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ATTENTION:This business has not been verified. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting. I am the business owner
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Med Quality 4.5
Location 4.6
Budtenders 4.7
Knowledge 5.0
Price 4.7

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  • -1 Report professional butenders the best!!!!!!

    i have been a client now going on 3 yrs!!!! i have only been to one other dispensary!!! my first time there i had no clue what would be the best therapy treatment? the gentle man(josh or justin) sorry poor with names????? although if this review is read im the client whom had multiple surgeries ti stable a fractured neck!!! i had always had problems taking opiates for the feeling the opiates affects sense of losing control!!!!!!. a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse that explains much of that!!!! the staff and bud tenders especialey josh!!!!i hope that his correct name!!!! not knowing anything about medical cannibis it didnt matter how busy the depensary was joh took all the time needed to educate me on what to get and quality!!!! very generous supplu at a very great price, and i always leave with a lolly and brownie!!! you all aer awsome!!!! and very perfessional

  • Report The business....

    This place has BOMB ASS deals. So if your on a budget but still want some goods this is the place to be....

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  • Report The business....

    This place has BOMB ASS deals. So if your on a budget but still want some goods this is the place to be....

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  • Report everytime

    the prices on thew eighth are the best here...no where else can you find such a killer deal...its not that your low ballin its getting what you deserve. ive been coming in here and i encounter way too many ppl leaving happy?!!! kool hu? so it aint no joke. toke for it!!

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  • Report BADASS!!

    I loved this place they had the best edibles!!!! hands down the staff was super nice especially the guys directing the cars to parking spots! was in from out of town and was sooo not disappointed!!

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  • Report FTP 10 days ago, RP today.

    About 10 days ago, I came into V215 for the first time. On that visit, I got some DJShort Blueberry, Banana OG, and Tahoe OG.

    I immediately feel in love with both the DJShort Blueberry and the Banana OG. You can't miss on either of those, they are both the bomb.

    Banana OG- (Cannabis cup winner: http://cannabiscupwinners.com/awards/ ), is one of my all time favorite strains. I find it to have a very uppity effect on both body and mind. Very "happy" smoke.

    DJ Short Blueberry- Holy cow...this is some wicked weed. Big, meaty buds, bursting with a heavy smoke can make this a little harsh, but it is well worth it! I find this strain to be a very relaxing strain. Very heady, very high, close your eyes and awaken hours later smoke!

    Tahoe OG- I did not care for this strain. Even though the nugs were big and fluffy and coated white in crystals, no matter how much I smoked I couldn't feel anything. I literally burned through 3 grams in one session, alone. (Highly unusual for me...) I can't recommend this strain, in fact, stay away from it... save your money for a better strain :)!

    Yesterday morning I returned to re-up, and was helped by a super nice, beautiful brunette young lady, (I am so sorry I didn't get your name!), who totally hooked me up with some more DJ Short Blueberry and Banana OG. She was so sweet and kind, and did everything to try and help me stay within my budget! I also got a ten dollar 1/8th of the Blackberry that is on special.

    This Batch is just as good as the last!

    DJ Short Blueberry- O...M....G....! You've gotta try this... a 1/2 gram will light you up and knock you out!

    Banana OG- *DROOL* So tasty, mouth watering, eye watering, nose running Super Strain!

    Blackberry (on special)- I've often gotten "Top Shelf" Blackberry but it's just a disappointment every time. So here is what I figured: I'll give this "old school, home grown looking stuff" a try, hell it's only $10 for an 1/8th as opposed to $50. And honestly...this was better then any other Blackberry I've ever had. And I've supposedly had some really good ones!

    That's my review :). I am definitely recommending V215 to all my friends and loved ones. While V215 may be out of the way for me, and inconvenient for me to get to, I don't mind the extra 20 minute drive to be treated so well and to get those drool meds & killer specials @V215!

    Please tip your bud tenders... or the Karma Kops will get you! (They work hard and it's not an easy job to have, by any means.)


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  • Report Best !00 Oz In Riverside

    I've been going here for a few months now and I can't find another place with good looking and smelling buds for under a 100 an Oz. The staff are always nice and helpful. This place is worth checking out!

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  • Report nice

    i highly reccommend this clinic.

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  • Report Great Buds

    They have Lots of Specials and Honestly the 99$ OZ's are super dankk!!
    The Staff is reall chill too!
    Will be coming back Reall soon!

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  • Report This is the Place

    Victory 215 won't blow you away with bud quality, but there prices and staff will blow you away. There new location is nicer then there previous. Like there old location this place is pretty easy to miss as its the first building on the right if your coming from la sierra. Staff is still the same as the old location with some new faces. The staff here are great they always inform you of specials and are extremely knowledgeable on the strains they carry. The staff is always willing to work with a budget and will make sure you leave their shop pleased. On top of that they hook you up super fat whether it be a gram or an ounce. The pricing here is great as they have top shelf prices comparable to that of other shops around the area. There lower shelves are where its at though. I will usually visit this shop when I am low on funds and am always able to get more then my moneys worth. The last few times I've went in with twenty bucks and was able to leave with at least an eighth and some other goodies. This shop is great overall and I will return in the near future.

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  • Report yeah boy

    this right here,this place right here, is the shit. They have whatever ya need, great prices,great medicine,shit just great, im on my way!!!!

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  • Report nice spot.

    Woke up this morning and thought to myself time to check out a new spot. I smoke a lot of top shelf, but i roll lots of blunts as well, so it's always good to have some filler. I was checking weedmaps and this place Victory had some amazing sounding ounce deals, for 75-100bucks. So I went to check them out. Lemme say that their was only like 4 parking spots, so if it's busy you might have to wait. One of the nicest lobbies I've actually been in for a clinic. Quick check in as well, walked to the back and saw 2 budrooms. Never made it to the 2nd room, idk if they are both the same or what, next time I'll have to check it out.

    I was able to look through like 10 different jars that were all 100 an ounce or less. It's not like it was take it or leave it, they had options. I ended up getting an ounce for 99bucks split it between blackberry kush and lemon skunk.

    They were both nice looking buds for the price. We were smoking right now and the blackberry was just ridiculous. Lemon skunk wasn't bad either. Definitely the place to go for the stock up special. I ended up with 31.6 grams for the ounce, for 99dollars got me covered guys. thanks oh yeah and they still threw in a ftp patient pre roll. that one was nice as well. can't wait to come in and try some of the more high quality meds, i mean it was all looking good, top shelf to bottom.

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  • Report NEVER A LET DOWN. . .

    Have you guys tried the 'Venom OG' or the 'Tahoe OG'? Mmmm, dank a/f. Looks so pretty I didn't even want to smoke it(; Put me straight to sleep last night! Thanks Donald(: The 'G.D.P.' is great for $75 an ounce. Perfect for rolling blunts. I really enjoy every trip to V-215. The atmosphere is so chill. Show your love there, & best believe they show it back. I love the staff, cool people. Nd the prices? Best prices around.

    & thts why i only show the love to Victory 215.....they show it right back.


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  • Report Higher Higher Baby

    just picked up some dj short blueberry,venom og, skywalker,and some blackberry I can't feel my face!!! Thanks for the love V-215 I have respect for ya!!!

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  • Report victorious comeback

    the prices are at a killer level overleading the competition on the daily specials that are carried. sufficient strains to choose from but i must say their house specials are the bomb in both quantity and price. i cant express this enough. if your a first time patient oo woow are you leaving happy! o and p.s try their concentrates!!!

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  • Report never a let down

    ive been coming back to this spot for a minute now. i like it better than their last location. the deals. thats all that really needs to be said. where else am i gonna get an eighth(at least 3.8) and a half gram thats almost a full gram for a dub. not even your old homie from around the corner is gonna have that for u on the regular. im faded im out peace
    that fatguy

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  • Report Found Diamond In the Rough!

    First of all I would like to start off by saying im not affiliated with this dispensary at all.I know you guys are used to hearing about a new place by the its owners and employees.But this is def. not the case.At first i was leary about going to a place that hasent had any reviews.But I was curious About the new patient hookup.I went in and met the owner Named luis He was very busy getting his place in order, and remodeling! But he took the time to go online and let me know where the nearest wells Fargo bank was.I came right back and filled out the paperwork and was verified in less than 5 mins.Went into the showroom and saw some really nice looking buds.I was blown away by the size of some of the nugs.Man I havent seen them that size in a long time all the different strains were beautiful And smelled great.I settled on the Purple Nice which was some of the best of that particular strain I have had.Then came the Hookup I figuered it would be some house shake or AOTA but I got an 1/8th. Of some bomb GDP and Skunk it was a generous 1/8th.And it had 3 nugs one big bud of GDP an 2 nugs of Skunk.He also mentioned he was going to implement A rewards program.This guy knows what hes doing and hes doing everything right.Ill def be back!!!!!!!

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  • Report Not too bad...

    Came in here the other day, very nice friendly staff! My only complaint is everything from here seems to be grown outdoors, i paid 60 for an 8th of purple nice... the smell was amazing, the high was good, but it tasted like leaves.. I did receive a free 8th for my donation(House blend, nothing special), 60 dollars for an eighth was kind of high for outdoor. If they get some indoor budds ill be back!

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  • Report First Time In

    Me and my girlfriend stopped by here for the free 8th deal, was easy to find and paperwork was a breeze. Went to the back and was greeted by a friendly BT. Had a decent selection with alot of diff prices for everyone's budget. I grabbed some Purple Nice and some Blue Dream along with some Purple Kush Hash. Also got a house 8th of Skittles free, wasn't bad. Highly recommend the Blue Dream, look smell and taste all was amazing. They weigh in front of you also which I like. I would deff go back. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps you with your journey.


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  • Report Not a good place to get quality.

    This collective decided to give my review below a very unfair follow up...

    First off, dont lie to your customers, you do not get big buds like that growing indoors unless you are growing in an AIRPLANE HANGAR. All of your stuff was not even near the quality i am use to smoking...I always buy top shelf and have been smoking nothing but the best for about 10 years now. All of your stuff was very leafy, and you cant say that it isnt. You cant even smell anything until you break these buds up, then when you do, the smell never matches the taste. I had to fight myself to even purchase something from your dispensary, the free 8th was the only thing that i was interested in. Every other store within a 10 mile radius has MUCH better product. I almost left without anything... couldn't resisnt the free 8th though..

    I DID buy something, and what i did buy from you wasn't that bad, but it did taste like straight leaves. I cant even smoke the skittles because of how harsh it is... if you call this "top quality medicine" then you are HIGH my friend. Im not trying to drive business to any particular clinic, i'm just giving my honest opinion.. I gave you a fair review, and you bashed me , whenever i gave you decent ratings! By the way, i am also a Top 1000 reviewer ;).

    I'm not playing any games folks, if you would like to go here, and find out who has the WORST overpriced budds in riverside, be my guest, I've paid 35$ for 8ths that were better then the one i bought for 60 from this place!! I will never come back to this establishment and waste my money... i only review on the clinics that either REALLY impress me, or really disappoint me... And you made the shit list.

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  • Report My spot now =)

    just came from this place, and i got to say heck ya on the free eighth hehe, it some really good out doors but still packs a good head high, and i got 8th split, purple nice and blue dream best smelling and looking buds. The staff is just as great as the meds, its hard to find a place that they dont make you feel uncomfortable and want you to just buy and leave lol. this place is great welcome to the neighborhood guys.

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  • Report just right

    So my friend told me about this place and had nothing but cool things to say. the guy in the front was very nice to me and paper work was a breeze unlike places were they make u wait forever. The bud tender in the back was really polite and new what he was talking about when it came to the meds, he recomended the hashplant/lemon and man i never seen such a beautiful bud this thing was so dense mmm mmm got me high looking at it lol. i also got some diablo hash and wow talk about an instant high, and i got a lemon bar edible, please take my word for it those things will put u the f out lol i was fighting my self not to pass out how potent it was. And to finish it off they gave me 8th. ooooooo. thank u homies.

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  • Report kool spot

    Came to victory 215 a couple days ago and got two 8ths (top shelf) and it has been a while since i payed 60 for an 8th but yes it was well worth it. most of there 55 and $50 caps were awsome, i got to say just as fire as some other places have there caps for 65. great place if your looking for a veriaty of diff types of ways to medicate and good prices on OZ. Keep up the good work Victory 215 you guys are coming up big.

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  • Report Legit

    When I came down to victory 215 mostly to check it out I was planing to get a gram of there best and I ended up having to get a whole 1/8 of there Purple Nice. Plus a gram of there fire bubba and Kali mist Concentrate they both looked too nice to pass up. The bud tender was really patient with me and didn't mind that I wanted to check everything out. I Have to come back for some of there edibles they looked good even to guy like me who usually don't eat um. I've check around and have medicate for over 15yrs and I got to say hands down this place has good quality medicine for good prices. Atmosphere and Parking is a bit off they need more signs but they just opened so can't knock um too much. The paper work took like 5mins. I say pretty legit defiantly coming back here. Oh and don't forget the free 1/8 for new members stuff was good specially for free!

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  • Report I found my new Collective!!

    I am typing this comment as I am smoking some of the nice meds that I got at this spot. Its nice to finally find a place where I can get off the freeway, find nice parking, be received by great and sincere customer service, and get find some pleasantly surprising prices for excellent quality bud. I finally do not feel like I am being treated like a cash customer, but as a member of a collective. These people really wanted to make sure I got what I needed and that I leave satisfied. Talked to one of the owners, LG, and he took care of my cannabis needs. They have a pretty wide variety of choices, which was surprising to find in the I.E. Their advertisement mentioned some free stuff for new customers, they weren't kidding, as I got a little of this and a little of that for free. Definitely a good experience, specially after you smoke the merchandise and find that its good quality and tasty!!

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  • Report Never a bad experience here

    I have to say after having a bad experience from a place "down the street" for some ridiculous rules of theirs, I'll always bring BF back to this place which is where I wanted to go to in the first place. The staff was friendly since day one, and didn't put up a stink about someone else waiting at the location while BF got his meds - even with a baby in a car carrier. (It's obvious that a 6 wk old baby is not going to be smoking any med cannibis) There also was no stink made that I chose to stay outside in my car with a baby and make some business calls to my work before 5pm. BF conducted business being a patient as it should have been done in/at the first place.
    First place's loss, and this place's gain.

    All they have to do now is lower their prices a bit so BF will stop shopping around for someone else cheaper, which may just be another jerk waiting to kick us out, just because I was waiting outside, or because we have an infant with us.

    Thank You Victory 215 for TRUE friendly and laid-back, yet professional staff!

    Fallen † Angel

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  • Report another "average" number on the list?

    This was an "experience" to say the least...

    I have been getting the weedmaps text special from these guys for a while so i decided to check them out today.. When i was driving west on magnolia there was no way i could miss it.. had 2 big signs i think they had green crosses on them.. They def. got enough parking that is not a problem at all.. when i walked in the owner was at the desk and did all the paperwork/ verification.. Did not take long at all...

    When i went back into the budroom the first thing i saw was their very healty lookin clones.. they also had a very nice selection of strains for them... Some were as tall as 14 inches.. They had a few "moms" for 50$ which was not bad being that theywere very healty and have not been cloned off already like most shops sell...

    I have to admit the owner is a really cool guy.. He was very willing to show me and my dad all the different type of meds.. I cannnot comment on their "top-shelf" quality cause i got the "lower shelf" meds.. The bullrider i got was ok "blunt" meds.. For 100$ a zip i am not complaining.. They had a few good lookin strains for top shelf.. for the free 8th they give for the first time patient is better then most shops who give a pre-roll that is super nasty shake which is mostly leafs.. since i bought the free 8th weed i got a little upgrade on my free 8th..

    This was the first time i ever got to "try" things in store.. lol pretty sure you know what that means.. But i am not going to go into details cause being a top-weedmapper has its advantages :)

    I will be back soon because the service i got was grade A...

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  • Report Excellent Clones, Decent Trees, Compasionate Servi

    Closest ive ever seen to a freeway lol

    Saw this place on here and decided to give them a check out due to there amazing specails.... Free 8th when you buy 1, and the rainy day special 4 gram 8th and a Free joint...
    Easy Verification, Literally a hit the breaks stop off the Freeway...lol
    Staff was Very nice and Proper, My Sacs were well hooked up with compassionate care :)
    I walked in with $60 walked out with 8 g's and Joint...Now thats whats up...
    They have a Decent Selection, and the prices were fair, there 50 & 55 dollar herb looks just as good as the $60 stuff...
    The Bullrider strain is only $100 a zone! and its not that bad eithier! looks and smells good and doesnt taste bad!

    I Got Bullrider & Vader Kush...
    (Notice I am a VERY strict rater and almost NEVER give 9's or 10s unless its ridiculous fire, so to others my 8's are prolly most peoples 10's lol)

    Bullrider: 6/10 Not too shabby for a house Strain looks and smells good, Definently the Budget bud, but Still green with crystals and hairs.

    Vader Kush: 7/10 Very Dense Nugs, Look and Smell Awesome, taste is ok, Wasnt a high enough high for me though...

    The Joint: Smoked Clean nuthing super bomby, but not bad at all.

    Over all this place is still pretty awesome, the staff was very compasionate, and the deals are still pretty good.

    I will be back in the future :)
    Nerko G

    Review Source:

    I Came through here on christmas cause they were the only other clinic that was open on christmas day AND had concentrates. i call and get the proper directions and im on my way.

    Location: very easy , discreet , and ample parking . it may be a little hard to find but its right before the 91 on the left side . Its a house very well decorated and gives a very medicinal and chill vibe . My verification was super quick and got buzzed back ASAP

    Budroom : very huge and nicely decorated. i would suggest maybe making two display cases so you guys aren't all together and clumped up but its just an opinion. i always go in to every clinic and the first thing i do is check out their clones and these clones don't look to healhy some were over cloned, most of them were dried out but i think it was just the fan that was hitting them constantly but i think those clones were just not too well maintained but that was the only problem i had.

    Buds : i gotta give a shout out to my budtender the guy working the desk and with the sweet beard. its budtenders like him that really separate a shitty dispensary and a place you wanna come back to all the time and this guy really gave me grade A service.
    he took his time to show me everything . he presented me all his personal favorite strains while also attending to my own preferences and he was very professional with everything and he knew all his medicine and thats exactly what i want in a budtender someone who knows their shit. most of the strains i saw weren't all too crazy like they stood so i would give them a solid B on their hybrids and sativas their indicas were pretty cool but I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST really investing in some top notch medical like 5 strains that are for sure kill and you guys will have a home run of a collective . i was shown the top notch , PLATINUM O.G. , CHAMPAGNE , AND VADER ended up with a gram of vader because i wanted to get the free eight. and the vader did not disappoint typical indica with its hard exhale yet subtle taste. I got a free FAT eight of some greenhouse skywalker and man IM IMPRESSED! this is their "homegrown" strain and wow they are doing the skywalker name justice although it may not be quite indoor it still has mad quality and kick behind and taste. you guys are getting closer to perfecting that skywalker and ill keep taste testing it! but here is where this clinic is a diamond in the rough.

    CONCENTRATES: MAN O MAN , i saw some of the concentrates on the menu on weedmaps but i was not expecting the dank ass concetrates i was presented. first i was shown this little obelisk looking thing of some pressed kief infused with honey oil. usually hash smells like hash but this batch smelled so dank that i just had to pick it up! and seriosuly it was the most potent concentrate i have ever had i will always be coming here just for the concentrates BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE THE BEST SHIT IS AT. they even had earwax which looKED SUPER DANK! they had some half melt , full melt they have about 5 strains of concentrates allselling around 25 a donation for a gram . THAT IS SUPER CHEAP! and they hook u up!

    Overall: when i would first check out this place on weedmaps i was skeptical but man i am so glad i took this little trip. i like clinics like this because it sets a great atmosphere , the staff is super chill and the concentrates are super on point . i would really try to persuade you guys to cap your prices at 50-55 because you guys just dont have the firepower on the 'top shelf' side to be charging 65-60 an eight . all in all this is a great place to visit and try for yourself but just try to get the budtender with the beard he will take care of you right and hook u up! i walked out with an eight of skywalker , a gram of vader and a fat rock of some honey infused kief for 45 thats a sweet deal and a merry christmas indeed!!!

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  • Report Nice visit

    Pretty large and easy to find place. just don't miss it! The U turn is a pain. It's right after the bridge, looks like a house.

    Came in for clones and found a pretty weak selection. Looked pretty beat up but took one home anyways. Couldn't help myself. Looking much better now.

    Picked up a gram and got a free 2g's on top for being a new member and spending $25. Nice deal and friendly staff. Had a nice visit. Work on those clones though!

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  • Report Better than I expected!

    I stopped by Victory 215 for a clone. I thought it didn't look to good but decided it was worth saving for a $10 dollar donation. I also received a free gram of purple cream which I thought was wack.....BUT I checked it out, smoked it and realized it was some real fire meds! I think by now I have learned not to be fooled by fancy names and higher prices. Purple cream had everything I look for in my meds, stickyness, nice aroma, nice taste, and great high! I reccomend who ever reads this review to try it out.

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  • Report will be back

    victory 215 was the first collective that i have become a member to after becoming a patient. the location isn't to hard to find its right next to the freeway overpass on the west bound side of magnolia. if coming from corona area you have to make a u turn at Fillmore st but thats no bother, especially with the accessibility to the club. the parking lot could use a little more lighting, but it was nice once i walked up to the club door and was greeted by the nice and professional looking security officer, i appreciate that a lot. nothing against other clubs that dont have one, but it says that the club is a classy one, and it is. once inside i was greeted by a gentleman that took my info had me fill out paper work and verified me quickly. once i was let into the dispensary i was greeted by louis and alex excellent budtenders, very informed individuals, alex was my budtender and he pointed out the favorites of his while attending to what i was specifically looking for, im the type of guy that goes in knowing what i want getting it and getting out. but even though i was going in directly for the very well priced red haze which by the way is the free 1/8 house to new members. i was hooked up with an 1/8 Th. of purple cream seeing as i already was buying a bit of the red, and was even recommended to try the green monster, all strains have lived up to the claim that he gave them. the pre-rolls at 215 are of excellent stature, they do tend to shift in flavor and taste from one to the other as they are rolled from the house shake, but is a good med none the less, the purple cream i would have to say so far is my favorite of the four that i walked away with that night, nice mellow high and even, smooth draw and defiantly creamy. the red haze works as a great coffee cup starter of the day being a sativa, not bad or to harsh smoking from either pipe or rolled, was still able to concentrate and focus on my work around the house throughout the day, moving into the pre-roll for the afternoon leveling cruise it helped maintain the level needed for me to continue. into the evening went to the purple cream a nice finish to the day. the green monster being the strain of indica that i had been recommended to try was the perfect med that helped me drift off to sleep. so i would recommend those three particular strains to anyone who needs all day pain control and an evening aid to help them fall peacefully asleep, i woke up the next day well rested. i will defiantly be returning to victory 215

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  • Report Red Haze

    Dropped by yesterday to pick up a Quarter of Red Haze ( their house strain). I was skeptical about it because my first time there before as a New Patient they gave me an eight of their house strain (Wild Skittles) for free and it was very harsh. A friend of mine had their Red Haze and it was very smooth, so since they were having a special I decided to pick up. Red Haze: The only down fall of it that it is very stemy (Although that is maybe why they gave me 7.7g). It has a smooth and relaxing smoke to it. Smells good and looks light...I'm happy with my purchase and will be returning again. :)

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  • Report victorious

    tried victory215 out for the first time and the staff made me feel comfortable right away.the security guard was cool and i was verified really fast.the budroom was nice with clones and a wide variety of flowers.i picked up some bubba kush and some QUEEN.the bubba kush was fire really dank and kushy with lots of red hairs.the Queen was a hybrid cant remember the 2 strains but man as soon as i saw it i had to get it covered in crystals and almost completely white! the flavor was so good my girl kept telling me how good it smelled and she doesnt even smoke.i got a free 8th of red haze for my first time and i didnt care for it,i guess its because i had just picked up somee top shelf stuff lol.the budtender alex was really chill he gave me a rewards card and let me know all the deals.i recommend victory215 to anyone they have stuff for everyones price range!!ill be back and ill bring a friend

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  • Report good

    great place to stop if ur in the area..they know ther shit and i love ther weed..need to try the cat piss fur sur

    Review Source:
  • Report I WON

    i just won ther raffle 8th today..i was playen black ops with no weed..i almost didnt answer my fone but i did..thank god i did..it was louie(sorry if spelled wrong)and he said i just won the raffle and to come in for my free 8th..i was excited as fuck so i went and got that shit..i was able to choose from ther house strains..ok by me seeing its free..got the purple cream(smelled the best)im stoned as hell now..thanx victory..u guys r ok by me..o and by the way ive only been ther once and won..hit this place fur sur..who knows u could be next hahahha

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  • Report Great new member deal, nice selection

    Ok, so I finally made the stroll to Victory 215. Kind of far for me. I was lured in by the *FREE* eighth for new members. I had heard about the Purple Cream so I figured I'd try it out. Not quite my cup of tea, but apparently a "big" seller. I wanted to pick up a few strains that arent OG's. I had plenty at home and wanted something a little lighter. The Pineapple was fantastic for doing just that and was easy on my wallet. At $30 an 1/8, I was very impressed. It had a very nice, almost Blue Dream flavor. Nice, frosty dense nugs, just like I like. You cant go wrong with the price or the budz.

    Bottom line, if you're in the area, definetly give this place a try. They had a nice selection of top shelf meds as well as budget buys.

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  • Report Walked In by mistake

    I walked in here by mistake looking for another clinic.

    It's setup kinda weird, the place is built like from the inside of a house, or remodeled house. Its easy to see from the street and there's plenty of parking.

    They had some really nice buds for what I saw, the Diablo looked like Fire in particular. The Bad Man was really crazy looking as well.

    I was destined for another spot though, The budtender was really cool so I felt bad for the misunderstanding and decided to pick up a 1/8 of some budget buds he gave me a break on...

    Purple Creme - Its was so / so weed. Kinda Swaggy IMO. But it got me high, and had a indica high to it. After smoking a few bowls tho... I got a bit of a headache.

    This place looks really promising and I'll have to go back when I get a chance.

    Review Source:
  • Report Deliciosa

    Nommmbreee siemplemente la mejor! Just one of the best spots! Excellent quality and the staff is very friendly.

    Review Source:
  • Report Purple Lavinder

    I bought a 1/8 of Purple Lavinder and,it was really dank, dence, and purple! They hooked it up with a free 1/8 for being a new member! And the staff was cool! This is a great dispensary to go and I well be going back soon! Stop in Victory 215 and check it out!!!!!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report xxx og hash

    Victory 215 is a cool spot. was feelin hash today so i decided why not check out a clinic that i've never been to.
    The place is pretty obvious to spot. they have green crosses posted on both sides of their gates. When i got there i wasnt let in jus yet, i was asked several questions about my card and license ect. My girlfriend didnt have hers or her i.d so we exchanged nonsense for about 2 more minutes.. then they let us in.. Looked like an old remodeled house of some sort and the guards jus chillin guarding this big empty room ha. the atmoshere was ehhh.. iv'e felt more welcome other places but hey im just in there to get my meds and be out so its all good.
    Went behind the doors and wasnt to shocked. they had great quality nugs but not lots to choose from. i landed on the xxx og hash. 25$ a gram is what i'd expect rather than the 45$ over at green view. nice and sticky/ light colored hash. smoked well and got me blazed..
    and they scored some points when i saw there ounce specials. decent quality nugs for cheap!

    overall the place is alright, if i have the sudden urge to drive past 4 other clinics for some hash then i juuust might.

    Review Source:
  • Report Fresca

    Hola Muchachones, gracias por tener tan buenisima calidad. La Bubba Dog me llevo a la luna!

    Review Source:
  • Report Fairly decent place i must say

    To the start, the location was fairly easy to find, esp since it was right off the freeway. The building feels like an old house but it was nice seeing a different styled clinic. The main reason i went here was to check out there once specials, seeing as how they were so cheap. I decide to go with an O of medicino purps. The budtender was super chill and i really had a sense that he knew what he was talking about, he even overweighed the o to 31 grams which i thought was really generous. For my first time he also gave me a free 8th of purple cream which weighed out to 4.2! Both smoked fairly well for the price, although id say the purple cream was much better. I also picked up a gram of hash oil which the budtender recommended over the bubba hash i was originally gonna get. all in all this clinic has great prices with fairly decent meds. I came here and spent 175 and walked out with 35 grams of meds and 1 gram of hash which should say alot about their pricing. Def worth checking out if your in the inland empire.

    Review Source:
  • Report ***Best Prices and Meds in Town!***

    Man This place has the best medicine and prices around!!!!

    There Ear Wax is hands down fire!!

    There Master and OG Kush....Bomb!!!

    Got to love there big private parking lot and waiting room. Got verified quick and sent back to there chill med room. The guys who help me were real cool and knew there stuff not like some other spots.

    They have like 20 indoor strains and a few house strains they grow and start at $100 an OZ, "thats crazy affordable".

    Man even there house stuff was good and you can't beat the free 1/8th you get for becoming a member, "now that real compassion".

    If your in the area you have to check out V215 you'll get more for you donation and the medicine is quality!

    Review Source:
  • Report cool peeps

    this place is nice if your trying to save money and also if you want to find some good smoke but either way this place will hook you up for sure

    Review Source:
  • Report wat else can i say about this place? :)

    there specials on flowers are always affordable. the flowers are top and med strains still all are fire and will get the job done. the staff is friendly and very helpful.the edibles and jelly are bomb. the thc pills are bomb gotta pick one up if you stop by. but this place is diffintely the place too go to save green and get more green. hands down best collective ive been too so far. so go check them out peopleits worth the time they always help there members :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Sweeet.

    Shout out to my bud tender Alex, super nice and friendly guy. Welcomed me the minute I walked into the back, showed me all the new buds, where the indicas and sativas were, and etc. Very good knowledgable of his buds. Was showing me the good indicas since I'm more of an indica guy. Had the magnifying glass and light right on the counter so I got a good look at all the buds I was planning on picking up next time. Their dope, is DOPE. Quality is there. Atmosphere here is great. Huge parking lot, and easy find. Alex hooked it up 5.2 on my 1/8th of Sensei Star. Thanks bro

    Review Source:
  • Report SO glad I decided to stop in!

    So I have passed by this place a few times. I actually came in a while ago when it first opened and totally forgot my rec at home so I couldnt get in. (Stoner mistake). The inside is pretty cool. Very spacious and cool color schemes. I would say throw some more pictures or something on the walls to add more vibe but its all about the meds right? The staff was very friendly, they have a security guard to let you in so you feel secure. The bud tenders were very knowledgeable and friendly. I felt like they knew what they were talking about. The meds are TOP NOTCH! They are so crystally, sticky and hairy. If you are used to top shelf meds you will not be disappointed. I got the Kalichakra. STRAIGHT PORN. Left me very medicated. I got an 1/8th of Sensi Star for free! Not porn but def very good meds also. Good for joints and casual bowls. I am surprised they are giving that out for free for first timers. I have to say thank you for the great meds and good vibes! I will be back soon!

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice Little Shop

    I have been reading reviews for victory 215 for months now and the last month they have gotten pretty good so i decided to step in. You cannot acess right of the eastbound so you have to make a uturn if you are coming that was but once you get off you can see white flags with green crosses so you know were to go :) Parking lot is kind of confusing but big enough the only problem i had was while walking up i didint know exactly were to go cause i just looks like a big one story house very old. When you walk in the guard is very abrasive but hey patients need protection he was just very up front like the presidents secret service or something . I walked in and the atmosphere changed big reception room with lots of space and very colorful . Amy was the receptionist she was very nice and answered anything i needed . filled out the paperwork and was back in about 5 mins no problem at all. The bud room is your average bud room not too large not to small And they had like 3 or 4 b.t.s in there thats efficiency! Now to the buds

    I came in with an eigth on my mind and literally cheked out every strain they had .louis was my b.t. down to earth very cool guy They probably only had like 20-25 and then none of them smelt really strong or dank. Dont get me wrong probably 10 of those strains were porn strains but the smell to most of them was just funky. If i had one word to explian the smell of their buds it is spicy. I ended up getting an 1/8 of the sour grapes . I thought this was traditionally a sativa hybrid but was told it is indica. The nugs are large and fluffly lime green dripping in trichs but when you open the bottle up it doesnt smell like you think it would it seriously smells like chilies haha.

    This was a new experience for me as i mainly smoke og and kushs and going to a diferent smelling bud was wierd for me . It was a bit pricy as most collective have a 50 dollar cap these days but who knows maybe it is in progress. Also they free 1/8 of sensi star was awesome! that really helps patients in needs and i heard it was only like 15 for 5gs at the time? crazzy lol its like a d or c strain but for the price know one can beat it!

    Keep up with some killer buds and some good deals and i will most def. become a returning patient! i am a little iffy but would still def recomened them so if you have not check them out!

    Review Source:
  • Report You should clone a Victory 215 back to SD!

    No joke, haven't been able to find ANY other collective in SD to match up to what you did, and as I see ARE still doing! Keep it up! Oh and Corona, go check these guys out for sure, especially when MK Ultra and Venom Diesel are around.

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice specials

    went in yesterday and picked up an oz of afgoo and an oz of bubble gum both real good for being out door definitely be hearing from me again

    Review Source:
  • Report best ever

    this is the best place ive ever been to for medicine! only place ill go to anymore

    Review Source:
  • Report nice...

    walked in this place yesterday, place is cool and improving. referred my brother and another friend. got a couple of free pre rolls. got some blue dream. DANK!. only issue i got is the security guard at times but whatever we all need security. this place has some very nice specials. thumbs up!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Dank Concentrates!

    Free lunch for first time patient...sold! One of the only places so far that carry a great selection of concentrates. Some Purple Nepal and OG Earwax...bomb! They gave me some Diamond OG to sample, shit was sticky and tasted awesome. The stimulus weed was bootsy and had some seeds. I basically gave it away, luckily I only donated $20 for 6g (should have known), but I'm a sucker for a good deal. They should have more color or something goin down out front because it's hard to see and kinda sketchy. Security out front doesn't help either. I mean once you go in it's fine, but sketchy lookin none-the-less.

    Review Source:
  • Report Cool Place

    Stopped by hear the other day. Firts of all, place was real easy to find. Verification and paperwork was normal. I did have to wait a little to enter the budroom but it was nothing outta the ordinary. Once inside I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. All the meds looked good. I got some of the Grapefruit Kush and some hash. First of all the flower was weighed at 4 grams and he gave me a good price. Also gave a deal on the hash. This is a great spot and from what I can tell they seem to take care of thier returning customers, I will be one of these. Thanks for the great hook up guys, keep up the good work.

    Review Source:
  • Report LOVE Victory215! but i need some help

    so victory is my favorite place ever to get my meds people are nice the bud is great and the prices are amazing. i just have one problem, i lost my recomendation, so if anyone is going there in the next couple days shoot me a message and if you take me i have 20 bucks on some herbs we can blaze. thanks in advance!

    Review Source:
  • Report I Love Victory! :D

    This clinic is pretty awesome. The buds are always bomb, and its pretty hard to beat 215's prices.
    tried some diamond hash, Jack Herer's, and Green Crack from here last week and found myself pretty comfortable; even with four impacted wisdom teeth... :(
    great stuff, highly recommend this collective to anyone and everyone.

    Review Source:
  • Report bad

    all write here it goes went in and got the angel hair for 100 a once and the bud tender told me he will make it fat because it had steams and win a i got home to smoke i cracked a bud and like 20 seeds came out.not even good seeds white seeds.shame one you v215 win did chronic start haveing seeds.if your going to sell something you should at least tell us that it has a bunch of seed stress to be write on.shame one you??? mr largo mapp .......

    Review Source:
  • Report Kalichakra

    This bud was awesome!pretty identical like the cat piss! people there are kool they hook it up!
    but especially luis!! thats my boy! haha always hooks me up and helps me with what 2 get next. this is the place im always coming back to. especailly the skunk and purple power ounce specials!!! what a hook up!

    Review Source:
  • Report Deals, deals.

    Second time here, brought my friend and got a pre roll of Bubba Kush, and so did he. Came in for the 2gr. x $20 and got Orange Cream and Hawaii Waui. The Orange Cream was frosty, sticky but real soft, not dense at all. But the smell and taste is what gave it the name. 1st bowl didn't get me medicated at all, so I packed a 2nd bowl and took rips and was happily medicated. Haven't gotten a chance to try the Hawaii Waui, but Luis said it was a Sativa dominant hybrid, with a nice body buzz to it. Looking forward to that one. Overall, good visit. If you're on a budget, but still want quality meds, come here. Peace.

    Review Source:
  • Report Favorite

    I've been coming here since you guys first opened, that free 8th had me sold! They've always hooked it up, and they've always been very helpful and friendly. I've never had too long of a wait, and when I do get in there I've even had free samples. I filled up my 8th card in a matter of weeks and they hooked it up, alreaady expected... they even offered me a small glass bong... but I took the bud. (: Whenever I wanted top shelf you guys supplied some of the best, and when I was broke I still got some dank for my dollar. You guys are a great clinic and I'm glad to see you guys are still growing and offering bud to satisfy everyone and what they're working with. Number one visited clinic definitely... much love.

    P.S. Anyone coming to check out the top shelf take a look at the Queen, Blue Dream, and Purple Wreck... bomb!

    Review Source:
  • Report Great prices for more than decent looking bud

    A most helpful friend in these hard times. Awesome stimulus packages to helped me save some cash and kept me coming back. Much love :D

    Review Source:
  • Report Good priced oz.

    This spot usually has good 120 oz. when they got that purple cream , n a few other lower quailty strains ... They are decent for the price.. u have to peep out this spot and see what they look like urself... there top shelf isnt bad and they are usually willing to cut deals...

    Review Source:
  • Report So fAR this IZ my faV0riTe place To go ...

    VictOry 215 iZ the $h!t ...Always g00d deaLS and un beatAble pRices ... G0t hooKed uP with an ouncE of bLuebeRRy kuSh n a Bong for $170 ..DAts the shIT ..thanKS victoRY!!!! so FAr yOur my #1 ...The 0range crush they HAve right n0w on spEcial iz alS0 reallY bomb f0r the pRice ...

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Place!!!

    This place is awesome!!! purple dog....woooow! very nice! also the ounce specials are always bangin'!! I've never had the slightest problem here, budtenders are great! they always know how to hook up a good deal with some bomb buds! this is definitely a place u gotta check out!!! Thanks V215!

    Review Source:
  • Report Th!s Place ..!!!!!

    I love Victory 215 .... They alWayz HAve b0mb priceS .. And they hooked it uP today wiTh a free lunCh ..I got 5 gRams and a glaSS pipE for $30 .. Awesome shiT ..who can bEat tHAt ... Best iN riversiDE s0 fAr !!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Spot love there deals

    This place is so kool i got some real nice stuff and some nice deals for cheap i tried the banana kush so good great top shelf stuff was so frosty and stoney loved it. Then i grab one of there deals for 30 bucks got a fat sack over 5 grams can't beat that really grabbed some of the green monster looked real, almost to good to be true but it was real nice stuff got me pretty baked. I will recommend this place to everyone i know thxs guys.

    Review Source:
  • Report My Favorite Clinic in So cal so far

    This clinic is the friggin best. Every time I have been there these guys seem to have to give me something free on the way out. Like HELL YEAHH free shitt? cmon how game ya beat that. Today I got that OZ of bubblegum Kush for 150 because he said they had a coupon for it which I had no Idea about. DAMN!!! who tells people they got a coupon for you to use for their own shit? CCRRAAZZYYYY!!!! Then he gave me 3 grams extra just for the hell of it, and then handed me a joint to top it off. PEOPLE. Enough said. GEt you ASS in this place and youll come back often. YOU cannot beat that customer service and it just makes me wanna smoke more so I can get my ass back in there to see what else they got. Thanks guys, your the best!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Clinic in I.E.

    This place is down as fuck. Picked up some purple wrek, it was some of the better bud I've seen around this area in a minute. Check out this clinic if you live in the area I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

    Review Source:
  • Report Good Stuff

    This dispensary has great deals on good bud.

    Review Source:
  • Report DEAL!!!

    I came here about three weeks ago. However, the memory of this establishment still lingers. Easy place to find, parking is ample, verification was quick, and good security. It was my first time coming here, so I had my coupon ready to use, a six gram eighth for new patients. But bam! The coupon was for a select strain, an inidica (Blueberry). I didn't want to get six grams of indica, but no worries, the bud tender made it up to me.
    He hooked it up six grams of Red Widow and Hawaii Waui, all for 40 bucks!!! He also through is some blueberry so I can try it out. Needless to say I left with a huge grin on my face!
    The medication did not disappoint, burned well, and was a great companion for my spring break.

    Review Source:
  • Report they r 2COOL


    Review Source:
  • Report Impressive...

    To start, the 4 is only for the fact that I live over 30 miles away, and wish desperately that they were next-door. Their stimulus package Afgani Kush is ridiculously good for the price-same goes for their Headband. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the parking was great; real spacious and safe (and supernaturally quiet considering they're next to the freeway!) Cute gal in front, quick verification, nice security...and the prices/selection are friggin' great. Why the Hell haven't I come here sooner?! Oh, yeah...must be my foggy memory. Blame it on the meds... I'm comin' back baby!

    Review Source:
  • Report lava stick

    been here a few times also..rite off the free way eazy to find..well first i like the ear wax and that lava stick is some good stuff..wish it was cheper but hay i rather pay for the best then to smoke stress..treat my self not cheat my self...keep up the good work...

    Review Source:
  • Report Belated 4/20 Review

    Came here on 4/20 for their earwax, I copped the last of the Purple Kush Earwax. Taste Bud Heaven treats were $6 (usually 10), so I had to snag like 5. Would have grabbed more, but felt that other 420er's would like to enjoy this outrageous deal. What sucks is they didn't give me that smokeless joint for donating over $35 dollars. I spent $54 on 4/20 and a lil more then that 3 days before. But, I called and they said they get me back the next time I come in. BOMBEST CONCENTRATE PRICES IN THE IE!

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Ear Wax

    Ear Wax here is very nice for the price! I tried the Purple Kush earwax, Church OG earwax. The Church was pretty good taste wasn't that great though. The Purple kush earwax was the best I've had from here.

    The staff was pretty chill and didn't rush you for the most part. The bud quality wasn't too impressive but I'll definitely be back for the earwax. They currently have the best concentrates at the best price $40 cap on grams. So they aren't trying to rape your wallet!

    Overall, great experience and highly recommend the earwax for essential vap, globe, T.I. skillet concentrate smokers.

    - Ocean Grown

    *** Anyone know if the Sour Diesel & Jack Herer Earwax's in now any good?


    Review Source:
  • Report Jack Herer Ear Wax

    More wax like than the Church Og and Purple Kush wax's that were more like "BUDDER"

    but this Jack Herer hits and @ a great price!

    As long as they stay consistent with the concentrates.. Victory 215 is officially my only one stop spot for top shelf concentrates!

    - Ocean Grown

    Review Source:
  • Report V215 and Flying *High*

    Location is close and easy to get in and out of. There is always plenty of parking. Building is very much out in the open, so if your looking for a secluded spot, this isn't it.

    Once inside, the security guard was chill, check-in was a breeze, new patient paperwork wasn't too bad. They were not slammed when I was there, but you can tell they definitely keep a steady flow of patients. The waiting room has ample space and mags to read.

    When you get to the budroom, it's a little small considering the size of the building and waiting room, but all I care about it meds so whatever. The herb looked and smelled great. The cap is 50 and everything looked like it was priced consistently with it's grade. I mainly went in for the concentrates cause I heard they were bomb. I picked up three different ones to try. All were bomb, especially Moon Dust and Chemdog. The prices on the concentrates were much better than any other collective close to them and the potency was WAY BETTER!!!

    The special on Weedmaps at the time was a free "slider" with any $35 donation. I didn't get any slider. In fact, I didn't get crap for being a new patient. I would say that's prob just b/c their budtenders don't keep up with the freebies or whatever. It happens, I guess. Either way, I will be back for the concentrates, no doubt about it and next visit I will be giving the herb a burn and see how that goes!

    Review Source:

    This is an overdue review but i just keep forgetting every time cause the wax keeps me FADED!! you can always bank on coming to Victory and knowing that you're paying less than the other guys for shit just as bomb if not bomber. always met with a smile from the security guards and secretaries , asking how i'm doing, ALWAYS A GOOD VIBE HERE AT V215! the mood is SET. here too , as soon as you walk in you know you found a good spot , reclining chairs and a tv for you to just chill even though you're never really waiting here at v215 another plus!

    BUD QUALITY: i've tried jack herer , super master, honey oil hash , bubba , sour diesel , and many more concentrates, waxes, and every time i got it for cheap without having to haggle or beg , and every time i end up with some SUPER Red eyes , waiting at the drive thru late at night ahaha , The quality is here ten fold at V215 and every once in a while i make sure to smell the flowers and the bud quality has increased for sure since the first time i came , so i can only look to the future for the dankness!

    ATMOSPHERE/staff : man every employee from the janitor to the head honcho here has shaken my hand with an honestemotion into holding a conversation , THAT'S WHY I COME BACK , Great clinics treat you like family , and they give out that HOSPITALITY , everyone here is very knowleadable about the meds and they are always willing to spend whatever time needed to help a patient out with his needs

    Accessibility : has to be the best park spot for sure! FUCK THAT bullshit parking down the street, at V215 they got enough room for the whole family hahaha


    OVERALL: put the key in the ignition already! try something different for a change get some concentrates from these guys and find out for yourself why they got so much love from the patients!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Good Spot!!!!

    Every once in a while I like to switch things up a bit and check out our fellow neighboring Collectives. If you havent been here I highly encourage you to try this place out. The verification process was fast, simple and easy!!! I picked up an ounce of their pinapple "Stimulus Package," and I am very happy with the meds!!!!! Its FIRE! Do not let the price fool you its good stuff!!!! The staff was great but I did only give 4 stars because the security guard couldve been more welcoming, he seemed really uptight which made things a little uncomfortable at first. I understand he has a job to do but it wouldnt hurt him to be a little bit nicer. Other then that we were greeted with a smile the receptionist was awesome and I can tell the bud tender is very knowledgable( all of them were cool guys). As far as the clones go they looked pretty healthy they did have a few brown edges( this is just the nutrients;not a bad thing) I didnt like the settings they were in, 1'X 1' cubes wouldve been better ( Easier for someone growing outdoors or Hydro)There were a few with bright yellow leaves (indication of a stressed plant)with the proper care and knowledge a plant with yellow leaves can turn out just as well as any other clone. They had a good selection of meds. *** My favorite thing about this place is that they have seeds. It can be very hard to find seeds unless ordered online and it was nice to be able to get them without having to purchase online.*** We got an awesome first time patients deal and they even gave us a free seed!!!! Victory 215 is definatley representing this industry in a positive way. Keep up the good work guys!

    Review Source:
  • Report 45 cap on herb 35 cap on earwax

    Victory 215 doing it the right way! Not overpricing their meds like a lot of places in the area.

    Earwax: Tried 3 types from here at 40$ and 35$ seriously some well-made, potent stuff! Now it looks like 35$ is the new cap on wax. All i know is the other spot claiming to have "the best selection of earwax" is getting blown out the water by Victory 215: Quality is MUCH higher/ Price is 35$ (10$ cheaper)

    Staff: Is super chill. 1 out of 2 of the security gaurds i ran into were cool as hell. (Tall black dude is really cool and always makes sure you got what you need)

    Overall great prices, great staff, perfect parking, best earwax!


    - Ocean Grown

    Review Source:
  • Report The Return of EppyThatcher...

    First and foremost, the accessibility score has been upgraded because I didn't quite appreciate just how nice the parking was the first time I came to this dispensary(04/20/2011, go figure...). It isn't a short drive for me, but Budtender Donny made it worth my while. I'm on a budget, yet I have a high tolerance and I'm a seasoned toker...and I am being genuine when I say that the Pineapple(Budget), when mixed with some very affordable Bubba(spelled right, it's pebbly and strong smelling)concentrate, is immediate and very mental, and tastes great! Follow it up with some soft Goo and OG Kush concentrate(hard as a friggin' diamond, this stuff-but worth the labor), and you will not be disappointed. The friendly-tender even made my visit even better for the kind review! I honestly thought he would have assumed I was bluffing, and then I realized: he actually remembered me, not as a reviewer, but a patient. That means something to me. The atmosphere was as calm as I remembered it, with reliable, nice security, and reception was friendly and fast(and fun to look at;-}). I didn't catch the names of the other two tenders, but they were very pleasant as I left, so i didn't feel like I had a boot to my ass on the way out...again, that means something. A great return experience that was more than I expected...I'm comin' back, baby!


    EppyThatcher "Show me your Pope, I'll stick my fork in him...tell you when He's done."

    Review Source:
  • Report 2nd time

    best visit all month, hooked it up fat...great staff,lots of meds, going back for sure!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Concentrates

    I've been meaning to write another review for these guys so here it is..
    This place has always had the best set of concentrates in my opinion, not to overpriced for the kinda quality your gonna get. Im never disappointed.

    The Blue dream earwax was amazing. Not for its own use you definately need to top it on some fresh green, i tried it alone and my fat ball melted in a matter of a nanosecond and i was left with no thc in my lungs. but great topped on a joint or bong rip.

    The blue berry and sour d earwax were both killer. both had me on some heavy high that was much needed.

    Plus they've always got some friendly staff and continue to make my visits worth it.
    this place is only getting better and better since ive been coming to it, i hope they keep the sweet deals.
    as long as they do they got me.
    thanks v215. keep it up!

    Review Source:
  • Report VIC215 OG

    went to pick up their text message deal which was g V215 OG, Lemon OG, and Aztec for 25$. definitely a awesome way to promote your house strain! had 30$ so i asked wat there was for five and he showed me purple haze and pineapple, i vouldnt decide to he surprisingly said try both and gave me 2g for 5$! i walked out with 5g for 30$!!! Thats definitely the showing love guys!! Great selection of flowers, good pricing, spacious waiting area, definitely try their house strain and the lemon og!

    Review Source:
  • Report Good EarwaX nice place!

    Easy in, easy out typical stick and move ,friendly staff cute girl the whole worx!

    Earwax mostly really good but one of the variety's I got was a bit contaminated not sure but on the skillet not clean at all:(

    Church Earwax real nice hits hard good flavor off the Ti skillet 9.5/10

    Pure Kush Earwax was fire strait up nice and quick vape clean! 9.5/10

    Blue Dream real nice tastes just like the bud and shit I'm high!:) 9.5/10

    Sour Diesel Earwax now this wax was just not clean more like hash on the skillet it smoldered and left ASH lots of it weird and just not good normally I would take this back but I'm in Palm Springs so probably not gonna happen on a half a G:( but I'm still high it happens no worries:)!

    I would defiantly call my self a Waxhead and know good wax so it's a good honest assessment but I will say I was treated well start to finish and Vic215 has some nice goods and from what I saw there was enough other quality maybe I was just unlucky I will be back from time to time because they had a great deal on wax!

    Nice freebee 2 gs of Pineapple Kush thanks Again!

    Review Source:
  • Report Eppy's feeling peppy...

    Due to the fact that:

    1. I'm thoroughly wrecked from their wonderful White Widow(iteration, kids...Google it).


    2. I'm getting the itch to draw into the wee(d) hours of the night(good, strong sativa always motivates me).

    I will keep this review short and sweet. Great parking as per the usual, nice security, quick check-in with
    the pretty receptionist, Budtender Donny and the rest as friendly as ever, and the herb...oh my! Really great
    meds for the money, and definitely worth coming back, baby!


    EppyThatcher "Put some in the air for Team 6; thanks for taking out the trash, gentlemen."

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Concentrates

    Stopped by here the other day and the first thing I noticed is the remodel job they did. The place looks great good job guys. On to the meds. Just stopped by to get some concentrates. Got some church wax and some of the Old nepal style oil. The wax is really great. Good taste and strong high. The oil is also really good the only thing is, its not as thick as oils I've gotten at other places, not sure if that means anything or not but it is not quite as tasty as other oils I've gotten, but it is strong hell. I will definately be back for more wax. I have gotten flower from them in the past and it was good too. The staff is always very helpful and know thier shit. Good job guys, keep up the good work and see you next time. Thanks! : )

    Review Source:
  • Report Best in Corona

    This place is the best in the Corona area, by far.....
    Great selection and pricing!
    My favorite for concentrates....
    The staff here is the best!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report awesomness!!!!!!!!!!!

    first time going to these places, but here was awesome and friendly from staff, patients to the security guard. homie that helped me out, forgot his name, but homie hooked me up with 4.1 of there pineapple, which is pretty good can't complain, and a lil piece since i needed one for 20. wanna try there hybrids and edibles next time I come back

    Review Source:
  • Report easy access right off freeway

    Victory is a family ran business with very friendly tenders and awesome service I always leave happy nothing but love out of that colective..try the OG and get set back on your hounches!!! hahahaha BOMB

    Review Source:
  • Report This place is pretty kool.

    I came into this place expecting to be upset and let down after my last few visits to a couple local shops, but to my surprise the staff was knowledgeable,their clones were way above what I actually expected to find. Their meds were above par. I would recommend this place to anyone in the area especially those looking for a few clones go go go. I bought two clones and they hooked up one free for me being a first time patient. Thanks guys.

    Review Source:
  • Report Eppy's entry #4: Status--grinning from ear to ear

    Times are tight, and gas ain't cheap, so when I say both the stimulus package Purple Cream and Cali Big Bud are worth it, I mean it sincerely. This stuff gets the job done very effectively, and burns pretty evenly for what the tenders call their "budget"meds. Personally, "budget" doesn't do this herb justice; both are equally deserving of mid-shelf status(I've been to about a dozen collectives/dispensaries in the last couple of months, since finally obtaining my rec, and nearly half of them had "affordable" weed that wasn't much more than dried out clippings and stress). Mid-shelf status in esteem, not price, of course; that's ultimately why I'll keep returning. Well, that and the as-always friendly Donny,Louis,and the rest(nice guy's,every one), va-voom reception, cool security,ample parking, and you folks haven't let me down yet with keeping my meds the way I like `em: PLUS-SIZED! I'm looking forward to making a much larger donation once I can afford it, and I am confident that it will be worth my while. Oh yes, I'm comin' back baby!


    EppyThatcher "Chocolope?! You've gone all 'Dr. Moreau' haven't you,fiends!"
    Honestly, it smells deep, has the look/feel of a mutant Queen-
    Anne's-Lace, and is strong enough to make me forget I
    smoked a bowl of it earlier!(Also the reason for this last-
    minute add on, heh-heh.)

    Review Source:
  • Report CALI BIG BUDS

    Went & got some of that 10 a gram.
    swear the bud look like some nasty ass work
    smelt worse then it looked.
    went home & got superr relaxed a very chill high
    this place was pretty cool inside, i say if your in the area to check it out! ohh yeaa that Diamond OG was fireee, Nosneb

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Wax in Riverside/Corona

    This is one of the better dispensaries in the IE. These staff are super friendly and compassionate beyond words; they have consistently been able to work with my budget.
    They have great bud, the kalichakra being my personal favorite. They also have an amazing selection of concentrates, their Jack Herrer Wax is especially dank.
    Thank you so much V215 you guys are amazing!

    Review Source:
  • Report love the wax

    gotta agree this place has some of the best earwax around...when you can get it! that would probably be the only negative thing I could say about victory: the wax is great, but you have to watch their menu for it and race in when it shows up.

    Review Source:
  • Report If you don't go to v-215 you are a bad person

    I dont usually leave comments...but V-215 is the shit. The staff, bud, price are all excellent. Ive been there about 5 times and every time I feel like I robbed them. (although I didnt) I mean 5g's of bud and a 1/2 gram of hash for $50 is awesome. And it wasn't there bargain stuff either. There alaskan Thunderfuck, kalichakra, cinderella 99, purple wreck and herojuana are all awesome, as im sure there other strains are. If you are a medical marijuana patient and don't go to V215 you have issues and are a bad person...haha. Thanks v215

    Review Source:
  • Report Very satisfied first time patient.

    I worry about the safety of dispensaries, and the second i walked in i was in a large room with a friendly staff, and a security guard, which made me feel comfortable. There was 1 page to fill out then 2 others to just initial for being a FTP, which was fairly quick. The bud room looks neat and colorful with the bud written on the jars and the prices for a gram and an eighth in a neat computer typed font which i thought was helpful. he let me fully inspect the weed in every way which was also a plus, the eights that i bought weighed in at 4.2 grams which i thought was awesome. the best part is they have dank shit for cheap here, i smoked a bowl of purple wreck and got heavily medicated, which was in a deal that they had at the time for 2 grams of cheese, and 2 grams of purple wreck for $35 which both came to weigh in at 4.2 grams. They were very helpful and friendly. They know how to treat their patients. Will be returning

    - Justin

    Review Source:
  • Report Bud karma

    Went in with $40 and dude hooked me up with 4grams of Pre-98 Bubba and 1/2 gram of Honey B hash.....totally worked with me on the price and its super appreciated!! Go Victory215!!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Best place ever!

    I have been coming here for a while now and have been meaning to leave a review of this place but keep forgetting. Every time I go in this clinic I leave with a huge smile on my face. I can't even tell you how much free meds I've gotten from this clinic. The bud is excellent, they work with every budget, the hash is superb, great edibles, great shake etc. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgable and there is hardly ever a wait--surprising for how great these guys are! They constantly have killer deals and even give me a discount for being a student. I live in Ontario so it's not close but it's one of the only places I go, especially for their killer oz specials! Well worth the drive any day!

    Review Source:
  • Report V215...A Guaranteed High

    Reviewed V215 before when I first stopped in. Not sure why I had never made it in sooner, considering they are literally a few miles from my home, but I am making up for lost time now!

    This is definitely my everyday stop shop. I have one other fave clinic, but unfortunately they are further out and I needed a close by shop for my needs. I had tried every clinic in Corona and just couldn't find that one place where I was always comfortable and could always depend on high quality medicine. V215 is all that and more!

    The herb hasn't disappointed me once and the concentrates are, by far, the best in the IE. Every strain I have checked out or purchased has looked, smelled, and burned just right. The meds are always top quality. I have had strains that weren't as strong as I would have liked, etc, but hey, my burger at McDonald's isn't always as good as the one before either, I still eat there.

    The budtenders are chill and very knowledgeable. For the most part, I have been able to take most of their opinions on the bud and exhale with an idea of what they meant :) From walk in, check in, bud room, and back out again the whole staff is major cool. I have never felt rushed or bothered.

    As far as price, you can't beat them! The regular prices are all comparable to IE and definitely best priced in Corona. For the quality of the meds the price is BEST in IE. Plus, if you watch their daily specials, compassion is written all over it!!!!!

    Thanks V215...

    Review Source:
  • Report Always astonished with the care they provide.

    Bud Quality: I've yet to try any of their top shelves (as I can't really afford it), but their $10 grams always do the trick. Was happy with both the Berry Cheese and Honey B.

    Atmosphere: You may be a little skeptical about the place when viewing from the outside, but go in and you won't be disappointed.

    Staff: Always chill and budtenders always hook it up.

    Accessibility: Much better parking than other places in the area.

    Price: The price of the meds is what gets me to come back. Always be sure to check out their daily deals, they're almost always worth it. (I say almost, because a deal including a pipe wouldn't grab my attention, as I don't need another)

    So I went in last night to take advantage of a $25 eighth they had going. Wasn't quite feeling the 2 on display, but then he pulled out the super silver haze and I was sold. In the end, my budtender hooked me up fat with 5.5 grams of it for $30. V215 will be seeing me more for sure!

    Review Source:
  • Report Bomb Bud!!


    Review Source:
  • Report Top 5 Best in Riv County ( My opinion)

    I have a lot of good things to say about these guys, but I'll just sum it up 4 ya. The place is nice inside, great new renovations. The staff are very knowledgeable & cool. Excellent prices !! Edibles are yummy! Deals are truly the best in town!!

    Review Source:
  • Report five star

    *****five star service***** got me right in, budtender worked with my bugget hooked me up fat and gave me sum papers. had me in a better mood even before i smoked came home and rolled one up now relaxation :) thanks v215

    Review Source:
  • Report "The Free Gram"

    King bubba, & V215 Og are super dank.. I picked the Black Domina because Alex said it was better than the one I was going to choose.. So when i got home i put the whole free donation, into a blunt & medicated with 3 other people. All of us felt exceptionally medicated..!

    I will go back..

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Deal Going In Riverside

    came in to check out the 5x$30 and was not upset i honestly was expecting really shitty medication but honestly smoked and tasted better than alot of the trees clubs sell for $15 and $20 i tried the afgoo(tasty), and cali big bud and they hooked it up nice thanks guys keep up the great work.

    Review Source:
  • Report $t@ff , pR1ce, Fl0WeRz... iz da $h!t heRe

    I starTEd 0ut at tHIs despensarY when I first got my rec .. Then g0t curioUs in Started g0in else wheRe ... S0 heRE iam back whEre I first Started .. Staff iz awes0Me heRE n alwayz Willin t0 hooK it uP ... VICTORY 215 ,, yOU guys Get mY votes N !m Willn t0 tiP ur stafF anY day !! tHAnks f0r tHE kidness !!! 5gX 30 GreAt deaL .. Ill be back t0 try the V215 0g ... L00ks gReat liKe some truE fiRE !!!
    Thanx V215

    Review Source:
  • Report KING BABBA


    Review Source:
  • Report Setting The EXAMPLE

    nothing but love from v215 had to drop another review

    BIGGEST PARKING LOT IN THE IE! i could seriously start a bbq with my whole family and feed everyone that comes in for meds and they would all have room to come and go! GREAT LOCATION , the staff is easily ONE OF THE BEST , and this is by far of THE BEST EXAMPLES OF WHAT A COLLECTIVE MEANS TO ME

    it means 1) bud quality is not from random people but rather from the growers at v215 and some patient provided , their grow game is really getting up to par! and they pass the savings on down to the patient instead of squeezing every dime out of every lil nug

    2) Atmosphere : can't go wrong with those couches! i love the paint job and the vibe at the waiting lobby , all the posters it feels like im in my own room just relaxing , you cant trip about waiting when you're too busy relaxing or looking at the pretty secretary ,

    Staff: i havent met one person in there yet that i havent had a full on conversation about meds , life , growing , cannabis in general , its just TOO GREAT OF A VIBE here , you are never rushed and their is a vested interest in you as a person and as a patient AND THAT IS WHY THEY GET THE LOVE THEY DO , ITS ONLY KARMA , V215 IS ONE OF MY FEW HOMES

    Accessibility : remember the bbq? hahah it's easy to find , easy to park , verification is easy , honestly there are no negatives SERIOUSLY

    Price : I DONT SEE V215 GOING ANYWHERE WITH THE WAY THEIR PRICING IS , they always have a special going , they always WEIGH HEAVY AND THEY WORK WITH YOUR BUDGET

    overall: YOU NEED TO COME CHECK THIS PLACE OUT , its one thing getting your meds and leaving , but its A COMPLETE DIFF. experience when youve had a conversation with someone about which strain woud medicate best, the saturation of trichomes every strain , and the whole time its just good energy being brought out

    Review Source:
  • Report FIRE

    True Og Kief (.5g/15-20$)sprinkled on Purple Dream was best head high I've had in a long while==FIRE!! Also, I got gram Mango Kush and gram Alien Dog for $20 + vitamin water which is awesome deal but Victory215 just got some bubba hash in this morning , I dont see it posted yet but its a purple/sour hyper type high and was FIRE. DEFINITELY SMELL SWEETNESS IN THE MANGO KUSH....SMOOTH SMOKE!! I appreciate Victory215 TONS TONS TONS...MUCH LOVE FOR VICTORY!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Flush the Super Silver Haze!!!

    This is my favorite dispensary in the IE. The staff is always friendly and the bud quality is always on point. But the SSH, which I picked up about 1 week ago needed to be flushed some more to get rid of the fertilizer. So I water flushed and dried it myself which took about a week. This is the first time I've had to do this with bud from victory. I still love this place and hope this was an isolated incident. The bud smoked nicely after flushing!

    Review Source:
  • Report Number 1 spot

    Everyone here is kool always got great to bomb meds. never dissapoints. my number one spot 2 go 2 no matter what.
    i wanna get more of that V215 og 2 thumbs up.

    Review Source:
  • Report 5 grams X $ 30 ~ not that great

    Went in on Tuesday to take advantage of the special. The $10g's are what they're offering, so it's $5g. I didn't look at the $15 - $20g's. I looked in the jars, it was alright, I justed wanted the Alaskan Thunder because of a movie I saw, and Sour Diesel. What I got was Headband and Sour D and they didn't staple the bag closed. Maybe a mix-up in writing the name on the jar... The Sour D is not and doesn't taste like it.... The offer seems to be on the Sale Meds which are dry and steamy and with out taste. Not very stoney. I recieved my 6g's, but want to know if I can return the steams for some buds. One more thing, if you're going the other way on Magnolia, you'll have to drive a 1/2 mile to make a uturn.

    Review Source:
  • Report You get what u pay for!!!!

    I drove out to this place from pomona yesterday to check out there STIMULUS PACKAGES...I ended up getting a half oz of the afgoo....it smells ok but the taste was disgusting...kinda disappointing....I also got a .5 of the Hash plant hash....That shit was bomb....they also hooked it up with a free edible for ftp...This place is great for people on budgets and hash....But u get what u pay for @ 90 a half oz really cant complain

    Review Source:
  • Report Eppy's Economical Exploits: Volume Five...

    Hey there kids! It's been a little while, and for the sake of brevity (and so as not to flood the reviews section with the opinions of one patient) I'll keep this one short and sweet--speaking of sweet, their Sweet Tooth is something to write home about; soft and hairy with a very unique aftertaste, and a good sativa effect (mental). On the more affordable end, the Super Silver Haze is great for the money; burns slow, tastes decent, works well, and although the stems on the flowers are a little on the thick side, it had a great effect (again, mental) for what I expected. Next on the budgetary agenda was some Sour Diesel; the flowers have a very nice shape to them, and crimson hairs, which is what I'm looking for in a good sativa. And to find such in an herb that Our Loving Budtenders call "budget", well I can't be much happier, but if I were to try to find a fault with this strain, it would have to be the way the flower loses a lot of flavor after it has dried-out a little (which dosen't take long, unfortunately). However, that tends to happen to the best strains out there in Weedland! The simple fact is, you really cannot find better deals than V215, and their service is the cherry on the top; Donny, Luis, Big Lou, and the gang are some of the nicest people you'll meet, and that's paramount for a patient who suffers from severe anxiety...flippant attitudes are a buzzkill, but you'll find only smiles here. Quick verification, pretty (AND friendly, a rarity these days) reception, outstanding parking, need I say more? Oh yeah, I did say I'd keep it short and sweet--well blame it on the meds, better yet, blame it on V215! That's right, I'm comin' back, baby!

    Sincerely, EppyThatcher "Don't make me drop the Atomic Elbow...OOOHHH YEAAHH!" R.I.P. Macho Man.

    Review Source:
  • Report Not a bad place to visit.

    this establishment is pretty kool there prices are spot on pretty much for riverside standards. although i bought some clones from them in the past and they were not the best things. so ig you are into good quality low cost meds this is your place.

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  • Report Much Love

    Went in today for there concentrates of course and picked me up some Sour Grape bubble hash and some True OG kief and man, not disappointed! These guys always give you exactly what you want. They just started this new little system where you get points or credit for every purchase! They definitely got love from me. I've been comin here for some time and they just keep steppin it up. Diggin the deals guys. thanks for the service.

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  • Report Full line of Extracts and Eco Buds

    I never really shopped in Inland Empire and found victory to be well reviewed. I mainly went because I read some review talking about how great 5g for 30 was. Sounded pretty good and I like to have some joint/vape meds laying around. I grabbed 3 different flavors of the 5g for 30 and in the end got what I paid for. The only real decent way to smoke it is to vape it unless you like horrid flavor. I don't want to call it stress but smoking the headband gave me a headache but using the vape fixed that. Other than that the 45 Cap seems about right for the most part and the extracts are not only priced great but have a large selection. Parking shouldn't be much trouble they are the only building on the lot but was pretty busy when I went around 2pm. Look forward to trying out some of the extracts on my next visit.

    Review Source:


    Review Source:
  • Report Great Selection

    Overall I had a great experience. Staff was friendly and helpful. Donald is a cool guy and was very patient and helpful. Prices were a nicely ranged and the specials were awesome. The Headband special i picked up today was nice and affordable. The kush pop that came with it was a nice way to cap off a good session. I will most definitely return for my second time.


    Review Source:
  • Report Very Happy

    I was here yesterday really happy everyone was really nice.
    Thanks i guys i found my place. :D


    Review Source:

    OK, first off, let me say I have been to many, many different collectives as far as Venice, to Palm Desert; all over. And while this clinic was definitely not the worst I have come across, it is far from the best. Let me start with the location, very abrupt and if you accidently pass it, get ready for a whirlwind of U-Turns to get back and try again, it may have not been as hard to find if somebody actually answered the telephone.. that is assuming that the number provided is up to date? The receptionist, as well as the staff were very nice and welcoming, however, the security guard needs to calm down a bit. He is slightly racial in his slurs without even realizing it, as well as a little to "gung-ho" over his job. (there are ways to do your job, hold authority, and still be a respectable person) ANYWAYS, on to the good stuff:

    CLONE QUALITY: horrible, im sorry, but out of maybe a handful, the clone quality was inferior to many other collectives i have visited and donated to. There was one COMPLETELY dried out, shriveled to a pulp,and flat out dead. Atleast maintain the garden to make it look decent.

    BUD QUALITY OVER PRICE: As far as I could tell, almost every strain (top and bottom) were outdoor grown. While this happens to be a favorite to many different cannabis connoisseurs, outdoor donation prices should never be the same as indoor grown prices. The best bud they had to show was the true OG, which would have been nice, if the price was about 25 dollars cheaper.

    CONCENTRATES: Just because they carry a lot does not mean they are good. I tried a total of 3 different concentrates from this clinic, including their "insanely potent" hash oil, and not even that did the job. This is not the place to check out if you are looking for quality full melt concentrates.

    OVERALL: staff is friendly, but prices are far too high compared to quality; I left feeling hustled.

    They may be fooling the local residents of the area, but not everyone!

    Review Source:
  • Report Whatever

    Saw they had lots of concentrates so me and my boy came thru. Got 3 waxes too and that gold oil. The gold oil was the best but wasn't even that potent, Maybe because of my high tolerance. May go back tho but that would be to get the receptionists number.

    Review Source:
  • Report really good

    went in for a text special of 2g and edible got hooked up 2.6g!!!!true og also i got 1.4of some purple royal bomb!!! so i got 4g and an edible for thirty five!!!i alos was looking at there slection of consentrates witch is a selection! I tryed sum wax really really good . nice high ! whenever i leave i always feel like im getting hooked up puts me in a good mood thanks

    Review Source:
  • Report V_215

    Went there about 2 weeks ago so this review is long over due. Got the special they were running on the headband and got hooked up for ftp. Kool meds for the price.

    Review Source:
  • Report GREAT PLACE!

    1st time PT's, came in on Fathers Day.. sign up was fast and got to go back right away.. Luis the budtender was the Best!! we gpt an 1/8 of Bubba Kush, Great high, hits you right away... got a G of purple cream, for 10 a G, great deal.. nicr high and good taste.. i recommend this place to everyone... i WILL be back!! :):):):)

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  • Report kry225

    i got one word for this place it sucks

    Review Source:
  • Report my newest spot for my meds

    walked in there today for the first time i must say clean spot the girl at the window was very nice and those couches were sick waiting room is pretty big... went it budtenders were really cool i got hooked up wit a 2.4 for 25 bucks sick deal been medicated for a good 4 hours already bongs are good price i will be back fursure

    Review Source:
  • Report Great 21st Birthday At Victory215!!

    Was recently back at victory a few times in the lasst week or so and i went yesterday which happened to be my birthday :)) so they hooked it up nice, got that brainwreck deal which was nice and also picked up an eighth of Purple Royal and Bubba Kush both were BOMB but the bubba was a some SERIOUS FIRE!. overall it was a good birthday and ill continue to go the victory way


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  • Report Great Deals! Great Bud!

    This place couldn't have a better location. Literally right off of the freeway, which makes it easier for commuters like me. I came here because I got a text for $25 eighth of headband, which I was sure was pry ditch weed. I go their and check it out. Turns out it smells and looks like the headband I toke and love. I happily payed the $25 and found out I also get a free gram for being a first time patient. I get some super silver haze which was pretty decent as well. Highly recommend this place.

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  • Report sick place...def coming back

    first timer today ...I really wanted to try that pure gold oil...so I picked sum up and started to check out their buds ...all looked fire and smelled ridiculous...the bubba kush got me extremely medicated..and I need very strong meds due to injuries sustained while in the military...oh yah that oil was fucking crazy ...lik insane lol well let me just finish by saying this place was extremely chill, meds r off the wall ,and prices are def affordable

    Review Source:
  • Report 215 always hooks it up

    very friendly staff, i thought i would come back and review this place again because they have heart for their patients even if you're not a regular. i bought a gram of GDP and an eighth of sweet tooth, both are fire. i remember buying a gram here and it weighted out to be 1.8 grams. I'm very satisfied with the service they provide for their patients.

    Review Source:
  • Report LONG OVER DUE

    I've been to this place several times and always leave very pleased so my review is long over due. They always manage to have great deals on a daily basis and are one of the only shops that work with your budget. Their buds range from mid grade regs to the bomb bombs. Even with their mid grade bud, it does not taste bad and it gets you medicated. their top shelf are always fire, danky, and tasty. I would have to say this is the place with the hands down best staff, budtenders are very nice and just make you feel welcome everytime. You also get hooked up everytime no matter what. Nothing bad really can be said about this place. Keep up the great work v215!

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  • Report love the concentrates prices

    Lowest around.

    Review Source:
  • Report best prices and selection

    i am real easy to please.. good price and good quality is all i need and they have it. awesome rewards program and the staff makes u feel comfortable. im glad i stopped in wont go anywhere else.

    Review Source:
  • Report nice n friendly's place

    every time i go there thery r always so nice n knowledgeable about there bud. it the best place to go. good on prices n rewards card things is cool highly recommend everyone goes at least once.much love ya"ll

    Review Source:
  • Report House Shake !!! :)

    The House Shake is 10 dollars an 8th which I think is an amazing deal. The bud is not great but It Is ok, but at least it medicates you. HURRY GRAB THIS DEAL SHAKE SPREADS AMAZINGLY

    Review Source:
  • Report Greatest 4th of July

    I was very satisfied to see that not all dispensaries are all about taking and not giving. Victory 215 recently hooked me up with the greatest 4th of July celebration, as they were offering FREE Bar-B-Que, drinks, and specials on their goodies. I picked up their daily special and it was off the hook! I got me some Fireband that I really enjoyed, specially with the price (4grams for 30 bucks!) The Food after I got out was very good as well. They also have a rewards program-everytime you come they stamp your card and on the 10th stamp you get a free 1/8th! Amazing!! Thank You guys for being some of the few people that still care about their customers. Happy 420!

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  • Report Concentrates

    Come here if youre looking for some good hash, kief or wax. I never see any good oils or budders, but the basics are here and they are stoney. The clones are so-so. Flowers are decent, sometimes they have some really good medicine(sensimillia).

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  • Report Great Place ♥

    What can i say this place is the bomb. Everyone is soooooo friendly, the atmosphere is crazy you feel right at home there crazy lol. I also love that they text you the daily or weekly deals. Overall if you are looking for a good-make you feel at home place this is it. They are very helpful and they always hook it up.

    Great Job guys keep it up.
    EC :D

    Review Source:
  • Report blue dream

    The blue dream well...hmmm...awful. No one should buy it....I only write that so the people who skim over this will buy something else so I can buy more of it. hahaha. Some of the best Blue dream Ive had and the best Blue dream Ive seen at V215...Shit had me stoned for almost 3 hours. I hope you guys keep getting that stuff. Ill be in when I get my next paycheck for sure. Also the budtender gave me a free brownie for the hell of it. Awesome. Thanks guys and see ya soon.

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  • Report Win.

    Got the text this morning, got hooked up on the Blue Dream, and had a great day. Oh yeah, and cute asian girl in the front desk =]

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Earwax For The Price!!!

    my first time was great. parking was efficient and gated. once inside, the waiting room is pretty big, bigger than most dispensaries! verificaition was relatively quick, about 5 pages of paper work to fill out. after i waited for about another 5 mins before entering the budroom, there was a little crowd there. when i got into the budroom, there was about 3-4 other patients obtaining their meds as well. the budtender gave me the run down of their whole selection, and was very patient as i examined their flowers, concentrates & edibles. the budtender showed me their Banana Kush that looks rediculous, cured to perfection. this has got to be some of the best buds i've seen in a while...no joke!! i decided to go with the Pure Kush Wax, which is bomb...and for the price $30 a gram, u cannot beat that! the budtender hooked it up with 2 joints of bubba kush for being a first time patient. overall, i'll definitely be back to this spot, and since it's only about 10 mins from my house, it'll be very soon!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Deals Deals Deals

    This is the first clinic I ever visited. Immediately after I got my rec I drove over to this spot, I had heard good things and wanted to check them out. The staff from beggining to end was very friendly as well as helpful. As a firt time patient I was hooked up with a heavy gram of some pinapple wreck as i recall, it wasnt super dank but was definetly a welcome gift and greatly appreciated. Ive gotten some good buds here but my real favorite of this spot is the variety of hash and earwax they offer. Check em out and youll be back.

    Review Source:
  • Report deals

    blue dream.

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice little spot out in Riverside.

    Good selection of meds and willing to knock out some of the lumber for you if it's a little "stemmy". I enjoy their prices and the ability to haggle a bit in price whenever I buy in quantity (and I usually do every time I come in, over 160$ an order when I get around to getting out). Their top shelf has never disappointed me - I usually ask for their suggestion and have yet to find a complaint. :}

    The staff here aren't rushing you out the door when you want to ask questions. Always willing to lend a hand when you need to look at anything and have the focus to tell me about strain information and anything else I'm willing to ask. Never had problems being checked in before and the process was speedy to get my information updated when I got a new doctor's rec.

    Thanks again, 215.. Be back soon to check out your newest. :P

    Review Source:
  • Report Redone

    Overall, I like this spot. In and out quick and have enough people to handle a line. Never waited long here. Good buds, good joint prices. Definately one of my spots.

    Review Source:
  • Report StaFF iz Da SH!+ !! = )

    Thanx tO the guYS at V215 .. hAve t0 say All yoUr bTs are very nIce and generoUS .. Picked uP some of tHe CHEESE BERRY .. 0nlY paiD for tHree gRAms tHE BT hooked iT up phat .. oVer alMOst a wh0lE gram Cuz HE seen a couPLe stems !!!! What oTher BTs D0 that ..?? V215 iz very inviting t0 go into .. tHe bTS actUallY seem t0 caRE about theiR patiants, They ask hOw ur dayz goin .. show yOU new stuff Or deals they g0t .. I asked abOUt the hempline to uSe instead oF the lIghter they Threw iT in the BAg FREE , tolD me try iT 0ut !! THe staFF makes tHE PLace ...
    Thanx V215

    Review Source:
  • Report Welcome to my list of great collectives

    I decided to drop by this collective while getting off the freeway just to see what kind of medication they had. When I first walked in, they were very welcoming and nice individuals. Even the security guard was super nice and would converse with you! As I entered into their medication room, they had a wide variety of meds that I could take a look at, and they also had some gear you could get. (Love the idea of a vitamin water with a donation). The atmosphere was great, and their top shelf meds were very exotic. What really caught my attention was the Banana Kush. This medication was so frosty, and if you dropped it on a cookie you could probably sugar coat that cookie with the crystals. All in all, this place was a really great place to be, thanks for showing me a great selection, and keep it up with the staff V-215!

    Review Source:
  • Report WOW!!!!! GREAT DEALS!

    went in yeterday for the text special!!! NOW THAT IS A GOOD DEAL.....if u don't know about the text specials u should deff sign up!!! I was a lil hesitant at first with it bein such a good deal but I was not dissapointed at all!!!!!! I picked up 5 grams of the green diesel n that stuff rocks! Not to mention ALL the staff here are friendly and respectful :) which n my opinion, really makes a difference! If u haven't been by here...deffinately check it out!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Faceworld never lies!

    Simply amazing. Staff was wonderful. Prices great. Louis was a real big help. I bought a few grams of hash and a nice good gram,POISON OG(i think), Everything FIRE. Was very happy with donating to this collective and I think i have a favorite!!!!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report I Told U!!

    Okay first of the staff was very nice helped me sign in i felt they were knowledgable of the product, I got hooked up on a new Hello Kitty piece and the price of my meds was lowered and i received some nice Chocolate Thai my favorite all time bud and i got a card after 8 times i get 10% of my purchase back to spend instore, however, fellas that Green Diesel im not impressed at all i felt like i was smoking some back yard, not being harsh but i think it was because it was the end of the bud so.. but it had no taste, dried out, i wont smash on u cause that was only one you have loads other Im basically a sativa girl so i'll have to try something else. But i will be back!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report another good visit.

    picked up Purple Cream, Headband, Green Diesel, and White Dream. All were good decent buds for the price. Basically got my "5 grams for $30" but got hooked up 6.1. Never stingy here, it's compassion.

    Review Source:
  • Report Staff makes this place RAD!

    Hey, I am writing this review to let the people know what a bunch of good guys these are. I have been here a few times before and passed on the topshelf, but this time the BAnanna Kush jumped out of the nugg jar and into my pocket. The look of it entranced me from the get-go. I also got some medium grade stuff, but I don't want to tell you what it was, otherwise you will buy it all fuckers...hahahaha. LOL

    The ONLY gripe I have is that the earwax should be called GOO, and not Wax, because the consistency is a little more gooey, and not like some of the bombest waxes I have had. BUT, that is the only prob I have guys. It get's me hella high, and all I have to do is use a paperclip and an extra nugg to wipe off the clip to get it in my bowl.

    The budtender was the COOOOOOOLEST, budtender I have ever had. He was a great salesman and a wonderful host. I tipped him 5 bucks. What a great experience and remember to tip your budtenders. UMMMMM...i'm hella ripped now...gotta go. Love the GOOO!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report The "V" stands for Value...so sayeth Eppy!

    It's been a little while since my last review, and I've been fortunate enough to have been medicating the entire time thanks to the great folks at V-215! Atmosphere, Staff, and Accessibility: Always tops in my book, and I have found only ONE other dispensary that even comes close(but their donation rates are outrageous, so no review for them!). Now down to the brass tacks, i've tried a number of Victory's meds since my last review and so far, not one has disappointed me! To give a full description of each one would be excessive to say the least, so I'll list them with a grade of A through D (I doubt I will ever encounter an "F" from these guys, or a "D" for that matter).

    Purple Cream: B+, one of the best values around and it keeps geting better! Pineapple: A-, my girlfriend LOVES this stuff! Candy Kush: A, delicious and it impressed some fellow patients with the price quote. Blue Dream: A+, great freaking sativa, `nuff said! Diamond OG: A+, excellent top shelf. White Dream: A++, SPECIAL MERIT AWARD for Best Sativa for the Price Catagory, KEEP THIS STRAIN ON THE SHELF AT ALL TIMES PLEASE! Purple Urkle: A, sleepy-go-night-night indica! Hog'sBreath: A, another great indica, but burns a little fast. House Shake: A, this particular batch left a LOT of keif in the container, with which I coated a ball of Honey Hash,(also an A), for a great effect. Purple Kush Hash: B+, looks similar to white pepper, and did it's job well (got it as part of a daily-text deal). I'm sure there are some I've forgotten, and you can blame it on my foggy memory, or better yet, blame it on V-215 and their killer meds. That's right, I'm comin' back baby!

    Sincerely, EppyThatcher "Will there ever exist a strain called Grendel?"

    Review Source:
  • Report It just feels right!

    Yep, Yep! It's that time again, another GREAT F-ING review for V215!!!!!

    As always, the dankest meds around town or even within a close drive. The prices are, per usual, the best around and the hook up is ridiculous. There isn't another collective close enough to drive to that has the compassion or meds that V215 does. The staff is major chill and always knows their strains. If you let them advise you, they will advise you well :)
    I hit the concentrates like nobody's biz and without doubt, they have the fire every time. I will agree with the review below and say that sometimes their "wax" should be called "goo". It definitely leans more on that side and you will need a paperclip and nugg to get it all, but the HIGH is so worth it who cares.
    As far as the herb is concerned, I am sure I have just about tried it all. The $10 deals or 5grams for $30 are usually worth looking at and a decent smoke for the money. I always check them out, if nothing else, they are perfect to use in between your top shelf bowls. As far as the rest, I tend to stay in the Indica case as I am a heavy smoker and need the top quality for my pain, sleep, and appetite. I will let you know right now, it doesn't get any prettier than that frosty, looks like it was rolled in sugar, sweet smell of their bomb top shelf! The banana kush, the venom OG and venom kush, beautiful to look at, smell, and thankfully, SMOKE! Again, if you haven't hit up V215 then you aren't as high as you should be!


    Review Source:
  • Report yet to be disappointed !

    this is my sixth time returning and I live a good 35 mins or so away so that tells u something ...however to start off the prices are the best I've seen for the quality ....I bought two ounces of Purp erkle and I'm the high is awesome ....good indica, perfect for getting that drowsy feeling at night ...overall easy place to find , quick service and good, yet affordable meds

    Review Source:
  • Report Thanks again

    The combination of the afgani kush and c-4 hash(sale item) had me starin at the computer for 20 min.. that aside, herb is a good smoke! The hash , im guessing its from trim because its not one for taste but it did the job. This is the only clinic that shows compassion for familiar faces. I go to a few other clinics and they still wont even give me .1 over. Here, your always welcomed. everybody wins. Thanks you guys for the great service and the goods.

    Review Source:
  • Report Found My new place to buy meds

    The guys in there are great. Fast friendly service, Very good meds, great prices, HUGE selection of Concentrates, Picked up some of the Afghan wax, It def works. I will be back soon to get one of those Eclipse Vapors. So glad they made something that helps the oils to become mobile. Probably going to try the pure gold next time.

    Thanks Again

    Review Source:
  • Report Great continous service.

    I can honestly say that after going to my share of spots, there aren't really other places that i can continue to go to, either because of price fluxuations, weird polocies, closed locations, decrease in bud quality/quantity, etc. But i come into Victory quite often, the staff is usually alert, friendly, happy to see you and greet you..EVERYTIME. From deals everday,that are fun to recieve txts about. To great ranged price medicine and concentrates. I eagerly await tomorrow's txt, to see what the new deal is about :)

    Thnx Guys

    Erick h

    Review Source:
  • Report My new spot

    Outstanding! Been to most around town and u guys r it! Nice spot

    Review Source:
  • Report Wax and Pure Gold, and Top Notch Bud in One Place

    True gold. Only one thing to say about it: Way worth it, and way dank. Highly Recommended to anyone with a Vapor Tube.
    The 35/g Wax they sell here is pretty bomb too. It doesn't burn as super clean as the True Gold does on the Vapor Tube, but it goes pretty nicely, especially when you let it pool up into a nice oil drop before you set it on your nail. Very much worth the price, especially with all the deals they constantly have.
    Now, as for the Honey Hash... Wowza, I greatly underestimated this the first time and crumbled up a bunch of it into a bowl. It took four of us a good ten minutes to finish that bowl, and we were all very medicated afterwards. Thanks a bunch for that.
    When it comes to the Bud here, I came in one time and checked out a bunch of them. Didn't look at their low shelf, just mainly the mid shelf (40-45 an 8th) and the top shelf. Top shelf is FIRE! Looks great, dense nugs, smells great, smokes great, everything about the top shelf screams top shelf. The mid shelf was also beautiful. These strains would pass for top shelf at other locations I have seen and burn and smoke very nicely. All the buds I smelt there were very pungent.
    I stop by here every time I'm on my way out to Corona or San Diego. Great place, will continue returning.

    Review Source:
  • Report Bombs

    came here for my first time must say i think i jst found my new regular clinic haha thanks for hookin it up buds nice fireband was on sale and was a pretty good smoke cant wait to get some top shelf next time thinkin bout jumpin on thay banana kush shit looked real nice...come check this place really recommend it

    Review Source:
  • Report FINALLY filled the card:)

    After misplacing several of my rewards cards i finally filled up a few to 8 so the total came to 33 dollars (10% of the overall 330 that was added up by the cards,)

    so BASICALLY what this means was i was able to buy a 12 dollar 8th...and it was really bomb herb, Platnium bubba was NICE and tastey and some of there DAANNKK blue dream...NO not the imitation blue dream that seems to pop up around but some legit ass blue dream, perfect blue dream smell and taste. Both were VERY enjoyable outta the bong :D

    I plan to be less forgetful about my cards :) and hopefully get to that 8 soon enough.

    thnx again V215
    Erick :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Great place

    Went here today thought i'd try it out. It was very easy to find with plenty of parking. verification was fast took maybe 5 minutes. Got inside and right away the banana kush stood out. I ended up getting a half ounce for $165.00 which is cool considering how good it is, but on top of that he gave me .7 extra and let me pick out ANY free gram I wanted. You cant really beat that. Thanks guys, I'll be back for sure.

    Review Source:
  • Report wack

    f this place went in today to pick up as a first timer and all they did was give me $5 off wtf is that? i spent 85$ they droped it to 80 and the 1/8th was 3.5 on the dot... not alot of bud to pick from mostly shake... the one good thing i got was some full melt but they make up there own names for shit

    Review Source:
  • Report Heavy Handed BT's

    I've visited Victory 215 two times already and plan to visit them more regularly. The deals at this place are great. The first time I went in I only had 20 bucks so I was looking more for quantity over quality. I ended leaving with 5 grams of Pineapple, although I only payed for 4 grams the bt kicked me an extra gram. It was pretty dry and airy and didn't have much smell, but it did its job just fine especially for 5 bucks a gram. While I was there I looked at some of their top shelf and there banana kush stuck out to me as it was covered in crystals and had a lemon lime tint to the bud. I wasn't planning on going back, however I got a text deals from victory 215 saying for 27 dollars you get a gram of the super silver haze a gram of the banana kush and a half gram of c-4 hash. Knowing the banana kush and how much it was per gram I jumped on the offer and rode on down to pick it up. The BT hooked it up fat again, giving me 1.5 of both the banana and the SSH. Victory 215 has similar prices to many of the other surrounding clubs, however they have great deals daily and the bt's weigh heavy which will keep me coming back.

    Review Source:
  • Report Get the Text Msg!!!!

    I have been coming here every now and again for the last few months. I recently signed up for the text msgs and all I can say is they have some hella hooked up deals that normally you would never know even existed. I recently got 3gs of flowers and 1g of hash for 35 bucks!!!! I don't know about you but that's love and compassion. Keep doing what your doing@!

    Review Source:
  • Report Once again, you guys are great!

    Whats up v-215, had another run in with you guys today and it was always a pleasure to stop by! Once again that banana kush, venom bubba, and v-215 og was bomb! It was super frosty and had a great smell, when I had medicated, it was a very good ample and sustainable high. The price was also very decent for the quality you are getting. The tenders are above average knowledge tenders, because most tenders don't know what the F*** they are talking about. Besides the slight wait in the waiting room, everything else is always 5-stars for you guys. Also, I can't wait to see your new location!

    P.S. - you guys should always leave tru tv on in your waiting room, it was actually interesting to sit and watch some of the crazy stuff people do with worlds most shocking..

    Review Source:
  • Report coming from san bernardino

    so im gonna come from san bernardino to check you out my bro tells me that this place has the deals for ever pocket. i sampled some fireband from your place .. yes it was FIRE! IT WILL BE MY FIRST TIME OUT TO PURCHASE IN RIVERSIDE HOPE I GET TREAT NICE

    Review Source:
  • Report Gods Gift Wax

    Grabbed some Gods Gift Earwax yesterday. Typically their waxes are pretty good. When I looked at the Gods Gift Wax it looked more like Hash so I asked the BT if this was actually wax and if it would melt down all the way. He told me that it was and another BT that overheard my question and also assured me that it would melt down just as much as their past waxes (which all have been great). So I got it and got home and dabbed it instantly. Sadly it did not melt down all the way. Most but not All. A little sad at the leftover resedue from my dabs and it wasnt as heavy as I thought for being Gods Gift. Overall it was just ok and for 35 for a g its good. HAHA just saying your past waxes were better (cant all be amazing hahah) and I will be back for more for sure.

    Review Source:
  • Report Strawberry Gift.

    Came up on Strawberry Cough and God's Gift. Got my 8th split between these two and got it for $45 instead of $50 (considering the God's Gift was capped at $50). They always know how to hook it up and are all about compassion. I'm spreading the word V215. Keep it up!

    Review Source:
  • Report Love the budget meds

    Okay first of all thanks for the deals on the ounces for what I call joint weed. The ounce specials are hard to beat. My dad who is over 60 especially loves it.

    If any of you complain about it, you are probably weed fags. For the price it is great and it gets u high. Buy the more expensive shit if you wanna stay higher longer, but don't complain otherwise.

    The staff was cool, smiley and friendly and I think I have a crush on the receptionist. hahaha

    Review Source:
  • Report God's Gift...the gift that keeps on giving!

    Yes kiddies, it's time for yet another review from the one and only(but never lonely)Eppy. The scores speak for themselves, and by now you probably understand my opinion of their atmosphere, staff, accessibility, and price(all great!). Now on to the good stuff...

    For continuity, and simplicity, I'll keep the bud reviews like last time: easy-to-understand grading(A-D).

    Fireband: A-, good-looking, burned slow, and for the price?! Holy shit, take advantage of this stuff!!
    Sensi Star: B-, not very pretty(brown), not very tasty(but better than stress), but it was stoney for the $$!
    Banana Kush: A+, what really needs to be said about this High Times centerfold-quality flower? Perfection.
    God's Gift: A+, one of the absolute best sativas yet; brilliant high. And even better when combined with...
    God's Gift Hash: A++, hey it's a sativa concentrate, it tastes AMAZING in my Eclipse Vape, and it kicks ass!
    Prerolls: A, good weight, good burn, great effect, and they taste even better when they're FREE!
    Blunts: A, great weight(mine came out to 1.8 WITHOUT the wrap!), great effect, and the price is killer.

    *Special thanks goes out to Donald for taking care of my boy, he was very happy with his "FTP" and the deals.*

    Oh, and a poem, in the tune of Spider-Man:

    Lava Sticks, Lava Sticks,

    Light one up, take a hit!

    Got a run, here's the fix:

    Use your thumb, and some spit,

    Have fun, and light-up a Lava Stick!

    Sincerely, EppyThatcher "Those goons in England need to chill the fuck out, send over Emergency Lava Sticks!"

    Review Source:
  • Report SATISFIED


    Review Source:
  • Report Once again..

    Never disappointing! I like how this clinic recognizes familiar faces, not just with me but other people as well. Iv'e came in numerous times before this post and have had many of their meds at hand.

    FIREBAND : This has been my joint stash for some time and it does the job, its one of the sale items but nonetheless a very good smoke. not bad tasting at all for the price and definately gives a nice mental head high. C+

    Gods Gift: Left in the container the danky stank will just fill your room with that good smell that makes your homeboy next to you say somethin. I cleaned the 8th with the bong and it was tasty. A

    Sour XXX: Put me out! Threw down a base nug and covered it in a blanket of hash. really heavy head high for me. good stuff. A

    Romulan hash : very sticky, smelly hash . has me on a more up and aware high

    good lookin out on all the meds guys. we appreciate the love.

    Review Source:
  • Report Always leave happy!

    This place is the best! I made it my regular spot a while ago and I've never been disappointed. Just went in on Friday with a homie and they happened to be having a moving special. I walked out with so much stuff it was awesome! Gotta give a shout out to Alex for the bomb hash brownie and fat two gram blunt for bringing in a referral! They have a huge selection of hashes, everything from full-melt to hash oil, and it's all amazing. The XXX og and blonde og are definitely two of my faves. Their edibles (which happened to be 2 for fifteen) are very potent and their bubba butter (only ten bucks!) made a whole box of brownies (very potent). Their herb, I like quantity over quality myself, is very good, very wide selection of top, mid, and lower shelf. Love them!

    Review Source:
  • Report ftp

    went in here as a ftp and I am sure I will be back.... my budtender was friendly and helped me pick some bomb sativa (Gods Gift) and then I got some ChemDawg which was the bees knees!!!! and the preroll is the shit!!!!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Hooked up fat at Victory 215

    Came in today with my friend to help him stock up on some quality meds before going back up to SB.. We were both first time patients here, but I heard they had dank for a great price from a friend, so I directed our mission here today. Winning decision.

    Got a quad of God's Gift, a quad of Power Plant, a quad of Banana Kush, an eighth of 707 Headband, and an eighth of Darth Vadar. For being first time patients, our BT, Alex, hooked us up with a half gram each of some hash. My buddy got God's Gift hash and I got some Purple Dawg.
    He also threw in a free top shelf preroll. Bombskiiss.

    The only downside to this clinic is the massively out of the way legal U-turn if you're coming from Corona on Magnolia. Compassion is there, quality is there, variety, budget buds, a full selection of edibles and concentrates. I saw only a few clones out, but I don't normally stop by the clones since they aren't what I go for. The clones they had out looked pretty healthy, standard. Nothing stuck out.

    Overall: Bomb collective, I recommend anyone in the area should go here to get hooked up.

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  • Report Deals and honest people

    Best dispensary in riverside/corona by far, the bud tenders always hook it up and are very friendly, never keep you waiting. Short checking in times, and if they're busy the wait is never over 5 minutes. Their bud quality is great, get top shelf if you're so worried about bud quality. They have $5 grams all the time with deals and a rewards system, so if you have a low budget like most people its great. I've been to tons of different dispensaries, and this is by far the best. V-215 is the only dispensary i know where the BTs remember you, and even help you.

    Thanks again V-215 for the great medicine

    - Justin

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  • Report Good Stuff

    Just got some v215 og and some gsel and damn i was impressed!! and for a ftp i got a free prerolled of their top shelf and that was good as well. Thanks Alex for the hook up on that brownie also!! DeF coming back for sure

    Review Source:
  • Report Glad they're not moving far ....

    Because this collective is moving this week, I don't want to comment on the parking/atmosphere etc in this review until I see the new place ;) Prices are competitive, pretty much the same as anywhere else. But I do want to make a comment on the meds.

    Regardless of what anyone tells you, the same strain (same genetics) is going to produce pretty much the same potency regardless of where you get it - the only real difference being in how the product was handled up to and after harvest. A properly dried and cured bud can be significantly different from other flowers even from the same plant. A poorly finished product burns unevenly, tastes "off" and can be full of heavy metals used in fertilizers. Ick. Who wants that in their lungs?

    That said, both strains I picked up yesterday at Victory - the C-4 I went in for, and a free gram of Bubba Kush for FTP - thanks! - were superbly handled. Stayed lit, burned smoothly and left a nice gray ash instead of black lumps in the bowl. Flushed completely, cured to perfection = a real commitment to quality that makes a dispensary stand out from the rest.

    I will most certainly be checking out the new location soon!

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  • Report Great place

    Picked up an 8th of Chem dog at their old location, really friendly BTs, knowledgeable, and hooked me up with a free gram for FTP, awesome place, highly recommended.

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  • Report My favorite dispensary :)

    I love this dispensary because everytime I go the staff is so nice and they always hook it up! I just checked out their new location (in the green and white building with the RV sign in front) and it is super chill...there are 2 seperate rooms with the same buds so it's much roomier and personal. They have $15 eighth specials right now that are well worth the price, and when they restock their golden wax concentrate I will be back for more of that as well :) Keep up the great work guys!

    Review Source:
  • Report concentrates

    Went in a while ago to buy some concentrates. Picked up their honey oil and nepal oil and some other kind of full melt hash i forgot the name. The honey oil and nepal oil were good, hard to go wrong with those. Honey oil actually tasted liek honey and nepal oil had a strong bubble hash taste. Also picked up a bunch of clones 5 months ago and they turned out pretty good. Havn't tried much of their flowers, but the ones i've tried were good, and the other strains had good eye appeal and smell. Not to best in the IE, but its worth checking out.

    Review Source:
  • Report First time review

    Stopped by today as a first timer. no real parking but the building is easy to find. GPS it! Nice seats and water with TV. Security guy was super cool and said they had just moved from another local.

    Very nice staff and quick 4 page sign up, no one else so it was quick.

    Lots of good bud and I picked the 707 headband and i'm super happy. Nice and bubble gum sticky all the way to the core. The lemonade is pretty good and I'm super happy with my pimp 1.5 gram party joint! The ad was in the I.E. weekly.

    I'm going back for sure!

    Review Source:
  • Report New Location: Same GREAT Service

    Went by on Tuesday to check out the new location. Still close to me, so not too upset about the move. The new location is much more low key and not as out in the open as before. It's a small green/white house with a service place in back. It is def easy to miss if you aren't sure what your looking for. Parking is in the rear, they had much better parking before.

    As far as the new building goes, it is nice. The waiting room has ample enough space and is setup better than the old location. Check in was easy as always, but hey, they also know me. Once in the back, they now have two budrooms. I will say, this will be especially nice on those busy days that happen so often at V215. No more crowded up in the herb room with no room to move around. I only went in the first budroom b/c that's where the majority of the concentrates were. Much more room and better setup at this place. I was told the back budroom basically had the same stuff.

    You now walk up to a window with a receipt and then pay there. I am not sure I like this setup, but let's give it some time and then see how it goes.

    The staff is the same as before so still major chill and way cool. You can always count on them for the right recommendations for whatever your medical needs!

    As far as price, the deals right now are bomb and the hook up is always there, so I can't imagine that would change. If it does, I will be sure to review.

    Bud quality and Concentrates are still the bomb quality you expect. You can always have a little bad herb every once in a while, but for the most part, I have never really had a major complaint here. A few bad flushes and bad trim jobs on some of the cheaper specials, ie. $10grams/5 for $30, of course, with that price point, you can't really complain (or at least you shouldn't).

    All in all, great new location, great same staff and quality that we all have come to know and expect from V215! See you guys in a minute, headed there now :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Chill spot

    Huge Selecetion, Best Deals , Great Buds. One of my favorites.

    Keep up the good work guys

    Review Source:
  • Report affordable , compassionate , and dank

    today I decided to check out their new location and I was very impressed upon my arrival ...the waiting room was sick with the same comfy couches as their previous location...the manager remembered me and the check in time was quick ...the bud room was sick and neatly organized ..the buds looked fire and the budtender Alex was extremely helpful and honest ...he hooked it up with a sick ass preroll, sum fire ass og diesel and finally sum romulan hash that has a sweet taste on the tip of ur tongue upon exhale ..very tasty hash ...overall great place, compassionate staff and dank buds

    Review Source:
  • Report BEWARE

    LOVED THIS PLACE! until.. i got shorted 3 different times. WEIGH YOUR MEDS WHEN YOU GET HOME! these budtenders like to write an extra .2 on the bottle than what they really gave you. NOT COOL VICTORY. When I spend 45$ on something.. I should ATLEAST get what I payed for.. not less when it says I received more. tricky. Great meds but I dont like being lied to.. I won't be back.

    Review Source:
  • Report Always best around!!!!

    Always hooked up when i come. luis soccer sunday dontlet me down.hahaha

    Review Source:
  • Report loves this clinic an they always hook it up

    i think this is one of the best clinic that i have ever been to. just because all of the budtenders are super chill an they hook it up fat everytime i go there. i have never seen them under weighed somebody.am they have really good deals. oh an there pre rolls are always nice joint an fire.

    Review Source:
  • Report pretty bomb

    Great prices and the weight was right one.fast in and out .

    Review Source:
  • Report Great new location!

    this place has always been very cool and convenient to people. Their last place was pretty cool and the new place is even better! Thanks for always treating me right!

    Review Source:
  • Report C for yourself

    This is one of those spots that i was hesitant to try because of mixed reviews, but i tried to c for myself if possible. I happened to b n the area the week before they moved to their new spot. Met at the door by a nice security guard, our check n was fast, budtenders were nice, selection was great, we got the afgani kush,purple royal,blue og,purple urkle,fireband and choc.Thai. If you read my reviews u know i buy a good variety when i visit dispensaries, take a friend and share the cost that way u can try different strains,because what u get from one place under the same name could b totally different.To make a long story short i am so glad i went for myself, we were very pleased and i will b visiting the new spot soon. The Choc Thai n the vape is delicious. Only complaint when we came out i didnt feel safe the parking lot was full with people medicating right out in the open, i guess patients had called their friends to meet them up there.If the police had come by there would have definately been trouble. I hope that u guys are checking your parking lot at the new place

    Review Source:
  • Report GREAT PRICES!!!

    honestly the buds here r jus alrite but at least they do have some good prices on some of them that makes it worth it. they have good and friendly staff, the ladies r pretty fine too haha ;) anyways i love the drink and the prices here same with the tincture but wen i got there they were gone so i didnt get to c it but its is a pretty good price on the menu bomb hash too i got 2 different kinds 1 was way better than the ther but i forgot the names but both still good

    thanx V215
    keep up the good work and great prices

    Review Source:
  • Report a-train

    this was first time at 215, ive been smoking for 22 years so i have a high tolerance. this can affect the budget really bad. so i was on weedmaps and saw 215 they have a stimulus package on their ten dollar strains. this is so awesome. i went in got verified super quick, staff is awesome super nice. my bt was named alex i believe. really super cool guy very helpful. understood that money was tight, had to spend a bunch on fixing car this week so money low. he showed me their stimulus strains and to be honest i was expecting just pure junk. but there are some really decent to good strains for very cheap. he showed me an outdoor a-train smell is so so could be cured better all about humidity while curing i learned. but the bud is well formed and it sparkles. needs just a little bit tighter of a manicure but like i said for the price its really good. which is why i gave it a five. i got a half ounce for 65 bucks, killer deal it is really strong good meds for before work so you can function but kill anxiety which i get. on top of that alex hooked it up super fat with really nice buds compact tight covered in trichs. then he wasn't finished, they had chocolate Thai hash for ten a gram. alex gave it to me for 5 bucks and its good hash. then i got a fat cone joint of top shelf shake over a gram in it. walked out of their hooked up for 70 dollars. this coop has really killer topshelf also from what i saw, which i will be grabbing when money gets better, along with more stimulus strains. this place has a strain at every price point for your needs, im glad i checked it out, will for sure be back thank you guys

    Review Source:
  • Report Awesome Deals! Compassionate People! Convenient Lo

    I was treated like royalty by Luis! He made me feel like my business was really important as well as my satisfaction in what I preferred and/or medicated for. I ran into a friend while there also and it was just an overall very positive experience! They gave me great deals and he was EXTREMELY kind and generous for my first time! All I can say is this, there is only ONE chance to make a first impression and my impression of them is impeccable! I don't think they could have treated me any more perfectly! Lots of people came in while I was there and every one of them said the same thing, "Great quality and great prices!'

    Keep up the AWESOME work!
    Chef Sara ;D

    Review Source:
  • Report BEST IN TOWN

    I love this spot....great selection and prices...customer appreciation with rewards cards and weekly raffles....and the staff is great....the guys are super cool and the ladies are lovely....
    all around, GREAT EXPERIENCE! LUV YA V215!.

    Thanks for those SWEET DREAMS!

    Review Source:
  • Report Always a hook up

    Never leavin without some heavy medication here. Love the compassion they show, and their always happy to see patients.
    Came in for the 15$ 8ths. Some strains differ.. but you get what you pay for. I dont know about any other patients who also purchased the "sale" strains but i did definately get medicated.. Also got some of the Red Dot OG. shit was absolutely STANKY! Smelled my whole room with a nice strong odor. The nugs are very fat sticky and glisten full of trichomes. Really red and hairy too, not super dense but it didnt matter.. Worked real nice in the bong. One rimmer got me totally baked for the night.

    Red Dot OG....thank you.

    and thanks V215, always comin through. ALWAYS.

    Review Source:
  • Report v-215 = victory for patients

    Always good vibes whenever i stop by victory 215, they always treat me nice and respectful. There is minimal paperwork and always a fast donation with them! Thanks for a wonderful time today!

    Review Source:
  • Report So much bang for the buck, and it just gets better

    Gabba-gabba-hey, kids! Who loves you, and who do you love, and what's the number-one collective in So-Cal?!
    VICTORY 215, THAT'S RIGHT!! It's been about a month since my last report card, and some things have changed, (new location and the parking situation), but change can be a good thing for the most part. So far I can't find a reason to complain about the new place; quick and painless, in-and-out, as per usual(and even MORE great looking gals, too!). Thankfully I had the chance to stop by two days before the Great Closing, and got ridiculous deals and freebies. I've since been to the new shop a handfull of times now, and every time they hook me up something sick; whether it's one(or TWO!!)of those wonderful V-Cones, or a reduced price on some concentrates, or even some vape-vials, I come out of that place feeling like royalty. That type of feeling is priceless! Now enough of this blabbering, and on to the good stuff:

    Simple grades, A-D. [you know the drill...]

    A-Train (A), Great effect for the price, and tasted good.
    Blueberry Kush (A), Nice tasting, not the most "Blueberry-ish" I've had, but a good bake.
    Black Domina (B+), Didn't taste incredible, but it put me to sleep nicely.
    Chemdawg (A-), Strangely enough I can't seem to remember the effect of this one(?!), but I know I liked it!
    Chocolate Thai (A), Finally got a chance to try this out(sells-out often), no regrets.
    Skunk #1 (A), Stoney sativa, my woman really liked this stuff.
    Purple Cream (A), The batches of this seem to get better every time I pick it up...
    Purple Royal (A), Zone-the-fuck-out weed, nice indeed:)
    White Rhino (A), Tastes better than it looks and really kicks-ass for cheap!
    707 Headband (A+), Taste: Excellent, Aroma: Wonderful, Effect: Better than I expected. Great top-shelf!
    C-4 Hash (B), Not very tasty out of the vape, but it got the job done on top of a bowl.
    Chocolate Thai Hash (B-), Same as the C-4, not incredible, but they hooked it up FAT!
    XXX OG Full Melt (A), I neglected to review this one last time, but it was so strong, that I got the sweats.
    V-Cones (A++), Every time I light one of these fatties up, the world seems a better place.

    Well, that's it for now kids, and enjoy the Fruits of Victory!(Always enjoy responsibly). That's right I'm comin back, baby!

    Sincerely, EppyThatcher "I don't care which party wins/loses, just legalize it, and you'll get my vote!"

    Review Source:
  • Report Earwax smells like butane

    The wax hella smells like butane. They make it themselves now, but get the old vendor back. I'm returning this shit for sure.

    Review Source:
  • Report love my bt

    average low shelf... good quality for the price... the mr nice guy was real stoney.. but the icin on this edible for me ...was the service.. couldnt have been more pleasant or proffesional.bt held a rather interesting convo wit me... and lemme tell you i knew wat i was buyin.. and he made sure of it... definitly will be back for more top shelf... you guys even gave me a pipe half off... loved it... keep it up guys

    Review Source:
  • Report pretty cool

    This was my first time here and was i pleasently surprised by the whole experience, great parking, security, lobby, the pretty ladies and meds. I really like the stimulus package type stuff and their rice crispy/fruity pebble treats. theres somthing for everyone here and the smoke is good, i'll definately be back. thanks for that killer cone pretty lady. the ninja has spoken.

    Review Source:






    Review Source:
  • Report Ooh How i missed you guys...

    Omg, yesterday was my first time being at the new place,loved it. Love what you guys did with it, i think it was very smart of you guys to have 2 rooms; grate way to get your customers in and out. If i may make suggestions; the waiting room was a little dark, maybe putting some free standing lamps or something if you don't want to use the overhead lights. Give it a home like feeling, it will help new and returning patients feel more relaxed. Also think it will be really cool of you guys if you had a little map or give a quick tour of the place to returning patients that have not visited the new location.

    On to the medication, loved what i got yesterday (Strawberry Cough :D). You guys have the best prices by far in the IE without compromising the quality of the medication.Love the deals you guys have as well. Awesome!

    Overall, If you are a new patient this is the place to go. Very nice people, always happy to help you out.

    Love ya.

    Review Source:
  • Report Excellent dispensary for those in the Corona/River

    I've been here twice in the past week and have a new favorite dispensary. Luis and Gigi have been friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Cheers!

    Review Source:
  • Report I drive past others to come here

    I like the waiting room a lil dark to see t.v. for like 2 minutes while i wait. New location is easy to find. Good bud for low donations. good text deals all the time and not for low shelf, well sometimes lol but they let u know. Ive been there 3 times n i come from corona. Alex and jane you guys are awesome. thanks .oh the rewards program is incredible.

    Review Source:
  • Report best place for clones!

    this place is my favorite spot for clones. the dankest place for the dankest clones. i left here very VERY happy with my new girls. thanks a lot guys i'll be back very soon for some more.

    Review Source:
  • Report Legit clinic

    Got some 707 Headband and DAMN! I love this strain and the way that v215 serves their headband is great. The smell is lime/pine og smells but total head high and makes you think and able to work but watch out cause if you do end up smoking too much it will knock you out lol Keep it up V215!!

    Review Source:
  • Report True Compassion

    I wanna thank the guys at Victory 215...Thank You! No one likes to be dry out of cannabis for to long (lol)... me and a friend were talkin' about how some times a pre-roll is just the right fix...so I've been coming back for these pre-rolls at Victory 215 for I think 3 times now...not only do you guys have the lowest donation for a pre-roll you offer a great options for them...I can look in my wallet and still see money and knowing I have some good trail mix of top self rolled up in my pocket is amazing!!!... so I wanna thank you for working so hard to be there for me it truly puts quality back into my life. Take good care of your self Victory 215!! ...and see you soon!!

    Review Source:
  • Report text specials are always bomb

    Text special always help me out when low on funds.great spot to get what u need and the staff is always helpful.plus they have some real nice clones .

    Review Source:
  • Report By far best dealz

    Cumn for ur best deals for tha dollars I have.. Im never unhappy wen cumn thru top victorious 215.. Well worth tha drive..

    Review Source:
  • Report By far best dealz

    Cumn for ur best deals for tha dollars I have.. Im never unhappy wen cumn thru top victorious 215.. Well worth tha drive..

    Review Source:
  • Report By far best dealz

    Cumn for ur best deals for tha dollars I have.. Im never unhappy wen cumn thru top victorious 215.. Well worth tha drive..

    Review Source:
  • Report CHEESE OG!!!

    been here 3 times within the past 2 weeks and always left with a good deal and good bud. this last time got an 8th of cheese og and a fat deal on the oz specials half ak-47 half el diablo. ak-47 was alright wouldnt be getting that again but i was impressed with the diablo. it had a sweet taste to it and got me a hell of alot more stoned then i thought it would. if your low on cash i would recomend it but if you enjoy quality over quantity then the cheese og was where its at. beautiful orange haired frosty bud that smelt exactly like cheese should smell. as soon as i hit it i felt a rush to my eyes the og body high on the 1st hit. at that mommemt i knew i made a good choice.

    thank you v215 for always keepin me happy and wantin to come back

    Review Source:
  • Report My family

    Im in on tha best deals around.. C ya soon

    Review Source:
  • Report Uhhh...?

    So drove out to this place today after sitting in 30min of traffic on the way I came to check out the Pure Gold because the menu on here says 35$ a gram. The check in was quick the waiting room is fairly nice considering the area and looks from the out side. I go in the med room and ask to see this Pure Gold he tells me its 74% thc blah blah blah so I say ok 35$ a gram right he says no 35$ a half gram uhhh if you scroll up it says 15$ for half 35$ for a gram so I said ok ill take a half gram then it looks nice smells weird and taste good but its not really that strong at all ? it has some body effect and it has a real lemony taste and it dabs up nicely but still kind of disappointed over all I dont think I`ll be coming back all tho the ftp gift was a nice 2gram pre roll of"top shelf" again not very strong.


    Review Source:
  • Report Setting the standard.

    This place had it all for me Great staff, Great prices, and of course Bomb MEDICATION (F.T.P) Checked this place out on a freinds referral and always my friends were NEVER WRONG...a quick check in (as it should be)very comfartable wait room with drinks and food for the patients while they wait (instead of looking at each other)went tot the back room..WAIT,DID THAT SIGN SAY BUDROOM 1 AND BUDROOOM 2...thats when I was like holy cow 2 rooms, went into room 1 was packed so what did they do open up room 2 and man HELPED out a lot...NOW THE MAGIC BEGINS...the flowers were unbelievable I didnt have enough to get what i wanted kinda short BUT wait "DONT WORRY" i hear we will hook you up..MAN WHEN YOU SAY THAT TO A PATIENT HE IS VERY EXCITED...so they gave 2 grams and also a half gram of some hash...THATS WHEN I KNEW I had VICTORY in my blood..THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING... http://weeddeservebetter.com/

    Review Source:
  • Report So inviting.

    They made me feel like part of their family. Check in is standard. Hardly a wait, and if there is they have snacks and drinks for your fancy. Once let in back, 2 bud rooms AND a clone room! I walk into room 1 and was greeted by Luis. Super nice guy with a constant smile on his face. As a first time patient, he recommends me his favorites and allows me to split my eighth. His favorite was LA Confidential and it became my favorite that afternoon. Hits so smoothly, no harshness, and makes you feel beyond mellow. As an added bonus, 2 free pre rolls of top shelf shake. :D

    Definitely will be coming back. Thanks V-215 and Luis!

    Review Source:
  • Report great

    man o man they hook it upp the skywalker is great & yu cant forget ther prerolls

    Review Source:
  • Report Good

    Went in the other day and got 1/2 oz of some skywalker. Very good for the price. I got a fat preroll for the ftp gift and it looked great but tasted like complete crap! I couldn't even finish it and I'm not usually picky...

    Review Source:
  • Report idk

    best clink ive ever been to and im a og so learn about it

    Review Source:
  • Report today was a Victory !

    this place was great ! All staff member were welcoming & helpful. Love the magnafying glass to look at buds. i def reccomend

    Review Source:
  • Report No need to ever go anywhere else.

    I have friends who routinely visit new collectives to take advantage of new patient incentives and to shop around. I have realized there simply is no need to do that. V215 is by far the best place to go in the inland empire -- the best prices, the nicest staff, and the kindest goods.

    I go to V215 at least once a week and am always satisfied trying out their new strains and totally dig their text message specials. I picked up some budder today and was absolutely blown away. A tiny amount of this stuff medicates me more than several bowls of top shelf indica. I'm going back tomorrow for more because there is no way this stuff will stay on the shelves.

    I HIGHLY recommend the Skywalker that they have right now. It's a pretty ridiculous price for a great strain. Perfect for vaporizing.

    Review Source:
  • Report Finally went in

    I was always skeptical about all the good deals and specials they send out, so I finally decided to go see what they were about. Got a text buy an 8th get a g. Got an 8th of xxx og tasted like some bomb orangecrush or jack herrer with a hint of og. Definitely an indica though felt the affect so that was cool. I also got a g of some other og I cannot really remember it was okay. The taste was not so og smelling. Got the job done though. I also was given a fat 1.5 cone of there supposed top shelf shake. It wasn't the worst free pre roll I have received, but definitely not the best. Just kinda so so, not really horrible tasting, but you can taste a hint of earthiness, if that makes any sense. I will come back for sure, cause some of their strains they had deals on were not that bad. You guys keep up the good work. -Herbal3ssence

    Review Source:

    oct.8th...went in for my 1st time...this is as most would say THE BOMB..this place really dose work with you..when you are limited on funds,these folks really do work around your bugget..for my 1st time this is the best place ever..i met ALEX.dude you are the best...thanks again for the help(I MEAN ALEX REALLY DOSE FEEL FOR US)..next time in need meds. i am going to VICTORY215 that place is the BEST PLACE IN TOWN hands down..i think from now on screw HEMET,i am only goin to the VICTORY215....THANKS AGAIN ALEX YOUR THE GREATEST..your loyal client,,JERRYSFUN

    Review Source:
  • Report so far yes, best place around.


    Review Source:
  • Report Not so happy

    Went outta twn so i checked this place out...i was happy until i got home and weighed my meds..5 gram 8th of Herojuana came out to 3.8 and a 4 gram 8th of bullrider came out to 2.8..i mean talk about false advertising..havent medicated yet but looks nd smells good.. But im kinda dissapointed bcuz i drove outta my way to this shop for the deal..and i didnt get what i paid for. super upsetting.

    Review Source:
  • Report I


    the parking kind of sucks lol but besides that u guys ROCK!!!
    U always have good trees good deals and great staff (wish I worked there lol)
    I love how u guys r like 3min driving from my house =) my boyfriend and I cant wait to see u again =) crops ur fingers its tonight lol =)
    Keep up the good work guys =) hahahahahaha

    Review Source:
  • Report victory 215 thanks again

    this place is the best if you are on a budget. are like me between crops thier prices are the best.

    Review Source:
  • Report I was in CULTURE MAGAZINE!!!

    My review about me driving past pthers to come here appeared in OCT issue in V-215 centerfold Haha ..... cant see what I type on my iphone explains typo! V215 do i win something ???? Whats up Alex N Jane !

    Review Source:
  • Report not my cup tea

    cool place but the quality was not top shelf not coming back

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Deals!

    Been coming to Victory for a while now for their great deals! Deals everyday for every budget. Their parking lot needs to be bigger but its all good. Their bud isnt the best in the area but for the price its great. Staff is pretty chill and they hook it up. always appreciated. Also the Venom Wax and Victory Budder are DANK. Great club if your on a budget.

    Review Source:
  • Report This place is the best

    just went in and grabbed one of their $95 oz. its not top shelf but it smokes great and you cant beat the price. im a military vet and they said they couldnt give me a discount on the oz but that's understandable since its so cheap already but he weighed it out to 32 G's. very chill. atmosphere is great and the girls are cute. thanks victory 215!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Liquid og

    Went n grabbed some of that good stuff pretty gold taste cool buzz as well little dissapointed it didnt put me to sleep but we all have different tollerences :) overall great service atmosphere bud quality could be better for $ 20 gram

    Review Source:
  • Report rocky road edible

    I ate it last night be for dinner around 5 and woke up baked.the best meds I have ever tasted and felt no pain for hours .then got a some great buds today .best place it town.love this place got to love the text specials u guys are awesome..

    Review Source:
  • Report This Rating is the only one u need to read, PROMIS

    Victory is amazing! Wouldn't get my meds anywhere else! I only pray they don't move again. :(
    Quality! Is key word here. It's always great and I've yet to b disappointed by them. That says a lot cuz I'm a picky b*tch when it comes to the herbs I inhale, I'm all about quality.
    The wide range in variety is always a pleasure to scan over. Lets the customer know they care about their product.
    Atmosphere is perfect. Respectable, very chill and laid back, newb-friendly(lol), entertaining(most defiantly), Over all a good feeling sorta place. U'll visit again without a doubt!
    Staff is wonderful! Nice, interactive, energetic, friendly and able to answer all ur bud questions. And they're also attractive. ;) Plus!
    Accessibility is, for the most part, as easy as getting to any other Clinic. U've got to keep ur eyes peeled as ur trying to get to it. It's a lot better then its first location, and Parking is interesting. But don't let that fool u! Victory is worth the drive (if ur making one)and it's not like the clinic that's "closer" to u is any better or less complicated to get to anyway. XP
    Prices r very agreeable indeed! U'll find no over pricing here! Most grams r 15, NEVER over 20! Hells yes! In fact, just scroll up and look at that sh*t? Nuf said! Get ur card stamped enough times and ur good to go! Just hand it over to 'em and they'll get u taken care of. Card day feels good! X) Thank u Victory, for making my life just that much easier. Long live Victory!
    My favorites
    Indica: Banana Og, Herojuana Og, Pre 98 Bubba, Master Kush, Mr.Nice
    Sativa: Strawberry cough, Sweet Tooth
    Hybrid: 707 Headband, G-sel.

    Review Source:
  • Report My new spot

    This place rocks. They have killer deals that leave me feelin like i robbed the place when i leave... Butenders are tight as hell, and the bud is FIRE. No doubt these ppl will be seeing a lot of me in the coming weeks.

    Review Source:
  • Report Off The Charts

    okay seriously, this is the best place anyone can go to get good herb. Wverytime i want to pick up i come hwre

    Review Source:
  • Report Great deals here!

    I paid V-215 a visit since I hadn't yet visited their new spot.. This place is chill and the staff is always friendly! I'm on a budget and wanted to see what was available in my price range. (I had $10 in my pocket..) The budtender was kool and showed me more than I expected to see in my price range! Weighed my medication real heavy too! If you're on a budget.?. This is the spot! They work with just about any budget.. Thanks 4 hookin me up! See u soon!


    Review Source:
  • Report my medicine lab..

    cumn frum where ever this is tha place to go for medine.. i use V215 for my faves on tha indica bcuz i have a almost twisted off foot and a surving bad back and neck.. need my trees.. and best believe i cum for my morning buzz alert on them bomb sativaz u have for us patients with hi XpectationS.. thanx again to my boi AleX.. u tha man woadie..

    D.LO aka RaN

    Review Source:
  • Report 707 ummm im luvn it

    i need to b satisified and V215 does tha job thanx for being a great medicine supplier.. c ya soon


    Review Source:
  • Report awesome place

    thanks guys for always coming through ! ur deals n prices r awesome and its always fun to see whats new ...I hope that V215 butter comes back soon , that was dank ! thanks for the love , guys

    Review Source:
  • Report My usual haunt...

    I can never go wrong with Victory! Even when I'm down to my last few pennies before a payday, I find a text with an awsome deal or I find VERY compassionate budtenders who will help me out, no matter what my budget is. My hubby and I come in at least 2-3 times a week. The reward card has also earned us some freebies when we needed it the most. We LOVE victory!

    Review Source:
  • Report The Sickest Fucking Clinic That I Have Been To

    I just recently got my med card on the 18th of November, and my boys Jason and Justin told me to check this clinic out. Shit fucking blew my mind. For this being my first clinic, I can't wait to see if the other clinics can even compare. The quality of the bud is great. The amount they give you is very generous. Also, The service that they provide is excellent. I will definitely be going back to that clinic, and shit I stay in San Bernardino. I will also be referring everyone that i know to at least stop by and check this clinic out.

    Oh, and they also have the best prices on hash that i have seen so far.

    Review Source:

    I left this place happier than a gay man at a gay bar,lol....really though i visited 215 and they hooked me up with an eigth of GDP for twenty bucks plus a free gram of MEDICINE MAN for my first time gift,... couldnt have been happier withj the sevice and staff nt to menchon the quality of their meds,...ill be spreading the word for you guys ,...THANX AGAIN BIG TIME

    Review Source:
  • Report forget tha fakes V215 IS REALDEAL

    i been cumn thru here and like many other places tha choices is yours but cumn here is tha patients paradise.. i luv it..

    Ran aka everGreeN

    Review Source:
  • Report victory does it again

    2nd time here still getting good vibes. great donation prices on quality meds. lots of places around me in fontana, and i still drove out here.

    Review Source:
  • Report my favorite

    best place in the world

    Review Source:
  • Report Victory 215

    victory 215 is legit I love this place.. Bomb buds good deals..
    idc about the comment under me but his trippen stop hating.. Gotta check out the dark vader is sick..

    Review Source:
  • Report disappointed

    I went in there with a buddy and got helped by the chick with drawn on eye brows. my buddy gets 2 o's and she weighs them at like 31 gs each. so I'm thinking ok chill. then she weighs mine and says there's only 28.5 left and that she would like to give me more but the jar is empty. how hard would it have been to go grab another jar??? I've been treated good every other time I've gone in there. it shitty that this is how she treats a veteran. won't go to her anymore. then she doesn't even know how much is in an o cuz she said "there's actually 26 gs in an o..." oh well I still love you guys and your prices. peace!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Good deals

    The first time I went there, they were so busy they had to open the second bud room, which is pretty sick instead of having a long wait. It's easy to find and has plenty of parking space. Convenient and discreet. The staff is really nice, there's a guard and a tv in the waiting room to entertain you ha. The quality of the buds were good and reasonable for their price. This is a cool spot to check out they have something for all price ranges and it ain't seeds and sticks. They always have some sort of specials and deals going on. I say it's worth checking out if you are in the area. I will be going back today.

    Review Source:
  • Report the best price in river side med so great cant be

    the first time i came here i didn't know what to think so when i walk in and they were doing great price on most of there flowers i went nuts they got some of the best meds iv tryed and they for dame sure got the prices down any one who has not come here dose not know what they are missing out on this is the stop and u can believe that i am going to tell all my fam about this spot so they can blow it up the staff will always make u feel right at home and ur witing time always go by supper fast also the fact that they have two bud rooms and a plant room make ur whole time there one of the best u will ever have in riverside look all i got5 to say is cheak this stop out u ant got notting to loss but the best stop to gain

    Review Source:
  • Report Victory 215!

    Been coming to victory road for some time now and have yet to write a recent review so here we go,
    The clinc is easy to find yet hidden parking is ok, verification takes no time at all staff and room very freindly. there pricing fits anybodys budget weather it be for flowers,edibles or concentrates they'll make it possible to stretch your dollar:)$
    There recent flowers iv left with were darth vader,blue dream,liquid og, 18og, 707 headband much more to list but sadly cant remember em all despite my short list and all the reviews on how there strains are weak at victory road trust me there not good looking lookin herb with a great smell and a taste is always there.
    Moving on to there edibles iv only tried so many on occasions were smoking is a no-no and they leave me quit medicated although I eat alot at once because there so good!
    Finally there conctrates your guys hash and wax never fails!!! I just recently grabbed a few grams of wax and been on a good one with just a dab and the taste omg !!! Plus 30 a gram ? Nowere else can you get such quality for less than a 1/8 of "DANK" top shelf your local clinic tries to rip with.
    Overall Victory Road gets 5/5 STARS FROM ME

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  • Report V215, you butter believe it baby!

    Oh me oh my, why it's that time again for your friend, Old Eppy of the Thatch;) I came in with a few dollars, to make my lungs holler, and boy did I get away with a snatch! Easy-to-understand grades (A-D) as always, but first let me adress what, to me, warrants a grade of A. I've given that grade to strains that fall under every price bracket, so it begs the question "How could you give the same grade to both a top-shelf AND budget strain?!". The answer is the difference between steak and ground beef; one's top shelf, one comes in a tube, but guess what? We've all had crappy steaks once in a while, and some hamburgers are life-changing. Lesson learned: don't judge weed by it's price tag, and don't be a snob in a time of economic crisis. So sayeth Eppy! Now enough of this blasphemous sermon and on to the good stuff...

    Phantom OG: (C+) A+ high, but it burns way too fast. Smoke this in a pipe, preferably.
    Strawberry Cough: (B+) This strain must be CBD-laden, because I got a wicked body high,
    yet my girlfriend felt nothing. Strange indeed...
    G-sel: (A) Good high, burned slow, and was an absolute steal at the price. Hope they get
    that one again, and soon.
    Blue Dream: (A-) Not the strongest BD that I've had, but they show me love with the price
    and the weight. Great bargains on it recently, too.
    Blueberry Urkle: (A+) An A+ stim-package strain?! How is this possible? Taste it, watch it
    burn beautifully in a bong (say THAT three times fast) and then
    remember how little you paid for it!
    Blackberry: (A) Smoked great, looked great, and I got a great deal on it.
    Orange Crush: (A-) Good sativa effect, and it tasted decent in the bong; will smoke again!
    V215 Butter(Wax): (A++) Simply unreal. I'm blown away by how little it takes in the vape
    to get an incredibly long lasting high, and the taste...god damn!
    Old Nepal Oil: (A) Tastes good, and stretches-out your bud intake, when generously applied
    the top of a bowl. One vial goes a long way, you'll be suprised.

    Well that's all for now kids, and remember to have your pets spayed or neutered! Special thanks to Gigi, Alex, the Brothers, Mike, Big Lou, et. al.

    Sincerely, EppyThatcher "Stop California from becoming a police-state, rip the system!"

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  • Report just got shorted by my favorite co-op ever

    This is the best place ever.. but im a little upset that I was just shorted a few bucks. I bought an Oz of fruity loops and a G of hash and when I got home I realized that i was short 3 dollars in change and the bud tender gave me the 5$ G of hash instead of the $10 G I paid for. Since this place has the best prices for quantity and this is the first mistake im definately still going back. Plus i like the staff and the buds!

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  • Report why have i waited to come here?

    The best dispensary I have been to! Wow always stayed away from dis place thinking it sounded to good to be true, the best meds around at the best donations rates in socal. Well as it turns out it is true and I feel like a moron for not checking this place out sooner. Saying I got hooked up would be the understatement of the decade, I got:
    2.1g blue dream ( very nice real blue dream not the craziest B.D. I've had, but defiantly the best in the last six monthes)
    2.1g lavender( wow, the taste on the exhale is unreal, nice melo relaxng long lasting effect, not sleepy but just supper chill)
    1.3g banana kush(the real deal banana, there are alot of "banana kush"s out there but this one is the real deal)
    1.2g blackberry kush( best tasting incarnation of this strain I've had to date, just fire!)
    2g purple bubba bubble hash( smooth and tasty great after work hash, relaxed but not couchlocked)
    2g hash oil( total old school hash oil, will send to another planet....woooo!)
    all for only $100, really great bud tenders to, I wish i wasn't so medicated when i went in i might be able to remember my bud tenders name, I'm sorry man, whoever you are you rock! I will be back to this spot,... hell this is the only spot now!

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  • Report wax

    keep up on the good selection of hash great price

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