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ATTENTION:This business has not been verified. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting. I am the business owner
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Based on (229) reviews
Med Quality 4.7
Location 4.7
Budtenders 4.7
Knowledge 4.8
Price 4.7

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  • Report i like place like ALC in the IE..

    bud are good staff is great i wood like to see some better hash. bud quality go down for that.

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  • Report great experience

    I've been coming to this spot for a couple of weeks now...good environment and the budtender was very friendly..they have some pretty good nugs last time I picked up some of their platinum OG and it did its job...thanx ALC will definitely be returning

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  • Report ALC... done it again..

    Today again had another great experience, Made it for Happy Hour and got exactly what I needed. Picked some Indica, Which i enjoyed thoroughly.I recommend you visit during Happy Hour and try a top shelf at discount price,its well worth it. Thanks to ALC for offering this great deal!

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  • Report THE BEST IN THE I.E.

    If you want good price great hours awesome staff and the best bud in reeferside ALC is the place for you. why go any where else. the best! Hands down.

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  • Report almost was my last visit to alc....

    First i would like to thank Tanner and the ALC for their great helpful service fixing what was the worst experience I had ever had at a dispensary by getting me what I had originally wanted in the first place and hooking it up as well. I will definitely go back, this has been my go to place since july and am very happy to say it now still is. Tanner suggested two great flowers for me after listening to what my needs were, golden goat and gdp both are really really nice, exactly what I need. The golden goat has a very nice euphoric happy mood up and a nice body relaxing effect as well as a great almost pineappleish flavor. The gdp is just fire! it's taste and effects are exactly what I expect from gdp. So thanks guys for the great service and being the best place in the IE to get my meds.

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  • Report King of riverside. ALC

    this is one of my favorate clinics. It's the closest one to my house, and consists of a very knowledgable staff. I myself prefer to go in during the early bird, and happy hour specials during witch they sale there top self buds for $10 a gram, and they're reserves for $15. The enviroment inside the clinic is very stress free, and makes you seem at home with the t.v going on. The flowers are my favorate thing about this shop, no matter what they always have at least two diffrent top shelf strands that i like enough to choose from. I recomend this shop to all of my fellow medical marijuana users. -stay medicated(:

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  • Report the best!

    love commin in there. always a good selection and friendly staff. best in the I.E. hands down

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  • Report the best!

    love commin in there. always a good selection and friendly staff. best in the I.E. hands down

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  • Report good weed

    Good weed for the price, better than pomona clubs.

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  • Report First Time.

    Showed up during Happy Hour. ALL grams $10. Grabbed 5 g's of True Og from the homie Tanner.

    Paperwork was quick and wait was less than 10 mins.

    So 5 g's of FIRE for $50. The True Og is tight dense Og frosty nugs. One of the better strains I have saw in Riverside.

    I'll definitely be back to this place.


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  • Report ALC is the real spot

    No ones doing it bigger then the ALC in riverside all the tenders and super friendly and know everything about their bud special thanks to Tanner good looking out homie much love always family at the ALC - BGMK

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  • Report best place in the IE

    early special makes it worth waking up in the morning. ive never been disapointed with their bud. mango cush, bananna cush, moxed eith golden goat is the shit. highly recomend ALC

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  • Report ALS has..

    bommb weed and good deals..nice setup, i didnt feel rushed.

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  • Report 1st time

    Top shelf cpuld of had more stronger indicas but its a coo shop..

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  • Report Great Dispensary.

    I go to ALC often, its a big place with great environment, has security and friendly bud tenders. Unfortunately Sometimes they can be a little pricey but you cannot beat the consistency of quality meds anywhere.

    Happened to stroll in today during happy hour and got a great deal on some OG, good heavy indica nice flavor. I am always satisfied when leaving this place, and would Recommend this place to anyone...

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  • Report Good selection

    Nice selection of strains but only a few really good top shelf. For the price you can't go wrong. Should of came in another day I didn't see your specials for edibles yesterday or I would of stopped by on another day for some of the other deals your budtenders told me about. I usually don't care about seeing a places menu but you guys really should post the specials, I had no idea about any of them when I came in which might of got me in a little sooner to check you guys out.

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  • Report Nice little spot

    Great spot but you NEED TO UPDATE YOUR MENU AND KEEP IT UPDATED. Its really not that hard and only takes a few minutes every few days. Thats my only negative.

    Otherwise the buds, budtenders, location and feel of the place is really legit. Can't say i've been to many places that leave me with the feeling that I should review you!

    Really laid back people, didn't hassle me or nothin. Not to shabby on the paperwork, at least it wasn't an essay like some... Really good stinky nugs that sparkle and gleem. Grabbed an 1/8 and left. I was somewhat incapable of moving off my couch after a nice bong load. Love this place, recommend it to all.

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  • Report Great Meds!

    This place is def one of my favorite new spots I just wish they would update their menu a little more for us.

    Stopped by and got some great og, smelled wonderful and got fucked up after the first hit. The shop looked well kept and isn't too hard to get to.

    Staff was really friendly and that makes things go so much better for me. Tenders were cool as well, didn't hear any BS these guys knew their stuff.

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  • Report Good People and Great Buds.

    I've been in here a couple of times and had a great experience every time. The buds were great; they smelled good, looked sticky, and best of all tasted fantastic. I recommend everyone come and try out some of there dankness!

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  • Report good smoke great deals

    i go hear all the time they have good smoke and great prices i love the atmospher hear everyone is alot of help if you need good smoke at goods deals i would go hear if i was you later antione

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  • Report great location...staff obviously dedicated!

    But i saw these guys out there all day yesterday...getting this place ready...I like how its right in the open, Big green plus sign on side of building thats says ALC in the center...mad props to you guys for being ready for today...too bad i have no money right now!!!

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  • Report Support Locals.

    was driving by and just saw the green crosses out of the corner of my eye...swerved to check the place out. walked in and the establishment is freshh...just opened today(420).looks good. the buds bomb and the staff is chill peoples..and made sure we had a good visit. ill be checking out this place often . i suggest you check em out!

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  • Report the spot

    I walked in here for 420. they have a huge selection on $5 grams. i grabbed sum skywalker nd white Queen definitely a hook up for those on a budget. i'll be coming here often nd i suggest others to stop by nd check it out. props 2 u guys at A.L.C.

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  • Report BEST BUDS IN TOWN!!!!!


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  • Report WHAT?!?!? The Best Quality I have seen anywhere

    I have been to ALOT of dispensaries and ALC by far as the best quality. The Hindu & Super lemon haze is the best quality I have ever seen, I didn't even know that it was possible to be this stoned, what?!?! My girlfriends and I each got a gram of each and I have never been so giggly. Everything is so funny..... Coming back for sure, quality like this is hard to come by. Og Purps is awesome too. The peeps there are cool, don't rush you like other places around here. Very cool atmosphere and its really nice inside.

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  • Report homeboy

    ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR MEDICINAL NEEDS. got me a bubbler at a good price and hooked up with some lemon haze. NICE! THANKS A.L.C.

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  • Report local

    nice little quaint spot. good location. nice buds. good people.

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  • Report Nice clean place

    I am new to this type of "shopping" They made me feel very comfortable and were very helpful. Gave me a heavy weigh cuz I was a new customer, so far great product too. I would highly recomend, oh I also had a choice of a donut and cold water :)

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  • Report The Bees-Knees!

    Great meds across the board, even down to the 5 dollar grams. Customer service couldn't be better too. I love this place and it is my new spot. And they also have you look at the weight before they bottle it up. Mega winning!

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  • Report this place iz amazing
    they hook...

    this place iz amazing
    they hook it up
    very friendly environment
    and I'm coming back furshur

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  • Report fat sacks

    Ok so lets start out with the location. easy to find driveway is a little challenging for a lowered vehical. Open at 8am! wow!

    Staff seemed to be pretty cool. the guy that helped me hooked it up. i was a first time patient got the 5 gram 1/8th we ended up spliting it 5 ways! (unheard of anywhere else) so i went ahead and tried the top 5. now for the buisness.

    CHEM DOG. Looks great,Frosty,Taste great. Has a uppy head high. to my standards i didnt care for it didnt seem to have a lasting effect.

    PRE 98/AFGANi. Looks good, lacking flavor, used as a wake n bake. guys i hate to be a hater but this one was VERY dissapointing.

    AFGOO. Looks Great Taste ok. Has a little expansion.(much appreciated) Kinda a creeping not very heavy high.

    Skywalker. GOOD taste. Alot of build up on the website and ive had some killer skywalker before. This was another one that wasnt up to my standards.

    BOSS HOG. BY FAR the best of my selection. actually has a bit of a heavy medicated feeling. Looks OK. smells dank.

    Hash. Hash is pretty good its a nice topper and the price is awsome

    Overall id have to say i wasnt satisfied. i did enjoy the boss hog and the hash. the 5 gram 1/8th is a cool deal. i probably wont be making this a regular stop.(shame its less then 5 mins from the house) But im also a VERY PICKY SMOKER.

    thanks for the fat sacks guys and hopefully next time you guys will have a bit more kill.

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  • Report Great !!

    Walked in and the establishment is immaculate, the service was incredible, very friendly & knowledgeable, the buds are bomb, 5$ grams are bomb and the topshelf is heavenly devine !!!

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  • Report Best money i never spent

    I was around in Riverside this afternoon and saw ALC. A buddy and I stopped in because, of the great location. Was happy with what I saw, until THE SO CALLED (Owner) spoke. For my Broken neck I have found the stain Master helps me the most with my mobility. Their top shelf Flowers look and smelled good. By the time i got checked in my buddy was finished. Finding out they had no Master, i decided to wait the 4 days till they had it. Then i got the comment "don't refer people unless they have money. My buddy for his budget picked up some mids and lil disappointed in the overall experience.

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  • Report Great my new hot spot

    Great donation prices, really helpful budtenders I asked probably 20 questions and they were well educated and could answer all my questions, not like other places around that have non educated little girls tending, super impressed keep up the good work ALC!!

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  • Report best deals in town

    the home of the $5 gram has great staff great atmosphere definitly two thumbs up in my books

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  • Report Nice!

    I went in last Sunday. I was in the mood for some edibles, luckily they had a deal on some psychedelic cupcakes. So I picked up two for four bucks a piece, not bad! I ate one and I didn't really feel it, ate the second and kicked in pretty well. Nice place, friendly staff, bud looked dank and fresh.

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  • Report This buds for you

    great place good buds cool staff great atmosphere. i advise everyone to check them out. u won't be disappointed.

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  • Report :)

    Good vibes,bomb meds...check out that sour house,shit bombbbb.staffs friendly,deff will b back soon guys....PRE ROLL WAS KILLER

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  • Report ohhhh yeeeeea

    this place has awesome prices awesome strains and i got theee sickest piece for 15 bucks, and they have the thick proper glass not the paper thin glass. you'll have to ask twice about the price cause the glass is so suprisingly low, i feel like im going to be tempted into grabbing another one next time..this place is legit they hooked it up. they have so many strains for all diffrent budgets. ill be back fosho fosho!the staff is really friendly and helpful and if i wasnt checking out all the strains i would have been in and out lol.ohhh and
    so if you have a medical marijuana license and your into medical marijuana check this place out

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  • Report a fresh Clinic with great prices check it out.

    Man this clinic is fresh and the buds are so boom for the price. so if you what to get some great meds for a fresh price.
    The green House is some great buds it keep me medicated for hours.
    The Hogg will nedicate you after you take a a hit that fire that get you coughing but a great buy.
    The dirty Purps are so nice witha dark purple, and the price is fresh.
    I got a Clone that growing strong and fresh.
    so check out alc for good meds.

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  • Report Best experience I've had at a Dispensary !!!!

    Gotta Check Out ALC!!!!! I'm in Riverside for the weekend, So I went on weedmaps.com and I think it was destined for me to find ALC!!!
    Customer service was excellent!!! I cant say enough about how friendly and inviting the staff was. They have FiRe Bud at a Large Selection...The $5 grams are surprisingly BomB and the Prerolls are Top Shelf and FaT!!!! I got a lot for my money and I'll be back in today before I go back home to San Diego!!!!
    *~*Thank You ALC, See You Soon*~*

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  • Report Love the great atmosphere

    All the meds are fire and grown properly. Love the staff they make you feel really welcome compared to other places. Love the first time patient deal. And also wouldn't mind trying their purple cabbage next time. Keep up the great work guys.

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  • Report Chill Spot

    Kick ass shop. Staff is very friendly and the atmosphere rocks. No little "gangstaz" on bikes hanging around outside, 2 thumbs up. Most excellent clone selection.

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  • Report its a G thing

    Got a gram of the g weed today and let me tell you it looks amazing completely covered with crystals and the nuggs are dense.its fire.its a creeper and once it gets you your stuck.thanks Vic

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  • Report First Customer of the Collective

    I happen to stop by on 4/20 and found out I was their very first customer! These guys treated me like gold. Since going back, I have found them treating everyone the same way! That keeps me coming back. Yesterday, Walt and Vic dropped the G Bomb! Picked up the best "G Weed" from them. I recommend it HIGHLY! I believe this is the only place you can find it right now too! Get it while it lasts!

    They have a great selection of glassware and edibles too. They took the time to really find out what our needs were and set us up with an excellent bubbler at a great price.

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  • Report chitty chitty bang bang

    i think the staff, budtenders, and even the security guard, there all cool peeps they all make comfortable when your there. All the budtenders know what there talking about any questions i had were answered besides the fact its a little small the good atmosphere makes it feel big haha. oh and the MASTERXSKUNK was FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Report YUM YUM

    Just hooked up from these guys we got a delivery as it turns out we were thier first delivery

    we were wanting to try some edebles the cup cake looks way to good to eat and mmmm smells so good
    we also tryed some O.G Lozenges Cherry Lime flavor they take the edge of nicely
    Just tryed the Platnum O.G. very happy will have to wait till tommorrow to try the Pre-98 Buba Kush

    A fast delivery fairly easy comformation Great meds for great donations
    We Will Be Back Very Happy
    Thanks Guys

    OK... that cup cake is calling for me now

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  • Report Best collective in town

    So this is my second trip back to thos dispeserary...and I am what you call a sick patient my liver shut down and I have a broken spine and neck...i constantly need medical marijuanna to help me....the staff at this collective are first off extreamly knowledable about there medication and what types will help each symptom which is very important and they are really friendly...the first time I got the fire og which was amazing and I even got the lower qualitly along with it and it still helped my conditions and was the lowest by far priced ive seen around on both top and low shelf medications...plain and simple they have a great staff amazing variety of all different type of qualitys for everyones budget...and amazing top shelf meds...i recomend this clinic to anyone that is looking for an amazing place that will help u out everytime go here

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  • Report So this is my second trip back to thos d...

    So this is my second trip back to thos dispeserary...and I am what you call a sick patient my liver shut down and I have a broken spine and neck...i constantly need medical marijuanna to help me....the staff at this collective are first off extreamly knowledable about there medication and what types will help each symptom which is very important and they are really friendly...the first time I got the fire og which was amazing and I even got the lower qualitly along with it and it still helped my conditions and was the lowest by far priced ive seen around on both top and low shelf medications...plain and simple they have a great staff amazing variety of all different type of qualitys for everyones budget...and amazing top shelf meds...i recomend this clinic to anyone that is looking for an amazing place that will help u out everytime go here

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  • Report Compassionate AF!

    ALC takes care of you plain and simple, there edibles soooooper bomb and hit you for a while, there top shelf is too dank and there service is amazing there open, friendly and have all sorts of variety of ANYTHING! Most defintly coming back=]

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  • Report Definitely comming back

    Prices are great @ ALC. Getting in was quick and easy, service was awesome, great variety... i got the G Weed strain. It got me very medicated! gonna come back soon for sure =]

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  • Report G-WEED

    Gotta say the g- weed strain is pretty bombz i recomend it to evry bud smoker out ther...it smoked dank out of my zig zag papers ,
    also good prices ...
    going bak 4sure


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  • Report Go and check it out!!!

    Ok...so I go here late as hell on mothers day....everyone was totally fuckin kool...(hey travis!) They hooked me up and the meds are bomb!!! Go check it out....and tell travis denyse sent you!! :)

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  • Report TRY THE HASH ;D

    im a regular here and i loveeee there weed but decided to try the hash this time and it was suuuupper bomb and at a super great price! my bud tender was extra cute ;P and he really knew his stuff on weed! :] its always a wonderful experience every time i come here!

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  • Report Thnx Alc

    i was i first time patient the day after mothers dayyy and i can truly say my bud tender was very nice and helpful so where thee others.:] There was a great variety of buds and very good prices . i got me an 1/8 Of skunk #1 and it was super dank thnks alc for being such good help.:) Im looking forward to visiting you guys more often since i only live down the street:]

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  • Report Amazing place

    best way to put it is simply amazing. meds are great very potent staff treats you like family and they always hook it up very nicely. the only thing bad is im about a 25 minute drive from ALC but the trip is very worth it!

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  • Report BOMB BOMB

    the hash here had me medicated to sleep..and you put that on any of there buds and you will be well medicated with all your pain put aside their edibles are super bomb i bought two carmel apples and 3 captin crunch munchies I ate two pieces of the carmel apple and I was stoned to the bone This is a great place ThanX guys and gals for being there to medicate me.. much love

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  • Report A Must-Stop place for everyone!

    These guys are awesome. I just can't say enough to stress that! They will really hook you up to your liking.

    Today's deal is not to be beat! They got some S. Trainwreck for $5 gram and some EXCELLENT new top shelf, Afgani
    Bubba. Get in there today!

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  • Report g weed, plat and sky

    i have been to some good dispensaries in sd and palm springs....i drove 3.5 hrs to get to alc...so worth the drive...the staff there had excellent customer service.... thxz lady and gentlemen

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  • Report FTP..... Hmmmm

    I get to the place and it was easy to find, plenty of parking in the back.

    Check-in... They had tons of paperwork. Probably 8 to 10 pages. After that, I had to wait about 10 minutes to get in. I wasn't in a hurry so.....

    The BT asked what I like... OG's of course... So, he showed me 3. It was a pretty small room and couldn't really move around to check much out. There were 2 other people in there also.

    I grabbed some Winston OG. It has a light OG smell. The nugs are lighter green with some orange hairs. There's a lot of leaf left on this. Enough said for now.

    I also grabbed some Purple OG.. Now... as everyone knows, I love OG's! To start the nugs were different colors in the dram. The purple nugs have soooo much leaf left on them. Even the water leaves are still on. trimmed down but, still on. When smoking it, it crackles and pops. Bad cure.. and is harsh on the throat. Has almost a lavender after taste. It's like a bad outdoor kush look. Real stringy. The other nugs in the same container where more green and actually trimmed.(what I saw when I looked at it)

    My auto trimmer will do a better job without even manicuring them.

    They weigh REALLY heavy 5.5, 5.6, 1/8ths

    They were really nice people. Maybe I just had some bad luck here.
    I'll give it a bit and try them again since their local.


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  • Report Why go anywhere else

    This place is bomb always, great customer service, deals that cant be beat,
    and fresh donuts every morning.
    this is the spot

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  • Report BOMBB

    so bomb..no joke,u deff gotta check this place out.friendly staff,bomb ass medication.
    deff should get best clinic in ie deff

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  • Report Yupp!!

    read up on some of the hype for this place and let me tell u its not over rated ,, picked up some of that winston og wow!!! definitely going back!! thanks for the love!!

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  • Report defintely my favorite spot

    Great spot good people affordable good meds

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  • Report Check this place out

    you got to check this place out, they hook people up with great med's for a great prices.

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  • Report this place is awesome

    Wow this place is great there top shelf is simply amazing whether it be sativa hybrd or indacs. Even there budget meds are greatway worth it for the price. shoot them a visit I can assure you that you will not be disappointed

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  • Report be back!

    went in here for my first time and was a satisfied patient!! grabed some of that winston OG homie was right when he said it tastes like lemon drops! be back soon for that G weed!!

    Review Source:
  • Report fo sho

    definetly going back that wimston og had me stright faded! ! that g weed caught my eye im for sure going back to get that!!

    Review Source:
  • Report one stop shop

    bomb platnum og and bomb winston!

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  • Report First choice clinic every time !

    ALC never lets me down. The hospitality deserves a much higher than a 5 star rating. The budtenders are very personal and make you feel like your one of them. The receptionist is very friendly and very organized. The clinic as a whole is organized, despite the cramped environment. The medication is top knotch and never fails to please. And they are always very flexible with the prices and splitting your donations. They encourage you to ask questions because they do know all the answers. They never make you feel belittled for asking. All in all, Alternative Lifestyles Collective is THE clinic to stick with!

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  • Report awesome bud @ less than 10 a gram wow

    this place has amazing deals on super sticky bud ...less than ten a gram. With with thirty five bucks I can get a quad of some good stuff and e medicated all day without being broke. I love this place

    Review Source:
  • Report The BEST NEW collective and overall dispensary in

    THE HOME OF THE $15 FOR TOP SHELF. I came into ALC for the first time a few weeks back. They were real nice and friendly and have a nice clean place with great staff. I felt like these people knew what they were talking about. And since the staff medicates as well i feel a lot more comfortable asking them anything about Cannabis. These people treated me like a homey. Instead of some places that treat you like a street dealers customer. Not these guys. And for my FIRST TIME GIFT they gave me a 4 gram 1/8th of their top shelf! And you cant beat $120 ounces. And plus clones for 10, teens for 40 and bigger ones for 150 or more, depending on size. All plants and buds are extremely healthy looking and heavily crystallized colas. And these guys are always topping me off with at leas .4 extra every time. Very generous collective. Thank you guys for everything including the gnarley brownies! Come here and you will leave a happy camper no doubt! BEST NEW COLLECTIVE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HANDS DOWN!

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  • Report you say it they weigh it

    best place in riverside by far always friendly staff, went in yesterday and they let me weigh my own 8th lol now who does that for you?

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  • Report they hook it up

    i went on 420 when u guys opened and have been going ever since and u guys always hook it up

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  • Report My new fave spot

    I went to ALC & was not disappointed , caring & knowledgeable staff & a great selection of high quality meds at a price everyone can afford.

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  • Report Still the BEST IN TOWN!

    I just left Vic and he hooked me up with some killer new Golden Goat. OMG! I read the review posted earlier about dry buds and rude staff and overpriced meds, I don't know what they are talking about! It must be from a competing, or trying-to-compete dispensary.

    I've NEVER gotten dry buds and we are always treated like family (the kind of family you 'pick', not the ones your 'stuck' with) haha

    To say prices are high is a joke. Their "low end" is what most places would call 'mid-range' and you can get it as low as $2.50 a gram donation! Top shelf is capped at $15!

    These guys are just interested in taking care of us in every way possible. Every time we go in, there is something new and they are continuing to expand their selections. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!

    Your #1 Patient

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  • Report A for amazing

    My favorite place ever, amazing quality and super cool staff . Try their golden goat, off the hook at $15, my new fav strain. Very yummy and stoney

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  • Report Two thumbs, way high up.

    Ok, just got back from ALC.

    Got a few things. $15 top shelf grams...love it. And great new patient deals no matter what your budget.

    First, I tried out the two things that the bud tender recommended, in the usual way I like to try new meds. A bowl in a nice clean med. sized pipe. It was Mango Kush with Mango kief sprinkled on top. Now, I would like nothing better than to tell you how good the weed was, but I can't. I dont know, because I was obliterated after the first few top kief hits. Now, I sprinkled a decent amount on (noy a lot, but decent), so maybe thats why, but...that doesnt matter, because I got a gram of it for cheaper than most other places charge you for HALF a gram. This... kief... is... BOMB.

    I sit here typing this, wanting to try one of the two OG's I got, but I can not get at them. They're all the way on the other side of the table. But they look epic. The Winston especially. Which was also recommended, come to think of it.

    And speaking of that...the staff. The person who half heartily finger mumbled something about a bad atmosphere below, is either crazy or has ulterior motives in their bad review. The atmosphere was great. The staff (both gentlemen in the back and the woman at the front desk) were awesome. Very cool. Not the smile-that-doesnt-reach-their-eyes-we-just-want-you-to-get-your-meds-here" kinda cool you get sometimes. The
    genuinely-friendly-really-really-wants-to-know-how-you-are-doing-today kinda cool that I, personally, have found rarely. Also very helpful and knowledgeable. Can't say enough good things.

    Going back to the meds though, they also have a very nice selection to choose from. And great deals for patients working with a budget. Including their kief. Which is BOMB.

    They also had a nice assortment of very good looking edibles, as well pipes and other medicating accessories. And Clones! They had an array of some very good clones for some even better prices. If this place was a little closer to where I lived, it would be my new fave everyday one stop shop. Its so great though, it still may be, long drive be damned.

    This place is awesome. HIGHLY recommend you to stop in.

    Sorry for the Tarantino-like back and forth of the review, but man... There Kief is BOMB.

    Did I mention that?

    - J

    Review Source:
  • Report My New Home!!

    Wow is all i can say about this place it has amazing customer service with bud tenders who really know their stuff top shelf and bottom and are completely honest open nice and late with GREAT security i always feel completely safe and welcomed everytime I come here nothing over 20 with deals everyday all around great strains and i cant wait too come back to my new home :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Best New Clinic In Riverside

    From the time I walked in till the time I walked out of ALC I was impressed. The waiting room isn't large, but it's because you DON"T HAVE TO WAIT! The staff (all of them) made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They are friendly, almost family like, in the way they treat each other and thier members and that is an unusual occurance for me in the clinics. I ran into Vic at the door to the bud room my first time in, and he was my budtender that day. All I can say is he knows his meds and is completely honest. He answered all my questions and steered me towards what I needed to take care of my particular "issues". One of the buds he recommended for my anxiety was "Champagne". OMG. I can honestly say this is the best bud I have ever had. It immediatly calmed my anxiety, put me in an AWESOME mood and lasted a long time. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! All the buds were outstanding, but this is something extrordinary. The vast selection of meds, the superior quality of thier glassware (I will be in to get those glass blunts when they come in. Very cool) and the knowledge, service and personalty exhibited by the staff makes this the top of my list. If you haven't been here yet you MUST GO!!!!! Thanks for everything, Tina K. (Soccermom)

    Review Source:
  • Report Always Getting better

    So today i went in for some meds and as always these guys have proven they are the best! Got hooked up really fat and im not even a first time customer!I always walk out of ALC extremely satisfied and get a better deal than i expected. Also wanted to add these budtenders really know about the meds which is very helpful.

    Review Source:
  • Report legit

    always hookin it up. great prices all across the shelf. come check it!

    Review Source:
  • Report My fav spot

    Friendly staff, close to home, sticky buds, good prices. My fav spot in riverside.

    Review Source:
  • Report Only the best for the best and it shows

    one stop shop buds, service, staff, prices, what more canyou ask for

    Review Source:
  • Report Too bomb

    I like this place because
    The tree is too good all the strans
    In there own way will hit u

    Review Source:
  • Report Amazed Once Again

    I cant believe how great this place keeps getting GREAT customer service very honest and nolegable with thier strains amazing top shelf with the super silver haze and golden goat have you feeling great and still able too completely function and with indicas that put you down with a mellow high and the taste is how it smells GREAT and they hook you up fat all day!!! Guys once again this is my new home if you havent been here you havent been too the best!! thanks hollywood!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report great spot

    i visited this clinic before heading out of town and it was a great experience. ..!! staff was great, bud was bomb, i have no complaints at all "DONT BE FOOLED BY LOCATION" ITS A COOL NEW PLACE TO VISIT check them out
    (((F.Y.I.))) there are a lot of other CLINICS with nefative feedback avout thus place but from a new patient to U its a great place to visit....!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report New fav

    Love the hours, friendly staff and great weed at good deals. They hook it, I was very impressed.

    Review Source:
  • Report snoop

    I hit this place today for the first time. You guys are great! I want thank Jose. THANKS JOSE!and everybody else for the great deals & excellent meds.

    Review Source:
  • Report Thanks ALC

    ALC is a very friendly enviroment. When you walk in you are warmly greeted by staff and not to worry all your questions will be answered. The staff are well informed on all the products and super helpful and I didnt have to wait. There is a wide variety to choose from and great quality at that.Plus realy low prices.THANK ALC

    Review Source:
  • Report Fuuuuck Dats what Im talKn bout !!!!!!!

    Damn Nice new sp0t .. went tHeir f0r mY first tIMe last nIght .. finAlly i couLd catch a Buzz .. THe bUbbaz!!!! The shiT heRE .. iLl definEtly b BAck .. Got the Kryptonite 0g also .. BomB als0 thanKX ALC !!!!! The new sp0t !!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report :(

    checked out there menu before going saw they had skywalker so I went to check it out it was od not up to quailty at all not happy with this visit my bt jose was cool overall not going back.

    Review Source:
  • Report Been here many times

    This is the first time I have written a review for any clinic, but this place is pretty much my home!
    I love it here, all the budtenders are nice people, and they actually care for their patients - unlike some places just like to focus more on the business aspect! bleh!
    This place has taken care of me every time I have come in and definately HOOK IT UP.

    I tried the top shelf G.D.P. my first top shelf from this place - it had me feeling heavily medicated and fell asleep

    I usually go in to pick up 5-8$ g's and are and always pretty dank!

    Keep up the good work guys - Thanks for treating me right as a patient


    Review Source:
  • Report check out ALC

    the first time i came to alc it was pretty late and i hate to walk out of a nearby clinic who does not hook it up or come thru with their new patient specials, so i decided to check this place out... much better. I was glad i went here because the check in was easy and when i got to the bud it was all really good and they had mad love for new patients since i got a 5.5g eight of top shelf for being a new patient... thx for the mad love tristy!!

    Review Source:
  • Report pineapple wreck

    The pineapple wreck was super dry i think u guys should lower the price since its so dry. if it was fresh then its a mega hook up. still pretty good stuff.

    Review Source:
  • Report 6/10/11

    Very impressed.. Everyone was super friendly! Was having a bad day... They cheered me up! Thanks guys ;p

    Review Source:
  • Report Awesome place!

    Went in for the first time yesterday and it happened to be 'Sativa Saturday' which was really cool. The staff was super chill--they were really friendly with the patients and seemed to get along really well with each other which makes it nice. The place was very easy to find and had plenty of parking which was definitely a plus.
    Onto the bud, well I just smoked some right now and I'm ripped. Got some Northern Lights (one of the best tasting herbs I think I've ever had) and the Sour Grape (one of the best smelling herbs I've ever had) which was brand new. Both were amazing, both are very potent head highs. The best part about it is the top shelf gs here are all 15! Great price break. Overall this is a great collective and is definitely worth going to. I can't wait to go back and see what else they have!

    Review Source:
  • Report Golden goat is sick, but they under-weighed me!

    They give me a card that says all 8th's are 4 grams... I bought three 8th's and a gram of kief. I am a first time patient, so I got the 5 gram 8th of headband 909. Looks nice and smells ok, but doesn't taste like headband.

    Now here are the issues... The 8th of golden goat and gdp both weighed out perfectly at 3.5, and he kief was only .8. I've never been under-weighed before. Mistakes happen I guess. The golden goat is a really good strain, great flavor and high for sure!

    Review Source:
  • Report legitimate riverside bud

    went in with 15 bucks and got some of the dankest bluberry ive ever had. im not a huge fan of blueberries but the bud tender said trust me and he was totally right! i was extremely satisfied! big fat frosty nugs . its a hybrid and im a full indica smoker and it totally did the job! the bud tenders were very knowledgeable and helpful. they hooked up my gram really fat! i mean like damn lol awesome srvice legit prices good bud. def worth checkin out! ill b goin back again tom lol thanks guys and keep up the good work

    Review Source:
  • Report showed him whats up lol

    took my buddy in here from the oc the other day to show him some spots out here and for his rererral for me. got some amazing blueberry! we got hooked up fat! and the bud tenders were cool and knew what they were doin lol awesome daily specials with legit 10 grams. ill def b comin back and will keep sendin the hommies through

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC

    Frist time in today, easy check in with a staff that gave me the A+ treatment. Good prices, meds and generis with the hook up. will bb

    Review Source:
  • Report Chocolope my a

    No Choc

    Review Source:
  • Report My home and favorite place

    I love alc !!! I love the prices, staff, and soon to be new location thats 5 times bigger than the current one!! Went in with hubby today and asked my bt steveo what sativa and indica he suggested. He said sour grapes for sativa and purple mr.nice for indica, whoaaa let me tell u he knows his weed!! I always go w/ his suggestions and his never wrong. Awesome top shelf at 15, I love it!!

    Review Source:
  • Report my favorite place

    Bomb top shelfs at $15, I picked up today mr.purple nice and sour grapes....yum great high thanks steveo for the suggestion!!

    Review Source:
  • Report alc

    today got some over the dirty purps, nope taste like shit gave me a mean headache. very not happy with it.
    feel like i wasted my money.... but the alc house is bombs.... that's it but over all i love coming here
    for my meds. just NOT happy with the dirty purps daniel cordova

    Review Source:
  • Report jackpot MY new bud spot....

    the staff was great and helpful the bud was bomb the deals are out of this world ....!!this is jackpot my new but spot check it out i promise you wont regret it.....!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report great prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    these guys really got the deals!!! the first dispensary my wife and i visited after we got our cards:) cant wait to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report super bomb top shelf

    hello i came in a while back for my first time patient gift and i was extreamly pleased with what i got because the blue cheese looked blue and hit me hard some of the best blue cheese around...then i came back and left my info with the patient intake coordinator(receptionist)so i can volunteer with you guys...please call as i have a really open schedual and can work any time (i can provide my own scale)or you can email me on weed maps because i check it every 15-20 minutes
    thanks again and again really dank bud...budtenders were awsome and knowlegable
    -Brandon Rock(top 1000 weedmaps reviewer)

    Review Source:
  • Report Always satisfied :]

    Heeyyy!! im smokin on the sky walker as i write and i can truly sayy it is dank x]
    Budtenders are always as helpful and i gotta sayy its the ONLY collection i go too :D & Thanx again tanner for the drink. see yuh guys soon :]]

    Review Source:
  • Report TruE medZ heRe .. BEst in I.E =)

    ALC iz DA sh!T .. s0 tHankfuL f0r tHeiR quaLItY , PrICE ,and JUst straiGht 0ut bEin tHE BE$t in T0wn !!!!!! Had MY rec f0R abOUt fouR montHz Now, N hAven't REallY HAd A g00d/SAtisfinG hiGH unTIll .. ALC ..!!!! ALC .!!!! HAndz dowN ..... TruE medz HeRE ... Y0u Don't Kn0w whatz uP in THE i.e tiLL ya r0ll Thru n check tHis sp0t oUT !!!!!!!! All tHe B.Tz R da shIT heRE n wonT try N buLLshiT ya .. n0 nEED the medz spEak f0r tHEm selves .....!!! Sh0t oUT to +@nNeR n Vic especiAllY!!!! c00l @$$ gUyz t0 deaL witH

    THaNx ALC

    Review Source:
  • Report GREAT SPOT


    Review Source:
  • Report great prices!!!!!!!

    i love this place they always get stuff in so they r usually stocked with the buds i want and if im a little low on cash they have 5 dollar grams that are pretty dank.. i recommend this place its a good atmosphere and the customer service is awesome

    Review Source:
  • Report neighborhood friendly

    bud tender gave an awesome choice of edible. the pecan pie. im zoned.

    Review Source:
  • Report neighborhood friendly

    bud tender gave an awesome choice of edible. the pecan pie. im zoned.

    Review Source:
  • Report neighborhood friendly

    bud tender gave an awesome choice of edible. the pecan pie. im zoned.

    Review Source:
  • Report neighborhood friendly

    bud tender gave an awesome choice of edible. the pecan pie. im zoned.

    Review Source:
  • Report tried many times.. never a bad sac.

    You know I bash these guys for not much of a good reason and u know i am sorry.. I cannot be honest by saying ive gotten bad herb from here because i havent. In fact, Some of the most consistent bud in the central I.E. Ive noticed they have put a few top shelf strains at 10 a g. Not bad. I was pissed before for the fuckin long wait i did and the beard i grew while waiting! Other than that. This place has very skilled growers for this collect..
    Ill be back for sure...its close by anyhow which is great.

    Review Source:
  • Report FIVE STARS


    Review Source:
  • Report FALLOW UP

    Went back on a low budget so I tried the dirty purpz which is only five dollars a gram. I guess my tolerance is down cause it did me better than some 10 or 15 dollar grams I've had at other places. Once again thank you ALC. ill be back soon. Oh yeah and I tried one of their cereal bar edibles in the silver package and it was dank.

    Review Source:
  • Report Happy!

    Most Def. One Of The Best Collective's I have been too! Bud Tender Jose Is awesome, always smiles and nice regardless of the asshole he just helped. :) And i dont think ive ever had to wait more than a minute or two... Edibles are dank, and trees are let's just say im zoned for awhile and there pre rolls aren't stingy lil pinners either! This Is my NEW Spot!

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC IS THA BOMB!!!

    Yesterday,could've been one of the worst days of my life, but it turned out to be one of the best, due to the LOVE I got at ALC,especially from Justin who is THE MAN!,who made it all happen.
    Let me break this down a lil' bit.Recently I was forced to move very far away from my home in Yucaipa,due to horryifying circumstances,let's just leave it at that.So when I went to get my yesca yesterday from ALC it was a very big deal for me, I seriously need my medication, just like we all do, and I had been going to ALC for about 6 mos. (I usually buy 1oz. for the month).
    So,yesterday, I intended on buying 2 oz. at once,beause as I said before I was forced to move 2 an area where its not available,like it is here.So I looked at their menu,planned my purchase and made the trip out to Riverside.
    At first,it seemed to go sour,as they were out of what I'd seen on the menu,as well as anything within my price range.So Justin stepped in and made things happen. As I said before, he is THE MAN.He stepped smoothly and bravely, into an ugly situation,and just HANDLED BUSINESS, with professionalism,courtesy, and kindness, I have not seen, or felt in a very long time.
    I wish to give MUCH LOVE 2 Justin and all the staff,and the owners of ALC. May god bless you all.
    THIS is the ONLY collective ANYONE should be going to in the I.E.
    Thanks again guys,much love and respect, Diana

    Review Source:
  • Report legit

    alll I havee too say is for a first time patient there, it was a very good warm welcome from all the staff even on 4 th of July working their tails off haha , but came in looking for dank an my moneys worth an sure enough got exactly what I needed. to help me with my indecisiveness the A.L.C had the one of the best bud tenders I had ever met thank you tanner appreciate all your help an honesty when it came to the quality of their bud... great place period , once again thank you n ill be seeing you guyz soo.
    chelsea Harris

    Review Source:
  • Report great quality and service

    ALC's new joint is as great as its service. the place is one of the nicest looking collectives in riverside and it went fast with friendly people. plus great quality with great price. one of my new favorites in this location

    Review Source:
  • Report Dissapointed

    Lemme just say I came in on the fourth of july i was a Ftp and I waznt showed no love. Not even a lil bit. I just feel a little played cuhz my bt said he was going to hook it up.....but didnt. Then when i finally rolled up the weed that he gave me insight on it wasnt even no kill like he was sayin. And that was 2 strains. so like my tittle says im dissapointed.

    Review Source:
  • Report i love the new place :]


    Review Source:
  • Report Great buds, and hooked up! Great staff

    This place rocks. Great staff, they are knowledgeable and Justin(who the bud tender I saw) actually listened to me and asked me questions, and strongly suggested what was what I was really looking for, in other words he knew what I wanted more than I did. Justin also hooked it up, he let me split a $100 for 10 grams 4 ways and weighed them all over and let me pick out the nugs i wanted out of the jar.This is the best collective in socal. all the bud was very tasty, and potent. They have by far the best setup and selection I have yet seen! I don't need to go anywhere else. And i wouldn't if i were you either. a must see!

    -nic a.

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice New Facility

    The new Facility is really clean, with Big Screen TV's in the Lobby. The Inside Room Had 4 New Counters with a nice selection of Great Bud for a Great price. The Staff was very helpful and lots of visiable Security on hand to help me feel safe all the way to my car. Well Done.
    Fred V.

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Place

    I walked in and my first impression of the place: Awesome. Picked up some
    sweat tea and some top shelf that was bomb.. The free pre-roll GREAT.
    Really good clinic will be back for sure,,

    Review Source:
  • Report fly me to the moon. . .

    had to come check out the new place and let me tell u. . . i was left speechless. i picked up some of that new Xj-13 and a R00R bong. . . got home , burned a snap, and i landed on the lunar surface! haha the earth looks so small from here! haha new place is super fresh and clean cut.... maaad space... gooood buds.... chilllll tenders
    potent.strain . . . .over n out

    Review Source:
  • Report It be ok

    I see myself going here in a pinch but I didn't get my frebee but that's OK they was busy

    Review Source:
  • Report Really Great Place

    ok so i came in here today and found its a great place for a variety of shakes and great top shelf prices saw some master haze for 15 a g but was offered better price for first time patient the smell was great was served by a cool dude named steve i even forgot my medical paper inside and they came running to return it lol great place

    Review Source:
  • Report I see says the blind man.

    So i finally added two and two together and relized that you guys are not a new dispensary just moved from the green building. I didnt care for your old building way to cramped. Glad you guys moved. For the most part the staff is polite and helpful. I do have to say i felt like a fumble when i walked through the door to go in the back. The guy opened the door let me in and we had a moment of everyone in the shop staring at each other. Finally (i foget the guys name) he spoke up and said ill help you and went to a STATION. He swore by the platinum og. It just didnt seem like a top self med by the looks and smell. it was very platinum smelling. They just seemed like a very airy nug. everything else seemed not to be anywhere near my standards. I got a varity pack at the last location of 5 different meds i only cared for 2. I came in a 2nd time and i refused to buy anything.

    This 3rd time i figured id give them another try after another bt spoke up and said try the mars. he said the guard is a very pick smoker and that is what he loved. Its weak.

    I ask you What happened to The one hitter quiters? I challenge you guys I really dont give a rats a$$ on the cost. GET A ONE HITTER QUITER. BE SELECTIVE OF YOUR MEDS i would be willing to pay 60 bucks an 1/8th for my meds IF THEY WERE TOP SELF. YOU HAD NOT ONE OG THAT TRULY MADE ME SAY MMMM OG.

    I am not trying to Bash. I would love for you guys to step up the quality i live within minutes of you. I drive to oc to get quality meds and im paying 60 65 and 1/8th. ITS WORTH IT WHEN I CAN MAKE AN 18TH LAST 5 DAYS VS 2-3



    Review Source:
  • Report Since the first time

    The first time I went to this collective after filling out the usual papers, I was quickly let into the budroom and greeted by a very friendly budtender and shown some great buds and edibles. I got a great deal and got hooked up for being a first time patient. I frequent this clinic and have never been dissapointed by their quality or customer service!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report #1 in I.E haNDZd0wN !!!!!!

    Alc + T@NNeR = h00ked da Fu*k uP ...... Alwayz L0ve goiN t0 this Place , they reaLLy kn0w how to take caRe of theiR patients . Mad L0ve heRe no dIscRimINatIon .... IF y0u haven't been heRE H!GHLY recoMEnd !+.... NumBEr 0ne diSpensarY ... Even CaRRy a 1 dollAR grAm ... Who does THat ..?? No 0NE , but the # 1 spoT ALC !!!!! AwES0me PLAce ,stAff ,Fl0werz & pRice !!!!
    Thanx agAin ALC
    MAd L0ve

    Review Source:
  • Report AWESOME PLACE!!!

    Really like Alc....all the buds are bomb here :) weather your buying top shelf or a cheaper strain, there all great for the price! Never have any problems here! Fat tuesday is the shit..... Alc really knows how to hook it up! Awesome bud tenders! Props to Tanner for always hookin' it up! See u soon :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Deals

    Earlier today I came to this place, found some great deals on top shelf buds; it was great. They have great deals and you never have to wait long to see your bud tender. I also can't believe they are selling RooR bongs for only fifty dollars! That is a great deal. i suggest you check it out for yourself, it will be worth the trip.

    Review Source:
  • Report Underweighed

    We came in as FTPs on tuesday and got two grams of mars and two grams of sour grapes. Pretty good quality of meds but we were disappointed because both labels said 2.5 but the mars was only weighed to 2.1. Lame. Not sure if we'll be back

    Review Source:
  • Report not sure what to think...

    I'm not sure how to feel about this place...
    Stopped in and picked up a gram of Green Candy. I asked for green crack and the budtender told me "we don't say crack in this shop" he said "its the same thing but we call it green candy". come to find out thy're completely different strains... and like the other reviewer said... it was a couple points off weight.

    Review Source:
  • Report Bud Tenders Choice = AWESOME SPECIALS!!!

    If you haven't checked out the Wed. special..I highly reccommend it! went in there last night, picked up a gram of Mango Kush for 10 bucks! it was bomb! nice taste, nice smell, NICE HIGH! check it out!

    Review Source:
  • Report Never false

    It never fails when I go in the to recieve great service great prices and best of all great buds. Alc is riverside top shelf

    Review Source:
  • Report best clinic in town.

    this is the best clinic in town. there buds are dank and the staff is chill. if you havent been to alc you need to go.

    Review Source:
  • Report On point

    Hands down my favorite spot to hit...kool bud tenders and an awesome selection of medicine...so this is where I go for my sativa!!!!!Bomb

    Review Source:
  • Report Thanks!

    I went in for my first time bought some silver haze for 10 a gram and got almost 2 grams! I like that for a first timer thats a whole lot better than a joint of some straight garbage like most places.

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice Top Shelf

    Was in the area and decided to give ALC a try, and came out feeling good that I went. The Dispensary is easy to find no problem with that or with paperwork(about 5pgs). I like the set up, the lobby is nice and big just like the flower room. In the back I didn't waste my time with any low shelf, I looked at a couple of strains and I liked all the flowers I looked at. Choose the Platinum Chem Dog, and the Fire Og. These both are really good DANK. But the Plat Chem Dog is my favorite from the two. The taste is one of kind the cross between the Plat and the Chem Dog can be tasted through the whole bowl, man and the high is truly worth checking out just loving this stuff. The Fire wasn't bad either it had a little cheesy smell and taste to it and the nugs were nicely covered in red. I had no problem with the weight either it was weighed out to what it said, and I also got a pre roll which actually tasted decent. I like ALC and think if other patients haven't tried them out they should you won't be disappointed.

    Review Source:
  • Report Sativamania

    The best sativas in town hands down. Only item on my menu everytime I go and its always high quality.

    Review Source:
  • Report wasnt the best, nor what I though

    Im writing this so you guys can make your collective better and not to throw you under the bus. First I saw the product and was pretty impressed on the looks for 15 cap but the effects didnt match it. It was much milder than expected with a mild numbess in the face for me.I bought the Sour Dawg a lil while back and the Bubba Keif. Maybe next time it will be better.

    Review Source:
  • Report NICE deals on $5.g

    the thing i like about ALC is there $5.00 grams good strains not only that so is there top shelf is sssoooo dank(bomb)i got a 1/8 and split it in half buba kush and fire og n luv them both i was very happy with i got....

    Review Source:
  • Report Best in I.E. hands down.

    Anyone who has anything bad to say about this place is crazy. Everytime I go there I get hooked up. Best selection over 2 dozen strains. Even the pieces are cheeper. Everyone is allways helpful. Why go anywhere else. Can't forget about happy hour! Nothing bad to say at all.

    Review Source:
  • Report J-1 :)

    check out the J-1...i picked some up on happy hour last night!! :) very frosty n smooth, with a nice happy high! If ur a sativa fan deff check it out!

    Review Source:
  • Report good bye flower shop

    i found out sbout this spot the other day im kinda late on my review but this clinic is great the got bomb top shelf and their happy hour special is the best justin hooked it up super fat on all my meds this clinic gots great meds defiantly left happy

    Review Source:
  • Report AMAZING!!!!

    what can i say that would make yall gooooo
    -bud is amazing i went ftp and got hvy handed wit sum XJ-13 which was soooo goood amazing taste and potent....thx to JOJO hes the ideal BT who really looks out for the patient i got a bong from them, a ROOR ...so you alrdy know its a great piece of work but the next day i looked at it and it had a crack inside the glass by the down stem on the base of the bong, i called and tired for a week or so for something to workout, if nothing could of worked i would have been fine with it but they were soooooooo coooool, i was a good patient who was on time and co-op with whateva they asked so they really looked out for me and was able to get a new RooR, so beside having AMAZing weed and prices and so much choice and the edibles are great, plus is there butter!!!! you guy missing out!!! thx JOJO

    Review Source:
  • Report dishonest

    Instead of emphasizing I'm just going to say the bud tenders are dishonest and the bud is not very good quality whatsoever.

    Good prices on glass but the bud is very low quality and mislabeled at times.

    Review Source:
  • Report haven't left unhappy.

    Never a disappointment when I get my meds at ALC Thanks JOJO

    Review Source:
  • Report the 1st visit

    it wuz my 1st time at the spot and i must say i like it I like it alot...staff wuz coo nice store

    Review Source:
  • Report First time visit

    First time in and the check in was quick and easy. The staff was great and Budtender Jose guided me thru the top shelf and was extremely knowledable. Thanks for the great suggestion!

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice Place

    Most recent visit was my 3rd time here and first to the new location. The spot has a lot more space and counters than the old place. Top shelf Herbs were excellent quality. Steve the budtender was a knowledgeable and very helpful fellow. As a smoker for 10+ years I appreciated his informed opinion about not only the potency, but also the type of high each bud produces. Great deals on the early bird and 420 specials. One minor complaint, I prefer my buds weighed from the supply in the back. The herbage tends to cure better when not opened 50 times a day like the display jar stuff. However with the amount I was buying that day it didn't effect me much. Overall an excellent Co-op that is quickly becoming a go-to spot for me.

    Review Source:

    First Time There on 7-31-11. It is difficult and time consuming trying to find quality smoke at decent price. A.L was both !!! Quality and price, went to other collections who are still charging 60 1/8 and 20 G's for same grade if not less. Check for happy hours and get great deal. Mission Complete!!! Ready for take-off thanks to A.L. and Justin (budtender)

    Review Source:
  • Report Awesome clinic

    awesome bud! great customer service!

    Review Source:
  • Report ~~~Always Showin the LUV~~~

    Me and my man love this place.....its all about ALC!!! the staff is super friendly,very knowledgeable and helpful too. New location(upgrade)bigger lobby nice location next to the liquor store"sweet". Herb is bomb love it. Get top shelf $10.g HAPPY HOUR 4:20pm-5:20pm(1hour)only get while its HOT lol......"TOP SHELF" we like the pineapple express(hybrid)they've got verity stains,and they got the HASH! I got 1gram $15(headband)!!! its so worth it, extra kick to make that flavor pop and its very potten strong8)..... This is one of our favorite spot to go and i would recommend this place to others as first timer or bring a referral and get the hook up.....THEY ALWAYS SHOW THE LOVE gotta check this place out best in the I.E. hands down!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC my new home Collective

    I Like this place alot, i live in Eastvale so its relatively close, i just drive through norco im there in about 10 minutes. The thing i really appreciated about this place is that theyre looking out for the average Budget, i hate walking into a clinic and finding out they dont have $10 dollar or less grams, as if everyone is made of money. This is not one of those places, they have something for the guy whos looking to spend his whole paycheck and they have something for the guy who barely has a dollar, it doesnt matter with this place the patient truly comes first. Everyone tries to say that but they truly live up to that philosophy. Fat tuesdays compliments Del Taco's (located conviently across the street) taco tuesday perfectly. Staff is cool people. Good buds. Security arent assholes, all around great place. 5 stars

    Review Source:
  • Report front desk needs training on verifications

    went in to try this place out as a first time patient they have an early bird hour where you can get their top shelf for ten a gram a good thing to try when its your first time. so i go in at 830 am because i have a lot of yard work to do and wake and bake sounded good. i get there and i guess the owner was mad about a bill so him and his friend were yelling and cussing in front of the store not very good appearance or atmosphere for new patients. then i fill out paperwork and turn in, they say they cant find the website. well when i got my rec the website was www.mccverifications.org, which is the website for every cal rec. but the state has changed it to www.mccdirectory.org now, which when i called my doctors office to see why i couldn't get verified, the doctor said every coop should know about the change. which sounds right to me because Ive been to at least three other coops this last two weeks and got verified no problem. so then they tell me they even tried to call the doctor himself but they weren't open yet. i had left my cell phone at home five minutes away because these places dont allow phones anyways. but when i got home and called the doctors office and they answered right after like five rings, so i dont know how long you guys let it ring , but they were open since 8. alll in all a waste of my time, wont be going back here because i dont want to get denied a second time because of their front desks inability to verify. to bad from reviews it sounds like a good place but my experience from the front door to the front desk sucked.

    Review Source:
  • Report sweet jesus : p

    well hello A.L.C , just like I said I would post a review a little late but anywho, anyone who is anyone is gonna make the right decision here by coming to this dispensary not only are u gonna find a great atmospher n staff you will find dank an very reasonable prices , everytime I have stepped through those door there is always a good welcome by the staff an awsome bud tenders as well the man stevo n tanner n if u need anymore convincing you can talk too the man joe joe haha thanks you guyz for always treating me right : ) , an everyone u should bring yourself over there cause they just re-uped with everythingvDANK haha
    chelsea h.

    Review Source:
  • Report L0vn dat T0p SHelF!! TRueLy F!RE !!!

    Checked 0uT a couPle diFFerent t0p shelves(J1 ,Mk UltRa,Jedi 0G) today at Alc ...!! All F!RE ! MAd ProPZ to TanneR !! Very HelpfuL BT .. Knows hIz sh!+ ..Well woRth 2 Shoot hIm a TIp ").. ALC wazn't kidding when tHey said their T0p shelf waz aLL F!RE this weeK ..!! Sh00t can't Beat their HAppy hOUR .. $10 g.. f0r suMthin others charge $25 for ..THats y their waz about Twenty People waiTing in the Lobby ..!! CAn't go wRong wiTh ALC... Their $5 g Waz Also verY decenT t0day !! I'll dr0p a Bill iN theiR anY daY ..

    Thanx Tanner f0r tHe MAd L0ve ..!!

    Thanx ALC f0r BriNgn Dat F!RE..!!!


    Review Source:
  • Report redeye jedi :)

    you gotta try this!!! Red Eye Jedi!! now...I am a sativa/hybrid fan but...this takes the cake for a indica! :) love it! super dense covered with thc :) smokes so smooth n nice! great high, lasted a looong time n gave me a good night sleep! Thanks Tanner for hookin' it up!! I am never disappointed when I go here!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Cool specials fat hookups

    Place is tight. I love the 10$ happy hour specials. I got some mars and platinum og both are bomb. The mars a lil more og smelling whereas the platinum had a mixture of a bubba smell with a little more than a hint of og fragrances. Both decent highs. Got hooked up fat on both strains and the FTP deal is dope too. keep up the good work guys.

    Review Source:
  • Report Awesome deals keep you coming back.

    This is a great place to go if your in a bind financially. The staff here is super compassionate and friendly. Thanks for such great service!

    Review Source:
  • Report headband hash

    great price fpr the quality cant go wrong with 10 g's without tax !

    Review Source:
  • Report hashh

    had the headband hash great for the price. definately a good spot!

    Review Source:
  • Report Love this joint

    This place high in quality and low in price. A very chill environment with a staff that knows there meds. I highly recommend this joint.

    Review Source:
  • Report showin love!

    came in last night and grabbed some true og...got a sample of some jed i...super bomb!! you still gotta try the girl scout cookies tho...its on a different level!...anyway...see ya soon =]

    Kar Kar

    Review Source:
  • Report great place

    Came in to try this place out and get an eighth of something. The staff was extremely friendly and chill just didnt catch the name of the dude who helped me. New patients get top shelf for $10 and thats just great :) I bought 3 grams of J-1 and a gram of the True OG and they were both amazing. the J-1 is no joke definitely a steal for $10. With so many chances for happy hour prices im definitely coming back again.

    Review Source:
  • Report T!me and MoneY weLL spENt heRE @ ALC , #1 SP0T

    L0vE Goin int0 thiS dispensarY .. The Staff HeRE aRE aLL awes0me ..Steve 0 , Steve ,TanNER ,JO$e .They Keep IT reaL in theiR .. The Btz R alwayz sh0wIn MAd loVE 2 theiR patIents .!! YOu wouLdn't eveR leave tHEir disap0inTed !! ALCz The sh!+ .. Check emm oUt at THeiR happY houR canT g0 wRong TheiR, Alwayz FiRE !!! $10g

    Thanx ALC !!

    Review Source:
  • Report best service and weed

    out of all the clinics i have been too.. this has been the best . the service is excellent and the weed is super dank ..keep up the good work =]

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC IS THE SHIT


    Review Source:
  • Report thank you

    the staff is really friendly. the bud is so awesome. great atmosphere

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC is #1

    I was a first time patient and was treated great!! staff is super friendly & buds were great quality for the price. Steven was my budtender and he was amazing. walked me through all the available flowers in the shop. no rush and he was very knowledgeable with charisma & spunk =) only waited about 10 min and i came during happy hour so the lobby was pretty full. i will definitely be back!! ALC is a diamond in the rough!!!!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Bang for you Buck!!!


    Review Source:
  • Report Awesome Co-op !!

    I recently stopped by here while visiting my uncle. IM from orange county and this shop is worth the drive from the O.C ive never been disappointed coming in here there always courteous and helpful they know the real meaning of "compassion" they have good flowers for under 5 a gram and to me who cant really even afford the 5 dollar a gram stuff they did me one better my first time they had dirty purple for 2.50 a gram!! yes 2.50 a gram when i saw that i was like right on now i don't have to go without! Thanks Alc you rock

    Big Jay from Orange county

    Review Source:
  • Report Early Birds

    For all those EARLY BIRDS out there that have something to do every morning; Check out the early bird deal its amazing. Wake up early, and fly to that worm you BIRD!

    Review Source:
  • Report winston :) mk ultra :)

    winston is the way to go...I'm stuck on this one :)...heavy clear headed happy high..makes me in a really good mood!! Very nice! and the Mk Ultra thats so good also....both are on my top 5 list of favorites :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Quality all around

    This place speaks for itself. I have been coming here since the previous location and have always been happy I can leave with my meds of quality and some money still in pocket many of my reviews express this alot but I feel it is very important to point out these establishements of compassion, True care to the patient with friendly service, a variety of medicine to suit your need and just good quality all around.

    Review Source:
  • Report Good Peeps

    Went to this collective as a FTP yesterday,and had a great experience. Donated for some Platinum Chem Dog and it was some amazing meds, great quality! The staff was great and very helpful, from the front desk girl to my budtender Vince. I would definitley come back to this place again......

    Review Source:
  • Report Great RoorS

    Even though they went up alittle on the price. Steal a Great Deal. I did not see any flowers that really interested my taste. Though i did pick up some of the snowcap keif. Very nice topper. Great Price/


    Review Source:
  • Report Best Yet!

    My Fiance and I are new to the area and have been to a few of the dispensaries in the riverside area. Alternative has had the best selection and staff so far. We were new patients and came in 10 min before they closed, there was some difficulty confirming our recommendation, and we never felt rushed or like we were an inconvenience. They had a Great Selection, a nice knowledgeable staff, and outstanding pricing. I would recommend them for anyone in the riverside area. Thank you ALC!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Quality/Staff

    I have been into ALC many time now and I always feel accepted and welcomed the staff is so friendly and I always feel comfortable to ask any questions. they always give me honest advice and service I have already told my friends to go there its now my favorite and no other place comes close!

    Review Source:
  • Report ALc THanx F0R bringN dat F!Re !!!!

    Thanx f0R bringn Dat f!Re !! Alc's strAins that Are marKed fIRe R s0mE truE fiRE ..!! The MK ultra IZ some ReaLLY g00d smOKe ! Taste great a lil lIKe fruity Pebblez , YuM !! The 909 og , Cheese 0g , Mk Ultra, Winst0N ... R all HiGHlY recoMMended :) ...Happy hOUR @ alC iz THe shIT !! $10 graMZ T0P SHELF .... (FiRe" top shElf) .. THats what I'm TAlkn b0UT ..!!
    Thanx ALC !!!
    - KT -

    Review Source:
  • Report i FOUND MY LAB!!!!!

    Great smell, Great taste, the quaility and quanity is A-1! I Will GO BACK and tell my friends and family when they come and visit who got the BOMB! FIVE STARS.............

    Review Source:
  • Report ?

    what happened to this place....they all split...gone??

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC HAS WAT YOU NEED ,...FIRE!!!

    Ever since ive been to ALC for the first time i kept on returning because all of their medicine is pure heaven and takes care your symptoms like no other supply in the area .the atmosphere is a great environment for ALC as it is easy to locate with out a problem,... its about time someone stepped it up around here.Their staff are very helpful , knowledgable , friendly and great people to see every visit ..ALCs prices are always convenient and the supply is never disappointing ,..i go there almost every day ,so if your looking for a spot to satisfy ur every symptom and needs then ALC IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE,,....... *Green G*

    Review Source:
  • Report FIRE!!!!! PLATINUM OG :)

    ....have not found anything better for 15 bucks a gram top shelf, u really cant beat that...this platinum og is some fiyyya!!! this is definitely a must have!!!! ...take my word for it and check it out! There is always something good here :)

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC riverside

    BEST HIGH EVERY. Platinum Buba ALC got it all day like no where els . Steve-o hooked me up with the FATTEST pre-roll ever 5 star customer service

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC is HIGHER than HIGH QUALITY

    Just got done trying some other spots in the area and i just wanna let evewryone know that from experience ,.. i vouch for alc if your looking for high quality buds ,great staff, an easy to access environment,and a happy visit then try Alternative Lifestyle ,.. i promise youll be more than satisfied.,,.ill be stopping by soon myself cuz aint nothin but fire for the most convenient prices!!!! -Green G-

    Review Source:
  • Report good meds

    Good meds, I just dont like the traffic outside. The staff is cool because the girl gave me my 20 bucks I lost in the waiting room. I will definitely return here.

    Review Source:
  • Report delicious medications

    I don't prefer sativas but the super silver haze tasted really good and got the job done
    . A must try

    Review Source:
  • Report ...

    Review Source:
  • Report ...

    Review Source:
  • Report Doubt we will be back

    Review Source:
  • Report Please update your weedmaps menu!!!

    Let me state that this is my ONLY complaint with ALC. I just don't have an idea of what to expect for strains when I go anymore and also they get a new strain that I have been looking for in, and I don't find out until I stop by and find out they had it but just sold out of it(has happened to me 8 times now). please guys, you really have the best quality at the best prices, all I'm asking is for 1 person to take 2 min of there day and update the menu. Most co-ops here in the IE update at least once a day, and they aren't nearly as great as ALC.
    So for the last time PLEASE UPDATE THE MENU!!!!!!! and thanx for being the best co-op in the IE

    *UPDATE- it seems you guys have finally started to update the menu regularly so yay! thank you !thank you! thank you!

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC!!

    ALC is dope!!

    Review Source:
  • Report OG Cheese - RIP OFF REPORT

    OG Cheese - Is all brown, smells bad, isn't flushed, and smokes like crap. Thats what you get for $350 an ounce. 2/10.

    Platinum Chem Dawg - Looks good, smells somewhat piney, good smoke, but also nothing special for this strain. 8/10.

    TRUE OG - The one strain I wanted, was of course out after I drove for 45 mins to get here and see what the hype was about.

    ALSO -- It doesn't take any time to update a menu. But when the best stuff you have is gone, its not necessarily good business to announce that on WeedMaps, as that will drive clients away.

    Club nomination - There are usually 4 - 6 nominees, and 1 winner. Just because you got nominated doesn't mean you actually good. Thats what the 1st place price goes to.

    I SAVED THE CRAPPY OG CHEESE if any1 doubts my words and the receipt so I am not full of it.


    Review Source:
  • Report super silver haze :)

    wow! super silver haze is a great sativa ....super strong...loved it!!! a great wake n bake ..thanks ALC

    Review Source:
  • Report Yo GabbA GabbA!

    I am a regular here, and let me start by saying that the new top shelf strains that A.L.C has are the absolute fire, the OG Blackberry heavily sedated me with a very pungent flavor of OG, ALSO the Burmese gave me a rather "happy-go-lucky" kind of medicated feeling which was very nice. And the L.A.Lemon is the buisiness!
    !!!!!!The most comfortable atmosphere and the Nicest BudTenders in the Inland*Empire, not to mention that these guys ACTUALLY know what they are talking about when explaining their herbs!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report DANK!!!

    all the new strains are super dank!!! I tried that power plant...really like it..nice taste n the effect creeps around but when it hits ..its hits :) also tried the burmese..that is great tooo as well as the blueberry lemon haze :)and that OG blackeberry ....that is some FIRE!!!!!!

    Review Source:

    I am never dissatisfied with ALC's indica section,.. its no wonder they were almost out of indicas recently .,,...CUZ THEY CARRY the BEST INDICAS ,.. Cant wait til WINSTON OG returns...if you havnt been been to alc lately you oughtta' try their LA lemon {FIRE}and the OG BLACKBERRY{FIRE} .,,..Trust me, youll thank me later..... -Green G-

    Review Source:
  • Report ALC

    This review is long over due..I love this place I always get hooked up n I love there open late... the bud quality is good the budtenders are awsomes so is the owner thanks for the free jars :D I love them.. I Wish I lived down the street or closer to this dispensary I would come everyday.. Thanks ALC u guys are the best..

    Review Source:
  • Report sent in a few referrals last night :)

    sent in a few of my good friends last night....the service was fast...and when they came back they couldn't of been happier with the meds :) Thanks ALC for showin' some love :)

    Review Source:
  • Report La Lemon dank but sold out??? hmmm

    got an 8th of La Lemon last week loved this strain!!! flushed< trichomed out to the max, hybrid but i thought indica domiinant definitly took care of my chronic back pain, came back to grab an 8th the other day and u guys sold out!!!! disappointed but all good i grabbed the skywalker but loved the La Lemon alot more !! Please get this strain back guys thank you!!

    Review Source:
  • Report bud quality not what i expected.......

    with all the 5.0 reviews on here, you assume that the bud quality is fire. it is in fact not. this was the worst selection of buds I have come across in over a year. And I've been to plenty of spots that just opened up....

    First I did the paperwork and stood around for 10 minutes until I could get a seat to wait another 15 minutes. There were only 5-7 total patients ahead of me and 3 budtenders, yet it still took AGES, and I've seen way longer lines to get in...

    Once I'm finally back in the budroom I find out that even though I got there at 8:45 for the early bird shit, they took their sweet time getting me back to tell me that they don't offer that special past 9:00am even if you have been waiting forever in the reception room, but since I was new I still got the first timer deal of $10 a gram. So that was nice because if you weren't going to come through with that, I was just going to walk out and leave a worse review.

    The weedmaps menu is not up to date even though you have updated it several times since and before I went. The selection of buds wasn't too good. Everything I looked at looked like it should be $10 a gram or under ALWAYS. 99% of the stuff I saw, I would not smoke. Had to go with the Blueberry Lemon Kush (not what this strain actually is...) because it was the only thing that looked decent enough to smoke. OG kief is decent, don't know how you could mess that up, budtender said it was the best kief he has had, IMO it is just alright. Not the worst but definitely not too heavy, just alright....

    I probably came at a bad time, but still... I am pretty sure that I won't be back, too far of a drive to the boonies of Riverside for really mediocre meds and long waiting. People in there were friendly and everything but that is just one aspect of a collective. Too many spots that are closer, offer better deals, and have buds that I will actually want to smoke. I'm an indica man and everything I saw that was labeled that looked like some shwag and they all smelled like hay. How can you call that Skywalker OG, it didn't even smell like an OG and definitely didn't look good. Should have been called snicklefritz or something not appealing. Menu and deals were deceiving. People who pick up here obviously don't know how many spots have way better buds for the same price.

    Review Source:

    I never got anything bad to say about alc from my first visit til my latest i see that they always got something new on their shelfs.,.. their medications are heavy and tastey. Stop by and supoport the alternative lifestyle in riverside its a Guaranteed WIN WIN visit you wont regret making. -Green G-

    Review Source:
  • Report AK-48 is THEE BOMB

    I just finished my AK-48 meds and Damn that ish was FIRE im going back for some of that ASAP,...thanx for being the best in the IE..

    Review Source:
  • Report best collective ever!

    the DUI is daa bombbbb. :D been going here a while. i highly recommend it. thanks alc for providing me with quality meds at good prices. much love!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Alc :)

    Awesone clinic. Great budz, prices and people. Love the happy hour!

    Review Source:
  • Report Bud is great BUT...

    As a new patient all I got was a top shelf OG for $15 a G ????? And the WEIGHT??? So for $40 I went home with 2.7 g's(?) of top shelf Pony Express. 2 days ago I went to Grand Terrace caregivers and for $40 I went home with 5 G's of mid-shelf,a Bon-Bon,and a t-shirt. Feel a little bit cheated,sorry guys! Everybody there was cool,like Kevin and Jose. And the Pony Express is VERY good,but as an "old timer",I know the weight was off a few points. Was looking for dispensary to spend my money each week but don't think this is the one,sorry. Going back to the Closet to spend my mola! I feel most comfortable there..later Terry

    Review Source:
  • Report sad & dissapointed!!

    I've always love this clinic, I consider to be one of my favorites, probably the number one, But I just came back from it about half an hour & never been so let down before. I've always had a great experience wit the budtenders and they've always hooked it up, and if not then a definitely a sweet full gram. But today I received a pathetic two baby nuggs from a budtender I'm skeptical to believe its barely a gram, I'm never one to whine & complain but I'm a little embarrassed to smoke this in a blunt. This, for the lack of a better word, "worthless" experience sure has changed my view of the clinic.

    Review Source:
  • Report HIGH QUALITY MEDS and Customer Service.!!

    The tenders where extremely helpful and knowledgeable on their products. Great prices!! Awesome Potency. Will return AGAIN!

    Review Source:
  • Report Whats going on?

    this used to be my spot! but lately ive been getting on point g's and all the new budtenders just seem out of it, i dont know. all i can say is you guys used to be the shit but then you realized how much money you were making, then turned into jews. R.I.P a.l.c awesomeness

    Review Source:
  • Report Great service

    The best shop in riverside. I visit this place almost every day. Best meds at a great price

    Review Source:
  • Report Awesome ALC

    Awesome, I love this place. Its my go to, great deals, prices, buds (top knotch OG is fireee), great friendly and Knowledgeable staff. Love Alc :)

    Review Source:
  • Report pAR


    Review Source:
  • Report Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Ever since I found this dispensary I think I've found my home sort of say. This place never disappoints me. I've become on friend like terms with some of the bud tenders, there customer service here is excellent. The bud tenders here are very helpful and answer all my questions with no hesitation! The meds here are always of the best quality even the budget shelf is just as dank as the top shelf! IDK but I've been to many other dispensaries and this one by far is the best one. I prefer to come here even though it is kind of a travel. And everyone who asks me I tell them to come to this spot for the best meds in town!

    Review Source:
  • Report Who dont like this collective

    Man this collective has some the best meds & special i have ever seen and its a good place to go if your on a budget too, yes even the dude with five buccs can get something(hell Yea)but any way the staff is cool,but go checc it out for you health I mean self.

    Review Source:
  • Report The Best Meds At The Best Prices!

    I love this place! Ever since I found it this has become my number one spot!...They got some of the best meds in town! and their happy hour is the best! The Bud tenders like Jose and Justin are great, very informative and friendly! I love how quick im in and out of this place! I have never been dissatisfied when i leave this place.

    Review Source:
  • Report always pleased!

    Who doesnt like this spot! The best meds are here and the daily specials are pretty sweet! their budtenders jose and justin are very friendly and answer all my questions with no hesitation!ive been to many other spots and left sadly dissappointed, but am ALWAYS pleased when i leave this spot! would and do recommend to everyone!

    Review Source:
  • Report Loves Me Some ALC...

    OMG... I will drive my ass all the way from Murrieta to come see Steve-O and the rest of ma dudes up in ALC. I came thru on my birthday for the first time and experienced the most awesome service ever... EVER!!!

    First off the guard was cool. The staff at the window is courteous and informative. As far as accessibility, obviously if I'm drivin my ass from Murrieta it's accessible. Now let me get back behind the jolly door of green.

    Steve-O and the rest of the budtenders really know there shit when it comes to fruit. I've got true med issues so when I come in, I'm looking for something specific to my symptoms. Not only were these guys knowledgeable about their fruit, their recommendations were on point. They hooked me up with some 4.20 bars last night that knocked a sista out. LOVES IT!

    The price... all I can say is... NO ONE CAN BEAT THEM! Fuck what ya heard and act like ya know cuz I just told ya :p

    I'm making another trip back tonight because I just have to pick up some more of that Cracker Jack and Blueberry Lemon Haze. Hopefully you'll have the A-Cartridges in.

    Time to hit the road... I'm on my way!

    Review Source:
  • Report ALLways Show me Love!!!!

    11 out of 10 Allways hook it up Def , Stop Here Pick up a Pizza Bomb Bay

    Review Source:
  • Report the hook up

    gotta try the different strains. See Jose he'll hook it up!!! good looking out Jose, peace.....

    Review Source:


    Review Source: