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    I love this place, its a very safe and professional atmosphere.
    Everyone I have felt with is friendly and knows the products,
    never waited more then 5 minutes to get in the bud room.
    The blond guy is super friendly and very helpful

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    Kind of Creepy
    The budtender with the blonde hair made me feel very unwelcome and rushed. Most of my questions were either answered curtly or not really at all. Good strains, but pricey and not a great selection of meds. Probably will never go back.

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    Absolutely Amazed!
    What can I say, I absolutely loved my experience here! It is definitely one of the nicer locations I have been to (Pharmers is another nice location). If your looking for bargain meds I wouldnt recommend coming here, but if your looking for some great top shelf this is a great place. I got some Nitro Oil here thats 79% THC!!! Yes, there is a bit of a wait because the med room is very small and they limit it to 1 person at a time but they have comfy chairs and lot of reading material. I'm loving the plane wreck and blueberry haze, going to go back at the end of the week in hopes of trying their mr nice guy, white queen and purple dynasty.

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