Choice Organics Marijuana Dispensary
ATTENTION:This business has not been verified. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting. I am the business owner
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    These are very, very professional people, very kind and helpful
    This was the very first dispensary I went to . The people were helpful, patient and courteous. They will gladly look into getting you what you want. I have never been disappointed here.

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    self promoted liars
    Horrible experience. We don't need dispensaries in ft collins if they are ran like they are now. Both of the dispensaries in ft collins suck. At least we have competition right. Worst customer service. I'll say one thing positive. Sometimes they have good meds but way overpriced. Probably cheaper on the street. Definately cheaper everywhere else. They think because they have no competition in ft collins they can overcharge what they want, and when they get bad reviews on one site the go and make fake reviews on another one grow up and stop lying to people we are no as dumb as you think. Go gouge people somewhere else.

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    These reviews are tainted
    Crappy customer service. Way overpriced. Don't waste your time or money. I go to garden city or denver. Yeah it pays off to go that far out of the way. I live in ft collins and it's bullshit i can't get a decent price on meds. gouge away choice organics gouge away.

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