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  • 0 Report I went to check it out had a great experience and joined

    I really liked the quality of help and joined

  • 0 Report efficient

    Went to clinic Saturday. They were running behind but good eateries as i waited. And once I did see the Good Doctor one word EFFICIENT. THX:)

  • -4 Report ran by a tyranical maniac. makes fradulent claims about anyone that steps in the

    Such a dick

  • 0 Report great,been a patron for 3 years !!!!

    price is fair,good bud...

  • 0 Report Very nice people I enjoyed talking to them ineligible

    I enjoyed the experience


    I had been a grower for 7 years...I took down my grow, after I found these folks.! They run a professional clinic, and provide wonderful CLEAN medicine for $100 an oz.
    ps. I am the ex-police dispatcher, and the reason they did not get raided, was cause 'THEY PAY THEIR TAXES!!'

  • 0 Report I love them

    I am fairly new to the OMMP. I walked into this quite cozy office and was instently greeted with warm smiles. The medicine was very good with the best price I have found and or heard of. I would even send my Grandmother here. I love them!!!

  • 0 Report Best Place EVER!!!

    Friendly, affordable, and I dont feel like a criminal walking in.
    Consistantly good meds. And good looking gals always.

  • 0 Report Suspect

    This "Co op" is run by an ex police dispatcher. Maybe that's why they are the only such place that has NOT been busted by the police? Crappy, poisoned, hydroponic weed. No thanks.

  • Report NOT an Oregon Marijuana Dispensary | Marijuana NOT Sold Here!

    This listing is NOT a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Medical Marijuana is NOT sold here!

    ***OMMP Card-holder Members Only***

    Please Call For More Information

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