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ATTENTION:This business has not been verified. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting. I am the business owner
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  • Report finally!

    ive been waiting for this spot to pop up on weedmaps since being banished from the "other" site. i hope they can keep an updated menu here like they did before. if you can get their diablo kush its some of the finest fire from reseda direct to sd. reasonable price cap and good concentrates and an immense strain selection. this is like having a bit of sfv in sd.

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  • Report finallly X 2!!!!

    this spot is my top spot man i love this place.the meds are great the specials are even better and i have been reffering people to you guys non stop! so i should be stopping in to drop a line.if you want dank meds for a good deal check out s.d.d.c!!!you will NOT be disappointed!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Report THE BEST in SD!

    1st off, the only place I gotta go to. Period!!!
    San Diego has a little taste of heaven now...

    I was blown away when I went into there a few weeks back and was unbelievably psyched... Its a sight to be seen... Wall to wall weed... Like i flipped when they said 60 was the top and was beside myself with choosing between 30something samples....

    try em out...their 2 free new patient grams WERE THE BEST!

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  • Report First impressions

    Quality of the buds i got, platinum kush and candy kush where good but ive seen and tasted better.

    Great atmosphere. I like the huge TV's as the menu. Brilliant.

    Staff was good but not exceptional

    Convenience was great. Parking is awesome and by looking for the old bank style building it was a cake to find.

    Price was great for what i picked up.

    This place has a huge selection of medication. Lots of everything. Even if you are looking for some cheaper buds they got it and its decent for the price.

    i will prolly be back to try some of the concentrates.

    ohh and thanks for the 2 grams BTW thats one of the better first time patient giveaways ive got yet.

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  • Report Impressed

    I have been trying to go to a different location each time I go. I would have to say that this is an excellent source for medicine. Ample parking and though I live close all will be happy to know it is freeway close to the 805 so easy on easy off.

    As I entered I was asked for my original recommendation and drivers license by a very polite and sweet young lady who noticed my birthday was coming up in the not so off future and informed me that ON my birthday to be sure to come in for a free 8th. Very cool. While she went to verify my information, I sat on a comfortable couch in the lobby with the air condition running nicely and a big screen tv to pass the time. I was buzzed into the medicine room within 5 minutes with a pass for 2 free grams as a new patient.

    I was very impressed with the set up display cases and the medicine being pre-weighed, and ready for dispensing. There was at least 30 strains and they had them well organized by quality so I was able to go straight for the high end product. The prices were clearly up on a large monitor for each strain and quantity. Matt was the guy that helped me and was very friendly and caring natured. He allowed me to pick the 2 free grams I wanted and was impressed when there was no concern that I wanted the high end. They had quite a variety of edibles and drinks as well as oils and hash. I picked up some butter to compare to others.

    $60 cap? Yes they say it and mean it. And they accept credit and check cards. They also give you an itemized receipt that is a real one. Very impressed.

    As with any purchase, I want to verify the weight. I did and the 8ths weighed from 3.6 to 3.8 none were short.

    I like to taste a little of each that I get when I go and I often pick up a variety. The taste and quality of what I picked up was very good. The Chemdawg really surprised me and the Diablo Kush was delicious. And the Herojuana... careful... I also got Vanilla OG, Blackberry Rhino, and some Purple Sour Diesel. Happy with all.

    I will continue to sample other dispensaries on occassion if I am in their area. But I really so no need to search any further.

    San Diego Discount Caregivers set the standard for what "Dispensaries/ Collectives" should be.

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  • Report Nice

    BUD QUALITY: I Was given 2 Free grams of choice for being a new customer. I chose two different strains; DIABLO OG, FIRE OG. I then also purchased an 1/8th of Vanilla OG. All three buds had great distince smells, the DIABLO and FIRE OG's were very simliar, but the DIABLO OG was about 2x as smelly and tasted the same as Fire but stronger. The vanilla OG, I dont know how they goddamn did it but it really tastes like Vanilla undertones with earthy over-tones. I have been smoking for 8 years, and these strains have a distinct taste I've never had anything similair in everyday usage.

    ATMOSPHERE: The front security guard has an intimidating undertone, but that could have been from Two punk kids who were bothering him about his rights or something. I was thinking he should chill out, were in a place of calm-healing and a relaxing, those two kids were definately out of line. Anyways, after they left he was very nice and the staff was very knowledgable and multi-tasking as well as they could; it was very busy inside.

    STAFF: Very nice, very kind, some hot chicks with a great head on her shoulders would be nice.

    CONVIENCE: Im not really in SanDiego to often, im from NorthCounty so its not to pleasant but it works.

    PRICE: Nothing too crazy, nothing too high. I loved the free grams for being new!!

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  • Report Truly Professional

    Good selection of top end quality with reasonable prices. Nice clones and good new patient bonus. The location was convenient and very professional, but seemed somewhat cold and impersonal. It often has a wait, and many people are rushed in and out. Kind of feels like a franchise chain, maybe the McDonalds of legal cannabis.

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  • Report Plenty to choose from

    This place is a pretty solid spot for the most part.Good location,plenty of parking.Usually when I want an 8th of og,I can plan on stopping by here because they always have a good selection of og's capped at 60.They have plenty of other strains available as well ranging from less than mediocre to straight up dank.Also a nice selection of edibles as well as some concentrates.Might I recommend the "stoneos".They were delicious!!

    One of my complaints with this collective is the price on ounces and half ounces.Most of the mid range here goes for $350 an ounce which is too much for me considering I can get better quality locally for $250-300.The top shelf ounces are $400+ which is way too much in my opinion.I chatted with someone who works there and they said they pay $350 for their zips of og so they have to turn around and sell em for that much in order to make a little something.

    This place has kind of gone down hill for me recently.I was loving this place when it first opened.Tons of free gram give-aways and the best og's around.Now it seems like some of the strains have been in there for a while and are starting to get dried out and losing some appeal.Plus some of the 8th containers they show you look very "skimpy".Now, if they weigh out(and they usually do),I dont care but I really dont like when I feel like I have to weigh it out again when I get home because I think it looks short.

    The last gram I bought here was some 818 og.It was pretty good.A little dry but what can ya do?

    So overall I like this place,but I still stop by my other favorite spots first.

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  • Report You wont be sorry

    A must visit for anyone in San Diego. Very relaxed atmosphere and easy verification process. Then let into a back room with tons of different buds. Their claims of upwards of 25 to 30 strains is no stretch of the imagination. The bug quality is great and you can't beat the 2 free grams for new patients. Good selection of growing products, clones, and edibles as well. EVEN COLA! haha

    The parking and location are great as well as it is just off the freeway and has dedicated parking.

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  • Report This place is great..

    This place is great.. I use to come here many times when they use to be on trackers.. I always liked how they posted up-dated menus and etc.. Well review time..

    Finding the spot is very easy right off the freeway.. Getting back on was a little different lol but good thing for GPS lol..

    Parking is great here and lots of it.. I also like how they take debit and credit cards, I may come down and use my new one today lol =P

    I really don't like pre-weighed bags that the grams come in.. The plastic rubs off the crystals from the buds and who knows how long they have been toasting inside there.. Same thing with the 8th jars already pre-weighed.. another thing what sucks is if you wanna buy an oz they will just give you 8 8th jars.. Paying 400+ for 8 8th jars doesn't work for me../ Ummm would it be rude if i asked him to weigh them all out..

    I know it makes it easy for the co-op to run things when everything is already zipped up and ready to go.. ( Most people don't like this )

    As drewballz said on some of my 8ths that i have gotten i really questioned if it was an 8th or not.. I hate this feeling were i have to go home and weigh it out before i touch it..

    I like how they have a little something for everybody. There 8th prices range from 25 to 60.. I don't know if the 25 dollar 8ths are everyday or not..

    What i use to like and im sure a lot of people don't care for is the free 8th of shake/trim.. It helps out and i have no idea when they do this anymore because it was only posted on trackers..

    Overall this place is great.. The staff could be more friendly at times.. But they got my thumbs up..

    They also have clones..

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  • Report savings!!!

    prices ranges are awsome and the discount rack is sweet.it ranges from shake /trim to whole nugs. good stuff!!!! this spot is deffinatly worth a shot!

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  • Report Try the Diablo.

    Wow, went to SDDC amongst a few other places yesterday and this is gonna be a hard one to review. On one hand they do have some very good strains of medicine, a very wide selection, nice location, and a KILLER new patient deal. On the other hand you have a crowded and very busy viewing room, equipped with a seemingly novice staff, felt very uncomfortable and rushed. A previous reviewer said McDonalds of Dispensaries, couldn't say it better. I always bring my handheld microscope with me and when I got it out the budtender looked like it was some alien gift from the gods. He had obviously never seen his wares under the scope and his reaction was to say one word, classic. Didn't even get to look at 80% of their strains but the stuff I did was all mid to higher end. The menus were clearly posted on some flat screen TV's above which I thought was a great way of thinking outside the box and very efficient. Donations are bearable but not exactly compassionate. A $50/cap is always welcomed, but even $55 would be more realistic. Love how the take credit cards and even give you a reciept. I would return (with a referral for my free gram.) Try the Diablo Kush you wont regret it.

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  • Report Great place

    I got there and forgot my original recommendation. I had a copy so they showed compassion and lemme in. The guy said I get two free grams for being a new patient but it has to be two different strains. I loved that. I got their frostiest indica which seemed to be the afghani kush and i was torn between the chemdawg and blue dream. Chemdawg won out on smell. They gave me the two free grams and told me to save the coupons for the next 4 visits (one coupon per customer per visit). I didnt spend any money, got two g of DANK buds, and still have these coupons. This may have just become my new favorite dispensary, not cuz of the free stuff but because of their selection, prices (g capped at 20), and variety of hash (whole glass shelf full of diff kinds of hash and he said theyre kinda low right now).

    Ive been back several times and have tried their chocolate hash and several strains of bud, all of which were great. We split 3 edibles between 3 people and didnt really feel em but I'm gonna try again just eating one by itself and see since theyre so cheap.

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  • Report Likely the best in SD

    SDDC has some of the highest quality meds in San Diego. This place reminds of collectives in LA for a few reasons; they're very professional, very large selecion of top notch strains, compassionate towards all and they operate strictly under the California Laws. Upon entrance, the waiting room has a few couches and a plasma TV, and the back room was well lit with a very clearly displayed menu on yet another plasma. They had a good variety of Flowers, clones, edibles, and hashes.

    However, 60 bux an 1/8 is no deal by any means but the 2 free grams for first time visit and the quality of the 60 dollar meds make up for the prices. I picked up some of the HerojuanaOG and the purple sour diesel on my last visit and both strains were dank. The HerojuanaOG was very potent and tastey, while the diesel was far more heady and fruity. Everything ive seen from this club has been straight fire. keep up the good work guys.

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  • Report Bets in SD so far

    The title says it all. Simply the best place I have been to in SD. The meds rival those I have seen in Santa Cruz and the prices are incredible. There are excellent edibles available as well.

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  • Report Not So Good

    I picked up 2 cookies, brownie (stale) Drinks, nothing worked just got a stomache ache. Buds selection good with lots to choose from. Stay away from edibles they are for light weights.

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  • Report Impresed

    Nice place, easy to find, good parking, quick verification process, good meds, GREAT prices. We'll be back. Oh yeah, thanks for the 2 grams per patient for being first timers.
    Loved that Mr Nice Guy.

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  • Report Mixed Feelings

    Stopped by for the first time at this collective today. At first my impression of the place was very good. They have plenty of parking and the location is good and easy to find. The girl at the reception area was very nice and verification was quick. As another reviewer put it, "they have a wow factor". As I walked into the back they have a large room with glass cases full of meds, I would guess 30 or so. It is very clean and also has flat screens with the menu/prices on them. After spending some time looking at the numerous meds they offer, I was impressed. However my impression very quickly went downhill from there. The budtender wasn't attentive in the slightest and offered very little help or compassion(which is what the collectives are supposed to be about). After about 5 mins he finally started talking and being somewhat helpful. As he put it, "I spaced out for a little bit". I got my 2 g for free that they offer to new patients which was very cool and appreciated. I picked up some of the Mr. Nice Guy and the 818 OG...both are top notch. I also got some of the Blue Dream Haze as another reviewer said how good it is. When I looked at it in the jar it was very nice. However when I got home I was upset to find that it wasn't the same bud as I was shown. I would say it is midgrade at best, as it smelled like chemicals. My girlfriend actually said it smelled like "burnt toast". Maybe I will save it, or I might just give it to a friend who is also a patient but always broke.

    Not sure if I will be back, especially because of the switch up of what I thought I was getting. Maybe it was an honest mistake..i don't know. After all, it was in a pre-weighed bag. If you are looking for a wide variety of meds at reasonable prices this is a good place to go. However if you do go, be sure to check out what's given to you before you leave

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  • Report MmMmmmmm

    So I was told to come here by one of the employees so I did, with the enticing 2 grams free gift for 1st time patients!!! man o man. all the strains were all out on a nice screen and not HAND written like some places..i wont mention any names.. but it was really dope. so i got some J1 platinum kush and mr nice guy. SO pleased with all of my choices.. The budtender guy def knew what he was talking about, and thats always helpful. You know they know what theyre talking about when they are just giving you a great description of each strain and where they come from.. There was also cute dog sleeping, i LOVE dogs. They had a humongous (thats spelled wrong) selection of edibles and hassh, i forgot to get some >:( and even had the soda!!! i REAALLLLY have been wanting to try that stuff and havent seen it anywhere. Ialso got verified really quickly. Usually I wait like 10 mintues. The selection of bud was huge as well. The lighting coulda been a little better but o well nobodys PERFECT. PLUS tthey threw in a clone AND they charged me for the cheaper gram and gave me the more expensive grams FO FREe! not only that but they give you a receipt and they give you a discrete pharmacutical bag. NOT ONLY THAT!! but its by a used store. Its a little far..cuz Im in Rancho Bernardo but the prices and selection are well worth the drive and I will be back!!

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    Review Source:

    I was recommended to go check this place out (SDDC), so on thursday i went and was very please with the outcome. I like the fact that they give out 2 free grams of your choice for 1st time customers. Not like some other co-ops which will only give out free bunk weed. I ended up getting a quad of there fire og kush which is BOMB by the way and for my 2 free grams i went with 1 gram of 818 og and 1 gram of sour og. The prices are a bit high compare to other places but the quality is definately there so i cant really complain about it to much. The location is also very close to where i live so thats a plus! I'll be a returning customer for sure! Thanks SDDC, staff was also friendly and laid back.

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  • Report Updated Review

    Just wanted to update my review that I left a couple days ago about my first visit to SDDC. In my last review I said that the meds that I received (blue dream haze) wasn't the same meds that I was shown and bought. I was contacted by one of the managers (Neil) concerning the mix up. He explained to me what had happened...in the end it was an honest mistake. He told me to come back in and they would exchange the meds that I was given for something different. I was surprised by this as I know some of the other places wouldn't have bothered to do so. He even told me that if patients weren't happy with what they received (which probably doen't happen that often) that they would be happy to exchange those meds. As long as most of the meds are still left :) This says alot about SDDC and their commitment to their patients/customers. I would definatley recommend this place to all patients.

    Oh yeah, I picked up some of the Platinum OG which was truly impressive

    Thanks again!

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  • Report BUBBA KUSH


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  • Report Stoked!!!

    What up peeps? Ballz here!!

    Went down to a couple collectives today with xhale and our main destination was here.Both wanted to look at the new og's mainly the fire og.Walked in,said hello to the receptionist who was new to me but very nice and easy on the eyes as well,signed in and walked to the back.I love when it's nice and quick liike this.

    Immediately headed over to the top shelf area because thats how I roll!!Checked out the fire og and was a little disappointed to be honest.It looked fine,like a nice og but it didnt have as strong of a fragrance as I would prefer.Next asked to see the sour og which is tied for my favorite strain.I was also disappointed with this.It was a priced a little lower at $55 but it just didnt have that "wow" factor.Smelled decent but not as strong smelling as some bomb sour og's I've had before.

    Next asked to see the platinum og and the tender pulled out the valley og and said check this out as well.I had started to look at the platinum before he had pulled out the valley and I thought the platinum looked like a winner.I then looked at the valley and smelled it and was like "omg,this is incredible!!".Nice fluffy trichome loaded buds with an extremely strong og smell.If someone opens up a container of this in the room,you will immediately know that there is some og kush in the room...or house for that matter!!Dont get pulled over with this stuff hehe!!After smelling the valley,I then smelled the platinum og which I had yet to smell and while it smelled good,the valley just smelled wayyy better.As far as the smoke,the taste is awesome and the high is pretty strong.Quite possibly the best og I've ever smoked!!

    Today was a total win!!!I got exactly what I wanted at a price I'm willing to pay.

    **I think I might have snagged the last the 8th of this valley.They may have more but it was the last 8th containter they had in the display so I dont know.Sorry to all of you if I got the last one and you guys cant try some.Wait,no I'm not not!!

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  • Report Top Notch

    SDDC is top notch all the way. Verification was very fast, bud quality & number of strains on hand was insane, and prices very for every budget. Being a first time patient I received two free grams so I chose 1G. of Blackberry & 1G. og Gods Gift...even ended up picking up 1G. of Mr Nice cause well it just looked so NICE(three top notch grams and all I paid was $18 hard to beat that). My only complaint(and it's actually just a preference of mine) is that their meds come pre-weighted, I prefer to have my meds weighted infront of me. If you're thinking about trying out SDDC you can't go wrong.

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  • Report Hero is THE BOMB

    A few reviews back i read about someone complaining that they got 8 8th containers for there ounce, i can understand why this could be a bummer to some... Anyways, i went in the other day to get an Ounce of the OG Herojuana (my favorite strain). I guess they didnt have any in the back, so they just gave me 8 8th containers (i dont mind)... When i weighed it all out, it ended up weighed 28.8!! So i got a free .8 in my ounce, i assume it must be cause each 8th is a little over, (my 8ths have always weighed 3.6 when ive gotten home to check). Anyways, i just wanted to post to let some know, that its almost better to get 8 8th containers, cause you will end up getting at least an extra half gram in youre ounce :)

    I also picked up some of the Valley OG, and like Drewballz said, its some TOP NOTCH og... It was a little bit fluffy/leafy, but i almost like the fluffy soft buds more than the super dense rock ones.
    The taste and high on the valley og are INSANE!!!! such a strong lemon/pine/fuel flavor, and with an instand head rush/ expando smoke...

    Then the Herojuana, is simply KNOCKOUT! TKO, its the dopest dope you ever smoke ;P haha, but ya, i LOVE the OG HEROJUANA!

    Thanks SDDC!!

    PS. They need to get some more Stoneos and Sodas.. i LOVE those stoney oreos, OMG

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  • Report New Patient

    I went to this dispensary for the first time yesterday. The check-in process was very quick and easy. The staff was courteous, pleasant and helpful. I bought an 8th of Platinum OG -- which a previous reviewer described as "truly impressive". I wholeheartedly second that opinion and add that I have not found better medication at $60/eighth in San Diego. The only disappointment I had was that they seem to have discontinued the free meds to new patients. (I did mention that I had trouble finding the place to the budtender.) I guess all good things must come to an end. Just one suggestion, regarding convenience, it would be very helpful if the street number was somewhere on the front -- University side -- of the building, even if the entrance is on the West side of the building. I know discretion is important, but I nearly gave up after circling the block several times trying to find 3152 University.

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  • Report New patient special, Nice

    Quick verification process and freindly staff. New patients get a free gram or two, i got two and a bought one for 18 bucks. Mr.Nice guy x2 and a g of vanilla something, it blew my mind. there is really starting to be a lot of these stores getting opened up, somewhere new to go all the time.

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    always a nice selection you cant go wrong with the OG's.diablo kush , chemdawg, genius menu very helpful to decide rather than just looking at jars. always always hooked up 8ths 3.7 not no janky 3.4 plus tax. their hash's are lights out super potent real hash not like other places

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  • Report WOW!!!

    Selection is THE BEST ALL the TIME. Prices are competitive and the bud is GOOD! It's like walking into Home Depot, everything you could need and want it all.

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  • Report Kool spot with nice strains

    Yo.. This place is pretty kool.. I went the other day and grabbed a quarter of Herojuana as well as a few grams of Valley OG, plus my free gram which I also chose Valley OG.. Oh did I forget my Edible.. Very tasty.. So I get back to the crib and I was a little bummed... They gave me the Vanilla OG rather than the Herojuana.. I called and left a message to explain the problem.. I'm not a deusche bag so I didnt touch anything I got from them that night.. Its a good thing I always have at least 10 different strains at home all the time... The next morning I was awoken to my cell phone ringing.. Yes it was after 10 and yes I'm a lazy basterd.. HAHA So, its the manager.. He totally remembers me and what I asked for.. I told him when I met him that I'm very picky.. I go back in.. Switch out the bomb Vanilla OG for the bomber Herojuana. Grabbed some more Valley OG because thats FIRE and the guy gave me some free hash for the mix up.. If thats not customer service then what is.. Oh did I mention 25 to 30 different strains plus concentrates and edibles.. Definately go check this spot out...

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  • Report busy place

    Cool place. Very busy. Ton of strains. Bud tenders were knowledgable. Guess they stopped giving two grams free for new patients as I only got one? Pushed the Herojuana which doesn't smoke as good as it seems. Picked up some Mr Nice Guy which was impressive. Overall this is a great shop...Very solid selection but everything is pre weighed. Love the flat screens. There were people waiting in the parking lot even though they have signs all over not to do that.

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  • Report Professional

    With all the good reviews, I decided to give SDDC a try. It is a bit hard to find because they do not have something on the building that says SDDC. It just looked like a random building. That was a bit confusing but I figured it out when I saw 3152 on the side of the building. Parking was pretty easy, the parking lot to the side of them had a lot of opened spots. Verification was pretty simple. They had one piece of paper (front and back) that I needed to fill out, that did not take long. The girl at the front was a bit rude when I walked up there but the rest of the staff was pretty nice. Verification took longer than usual but they finally buzzed me through the back doors. Pretty big bud room. bigger than most places I've been to. They had their low, medium and high grades and since I was a new patient I got a free gram! Their selection was decent and their bud was mostly pre-weighed. They had the little jars semi-full with meds for everyone to see and the eighths right below them. That did not bother me too much. The prices weren't too bad. I am still a bit iffy on 60 but I am glad they did not have anything over. I ended up getting a gram of Valley OG and he said that that was my free gram! I thought I was going to have to donate something and they would give me a free gram from their low-end stuff. I was really shocked! I ended up getting a gram of the Violet Kush. They had a pretty big selection of edibles, melts and hash as well. Overall this place was pretty good. Very professional and helpful. Thanks guys!

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  • Report Nice sunday visit

    What up peeps? Ballz here!

    Was craving a good kush and since the collectives in north county are lacking when it comes to that at the moment,took a trip down to sddc since they always have killer kush.

    Omg,the blonde female tender with the pink fingernails that helped me was soo beautiful.Really nice and friendly girl too.Definately made my visit nicer hehe.

    I was a little disappointed that the herojuana og was all gone and so was the valley.After looking at all the og's,I was thinking that I would try the triple og but I ended up going with another tender's recommendation of the candy kush.Very nice recommendation.I'm pleased with my 8th purchase of this.The bud is a tad bit dry but its so good that I can look past that.Lots of trichomes and a nice sweet og smell with a taste to match.

    Hadn't had any sour diesel in a week or two,so I was looking for some of that flavor as well and looked at the sour diesel which looked good but something had me going "ehh".The buds just seemed a tad bit too dense and the smell wasnt as pungent as it normally seems to be.The blonde tender suggested that I check out the strawberry sour diesel because she really likes the taste and it gets her really high.I grabbed a gram of this and I am very pleased!!I gotta be honest,I dont know if there's any strawberry in it.I cant really tell.It just smells and looks like some good sour d to me.Not that I'm complaining because this stuff tastes bomb and it does get me hella high.Only $18 a gram.Wish I would of grabbed an 8th of this as well.

    Today was a great visit.Got what I came for!! I also really like when I go with the tenders choice over mine and it turns out good!!Nothing worse when u go with their recommendation and it turns out to be nothing special.Thanks guys!!

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  • Report ITS ALL GOOD!

    I've been going to this place for a minute now but this is my first review on it. The location is good but it was a bit confusing my first time there. Couldnt find the building since theres no sign and this place used to be a bank so i thought it was still a bank and drove pass it a few times until i saw the address. Parking is one of the best part about this place because there will always be parking and its right next to the building. Check-in time is cool, fast, and u'll be on your way to the bud room. The room is pretty small and can be busy at time. I've bought over 7 different strains from this place and each time i feel the bud is a bit on the dry side. I dont know if its because they pre weight it already or not but it seems a bit dry. The last valley og i got was pretty dry but it was still good. This is the best place in SD if u want some of that bomb kush!

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  • Report My favortie!

    I love this club! I have been to a couple others and of all, this is my favorite! Many strains to choose from, all good, quality strains, and modestly priced. Wide selection of edibles, friendly, trusting staff. Very professional feeling too though. Friendly and professional! I wish this collective were closer to my home. San Diego from Carlsbad is a drive...but worth it!

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  • Report A Medical Pharmacy

    Hi! It's Cassy, and this is totally my first review. I came to this place when my regular 'place' was closed temporarily. I live right by the Q, so I wasn't sure about the drive, but the guy sitting outside told me 1st timers get $40 free. Without spending anything. So I said, OK, free meds, let's go. Hard to find, right off the 805, but it's kinda hidden. But I literally parked 10 feet from the door. I was VERY happy about that, cause I'm a chick, I'm alone, it's dark, and everyone knows what I'm gettin ya know? So the parking was SWEET. I walked in, the place was hoppin' it was a Friday night. Verified quickly, super nice guy @ the check-in spot. When I went in there I was blown away. It was a medical cannabis pharmacy. Very clean, not a head-shop dark vibe at all. And two free grams for 1st timers. Who can beat that? Meds were good. I got top shelf, since the deal was 2 free grams. I got a gram of sativa and a gram of indica, whose names I can't remember, but they were nice. It was so busy I didn't get a chance to browse, but I will be back to actually look @ everything. Mom of three, one being a newborn, I was in a hurry. But I was VERY impressed with the professional quality of the place. Everything's spelled out on two huge flat screens, nice display cases, with enough light to actually be able to see everything. So if you're outta meds, instead of grabbing a gram of Cali Orange or some left-overs, check this place out. Oh, and the quality of the meds was awesome. Very nice. The only complaint I had was everything was pre-weighed. I like seeing the actual scale, ya know? But other than that.... :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Not my last visit is all i can say!

    Ok 1st off this place is very professional. The only reason why i dont give it a perfect score is because the Girl that took my information wouldnt give me the time of day and just assumed i knew what to do. she didnt even get off her obvious non work related phone call. the Lobby was very clean with magazines, nice chairs, and a huge HD tv with what seemed to be espn. after the girl handed me a big white coupon for being a 1st timer i walked though. Once inside the room i felt like this is exactly what i pictured when i tought of a dispencery. each counter had a large varity of greens to choose from ranging from 10$ Grams up to about 20$. I handed the gentleman the card and shook his hand with a big smile. To my excitement i found out that my free G would be any strain i would like, not some of the 10$ stuff but anything including the top tiers. I highly recomend the blackberry! the room is very will lit and clean and they have giant HDTV's with shows and others with prices and knowledge of what you are buying. The edibles are what pleased me the most, theres a giant refrigarator and there is everything you can think of in there fridge, prices are very nice and like most palces the more you buy the more you save. i grabbed me some tasty looking 3 pack of edible what seemd to be recess which the choclate and the peanut butter both had canabis inside. I drove all the way from Enc to try this place out and im happy to say that i will be back numerous times only to come.

    Review Source:
  • Report SDDC-A good spot to check out and try....

    SDDC is one of the better collectives that I tend to visit here in SD. First off, it is close, open 7 days a week and has good hours. 10-9 is more then fair. This spot has hooked me up with coupons for free hash and free grams before, so I truly feel they are legit about helping out their patients. The edibles are what I consistently get, they got my favorite for potency, the Wolfgang Pot Extra Strength Brownies, I recommend it, even if you have a high potency to edibles. Their flowers are not the best in SD but they have a huge menu. Good pricing from low end to a $60 CAP. They had Pure Kush for a minute at $45, so that's a good strain, at a good price. I agree with a few reviewers that the flowers can be dry but they are still good. BT's are knoweldgable and friendly. I go here in some capacity at least once a week. Their tinctures are a good value at $25 and good in your oj, or coffee, so give that alternative form of medication a try, it's worth it.

    Review Source:
  • Report THE BEST!

    Best Store ive been too hands down. Free gram first visit, and free gram referrals. Super nice staff, fiiine lady behind the counter. Easy verification, nice waiting room. Huge bud room, Great eatables, huge selections, BOMB buds from 45 a 8th all the way up to the suuuupers for 60. Some of the best buds ive seen and for sure the best for your buck if you dont want to go outdoor. Great parking lot, and huge one behind it. Great store.

    Review Source:
  • Report For get this... So pissed...

    So i made the trip down there 2 days ago.. Because i got some cash to buy an 8th.. I trusted the bud tender this time ( which i never do )... he aways seemed to give me a good heads up on whats good and whats bad.. But not this time the surfer dude with the long blonde hair told me the super afghani was the best for 50 dollars.. As i looked through them all it seemed to be the best bang for the buck... But it looked so different in the jars.. im tired of this preweighed bullshit with a quick swap.. Im sure my meds have been sitting in this jar for over 2 weeks.. When nugs turn into shake just from taking them out of the jar is shady as hell!!!

    Well anyways he picked up my 8th jar and they quicky put it in the baggy.. As i was driving home on the free way.. i looked in the jar for a sec... the weed was so dry it wasn't even funny.. I get home and pack a bowl the nug just falls apart from how dry the bud is.. this isn't cool this weed is so dry it changed a 1.4 gram nug in to picksie dust im not kidding.. there is no way this 8th is worth 50 dollars.. I would have returned what i bought if i lived closer.. but im not wasting my premium gas on returning this.. So i will write a review instead..

    OH BTW the high sucks on the bud too.. you said this was a full indica??? can't feel shit after smoke 4 bowls out of my 2 footer zong.. Ask ballz i smoked him out yesterday he knew how mad i was.. Kinda sad when our LOCAL co-ops meds are better...

    (This maybe my last visit)

    Review Source:
  • Report go to spot

    I love sddc. It's the closest spot to me and they have pretty good hours. There is an absolutely massive selection here..buds in every price range (maybe some is a bit dry but take into account how many strains they have...it's a fair trade off) There are tons of edibles, concenctrates, glycerine drops, clones...and they have like a monthly drawing to win free meds. The first time I went they hooked it up with 2 free gs of my choice so I picked up some candy kush and some og herojuana....I was happy with both...especially for free! Next time I went I got a free edible with a coupon. They always work with my budget...I was even a dollar short the other day and it was still all good. The SAGE x Sour and Super Afghani were definitely affordable and tasty meds as well. This is definitely my go to spot :)

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  • Report dimly lit room-huge selection of nutrient rich bud

    Okay, this place is in an old standalone bank building in North Park, right next to a bus stop. Makes it very convenient for those transit riders out there. Plenty of parking in the dedicated lot. I was quickly verified at the front desk and buzzed into the large bud selection room. First thing i noticed, it was dark in there, like a video arcade. Most of the light was provided by the two gawdy lcd screens on the walls. Okay guys, having your products listed on lcd screens doesn't make your flowers taste any better. A whiteboard works just fine. So I walk into this poorly lit room and a very young looking boy helps me. He takes me first to what "he's personally smoking right now." I told him i was interested in sativas and he brought out the 818 OG, some chemdawg, and blue dream. I ended up checking out about 15 of the strains, nothing that impressive. I know many reviewers on weedmaps are blown away by any buds with a layer of white, but I'm looking for something that wasn't pumped full of every nutrient on the chart from day 1, as well as something that doesn't taste like nutrients. I want true organic medicine that tastes as good as it looks. Something that's very hard to find in san diego. Collectives like SDDC try to overwhelm you with selection, but it's all just sparkles and good-smells, but once you get it home, it's harsh and mediocre. I chose 2 different grams from their top shelf, blue dream and og kush, i thought they looked decent among the nutrient massacre that's going on here. I also picked up several of the sodas. Well, my itchy eyes and sneezy nose didn't fail to warn me that these strains were chemical packed. I opened up both of the sixty dollar selections when i got home and was very disappointed with how they smoked. Come on San Diego, we need a true caregiver who cares about the love and compassion put into the growing, not how many nutrients they can pack in. I don't know if it was the very dimly lit room, or all the chemical residue that made this place a bad memory. Either way, I would only recommend it to patients who want to impress their teenage friends. These people seemed more interested in selling product than taking care of those in pain. My budtender did not seem very knowledgable at all, he pointed at the white on the bud and told me, "See all those trichomes man, this stuff is the ****." I bought 3 sodas, several different flavors. Was not too happy with those either, kinda gave me a headache. I did see cannabutter in their edibles fridge, dont see that too often. Also, SDDC advertises as being San Diego's only compassionate caregivers, what's so compassionate about no organic medicine and kids as budtenders...I found nothing compassionate about this place. Just a nervous gentlemen walking back and forth behind the counter reminding the budtenders not to mix the jars up.

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  • Report How about hiring experience and knowledge, over yo

    I started going to SDDC because the owner had made an offer of 2 free grams which of course was great. I have since gone back and im tended by young inexperienced budtenders who have no knowledge of the benefits of the strands they carry or their properties, infact they seem to not want to be there, very unmotivated. i recently refered a friend who was only given 1 free gram for new patient, and i was given sum god-awful GUSH for my referal. my buddy Picked up a Half Ounce of MACK 10 for $230 which is highly overpriced for the quality we received, what happened to the herojuana and the devil og??? the quality was very disapointing. The tender who we tipped 5 dollars (can u believe the gawl to ask for tips)changed his mood but only after the transaction was done and he got his tip. the experiences I've had with this place recently have led me to believe that this co-op is the McDonalds of coop's, started off strong and with good quality, but is now serving up dubious quality products with bad attitudes. the owner "D" told me that i was going to absolutely love this place and that he would bet me $10,000.00 saying "once you try this place youll never want to go anywhere else again... im waiting for my check!!!!
    Everyone dont be fooled by the free gram!!

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  • Report Hooked Up!

    I just went here for the 1st time, and it was an excellent 1st visit.

    me and my girlfriend got free grams, plus another patient in there gave us a coupon from a magazine for another free gram, and a free edible. We got Blue Dream Haze, CHOG (Chem Dogg x OG), and Sour Diesel then we bought a gram of Blackberry. They were all quality. The Sour D was on the lower end of the price range, but it was comparable to what is usually the best strain at other dispensaries. The Blue Dream has an amazing high. The CHOG was ultra potent. The Sour D was prob the best Ive ever had. The Blackberry was delicious and stony.

    The atmosphere is nice, they have a huge TV in the waiting room. In the back they have all of their products in display cases. Their strain board was well organized and effective.

    The staff in the back were fantastic, very helpful and polite. The receptionist in the front however was not nice or friendly whatsoever, she had an attitude with everyone in there, it was like everyone was a waste of her time.

    This place is a little out of the way from where i live. parking is somewhat of an issue. we had to park a block away.

    San Diego Discount Caregivers stays true to their name! i love the places with 15, 16, 17, 18 dollar grams. that's what a lot of this place is then the top shelf strains are actually $20 a G! amazing.

    I would recommend this place to anyone who hasn't tried it. you'll get a free gram with any 1st purchase, so that makes it worth checking out alone. if i lived a short distance from this place, it would be my spot.

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  • Report what u talkin bout willis

    for the guy who wanted to keep it short. ive gone to dozens of places in sd and most of them cant come close to the class and knowledge of sddc's budtenders, plus think bout it their still mad at the guy b4 just like you asking to see all the top shelf strains then buying a gram of valley gold and busting out the coupon. they treat me and my referred patient friends like family everytime i go in ther its smiles and laughs all around. best prices by far, no bs 25 a gram plus tax. they are legit and honest CARING and everything ive gotten from them has been a .1 or 2 over. therefor i will stand up for my friends and say your wrong brother, this place is NOT JUST GOOD BUT GREAT

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  • Report SD discount is where it's AT!

    This place is great, I can honestly say it's the best collective in the vicinity, having been to the other ones myself. The location is great really easy to find. Verification was fast and the staff was all very welcoming and helpful. I smoke a lot of bud so I know my way around but these guys are particularly helpful to new patients and people who don't really know every little detail about cannabis. I love to see this kind of compassion in a collective and it really makes my day to see budtenders helping patients and not just processing them. My first time here, got a free gram of whatever I wanted, not some bag of dried up, discolored herb. Nothing was over 20 a g and they got some fire buds. Lots of cool edibles, including drinks. GET THE FRUIT PUNCH ONE AND MIX IT WITH SPRITE!!! Honestly you'll be chillin and it'll be your new favorite drink. Having tried all the drinks from 215 bottling, I know they are not that carbonated and it can maybe steer you away from them....think again dude, pick up that fruit punch danktopia and get to sippin. Nice big bud room, no pressure from tenders to hurry, nice laid back atmosphere with chill people. The PERFECT surrounding and experience for picking up quality medication, keep up the great work guys!

    Review Source:

    sddc is so effing far ahead of the curve its not even funny.
    san diego is behind, but here they really are at the tip-top of the ladder.

    their bud is super good, good, and alright. it really goes throughout...but there ISN'T ANY BAD. period.


    their 818 and grape ape are my current tippety top choices, but i also really love their MACK-10 (ogK)!!!

    the other day i got an 8 of the forementioned Grape Ape....BOY IS IT CREAMY & DREAMY!!!
    Its smoke was solid out of 2 diff glass'(a roor and a good 'ol pipe)...but it REALLY stood out to me when this morning (8/26) i rolled the rest of it up...


    they hooked it up, .2 over on the 8th is radical!!! i couldn't imagine getting a 1/2 and getting the hoooook upp :))

    thanks thanks for the grape ape.... now on to other business.....the IMPORTANCE of being TACTFUL....


    because of their compassion, I need to set the record straight! all these shitty reviews really confused me, but i know their FALSE...nice try...NOT!

    i myself here violate the tos by mentioning the other reviews, but they did first whilst bashing SDDC, so they need to have BOTH SIDES, or follow their rules to a T and UPHOLD THEIR TOS and delete bad and non helpful reviews

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  • Report Proper

    This club is by far in the top 3 of "best collectives" in SD. Location and parking is convenient, and the verification process is quick and smooth. The layout of the pharmacy area is very efficient and MOST importantly you get high quality buds at a very decent price. And first timers get a free gram of their choice/ Try the Herojuana and the Platinum Bubba ;)

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  • Report Nice place

    This is one of my top 3 places to go, I haven't been here in a while but I highly recommend it. Their platinum bubba and herojuana is super bomb. The full melt hash is unbelievable and tasty, I recommend the maui fullmelt.

    The staff is awesome super friendly and helpful. Better prices than most with a selection for any price range.

    Check it out!

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  • Report Afghan kush

    Went for the Platinum OG but after smelling it I went with the Afgan Kush. Still nice assortment of meds and now they take plastic so what more can you ask for, plus grams a re just 20 but hopefully they'll get some nice stuff for the ten dollar crowd. I'd like too see this place sell joints. I'll probably go back.

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  • Report Two Thumbz Up...

    Found parking no problem. I had heard a lot of good things about SDDC, and figured Id see what what they had to offer. Walked into a small wait, maybe 5-10min. Nothing to serious. Verification and paper work were a breeze. Now all I have to bring is my Cali ID to get verified which is a plus. Came to the back which is fairly spacious. Had large selection of edibles and concentrates on deck which i usually never get but is always nice to have the option. The menu was placed on two flat screens in front of me which was very easy to see. Prices are fair....large selection of 55 dollar 8ths or 18 dollar grams which I appreciate. I was serviced by a cute lil asian budtender who suggested the strawberry diesel for day time sessions and platinum bubba for bedtime which has worked out perfectly! Overall I give this spot a two thumbs up. Bomb meds, fast location. I would go back just for the knowledge that girl gave me.. Hope this helps.

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  • Report perfection

    So - what are we all looking for in one of these dispensaries? For me, and I assume most of us, it's a variety of things. I like high quality first and foremost. Prices are just as important, because quality alone exists at many dispensaries. Convenience, atmosphere, helpful & friendly staff and how about taking credit cards & debit cards so I don't have to make a stop at an ATM?

    This place has it all. This used to be a bank, so they have a parking lot! I like it already, but wait, there's more. Clean, neat & professional. So many strains I didn't have time to look at them all. I stayed at the high end case, but a friend of mine went with the less expensive case and was thrilled with his purchase as well. A beautiful display of melts & concentrates . . . an incredible case of edibles sealed in their own branded packaging . . . 3 large display cases of flowers (ultra high end - high end - medium) . . . they accept credit & debit cards . . . parking lot . . . right next to the 805 for easy access . . . nice people . . . free gram of any flower. I like checking out new places, and there are many, but I'm not sure why I'd go anywhere else. I picked up an 8th of Grape Ape (amazing), got a free gram of mack-10, an 8th of Afghani Kush and a gram of AFGOO FM all for a little over $100.00 - Wonderful! I still wish prices everywhere would go down a bit, but it was still way worth it!

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  • Report I drove by this place 50 times

    I must've drove past this place at least 50 times and never knew it was there. I think it use to be a bank,then a real estate office, now it's a dispensary.
    Good deals for 1st timers free gram at the door,and I didn't even buy anything!!!(I was checking them out)
    Good Selection of plants, buds, and edibles
    Plus they have parking!!!!

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  • Report worth the drive from the beach

    This place has a huge selection. Probably best concentrate stock in SD. The flowers are also great and there's a huge selection too. I got the grape ape. Smoked nice and outside in the sun the flowers looked incredible. Maybe a lil' dry but I really cant complain. Also for new patients you get a free gram of your choice. I picked up some of their OG, forgot the exact strain but it was very tasty.
    The only complaint about this place (and i think it's been mentioned before), is the lack of knowledge and young age of some of the staff. I'm sure strains can be described as more than "good" and "bomb" when patients ask about them. Also, everything is pre-weighed (i prefer weighed in front of me), and the strains are not on display outside the glass so you have to ask to see every strain. That can get annoying if you're as picky as me!
    Overall, this place is definitely one of the best spots iv'e been to in San Diego and if you're a concentrate fan this spot is for you!

    Review Source:

    When I first found San Diego Discount I thought it was the closest comparission to a Los Angeles dispensary.

    Their FULL MELTS, OG HEROJUANA, MACK-10, and 818 OG are some of the best medications around. If you are into high quality OG Kushs and potent concentrates, I suggest visiting.

    Would say the only setback is the lack of knowledge and enthusiasm from some of the staff. You also have to ask before seeing the medicine instead of it being in jars laid out on the table. Overall a good shop, but can use come small improvements.

    Great parking and easy access too. Good work SDDC

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  • Report still bringing the fire

    man the private reserve is fire right now, so is the compassion with the free g of hash, and that new asian working there is super hot, i never really got the hot chick working at co ops thing but now i do hahhaa

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  • Report thx for my stonie labor day sddc

    brah...crashed so medicated and woke up still sooo medicated.....
    all i smoked was my volcanic freeb and da og wrek and woooooahhh!!

    A+++ sddc... still da numba 1 in smoke

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  • Report Labor day compassion

    Wow how awesome, apparently everyone that came in yesterday got a free gram of hash... So i guess if you were a new patient, youd get a free gram of bud, and a free gram of hash.. :o
    Anyways, i went in yesterday and got myself some Private Reserve (i think its a ridiculously good batch of the ogherojuana) Also got some Diablo Kush..
    Both are INSANE, top notch quality.. You would have a hard time finding better quality meds anywhere else.

    I just wanted to give some rep to SDDC K++++
    I was really impressed at the compassion they showed everyone yesterday..

    Oh yea, and that og x trainwreck has gotta be the BEST DEAL ever! for $45 an 8th its a steal

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  • Report not to bad.....haha

    then sick one yet......i got a free gram of kush and a free gram of hash.... the girls that helped me we so BOMB....but i nose was deep in the jars of bud...herojuana is super bomb.

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  • Report Good !!

    This is definitely one of the best collectives I've been to. They have a nice selection with a great price range. Easy to get a good 1/8 for under $55. Also have great hash and keef.

    Review Source:

    I FELT LIKE CRYING i pull up to see some bald **** standing at the back door with 2 vans taking box after box. so sad hope to see them back up and running twice as strong

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  • Report MUCH LOVE

    Much love to sddc! FUCK THE POLICE. Last time i checked, we voted, and we won. SUCK IT OFF! Hope you guys come back even better!

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  • Report My favorite collective.

    There is nothing bad to say about this dispensary. they are awesome in every way.

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    Review Source:

    sddc is the best club in san diego hands down. Not only is there plenty of parking, the quality and quantity of meds is superb. even if you are looking to stretch your dollar they have good meds for 45 and 50, as well as a dscount rack of shake for as low as 20$ eighths. i prefer their 55 and 60 dollar eighths, which are as good of meds as you are gong to find. This club is run by Dave, who also owns RDC if you've been there. The place is clean, verification takes a couple minutes, (unless on Fridays they are a little busy), and the staff is all friendly and extremely helpful. Any questions you have they will have an answer. Ask for their opinions and they wont bullshit you. Ive been a loyal patient to sddc ever since my first day a couple months ago. Every new club that pops up in SD ill go check out and I have yet to find one as complete as SDDC. first time patients get hooked up, as well as returning patients. They always have dank herojuana, along with many other OGs that will knock your ass out. Not to mention they have a fridge with over 100 edibles individually packed and they also have a good assortment of concentrates and melts that range from 15$/g to 45$/g.
    If you havent checked out SDDC i highly recommend it and you will leave very happy!
    I know some people dont like their meds pre weighed out but i have never recieved an eighth under 3.6 and if you think their show nug is a little dry(that will happen when 200 people play with the same nug every day), ask to check out the meds that are already weighed out and you will see that the meds are fresh!
    SDDC you ROCK

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  • Report #1 On My Speed Dial

    This place is the shit!!! I service their place about 2 times a week.
    They're friendly and one can easily loose time chatting away with the
    Bud-Tender's. When they're edible selection get's back in, it's on.
    They have Jolly Stones (yummyummyumm)and glycerine drops. And you
    can't beat the coupons in the Reader. Best selection...
    Love this place:)

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  • Report I Love it!!

    So i just love this place i came here a few days ago and the verifying process went very smooth and i was sent back to the medicine room and the bud tenders were every help full and very cute a bunch of great looking girls. i was very happy to walk out with a free gift of hash and a some sweet meds called private reserve!! AMAZING!!! will be back!!!!

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  • Report great flowers but..

    hey friends. just checked out SDDC yesterday. first off all the flowers i checked out looked great, i would have felt comfrtable paying 55/60 for any of them. i ended up with a 1G of some diamond cutter, an 1/8 of some permafrost, and a 1/2G of some afgoo fullmelt. all was some super. i wasnt sure about the full melt at first. it looked like a rub. but another patient told me it was fire, and it was!!

    unfortunately the budtender(budtendress?) was either on some downers or hated their job, i mean to say no one was rude or mean, but i just would have liked a little more charisma and energy.

    and no free gift for new patients, or so i was told... :( not a huge deal, the quality and prices are what really matters, but its a nice way of showing that its about me and not the $$, and on top of that i just loked at the last comment posted and they mentioned they got free hash. that super bums me out, especially considering how much money my friend and i spent yesterday. a free gift of some hash would have made up for the less than sparkling attitudes

    maybe it was a boo boo and someone will see this and get at me and hook me up next time im in there

    Overall SDDC owns because of there quality selection and prices. get at me with that free gift, give the cute asian girl a redbull, and next time it will be 5stars across the board!!!
    either way i'll be back!!

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  • Report Bang for your Buck at the Bank

    This place is the beneficiary of yet another sale that would have gone to Division if not for their genius idea to try and charge a membership fee. Even to existing members.

    Opted for the Diamond Cutter today, a gram that came to $18 bucks and no service fee for using a credit card, god bless America.

    My only gripe is that SDDC still uses pre weighed gram baggies. I question the final weight I'm buying as I assume there is some measure of drying out that takes place from the initial weight, plus I think that bag strips trichomes from the bud.

    Still nice co-op and the prices are compassionately priced.

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  • Report Not the greatest customer service! But decent Meds

    Walked in with my cousin- patient. Check in time was couple minutes cool but receptionist forgot to give us back our card & paperwork WTF Was'nt sure if that was a real verification. Off to the Medroom. Great set up as well as selection. I asked the budtender to check out some medication & told me to wait. What the fuck is that! So I ended up purchasing what I checked out from another budtender. My buddy purchased a few edibles. They also false advertise as well by saying free medication for new & ill patients. Did'nt get offered shit to me or my buddy! I think these guys should update THERE MENU HERE FOR SURE INSTEAD OF MISLEADING PATIENTS & SMILE TO CUSTOMERS & MEAN IT instead of the attitudes likes it's a liquor store or something.

    11/4/09 Update: 1st & last time spot for me unless maybe I got an apology which I'm not asking for! BAD CUST SERV the only place out of all my visits when a budtender tells me to wait when helping me & my cousin clearly walked in together. Check my style Check my profile!

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  • Report Decent herbs, friendly staff

    I honestly cannot complain about the medicines they offer here this closely after a raid has happened, but i've heard of this place getting much better. The atmosphere was welcoming and the staff answered all of my questions (however, im still not swayed on hom telling me the 818 OG was a sativa dominant, its def. indica)
    reasonably priced and closer than most others to my home, I will most certainly be a returning customer.
    Hope the recollection of assets goes well SDDC, see you soon.

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  • Report Down hill in my book

    So this place in my opinion has gone down hill. The medication is dry (although they try to agrue with u that it isnt).I think when the buds crunch when i press them ,its a little dry.I also had 2 friends say the same exact thing about the meds here."they're meds are crispity crackly crunchity" hahaha not my words but a friends.....

    the guy that helped me was helping like 2 people at once and couldnt hang.I had to go out of my way to get any service.kinda felt like i was bugging them for help. I found one container that was pretty decent and not too dry but it wasn't what i was looking for.I ended up going with the banana kush for 60$.The banana kush is a nice indica but doesnt numb my back out as much as i would like.I am sure it lost potentcy from being crispity crackly crunchity.The BK has a decent taste but lacking that extra punch!
    gotta keep those meds dry man. help us out for the price that we pay. please?

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  • Report Still Chill!!!!

    went by here again today, heard it got raided but they were up and running!!! picked up some sweet AFGHANI KUSH and a ton of bomb shake great overall experience i love "The Bank"

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  • Report **BEST SAN DIEGO DESPENSARY OPEN** hands down

    Very well grown flowers amd probably THE BEST Concentrate on town. If you ever come accross the Burgundy Fullmelt, do not pass up. Top 3 concentraqtes i have ever medicated. (different level). I'm a damn picky tool Suggestion to staff- try to keep stocked. To be honest I only enjoy fine kush's and fine fillmelts's. If you are looking for QUALITY, THIS IS THE PLACE!!! easy parking, right off the 805.

    !!SAN DIEGO'S DISPENSARY!!...aeriously

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  • Report first impression is "class"

    This is my favorite dispensary. I have visited them many times and have recommended them to many of my friends and family. All of whom have agreed with me that this is the Starbucks of dispensaries. It's always a comforting thought when you walk in and your first impression is "class". No thug factor at all. I know some of us are not as concerned about the "thug factor", but one must consider the ladies who are also in need of medicine. What if its your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or wussy brother going to get their own medicine. This is the spot I would tell them to go. The lobby is spacious with huge plasma tv's and nice leather couches. If its pleather, its some really nice pleather.But I think its real, I cant be too sure since I rarely wait. Verification is quick and easy.

    You are always greeted by a very attractive receptionist. Always friendly and helpful. I cant help myself and be chatty since the atmosphere is comfortable. I'm at times surprised at the reaction of some of the dudes who would dare give attitude to some of these ladies, when asked for their doctors recommendation. If you got it, your in. If not, it aint happening. This place do things the right way. Which surprised me that they where targeted. Re-verification was again a quick and smooth process.

    Once in, your greeted by two giant plasma tv's that make it easy to know what they have and how much it is. I can easily focus on what I want and how much it will be. Again quick and easy. They have a large menu and the budtenders are always helpful with recommendations and showing you samples of everything they have. Prices are the best I've seen and a lot of great options available. Everything I've gotten has been great. Headband has been my favorite.

    It's conveniently located, easy to get to, plenty of parking, large selection, great buds, great prices and even better people.

    Thank you SDDC

    Review Source:
  • Report My #1 Spot

    Pros: 30+ Strains. Friendly staff. Price brackets for any budget. Free bud drawing. Flat panel monitors. Lots of Parking. DISCOUNT RACK is where its at!!!

    Cons: Not many other than spending too much. Bud can be on the dry side but not as bad as people make it out to be. Edibles are on the weak side as well for me.

    4.5/5 Mos Def

    Review Source:
  • Report I come here now

    SDDC has great prices and great deals. They always hook it up. My only complaint is the weed dries up by the next day. It loses nearly 50% potency. However, I do like the lab test results by the door. Sour Dawg is alrite being a $15/g. The $20 and $25/grams = buy at your own risk because you just might come home and be like "damn I got ripped off"

    DELICIOUS, MOUTH WATERING chocolate chip cookies. I use to be the kind to need 5-6 edibles (or maybe they were just swag from other dispensaries) just to feel anything, but SDDC's cookies = 2 or 3 will put your on your ass. Smores are succulent but you don't feel much. Brownies are the worse, as far as "getting high" allows. You are biting into sugar flour, it's not even gooey.

    Their house shake is .... I don't like pre-weighed. But the green hits decent in a blunt, what can you expect it's shake. If you get broke, you can buy shake and pack fat in a bowl to bong toke. SDDC shake is a little nuggy, unlike TQC which is powder shake.

    Review Source:
  • Report DA BOMB

    First off, you will never find a gram of bud for 25bucks at SDDC. I have no clue how someone who believes that you lose 50% potency when your bud dries up a little is a TOP 50 reviewer. What high ends have you tried? What did you buy that dried up a day later? The best is when people say there Afghani was dry, if you know anything you would know afghani is naturally dry. i still am trying to figure out why people in san diego need there hand held in the co-op. Comments like they dont sit there and spend 20 min with me are crap. Come on, you know what you want.

    Review Source:
  • Report The Red Carpet Treatment

    Living on SSDI is not easy and as far as I know, Medi-Cal does not pay for medical marijuana. These folks live up to their promises and help people like me be able to afford my meds. Not only affordable, but very high quality flowers and concentrates. My free edible was made by a chef-very good! This is my new first choice dispensary. Thanks Matt!

    Review Source:
  • Report Keep It Up

    These Guys Rock!! Super strains!! sUPER pRICES!! Super staff!!

    Review Source:
  • Report My go to place

    My go to place lately. They accept credit cards and they don't charge a transaction fee. Still a huge selection not sure what the 9-9-9 raid was all about since everyone is back in business and taking care of my needs. I'm glad this place is not doing that $25 membership like a certain co-op on the hill. The staff is knowledgeable just tell them what you want to feel or not feel.

    Review Source:
  • Report A Trusted Partner

    I was so glad to see that San Diego Discount Caregivers is back, after the recent raids by D.A. Dumanis in September.

    In the midst of political posturing and power plays, the patients have gotten lost in the shuffle.

    I've been a customer at SDDC since shortly after they opened. I consider them to be a valuable, trusted resource and a partner in the treatment of my medical condition.

    They are a great place, with a friendly, knowledgable staff! The meds are primo. Lots of variety and super prices, too.

    Review Source:
  • Report bank like usual

    Went back to the bank before a round of disk golf and it was business as usual. Easy check-in, witnessed them turn away somebody with improper verification, always a plus. The 45, 50's and 55's all looked great, i didnt even check out the top shelf. Ak-47 for 50 is some of the best Ak ive had, looks smokes and smells great. Stocked up on the edibles didnt see any full-melt, but lots of other hash. also had great lookin AK clones, thick stem, fat leaves, roots for days. Great service, i dont ask many detailed questions besides indica sativa and the dude knew that. younger bud staff but i dont mind.

    Review Source:
  • Report White Diamond OG and OG Herijuana!

    Both were of 5 star quality, I picked up an 1/8th of each and let me tell you the Herijuana was nothing short of special, so frosty as you break the nugs your fingers get mad sticky, not just like tape sticky but Elmers glue sticky= Dank in my book! Smoke is super potent the exhale is a smooth danky exhale, wow this is making my mouth water :) The White Diamond OG was even better than the Herijuana to me reason being was as soon as you smell this you can tell it is a TRUE OG! The smell reaked of dankyness as you squeeze the buds for that aroma you crave. The inhale was very strong! When i say strong i mean you can taste the potency on the inhale all through your body and when you exhale, its Game Over. Had me feeling nice all afternoon, good for pain and sleep thats for sure. I liked this place overall, my only complaint was preweighed meds aside from that they were still freshly packed it seemed as the buds were not dried out to much as they usually are when preweighed. Also the staff was kinda busy but still were very helpful just seemed kinda rushed in there but I can't blame them they were very busy I must admit. They are conveniently located on University, so being i'm about an hour and a half away it made it an easy find using mapquest with plenty of parkind and easy access for handicap patients. All in all I recommend this place if you don't mind preweighed meds with no real hook up, the prices are honestly fair considering their High Quality Buds, and yes they are top notch. Keep up the good work, just hope to see a little more compassion when it comes to bigger quantity deals, maybe on half Oz's and up.
    ~ Green Thing ~

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    Review Source:
  • Report Herijuana and White Diamond Og!

    Wow both strains were awesome! I did enjoy the White Diamond more though, put me in a great mood which is what I need lol. The Herijuana was also great more for pain I would say. Although the meds were preweighed they seemed to be fresh, as if they had only been out for a day or so! They were really busy with many other patients so that showed me they must be putting out fresh meds a lot. The place was really nice, great environment, they had plenty of parking space, which seems hard to find at dispensary's. The prices on the half's were a bit high, but all in all the meds were fire!
    Thanks for the experience, I really enjoyed that White Diamond OG! Its definitely going up as one of my favorite strains!

    Review Source:
  • Report Trainwreck and Jack Herer

    Went to the bank yesterday looking for a quality eighter for around 50 and damn i wasnt dissapointed. Had straight fire for 50 and HEAT for 55. only 3 or so 60's and i didnt even check em out, was stoked on the Herer for 55, and had to try a gram of the wreck, also 55 a 8, for 18. Glad to see their sticking true to their name and making this place even more of a discount. Staff was good, clones looked like heat. was looking for some bomb full melt but the one they had looked more like a bubble or half melt... only complaint i guess.

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  • Report discount?

    Went here for the first time..check in was fast. Selection was good, but wow the bud quality in the display jars was so bad...everything looked like outdoor and was super dry. Kinda hard to pick what kind of you wanna try out if they all look the same. Budtender was a chick who didn't know much about their selection and what strains were crossed with what. Everything was pre-weighed and labeled. Discount caregivers? Where's the discount????????? It was my first time there and no free gift or a discount. Not even for what is advertised on their ad in Citybeat. If you see their coupon, it says discounts for veterants, EMT, disabled, etc. I asked the girl about a discount for EMT, she looked at my funny and kinda laughed. They told me to come back friday for their free gift, but not everyone has the time to go back on one particular day. So i picked up some headband and it too was very dry and leafy...no bueno. Not too happy with this experience/place.

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  • Report service is catching up...

    Been loving the bank, have noticed the younger and more female crowd working lately though i had never had a problem with it. The last two times I've been, the most recent yesterday, I tried to ask a few SIMPLE questions. Asked if was hybrid or indica, chick had no idea. All she could tell was it tastes just like it smells. Asked about some hash, if it was bubble, full melt, etc, younger dude usually rocking LRG tells me I have no idea man but it fucks you up... Would really appreciate more informed bud-tenders, be it male or female. Still a great place, especially for the heat they have from 45-55 that goes 10 dollars more at other places.

    Review Source:
  • Report Thanks SDDC.....i think

    When I heard of SDDC's patient appreciation day on friday the 9th, I was very excited to drive down to get that free gram of hash i had been hearing roomers about. Unfortunetlly the rock hard volcano hash that was given looks like, smells like and smokes like it was made from Mec! I thought it was a great idea for a patient appreciation day! It was just too bad they were giving out dirt they were trying to get rid of and couldn't sell. Maybe a discount, extra herb, or good hash next time??.... Nice thought, but honestly some nasty hash.
    You guys still got that fire tho!....sometimes

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  • Report WAS my favorite spot in town UNTiL...9/9/09

    This spot Was Super Dope, until they got raided. But there Meds were always high quality.

    When they Re-opened, it felt Super Sketchy.

    & heard alot of rumors that the Meds were Dry../

    But THANKS anyway, for all the times that Hot Asian Chick helped me ;D

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  • Report Pleased with visit

    Went for a ride down here with my buddy xhale today to grab a thing or two.Hadn't been to sddc since the raids occured so we wanted to see what was in.Had to refill out the paperwork since it was lost in the raids,but that only took a minute and we got new patient grams because of it...whoo!!! They had a pretty large selection of flowers and at good prices.I received a gram of valley girl as my new patient gram and I went with an 8th of chemdawg for 55 and some butter for $30.The chemdawg is awesome.Loaded with trichomes.Tastes incredible and had a nice high to it.The valley girl reminds me of some kind of og kush.Wouldnt be surprised if it was.A little dry but its still pretty good.Cant complain when its free.Wasn't expecting to get a free gram today.Already used the butter to make some treats.Split the 1/4 lb of butter in two and made a batch of fruity pebbles treats and a batch of cinnamon toast crunch treats.They're both awesome,lol.Glad this place is doing back on its feet since the raids happened.I'll be stopping in again.

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  • Report Good place to shop without having to compare price

    I have been going to this store since July. I have only picked up one that I didn't care for and it was on the lower end. I have only experienced one of my 1/8 being on the dry side. Everything I have picked up has been very good for the price. I just wish my buddies there would shift up to 4 gram eights. Their prices vary and you can get something good for under $55.00. Typically I pick from the hybrids and they all have been good. The bud tenders are nice and I know them all pretty well. They do have some nice young ladies that just started. Give people a chance to learn on what's what and if you do the same, you will walk out satisfied. FYI- see City Beat magazine, free $20.00 coupon, and you can always get your free edible coupon there also. You can use it any day without purchase. They also have a monthly raffle. You don't need to purchase to come in and sign up. They also do Free Birthday eighths. I just collected mine this month, very good pick I made...
    I also just learned that they do Independent testing with Safety Labs to determine the mold, moisture and I cannot remember the other things it tests for. It is posted on the board just before walking into the bud room. If it tests for moisture, I should and will start asking them to re-weigh. That's testing that I have not seen anywhere else!! Being interested in health and homeopathic medicine, I find this very helpful to me. Enjoy!

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  • Report Glad your back too =D

    Ghost OG... was great its a must try if your an OG fan.. The price was right.. The bud is so stoneyy i just feel like my head wants to tilt to the side lolll..

    The paperwork to fill out takes less then 5 mins which is very nice some places take 30 mins + when it really feels like a doctors office.. Gotta love all the big screens around the shop.. parking is the best cant beat it for the area this place is in. They always want you to park behind there shop not in others..

    Thanks for the free gram of valley girl.. smells like some type of OG.. the high is great as well



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  • Report Just Like picking up milk and bread

    Just stopped by my friends at SDDCG and picked up some Trainwreck for $18 a gram the process is so easy and seamless that this has become my place to go, it doesn't hurt that the selection is top notch, the staff knowledgeable and the credit card processing service fee free. Lately i've been all about the Sativa and the budtender is always eager to point out her favorite which I always seem to like. You may wonder why then do I not give them all five star reviews across the board. Too me a five star review is always on the horizon at the next Co-Op i'll visit, keeping me searching for that elusive five star experience, but if the staff and herbals at SDDCG remain consistently top notch I may never find it as I'll never leave this great dispensary.

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  • Report An updated review

    SDDC is one of the closest collectives to my pad, so I love that they are open from 10-9. The meds are always fairly priced and they consistently have a large menu. Meds are not the best in town but at least they always have something you would want to try. Love that they always have edibles (although the Wolfdank Pot brownies don't seem as strong this time around), tinctures, and concentrates on deck. Anyways, I am not sure why the staff gets a bad rap here, they have always been friendly and they even gave me two free clones because I got there right as two patients cleaned out their inventory. So thank you for the gesture. I understand you want to consult a BT for advice but sometimes its just better to do your research beforehand or just by trying out the meds on your own.

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  • Report Staff Needs to Learn How to Weigh Properly

    I visited SDDC on Friday, September 25 after getting off work. It was my first time ever to any dispensary so I was very eager to have a good experience. Guess that made me a bit too trusting...

    I learned a valuable lesson: Have the budtender weigh the goods in front of me, or risk getting less than what I paid for.

    Everyone knows that an ounce is 28 grams and 1/8 ounce should always weigh 3.5 grams.

    I paid for a full ounce and the cute budtender at SDDC gave me 8 individual 1/8 ounce containers:
    4 of SourDawg and 4 of Sweet Nightmare.

    When I got home and checked things with my digital scale, only 1 of the 8 containers came out to 3.5 grams. 2 more of the 8 containers were above 3.0 grams, but less than 3.5 grams. The other 5 containers were all below 3.0 grams and 2 of those 5 were a mere 2.5 grams.


    I will say that the bud was very good (4* for quality) and the place is run smoothly (4* for atmosphere). It is also super convenient to my home (4* for convenience). But gimme a break man - only 1 of my 1/8s properly weighed out to 3.5 grams!! The total amount I was shorted was at least 3.5 grams, a whole 1/8 itself!! (1* for Price, would give 0* if possible)

    Not cool, SDDC. Not cool at all. (2* for Staff)

    Like I said, this place is super convenient to my home, but I'm going to try some other places because I do not like being taken advantage of. If I do ever go back to SDDC, I will have them zero out the scale and weigh the buds in front of me.

    Mr. B

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  • Report The best bank around !

    I was out of medicine, so a trip to the bank was a must. Thankfully, SDDC has convenient hours and doesn't follow normal banking hours like other dispensaries do. I love that about this place. I'm extremely happy they have HEADBAND !

    I wonder when they'll add a drive through MTM (Medicine Teller Machine), that would be sweeeeet !!

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  • Report Check them out

    I stopped by SDDC after a long time away, about a month before the raids. Its right off the 805 and there is lots of easy parking which is nice. I had to bring paperwork again and get reverified, which was quick... I was let into the budroom... Same setup as before lots of meds, preweighed... I had BT show me a few strains and I ended up with Ghost... Frosty nugs, super tasty. When I take a rip out of my clean glass bong its a really strong head high first then settles in the body and makes me very relaxed. I like it alot! I give 5 stars on quality because I like Ghost alot and there were plenty others to choose from that were very nice. Although nice building and big screen tv is nice, I ding on atmosphere because everything is prewieghed and you have to have BT show you everything you want to look at. I have to knock the staff too because, now that I have read previous posts, I did not get a free G for rejoining... Overall I still like SDDC I may return someday, and I recommend checking them out.

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  • Report SDDC Review


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  • Report Master Cough

    Finally ran out of the master cough, got one 8th and loved it so much i went back in for a 2nd. great smoke, killer smell, tastes great. The bank has been impressing me with their quality and price selection of late, with killer buds in the 50 and 55 range. Hate that theres no price breaks for a quad and hardly any for halfs or fulls.. with that they couldnt be beat. Staff is a bit cold of late, especially the security guard. Bud tenders friendly. A greeting goes along way...

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  • Report Jesus may not shop here, but Bhudda? For sure.

    I didn't have to wait long in their bruised-up-looking lobby. You get buzzed in gangsta-style, and the place is well-staffed. The kid working was friendly and showed me some decent buds, though they had one jar that smelled uncured as lawn clippings. He didn't know much about the clone strains on the rack either. But there were tons of eddies and strains.

    Everything is pre-weighed.

    I got a free gram of something, I forgot the name. It was fiery. That's always nice. Prices were decent too. Just close out that half-cured stuff, eh?

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  • Report My First Impression...

    I found SDDC to be very professional. I paid them my first visit today and left with Blue Dream Haze along with a complimentary gram of Candy Kush. The CK smells a bit dicey but it's gratis so who am I to complain? The BDH smells fantastic but I have not tried it yet.

    The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and the selection was great. I'd recommend this spot for those of you contemplating a visit. There is ample parking and it's right of the 805.


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  • Report Good stuff

    I've gone here a couple of times since I last posted a review about here. I stopped in last sunday to see what they had in.My pops lives right across the street from here so I figured it would be wrong for me not to stop in and see what was up.I was real glad I did.The female budtender with the dark hair and glasses made my visit very easy on the eyes.Wow,she's gorgeous.Anyways,the bud's I were looking at were beautiful as well.I went straight for the top shelf because thats how I roll and immediately started looking at the various og's.I saw that they had og herojuana as I was walkimg up to the counter and somehow knew in my head that I would be getting some of that even though I had yet to scope it out.Well I was right.I ended up grabbing an 8th and it was well worth the money.I've got a bowl left and I want to burn it but I dont at the same time because I hate to see it go.I also really liked the smell of the purple sour diesel.My wallet was just too tapped by that point and I had to go without.It looks a little too dense but the smell is incredible.

    I stopped back in yesterday because I was all out of kush and I know this place always has some good kush in stock.The girl who took my id at the window didnt seem too nice.No smile or anything.I was given a free gram of some kind of hash for halloween.Thats awesome! Gotta love the freebies! I ended up snagging an 8th of the diablo kush.It's some fire for real! Loaded with trichomes,smells and tastes fantastic.Great high.A real winner for sure! One would be well advised to get down here and grab some of this while they have it because it wont last,thats for sure!

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  • Report Diablo

    Diablo was soooo good I had to come back down and grab another 8th before it's all gone. Definately the best diablo I have ever had as well as one of the best kush's I've ever had. With all the bud that I've smoked in my lifetime,thats saying something!!! It makes for a nice quick stop when you know what you want and you dont have to check it out because you already know it's good. I did notice that the prices dropped.The diablo was the only strain priced at 60. Alot of the other strains that had been 60 were now 55.Glad to see they're doing all they can to help us out.Thanks guys!

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  • Report New strains in look great

    Hey mappers,Ballz here! I noticed on their website saturday that they had gotten new strains in that caught my attention. Bubbleberry,818 og,southwest og... I knew I had to get down here and check em out. The last time I got 818 og here,it was awesome.This place always has some of the best kush's in SD.I was actually surprised to see that there was still a decent amount of the diablo kush left.The bubbleberry looked nice.Seemed like there were a decent amount of trichomes and it had a nice fruity smell.818 og looked solid.Didnt quite have that pungent og smell that I like but I bet it still smokes great.The southwest og,which is what I ended up grabbing,is great.Nice frosty trichome loaded nugs with that great og kush smell and taste.I have a picture of it in my photo album if you want to check it out.I would recommend this to any og kush lover or patient suffering from cancer,insomnia,body pain,migraines... Thanks guys!

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  • Report Private Reserve

    The private reserve was a very nice recommendation. Thank you.

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  • Report Haven't been back lately

    I used to be a regular customer at SDDC, it is one of the best spots in North Park. However, I have recently been getting around town and have been trying other places out. My advice, if your lazy and don't want to travel far hit SDDC up. But if you want better prices, meds, and staff I recommend checking other places out because a few more collectives have opened up in the past month or so, and I have found true compassion. For the price I buy shake at SDDC I can get more medicated for the same price with dank sensimilla greenhouse buds that taste delicious and aren't preweighed.

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  • Report Stoked!

    I recently visited this place and i was pretty impressed. Although this was my first time, i pretty much knew what i was goin to be getting(Diablo Kush). So anyway, it was really easy to find, right off of university and iowa. There were nice comfy seats and verification was pretty quick. When i walked back to the budroom, i instantly saw that everything was preweighed(a bummer in my book) but its alright. Back to the meds, they have a really good selection and that diablo was just as dank as i thought it would be, ended up getting an 1/8 of it .For being a first time patient they gave me a free gram of Valley Girl. all in all it was a good visit and i will be back again.

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  • Report Good Selection, Friendly staff

    NEVILLE'S HAZE is most impressive. CHOCOLOPE is really great for the price and unique. FULL MELT GOO is clean and smooth. Budtender was kind and courteous. Also tried a gram of TRAINWRECK, BANANA KUSH and VALLEY GIRL was my free gram for first time patient. Overall good experience.

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  • Report Really quick for my first time

    This place was lightning fast for evaluations and budtending. I walked in with the intention of making it speedy for my road trip home. My girlfriend in the car got as far as choosing 6 cd's before i got out. The buds were ok. Their top shelf wasn't the craziest in sd but there was variation in their buds. Price was ok and the atmosphere was a little dead. I'm not hating because people choose how they want to run their shop and this shop had NO problems. But the atmosphere seemed as if it was just a store which is how it's suppose to be. It just felt cold.

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  • Report GOT THAT FIRE


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  • Report GDP and mendo purp clones

    Went in to the bank as it had been awhile, and was glad to see nothing has changed. still the easiest place to get meds, if you just wanna get in and out and be on your way. GDP was recommended by a tender i had in the past so i went with it. No complaints here. Not real purple, but im not big on color. clearly GDP, and once you broke it open, heaven. Tasted like it smelled, could have been cured a bit better but it was only 55! triple OG didnt look like the last batch i grabbed, but i didnt try it. Mendo purp clones were in and looking amazing. Huge, rooted, too bad i had no room!!!! First time seeing the strain around for clones, hope they come back.

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  • Report Decent place

    it was easy to find with a big parking lot. the verification was a bit lengthy and they forgot i had already filled out paperwork , but it was busy so its ok. once inside i did not like having to wait in line there was alot of rushing around , maybe they were short on BT's that day . But the medication (even tho i hate pre packed) was good and fresh . The Skywalker OG is a great strain ! check these guys out.

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  • Report Blackberry OG

    I went in here for my second time last night 12/04/09. I got verified super quick and went straight back to the budroom. They had a lot of fire this time, and i also noticed that they lowered their prices a bit. My first time there were a lot of $60 1/8's and now most are $55 or $50. I think there were only two strains for $60. Anywho, the BT recommended the Blackberry OG and one smell had me hooked. The smell and taste are amazing. It floored me, and most meds really dont. anywho, check'em out if you can. nice selection and friendly staff

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  • Report Updated Review

    Been here recently, meds for the most part seem to be a tad lower then before, most strains were capped @ $55 which is fair, think they had two at $60. SDDC is offering specials for the holidays, some strains Green Crack and Blue Crack were being discounted down to $40 an 8th, so very reasonably priced meds. Also, they have good brownies which I prefer as medication for a sleep-aid. The Wolfdank Pot brownies would be beneficial as it seems may be indica dominant. Their hash brownies seem to be very uplifting and I am guessing probably sativa-based. Either way, the brownies are $7 and for the potency are very effective.

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  • Report Still got it

    Stopped in today to take a look at what was in.They had some good looking stuff.

    Looked at the jack herer,purple sour diesel,pure kush,napalm,ghost og and diablo kush.They all looked good!!!

    I grabbed an 8th of pure kush and an 8th of Jack herer.Both were $55 a piece.Both are really good as well.

    The pure kush is small semi fluffy nugs that have a nice layer of frost and a good amount of trichomes. The smell reminds me of a mix of master kush and bubba kush.The taste is like a mix of those two as well in my opinion.Has a nice mellow high to it.Possibly a bit sedative.Well see in a little bit.I think it might be a bit of a creeper too.

    The jack herer is legit.Had some big nugs or smaller to medium sized ones as well.Has that nice spicy hashy smell.Tastes like it smells too.One of the better strains out there in my opinion. Nice strong high.A real nice smoke.

    I'm glad to see that this place has only 1 or 2 strains at $60 now but I know they're worth it too. Thanks guys for another great visit!

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  • Report in the area

    Happened to be in the area so i dropped on by. Also had a edible coupon, so thats always a plus. Ended up grabbin some some wreck for 50, but they had alot of nice looking 55's too. Also had 40 dollar 8th specials, green crack and some others, looked good. and a ounce deal on the green crack. nice to see would be nicer to see deals on all the price tiers. Edible was old and dry but put me in a nice day time nap. clones didnt look too good, but they do get good ones in.

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  • Report WOW !

    12/14/09 This is the second place I've visited and I like this one better because of the location. The prices are crazy and insane. Went there with intentions of picking up too killer 1/8's(Creme Kush & Canalope Haze) and I did also because I was new to them, I recieved a free gram of 818 OG! THEY ROCK AND I WILL BE BACK! THEY GIVE YOU, GREAT STAFF, LARGE VARIETY INCLUDING EDDIBLES AND ETC, SUPER CLEAN ENVIRONMENT, SMELLS GREAT, GREAT LOCATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR ?

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  • Report Good stuff

    On my search for flavors yesterday, I stopped in here because I had seen on their menu that they had herojuana og in and thats one of my favorites.When it comes to something like this,I'm like white on rice: I'm always on it!!

    I did something I normally dont do when I come here and I started off looking at the middle shelf flowers instead of heading straight for the top shelf like I usually do.I looked at the sour diesel and it was "ehh" in my opinion.It didnt quite smell right to me and it looked just ok.The chem dawg looked and smelled mediocre as well.Next looked at the true og and it looked ok.Didnt quite smell as pungent as I normally prefer my og's to.

    Then I hit a winner: Chem OG.I had seen shake of this in the discount rack when I was in on Tuesday,but it was $40 for the 8th and thats wayyy too much for an 8th of shake.It smelled awesome and I assumed that it was some top shelf that I just happened to miss out on.I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this in the middle shelf.This is some quality marijuana.You can definately tell that there's chem dawg in the genetics because it has the bud structure that chem dawg normally has.Spear like nugs that arent too dense or big.These babies are looooaaaaddddeeeeddd with trichomes.Holy chowder!! The smell is a combo of chem dawg and og kush with the chem being the dominant of the smell.I think this stuff leans towards the chem dawg than the og.The taste is like chem dawg with some og thrown in.A real pleasant smoke.Great pickup for $55 an 8th. This stuff really hit the spot!!

    From there I jumped over to the top shelf because I had already seen everything else inbetween the chem og and the top shelf they had on Tuesday.I already knew I was going to get the herojuana og before I looked at it. I scoped it out and I liked what I saw.

    My 8th is nothing but good sized dense nugs.They're sticky as hell and have more than enough trichomes on them to satisfy even the most demanding of connoisseurs.The smell is a real strong og kush smell.There's really no other way to describe it in my opinion.Nice kushy aftertaste with a strong high to follow.Another winner for sure!!! $60 an 8th is a fair deal on this stuff in my opinion.

    I highly suggest that you go and get some of this before it's gone.

    I bought a half gram of the blueberry kush bubble hash.While it was good,it caught flame a few times while smoking it and that's not supposed to happen.Possibly some butane or something in the hash that wasnt extracted properly? I'm not the biggest hash expert so I dont know really.By the end of the bowl of hash, it tasted burnt and chemmy...not exactly what I call pleasant.Still had a nice heavy effect.

    All in all, I'm pleased and I walked out a happy customer.Thanks guys!

    heres pics of the chem og and og herojuana

    chem og

    og herojuana

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  • Report not that bad

    the staff, or just one girl is over medicating at work. need to step it up. how are you going to provide a quality service and experience if you can barely talk or open your eyes. bt was not very nice either. at least put some smiles on your faces. and for the meds, there is only top shelf and then a couple of strains i would not even smoke, and the ounce donations are not compassionate.

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  • Report BACK AGAIN !

    Went there today for my second time. Don't let people like "tretz", or "zombiemz" steer you away from this place. EVERYONE THERE IS COOL! ESPECIALLY THE SHORT ASIAN CHICK(I'M SO HAPPY I FORGOT HER NAME). SHE"S THE BOMB! I bought some butter so I can make some buzzin nanna bread and a gram of O.G. Herojuana. THE PLACE IS STILL TOPS TO ME !

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  • Report Organized.

    This place was great! well stocked with everything, the only thing I wasnt too fond of was that everything is pre-packaged, kinda if-y, but other than that everything was good!
    The topshelf buds all smelled really nice and looked just as good. All of the staff was really helpful are totally nice. The prices were good but awesome for the edibles, i had my first soda, only $10 and Dr.FeelGood did its job, a new favorite!
    not too mention the location is easy to find and its just a cool building for a collective
    I will most definitely be back!

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  • Report Creme soda OG

    came in for the Herojuana they had posted on the menu, but with my luck it was not there any more when i got there. anywho, i ended up goin with the creme soda OG and it is pure fire. There is nothing like a great OG, and this one does not disapoint. It has a nice pungent OG smell with a wonderful high and taste. Go grab some before its gone.

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  • Report It had been too long!

    I had not gone to this collective in some time even thought it is right down the street as I find there are better deal to be had for larger quantities. However when it comes to edibles and top grade flowers, one can always count on SDDC to have some fire on the shelf. It is pre-weighed out but I don't have the hugest problem with that as I am never really buying large amounts of the same bud here and I have yet to be shorted when check the separate bottles for my buds with the different names is always nice to have. I always give the discount rack a look over as well as you can find many good deals on top shelf shake for lower prices. It was maybe a little crazy when I went in there but I have no problem with that as they are a business and stand there all day so i can purchase my meds at my convince in a safe environment. Pleasant experience and I will have to come back sooner than I did after my last visit.

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  • Report The Bank

    The first time I heard of SDDC, it was in reference to WalMart. Not in low-prices and corporate corruption, but selection. I would say thats pretty accurate. SDDC may not have the hugest selection, but I'd say its very extensive and everything is of decent-to-high quality meds at a fair price. I will admit it was kind of a whirlwind the first time I was there, but it was pretty busy inside. Verification was quick and friendly. The budtenders were assertive and knowledgeable. The med layout is nice too. They give out free stuff with coupons and if its your first visit they'll give you a gram free. I picked up a variety of strains.

    CHOCOLOPE- Awesome hybrid. Tasty CHOCOLATE THAI crossed with sweet CANTALOUPE HAZE. This is one I want to have in my arsenal at all times.

    NEVILLE'S HAZE- Spongy, perfectly cured light green and tangerine haired flowers. Tastes of citrus and spice. Smooth and relaxing. Great find.

    BANANA KUSH- Mediocre kush. was expecting more from the scent, but taste was lacking. OK buzz.

    TRAINWRECK- Sweet nose. Harsh aftertaste. I've had sweeter TRAINWRECKS.

    VALLEY GIRL- Free gram. OG characteristics. Personally liked it better than a couple I payed for.

    818 OG- Great OG,. I like to try different "area codes". They all have different things I like about them. This one is the taste. The aroma wasn't the most pungent, but taste made up for it.

    Great place. I will be returning soon.


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  • Report sddc is sick

    been here a bunch and checked them out again today on my list of shops in sd area... always quick intake process. good parking. nice variety of meds they're a 60 cap with a nice range of meds. most of their 60's are legit and you can def find some nice shit in the 50 and 55 price range. their xxx og they had a few months back was so sticky and dank. they have a large frig with edibles and clones next to the frig. I came for the edibles today and grabbed a coule sodas and some peanut butter cookies that were amazing. their meds are pre weighed so that kinda sucks but they usually let u pick what jar u want. If they lowered their cap this would be one of my favorite shops. nice spot

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  • Report Quick and easy

    Man super easy trip!! Staff was ok good selection but a little over priced. Herojuana was top shelf!

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  • Report Not so friendly staff

    I got an eighth of Bubba really good for the price. The bud tender hooked it up a little fat always a bonus. The service wasn't so hot though. The budtender was talking on his phone while he was helping me. He wouldn't let me pick my free gram instead he gave me 0.8 of Sour OG not a whole gram. The edibles are way too overpriced. You just can't have anyone wait in the car for you. Kind of a weird rule. I found 2 seeds already in the Bubba. So I'm giving them 2 stars for poor quality.

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  • Report Right in the Heart of North Park!

    This place is not to bad. They do carry some decent strains in here, but are as so many collectives out there a 60 cap. I tried the Herijuana in here and the BlackBerry O.G when they first opened up. My 1 real gripe besides the cap is that they pre-weigh here and IDK how long some of these nuggs have been in some of those jars. Other than that they have a large selection at all the price tiers and are sure to have something in to satisfy even the most picky patient. The Herijuana in here is a better grow than you see around town in other spots and hits really nice!

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  • Report not like i remember

    i used to come here alot but have been going around to other spots. they used to usually have a fire top shelf so when i went in i asked and was immediately pointed to the mac 10 over the hero which i have had from here and liked. well the smell wasnt on point but ive had many a bud that was better than it smelled but this wasnt the case. tasted liked it smelled, and the effect wasnt very clean. probably the worst top shelf med ive gotten from here. on a side note did try their chocolate peanut butter cups and while not very strong, (didnt feel anything really) they tasted out of this world for an edible. if your tolerance is low and you want a good tasting edible thats the one. im diggin the asian chick here but she always kinda cops an attitude. i hope they can get the diablo or xxx like they used to have

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  • Report Herojuana and Blue Dream Haze

    i finally got my hands on some the bank's herojuana and it did not dissapoint. The smell was nice and strong. The bud was pretty dense too. But my eighth was one nug, so i am a happy man! It also snaps and smokes really well!!! My girlfriend was with me and she got some of the Blue Dream Haze and it smells crazy. The buds are completely frosted and have an overwhelming blue dream smell! like fresh blueberrys. For it being sativa dominant, i still felt its effects, and i usually dont feel much from sativas. Just wish the bank didnt preweigh!

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  • Report The Bank II

    Upon arrival was greeted and verified quickly, it helps if you're an existing patient. The lobby is pretty cushy though, so if you have to wait, it's not too bad. Once inside the bud room I was greeted by my budtender who was friendly, but I felt like they were looking at me weird, but I'm weirdo, so no biggie. This collective has lots to choose from and plenty of edibles as well. Their clones looked so-so, kinda angry looking. I like their layout though, its nice and spacious. They also accept credit card so that's a plus in my book.

    I picked up four strains yesterday:

    GREEN CRACK EXTREME(sativa)- Crispy, full nugs that smell like FruitLoops. Amber tinted trichromes are in abundance, against a neon green and light orange background. Breaks up perfectly without the use of a grinder. Really smooth draw and clean exhale. Tastes like it smells and alot like a canteloupe/honeydew melon. The taste lingers on the pallet. Immediate buzz, uplifting and awaking. Definately on my Top 10 Sativa board.

    J-1(sativa)- De-riven from JACK HERER and SKUNK#1, it's body is pretty damn sweet. Spongy and dense, it expands back to its original form after pinching it. Frosty would be an understatement. The bud almost has a yellow appearance because of the golden trichromes, scattered orange hairs and small spaces of very light green. It has an amazingly sugar-sweet essence to it, like pixie sticks or Big League Chew. Hit is super smooth and lovely taste on the exhale. Tastes like it smells, but with more spice and citrus flavors. Really good sativa.

    MK ULTRA(hybrid)- Well cured, slightly purple, forest green and copper. Amber trichromes. Again, another one that breaks up perfectly without a grinder. Smooth hitting herb, slightly harsh finish. Tickles the nostrils in a good way. Tastes a bit like a SKUNK, but even more like an OG. Kushy for sure. Slightly floral. Not as potent as I was expecting, but still a pretty good flower.

    SACRED OG(hybrid)- Was hyped over this one. Nice tight, dense OG buds true to form. Spikey formations doused in trichromes and hairs of fire. Sticky and very pungent when busted open. Strong lemon scent with a splash of skunk juice. Smooth inhale, heavenly exhale. Amazing taste. Sweet and skunky, lung-expanding smoke. Great OG. It attacked my eyes and temples first, then made its way to my frontal lobe and spine. Relief from migraines and anxiety, that's the main reason I smoke and one flower took care of both pains. Thank you Mary Jane!

    I love the flowers I picked up, but I do have one thing that bugs me about SDDC...pre-weighed meds. Out of the 4 separate grams I got, 2 of the 4 were 0.9. Not a huge deal, but it frustrates the piss out of me when I paid $74 for 3.8 grams! I mean, wow. At least give me what I paid for, the prices are already ridiculously high when you buy single grams.

    Scrap Iron

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  • Report Yay North Park

    A buddy told me about this spot, its his go-to joint. I work over in this area but failed to realize this place existed. The neighborhood is inviting and I enjoyed my first visit. Just checked out their web site and its super clean, pretty much up to date- menu items were not an exageration.

    The og herojuana came highly recommended so I jumped, I'm glad I did. A great flavor with serious results. DO IT. Their Blue Dream looked a little different (better) than some I've been seeing around, I've been hearing rumors of NorCal BD looking and tasting better, but I don't ask.
    I liked the shop itself check in took a minute but thats not a problem... what else am I doing? Shop was really clean and I can't tell you how excited I was about the flat screen menus... dope!
    The tender was pretty laid back and I went into it with a pretty biased opinion of JUST getting the herojuana and he was happy to follow my lead. Even though I feel like I was cruising my own route through the shop, he was there answering anything I threw at him- good enough for me. I can't stand pushy tenders and this guy was awesome.
    Its too far from home for a consistant trip for me, but its perfect for the local neighborhood. Parking: Check. I can see this place blowing up. Locals will dig it.
    Prices were kind of high for grams, but if you committed to something more it evened out. I'm used to $60 caps so most places don't take me aback by anything they charge. SDDC is no different than any other spot where, you can get good mids at good prices.

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  • Report the bank spot

    had a nice little selection, you can't beat this atmosphere, they had around 4 52 inch flat sreens on the wall with prices on 2 or em, and movie on one in each room, the staff was kick back, it's really convenient, has parking unlike others in the area, and the prices were reasonable, oh ya this place use to be a bank too

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  • Report great place in north park

    So many good things to say about this place, i don't know where to start. fair price, great quality, friendly staff, and the most local to me... only one thing takes away from all of this. I'm not a fan of the pre-weighed meds. i don't know why, i just like the idea of my bud-tender weighing and packaging meds for me. don't get me wrong, SDDC DOES NOT SKIMP! The weight is straight, and the people are great... i just like to see my meds come from a large jar of buds that i can check out first. it's a little thing... but it makes me comfortable... i hope they change that policy.

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  • Report Friendlier staff would have scored all fives.

    This is the best in San Diego. Plain and Simple.

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  • Report Patients looking for the closest to LA/Bay Area qu

    SDDC does have a great selection for all patients, even for those on a tight budget. But patients like myself looking for the highest quality of kushs and fullmelts should definitely stop by here.

    Today I got some Platinum OG Kush, which was alright OG for San Diego. Also some OG Herojiuana Fullmelt... probably the best hash I've had all year. Soooo damn tasty and potent. TALKIN FUUUULLMELT!

    The only setback is there website is not updated often enough. So when I make the long trip, chances are the menu online does not match the one at the shop. All good though... 90% of the time I walk out happy anyways.


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  • Report Good stuff

    I stopped in here Tuesday on the way to my volunteering gig to kill some time and check out what they had.I hadnt been here since my rec expired in mid January so I was interested to see what they had in.Had to fill out some paperwork but that was a breeze and I was in the back within a few minutes of entering the collective.I walked over to the tender and asked to see the top shelf which he convienently happened to be standing next to.Showed me the vanilla og and the platinum og.Showed me the skywalker but he told me he thought it was mediocre which I really appreciate.Honesty goes a long way.Also looked at the mk ultra which looked pretty good.Had a nice purple color to it which I havent seen on it before and it had a good amount of trichomes.I ended up going with the platinum og because it smelled so good.One of those one's where you just want to keep popping the lid open to smell it because you just cant get enough of it.I grabbed an 8th of it and the tender let me pick out which 8th I wanted out of a few that he grabbed.I really appreciate that as well.The taste on it is grrrrrrrreat! Nice stoney high to go with it.Unfortunately for me,I'm down to my last bowl or two of it.I might have to come back on sunday when I'm in the area again and snag some more.I also was given a free gram for being a renewal patient and was given the choice between chocolope and sour diesel.I was stoked that I was given an option.Now I know that chocolope is supposed to be pretty good and has even won some awards I think, but the word "Lope" makes me think of cantelope which I dont like.I certantly don't want my med's to taste like cantelope nor chocolate...Give me that sour diesel baby!! The sour diesel was pretty good in my opinion.Had that killer smell that sour d has.Nice High as well.I got pretty stoned yesterday morning off of half a bowl.I might have to grab some of this as well because I believe its pretty fairly priced.I didnt even get to see 3/4 of what they had when I went because of my time limit.I'd definately like to look at the middle shelf because I've found some real good stuff there in the past. I might have to grab some butter as well! This spot is chill..check em out. Thanks guys!

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  • Report NICE


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  • Report fish killer not so stoked

    first time patient at sddc and had mixed feelings, bud quality was good had a nice selection, got an eight of gods gift which the young lady recommended for my pain, also got three brownies highly recommended by the bud tender, i ate two and am still up trimming my crop im on plant seven and usually only do about four or five a night i should feel them you think? maybe just me.. gonna save one for my girl maybe she will have better results? better check some where else just sayin? forgot to mention the lady forgot to give my recommendation and drivers license back so had to make a second trip all well ill take half the blame. fish killer !!!

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  • Report PLEASE UPDATE UR ONLINE MENU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My usual review is 5 stars every time. If you have never been to SDDC, do not take this review seriously.

    I live pretty damn far from SDDC and would like to see the flower menu before I make the long drive.

    I would've come by here today, but unfortunately there was no online menu..... Problem is they haven't updated the damn thing in 4 or 5 days.... cant't see any flowers, only concentrates and edibles.

    update: they do mention when their online menu is updated. thank your SDOC.

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  • Report Extreme Green Crack Review

    me and my girlfriend got some of the Extreme Green Crack the other day and we were both quite disappointed with the meds for the first time at the bank. First off the sample jar was a lot different then the meds i got when i got home. The meds in the jar looked nice and dense. when i got home the i pull the nugs out and most of them turned to shake. Some of the dryest bud i have gotten from a collective. I was also not stoked to see that, the two top shelf strains they had were OG's that were sativa dominant. How do you not have top shelf indica in. That was a bummer as well. anywho, i just thought you all should know about the green crack.

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  • Report OOGEEZ

    Place was cool. I def liked the bank set-up. Staff was well informed and good selections. Scored some awesome OG's. Stoked!!

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  • Report Hit or Miss

    I used to be all about this place but they have fizzled out in my opinion. Menu on their website isn't updated regularly. Hit or miss on the staff and quality.

    Used to always have quite a few top shelf strains, but now is usually just a couple. Lots of middle of the road stuff. Maybe a big selection of mid grade, cost effective strains is their strategy.

    Some of the staff is definitely less than knowledgable with their descriptions and recommendations. Makes me wonder if they are trying to get some things off the shelf and move product, or if they really just don't know any better. Maybe they are no longer employed there. Wouldn't know, haven't been back in a minute after regularly disappointing visits.

    They are conveniently located with plenty of parking though.

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  • Report place is nice but cap could be lower

    I checked this spot out yesterday after checking another spot out in the area. I hadn't been to sddc in a few months and i was short on cash (they take cards) so I decided to check them out. Check - in was really fast and the receptionist had me in the back in no time. The parking is never a problem and they're a couple blocks from the 805 so convenience from the freeways is there.

    They are a 60 cap and that kinda sucks, especially with all the lower priced collectives in the area. Like i said i was short on cash so I couldn't be picky about spot selection. They had 4 strains at 60 bucks. The diablo og, the mack-10, L.a con and another that has slipped my mind. Some of 55's were just as nice as some of the 60's and i focused my attention on them instead of the 60's. Some of the 50's looked nice too but the quality starts to taper off after that. The cotton candy kush looked nice and smelled like a nice bubba. Really frosted meds that had nice trich coverage. The purples they had in there were really nice and I was looking to grab something purple after puffing my grape ape I had. The purple kush and the god's gift were both really nice meds. The budtender put both right next to each other and they looked identical. I couldn't decide at first so I took a look at some of the other meds until i could decide. The purple kush and god's gift were exactly the same and both resembled purple kush or gdp. I went with the god's gift because it looked like the nugs were nicer.

    My next issue with them is the pre-weighed meds. They let me pick from like 5 jars so that was cool, but something about pre-weighed meds always turns me off a bit. The jars the meds are in aren't tight and smell and freshness can be sacrificed. The sack was like .2 over so at least the amount was on point. Thanks for that. I packed up the extra from the heavy 8 and sampled my meds. The nugs in the bag are really dense and purple with lots of light green mixed throughout with orange hairs scattered on the bud. The batch is nice and frosted and has a nice top layer of crystals. Once you break a nug up the smell is more pungent and the inside of the bud glistens. Really tasty med too. Sweet flavor thats kinda harsh at first but more prevalent on the exhale. A nice switch up from the bubba I was burning earlier this morning.

    They have a nice selection of hash and kief right now and I was almost tempted to grab some kief but my concentrate selection at the crib right now is pretty big so I passed. They have a large frig with edibles and some clones to the left of the fridge. I went with some Jolly Stones cuz they are great for my bike rides. They don't medicate very well but taste great and keep my cotton mouth at bay throughout my ride!! NIce shop but wish they'd lower the cap!! peace

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  • Report Great place

    Very legit atmosphere,, sign in sheets, security guard, disabled parking,, very good location.. Wide price range as low as 160$ oz to top shelf strains,, very wide price range so suitable for everybody.. Clearly labled as indica and sativa.. Big baked good selection and butter,peanut butter, chocolate sauce.. real cool budtenders and pretty good clones... Really good accesibility for disabled thats why I go there, helpful staff too..

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  • Report # 1

    One of the best spots on the Planet Earth for medical marijuana.

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  • Report Keepin that GOOD OG in stock!

    I come to SDDC strictly for their OG Herojuana and sometimes other good OGs if the Hero is not available. Also I must say when the OG Herojuana Fullmelt is in stock, it is the some of the most potent and tastiest fullmelt in the county.

    To Staff: (I have also noticed that when you are updating your online menu, you now mention the last time it was updated. Much appreciated considering I live in north county.)

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  • Report Keepin it short and sweet

    I've stopped here twice in the last week or two and have walked out with 4 fantastic top shelf kush's: Diablo kush, Mack 10,707 pure og and OG herojuana.All are very potent and worth the donation.I purchased some of the trichomax butter and made a batch of lucky charms treats using the entire 1/4 lb of butter.They turned out great.I love that butter.The staff here is always good to me.One of favorite spots in SD.

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  • Report Velvet Kush

    The Velvet Kush from SDDC is probably some of the best looking buds I have seen in awhile. I am a faithful OG smoker and usually prefer the OG Herojuana, but this Velvet Kush is tasty, potent, well grown, and looks unbelievable! Kind of a nice change.


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  • Report Consistently stacking quality buds on the shelves

    Stopped in here on mon or tues and grabbed a couple 8ths. I was looking to grab more of the og herojuana but that was all gone.I had seen that platinum og was back on the menu again.I looked at the plat og and it looked good but not quite as good as the previous batch.I took a second look at the 707 pure og which I still had some of and tried deciding between the two.The budtender recommended I go with the 707 because it was the same in potency and $5 cheaper.It is undoubtedly fire!! Has that kind of sweet og smell that I cant get enough of.I also grabbed some of the purple nightmare.I normally am not a big purple guy due to the fact that they dont seem to burn that great in my experiences with them,the high is normally not what I am looking for and they are played out and over-hyped IMO.That said, I still enjoy a good purple every now and then and this certaintly looked like a winner.The tender told me it was a cross of GDP,Lavendar and purple kush if my memory serves correct.It has such a beautiful purple color and smell that you just want to look at and smell all day.Very dense nugs...most of the 8th containers pulled out for me to choose from looked like they contained 1 giant nug with a few tiny little nugs.I recommend grinding this stuff up because its doesnt want to burn the best if you just pack a bowl of it in the bong or pipe.It's just too dense for that.Has a very purple taste and the effect is on the sedating side...very common with the purple strains.$55 an 8th.I might end up grabbing more if its still there come this next mon or tues.Keep up the good work guys.

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  • Report Private reserve is top notch!

    I made my weekly visit(or two) here today.I saw the menu was updated yesterday and that Private reserve og was on the menu.Also noticed that mack 10 was back on the menu.Asked the tender to pull out both for me and they both looked like winners.Both have a really lovely og smell to them.The private reserve is some of the best looking og kush I have seen in a while.Small dense nuggets typical of an og kush.Lots of trichomes like it should have...This pleases me.. =D ... It's a bit on the dryer side but it doesnt take away from the experience.It's still some straight fire!!(I grind all my stuff up anyways...kief baby!!) The mack 10 is right there with it too. The two look pretty similar...which is a good thing! Ended up grabbing a quarter of the private reserve and an 8th of the mack 10.I would have bought an ounce of the PR if I'd have had that much money with me.Hopefully they'll still have some of this later on this week although I wouldnt count on it.It's just too good to be hanging on the shelves for much more than a couple of days.It wont matter much to me anyways though because even if they dont have it, I know they'll have some other og that I really like.I always walk out of here pleased.Thats just the way it goes here! Thanks guys.

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  • Report Seems a little too corporate for me

    I've been coming here for a while and I like lots of things about this place. They have fire top shelf and you can find some good finds on the lower shelves. Right next to the freeway and you can usually get in and out pretty fast. Never really liked the sixty dollar cap but they do keep a big supply of high quality. Then I saw in the ciytbeat they were offering coupons.

    The atmosphere has always been a little too impersonal for my taste, and the BTs are often distracted with side conversations amongst themselves.

    But overall I think its the coupons that will keep me from returning. I understand having a sixty dollar cap if that is what you need to keep your collective open. I don't think the citybeat reader deserves a more compassionate price than someone who dosen't read it. I also don't see why the price you need to get from your herb goes up Thursday through Sunday. I think the price of medication should be based on the operating costs of the collective and not based on what you think you can get for it.

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  • Report Feeling The concentrate Not the MAC

    I came in here with hbfan, mix as a refferal from 91. They are compassionate to refferals and first time patients. I ended up going with the mac 10 and a .5 of supposively OG Herojuana Full MELT. I have to say I am happy with the concentrate but not so much the Mac 10. I looked at alot of the top shelf OGs and was not overly impressed with any of them especially at sixty. The sativas are on the same level decent but not above par by any means. Here are some things I do like about this spot they except credit, they have a nice nursery, and are actually really organized. It definately does have a corporate feel to it which I kind of appreciated to an extent. One thing that I would need to see change is an increase of quality meds and it might of just been the day I went but quality was definately missing. The mac 10 I got was definately not one of my favorite OG's taste smell and potency are definately lacking. The OG full melt although my group and I are not so certain its a full melt becaus its a hard slab. Whatever it is it bubbles real nice and is definately potent. After just smoking a bowl i am highly medicated and impressed on how it just bubbles in to meds. Real nice!!! I even sampled it on a screen with mix and hbfan and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The concentrates I looked at were quality but a little steep. I also sampled the herojuana and that was lacking in taste smell and potency as well. The OGs do medicate but not what I oersonally expect from my meds. They are also kind of dry being preweighed but definately on point. Quality would need to improve if I was to return and price drop would be nice but not neccessary. Just improve quality and dryness please

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  • Report dank looking meds! the owner has too much dro thou

    I cruised by SDDC yesterday with hbfan13, mixdking, and Mr nice 215 after a nice sesh at hashleys, and it was an ok visit. They had been out and about visiting other shops with hashley and I felt left out (j/k), so I decided to join them on the final leg of their tour. The shop is easy to find and is located right off the 805. Check in was relatively fast with 3 new patients so that was cool too. I wasn't really in the market for meds but they take credit cards so I splurged.

    Sddc has a range of meds from 60 down to like 40 bucks. I don't really dig 60 caps but the meds here are pretty dank looking so I bit the bullet. I'd love to see them drop that cap to 55, I really think they'd benefit from it! Just my opinion though. A few of the 50 dollar strains looked really nice and if I wasn't in the mood for an og I probably would've taken more of a gander at that shelf. The vanilla og and the herojuana looked like really nice meds and both really caught my eye. There was one 8th of mack 10 left that was pretty dank too and I think Mr. nice scooped that up. The other fellas and I went with the herojuana. I also scooped up a half g of the sour d full melt. The meds look and smell good but the taste falls off a cliff.

    The herojuana i grabbed is really nice but it's hydro... no taste to a nice looking flowrer. The 8th i got is 2 very large nugs that look really nice under my light. The buds are super dense and chunky. My sack weighed to 3.7 so thanks for that. I'm not the biggest pre-weighed fan but they let me pick my jar and it was over, so it's all good. The jar smells great once you pop the top. It smells like a sweet citrus with that fuel/piney og fragrance to it. The nugs are really light green and are absolutely covered in thick tan hairs. I puffed a pipe of it with the sour diesel full melt i got and I was blazed after a few hits. The sour d fm is ok Melts upon contact with a flame and seeps down into the meds. The hash looks pretty standard and is brown and kinda hard. I was skeptical at first thinking it was too hard to melt, but it breaks up relatively easy and melts. It hits pretty smooth too and is not harsh on my lungs. A nice concentrate but kinda pricey at 25 a half g. The herojuana itself doesn't taste like much unless ground up! kinda bummed about that. I was looking for more taste, this med is hydro. The taste clearly fell of of this med. Overpriced concentrates too. 25 for a half g of hash is kinda beat!

    i had nicer things to say about them initially but after puffing just the herb by itself, i was disappointed with the taste. i got stoned but the med left something to be desired.

    wack shop!

    peace but not to you...

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  • Report Not a Bank I plan on returning to!!!!!

    So after a pretty good little sample session that Hashley was so cool to provide a venue for a smaller group of us headed over to our 4th destination of the day SDDC. SDDC or also known as “The Bank” is in the middle of North park and is pretty easy to get to and find. While we were not sure if we really wanted to go there, 91 assured us that we would be pleased so we headed there led by his direction, that turned out to benefit him more than the rest of the group, but it is what it is and I will leave it at that! Verification was quick considering the girl had to verify 3 of us and we were aloud to head to the back before long. The budroom is set up in a square and is pretty spacious with a nice menu board on the wall to look at before asking to view any of the meds. I had previously seen a menu that had not yet been updated earlier from their site and thus had some sort of Idea of what I wanted to look at. All the same, I am disappointed with myself for not holding on to a valuable coupon I had seen in a previous Reader or City Beat that had a nice discount on it, cause the Cap at SDDC is 60 and instead of a discount we were given grams of a lower grade medication than we all normally medicate with so that was slightly disappointing and was the first semi letdown I experienced. I had been here almost 2 years ago before the raids and I did not see much change in the set up of this collective from then to now, which isn’t always a bad thing and wasn’t really a problem, I just feel that some things could definitely be improved here and that especially includes the Pre-weigh of the meds here. The only thing that SDDC does to combat this lame practice is to offer the choice of like 6 jars to choose from so that was good and evened out my feeling on that, but as we would later find out, the jar was slightly under whereas some shops that pre-weigh usually weigh over on their pre-weigh so I wasn’t stoked to see that either when I got the jar back to our session area. Now I am not gonna go nuts over .1 being light, but this is not a practice that should be implemented and if this is normal, I feel sorry for the patients that get shorted here often. So in order to be short, you have to get something and the 707 Herojuana is what Mix and I split. Now, this batch is a really nice, dense, triched up batch with nice colors of greens and oranges throughout the nuggs. The nuggs that made up our batch were really chunky and have a really nice OG Herojuanish smell to the buds. It is when you snap it that you are left in awwwww as to how something that smells and looks so good could have absolutely no real flavor to speak of. A group of 4 of us sampled the strain and were all shocked and looked at each other in disbelief that we could not ascertain a viable flavor from the batch which brings me to my main gripe with this shop besides the 60 dollar 3.4 sample of the 707 Herojuana I received, and that is the entire menu is made up of tasteless Dro. I am not personally a fan of Hydro and prefer Soil any day and so many nuggs suffer a life of Hydro and never have the wonderful experience of being introduced to the flavorful world of soil and this is sad. I am not sure if I will be making a return visit to “The Bank,” cause the lack luster flowers and lightweight pre-weighed over priced jars here just don’t meet my standard. The only thing that was a semi Highlight was the bait n switched half gram of hash that was given to Mr. Nice that was rather effective when we smoked it off a screen, but 25 for a half gram of Hash that is not Full Melt is not worth it at all. It is funny that he asked for the Sour D hash and was given the more expensive Hash instead. Not cool SDDC, but I guess we are just a couple of more patients that don’t really matter and we are all a dime a dozen so you can run another group of us through the same scheme and maybe they will be blind to it, but we are not those people and we actually have been to more than 1 rodeo and this is not the way to conduct your business IMO. Take it for what it is worth, but SDDC at least needs some fine tuning to get my interest again! Peace

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  • Report mostly dankness

    Sometimes this place has buds that are so beautiful I feel bad for burning them... this was the first collective I have ever been to and despite the fact that it is not my very favorite, I have returned many times since and here's why: SDDC offers a wide variety of medication to its patients. Whether you only have $30 and you need an 1/8 or you're looking for some high-quality, put you to sleep kind of bud, SDDC can accomodate to you. The entire staff is knowledgable and friendly, especially. Verification is quick free gifts are offered to ALL new patients, even if they choose not to make a donation. I recommend grabbing a City Beat magazine and pulling out the coupon for new patients however, so you can choose any free gram that you want. They have the cheapest drinks and edibles I've seen so far (3 edibles- $20, 3 drinks- $25) and also offer an array of clones for purchase.

    The reasons that I could not give full five stars: Most of the buds at SDDC are seriously amazing, however, I have encountered on a few occasions that the medication has not been flushed properly. For those who don't know what that means, the buds were grown hydroponically with chemicals that were not washed out enough before harvest. So sometimes the very chemicals that give the buds their amazing appearance, smell, taste and density can cause the smoke to be very harsh, especially on your throat. Personally I prefer OG (organically grown) weed for this reason, and some are available here, but I haven't found any of them particularly astounding thus far. I also feel that there is very little if any difference between the quality of the $55 1/8s and $60 1/8s, the latter of which I consider steep. Some discounts have also deteriorated. For example, when I first started coming to SDDC, I came with a coupon I found in a free local publication called City Beat that was redeemable for a free edible. New edible coupons have recently been discontinued and replaced with $5 off coupons. Now these $5 off coupons are only redeemable Monday-Wednesday. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate these coupons and use them every visit, but I don't appreciate how they're becoming less and less useful. The medication is also all pre-weighed, unless they're out of pre-weighs, then you're lucky because I've made a few purchases from here that were a few points too short. It's never okay to buy a $60 3.3gram 1/8th, no matter how good it is. That's my opinion.

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  • Report Nice experience once again

    Usually I stop by SDDC aka the bank at least once a week to pick up some of their OG Hero. Their usual OG Herojuana is one of the best flavors in town. Today they had a different batch 707 OG crossed with Herojuana. Has a strong sour OG smell which I like in kushs, although not quite as nice as their usual OG Hero.

    I would have to say SDDC is one of the more consistent dispensaries as far as high quality kushs and fullmelts go. I understand the frustration on the price, but after being in the mmj game so long I have learned you get what you pay for (as long as you go to the right dispensary).

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  • Report Can't Bank on 'em

    The last stop on a tour I did last Sunday with Headbandfan, Mr.nice215 and Malibu91 was San Diego Discount Caregivers, aka "The Bank". They call it "The Bank" because it actually used to be a bank. They're conveniently located off of University and in the very heart of North Park. Parking is not an issue because there's a huge private parking lot behind "The Bank".

    Malibu being the only one of us who's already been, had the pleasure of referring all 3 of us. Once inside, we were greeted by a girl working the front who had us verified and off to the nug room fairly quickly. Now this is where things got a little hazy..I had a powerful cannabis infused concoction earlier in the day and it was at this time that it really started to take its toll. I mean, I remember them having a nice sized nug room and all, but I don't remember anything about the set-up or the BT. Nothing really stood out to me as far as the staff or the way the club looked from the inside. What I do remember is that they had a nice variety of flowers that ranged from their lower end $40/eighths to their $60 cap. The majority of the top shelf strains I viewed were decent, but the only one that really caught my eye, was the 707 Herojuana. It packed a pungent odor that was similar to that of a Kush and the calyxes on these dense gooey buds were just exploding off the stem. Though I wasn't really planning on getting anything, I bit the bullet and ended up splitting an eighth of it with HBFan. As a first time freebie, we were all given free gram samples of their BlackBerry Diesel, which was on the lower end, but I guess I can't really complain right?. I haven't gotten around to sampling it yet and I can't say that I'm in a hurry to. When we got back to my house to split the eighth, we were all a little surprised to see that the eighth was actually short by a point or two, which is not the end of the world, but I do expect to at least get what I paid for, even if it is just One Point. I guess that's just the chance you take when the meds aren't weighed out in front of you. To top it all off, after sampling the Herojuana, I found it to be bland and tasteless. It got me irie, but it's just not what I'm looking for at that price.

    I hate judging a club on just one strain and would love to come back and check out some of their other top shelf options, but unless I use that coupon from the City Beat or they lower their cap, I can't see myself dishing out the ends for another gamble with my meds.

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  • Report Ol' Faithful bank

    As I continue on my search through SD to root out the best of the best dispensaries, I find myself wanting to return to this old bank in North Park,conveniently situated off of University ave.

    Upon entering, I was greeted in a very friendly and professional manner. The verification was quick and the wait was no more than a minute or two. The customer service is top notch. All the budtenders are extremely well informed about their meds and nobody ever tries to push anything on you. Selection of buds varies from high mids to super highs with prices that follow suit (40-60$/8th) with an impressive selection of concentrates, edibles, tinctures and clones of varying qualities and prices.

    My first visit there I picked up an 8th of their Sour Diesel(55$), a 3 pack of "Reefers peanut butter cups"(7$), and a gram of chocolate hash(12$). Since I was a new patient, they also gave me a free gram of their Blackberry Diesel.

    Now, any Diesel strain will always catch my eye because it's always been a personal favorite of mine. I am always ready to try someone's Sour D. And the bank's did not disappoint. Coupled with the chocolate hash, this strain was hands down one of the best variations of that delicious, nose burning flavor that I have grown to lust for.

    Judging from their website's menu, as well as the one posted here, it seems like SDDC has a set menu. Their selection rarely changes, but to me, that's a definite plus. I'll always have a reliable source for my favorite strain, as well as all the other incredibly potent meds offered up at this discreet little building.

    If you're looking for consistency, convenience, quality, and a friendly environment, San Diego Discount Caregivers is the place for you!

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  • Report SAY WHAT ?!?

    Thats all I can say . This was the deal of deals on 4/20...not to mention the spot to go to everyday. Ive been a long time patient at this location and after yesterday i decided to make this my first review on weedmaps... goodlookin HERO at 3@%#&ing60....all over it...extra firey batch and the burgundy fm on point ....

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  • Report Kinda bummed on selection

    Ok so my first time here was not my smoothest experience at a collective but thought I would give them another chance. The bts there were not exactly the most knowledgable in my opinion. I asked the girl behind the counter if they had any indica based concentrates and she had to ask one of the other staff. I just feel like all the bts should have the answer to a simple question like that. Knowing what you stock is an important part of any business. I was more than a little bummed that they had no full melts and no real selection of OG's. The guy got kind of annoyed that I didnt get anything so I bought a cup cake. I appreciate the fact that this collective keeps there edibles refrigerated. There cup cake was bomb and made ith hash so i think it medicated nicely. That is always a plus.It seems like they have a good selection of edibles and clones. There edibles were aqll less than ten for the most part. They are also fairly organized. Id be lieing if I said I dislike everything about this collective there are some good traits. The major things that I dont like are preweighed meds, low selection today on what I needed, price but they did have some strains at 55 that were quality. I also didnt like the get in get out mentality that definately does exist at this collective. I like more of a personable experience. The girls are cute and all but eye candy is not the reason why I come to a collective. I come to get quality medication that i am in need of for real reasons. Its cool to have cuties working there but keep them informed on whats in stock. I will stop in again just for the simple reason I am trying to see what some trusted reveiwers are seeing that I am not. I wanty to give this place the benefeit of the doubt but my last two visits have not been impressive.

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  • Report Triple OG yums

    Always a nice selection and the staff remains consistent with some new faces as well. One girl in particular is always soo pleasant and really has a nice way about her, wish I knew her name. The triple OG is very good and I plan to get some more.

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  • Report SDDC

    SDDC Is always a good place to go for good meds. The Budtenders are mostly clueless unless you get one of the few good people who know what the strains are and what their effects are . The black berry desiel wasnt bad but the og herowana is fantastic.

    I also grabbed up a few og skywalker clones so that was cool!

    Thanks !

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  • Report Ehh... There's better places out there.

    So I decided to check out SDDC after seeing their ad in Kush magazine with a $20 new patient coupon attached to it. The building was pretty easy to find, check in was really easy, I was in the bud room within a couple of minutes. After walking into the bud room, I almost wanted to turn aroudn and leave because the first thing I noticed was all the PRE-WEIGHED MEDS. I fucking hate that shit. After standing in the bud room for about two minutes by myself, the budtender came out. Since it was my first visit the BT gave me the usual rundown of how the place works and then it was on to the buds. Their top shelf buds look pretty nice, but not $60 nice. I checked out a couple of strains and ended up going with the L.A. confidential. The buds are frosty and bright grean with some small red hairs. The scent is piney fresh, it smokes nicely, and tastes delicous. As I said before, the bud is nice, but not $60 nice. I have been to so many other places that have much higher quality buds capped at $50 or $55.

    Now, the only reason I came here was because I had the $20 coupon. So... I thought I was going to be able to get a $60 dollar for $40 because that's how its been at every other collective I've gone to that has offered a $10-20 coupon. However, the budtender told me I wasn't allowed to use that coupon on my eighth... -What the fuck?- He told me that with the coupon I could get a free top shelf gram of OG Herojuana instead of just a free medium grade gram. So my question is... What the hell is the point of the $20 coupon? Why don't you just tell new members they can have a free gram of choice, instead pulling the bullshit bait and switch on patients? I ended up having to pay $20 dollars more than I expected, and I would have never even made the trip out there if, for one second, I didn't think they were going to honor their coupon. And even though I got a free gram of the Herojuana, I would have rather just got a $40 dollar pre-weighed eithth. As a student on a budget, I would have much rather saved the $20 for gas or food to eat while medicated.

    I just gave three stars for convenience because it was kinda far from my house. What's convenient for me isn't exactly convenient for everyone else. I've always thought that "convenience" should be changed to "location," but I digress. All in all, I wasn't impressed with SDDC. There are plenty of other places around San Diego with buds that are superior in quality, cheaper in price, and where any coupon or other promotion will be honored. Sorry SDDC, there's just better places out there.

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  • Report love SDDC

    LOVE this place i go on a regular week basis and there prices are low (20-60 an 8th)for very good quality meds with a large selection the staff is very helpful knowledgeable and very nice
    NOT a long wait at all your in and out in less then 5 minutes if you know what you want
    they even have many patient appreciation days
    over all you should deffinetly check this place out WAYY worth it

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  • Report This place is OK

    I have been to sddc a few times at first I thought it was the best place since it was the ONLY Dispensary I had been to after receiving my medical card however there prices for ounces are rediculous compared to what can be found elsewhere I still use sddc for the edibles and clones both are real good and at decent prices.
    Ps. Bud tenders can be short at times slightly rude

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  • Report checked them out last summer

    Last time i came in was july last summer, back when they hooked up a free 1/8th of trim with purchase. I use to buy their 12 dollar a gram hash. they used to hook up 2 free g's for new members, and it was good quality bud. but their eigths go up to 60 and 400 for an oz i believe. its safe to say I never bought flowers from them. Staff was ok, not too friendly, especially the owner, I never saw him smile.

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  • Report hmmmm....

    This place is pretty legit. I have made my way over here several times. Convenient location. Right off the freeway and easy to find. Bud quality is good if your hitting the top shelf. Other than that the herb is pretty bunk. Plus im not really down with the pre weigh. Good variety of edibles. I wouldn't come to this place for clones. The ones I seen don't seem up to health. Other than that get TOP shelf here.

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  • Report Great Meds!

    This place is pretty close to where I live, so I stop in from time to time. They always have a pretty large selection of strains leaning toward the sative side. Pretty decent Top shelf and alright Mid shelf as well. I wish they had more indica and they didn't pre-weigh but I'll be back when in need of GREAT meds..

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  • Report Good solid spot but their pre-weigh is BAD!

    I have been coming to SDDC for over a year now, usually picking up their Hero and some decent fullmelt. It's funny though, since everything is pre-weighed you think it's cool by picking which jar you want. Although the reality is, every single 8th jar weighs 3.5 grams exactly, and after the stem weight, it's about 3.2 if your lucky. I understand, 3.5 weighs to an eigth, but come one guys.... I have never seen any shop give 3.5 every time to loyal customers paying 60 per eigth every time.

    I have found better places that have better OG and weigh it in front of you. When they realize you become a loyal customer, they start to hook it up heavy.... for good reason. (ie: returning business and great reviews.)

    THE ONLY GOOD VIBE I GOT FROM THIS PLACE WAS ON 420 WHEN THEY HAD THEIR SALE.... THAT WAS EXCELLENT. i think it was only because I got a quarter of hero and a gram of fm for something like 115! That was an ecperience! Besides that, you can count on SDDC's famous 3.5

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  • Report I will come back here when......

    1) You stop pre-weighing the meds

    2) The meds are properly flushed out and not harsh and dried out

    3) The blond girl in the front actually bothers to look@ me for a second or even smile when I sign in

    4) Your underage looking BTs can actually recommend a strain instead of just saying they're all good

    5) You lower your $60 cap to something more reasonable

    6) You stop trying to sell us $50 eighths of dried up shakey trim

    7) You start offering up real specials and discounts like you did when you first opened

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  • Report Came for first time gift, doubtful return

    Well I checked this spot out after remembering last year they gave away all kinds of free buds. Figuring it's fathers day and my birthday, two occasions where they hooked it up phat last year. I felt left out last year knowing that I did not have my recc and this place was handing out free meds without purchase, well, anyone reading, you didn't miss anything. First time gift was 5.00 off, but I had a coupon from city beat and got a gram for free.I got a gram of og herojuana, and a gram of mr nice guy. buds were alright, I would not pay $60 an eighth though, Granted I bought grams and you know you are taking a hit buying a gram at a time. At the same time a gram is a cheap price to pay to find a place your comfortable spending more money at, sorry SDDC, your'e not it.
    I was also displeased with the service up front, not sure her name and don't care what she looked like. I walked in and stood there for a few minutes before she decided to stop watching whatever show it was on her laptop and actually do some work to check me in. most dispensaries put cute girls up front to set a welcoming vibe, I felt like I was inconviently asking her to work when all I did was stand there. With so many quality shops in SD, I would caution anyone considering going here. alot less compassion then what their name would suggest. The buds were not so great either.

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  • Report always on point.

    this is the first place i went to and def set the standard for the rest, and this is still the best place ive been to. all around good vibes. thanks guys.

    p.s. i found this to be too funny. "I will come back here when......3) The blond girl in the front actually bothers to look@ me for a second or even smile when I sign in" (3 reviews down)

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  • Report Not quite cutting it for me these days....

    I like SDDC on a couple points. The meds are usually a very decent quality. However, they are ALWAYS pre-weighed (I know of places with double sided scales and they weigh on the spot). The meds are ALWAYS DRY AS HELL. I don't think there has been once I haven't had to drop some lettuce or something into the med jars once I got home.

    I like the fact SDDC is pretty easy to get to by transit system as well.

    The people who check you in always seem pretty stuck up IMHO. They just want to get you through the door and out of their space. The bud tenders.. are ANOTHER story altogether.

    I have met ONE Budtender in SDDC that actually knew a lick of what he was talking about. He accidentally sold me an AlienDog clone he didn't mean to put in the box (it was his own personal cut, he let me have it...reluctantly). So I just want to throw that out there..you know who you are dude. Kudos.

    The others, just tell you all the stuff is good. Some get pissy if you take more than 10 minutes deciding what you want. Which is interesting when they don't give you no help in making a decision.

    I know a lot about genetics, and I always try to see what collectives hire knowledgeable staff/Bud Tenders. Sorry SDDC...step up your game in this department. I, as a patient..should not know more about the strains you carry, than your staff does.

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  • Report SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

    Just an awesome place to visit!! Right price, right people, right selection!!! Been medicating legally for almost a year and I keep returning to SDDC!!! ONLY true Herojuana and Full melts!!

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  • Report Consistent Quality

    This place is always a awesome visit for me. They know by name their and are always friendly. Their prices top out at $60 an eighth. They only have like 3 or 4 strains at $60 so you can get quality for $55. I have to admit their bud is always a little on the dry side for me. I just throw a little piece of lettuce in with it for about an hour and then the bud is perfect. The budtenders lately have been a bit ditzy, they used to have knowledgeable staff but now they just hired these young girls to do a job they really know nothing about. Overall this place is great, I would recommend checking out the grape ape and the bubba x g13

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  • Report Not Bad

    The Herojuana and the girls working there look good. Might as well cough up the extra 5-10 bucks and get the top shelf otherwise u will get caca.

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  • Report Much better this time around...keep it up!

    Okay, I may have been a little gruff with SDDC on my last review...when it comes to convenience etc. I had just had a bad experience (again) with some of the people that work in there. However I still stand by a lot of what I said (at the time). Now, with that out of the way...

    I went to SDDC (again) just yesterday. I have been on a (quality) clone hunt for some time now. I hit up their website and it said they had many different cuts in..site had just been updated too (had bad experience before with the site not being updated in a couple days and being disappointed upon arrival).

    So off I went to SDDC. When I got there, the girl who checked me in was more friendly than normal. Okay. Good start...

    Into the budroom...all GIRLS?! I have been to SDDC many times...and I have never seen the budroom run 100% by the female gender. Tell you what, it indeed helped with the atmosphere..as some of the male BT's can be really informal and pushy.

    I don't know her name, but a pretty blond with some very nice ink work on her back piped up when she saw me peer into the clone box. "Would you like to take a closer look?" No one..ever (@ SDDC)..has asked me if I wanted them to actually open the display case so I could get a good look first hand. Oh, she did make sure that I used hand sanitizer before even opening the case.

    She stood right there with me while I poked around looking for the strains I wanted, all smiles the whole time. She helped me hunt down the last (as far as I know) Cherry Ak47, and Strawberry Cream they had hidden away in the trays.

    As for the cuts themselves, very nicely rooted and healthy. This particular clone vendor that comes by SDDC once in a while knows what he is doing. Little plastic labels around the rapid rooters that say the strain, I/S ratio, flowering time, and have a sentence or two describing the traits of each strain.

    Didn't pick up any med's this time...just on a hunt for some cuts.

    All in all, this time around I truly enjoyed my experience here. I guess someone DOES read these reviews..and we have been heard. Thank you, for stepping things up a notch in the atmosphere department. This has always been my main issue, that and how dry the meds can get...but at least they are good quality. I've never denied that.

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  • Report First Time Walking into a Collective

    Got my rec and went directly to this shop cause a couple of buddies of mine recommended them. I purchased an 8th Of purple Sour Diesel & received a gram for a new patient of Hindu Skunk. I paid $50 for the 8th and the quality was better then average tho i seen better of this particular strain. the hindu skunk was amazingly good for a free gram lol, the price rang i seen when i was in there was $40-60 and it was all well worth it also seen they had clones....all in all i enjoyed my first time experience with them and glad they clos to the house...i'll defiantly seeing what they more to offer!

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  • Report another one of my favs!

    If you havent been here yet, your missing out. The herojuana is FIRE! one of my favorite strain in all of SD. plenty of parking and right off the freeway. Top quality medicine for sure at SDDC. cap is 60? As far as staff, MOST of them know whats up. only one time have my questions have not been answered. I DEF RECOMMEND THIS PLACE

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  • Report The Bank!

    I think this was one of the first places i went to last year when they opened. Ive always been a fav. of the Herojuana, its a great OG smoke. The spot is chill, right on uni ave. and parking is right behind. Usually they have a good selection of meds, sometimes the higher grade menu is slacking, but the Herojuana is always there, so thats what I usually end up with. Great selection of edibles, but the prices and the special deals are not the best. Thanks for staying consistent with the Herojuana.

    Review Source:
  • Report Great place decieving name

    Great spot close to my home walking distance actually. San Diego "Discount" Caregivers. If you have discount in your name you should honestly make more of an effort to offer discounted product, although the meds are great quality but you can get the same quality elsewhere for cheaper. Patients NOT Profits!
    Regardless I will continue to go here because it is convenient and girls that tend are very helpful and chill. Maybe you could just offer a couple discounted strains per week like specials or coupons or something.

    Review Source:
  • Report AVOID !!!! the choc hash its ALL leaf

    Seeds all up in my blackberry !!! not cool at all esp when I paid you $60. The CHOCOLATE HASH is fucken nasty garbage made with ALL leaf and does NOTHING for medication. Its little green hunks that smell and taste like ass (leaf). I WAS TAKEN FOR $72.


    Review Source:
  • Report Discount my ass...

    Ok let me start off by coming off 100% honest about this place... They USED to be dope in their flower section where you would feel good about spending 60 bucks on an 8th. Alas these days are over for the top shelf they have (minus the private reserve which I would say is probably their best weed choice). The first thing you should know before ever going here is the meds are PRE WEIGHED! WTF is that... 3 times I've gotten an 8th and its been short by .2 or .3!!!! So after my 3rd attempt I said fuck it and fuck this place. If they didnt have 12 dollar grams of hash I don't think I would ever go back. The owner never smiles... Just looks like a douche. The budtenders are somewhat nice. I guess it depends on who your dealing with because some of the girls working there DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT WEED except for the fact that they're just stoners with a job( for example the little latina bitch you have working).

    I'm sorry but you guys are in it for the profit... No good Vibes, Semi decent weed and if you didnt have females running your shop you probably wouldnt have that much business.

    All in all FUCK YOUR DISPENSARY :) I will gladly make my way down university avenue where I can find plenty of other shops that show compassion and atleast a slight interest in the customer.

    You just lost a good customer and all my friends who go there... THANKS FOR THE SHORTAGE

    Review Source:
  • Report I feel like I am in High School When I come in her

    come on. none of the weed at this place even gets me high. bought the hash once. i should have just thrown the money in the trash. this was not hash this is home made crap! cant you get it right. i want the best weed. i want the chronic can you understand the chronic. why is this place just trying to make a profit? if i am going to spend money at least sell something that is grown right and gets you high!

    Review Source:
  • Report owner is cool, employees....not so much

    I am new to this site and at leaving reviews, what am not new at is Customer Service. I am almost 50 years old, and I have Been in Customer Service. I was a Bar-Tender in my younger years, been a cashier, waitress....etc. It is sad to know that the security guards are so much more caring about a 215 patient than 98% of the employees that work there. There is 1 female who I have spoken with and she will know who she is by me saying...beautiful ink, this young lady Rocks!! She Knows what she is Talking about and presents herself in a Friendly Manner, no matter how long I take to make up my mind; or how many questions I happen to ask. I have been going to SDDC for over a year and the decline in "Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff" has been amazing to watch,(not that they were very friendly at the start of me going there, but they knew at least "something".
    When a "Bud-tender" is waiting on you and just walks away with so much of a kiss my butt, I am bored with this attitude at me. I know that to come back in there now will constitute a Real Emergency!!! And even then I really doubt it. And that is Sad because the manager is a decent guy!!! All I Ask is to Please Hire Some Folks Who Really Know What They Are About, and Can at Least Pretend to Give a Crap about the People!! If they do not want to be there I know a couple of people who would Love A Job!!! And they Know What They Are Talking About, and how is this.... They Actually Do Care About the 215 Patient: hence why they know so much about the Whole Process. For them it goes hand in hand they are not even snotty about them knowing more than I do!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Back To This Are We?

    I apologize now.. this is gonna be long.

    Okay, my last review was pretty good for this place.. However I had just gone in to pick up cuttings..and happened to be dealing with the same female budtender mentioned in the review just below.

    I went back recently and picked up some actual meds this time. I did not have the pleasure of dealing with a friendly BT this time (at least at first). As a matter of fact, I was there with the patient who left the review below mine.

    Here is how our experience went:

    Pulled up into the parking lot and one of the Security Guards was standing there on the side of building. We get out and he cracked a genuine smile and asked us how we were doing today. I've always liked this guard although he has scared the hell out of me a few times (so he's doing his job I guess, lol). When he comes around the corner in a Bullet Proof Vest, what appears to be a Sheriff badge, and his German Shepard. First glance gets me sometimes...I have to do a double take.

    Anyway, in through the door and the receptionist was decently friendly. She at least smiled while she scanned our ID's..can't say the same for some of the other people in here.

    Once we were in the budroom, it was a little busy..but I've seen it worse. We walked up to the counter and started looking to even see whats on the board, cause the site is hardly ever kept up to date so you can rarely rely on it. One of the BT's, I don't know if he is balding or just shaves his head.. but he also wears glasses and has a mustache I believe, came up and asked if he could show us anything.

    I saw they had Alien Kush, and as the manager knows I am a fan of Alien strains (yep, you know who I am now..snagged that AlienDawg from you a while back). So I asked to take a look, as well as a few other strains.

    Once I had seen a handful that we had been interested in, I turned to the other patient I was with and started trying to decide exactly which ones we were going to go with. While I had my back turned, and she was still facing the counter, our BT decided he was bored with us and went to go deal with someone else without so much as a word. He sent a female BT our way to finish what he apparently didn't feel was important enough for him to deal with anymore.

    This other BT was all smiles, and very friendly. She does give me the impression that she doesn't know a whole lot about genetics or cannabis in general.. but she is at least friendly and will make small talk with a patient and answer what questions she can without an attitude.

    We had decided pretty much what we were going with when this other guy walked off. So I quickly told the female BT we wanted an 8'th each of Alien Kush, LA Confidential, Lambs Breath (or Bread, what ever), and the Green Crack Extreme. She pulled out a few bottles of each and let me pick.

    After we had our choices, I kindly asked the young lady who and how I should inquire about a possible Tending position. She told me she would go ask the manager who was in the back at the time. A moment later she came back and told me he was busy just then, but he said to bring in a resume and that they were currently fully staffed.

    I laughed at the resume part, some of the people in here that are so called BT's are no more than people who know that if they smoke cannabis they get high. They have no interest in the patient or what they might actually be after, such as something that will kill pain but not give them couch lock. Or something that will put someone to sleep and be a good appetite aid. You should ask patients what they are looking for in the end effect of their medication. Different patients, different ailments.

    I like the manager, he has always been really cool to me personally when I run into him.. I was a little offended at the asking for a resume though when clearly half your staff have no idea what is going on with the meds in front of them. No offense, just a harsh truth that many other people have stated below me. We can't all be wrong can we?


    When we went to ring up the other patient I was with spotted Super Silver Haze Kief. So we snagged a gram of that as well. While all this was being rung up I walked over to the clone display case and peered in.

    Nope, no one said a word to me while I stood there and looked through the glass. I was missing the pretty blond with the back tattoo more and more. As I looked in the case I noticed a lot of cuttings had what appeared to be bug damage, I would say Thrips to be exact.. but possibly spider mites. They were tucked in the back and I couldn't get a close enough to look since no one bothered to ask me if I was interested in any cuttings.

    The original male BT we had dealt with had just rung up who he had gone to deal with when we got up to the counter, and he was just dead silent. No smiles, nothing..just this.. get out of my space vibe. Ya know what.. screw you too bro. What the hell did we ever do to you besides come in and take a bit out of your day so we could make sure we got what we were after.

    Oh, yeah.... the meds. Not surprising.. dry as hell. Had to drop in lettuce or apple chunks to re-moisten as always.

    La Confidential smelled and looked decent.. end effect is crap in my opinion and it could have been manicured better as well. Avoid it (at least this batch) if ya ask me. It's just not worth the price.

    Alien Kush is good, nice Indica effects I was looking for.

    LambsBreath (Bread, same thing dammit) is good as well, nice Sativa up. Same goes for the Green Crack Extreme. Very fruity Green Crack smell/taste and that typical skunk look.

    I don't think I will be going back until I start seeing more positive reviews for this place again. Which is sad because SDDC has been one of my main stops for a while now, I just can't take the decline that has been going on when there are other shops not far up or down the Blvd or University that have their act together from Staff to med quality/price.

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  • Report A year later, same OG Herojuana I was looking for

    First of all i've only been here three times, this being my third visit. The first two were kinda poor service like I guess you could say but this time was kinda different, I didn't get that rushed feeling I guess like the other time. We were helped out by a dude with glasses he was pretty helpful in helping us find exactly what I was looking for I found the OG Herojuana I had last year which in my opinion a very tasty herb, for sure og, had a nice inhale not a super strong expansion but good enough to where it still feels and tastes good when you hold it in. I love the way it sits on your tongue for hours I feel like everything I intake(food or drinks) is medicated after because the taste just sits there, mmmm. We also decided to go with a sativa as well to balance throughout the day so we went with the Pineapple Jack, wow dude for $50 I wish I woulda picked up that quarter I was talking earlier from elsewhere here and got this instead. This was a very nice uplifting sweet and sour tasting sativa. The nugs where all frosty here didn't see a jar that wasn't in the $50-$60 range al looked of quality manicure, I guess maybe they coulda been a little dry but honestly it's not that bad as the guy below said. All in all I recommend the Pineapple jack strain for a day on the go, it's just a real feel good vibe to it, sweet and tasty. 9/10, that OG Herojuana was an easy 9.5/10 to me but yeah the prices here are far from a discount price but they still treated me better overall this time than the last two visits. Hopefully things are looking better here soon, they appeared to be for me atleast on my two choices.

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  • Report Not a Bad Place at All!

    I am new to this website and have been going to this dispensary for quite some time now. I couldnt believe all the bad reviews i saw of this place because i must say it is definately one of the best ones if not the best in San Diego;and I've been to at least 30 in SD. Me being in my 40's I will admit, the employees seem young, but are always nice and helpful. However, sometimes a couple of the bud tenders will seem like they dont want to be there but by seeing how busy they are I could understand. Everyone gets tired of their job once in a while. For their meds, always good. If you're looking for a wide variety of medicine that won't empty out your wallets, theyve got it. Like I said before, I've been to a lot of dispensarys and i can say not very many can compare with the consistancy and quality of their top shelf. Their OG Herojuana, to die for. The Diablo, even better. All in all this is a great dispencary and I will continue to go there. For the bad reviews, don't let them scare you. By seeing the cute girls that work there and the amount of male patients that go there, im sure those girls deal with a lot of creeps, so i wouldnt judge a budtender by a bad review because if my daughter worked in a place like that, I'd hope she wouldnt take crap from anyone...Please bring back the sodas.

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    Review Source:
  • Report Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya!

    I come here for the $25 shake. They have $45+ shake but that's pushin' it for me. I can't afford the $60 caps all over town, so I keep level with the cheap stuff while I wait on my plants. The staff isn't very knowledgeable or friendly (It's mostly girls & unless you're a single dude waving dolla dolla bills for tips, I go rather unnoticed). But it's safe, clean & quiet. Better than meeting Lamont in the alley like I used to in Detroit. Can't complain, but bring back those sodas!

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  • Report Thanks for all the concentrates

    I rounded up over a dozen of those half gram sized plastic containers that their hash/kief comes in and realized I'd been shopping here over 2 dozen times. Time to review them.

    Parking is strictly regulated. No one may wait for you in the car.

    Check in - after your first visit - takes seconds. It usually takes me longer to sign my name than for the laser beam to scan my barcode on the back of my ID. Staff seems friendly and knowledgeable.

    I've purchased both bud and concentrate here. I didn't like the Chocolate Hash and would advise you avoid it. The rest of the hash is OK.

    Major Like: accepts credit cards.

    Major Dislike: everything is pre-weighed. The product continues to lose weight after it is packed so I've gotten light grams before (I no longer buy weed here because of it). Hash is well dried enough so that it doesn't lose as much weight after packaging.

    This is an average report covering 7 months and more than 2 dozen visits. That one time I bought Chocolate Hash and those light weight pre-weighed bags would be my major complaint.

    But I keep returning. So they HAVE got something special that keeps bringing me back. I'll be shopping here again, too.

    Review Source:

    They say they are compassionate...they lie! Staff was not to friendly. I brought them all the paper work to qualify for the compassion program and they would only offer me 10%. WTF!!! Way to many people allowed in back at one time. Definately was not impressed!!! WON'T BE BACK!!!!

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  • Report One of my favorite spots

    Before you hit these guys up make sure you get your hands on a city beat magazine (it's kinda like the reader mag.) These guys always have some decent coupons advertised in there from $5 off to a $20 gift cert. for first timers. My only gripe would have to be their name is extremely deceiving there are no compassionate meds. prepare to spend at least $20 if you want to get high there cheaper strains are garbage like Salmon creek, Cindy 99 anything for $10 is not worth buying here!! Their cheaper chocolate hash sucks too, other than that their top shelf stuff always does the trick. S.D.D.C.G. please lower your prices, start offering SDSU students free stuff or discounts and you'll keep us coming back with more & more competition out there somethings gotta give.

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  • Report eh its ok mang

    Been here a couple of times. The building used to be an old bank, so there's plenty of parking in the lot. They have a guard with a K-9. Standard waiting room. I did notice that dogs are allowed inside. Decent bud for an ok price, I guess. Went for edibles on my birthday. All they had were some sad looking muffins or something. I didn't want to buy anything else there, so I left empty handed. Seemed like they did have a good load of concentrates when I was there. The budtenders weren't that friendly or helpful on my visits. Nothing here to bring me back.

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  • Report rastas? not quite.

    Their are WAY better dispenseries period. If you dont mind being treated like dirt because your only spending $20.00 than this is the place for you. They go from one patient to the next without even finishing the first patient's order! then I'm waiting in line and someone walks in behind me and they help him first! I'd be cool with tht if the person was in a wheelchair or didn't have an arm or was vocally complaining aboutANYTHING but they weren't. They got to sit out in their car and smell their flowers and then five minutes later when they decide to leave after the cop did, there they are driving by me as I wait at the bus stop because I wasn't able to get on the one that passed five minutes earlier because of stoners skipping the line as the budtendo's let it happen in hopes of helping out someone spending a hundred dollars instead of 5! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Did I mention the top-grade product is average and their low-grade strains are shadier than they are. Look at my other reviews if your looking for the right place to go in the mind of a disabled epileptic who's been there and done that. All the way from Amsterdam to Oaksterdam to vancouver b.c. and every other collective in north california and now touring the south side ones!

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  • Report There are better collectives

    I've been to this collective a few times. To start off the process to become a member is pretty painless if you have a CA ID or DL. If you have a passport (which is sometimes the case with new members I try to bring to this place) they will decline you and ask for a printout from the DMV that you get when you purchase a CA ID. Anyways...

    Once you get cleared and go back it's pretty simple. From left to right is lower bud quality to top shelf. Now first time I went in there the staff just stared at me like I was an idiot. There's a big guy back there who looks like he's trying to be a part of Jersey Shore, playing Mr. Macho... I went in there on a tight budget (only picking up a gram) and he just looked at me like I was a jerk for only buying a gram. The chicks there are way too stoned to do anything half the time and they have 2 big dogs that make it a little uncomfortable for me to buy meds... the dogs even looked baked. First time I went in there I picked up on a gram of some White Russian. It was pretty decent, the high was immediate and lasted for a while but it was horrible to smoke, honestly. The bud didn't have a good smell, either. I have only been there a few times and I honestly wouldn't have ever gone back if they didn't have that awesome free gram per referral incentive.

    Overall this place makes you feel like dirt if you don't have a big wallet and the staff are rude. The bud has a decent effect but smoking it is something you have to be ready to dedicate your taste buds and throat to. This place looks like it use to be a bank too which also threw me off but it has excellent parking all around the building.

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  • Report Meanwhile ...

    It had been a while since I last visited, but I needed meds and decided to stop by.

    Since my last visit, my old rec expired, so I had to do the usual initial paperwork thing. It was handled quickly and smoothly, as before.

    SDDC is a well-stocked dispensary and I was happily surprised to see God's Gift on the menu board. It's a favorite Sativa with a mellow yet bright effect, and a nice smooth taste.

    In a world fraught with uncertainty and angst, it's reassuring to know that SDDC is one constant that MMJ patients can rely on!

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  • Report Good selection and prices

    SDDC was one of the first places that I visited in San Diego for its selection. Many different strains from $25-60 an 8th. I remember the very first medical strain I smoked out here was Diablo Kush from SDDC over a year ago - very good.

    As a first time patient, you get a free gram of whatever the house special is that week. This week was Pineapple (I got a free gram for referring another patient!). I was actually surprised the quality on the free gram they gave me. Decent smoke and high. I also got a gram of the top-grade Vanilla OG. Great taste and potency. Definitely good, not sure if it would be worth the $60 an 8th. You can get similar top quality for cheaper around the area to be honest. They do have a good selection of concentrates - kief and hash.

    They also have lots of medibles, cookies, brownies, peanut butter, sodas, candy, gum. Average prices, usually 2-3 pieces in a bag for $8-10 depending on what you are getting.

    Last time I also got some clones. Around $10, no pests or disease that came with them so far showing. They have a good number of strains to choose from, usually 5 or more.

    Finally, they also do THC testing on their strains (and yours if your bring in a sample and pay the fee). This means you can also see/ask about the THC content on strains which is kinda cool. I have never had a problem with the staff or the speed/interaction of the sale.

    Conclusion: B+. This place has a great selection and a wide range of prices, so it is hard to judge. Some weeks the $25 an 8th stuff isn't worth it, sometimes it is. If you are looking for top quality at the $50-60 area, they will always deliver. Middle range is comparable to others in the area. I'll come back because it is a nice professional place with a large selection of medicine and clones. And I like that free gram for referrals ;-D

    Keep the Piece/Peace

    Review Source:

    I came in last week to pick up a gram of hash, hoping they had some quality full melt in stock. SDDC's 45 cap on hash is a pretty good deal if you actually recieve full melt. On their menu they were advertising sour OG full melt @ 45 a gram. I asked the budtender what he thought of it, and he replied is was a great tasting fullmelt that was heavy hitting. I have to say I left somewhat happy and excited to try my new meds.

    When I arrived home I packed a bowl and lit the hash to see actually how much of a melt it was. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO FULLMELT! I wouldn't even consider it a 1/4 melt! The shit was normal brown rock hash that tasted like shit when I puffed it.

    Some of their flowers are good, but sometimes dry and always pre-weighed. You receive 3.5 per 8th consistently with each visit. Not my style at all. If i'm gonna splurge on a $60 8th I expect to be hooked the fucked up.

    Stop selling things that don't live up to their name.

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  • Report SDDC

    This play is right off the freeway

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  • Report Thanks for showing me some love

    I've been coming here ever since I got my recommendation 2 years ago. I must admit that sometimes it's a bit of time in between visits but that's just because of my schedule and what they happen to have on the menu. I'm a top shelf OG Kush person myself, so that is what I mainly check their menu for. That said, every time I come in here, I get shown some love. I've gotten to know the founder well enough to where they throw me a much appreciated discount. All the bud tenders I've dealt with have been nice and showed me everything I wanted to see. I see a lot of comments in other reviews about the tenders not being friendly,etc and I just don't have this issue. I know what I'm looking for and that makes things go quicker and smoother. I noticed that the display jars have been switched from the small mason jars to big glass containers. I think it looks nicer now. The top shelf OG's looked and smelled great. I ended up grabbing an 8th of OG Herojuana and an 8th of Fire OG. The Diablo Kush and Mack-10 both looked like winners but I didn't want to spend all of my money. They pulled out 6 or 7 containers of each and let me pick which one out of them I wanted which I think is fair of them. I haven't had an issue with the pre-weighed jars coming up short on the scale. Both of my 8ths are fresh nugs..no dried out crumbling nugs here! Both are nice smokes. The herojuana put me down for a nap not too long after smoking some.Glad to know that it's as potent as always. Thanks for the great visit.

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  • Report good fruits

    been coming here since i got my card.thanks for the hook up on my birthday always reffering people the buds are great and the coupons help out when money is tight.all i ask is to put ur menu up. it will help the people that have to travel to u.

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  • Report Hidden in Pain sight

    I had walked by this place a bunch of times without even knowing it was a dispensary. Until I went onto weedmaps and found it was conveniently a few blocks from my place. The atmosphere was really nice and mellow. The menu is easy to read and the prices are good. They a have wide variety of strains and edibles. I specifically went in to buy some White Widow and was happy to find out that a gram was only $10. You get what you pay for. It was dry bottom of the jar weed. It had lost its greatness. I got a free gram of OD OG and that wasn't half bad, so I got my moneys worth in the end. I originally bought the WW to compare it with the WW I had grown. Needless to say I am very pleased with my White Widow that I grew. I will definitely visit them again and hope for better medication next time.


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  • Report Very pleased!

    I give them a perfect 5 rating since I couldn't find any category that I can deduct from.
    I guess I am very happy with SDDC.
    Professional and friendly staff that get to you without any wait every time you visit.
    Low Prices and great selection puts them above most other collectives.
    Plenty of parking (use to be a bank, I think), and close to the freeway.
    Every time I go in I get introduced to new high quality products.
    I got some vegan THC capsules on my last visit. Potent ...and Healthy. I am hooked! Took a couple of sativa caps at the beginning of a boring meeting, by the end of the 1hr meeting they were kicking in and it felt great. Joint stiffness and muscle tension all gone.
    I have become a returning and loyal member.

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  • Report Canalope Haze

    Thursday's sojourn to a favorite spot in North Park introduced me to Canalope Haze.

    It's a Sativa. My gram was rather dry, so it wasn't the smoothest smoke I've ever had, but that doesn't take anything at all away from the effect.

    Some meds can be, what I refer to as "creeper dope". Not until a short while after you've smoked do you feel anything, but this is exactly opposite - and delightfully so!

    Light, bright and uplifting - from just a wee bit.

    Very nice, indeed!

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  • Report Impressive Quality and Selection

    I love this dispensary even though it is not the closest one to my house! They have a great selection and the top shelf buds are always worth it! The staff are friendly, patient and sincere.

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  • Report ok... not that bad of a place

    Places around town have got 60 an 8th and for the price there are a lot of club that are reasonable pricing .. at this place you can get a free gram for new members and on your birthday a gram but other then that a referral gets a gram.. its a ok place there are better clubs in SD.

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  • Report eehh i've had better

    I guess i'm spoiled. 60 dollar caps dont sound compassionate to me, though i have seen worse. I tried em out anyways, free gram gift was below par outdoor seedy weed. the bt pointed me towrads a decent og, and i am impressed with the taste but its still not worth the $60 pricetag. the j13 fullmelt was also good quality but overpriced. staff did not seem enthusiastic or welcoming, we patients could use more compassion

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  • Report great strains

    great choice of meds and clones are great at times thanks on the vanilla og clones. the great thing about here is they have a discount tray by the cash register of shake.butter is good and taste when its in.thanks for putting up the menu.the photo is from the bermese clones from u guys thanks.

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  • Report Foney Clones

    I purchased 11 clones and received 1 for free a few months back. They were labeled as og herojuanas. Finally when harvest arrived I was excited to try them out once they were finished drying. It turned out that the clones were not what they said they were. I've had some herojuana before and this was nothing close to it. Im very upset with the false advertisement and I hope they can do something about it before another patient ends up with another surprise.

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  • Report good vibe

    had a problem in the past got male plants but the owner redeemed their selves the owner is cool. research what the clones look like on ur med first, i got vanilla og and is my photo on my avatar. thanks for the vanilla og, jedi og, bermese,and chem dog guys.

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  • Report Great place

    awesome staff, great selection tho a touch pricey in some cases, overall these guys know what they're doing.

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  • Report Great quality Meds!

    Love this place! .. Great selection at great prices all the time! Keep up the great work ..

    Location: Easily accessible shop with parking all around. Location area is busy with a lot of traffic, but well worth it.

    Med Selection: Variety of buds in all strains ranging from different prices to fit your needs.

    Med Quality: Awesome! Amounts are pre weighed, with is a plus to ensure your buds are fresh and untouched!

    Prices: The usual $35-60 range with the occasional top shelf discounted at $50-55 here and there.

    Staff: Ladies are very easy on the eyes and know their stuff!

    Wrap Up: Great meds at a great spot with great staff. So many food spots in the university adds to the advantages of this place.

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  • Report Brah, best kine in Dago!

    Been a member since their FIRST day here. Big fan - actually that's an understatement, im THE BIGGEST fan.

    Nicest staff, coolest dogs, and the cryp that kills!

    Picked up their GCX and its an ALL day high, smooth like always - 5 out of 5!

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  • Report Long time coming

    This has been my one and only trusted co-op and collective for the past 2 plus years. These people are not just tenders or clerks .
    They are Family and my friends and I AM way past due to say that if you have never been 110% happy with others , try a real collective. S.D.D.C....Sets the bar for professional medical cannabis dispensaries ! They have medication from $20 1/8 to $60 cap for killer and even better each price range has about 3-4 strains to choose from so even low budget folks can get a variety ..Oh yea ...all their medicine is Lab tested and inspected . It don't make the floor without testing for safety, content and quality... the low price smoke is good, medium smoke great , the high the killer, can compete with anyone. I BELIEVE THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES TO LAB ALL THEIR MEDICINE...

    ...and for those of us who with terminal illness a god send...when they say compassion they back it up with , for me,
    a no cost medicine kit worth $25+ a week and use to make it $40 weekly until it was harming the stability of the co-op, understandable in this tough times, however 1 1/2 years @ $40.00 a wk. and another 6 months @ $25 a wk. + = $3,770 worth of medicine given to me with never a push, look or expectation to donate anything ! and that is just me !
    They do this for over 25 terminal patients !!




    Simply if you want to ensure your medicine is safe ,real, and the strain listed it to be, with Lab Testing and greatly scrutinized medicine sources... To Date....S.D.D.C. is the one and only choice in Greater San Diego... Period !

    We have to act now to stop these poison dealers. To do that ...DON'T USE THEM , REPORT THEM , USE Weedmaps.com to Expose
    these profit takers ! Don't be lazy or content ! Weedmaps is the best forum you could ask for and all we need is there. Coupons,listings and most important: Reviews, influence and posting capabilities that the co-op's and collectives have to take notice, LISTEN to patients or get run out of town or sacked by deserved bad postings...

    EACH OTHER, REPORTING B.S., THEN WE WILL HAVE THE SYSTEM TO INSURE BEST CARE, PRICES AND ATMOSPHERE INCLUDING MANDATORY LABS AND INSPECTION . ( Look at hot box collective site reviews,we weedmappers busted these dudes soon to be out of business) SINCERLY JBS
    Don't get me wrong there are lots of great collective in San Diego but what it is , is what it is...and in these time of increased Bad , Un -flushed, Counterfeit and Sulfur treated or Moldy strains , Detected or estimated to be in 68% of local co-ops and collectives !
    Read the weedmap.com reviews before choosing anyone...over 80% first time patients return to the same dispensary they first register. More so with patients over 50 as well and 58% overall are estimated to be remain exclusively with their first sign up
    co=op...do the research...if I am wrong some one let me know... it's gotta be 100% tested in writing to count ! JBS

    Review Source:
  • Report :)

    Pretty good buds for decent prices. Love that they have the 20$ 1/8ths for those on a budget & awesome top shelf selections.. Lots and LOTS of selection & they usually are priced right. Not a big fan of the pre-weighing. I've picked up some dry flowers about 2/28 times i've been there. Pretty decent if you ask me! The budtenders are cute & friendly.. tons of parking.. there is always a security guard.. oh & they have thee best edibles i've had! the black out brownie is BOMB!

    edit** fri 1 2011
    every time i've come in recently i've left with a huge smile on my face! it's pretty much the only club i'm at now :) got super hooked up today which totally made my day! it's been a little busy lately but I definitely see why! Great service, great deals, great BT's.. friendly atmosphere & they're improving their look ! & Where'd the cute blonde guy with surfer hair go? Lmao :) Anyhow, thanks guys! I'll see you soon

    Review Source:
  • Report For the Roll!

    After the Hero and GCX delights last time, I decided to go for a roll week. So each day I wake up and roll the *cheaper* Green Crack (less $ but stonier than most of anything else in). 1/4 = a solid 15 morning js....

    Psyching for the deal-a-day!

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Co-op!

    Always have called this place the bank for two reasons: 1) The building used to be a bank 2) there supply of all different meds. The staff here has always been pretty cool. Have a very nice selection of meds low, med and high grade strains for every type of patient. They also have a good selection of indica, sativas, and hybrids since they carry so many strains. They pre-weigh their buds which can be nice since no one is leaving the jar open all day, but I have also had 'stale buds' in the past. That usually doesn't happen though. Have also picked up some great concentrates and edibles here, I picked up some clones from here a year ago and the plants came out awesome. I love how they have their tv's set up so show their menu, it's easy to read. This place is a great co-op!

    Review Source:
  • Report Discount Care Givers? that might be a stretch...

    High Meds, Higher Prices

    Check it out
    Here's the Rundown

    Bud Quality is Very Nice
    Concentrates are Very Nice
    Staff could be more friendly
    Prices are a little high--- staff gets upset if you ask for any "discount"
    Clones available, kinda pricey
    Edibles available
    Location is easy to find
    Good parking for university
    New patient gift* lolly pop.

    I only go to this Spot when I'm in the area and I have extra cash, "Members Only" is right around the corner with low prices on good Meds. Not a plesent Experience honestly

    And Thats my Word, Peace.

    Review Source:
  • Report S.D.D.C

    Very friendly and knowledgable staff! By far the best selection and grade in San Diego. Lot's of prize's and gifts! Don't waste your time and gas on going anywhere else!

    Review Source:
  • Report Best collective YET!

    This is my first time ever writing a review about a collective but i feel inclined to since this is pretty much my favorite and most frequently visited clinic since i got my card two years ago. To start there is always parking and its right off the freeway, the accessibility is nice and the location is very convenient. The staff is very welcoming and always very knowledgable. The environment altogether is very safe and comforting, there is always security on duty which is nice because i've been to many clincs with out security guards and it feels sketchy. The weed quality is by far unbeatable, they always have either OG herojuana or diablo kush. But whats nice is if they are out of any of those theres always a dank OG, sativa, and indica in stock, ive never been unsatisfied with a purchase from them. They have the largest selection that ive seen in southern san diego of other ways of medication too, from there wide variety of edibles and drinks to teas and flax seed oil pills. Also i love the fact that they have created deal days and lowered the prices. All around i give this place a 10 and would recommend it to anyone! not to mention if you refer a patient you get a free gram every time and we all know free helps ;) so check out SDDC if your looking for a quality clinic.

    Review Source:
  • Report velvet buddah wax off the chain

    Where to start?.. First off let me say there always on point... Staff is always eager to help...The owner is awesome.. I wont drop names just cuz ya mean.. Flowers are always bomb and they have the low to the highs for awesome prices.. Most of their O.G. hybrids are sativa dominant which i love... But have to say Hands down the best hash concentrate spot in the entire city... Not to mention its all 100% water extracted and lab tested... Killer diller... Oh I forgot its the cheapeast anywhere in so cali.. You cant get a full gram of wax for under $50 anywhere in S.D. that isnt made with butane!!! Not to throw other shops under the bus, but some places full melt is really half melt or second run put together witht the first run or their wax is made with butane (harsh chems) not co2 as most claim... Not that it isnt fire but your paying top dolar for a chemed up lower grade product...Just a lil knowledge for my newbie cannabis peeps... So if you need great meds for low prices that are always consistant go get your wand ready and go grab some velvet buddah.... Tell the staff their number 1 customer refferd you... stonerwithacold B)

    Review Source:
  • Report new customer

    Good location,easy to find and they have parking. Which is good because of being on University Ave. The staff was friendly and helpful. As a first time customer, the paperwork was easy and quick. the free gift was a gram of green crack, which I thought was good, not a lolipop like someone said. price are better than other co-op I been to. Was short on cash and try their special, Block head, 1/4 for $30.For the price the weed was good. Thank guys.

    Review Source:
  • Report great place i come here all the time

    This place is fantastic, i really don't write reviews but as of late I've done it like 3 times because these places really really deserve it , infact i made this account for just this perpose. So on to the review, while i obviously haven't tried every strain here i can tell you the ones i have had have been stellar, it's the only place thats got herojuana (however u spell it.) that's as close to the stuff i remembered from the 90's . you know whats written in cannibible vol 1. It does't end there they have some of the finest green crack, they call it green crack extream but thats just what it is sharp, clear headed, motivating just excellent. All they flowers here even there cheapest block head isn't bad ,FOR WHAT IT IS, the only slightly negative thing i could say is the high end stuff which is all i mess with is about average price for any dispensary which isn't really a bad thing it's just an average thing. So I would definately check this out if i were u, it's totally worth it just plz don't clean them out of my favs =)

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  • Report Decent All-Around Shop

    Always has a decent hash selection on hand and a good range of flowers with a 60 cap. Very professional, and it seems like they do a very good job of hiring cute bud tenderettes which actually seem to know their doja alright. Clones are on the good end with a nice and healthy selection of genetics, although their stock sometimes seems to be inconsistent (When they do get clones they go quick). There are a good range of qualities and prices, and through the years I have been going there, quality and price and selection has been consistently consistent. A pretty safe bet for window-shoppers

    Review Source:
  • Report sddc

    one of the first collectives i went to when i got my card, definatly cool peeps. hookd it up phat. got sum good topshelf and even good edibles. gotta try ur butter tho.

    Review Source:
  • Report S'alright.

    Went there once and never went back. I never really do that. Went with a friend and the trip was not that pleasant. might try again sometime dunno tho.

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Place ever!!!!

    been going here for about a month. Bud quality is top notch. the staff are very friendly, I never feel awkward or not welcome. prices are fair and they hav really nice deals throughout the week. overall I recommend this shop to all people.

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  • Report I'm please

    Second time there, went on Tuesday and they has 2 for Tuesday, I got the Blue dream haze and the Sour Diesel. Both good head high. I give both 4.5, nice high. Easy place to find and there parking. The bud tenders are nice and helpful Plus like someone said they are nice looking girls. Felt comfortable there

    Review Source:
  • Report Very Nice Establishment! This is how you run a pla

    I will defiantly be back here! Free sample for new patient, free hash, and deals on the rest of product! That is how you take care of people and get them back, give them free stuff and take great care of them.

    They have a parking lot and the building was easy to get into. It did not have a shady feel that a lot of places have, felt like I was going to a nice store or the bank with low key friendly security.

    Staff very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about their products. Good recommendations made based on what I like for my needs as well as some new things to try.

    The medicine has been nothing but top notch from what I have sampled so far, looking forward to expanding on the different options. While they did not have as large a selection as some places, they didn't need it as the stuff they have is on the spot.

    Will be back here time and time again I am sure.....Keep up the good work :)

    Review Source:
  • Report sddc is the place

    This is the first place I went to when I got my card. First time patient gram has no strings.You will not find a more professional setup in S.D.Great meds.Many spots have superb quality like here,but they just seem to have it all down more.Bomb clones.Meds are preweighed,but fresh.60 cap kinda sucks,but check out the sour d here.

    Review Source:
  • Report sddc gots it!

    well if you like quality this place is worth it, the o.g.s are fantastic and long lasting.
    the O.g. Herojuana is amazing, the best Herojauna Ive had in s.d.
    easy and mellow experience, all in all worth the drive from north county.

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  • Report .5 concenrate almost half price. Almost.

    I've been a member for a while now and they do have quality items all day everyday. Good everything. Good flowers, clones, concentrates, shake, incentives, coupon, ect. I guess my only b!tch are your concentrate half gram prices, that are not half the price!!! I know some might think that's a dumb reason to b!tch but where's the compassion? It's only a couple of bucks but really? It's been that way for a while that I can remember. It's not like its more work for you. Is it that you charge for the container in the .5 gram cases? On another note, what happened to the shake? I know you have 8ths of shake but what happened to finding little gems like the 1.4 grams of 2 top shelf mixed in a container for like $15 or $20. Remember? All in all really good place, you get what you pay for and it's all worth it.

    Review Source:
  • Report repeat customer

    Great place. I come here a lot and I'm never dissapointed. the bud quality is awesome compared to some of the other places I've been. and its been consistent too. Staff is very nice and helpful

    Review Source:
  • Report good place

    This review is for the last two times I was there. So easy to find and park. Check in is smooth. The bud tenders are polite and helpful. Got the blackberry kush and the L A Cond both a great relaxing high. today got the NYC Diesel. For the price, it a good high.Overall give the bud a 4.7

    Review Source:

    The place to be on tuesdays!! especialy if your are a new patient. came by and picked up some fire og and some LA CONFIDENTIAL, both some dank buds. they have a 2 gram special thing on tuesdays so got em for 25 bucks, and on top of that got a decent g of white haze for new patient gift. staff was very nice and helpful only thing thats a hassle is the paperwork, so dont leave the car running cuz youll prolly be here a while. but definitely a place to come try on a tuesday.

    Review Source:
  • Report Backwater Og!

    really good weed here. Og herojuana, blackwater Og, private reserve Og, and also the Black Domina is fire when it is fresh. The blackwater i recently enjoyed tasted amazing and the flavor stayed in the back of my throat and nostrils for a good hour or so. Super thick and rich Og flavor.

    give them a four on atmosphere because they changes the place up inside, way roomier. much improved.

    most of the staff is way cool from the scurity guards to the bud tenders.

    SDDC has some of the best accessibility in sd. Huge lot, easy access, right of freeway, easy to spot.

    The 60 dollar eights are legit top shelf, so worth it. And with all the new deals, I give them a five star on price.

    Review Source:
  • Report yo

    convenient location right off the highway, parking lot, nice bud n edibles.

    Review Source:
  • Report wow really!!!

    over it didnt let me in cuz of my paper i.d really???? but u let me in exactly a week before with my paper id???? whuts up with that??? came to refer a buddy of mine thought everythign wuz gunna be chill all of a sudden he says we cant let u back ur i.d... wut can i do about that?? dmv hasnt sent me shit..then he says ok ill let it slide u can go...when my buddy is done filling out the paperwork he says no u cant come back, super pisssed not to mention its the day before my b day now cant even come there tommorw...SUPER BURN

    Review Source:
  • Report awesome

    cool spot with good prices and quality

    Review Source:


    Review Source:
  • Report Two for tuesday

    I am a repeat customer. The bud tender are very helpful and know their bud. The two for Tuesday is a great deal. Got the afghani Kush. The smell is something else as is the buzz.

    Review Source:
  • Report Like it should be

    They just started testing their buds, so now you get the THC, BBN, and CBD % right on the label of your bud. No more medicating at random. Their top shelf 60 eigths are expensive, but worth every penny. Just a pinch does the job. Even their 50 eighths are freaking awesome. The concentrates are equally fantastic...and the edibles...wow. The $10cup cake sized, 1.5-2g smores cake, and mint chocolate chip are the best ever. They are also 3for$25! I recommend going on Monday, and stocking up on edibles, as their monday muchie deal is pretty cool. The Blackout Brownie is also the best way to ruin your day in a positive way. The first time I ate it, I ate the whole thing at 9 am, and I was cooked until 5 that evening! The bud tenders are also very knowledgeable, and have always given positive advise about the meds in store. You are doing yourself a disservice by not going here.

    Review Source:
  • Report Now have testing result

    they now have the test result of the bud on the labels, THC, CBC, CBN..As all way the staff was friendly and helpful and the buds good as all way..Thanks again

    Review Source:
  • Report a little skimpy

    i've heard of "you get what you pay for". but getting skimped on my sack? not cool. makes me think twice about coming back to SDDC. i'm very disappointed when i came home last week w/ a skimped sack. :( i hope you guys are double checking your prepackaged goods. most other places do.

    Review Source:
  • Report stoked after surgery

    haha so i went into this place today pretty bummed, since i could hardly talk due to stitches on my lip. But the place was great and the quality stood out instantly, was an awesome environment thanks to the bud lady and your security. haha you guys are great and i deffinately plan to take a trip there more often

    Review Source:
  • Report Business was Booming here!

    There were a lot of people coming in and out of this co-op. Plenty of free parking outside and check-in was fast and easy. Bud room was pretty organized, strains were in order by prices. My real interest of coming to this co-op was the feminized seeds. They are probly the only few co-op that carries seeds in the San Diego region. Their clones looks healthy, I will probly buy a teen clone the next time I visit them. They have two very cute and knowledgeable bud-tenders working at the time and one weird male bud-tender that kept looking at me without saying a word, they helped me get and pay my meds. Best thing about this co-op is that they accept VISA, MASTER, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS Cards! I didn't like the quality of the bud though, it was very dry and fragil. Even their top shelf looked pretty dry, also everything is already pre-packaged and weight.

    I was also given a pre-packaged gram of Pineapple Kush for a first time patient, smoked it through my vape and bong and it was great! Plus I also got an eighth of their strain "Blockhead," pretty good for a low shelf. Effects were outstanding for a low-end shelf --- cerebral and pain reliefing effect with a burst of body and head high, lasted about an hour and ten then knocked me out lol!

    Looking forward for my next visit! I really want to get my hands on those AK-47 Teens!

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  • Report Much Appreciated

    I can definitely say SDDC takes care of the patients. : )
    Thank you Tyler.

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  • Report Deceiving concentrate names with High donations!!

    So the other day I got a wild hair up my butt to check out some menus I had not been checking out for a while. I started my search in the central San Diego section of the Maps and after a few page downs I came to SDDC's menu. Overall, the menu looked pretty much the same with a handful of each type genre being represented whether it be Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid were available. What seemed to intrique me by the menu was when I noticed Waxes on the Concentrate section of the menu. Ok, since no one has taken the time to write up about the Waxes here I had to go off the Pics that are posted and while they seemed to be dark I wanted to check em out anyway. I am an Oil head and lately have been reaching for a dab before breaking up a nug and since I had yet to see what SDDC's Waxes were all about I decided to gather myself and jump in the car and head down.

    After a quick freeway mission and up the 805 I arrived at SDDC in the early afternoon. The parking lot seemed to be full but I believe it was mostly for the Trader place that shares the lot. It had been a little while since I walked thru SDDC's doors, so verification was necessary again and I had to fill out some paperwork. Its all good, it didn't take much time and I was offered a free sample of something I will probably just roll in a mixed blunt or share with another less fortunate patient friend but it was a free sample for just showing up so no big deal on the quality of it too me personally.

    Waxes AKA Full Melts: As I said I was here to see the Waxes and I immediately asked my Budtender to show them to me. OK, I was warned that they were completely dried out and not dabable necessarily but I still felt the need to check em out and as I suspected immediately these are just super good batches of Full Melt, but I gave the situation my due ignorance and let him show me each strain I wished to check out. I could have easily walked and not given them a chance, but being a reviewer and wanting to share my findings with the masses I took the grenade and donated for a mix of 4 different ones and I won't go into detail of each cause they are just really good Full Melt examples that differ slightly in each but no big difference to really want to go into too much detail about. I am always in the market for some nice Full Melt and all these definitely has satisfied that craving, but I was really hoping to find some more Dabable concentrates in San Diego and the price tag for these Full Melts is about $10 to $15 too high on the donation to be honest. I think the word Wax should be dropped from the name of these concentrates so you don't have Patients that want to dab showing up and leaving dissappointed. Just my two cents, but makes sense no??
    5/10 Wax QualityStrain Rating 8/10 Full Melt Quality Strain Rating

    So overall I have to say I wasn't left giddy as a school kid after medicating with the Full Melts and my Dab craving is still not satisfied and I will have to head to a proven spot to swoop some so I have to once again say I am not planning on returning to SDDC anytime soon and it may be another long period before they intrigue me to stop by again if they are still around. Till the next review this Madd Dabber puts down my Dabber for, this is the The Madd Dabber saying Peace Again!!

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  • Report WHAT A JOKE

    All the buds look good and smell great AT FIRST... but they all crumble and are old and dried out.
    This place is a COMPLETE joke and waste of time.

    I actually thought it was great at first because they accept credit cards and being unemployed & disabled my father gives me his to use.
    They charged $60, $45, and a separate $5 charge to add to the cash I had because I didn't have the 5$ extra enough to cover it all.
    Mind you these are ALL separate times and days that they used my fathers credit card.

    Today mind you, I drive ALL the way from Rancho Penasquitos/Poway to San Diego, a 30-45 min drive, just to be told that since my first name isn't on the card I can't purchase my medicine. YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER. It won't matter soon : ) , you'll be shut down... but next time your employee or "volunteers" let someone charge the card 3 times and then a 4th time say No is unacceptable. Was there a paper I signed that said this rule before signing up? NO. You employee have even ran my credit card in front of your security guards and not checked my I.D. for one of those times even. GET your business in order. It was not only rude but disrespectful to someone who has a chronic illness (Yea me you fool, Crohn's and IBS) and needs the medicine immediately to get rid of nausea not just beacause I "want to be high". No one there is compassionate or even sympathetic. Many barely want to show you what is in the cases/jars.

    Oh and by the way. Since you ran the card already multiple times I'm sure I can search through california cannabis collective/dispensary laws and see what comes up.
    Since you never checked my ID twice, You're in trouble already. HAVE FUN the next months

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  • Report You guys rock!

    I want you guys to bring back the old old brownies that you guys had there. the very first ones. man they were good.

    Review Source:
  • Report Awesome find

    Good selection of concentrates! Beautiful redhead helped me. This young lady was very nice and friendly. You wont be disappointed by this place. Good mefs!

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    Review Source:
  • Report good place

    Repeat customer. Got the purple bubba kush. Good looking buds and great high. Also got GDP good too. The bud as alway been good. Was only a little disappointed once. Got the Some velvet kush last week and one of the bud has a couple of seed. but the buzz was still good... the staff is alway friendly and helpful and give good advice.

    Review Source:

    This is the best shop in san diego BECAUSE they price their meds depending on the THC quality. Basically watever you buy has the effect u expect. All of their strains come from the best batches in daygo.
    there purple is purple and taste purple. Their sour is sour and their skunk smells like shit! lol!

    Review Source:
  • Report :]

    i just got back from this place.. found it on weedmaps of course.. herbs are good and some are tested which is good to know.. staffs friendly and welcoming.. i like to get clones during fall and winter cause i hate to waste any good seeds until spring (outdoors my thing) and this place has clean clones!.. their teens are big, healthy and gorgeous.. the female tender even asked me to sanitize my hands if i wanted to touch them.. so the staff knows whats up.. knowledgeably of course, awesome ..love that.. def. coming back.. hope they dont go anywhere..

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  • Report good place

    Been there many time and got bottom shelf to top shelf and it all way good.The staff is helpful and know their stuff. Tell them what you looking for and they will tell you the best bud for your need. easy to find and plenty of parking. Thanks guys.

    Review Source:
  • Report potency

    Best cap prices in town and selection super potent!!

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  • Report herojuana

    Well this is my spot I first start going to this club years ago, love the herojuana here some of the best I ever got I also love the birthday deals used to be free top shelf 8th but now I think it s a gram. I also got some of the best maui waui as well as blue dream here and Im more of a og fan but this stuff was in its finest form! Great staff great quality wish they had wax and not pre wieghed sacks but otherwise love the place! They also have great clones.... grew my 1st batch of bomb og thx to u guys!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Worthy of dusting off my reviewer's cap!

    Finally visited SDDC after months of browsing their menu in my regular medicine hunt regiment and I'm glad I did! I have to admit that the Discount in their name made me a bit skeptical as to the quality of meds they'd have available, but those fears are now laid to rest. Their buds are of good quality, nicely manicured, heavily trichomed, healthy buds - not the dried out drek I've been seeing in some of these places lately. The meds all provide cannabinoid percentages, though I did not inquire as to who does their testing. With that in mind, I eagerly picked up an 1/8th of the Phantom OG Kush which boasted a 26.4% THC potency! Now whether that number is legitimate or not, I'll leave for others to decide, but I can testify that it's one hell of a pleasant smoke. I also decided to give their OG Herojuana Melt a try as Herojuana is one of my favorite flowers to medicate with. Combined these two are like match made in heaven! A very smooth, clean head elevated feeling followed up with a general euphoria with decent pain relieving properties. Thanks SDDC for providing quality medicine at a 'decent' price - it'd be nice to see those prices get a bit more compassionate. I'm one of the many patients that you're helping avoid taking strong, potentially dangerous, prescription pharmaceuticals for medical reasons. Keep up the good work.

    EDIT: Since I criticized them on their prices, I think it's only fair to mention that the BT, Tyler (I'm bad with names, sorry if I got it wrong.) made sure that I not only got my First Time Patient gift (a free gram of Chocolope) and the Special of the day (a free 1/2 gram of Bubble), which I thought was pretty cool. Thanks for that.

    Review Source:
  • Report Great place

    I have been there many time and all way have been happy.. Great two for Tuesday deal. The staff is very friendly and helpful.They Know their Buds.. Their buds are all ways good from bottom shelf to top shelf Best of all a free gram of your choice on your birthday...Thanks guys, yous guys are great, the Vanilla og was sic

    Review Source:
  • Report Cool bud tenders and good prices

    good prices, cute girls, and best location out of all, close to the college and all around good store

    Review Source:

    I called the place before I went because their mag ad mentioned Discounts for Disabled and Veterans. I am BOTH... Their ad also mentioned...THROW DOWN THURSDAY...Get 2 grams free with 1/4 donation...and...I WAS A NEW PATIENT...so they had a New Patient Gift also.

    When I entered...the reception in front was warm and friendly...but the reception in back was ...cold and chilly, she didn't explain any THC percentages or offer to show me comparisons for pricing or inspection when I asked about the testing of their meds. She didn't explain or try to help me get the best and most for my money when I explained what discounts I had read, how they applied to me, and how much I had available to donate. She never explained, showed, or let me see what the New Patient Gift was...she put it in the bag and stapled it... I had to wait until I got home to see what it was...and it was a Sativa...something I never use...but won't throw away...lol... And also, she was sarcastic to the point of being rude, saying such things as "I don't need glasses" and "It's my job" and "I haven't put nothing of yours in a bag yet" (when I asked if she had included my new patient gift"...CUZ...I DIDN'T KNOW...SHE NEVER SHOWED ME NOTHING...!!!

    I noticed that all meds were pre-packaged in plastic containers...and...I didn't see ANY meds in containers that I could oOPEN to INSPECT or SMELL the product. AS A NEW PATIENT...I WAS OFFERED THE CHANCE TO INSPECT, SMELL, OR EVEN COMPARE MEDS...although...I did not ask, either...and there was a reason...AFTER I REALIZED THERE WERE NO DISCOUNTS...THERE WAS ONLY ONE MED LEFT OPEN TO ME THAT I COULD AFFORD...ANY REAL QUANTITY OF...so no need to compare.



    When I asked about the Vet 10% Discount...I was told it only applied to meds that were NOT ALREADY DISCOUNTED...
    Meds that were priced AS HIGH AS..$340 OZ...WERE CONSIDERED DISCOUNTED...and MOST ALL WERE INDICA...the best med I know to alleviate pain...that left nothing on the menu that I would ge

    Soooo...Being disabled and on a SSDI fixed income...I was planning to get the best "bang for my buck" and I only had...$120.00 TO SPEND ON MEDS...FOR THE MONTH...I had planned on spending $60 on a 1/4oz mid-tier to get the Thursday -2gram special with 10% discount ($60 = $54.00)...and $60 for 1/2oz for the Low-Tier...WITHOUT THE 10% DISCOUNT...BECAUSE IT DOESN'T APPLY TO LOW-TIER "BLOCKHEAD"...THEN I FOUND OUT...THE MID-TIER WAS CONSIDERED ALREADY DISCOUNTED...AND...YOU CAN'T COMBINE DISCOUNTS (although I would say being disabled shouldn't be considered a discount...it should be a standard prescription cost GRANT of 10% off with proof of disability - due to the fixed income most people that are disabled live on...Not true for VETS...that would be a 10% discount...vets aren't necessarily legally disabled or live on a fixed income..JUST MY OPINION..)


    I had 4 types of discounts...1) Legally Disabled 2) Veteran 3) Thursday Throw Down ...and...4) New Patient...
    (I did receive New Patient..but I won't get that again...so NO DISCOUNTS IN THE FUTURE EITHER...unless I get rich quick!!!)

    And...I FOUND OUT AFTER I GOT HOME...THE BUD I DID GET WAS...dry...leafy...stems...seeds...no smell...
    no taste...13% THC...for BOTH the "BLOCKHEAD" and the Free Gift Sativa "CHOCOLOTE"...


    (providing one of the least expensive I've found...without being on "sale"...I'll give them that)...


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  • Report overall pretty meh.

    hit up this place as a first time patient. security guy at the check in desk is super chill, handling business. verification was nice and smooth didn't take more than 5 minutes, gives me a first time patient card and sends me back. cool.

    get back to the budroom, place is a little busy but there's 4+ people behind the counter so i'm helped right away. budtender was seriously cute, let her know i'm a first time patient so she casually breezes through the menu rundown. if this was my first dispensary, i would have been seriously confused. i let her know i'm only interested in top shelf so we head to that counter, ask her what's good she didn't say much just put out a couple jars for me. definitely a few very nice looking jars, premium OG no doubt. asked her if there was any special on the top shelf, 60 an 8th is definitely pricey...she says no but you get a free gram. overheard the girl next to her show a guy a top shelf strain on sale for 50 an 8th. hmm, maybe she forgot that one was one sale. whatever.

    picked up an 8th of white diamond OG. she presented me with several PRE-WEIGHED 8ths. checked it out, same stuff, cool. so, no discount for first time patient, just your free gram of boo boo. got home and threw it on the scale, weighted 3.57 NOT the 3.6 she assured me it was. and when i pulled the nugs out it was abundantly clear why it was underweight. EXTREMELY DRY. FRAGILE TO THE TOUCH. what's the point of pre weighing your 8ths if you can't keep them individually fresh? good lord. i've never seen a "top shelf" so extremely neglected. and it's a damn shame, because it looks/smells like some fire even to spite how dry it is.

    the free gram (which was OK) was actually less dry. for shame.

    lastly, i appreciate the view behind the counter... but i'd honestly much rather talk to some random ugly dude that knows his stuff and is passionate about his work. it's cool that you hired a bunch of hot girls to work there, it's lame that they couldn't care less about supplying something that's very important to a lot of people. put somebody behind the counter that's excited to be there, that wants to help people.

    won't be back, don't recommend them. 5 for accessibility because the one cool person that worked there checked me in.

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