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  • 1 Report awful

    Shifty service. Rudely greeted at the door by the security guard told to take a seat. Waited fifteen minutes to see someone. While waiting we wanted to use the atm which barely worked. Upon entering the room the buds were segregated between medical and recreational. The bud I was most interested in was only medical. While we were looking we were told prices went up compared to the white board in the waiting room. Shady. The buds were stemmy and placed in improper categories based on sativa and indica. The budtenders were unapproachable and quickly wanted us out. No edible selection only a shitty elixer that tasted overly earthy. The buds blueberry and girl scout cookies were decent at best. Our first and last experience

  • 1 Report Negative, unfortunately.

    Gave them 20.00 too much for an eighth and only discovered this when stopping for gas 10 minutes after leaving the dispensary. Phoned the place and was laughed at. It hurt to be burned for 20.00 and it angered me to be laughed at.
    If customer service and respect are important to you, go elsewhere.

  • -1 Report Good when you can get what you want..

    But it is so random, you are at the mercy of get what you can when you can and no one know when and what. I have actually walked out when I desperately needed stuff for my pain because EVERYTHING was the wrong strain, can't just use the wrong strain, it will do nothing for my pain and will actually give me panic attacks, some of us actually use this as medicine guys!!!! The place caters to stoners not patients, long drive to not get what you need.

  • Report New Pueblo mmj dispensary

    New place just starting out so gotta give them more time to see what there really going to do! However their bud is the tops, but there is not enough price categories.. One single strain at 50 an 1/8 (Afghani- that cost 35-50 1/8 everywhere else)& the rest were 60-65 1/8. there is nothing for the poor man but without competition whatcha gonna do.. The Highest cost was a single strain item also at 70 1/8 (bubba kush) was great but id need to win the lottery to enjoy that. so for me the less expensive golden goat was a nice buzz good taste and likewise was the herriona was a quick clean buzz with good mind relaxer, and as for the one i went with most was the white rhino was hoping that i would not be disappointed with it and was very pleased; is similar to other white rhino i have had.. All there bud is clean and very aromatic.. As a new shop i would suggest that you give them a try at least one time and if you got the money you will surely be going back..
    Can't wait to see how you guys set up shop will re-review in a couple of weeks; no free medical literature,no drinks/snacks,no mediables,no receptionist,no plants,no check out counter,no pre-rolled joints etc. etc.hoping to see better organization and better flow with patients next visit.. will keep my eye out to see what you guys come up with for your final set-up...
    Good luck and see ya in a week or so to see how things are turning out...Hope you have some indica rooted ready plants for sale. Looking forward to seeing your progression in the mmj industry..
    Pueblo basically sucks for mmj right now I will continue to drive to colorado springs where even for non members pricing you can get 1/8 for 30/40/50 bucks util there is better places to shop closer to home. There just is not enough competition in pueblo for the patient to benefit from dispensaries at this time.

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  • Report Mr. kronic Mann

    good selection kool atmosphere i will be going back bud quality great better than going to pueblo west

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  • Report Review The Greener Side

    I've been going to The Greener Side since they opened up in Pueblo, and the bud quality is what kept me coming back. I've had their Bubba Kush, Chem Dawg, Hong Kong, Golden Goat, Poo, Cotton Candy x Romulan, G13, and I'm sure a couple more. The product is some of the best i've had in Pueblo. I think the biggest incentive with TGS is how consistent their products are. All strains are great quality. The prices are very very reasonable for what you get. I've bought from some of the dispensaries in PWest, Canon City, Medimar, Colorado Springs, not to mention the pueblo county dispensaries as well and can't find very many that offer the same quality of product. Don't get me wrong, i have no doubt there are some great dispensaries around, but TGS keeps me happy and I have no real need to go anywhere else. If you live in Pueblo, and haven't been to TGS yet, pay them a visit....you won't be dissappointed. I used to like hitting all the different dispensaries around town, or if I was going on a road trip, maybe hit one out of town. I have no real reason too anymore. I'll still check out all the different facilities, but I have found my place to do my primary shopping!

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  • Report pueblos best hands down

    been to all the ones in pueblo and this one is the best in bud quality , and price hands down.im an everyday customer and have no complaints

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  • Report Pueblo's best-kept secret

    Awesome! I recently discovered this place while searching for dispensaries in and around Pueblo, only to be happily suprised to find that TGS is located adjacent to my daily job (for everyone else in Pueblo, the location probably won't prove nearly as convenient.) I was happy to find I could just walk in and browse the product despite the fact that I didn't have an appointment. The guys running it were helpful enough, and the display case was certainly a sight to behold. Lots 'n' lotsa strains for all price ranges and ailments. I purchased 1/8 of Harojuana for $50 from them about four days ago and I'm truly sad to see it go. Ah well, there's definetly reason to return!

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  • Report a must!!!

    just got back from TGS the only place i go and picked up some bio-diesel fucking retarded if you havent been there you must go you wont be sorry
    happy smoking psycho

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  • Report Decent Place

    Decent place. Decent Buds. Pricing kinda high. Good People.

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  • Report Love this place

    I have shopped in almost every shop in Pueblo. I will never go elsewhere ever again. From day on i left satisfied and have never left unhappy. Friendly staff, excellent bud quality and great prices.

    Other shops in town dont carry the quality of bud that the Greener Side has to offer, the staff everywhere else makes you feel as if you are bothering them. I love going to the Greener side not only for the quality but the staff has made me feel just a important every time i am there.

    If you are looking for great bud, price and with great staff you will want to check this place out!!!!

    The only thing i would suggest is they stay open a little more for the working fello....

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  • Report Diggity Dank!!!

    Just visited The Greener Side for the first time today (10/28/10). Hands-down THE BEST quality of cannabis I have seen in Pueblo or P-West; with the fairest prices. There were probably 20 different strains and only two were not superb quality, and those were obviously cheaper. Walked out with a gram each of Hong Kong, Golden Goat, Gum and Heavy Duty Fruity, so 4 grams for $60 bucks...no complaints here. They also had some drinks and edibles but I didn't bother as I make that my damn self. I will def be visiting the greener side again soon. Only reason I gave them a 4-star for atmosphere was because I didn't picture any doctors, lawyers, or accountants walking outta there anytime soon. Nothing personal. I'm none of the above haha

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  • Report jdspeed love this place!!

    well i have visited here four times now and their bud just rocks. wellcure more on the heavy full flavor that makes it o k to pay someone else! very cool staff stay layed back but good tender knowledge knok an up from out.thank GOD best to call but not always ness.cool product case ,cool staff,sweet budds,good local,bake and nature center,GOD BLESS COLORADO!!!!keep up the great work.

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  • Report What the???

    Nothing worth medicating with here. Bud quality might fool the uneducated smoker but look at it through a scope poor quality burns the throat, must be over fertilized. Staff was not great just another car salesman. Better off staying away from here unless you have time and money to burn. I will not return.

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  • Report No need to go anywhere else......

    Man, Hank is consistently offering top quality product here in Pueblo. I just recently picked up some Chem Dawg 4, Golden Goat, and Bruce Banner. All 3 strains are exactly what you want in quality medical; good flavor, smokes and vapes very well, not to mention packing a punch. I can say with confidence that Hank, and everyone at TGS have truly set the bar for MMJ, and MMJ products here in the front range. There really is no need to go anywhere else

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  • Report AMONG THE BEST!

    always good like grandmas cookies

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  • Report The Shit!!!!!!!

    This place is the shizznits!! I heard shitty things about this Dispo, but when I personally went there, the staff was kool and have always hooked me up fat. The buds here are super dank and keep u uplifted for a long time. Anybody who has not been here is makin a mistake, personally I think this is the best Dispo in Pueblo. Theyr shit is dank, the people are kool, and is not hard to get to from anywhere in pueblo really.


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  • Report daaaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnnnnn!

    straight blew me out the water!!

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    TGS gottt dat good.

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  • Report oh hell yeah

    by far the best dispensary in pueblo. tgs has that good

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  • Report Super Zoned Quality

    Decided to try a local strain and went with the "Golden Goat". If you are looking for that cereberal high where you not only forget about your illness...you forget about it all. It is worth the money paid if you are a member. Other strains were nice just not as potent. It is strong going in and no diferent going out. Would've been nicer if it was flushed longer. The nuggets are nice and dense...kind of like popcorn peanuts. Nice selection as well as service if you are looking for a nice bake.

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