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  • 0 Report this place is awesome ftp gift was great i got a free gram, pipe, lighter,edible

    Defiantly will be coming back

  • Report Mecca Is My New Favorite. They saved Our Christmas

    Ok so where I live there isn't really a great selection of dispensaries to choose from. Most are over price understocked. On Christmas day my roommate and I were about to head to our usual spot when something told me to just check for a new one near by. We are on foot and where we live there isn't much real estate for quality locations such as Mecca. Out of curiosity we decided to give to give it a shot. It was perfect walking distance from our home and in a great central location literally right next to the 10 freeway exit from Washington/Fairfax. After walking in we were greeted by the very friendly and helpful staff. Although it was our first time there they made it feel as if its been our regular spot the whole time. We felt right at home here. The lady that served us delighted us with a complimentary medicated Christmas hot cocoa (which by the way was absolutely perfect!!!). She was friendly and patient enough to answer all of our questions and recommend just what we needed from their quality yet affordable flower. They were also nice enough to throw in some free goodies that really came in handy. Oh yeah not to mention the place is decorated just right. It really is a comfortable environment. I truly honor the service and quality goods that Mecca provides, and with their affordable prices all across their expansive menu I honestly believe That Mecca is a force to be reckoned with and should be considered the standard of how a dispensary should look and operate, all the while keeping their patients completely happy. Thank you Mecca!!!

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  • Report the gud stuff

    very good service, staff are friendly the owner koo af nd the bud good quality for my first time i got a grm nd a grm of my choice for being a ftp 4thumbs up.... nd theyre live on a radio station very koo

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  • Report ii love mother #Mecca

    great service great flowers and great prices :-) im goin in today

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  • Report regular customer

    great atmosphere, very knowledgable, NYC kush is fire! my fav so far. wish they could be closer to home

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  • Report Too much love...

    This spot always treats everyone like a first time patient regardless of how many times you've been. I always get a whole lotta love from here. Free hot pot chocolate, a j, and a wrap. Happy Holidays guys!

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  • Report <3 Best In West LA !!!!

    I don't know where to start. From the warm welcome from the first step in the door, to the best hot chocolate I have ever had on my way out. The flowers were beautiful, and all true to name.
    I would love to add that Noel knows about her medications, unlike many other budtenders and owners who wouldn't know Og from Train-wreck. Honestly my new Favorite spot in West LA. If your looking for a good place for medication true to name, and is not going to cost you a arm and leg this is your new spot. First time gift was a real pre-roll of flower NOT shake, one top shelf gram, a york pepperment medi pad, a medi jolly rancher, not to forget the best Christmas gift DOGO of top shelf !!! Thank you Mecca for a beautiful Christmas !!

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  • Report Awesome Shop

    This was my second visit to Mecca and I can honestly say that their top shelf buds were all great. I also got a treat of some hot thc cocoa from the bud tender and man was that cocoa great i loved the taste and I'm not much of an edible guy but I sure loved that cocoa.

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  • Report Donated 30 For 5Pack

    Came in at 11 today and got the 5 pack of joints for christmas presents and noticed it says 5prerolls for twenty on this site. Obviously thats 10 dollar difference. Whats up with that. The bud was very good Laker Purple cant complain about that at all.

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  • Report Bogo

    Bought two eights, got two free! Bomb!

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    The bud is bomb! Skywalker is FIRE! and the staff is great!

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  • Report Best unknown shop in the west

    Mecca is the best unknown shop in West L.A., they have some kill ass flowers and concentrates, I walked into a lil swagg ass location with low prices and the buy two 1/8th's get an 1/8th free what a deal off top they got me I give them 5 STARS!!!!!

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  • Report I Love this place!

    I love the atmosphere and scenery. The service was excellent and the buds were out of this world! I bought 2 eighth's and got the 3 one free...can't beat that!

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  • Report Wow..right around the corner!

    One of the newer spots that opened around my neighborhood. One of the cleanest spots and the best deals around. I ended up getting a bogo quad of some NY OG Kush and Maui Dynamite. Both very dank and hooked up a dank edible for a ftp. Def worth checking out this spot and leaving with a smile!

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  • Report New "go to" place

    Great new shop in town. Very friendly and generous first time experience. I definitely plan on coming back.

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  • Report ONE SPOT SHOP


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  • Report GREAT SPOT


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  • Report Bomb A** Weed!

    Good job folks! I can't believe how much variety of bud, edibles and wax you have. Thanks for the dogo on the private reserve!

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  • Report Top notch Shop

    First time patient the other night , I left with a smile on my face. Noelle hooked it up and made feel very welcomed . I have been back a few times now all with great satisfaction , great quality thc products.!

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  • Report Satisfied customer

    i went for the first time on sunday loved the dogo the diamond was on point and the godfather was good to i will be going back for sure and i came from inglewood so i would have been pissed but i walked away a happy customer pretty sales girl tooo she was nice :)

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  • Report Best New Spot In Midtown!

    I really love this place. I was recommended by a close friend & received so much love! Their Sativas & Hybrids are amazing. They just got a new strain, Tangerine which is some of the best I've had in years! The staff there are absolute sweethearts! & don't forget to try that Ganja Peppermint Patty! :)

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  • Report Seriously?

    Wanted to come by to check you out. But $70 for an eight of Skywalker? I dont know what year you think it is but that is crazy. Good luck to you because I would never step in a place that was that greedy..

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  • Report Oh So Sweet...

    Thanks for not cleaning out my wallet! Skywalker is dank as F@@$!

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  • Report Adding it to my list!

    Thanks for the hook ups Noelle! This place is so friendly to the first time patient, I had to give them LOVE! Decent strains, decent prices, amazing hook ups! It was well worth the 10 minute drive from downtown. See you Monday

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