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  • 0 Report very rude they will lie to u dont use this place unless u eant to het in troublr

    very rude legal team doesnt know thrr asdls from a hole in the ground. would not give me his name after he gave me his legal advise!!

  • 0 Report I liked the place a lot! Very clean & nice staff.

    I went with my boyfriend and he showed me the place. I really enjoyed examining the different types of medical marijuana. Smelllls grreat :) Lots of choices to pick from. Plus, I enjoy the wax the most, by far!

  • 0 Report Change to open ABOUT 10:oo am

    not open oct 31 @ 10;00

  • Report A little disapointed

    I like the concept, but the employees attitudes really affected my review, when I went in all the employees other than the woman at the front desk seemed disinterested or distracted. This coupled with the higher donation rates than most local dispensaries and under-purged wax left me feeling disappointed when I left.

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  • Report The bud review.

    I don't know what the guy below me meant about them not caring about lower donation because Im am pretty cheep myself and they have always been centered on me.Even the time that I didn't donate at all.
    I do agree with some of the wax being under purged but then again I am used to really good wax. I donated on the Sour Berry Kush and got some of the og hash. I have not smoked any of the hash yet but it looks and smells nice Ill add a ps to this tomorrow.It would be unfair to rate it tonight as I am already very Medicated.
    Mostly due to the Sour Berry Kush. The snasberrys taste like snasberrys and this bud has a very noticeable berry taste to it too.
    Along with a very pleasant taste this dense small bud packs a punch. All in all I had a pretty good day and between what I got here and what I got at crawl its going to be a wonderful new year. Oh but ya real fast if its still 10 a g or hell even if its not go get yourself some of the Sour berry you will thank me.


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  • Report First thought

    Well first time at the cross,went to pick up some stuff and was so happy when i walked in.warm smiles and great attitude and the vap lounge/chill era well you just got to see.so on to the selection very wide verity,so thought i would ask their opinion and stated i was a heavy smoker,after checking out couple recommendations i selected their sour OG and at $165 a 1/4 new it had to be good.smell,looks,taste,smoked great buzz was NOT as expected,guess i am more then a heavy smoker lmao,hidu kush great like i thought.Now on to some edibles went for the brownies because they were considered strong,taste was good but 1 was hard a little around edges and dry,the other was great just again i am a heavy smoker so took 2 for me.either way i like you guy's and WILL be back,here is a couple site i will put you guy's on and still have some friends to bring.

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  • Report A total first!

    I gave this place a review a little while back and tho I didn't really like the hash. The place was awesome and the hash was really cheap so no big.I gave it the standard good review. Since the review here is what has happened. I called to see if they had got any different hash in and the Man I spoke with told me not yet but that they had the strong in.
    I kinda told him how I didn't really like the other stuff and had hoped he was getting in new stuff. He let me know that he was and it would be there about Friday and that he would hook me up. So anyway I stopped in there today a few hours to early it turned out.... lol but anyway getting to why I just had to write this review THEY CALLED ME! How awesome is that? I just got a call to let me know that they got it in and would love to see me! I have only had one other place do this and let me just say it impressed the hell out of me. Most places you cant get them to even tell you if they have hash let alone to call and tell you they just got it in! You have my total support and can count on me as some one who will spread the word.

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  • Report Best Place I Promise

    The environment is so wonderful bright smiles, friendly laughs, great customer service. I mean hands down I give Green Cross a BIG 10 on my scale. Cum See 4 Ya Self. U Wnt Go No Where Else. No Lie No Lie No LLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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  • Report BEFORE I DRIVE??


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  • Report Thank You

    Hey there! So I went and checked out Green Cross on Sunday. Got there and parking was easy. Filled out my paper work and was led to the bud room. The building itself is huge and has been redone and is very modern. The bud room was nice and cozy, with a large flat screen with the menu and prices which I really like. The flowers were good, but I was there for wax. I left with one gram of the White Fire OG at a first time patient discount. Original price is ehhh. So I go home and try it and its not purged correctly. Sadly, I had to drive another 30 min today to return/exchange the wax. My budtender today was David. I explained everything and he hooked me up with an 1/8th of their top shelf Sour OG which is FIRE. Not only did he exchange the wax he threw in a sweet mini glass jar for my bud :) I appreciate the compassion and how they took care of the situation.

    I will say the "vape lounge" is sweet. Glass pieces from bowls to bongs, to papers and blunts, to snacks and drinks, and XBOX, all for the patients. Of course membership fee will take place in Feb. By the looks of it, it will take off. Thank you again! Goodluck!

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  • Report Two Thumbs up

    I was in the other day and I tried the White fire og. A++. Probably the best og I can remember. Next came the lemon cake. WoW great stuff, very impressive. I highly recommend these flavors. Green cross is the real deal. The vapor lounge was awesome. Green cross is my new spot. Great job guys. Keep up the good work.

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  • Report The Green Cross Experience

    Very nice , lots of high quality selection,competitive pricing, freindly staff make you feel right at home. By far the best ive had the pleasure to visit.

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  • Report New second fav place!

    Ok when I first saw the thing about the vap lounge and what not I thought to myself ya sure how is that going to work. So I scrapped 30 bucks together and headed down. Here is what I found. Hassle free I never felt rushed in fact the guy that I was with couldn't wait to show me stuff. All the bud looked great but I was there for mainly one reason HASH.
    I got one each of the strong and of the stronger. 10 a gram for one and 15 for the other. So far I have smoked some of the strong og ice hash and it was nice and smooth and very good for the price. Moving on
    So after a few mins one of the owners comes up tells the guy to take me back and hook me up with some very very tasty amber after get this I got a massage! 15 min by a real therapist and omg. They are going to have a masseuse there as a normal service which tho I wont be able to get it much I will be getting it again! On to the vap lounge nice but I would be kind of nervous about driving home from it. Nice set up all around and one thing I think is a really good sell point for the lounge is that they have bongs and all kinds of pipes that you can use while your there. So lets say you want to try a vaporizer. You go pick from a wide selection of bud and there you go..All in all after you get past the front desk you feel more like your at a spa then at a dispensary.
    As everyone knows who has read my reviews Im a die hard fan of Ken but this place is right up there in a solid second place knocking helping hands and crawl down to 3rd. I cant wait till I have a few hours to waste to go and hang out there. Flat screens Xbox and free munches while sitting on over stuffed leather couches! It doesn't get much better.

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  • Report my new favorite place

    this is the best place ive been to in a while, good quality medicine for any budget and friendly staff. the lounge is awesome too, spent a few hours chillin out and it was very relaxing

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  • Report First timer

    nice place, nice people, great orginal strains and can fill all your needs in one place

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