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Price 4.2

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  • 0 Report BUGS ON CLONES

    i went to DO twice, the first time I bought a clone and they use like a roxkwool cube or some kind of growing cube in the dirt and after a week of battling root aphids I cut that rockwool open and there was like 1000 apihids it was a breeding ground after looking online to see where they could of come from, ruined half of my harvest. Went the next week and got a 2nd clone and cut the rockwool open before entering the now perfectly clean grow room and there were spider mites festering in the same area, the clones are great looking at first but will kill your garden unless you remove thaat grow cube.

  • Report Best price, service, and overall quality in Dura

    Taking everything that Durango has to offer in the way of dispensaries, I'd have to say that Durango Organics is the best in the area.
    There's a constant list of strains that are either $175 or $200/oz, and that includes tax. All other strains are $225/oz. D.O. always has 25+ strains in stock with a good variety of Indicas, hybrids, and Sativas. There are always some strains that are lacking, but those are easily made up for with at least 8-10 true top shelf strains.
    The location is easy to find, discreet, and has plenty of parking. Check-in is never an issue, and the budtenders are extremely helpful.
    There's only two areas where I think that D.O. could improve...1) Patient privacy. Waiting room is literally on couches behind the bud counter, and 2) overall bud quality. There were strains in there that were more costly than those on special, but that were clearly not grown as well. While this is not a big deal because D.O. offers up to 10 top shelf strains at a time, I couks see it taking away from overall appeal of D.O. as well.

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  • Report Hands down AWESOME!

    Oh man! I checked out Durango Organics recently and was thoroughly impressed -Not only is it a great space, the selection and variety of strains was one of the biggest and best I’ve seen yet! And they have all the best edibles. The staff is super friendly and will definitely help you any way they can. Durango Organics is hands down AWESOME! Do yourself a favor and check it out today…..

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  • Report Organic

    No tastier bud than the strains available here. Always lots of choices with bud, edibles and concentrates that are very affordable.

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  • Report Excellent Selection

    Always tons of strains, seems like 25-35. all the top shelf is 50 an 8th, but they'll do 1/16's for 25 if you're low on cash. they have tincs, candies, drinks, edibles, and i even saw icecream. they raffle 4+ gram buds and you never usually have to wait long to get in and out.

    it's where i'd shop in durango.

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  • Report Durango organics

    Largest selection of edibles I've seen, ice cream, frozen pizza, great selection of candies. Always very friendly and great service to move you in an out quickly.

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  • Report The place to shop in Durango.

    Without a doubt the best selection and nicest atmosphere of any dispensary in the Durango area. The budtenders are more than helpful, offering suggestions and tips when called for. They almost always have over 20 strains, and most are of the utmost in quality.
    Currently $325/oz for members, which is the best for top shelf meds in Durango. With competition this price will hopefully come down. The only other small complaint I have is that the medicine is given to you in a regular labeled ziplock rather than some sort of plastic medicine container. I suppose that this is the "green" way of doing things, and really it's just a small con in a LONG list of pros for Durango Organics.

    I wont waste my time at any other dispensary in Durango. This place sets the standard.

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  • Report Best in Durango

    This place is easily the best in Durango. The medicine is always very good and there are always about 15 strains or so. They also constantly have new strains. They have tons of edibles as well.
    The staff is awesome....Ive been to dispensaries all over Colorado and this staff is the best! They are always willing to throw in some freebies which is nice.
    The member price is $325 an oz and $170 for a half plus you get 5% discount in store. If youre shopping in Durango check out DO and you wont be disappointed.

    I really like their ISS and OG kush.

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  • Report Durango Organics is the S#!%

    I moved from So. Cal to Durango a few weeks ago and have nothing but the BEST things to say about Durango Organics!

    Their service is the ALL TIME BEST!
    The staff at Durango Organics helped me through the application process quickly and easily to assure that I didn't make any mistakes so my application could be processed in a timely manor...

    The Medication is GREAT!
    Ranging from 100% Indica to 100% Sativa and everything in between! (also with select Organic Strands)
    Plenty of Concentrates, Oils, Hash, & Edibles.

    I just tried the 120mg THC Captsul (CO2 extraction) and WOW, no wonder why they can't keep these things in stock there AMAZING and only $10/ea.

    Best selection & quality I've have seen in a long time! Thank yo Durango Organics!

    P.S. The Orange Kush as well as the White Rhino were GREAT!

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