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    5 stars
    These guys are fantastic, but they haven't updated their thcfinder spot since forever. They have golden goat and nothing else that's listed here. Delivery guys was really funny.

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    LA Medical Delivery is my new delivery s
    Let me start my saying that as a girl, I do not like dispensaries. I don't want my co-workers see me go in, and I don't want to try and get picked up on while I'm getting medicine. So, I use delivery services. I have tried many, but only recently found LA Med Delivery. Registration was a breeze and I was approved in minutes. Picked my medicine and a nice, friendly driver (who didn't try to hit on me) was at my door in 20 minutes with some of the best medicine I have ever tried. I have had cheaper delivery services, but none with medicine at this level, or who came as quickly. I would recommend you try them out. They will save you time and trouble.

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    The selection is limited, but the quality is amazing. I recommend the lemon haze. A functional and very happy high. Just want Monday ordered. I've used them twice and the delivery was quick and the delivery man looked professional..ish?

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