Marisol Therapeutics Wellness Center Marijuana Dispensary
(719) 547-4000
ATTENTION:This business has not been verified. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting. I am the business owner
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    This place is stupily over rated. I have never seen such low quality bud, and even lower quality people backing it. This is the worse dispensary in pueblo. Also I read on their website that they support mexican cartels.

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    this place is 100% not worth the wait
    Each time I've gone to Marisol I have stood in line forever only to be greeted by pushy not really too knowledgeable budtenders. the first time I went I waited in line for 15 mins while one budtender tended one customer. I understand that not everyone is up to date with weed, but another budtender or even two would have greatly reduced wait time. I ended up leaving after 15 mins of standing in line. Seeking wax one day it was suggested to me I try Marisol. AGAIN I stood in line this time with my gf only this time to be greeted by a lady who clearly did not want to be there.. I ended up paying 70$ for .9 of a gram of wax of unknown strain and or which process it was extracted by. All in all unless all other stores in pueblo burn in a wildfire I would never go back here unlessthe prices drop and the quality increases.

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    There is a manager there - a woman that needs to be gone. She has a terrible, nasty attitude which made going there unpleasant. I am a medical marijuana patient - last time I went there 3/27/14 and all they had for medical was sativa. I use indica, saliva won't work for me. They actually could not understand why I didn't just but the sativa - WOW. I WAS a member there - happiness is seeing their front door in my rear view mirror. They should never be out of product for me - I am a member & I am a Patient! Never again - ever!!!

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