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  • Report the infamous strawberry diesel

    I've been a big fan purple elephant's medicine since I first visited them back in Alameda. They have the best medicine in the bay area for the price. I love the quality of medicine they carry. They've been closed for at least a year and opened back up on July 1st. Staff is really friendly knowledgable. I'm actually going again today from san jose to reup. My satisfaction of medicine in the bay area went from a 7 to a 9. I've tried the pure og kush as well, its pretty good but I like the strawberry better so I'll just get all of that from now on. Thanks guys, 1 bowl of the strawberry diesel and im set for a couple hours. top shelf 1/8 is 55 1/2oz is 180 and the oz is 360, and they offer 10% off for first time patients and an edible for referrals. they got multiple delivery locations in oakland and sacramento area also. keep up the good work and providing quality medicine to patients in need. from my understanding their hours are 11am-9pm.

    update: 8/14/11 staff is cool, they're just incredibly slow at updating their patients, which is a bummer. they use to offer 10% off for first timers but they stopped allowing that and didn't mention it anywhere, i checked all of the 3 websites they are on. So as I was drivin down from SJ I called to place an order bringing a new patient with me, and I was informed they no longer offer the 10% off. 360 an oz is a massive price tag, i could stomach paying 324 an oz but damn. im a full time student and part time worker I can't afford that. I'd get something cheaper if it worked well for me. I check their websites and forums everyday to make sure I know what I want and how much I'm spending before I go. To say the least i was bummed. Regardless im glad to have access to the strawberry d. So i ended up getting a half oz of the strawberry diesel and i got either a free gram of bubble hash or a free edible for the new patient referral, so for value's sake I took the bubble hash. Its good, solid rock-like hash. My delivery driver nathan was ontime, cool dude, really informative, told me about some white fire og coming in soon thats gonna be some fire. said the tahoe og is instock it just wasn't ready for donation yet. can't wait to check out the white fire og in a month or so..

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  • Report They're baaaccck!!!

    Just like the first reviewer, I have been a huge fan of purple elephant ever since they set up shop in Alameda. I would drive past several fancy dispensaries to get to purple elephant because of the quality and perfect customer service. When I found out that they delivered in the Berkeley area I had to call and place and order for the strawberry diesel. Thankfully, it is the exact same thing as they had years ago and just as strong (and for the same price). I have never used a delivery service before, but meeting up with the delivery driver was simple and he even remembered me from years ago. He verified and scanned my recommendation in my car as we talked about what the future of the co-op will be like. Looks like they are going to start carrying elite clones like strawberry diesel (coffin cut) along with rare og's. I am giving 5 stars across the board: Driver was on time, product was what the website pictures showed, I got a free peanut brittle that actually worked and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Kudos to purple elephant and can't wait til you guys set up a brick and mortar shop!

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  • Report tasty strawberry

    it's great having more delivery options in oakland. my first experience with purple elephant was very positive.

    - strawberry diesel - bombtastic. the smell, flavor, looks and strength were all there. it smells diesel and tastes strawberry. silky smoke.

    - grape jolly rancher - good but nothing to write home about. i've been spoiled by prc's urkle.

    - amnesia haze full melt hash - very nice flavor and high. it bubbled nicely and was a smooth smoke. great if u like haze.

    - gold dust hash - slightly different than other gold dust i'd bought before. it wasn't loose crystals (like kief) but more of a dry sandy rock. it crumbled up easily though so it's not much of a difference. haven't tried it with my glass oil piece yet, just been hitting it off buds. it liquefied and smoked like oil. it's an intense, clean high. i'm guessing it was made out of a hybrid since it didn't feel indica or sativa heavy. good stuff.

    - THC gold - i'd never heard of this before. it ain't cheap but it's quite an experience. the oil feels thin if u dip a toothpick into it but it doesn't move in the vial. it's an instant head rush, my mind was racing after taking a few hits. my experience was more sativa-centric. high energy with brain jolts. i liked it a lot but it came in a very thin vial (like the old school "flower" stems) which made it hard to use with a toothpick. heated drops will probably be easier. definitely recommended, especially if u are into oils.

    - freebie peanut brittle - yummy with good potency.

    the staff was easygoing and pleasant to deal with. they took care of the paperwork very quickly and professionally. i'll be placing more orders here.

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    I am so happy to see that Purple Elephant is back in the picture! When they left Alameda none of the dispensaries in the East Bay were able to fill the void. These guys were the total package, top quality meds, low prices, and compassion for the people they served. I lucked up on their web site and found out that they deliver. I downloaded and filled out the required paperwork and called in my order. The delivery guy arrived at the exact time he said he would, scanned my card & id and delivered the high quality medicine that I have been unable to get since PE was unfairly forced out of San Jose. I got a 1/4 of Strawberry Diesel, and 1/8 of Sour Diesel I have yet to try, and a free edible. Get this, I tried to tip the delivery guy and HE WOULDN'T TAKE IT! These guys are about serving the needs of patients. Do yourself a favor and support the best dispensary around, and hope that they again open a walk in facility in the Bay Area soon.

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  • Report Get the Strawberry Diesel

    Super fast service, and the Strawberry Diesel is thee best medication I have smoked in years. it is a delicious heavy hitting sativa that will satisfy any need I can immagine. The 82% hash is also absolutely phenomenal. the prices are very reasonable and the service is impecible. i became a patient a week ago and i have already ordered 4 times!!

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  • Report most recent visit

    Came down a few days ago to try out the tahoe og kush budlets, the Girl scout cookies caviar, and the arcata trainwreck. Everything is bomb and works great, but i personally love the trainwreck because it works great and is easier to dab on a skillet than the caviar, its kind of difficult to mold onto the paperclip. the caviar works great on bowls, sparkling gold flakes poored onto a fresh bowl of tahoe og, works wonders everytime. the flakes ball up into oil once a flame gets close enough, the taste is crazy good on all three medications. ill definetly have to try the tahoe og kush big buds next time i get more strawberry diesel. thanks PE, keep offering patients superior medicine.

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  • Report Just As I Remembered - But Better

    For a number of reasons I have been out of the local Dispensary "loop" for almost two years now. A few weeks ago i began checking out the community and to my amazement discovered just about everyone on this side of the bay (East) now delivers. This is not only perfect for me but has added personal convenience not only to myself but know many others lives are less complicated with this ease in obtaining our meds. Well My old favorite local dispensary I was ecstatic to find is still around, changed locations AND, of course now delivers which helps on 2 counts - #1-They may now not have the number of steps to climb to gain access to their facility BUT it doesn't matter now that I need the assistance of a (wheel) chair, because #2) - They also now deliver their deals and appropriately priced EXCELLENT QUALITY MEDICATIONS along with a knowledgable and caring team which I believe is sincere, just as they were in the past. Thank you , EVERYONE at The Purple Elephant and I have a request:please keep your popular edibles ,etc. available as some of us who probably shouldn't smoke or even vaporize too much really appreciate quality treats, etc. When I wanted to try them last your fresh batch wasn't in yet that day - So I need to see if their as good as they were last time (of which I honestly have no doubt). Thanks again and I'm sorry this e-mail got so damn wordy gang. Be well.

    P.S. I made this a combination review of what I could as well as an "Attaboy" - Thank You message that I've been wanting too send.. You're great! ALSO I can't give an honest review of accessability or atmosphere as I haven't been to the facility yet which the message above alludes to but I had to put in a rating or this note wouldn't process).

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    Alright so This place is awesome delivery is always quick and very professional. Driver is pretty cool dude, i have not been disappointed with any of my recent purchases. The silly putty here is fuckin FIRE! I have had the arcata trainwreck, strawberry diesel, plt cookies, and the white fire OG puttys. My favorite flowers so far are the strawberry diesel and the white fire OG. I highly recomend this place to any connoisseur because they only have the best quality!!

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