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Med Quality 5.0
Price 4.8
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  • Report Absolutely chronic!

    Well well well, Purple Elephant you are awesome! I called yesterday but the guy told me that the delivery man got into a pretty bad accident, and the guy through the phone apologized and told me that I'll get a free gram because of the possible delay in delivery. Understandably, I didn't get a reply from them yesterday. However, when I called them today, the person on the phone like yesterday still was very patient in answering all my questions about oils and wax (currently into the whole dabbing wax & oil scene) and processed through my order effortlessly. I ordered a gram of their just-in Banana OG wax, and the guy said the wax was made from a vacuuming process. As for the free gram, it's chem 91'.

    Long story short, the deliveryman, Ryan, was real chill and professional. Got the wax and gram, had a nice conversation on bongs with Ryan, went back home and got myself ready to have one epic ride on the Banana OG wax! This thing just instantly got vaporized and upon exhale, man! the OG so sour and piney which overtook the Banana taste (can be disappointing for those who want the banana taste more, but it was indifferent for me nevertheless). That OG taste just lingered in my mouth for some time, and some minutes passed, I was on a heady ride for at least two hours. Haven't tried the Chem 91 yet but will soon. Overall, the consistency and the smell & taste of the wax was amazing that easily can be recognized in its' original form.

    This is by far my best experience with delivering service. Thank you Purple Elephant! Keep it up!

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  • Report Best delivery service

    They even delivered to my hotel! The og's they had were top notch..The delivery guy was real cool and hooked it up. The prices were really good too, I got a quater of chem 91 for $75! I will definitely use them again

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  • Report Fast Delivery

    Nice meds at a decent price. They let you mix match strains on larger quantities and that's a major plus with so much good variety. The strawberry diesel tasted amazing!!!

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  • Report The one you've been waiting for

    Ever since I moved here from Southern California, I've been searching for the dankies. Some clubs have come close, but Purple Elephant is the BEST dispensary (delivery or store-front) I've been to and I've been to ALL of them. This place makes Medithrive, Igzactly, and Waterfall Wellness's medication look like a total joke, especially for the prices they charge. You can get a 1/4 oz of HIGH HIGH GRADE for $100 delivered, which is unbeatable. The Jupiter OG i received was glistening in trichomes, had the pungent OG aroma, and it's medicating effects were amazing. I really can't wait to come back for some concentrates and test those out. The delivery person was really cool and personable; a really great guy. I have finally found my "home" clinic, and this time they come to MY home :)

    You guys are the BEST in the BAY right now, and I hope people start to check you out. Do not HESITATE to call Purple Elephant, you won't regret it.

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