superior genetics offered by MMRC create beautiful flowers and concentrates. The staff is super friendly and welcoming to new patients and there is always tons of Parking. MMRC is one of my favorite stops in Sherman Oaks providing top quality Kush for the City of Angels

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  • Report Another Amazing Experience

    It's seven a.m. and I just finished my bowl.
    The car's gassed up and I'm ready to roll.

    A flower stacking journey, is today's goal.
    I want fire, not that shit that burns like coal.

    So I jumped in the ride for about 3 hours.
    To visit MMRC and their sick ass flowers.

    A hundred thirty miles each way is real far.
    Especially with 100,000 miles on the car.

    But their herb is fire, just crack open a jar.
    It's worth the long trip, the herb's up to par.

    I love dank herb like the dude Bill Maher.
    And thanks again for that killer candy bar.

    Every strain up in here earned a gold star.
    Their bud really reeks, leave the door ajar.

    It's time to grab food after I finish this cigar.
    I want White Castle like Harold and Kumar.

    First up today is this new malibu p.k.
    If pure is your thing, they stack an array.

    Go check this shit out, do it right away.
    Walk, drive, or fly, you're good either way.

    This herb is killer like Timothy McVeigh.
    It's heavy ass herb, this shit doesn't play.

    She's way trichy and frosty beyond belief.
    Trimmed up nice, not a grip of sugar leaf.

    This is that piff, it's the herb I like to chief.
    MMRC rocks that fire, that serious reef.

    The high lasted real long, it wasn't brief.
    Cuz this herb wasn't stripped of her kief.

    It got me hella high, what a sweet relief.
    Now I'm super hungry, where's the beef?

    Next is a batch of Legendary Pure Kush.
    With nugs so big they resemble a bush.

    All the nugs are giant over at M.M.R.C.
    Popcorn bud is cheaper, like it should be.

    The batch is caked in trichomes, it's nuts.
    It's time to get blunted, dump out the guts.

    MMRC stacks that piff, those killer cuts.
    If you haven't been here, you're the putz.

    Sorry for the delay back to the task at hand.
    These frosty buds with the resinous glands.

    One look at her had me drooling all over.
    I kept staring at her in this girl's Landrover.

    The smell that seeps out is really sweet.
    With piney citrus notes with hints of wheat.

    After 2 hits I sprawled out on the backseat.
    This legendary shit is dank, a real nice treat.

    Thanks again for the edible, it was amazing!



    Review Source:
  • Report My Legendary Experience

    So after reading through the great reviews coming from a couple reviewers who's opinion I fully trust I decided to come down despite the 60 a 1/8 donation level witch I have been avoiding like the plague.

    Very glad I did,first off they are in a nice side of the valley.Parking is easy enough right in front and the wait room has a couple nice chairs, entry and verification is easy despite the metal detector no pat down or "top flight" security just a nice receptionist who got me verified in no time.
    Two buzzers latter you are in what I can only describe as a cool looking indoor basketball court turned collective charming in it's simplicity,the tenders were both very friendly courteous and did not mind showing me their concentrates even though I told him I would not bee donating for any today. In the short time I waited I noticed they also have some nice looking glass bongs and other little "treats" not a huge assortment but they all looked well made.

    As for me I never have had a positive thing to say about pre-packaged buds til now....
    All of the jars I was shown were impressive in sight and smell the DANK scent keeps me popping open my container like I have o.c.d.
    I went with the Legendary P.K. I would reefer you to other posts for a worthy description of this beauty.

    The Effects for me:I really enjoy the smooth, and I mean silky smooth smoke I get from this flower it allows me to take way bigger hits than usual and I take small to moderate hits,no feeling of huge lung expansion or pull I honestly feel like I'm "almost" vaping the high is very unique in that I feel the head change about two puffs in and feels like its gonna be a light little buzz then it builds from the back of my eyes engulfing my brain till it works down my body completely numbing the knee pain witch I deal with every day from a previous injury with no "burn out" all around great quality fresh flower A+.

    Price: Worth every penny (top shelf is what I saw) will bee back to savor all the flavors to be found here, as I would love to see the Skywalker these guys can grow can't wait till the next visit!

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  • Report 91malibu fire weekly rhyme review

    I cruise up early because the ride is steep.
    The trip is worth it even though I lose sleep.

    I leave around seven to avoid all of the traffic.
    The 405 fucking blows, sorry for being graphic.

    It's a weekly thing to roll up to Sherman Oaks.
    This shop is Primetime, no Chris Berman jokes.

    The bud rocks and they're some real cool folks.
    This isn't a shill, it's real, it's not some lame hoax.

    I dig their herb, it's the only shit your boy tokes.
    I know that it's different strokes for different folks.

    But if they ain't your favorite, bro there's no hope.
    Their meds rock, the sick smoke makes me choke.

    If you still don't know I'm talking about M.M.R.C.
    I'm always on the go, stalking nugs in my car gee.

    Your shop really rocks, I mean every time I go.
    They're the flower champs son, act like you know.

    This visit was all about that 91 Malibu Fire OG.
    The stank ass cut from nineteen ninety one homie.

    This Og is where it's at, the nugs stay fucking fat.
    There's always a grip of trichs, that's fucking that.

    This batch is super sugar coated and way sticky.
    Just how I like my Og, you know I'm crazy picky.

    The bud is lime green with tan hairs mixed about.
    The herb really reeks bro, without a fucking doubt.

    The smell is sweet pine with a hint of citrus fuel.
    And the citrus smell is strong, that's just the rule.

    The inside of the nugget is filled with crystals.
    There's so many trichomes, it scares the pistils.

    The taste is way dank because the smell is stank.
    That's how they roll, you can take that to the bank.

    The high is incredible it always starts in my face.
    It creeps down my back, now the pain is erased.

    It gets me super high, man I'm talking outer space.
    I love their fire, call me Ninety One Malibu Fire Face.

    Thank you so much for the edibles!!!!
    The milk chocolate one was incredible!
    The white chocolate one was dank too!
    They were both super strong and super tasty!


    P.S. BudmasterFlash and I have a nice little review collabo coming! Stay tuned!

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  • Report Malibu Dream, you my new boo

    I figure it's time I write a review for this place, since it's the best collective in all of the valley. MMRC is amazing. The verification process as a FTP is very easy and fast. The staff is always friendly and smiling. Mark, primarily, is always a riot. The staff is extremely knowledgeable as well. This is the one place where I can ask them "will it give me anxiety?" or "is this good for depression?" and they give me a straight answer and recommend the right strain for my needs. Additionally, the bud selection here is out of this world. Are you tired of seeing the same strains at every club? Go here. Here is where there is more than just green crack and tahoe og (although their Tahoe OG is fantastic!). This place has so many different strains and amazing strains at that. I used to stick to sativas only (their Phyllis Diller is amazing) but I've moved on to bigger and better things. Last time I got the Malibu 91 and it was just the perfect combination of relaxing but still euphoric. Stop wasting your time with all the other collectives in the valley, drive over here and get the real thing. Parking is on the street.

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  • Report MMRC Rhyme Review Collaboration

    91Malibuchemdawg aka Mr PK
    Budmaster Flash aka Flashius Clay aka Jeff Spitcoli aka Weedy Beatsraw, Bob Marley's son in law...

    First of all, thanks to 91 Malibu Chem

    You put me on to my new pals, you a true friend,

    Indeed, and peace to the double M Relief Collective,

    Flash the weed detective give the readers his unique perspective

    On a beast of a collective. At least in my opinion,

    Comin way the fuck from outside the Empire, Inland.

    Six different freeways, a hundred ninety some miles

    Just to hit them PKs, and pungent 91 vials.

    Takin bold round trips, tourin Southern California,

    For the privilege to puff the world's lushest ounce of dojah,

    The profound aroma of the finest trees in the valley,

    Gives a G the jollies even when I'm feelin lousy.

    I need top shelf like Slick Rick needed Ballys,

    Keep the best weed around me, my peeps had to crown me,

    And reefer found me! I was s'posed to been a nerd,

    But I morphed into The Flash when I started smokin herb.

    So the last time I hit the shop was like a week ago.

    I been tweakin yo, the whole time thinking up this flow.

    See cos, Malibu hit me 'bout an ill collab review,

    I'm a huge fan of dude, this some shit I had to do!

    Not to mention, this fat ounce of pot that I'm clenchin,

    Six eighths and a quarter. Different strains? I got seven.

    Such incredible flowers, where should I start...

    The first one I put up in the air when I sparked,

    Is the ballyhooed 91 Malibu Fire.

    You say you got the best weed? Well now you a liar.

    Caliber much higher than your average OG,

    Icy green nugs in the bag, with no seeds.

    Also on the OG side was Ventura County.

    I smoke a fat bowl of this now when I'm grouchy.

    Smell like exotic fruit or a lotta loot

    If you love a fly OG, then you gotta swoop.

    Another OG I copped: 91 Skywalker,

    A proper come up for any live lah sparker,

    Think it makes my mind smarter and my rhymes sharper.

    Wintertime, hide it in the linin of my parka.

    The fourth OG I got was definitely ill:

    The 91 PK hailing from Beverly Hills.

    The colors all on the darker side of the spectrum.

    Expertly cured, it's been dried to perfection.

    Last OG I'll mention some ridiculous shit.

    Nugs is stickier than a little kid's mitts.

    I'm talkin bout the Pure Nitro and trust me it's great,

    Give the nug a squeeze and sneeze with the ugly face.

    Now we gettin to the cream crops, the famous Pure Kushes.

    I wish I had cake to donate on a few bushels

    This shit is so official I be geekin at the sight.

    I'm a fiend of a mic and a unique Phenotype.

    First is Dave's Pure Kush: a super heavy hitter,

    A personal fave of this buddah headed spitter.

    Im used to heavy indica, but this is more potent.

    One hit puts me on the floor when I smoke it.

    Peace to the homie Dave, good health/wealth I wish him

    Tell him Flash got him if he ever needs help trimmin.

    Now the final nug of all, I saved the best for last.

    The diamond of the haul, some crazy special grass.

    Legendary Pure Kush, and I reviewed it before.

    But it's a different batch from when I was a noob to the store.

    I had to cop a quarter just cos I'm a pot hoarder,

    And when it comes to my favorite spot I'm a supporter

    She's a bright light green, perfect frost and density.

    A quality I never see at these soft dispensaries.

    Legendary Pure is not ya entry level doobage,

    Wack clubs need to come thru and check the blueprints.

    I'm known to burn a fraction of a gram when I'm stressin

    Take a toke and I forget where I am for a second.

    If you demand excellence, this the flower for you,

    Then again, I havent tried the Epic or the Malibu...

    And there's new batches of both strains on the menu,

    Looks like it's time to plan a trip to my favorite venue.

    Picture Flash mashin, puttin miles on the car

    Just to have the flyest nugs in my vials and jars.

    I'll leave you with that image as I tend to my spliffage,

    And keep pennin hits for my friends that could dig it.

    Mister PK and the Mister T of twistin reefer,

    Better trees than B Real, Currensy and Wiz Khalifa.

    Peace to MMRC, Mark, Jay and Tone,

    They got the good shit that's harder to find than pay phones!


    Yo 91MalibuChemDawg, thanks for lettin me slang on yo corner kid! Ha ha.

    Peace to Man, Woman, and Child,
    Budmaster Flash

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  • Report MMRC Rhyme Review Collaboration

    MMRC Rhyme Review Collabo

    91MalibuChemdawg aka Mr. PK.
    Budmaster Flash aka Flashius Clay

    Wednesday I cruised up to MMRC again.
    Here's the rhyme that I wrote with my pen.

    It's a remix review, you can call it take ten.
    As you can see I visit them, now and then.

    The shop is hot, like cookin' with cayenne.
    They're the worldwide leader like E.S.P.N.

    Today's review is like a special occasion.
    It's a collabo review, I sent out an invitation.

    There won't be any White Lines, no need.
    Just some sick out of site rhymes, indeed.

    This review is money, I mean straight cash.
    Featuring 91Malibu and BUDmaster Flash.

    We find the dank, you can avoid the trash.
    I'm Vince Carter, he's the dude Steve Nash.

    We burn that fire, smoking shit down to ash.
    If ya don't believe us, come check the stash.

    First today is some shit that's outta site yo.
    I'll call it "the piff", you can call it Pure Nitro.

    Large tight OG nuggets doused in crystals.
    A light green hue with bright orange pistils.

    The smell that oozes out is straight pine.
    Effects are way heady, I'm on cloud nine.

    It's so trich covered it makes the jar shine.
    With a frost outline to round out her design.

    The taste is creamy with hints of lemons.
    And it lasted real long, no Roger Clemens.

    The aftertaste is piney and not harsh at all.
    When other Og's fall off, this cut stands tall.

    The high was way crazy, I mean off the wall.
    My energy spiked, then I could barely crawl.

    I played basketball and hoped I wouldn't fall.
    But I got so high, I started missing every ball.

    The PK's here hit me real hard like kung-fu.
    It's my shit, so I stick to them like crazy glue.

    If you haven't seen their Pure, come on thru.
    Come check them out, you're long overdue.

    Why go every week? Because bro I have to!
    SD's been full of shit, bro what would you do?

    MMRC is my home shop, other's are taboo.
    It's easily the best shop I've ever walked into.

    The shop is sick like the flu, ya best get a clue.
    Props to Bonnie, Mark and Tony, we thank you!

    The Legendary PK came home with me too.
    But I just reviewed it so no need to do two.

    Instead I'll pass it off to someone in the crew.
    This is brought to you by Flash and Malibu.

    So here we go without further adieu.
    I bring you the new BUDmaster Flash review.

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