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    Good selection
    Nice selection of strains but only a few really good top shelf. For the price you can't go wrong. Should of came in another day I didn't see your specials for edibles yesterday or I would of stopped by on another day for some of the other deals your budtenders told me about. I usually don't care about seeing a places menu but you guys really should post the specials, I had no idea about any of them when I came in which might of got me in a little sooner to check you guys out.

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    Nice little spot
    Great spot but you NEED TO UPDATE YOUR MENU AND KEEP IT UPDATED. Its really not that hard and only takes a few minutes every few days. Thats my only negative.

    Otherwise the buds, budtenders, location and feel of the place is really legit. Can't say i've been to many places that leave me with the feeling that I should review you!

    Really laid back people, didn't hassle me or nothin. Not to shabby on the paperwork, at least it wasn't an essay like some... Really good stinky nugs that sparkle and gleem. Grabbed an 1/8 and left. I was somewhat incapable of moving off my couch after a nice bong load. Love this place, recommend it to all.

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    Great Meds!
    This place is def one of my favorite new spots I just wish they would update their menu a little more for us.

    Stopped by and got some great og, smelled wonderful and got fucked up after the first hit. The shop looked well kept and isn't too hard to get to.

    Staff was really friendly and that makes things go so much better for me. Tenders were cool as well, didn't hear any BS these guys knew their stuff.

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    Good People and Great Buds
    I've been in here a couple of times and had a great experience every time. The buds were great; they smelled good, looked sticky, and best of all tasted fantastic. I recommend everyone come and try out some of there dankness!

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    good smoke great deals
    i go hear all the time they have good smoke and great prices i love the atmospher hear everyone is alot of help if you need good smoke at goods deals i would go hear if i was you later antione

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