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  • 0 Report excellent

    I love this place, its a very safe and professional atmosphere.
    Everyone I have felt with is friendly and knows the products,
    never waited more then 5 minutes to get in the bud room.
    The blond guy is super friendly and very helpful

  • Report Kind of Creepy

    The budtender with the blonde hair made me feel very unwelcome and rushed. Most of my questions were either answered curtly or not really at all. Good strains, but pricey and not a great selection of meds. Probably will never go back.

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  • Report Absolutely Amazed!

    What can I say, I absolutely loved my experience here! It is definitely one of the nicer locations I have been to (Pharmers is another nice location). If your looking for bargain meds I wouldnt recommend coming here, but if your looking for some great top shelf this is a great place. I got some Nitro Oil here thats 79% THC!!! Yes, there is a bit of a wait because the med room is very small and they limit it to 1 person at a time but they have comfy chairs and lot of reading material. I'm loving the plane wreck and blueberry haze, going to go back at the end of the week in hopes of trying their mr nice guy, white queen and purple dynasty.

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  • Report Looks like they are closing

    I guess they have a link in name only to the real Amsterdam because this place is a real dive. Poor med quality. Very slow service Skip it.

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  • Report soon

    This is a really nice place that catches your eye through its interesting old-style design. It's really clean and organised and the budtender is one of the most friendly you could find! The place isn't all that big, but the furniture is nice and comfy and the meds are also really good. All in all, there's a great chance I'll be coming here again soon!

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  • Report wait

    What I seriously didn't like about this club is that I had to wait something like 30 mins in line; but that doesn't matter too much since the place looks great and the neat old-style design made the wait pleasant. Also they had a great air freshener that, together with the low volume music set the tone for a roll!

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  • Report Great Medicine

    I just recently got a script for meds and this was the first place I purchased my meds. They are very convenient; they have excellent meds and deliver quickly most of the time. I tried over 5 other dispensaries and I have never found any place that came close with the quality of my first purchase.The second time I ordered, the meds weren't as good but still as good as other dispensaries. The staff is very nice and convey compassion with friendliness. I will purchase from them again in the future. Only problem is the price ($65 1/8).

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  • Report Top of the line!!

    I was beyond impressed with Amsterdams Garden... I have been to many dispensaries and none compare to them on all levels... The atmosphere was so wonderful and comforting... It is exactly how a business should be run... The staff was very knowledgeable but beyond that, they seemed to genuinely care about my well being, which is important because I require specific needs... They cared very much about helping me find what was right for me... The price was right for what is hard to find, which is top quality medicine... You get what you pay for, and they had a great deal on PREMIUM medicine, and it is PREMIUM! They spare no expense on providing the best of the best... You have earned yourself a loyal customer who will definitely tell others about how wonderful you are!

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  • Report So convenient

    Just got 1/4th of their Widow and I highly recommend it to sativa/hybrid lovers. It really hits the spot. I always go here because both the atmosphere and meds are great. It's in a professional setting and they carry unique strains that most other places don't carry

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  • Report Cerebral Sparkles

    UPDATE --- 3/8/2010
    Amsterdam's Garden continues to maintain their high standards with their newest offering, Platinum Bubba Kush (PBK).
    The PBK is VERY strong and profoundly long lasting with plenty of sativa "mind" to go with a very relaxed body.
    I never hesitate to bare my true thinking about all their meds both as feedback for the grower/provider and for serious "students" of THC delta-9/delta-8 canabidiol-rich pharmaceutical/connoisseur/high-medicinal-value (super quality) marijauna. The PBK is perfectly cured, works well rolled or vaped and doggone if it doesn't have a REALLY long lasting high. It does not have that "high in the nasal passages lemony citrus nose that lingers and makes you smile just because of the aftertaste up to twenty minutes later" taste of the Widow or the Purple Kush with it's deep sweetness (Purple is now on order for more we hope), but this PBK packs no slack and is a lovely replacement for the Purple or as an additional EXCEPTIONAL (and available), medicine. As I am writing this I continue to be struck by just how well balanced and strong this Platinum Bubba Kush is. If you read this far you're probably aware that I really like Amsterdam's Garden BUD QUAL. From 1969 to 1983 we used to call truly great bud "pharmaceutical quality" because there was a group of doctors that started a company called PharmChem in Palo Alto, CA in the 1970s to essentially keep bad drugs off the street by allowing you to come and have them tested. The idea of "pharmaceutical quality" marijuana came as an extention of the "PharmChem" name. I am not saying that I coined the term obviously, but as it applies to marijuana, I believe that I was among the first to begin prefacing the word "marijuana" with the descriptor "pharmaceutical quality" back in the 1970s. I was lucky enough to actually see/feel/smoke Panama Red (cartoon weed with intense happiness), Acapulco Gold, all the differnet Columbians (Santa Marta, etc...), all the Thai Sticks from post Vietman war, superior smuggled very electric mexican (we called it classical electronic mexican green), the first great papaya Sativas that were forest grown from Santa Barbara to Visalia, the first Humboldt Skunk (it was so strong that people I got it for brought it back to me and I had to convince them it was not adulterated). We had baby bottles full of honey oil in 1979 before anybody knew what it was or how to use it. We would smoke fresh bright green pungent imported field hash that defined the word "orbit". I've eaten enough grass in brownies to fulfill my daily requirement in fiber, folic acid, and vegetables (OK, maybe I'm stretching the truth about folic acid, but the rest is for real). Anyway, try the PBK or the new (GREAT) batch of WIDOW. If I write anymore, it will just slow you down from getting the greatest meds at Amsterdam's Garden.

    FIRST VISIT -- 2/28/2010
    Today was my first visit to the new store. A grand opening that includes a nicely focused selection of quality medicines. Unbelevievably good german chocolate truffle edibles. The uplift from their Widow strain is very cerebral and yet sociable with great longevity. The Purple Kush is as deep and strong as any I have seen or tried or tasted. This is not a cookie-cutter dispensary. Their level of commitment is evident in the quality of the medicine. It speaks for itself The folks are friendly and compassionate and VERY HELPFUL. If you can be as specific as possible they can help to pinpoint your best possible matches. I am an old timer (58) and I get a good vibe from Amsterdam's Garden. They kept me in the fold when I had logistic problems with delivery, and now that they have opened in San Jose on The Alameda help is just minutes away. Great shop front, very professional and yet still warm and intimate. A "must try" shop where the caretakers demonstrate humility, compassion and virtue. I think I have found a home after much searching.

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  • Report Quality Club

    well this is the second club i went to and thank god someone knows great medicine. I got excellent service from the staff and they were very patient.Im very picky about my medicine because i want nothing but the best, since i do use it for pain and anxiety. They let me look at every thing they had and were full of recomendations and advice. I def would recomend this club, eventhough they don't carry concentrates but if they get enough requests they will! Go away and spend ur money knowing ur getting quality medicine and will be very happy with it. Great place!

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  • Report Best High Grade Ive Had From a Club

    stopped by really quick today wanted to get something diffrent. great place. great location, great staff, great bud. its a 5 overall except for the caps on 8ths is 60. but u cant put a price cut the best they have. i went in with 40 the place had a good feel to it. i rang the door bell. was greeted by a pretty girl. tokme to the back. she was really friendly, i was verified in less than 3 minutes. showed me the buds, edibles, etc. i already knew what i wanted but didnt know it was gonna cost me an extra 20 i didnt have lol. she ended up hooking me up an 8th of some great purple urkle.(theres only 1 other place i know that has REAL purple urkle) and theirs is great(toking it right now). the staff is really nice and seem more than knowledgeable in their stuff. i give the place 9.8 out of 10. take it from a guy who has gone to 14 clubs around san jose. and only goes to 2 clubs and this the new one that knocked both of those out.

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  • Report Impressive Comfort & Quality!

    I just had the pleasure of visiting A.G. . .One of the first things I noticed was their name actually matched up with their atmosphere!---You really feel like you are in Amsterdam! I enjoyed the laid back, comfortable atmosphere, complemented by the very friendly and professional staff. I noticed the local clubs lately have been looking very alike, and I appreciate it when someone attempts at being original. Being from L.A., I'm used to clubs with flavor, so when I moved to Norcal, I was a bit disappointed to see the "ticky-tacky" setup. They have an excellent selection of medicine with impressive quality and fantastic prices. I got Sugar Baby & Widow - suggested by the pretty bud-tender.

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  • Report Professional, Premium, Pleasant, Perfect

    I have been to collectives all over the state and also in other states and this is BY FAR the best collective I have ever been to. There are so many great things about them. You feel so nice and clean when you go to their place. It is like a breath of fresh air and it has a professional feel to it. The ambiance is so lovely and you will not get that at any other collective. The quality of the medicine is so wonderful and this is a place where you will get the best. They really care about making everyone happy and you can tell by the way they treat you and the quality that they provide. They are very knowledgable and don't just say "oh yeah, thats good stuff". They actually can you tell you how this can help you with what you are needing to have it for. This is so nice and is very rare. This is a place that you have to check out and they will be getting business from me now! I love it!

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  • Report Awesome Facility and Product

    The prices are competitive. The selection is limited but the quality is very high. The facility is very clean and well kept. The counter is clean as well. They could do better to provide better lighting at the counter since the fluorescent lights overhead make everything appear brownish. They should know the right lighting will make the pot look a million times better. Next time I'm taking my pocket flashlight. They carry rare sativa strains. The trend statewide is to offer indica and hybrids and that's disappointing to me since I'm a huge fan of the heady high from sativas. But someone told me once that is because sativas have a longer growing period. The Widow I purchased was fresh, and of top rate quality so much so that I've forgotten if it was a hybrid or sativa. It feels like a sativa. One hit from my glass bowl and I'm in love with Judge Judy. So you know it must be pretty wicked.

    Parking is easy. But getting out can be a challenge if you need to turn left onto The Alamdea. But just pull into the center lane and wait to enter traffic. The published menu on weedmaps is exactly what was offered so I appreciate that too. The staff was very quiet and not very engaging- but the woman there told me her favorite and I agree( Widow).This could be my favorite spot.

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  • Report Great Experience

    My boyfriend and I recently got our prop 215 cards and we heard a lot of good things about them. This was my first experience at a club and it wasn't as intimidating as I expected. Being on a budget, we got 3/8th's of their lowest quality strain "Purple Urkle", which turned out to be really good! The nice bud tender gave us a discount for being a first time customer, which was greatly appreciated. I will definitely go to them again.



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  • Report Good Bud But High Prices

    This place is pretty good if you have the extra cash to spend on high quality bud. The place itself is a bit hard to find. They have a small selection of different weeds. I got Widow, Plane Wreck and Mr. Nice Guy. Widow and Plane Wreck are really good although I have yet to try Mr. Nice Guy. They have quite a few edibles and they even sell blunt wraps, glass pipes and a small bong.

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  • Report Beautiful Buds, Beautiful Building

    I have been vending for quite a long time now, so I have pretty much seen it all. This place really stood out because the quality of their meds is superior. I just wanted to thank these guys for their patience and being open to seeing my product. When I first came in, I was surprised with the beautiful building. I wasn't expecting to be treated kindly like I was because you tend to be ignored or mistreated as a vendor, but these guys were cool and allowed me to show my meds and promised to show their collective manager my product. Overall, a respectable way to obtain medicine legally.

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  • Report Amsterdam in Cali! Lol!

    this place was dope! koo peeps, bomb buds.. place was good looking.. i got a free cookie and weed news paper .. and there hella close to my house.. picked up some mister nice and AGB.. i'm feeling it right now. oh yea.. they verify you right away.. no waiting ..just in and out... just park in the front of the building.easy

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  • Report 24K COLLECTIVE


    Review Source:
  • Report Great Club!

    Convenient location and easy to find. Different that any other club. Small selection but you will find something you like. I would recommend going here a must for sure! Got a tasty peanut butter cookie but can't remember the name because I ate it and smoked some plane wreck :-). I have to go eat some Swedish fish now!

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  • Report Need More Experience...

    This place is so tiny u probably couldn't fit 5 people inside of it and this includes the 2 people staff...the counter is like 2 feet wide...i went to this dispensary because it had lots of hits but was puzzled when i came in...quality was ok, but it was too pricey...they don't have much selection other than a few strains....the old victorian they are set up in is nice looking...overall this club was overrated ...on the flip side though many of San Jose clubs seem to be hole in the walls that r not very established yet..maybe in a year or 2 when they have more members established...

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  • Report A wonderful experience!

    This was like a breath of fresh air for me in so many different ways... The first nice thing is the atmosphere... I have been to many different dispensaries and this one was so different in such a good way... It was a lot cleaner and friendlier than the other places... The two people there that helped me were very nice and polite (not some stupid "hey dude stoners" or nasty "south of the border" people... (I know you know what I am talking about) and they actually knew things about the medicine when I asked questions... I have certain aches and pains that different kinds of medicine may not be good for but they knew actually how to help me and I am so happy with the way I was treated... Those things are all very important and thats why I rate them so high but the most important obviously is the quality of medicine and I have to say that it blew me away... I have been "feeling good" for like 7 hours man... I bought some Mr. Nice Guy and it was more than nice! I didn't want to tell my wife but I think I found a second love! They also gave me a free edible because I was a first time patient and it was really high quality... I definitely think they have the highest quality that I have seen in NorCal... It is definitely a place anyone in need should go! Atmosphere, comfort and quality...!

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  • Report You just got yourselves a dedicated customer!

    This place is definitely #1... The quality of the bud is so nice! I was in there makin up my mind for a half hour... The staff was different, like they were real nice and not all like stoners... They were actually smart when it came to the bud, not just sayin "oh yeah, that will knock you down" or stuff like that... Im not cool with that when I go to collectives... I cannot believe I did not hear about this place earlier but I am glad that I did... Thank you weedmaps for showing this place to me... The place was real cool, it felt different than other places that I have been to... It was like real chill and comfortable... I felt really good going there and trust me now I feel even better!! This place is the best!

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  • Report Good First Timer..

    So this was the first clinic that i had actually ever been to and it was a good experience.
    Had to flip a couple bitches to find the address but its not hard to miss which is cool.
    When i was walking up their was no cars just one, no security checking me at the door. They made it pretty easy with pre-register online and they called me shortly after that to tell me i had been registerd. Walk in comfortably, nice scenery with the couches and stuff small little doctors office almost, with a counter of three shelves and the employees desk. No body around, no rush, very helpful and over all good choice of medication, A++ to A+. They Take Care of their customers,they gave me good couple free samples of edibles and bud and with the best recommendations.Very respectful employee, knows how hold conversation which is always good, not as awkward. Not a lot of choice however, a very good choice to choose from. Seems like they are very organic which is always a +, but over all i will be there again, they have great indica for those who need the sleep. This Is The Walgreens Of Clinics, Walk In, No Hassle, Get Your Medicine Maybe A Sample, Walk-Out.

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  • Report Awesome Club!

    I had a great experience at this club. The building is exactly what they advertise online, and it is very beautiful inside. I appreciated their menu was exactly what they advertised as well. The staff was friendly and was VERY knowledgeable about their meds. You just tell them what your symptoms are and they go through your choices thoroughly. I got their Master Kush. It was top of the line quality. Exactly what they told me: special unique strain because it is an indica that helps you with pain, but won't knock you out. It is a good type of med for me to use at work during the day. I would recommend this club to my friends. Hope that helps everyone!

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  • Report High class up in here for real! Best buds in Cali

    Top notch up in here... Lemme tell ya this place is off the chain... The meds were so nice and I got hella sleep last night and I am feelin real good this morning... I hooked up some of that planewreck and some trance and mixed them together and I am pain motha f'n free... Trust me... The place is nice too, its like going into a high class business, not some of those ghetto places I have seen and the staff is all love... Real talk, this place is where the goods are at... Im going back today to get some Mr. Nice Guy.... Oh yeah, they hooked me up with some free edibles, and those were tastin real good... I love the name!

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  • Report Very cool and helpful Co-op

    They were extremely helpful and answered any questions that I had in a very friendly way. The medicine is extremely good and frosty, although it would be nice if it was a little more open, as being in such a confined space with the two staff can make it more intimidating. Hopefully they can expand, as they are a very good pair of businesspeople.

    The edibles are tops! The truffles I can especially recommend, as they alleviate pain and worries, but don't alter your state of mind too harshly.

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  • Report Amsterdam's garden, not California's

    I'm Pretty sure they took the buds out of the refrigerator and they did not have too much choice for patients with a higher tolerance, It was very leafy. It was in a nice small super cozy place but it was hard for me to find and I am not sure I would have found it if at the same time I arrived the bud tender wasn't picking up the mail, they own an office in the building. The price for the quality did not match here. They could make it better.

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  • Report Master Kush is my new Favorite

    This club is very high class with a nice waiting room. The staff are sociable and gave us free samples. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere with great quality bud this is definitely the place. I can't get over how amazing their Master Kush is! I originally got it for pain relief, but ended up hitting 2 birds with 1 stone---it was also very uplifting and energetic.

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  • Report Just what this girl needed!!

    I have to say, for a girl of my class, it has always been hard for me to go to some of these places because it just feels very unprofessional or not my style of thing... FINALLY a nice professional place where I felt the way I should feel. The building is so beautiful and the office was really nice. The staff was so great and the boy that was working was so good looking which was a nice bonus! The quality of the medicine was mind blowing (literally)... I tried the master kush by recommendation from the workers and it was so wonderful... They had so many great looking ones to choose from that you can't go wrong... I am so pleased with them and I will definitely be giving them all of my business... I am a very happy girl!

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  • Report Best collective in Cali

    I have been to collectives all over cali and so far none compare to this one. This collective is in such a nice place, not some weird location that seems almost freaky. They have killer chronic, top of the line stuff here! I tried three different strains and all three were top quality. The two peeps workin there were real nice and polite, which was really nice. They knew about each strain and had info for me on them that I didn't even know... I actually learned somethin there, lol, I can't believe it. I tried one of their edibles, even though I am not a big edible guy, but these were great! I just moved to San Jose a few months ago and have been really disappointed with the collectives and was having to go to San Francisco but now its all good! I will definitely be giving them my business. Nothin but love!

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  • Report Feelin good, feelin great...

    This place is the shizzle... They had so many premium strains that I had to try a little of each... Master kush, mr. nice guy and trainwreck were what I tried and they were all the best I had of those strains... The place was siiicccckkkk too man... Its all nice and set up all coo... The building is real nice man... I will definitely be goin here for my meds now boy... Feeling good feelin great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Report Why Go Anyplace Else?

    Ok on my second visit here the lighting problem was corrected. I could clearly see the choices with lots of bright light. The quality of the meds here is awesome. Who needs 30 choices when only a half dozen of the best is available? I also experienced the Bliss Edibles. I had a mini peanut butter cupcake. Now I'm a big guy weighing in at 240 pounds and I felt the effect in about an hour on an empty stomach. This place rocks ! I have to say this IS without question my favorite spot in San jose. Thank you Amsterdam's Garden for listening about the lighting and keeping your record of carrying only the finest. The Widow is stronger than is was a couple of weeks ago. I can't give this place anything but 5 stars in all categories.

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  • Report Model Club

    This place has a very high class waiting room and allows one person at a time with the bud tender. Looks and smells very clean, kinda like Lysol. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the ambiance. I appreciate the personal and comforting atmosphere. I recommend their sativas---top notched quality. Got 1/4 Blue Dream and 1/4 of Widow. I've tried the same strains at other places and its just not the same, so don't be fooled by the name! This is a model club ---5 stars!

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  • Report Loving the Sativas

    I was surprised at how easy it was to find. The mansion looks just like in the photo. There is plenty of parking right in the front. There is a sign that says "Panacea" which is very visible. The guy at the front counter asked me for me for my doctor's rec and ID card and the entire process took about 3 minutes, which I was happy about, and after that you get to enter "The Rx Room". They had a very nice selection including Mr. Nice, Master Kush, a great selection of sativas. I was suprised at how many choices for edibles they had as well. They had really decent prices dropping from $40-60 an eighth I definitely recommend it for anyone in the area looking for reasonable prices and awesome quality.

    Once you get in you'll find rows of apothecary glass jars, and pre-weighed medicine vials that are nicely labeled. Overall, my visit was quick and a great experience.

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  • Report Still Going

    Went in the other day and bought their best buds listed on their board.

    I wasn't happy as they were not very chronic.

    I just got some Mr Nice and the Cotton Candy.
    The Nice was not very stoney and only just ok.
    The Cotton Candy tasted good but didn't look anything like the fire displayed in jar as mine was 75% Shake.

    I can highly recommend some of the edibles.

    Need to work on the prices or get better flowers.

    I like Amsterdam's Gardens and the staff is very friendly.

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  • Report Classy Atmosphere

    Great medicinal dispensary bordering San Jose/Santa Clara. Atmosphere was very professional. I got Rx butter and 1/2 Widow, which was on sale. Would have got more, but I didn't know they are cash only. No clones, but most places I've been to don't have it either. Very nice to see a classy collective in a classy location. Being from Milpitas, this was very convenient for me. Finally, I can use that saved gas money for more meds. Don't be surprised by the "house" looking building...I thought I was at the wrong place. Rang the door bell and realized I was at the right place. 1/8ths are $40-$60 and you can also get half 1/8ths. Plenty of parking in the front. Lobby smells clean and nice.

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  • Report THE #1 CLUB IN SAN JOSE

    Amsterdam's Garden is THE BEST Collective in San Jose by fare!! If you are looking for a Professional High class and Friendly place to come and get your Med's at?? LOOK no further this is THE PLACE to go to in San Jose for sure!!
    They get A++++ all around... Love you guys thank you Amsterdam's Garden every time I visit it feels like going home again to Amsterdam's FINEST!

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  • Report First time but wonderful experience~!

    It was my very first time to go to a dispensary and I can say that I was very impressed, I found out about this place through this website and it had excellent reviews, so I can say that they are right. I checked this place out shortly after reading the reviews. It's close to my house, they are very kind people as well, I asked for a recommendation for some medicine to help me sleep and I was recommended Mr.Niceguy which I was also pleased to know that the sold lower doses and 8ths as I am a first time patient. I bought a cookie there as well and it tasted great. Although I haven't got much to compare with yet, my experience was great and I will deffinitely go there again. When you walk in the place feels very holistic and it smells good inside as well. Check this place out, I bet u'll like it.

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  • Report Worth the visit

    I was in town from the East Bay so I know a thing or two about good/bad clubs and I have to say I was very impressed with this club. Very safe and easily accessible location, no stairs and easy parking in the front. They have you go in one at a time, which didn't take long at all. The staff was so helpful and willing to consult on various strains in relation to my situation and gave me free edible. I really feel this club has some of the best meds in the Bay. The buds were all extremely well grown, manicured, and dried and cured properly looked and smelled great and it shows in the taste and effect. The price was very good, all going for $50-$60 an 1/8 with breaks at 1/2 oz. It's definately worth a visit.

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  • Report My Favorite Club

    Luckily, I live extremely close to this place and its an awesome little club! The people who work there are super cool and they have a small variety but all very very high grade medicine. Love it and recommend to any type of patient!

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  • Report Amsterdam's Heaven!

    Mr. Nice Guy is definitely on my list. This place is super clean and nice environment. Get in, get out, and get medicated!

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  • Report Good stuff

    My first visit I picked up some Purple Kush and it was very enjoyable. My next visit I got some Mr. Nice Guy and it was incredible as well. Very cool place

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  • Report Shweet

    Amsterdam's Garden is located in a super convenient location, right off 880. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They carry awesome strains, too. This is definitely one of my favorite clubs in this area.

    Review Source:

    I am a regular here and must say this place has the best medicine. They always have the strongest strains available. A added plus is they have a really informative description of each strain on there official website. This club just got better by now accepting Atm/Credit. And i can't say enough good things about the staff here. Really a great Collective. Prices could be a little lower but the high quality makes it forgiving. Average 8th is usually $60 out the door.

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  • Report SKIP IT

    Where do i start...lets see i went on a saterday early in the morning. found the place easy LOTS OF PARKING. Not to heard to find...Now this place is a 1 at a time place...Some people love that, I really dont care for it... there waiting room is really small...There was myself and 1 other person waiting...BTW it was my first time there so i had to fill out the paper work turned it in first. then the other patient did... I had a better convo about meds and places with the other person waiting in the room with me...You could also hear the other people in there yapping away about meds....THEY might wanta turn a Radio on or something.. Some how the other person who turn in this stuff after me went first... Dont get that but o well he was fast... but all along it took me around 20 minutes to get look at meds... Thats Crazy! Plus the meds were way way way over priced 60 65 an 1/8... many other better places just minutes away... I dont think ill go back here

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  • Report Thank You A.G.!!

    Omg! You guys are walking distance of Santa Clara U! Thank you so much for being helpful. I got Super Kush. It was Super Strong! lol. You guys are very convenient and close to me. I had a very pleasant experience. Your club feels safe and serene. See you in a couple of days.

    Stephanie Maccatee

    Review Source:

    man i just left AMSTERDAM'S GARDEN - i got the australian blue...fire !!!! the gentleman at the spot was very helpful and nice...and a nice selection & edibles...everything u need....go try this place youll love it...


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  • Report This place is absolutely fantastic

    The staff was very knowledgeable and I am very grateful to them for providing me with what I needed to relieve the tremendous amount of pain that I live with. I had been to another dispensary in Oakland that did nothing for me. The staff at Amsterdam's Garden knew exactly what I needed for my issue and it worked. I don't think I'll be going anywhere else to get what I need.

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  • Report 5 out of 5 best san jose dispensary

    quality place with educated and patient bud tenders. high quality bud for good prices. vendors will work with you on prices and often give complementary edibles. located 20 min away from south san jose off of 880. personally my favorite dispensary in the area.

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  • Report great club

    great club, nice people, fun times

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  • Report An Infinite Vacation Out of This World!

    This is the BEST dispensary in San Jose! A.G. stands ABOVE and BEYOND all other dispensaries! Highly knowledgeable bud tenders. I was afraid to go to dispensaries until I came across this place. WOW!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report OMG!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!


    Review Source:
  • Report Nice place

    Nice comfortable place, great selection!! They have a wide range of meds and some great edibles. They are in a beautiful historic old house right off 880.

    Review Source:
  • Report Perfect Experience

    So...after years of making excuses, I got my recommendation this week.

    I was recommended to this place by a friend, and I am glad they shared!

    Being that I'm a bit of a no0b, I'll take any advice I get :)

    Easy to locate. Plenty of parking in lot and on street available.

    Beautiful facility. Wish my house looked that good!

    Staff just as friendly as all get-out, seller very knowledgeable.

    Purple Kush doin' it's job keeping the pain at bay nicely BTW :)

    Will definitely be back for more and recommend highly.

    Review Source:
  • Report Once Upon A Time in San Jose...

    As far back as I can remember.. There has never been a club quite like Amsterdam's Garden. The dingy dirty club reign is over. I have been going to clubs for quite sometime. Never have I seen a club like this one! We all can agree the club has a certain elitism. We should also agree the their elitism is well earned. The well-educated staff keeps me on my toes every time I am curious about a certain medication. I am just so thankful this dispensary exists. If you have been to other clubs, you know what I mean..the dirty looks, sketchy contracts, the feeling you are doing something completely wrong. Luckily, for Amsterdam's Garden none of the previous restraints apply. It's a reward just being there. Picture this: right as you watch through the doors. You are greeted by the most gracious crass staff. If you are a new patient, you receive a free edible. The air is filled classical classy music like you just stepped into a spa. What an experience! People might the say the prices of their medications are a tad too high. I say all the finest quality of things always cost a bit more. Trust me, You get your moneys worth! You too can have a taste of the finer things in life. I am about ready to finish off my Sour Diesel right now. :) Try it! Don't get stuck in the past with the other dispensaries. Amsterdam's Garden is the leader in San Jose. The most progressive dispensary in the area. Do the right thing. Meet me at Amsterdam's Garden, enjoy yourself!

    Review Source:
  • Report The Lifted Vail of Depression

    Is no longer over my eyes. My experience at Amsterdam's Garden has made me want to dispense my story:

    Before 1992, twelve doctors proved in a court of law that Cannabis was vital to their patient's medical care. The people representing NIDA and Health and Human Services still provide the seven living patients with an ongoing monthly supply through their pharmacy. The rest of us go to prison. Marijuana can be used as medicine to drastically raise a sick person's quality of life. The plant does not take lives, and in some cases it can actually save a life: I know... because it saved mine.

    Now, due to prohibition laws, I can go to prison any day for nothing more than using a plant that heals me.

    Because my medicine, so vital to my health, is illegal, I have learned as much about the drug war and the inside of prison as is possible, considering I have never lived in one. I have made it my business to know because I could be arrested at any time for what I do: I must repeatedly ignore a bad law in order to stay alive and useful.

    If I go to prison, I will exist in a cold concrete cell and my body will deteriorate. I will be deprived of marijuana, so my mind could sink into the small, cramped world of depression. But, my spirit is strong because of my years of use and I do what I have to do. So, never, ever believe a rumor that Kay killed herself. I am much too strong for that now.

    I wasn't strong in my pre-marijuana life. I was very fragile. Depression is like a gray thread woven throughout my family, so I had a high chance of living with it. My mother suffered from it, and when I say suffer, I want you to understand that mental and physical pain are the same: They both hurt.

    I'd been kind of a loner, inside myself all my childhood years. I grew from a withdrawn child, one my mom labeled 'moody,' into a broken adult. By the time I turned twenty I was having rages, followed by lots of tears, followed by periods of silence, where I could not speak, could not eat, could not respond. I knew I was flawed, but had no understanding of what was happening.

    By the time I sought help several years later, I weighed 75 pounds. Suicide had begun to dominate my thoughts. It seemed the only way to stop the horrible sadness. The early attempts were weak, using generic pills that made me vomit but did nothing to ease the pain.

    My first real breakdown sent me on a seven year journey into hell. When I couldn't stop crying for several days straight, I landed in a psychologist's office and was given elavil, then switched to melaril. We knew it wasn't working when I failed at my next attempt. I took pills and laid in the tub, and when it didn't work, I dressed soaking wet and ran barefoot aimlessly for nearly an hour on the frozen February streets.

    I came down with pneumonia, almost comatose despair, and was graduated to the heavy stuff, Lithium, Librium, all kinds of vicious chemicals. And the sadness grew worse and worse. I could see myself losing control, but I didn't know how to stop it. Neither did the doctors, but I had insurance, and they were willing, even eager, to experiment with expensive new drugs.

    For seven years I tried to destroy myself. I hid in a closet and chopped my long hair off to the roots. I threw my beautiful paintings into the river. I slept too much or too little, cried too easily... and raged. And I faithfully, obediently took their pills day after hopeless day.

    I became repulsed when touched and that really hurt my children. When I began smelling myself and washing numerous times a day, I withdrew further from everyone. When I went to see the shrink, I sat way across the room. When he found out why, I was admitted to the psych ward of an expensive hospital. I stayed for a month and began the perfectly legal 'Haldol drool'. This stuff 'drug' me down so deep, I couldn't even remember to swallow.

    For seven years I let them try whatever they wanted. Every time they took me off another medicine to get ready for the next, I'd have withdrawal. Each drug has its own hell, and some would set my arms and legs to twitching; some made me vomit. Haldol, my nomination for devil drug, did something to my brain. For awhile, I could see the words of a book, but I could not make any sense of them.

    For seven years I grew sicker and sicker. As they changed my medicine, all the old leftover medicine had gone into a shoebox in the top of the closet, but it was as if someone else had put it there: I never consciously thought about the pills, even as I stashed them. Then one night, without awareness, I slowly consumed all of them as I bathed the children, put them to bed and meticulously cleaned the house.

    Through a series of extraordinary interventions, which included my mother 2000 miles away, her neighbor, my doctor, and ma bell, I did not die, but I came as close to success as I was ever going to get.

    I vaguely remember a fireman, who had broken down the door to get into my home, walking me, dragging me, up and down the hallway. 'Wake up....stay awake,' he kept saying, but I retreated to nothingness.

    The next memory I have is the blindingly brilliant emergency room, fighting to keep them from sticking the tubes into my nose and mouth. When I heard the ambulance driver say, 'Opps... There's lunch,' I gave up and sought sleep. I would not be allowed to die this time either.

    Three days later, I came back to the world at the sound of my doctor's voice asking the nurse, 'How long has she been like this?' My body was sitting up, alive, but my mind had been somewhere far away and quiet. He sat down beside the bed, and asked me simply, 'Why?' I could not speak and had no answer I was willing to share because I did not understand either.

    He told me that he had saved me this time, but that next time I did this, the state was going to lock me in their very unhealthy mental ward. I numbly told him it didn't matter, because it was the truth. Nothing mattered.

    For the few next years, I lived in a fog. I quietly played my mother role, but I was numb from medication, paralyzed by depression, just existing. I did what I had to do, but had lost hope that life would ever be more than bearable.

    In 1977, when my 13 year old son drowned, the doctors asked me if I was a danger to myself. I told them that if a big Mack truck hit me, I could at least find out where my son was. So, they put me in the mental ward overnight.

    I lay awake in the dark, hearing the moans and commotion of the disturbed people around me and their sounds were a reflection of the way I felt.

    I went home and mechanically put together my son's funeral, but the essence of me was not there. I was 39 years old and I felt already dead.

    After his cremation, an acquaintance handed me a joint and said, 'it might help and it certainly won't hurt'. Not only was I desperate, but I instinctively knew the truth. So, I sat out back alone on a stump and lit the marijuana.

    I had taken only a couple of puffs and a humbling thing happened: I heard, felt, sensed a voice and it said, 'If you can handle this [my son's death], you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.'

    ...And my closed and shadowed mind opened like the petals of a flower and was flooded with sunshine. I had not realized how dark it was in there until marijuana turned on the light. I felt warm and at peace for the first time in my life. I felt strong and clean and whole and capable of dealing with whatever was before me. The feeling of total peace stayed with me for three days, the humbleness forever, and the strength continues to grow with everything I 'handle'.

    I didn't know to call it medicine back then, but I took that shoebox full of perfectly legal and very dangerous drugs that had slowly refilled and buried it deep, deep in the earth near the lake. And I have, never, ever looked back. I thank God and His plant for the healing. He said everything I needed was here and He meant it.

    I made plenty of mistakes, but I raised my five remaining children virtually as a single mother, and did hard decent work to support them. I stood strong during one daughter's three month coma, and helped birth six perfect grandchildren. At the age of 50, I managed three years in college, mastering four honors courses.

    I did in-the-trenches research and learned about the lies, until I realized that I was supporting harmful policies with my silence. When the last child was no longer dependant on me, I began my own journey for justice. I, shy grandma that I was, stood in public places talking about 'politically unpopular' truths, debunking the myths, challenging authority, and comforting the people whose lives had been or could be altered and destroyed by marijuana laws. I devoted myself to the plant, its creator, and its people. Can you blame me?

    I rejoice in living without doctors, without debilitating drugs, without the constant overwhelming depression. My mind is no longer filled with cobwebs and fog. My God, why would anyone want to take this from me?
    What could motivate anyone to want to throw me back into that darkness and make me useless to others?

    Amsterdam's Garden makes me no longer feel this pain. They treat me respect. Thank God for Amsterdam's Garden. You are truly a Godsend! Thank you! Thank you! You have always treated me like a real person and never judged me! I will always go to you!

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  • Report A Successful Leap Forward!

    Upon entering Amsterdam's Garden. It's easy to tell Amsterdam's Garden is not like any other dispensary. Clean sanity atmosphere is your first indication that you are stepping into a dispensary that takes heavy pride over with itself. It's appreciated! The staff really know their stuff about the medications. I tried Purple Princess based on a recommendation from one of the staff. She was absolutely right about it's affects. Get it while they still have it! I made the right decision to listen! I love Amsterdam's Garden!

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  • Report Cool Staff and excellent herb

    The staff are nice and welcoming, always happy and and upbeat. They are also very knowledgeable about their products and give great feedback about any questions you have. Vic..... even remembers my name, which I think is cool. The place can sometimes get busy, but the cleanliness and comfort of the place as well as the niceness of the staff don't make waiting a few minutes an issue. The quality of the top grade meds they offer have been exquisite. They are very pleasing and have never let me down. My current fave is the aussie blue.


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  • Report BEST Dispensary Experience!

    Wasnt sure what to expect when i first walked into the beautiful victorian-style home but i wasn't let down. Amsterdams Garden has high quality strains, concentrates, and STRONG edibles. The Staff is very friendly and the waiting room was comfortable and relaxing. Once verified, I was taken in right away. The People inside the room were very helpful with suggestions and also took the time to clearly go over their menu. The quality of medicine is amazing. I will certainly be returning to Amsterdams Garden!

    Review Source:
  • Report A+

    Amsterdam's Garden is a great dispensary. Was not hard to find at all. Plenty of parking. The staff is friendly. Great varieties of meds and the best concentrates I've seen. Amsterdam's Garden is an A+ in my book. I will defiantly be back. Thanks Amsterdam's Garden.

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  • Report A little too expensive

    Great quality bud had some of their australian blue and it was bomb. Only complaint is its 65 for top shelf which is a little expensive for me.

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  • Report A Cultivated Masterpiece!

    This well-nurtured nursery crushed the competition to me. Once I first stepped through those magical doors. I was greeted happily by a cheerful crew that was more than happy to accommodate me on my meds journey. What a journey it was! I discovered Snowcap & Gold Dust! I am still on the journey while I am typing this to you...YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THEM!! Reasons to go to AG: Staff is top shelf. Meds are top shelf. Experience is life changing! Welcome to the brighter side of life, Friends!

    Review Source:
  • Report love this place !

    this place is totally awesome! i love the atmosphere, the friendly staff, and their good quality meds. they have all there meds written on the wall with the quality next to it so its very clear to see the different varities. Once i came to this place i havent been anywhere else! very welcoming staff! best place by far!

    Review Source:
  • Report The Best!

    After reading the last review I am going to have to completely disagree. Apparently the previous reviewer must have went to the wrong club. When I think I think of Amsterdam's Garden. I think of the quality meds. Something that the other dispensaries lack in.

    I recently started going to Amsterdam's Garden mostly based after reading the reviews, I wanted to try something new. I was pleasantly satisfied with my first time. Keep it up AG!

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  • Report Dat Austrailn blue

    Great weed =]

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  • Report One Satisfied Customer...

    Just what I was looking for..I have tried the other places, found myself extremely disappointed in other dispensaries. What I discovered from Amsterdam's Garden is that I no long have to be brought down by any horrible dispensaries any longer. Amsterdam's Garden is a breathe a fresh air then I inhaled it in and forgot all the pain that I have suffered. Seriously...the best meds around! Strawberry Jack melts everything away.

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  • Report Fail Safe... Amsterdam's Garden

    I've been to a few collectives in the South Bay and while they all have their benefits and disadvantages Amsterdam's Garden stands out amongst the rest. While a majority of the collective allow for everyone to shop at once Amsterdam's Garden allows only one shopper at a time. This is very nice because I never feel as though I receive anything less than 100% attention. The budtenders are knowledgeable possessing the verbal acuity needed to describe the flavors of various strains and their distinctions between indica and sativa effects.

    I will worn. Their prices are a little shocking when you first ask. Don't hesitate. Every single time I've been back they've had they highest quality medicine around. Very clean smoking flowers. I reiterate... Creme de la creme of collections.

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  • Report Sad to say it turned out to be a disappiontment.

    Recently quality of med's has suffered slightly. I can not say all the staff there is bad. However the Owner should really look into training the people they have running the place. The one employee that needs to be mentioned is the Kelly that works there Frankly she does a BIG DISSERVICE to Amsterdam's Garden in more ways then one.
    The Atmosphere suffers from the lack of people skills and management skills. Is there a MANAGER on sight?? Convenience well all I have to say is while it is great to have access Mon-Sat and it is a nice building more often then not they are never open on time and leave patients and staff left standing around on the street. Not to mention when difficult situations arise they do not know how to handle it professionally and have had some BIG SHOWS to say the lest in front of returning patients as well new one's!! Not a very good first impression or something that makes patients feel (SAFE) or want to come back.
    Price "You get what you pay for" I have no problem paying the PRICE for GOOD Quality but it must be 100% all around. In every aspect and needs to be consistent from the Bud,Atmosphere,Staff,Convenience, Safety,Price..
    Amsterdam's Garden is no where near to being ready to set the example for Collectives in San Jose.
    A word to the wise be weary..... Highly Over Rated.

    Review Source:
  • Report The Depensary Zenith of San Jose!

    Misanthrope's may not apply.. In defense to the most recent "review" it appears the patient was attending the wrong dispensary. As many times as I have went to Amsterdam's Garden, none of those previous slants at reality for me, dear "reviewer". Amsterdam's Garden should be rewarded for having such an amazing establishment. Overrated?? pshh...That is a laughable statement. You have to KNOW class to recognize it! Instead of being shunned for being "different" by raising the bar on meds, professionalism and class. I know, I enjoy going there. Every dispensary requires some form of scrutiny to make them better. With that said: I would like to thank you for making me want to come to Amsterdam's Garden more often. Here's why:

    My experiences have been FANTASTIC! The staff really give put their "A" game every time I show up. I love the staff! All the meds are priced very well..Get this! I just tried "Amsterdam's Angel" today...WOWWW!!! *thumbs up* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    Review Source:
  • Report W-O-W!!!

    I can't get enough of this place! I LOOOVVVVVEEEE Strawberry Jack! Mmmm.... It's amazing... so... very amazing... I think I just ran out while typing this review. Time to get more!

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  • Report This Dispensary Has "Savior Faire".

    "Savior Faire" is the only words to that come to mind when describing Amsterdam's Garden. The staff puts you in complete ease as they walk you through the process of getting your meds filled. What I like most about AG. The entire ambiance of the place is magical. I have never seen a place like this til I came here. Those other dispensaries are just batting average. AG is def. out of the park in a class of it's own.

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  • Report hype hype hype

    Checked them out a couple days ago, its located in a building with other people but takes up practically all the reception area. I wasn't too impressed with the atmosphere because the budroom is small and plain. Staff was cool, but he rarely said anything so I stood their in silence for most of it. got a free bliss chocolate which was cool. bud quality didnt look amazing, some where labelled as (A++) and they where more like A- or B+ type bud, still good but most of the buds in the sample jars where dryish. bud was pricey too. nothing seemed too exotic of a strain besides the name austrailian blue and the amsterdams angel but that was it. seemed like a lot of hype to me.

    Review Source:
  • Report Umm

    Over priced, Aussie blue was fire but wtf is up with all the fake reviewers LMAO?? Ok 1 time but not going back. Really tho 99% of the reviews are fake :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Best Edibles Ever!!!

    The first time I tried an edible was at Amsterdam's Garden. I was a bit nervous since it was my first time. The staff just told me to relax, bite into one of their tasty edibles. What happened next took all my troubles away. I gradually felt the edible take affect and I did not even buy any medication yet. Ever since I have been buying edibles their on a regular basis along with my medication.

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  • Report Amsterdam's Garden- Okay for a 1st visit

    I stopped by after getting my papers and thought it was worth a try. The buds looked good but were dry and all seemed to smell the same. The bud tender seemed to be afraid of me because he didn't say 1 word or answer any of my questions. But everyone said bye when I left, and this is the last time I'll visit them.
    It was easy to find due to the building they were in, the greeter was friendly but it ended there.

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  • Report Classy and Convenient

    I have visited Amsterdams Garden a numerous amount of times within the last few months as well as many other clubs in the Bay Area. I would definitely consider this club the best in the area(Downtown SJ). I was somewhat nervous on my first visit because the building is so beautiful, and doesn't resemble an "average" dispensary. But without hesitation I opened the door and walked in and was soon greeted by a very friendly receptionist. The place itself is very modern and the safety level seems very high, it's also in a super safe location in a really nice neighborhood close to Santa Clara University(super convenient for all us SJSU and SCU kids)The bud is chronic. If you are looking for something of quality then go here, if you are looking for some OD $35/eights this is definitely not the place. The bud tenders seemed very professional and the wait times are low. If you are looking for a quality sack at a reasonable price in a safe area, then this is your club!!!!
    HIGHly recommended!!!

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  • Report Quaint & Personal Quality

    Amsterdam's Garden is a very small, but very controlled and quality collective..

    I like to go to Amsterdam's Garden purely based on the fact that they are a smaller 'club'. I feel safer being able to visit a smaller clinic, rather than being processed through a large 'patient mill'....

    At Amsterdam's Garden, I can feel comfortable, at ease, and have a casual conversation with the owner :)

    The bud here is *top* quality. The selection is conservative, but the quality is controlled - so I do enjoy the fact that I can select a strain and it will be a *quality* smoking experience every time. The prices *are* a little high - but I can handle that when I know the medicine I'm getting is of good quality..

    Amsterdam's Garden offers a new and personal experience to the collective model. If you are a San Jose patient who likes quality cannabis and an intimate selection experience - I highly recommend Amsterdam's Garden!

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  • Report nice lil sopt

    this is a nice lil spot in a big house they should move the bud room it to a bigger room but they had very nice selection and a nice staff ill go back

    Review Source:
  • Report LOVE IT!!

    Quality bud all the way!

    Review Source:
  • Report I'm impressed!

    When first went to this club five months ago, and I will be totally honest with you I was not very flattered I thought it was small, cramped, overpriced and the bud tender was inexperienced, so I only went there for convenience. Amsterdam’s Garden has come a long way since then, and now they are my regular club of choice because it is very convenient, intimate, and private; the staff is professional but cool. Amsterdam’s Garden is a place that I feel comfortable buying my medicine from unlike the other clubs that I have gone to before that feel more like I am buying from a store, and I know the selection at A.G may not be as "grand” as other clubs the quality of their medicine is far better than the medicine that I have tried at the other clubs! So if you are looking for a really intimate club, where the folks are chill the environment is safe, you can take your time, and the medicine quality is fierce you should check them out it's worth it!! Oh yeah there is no tax on their prices!

    Review Source:
  • Report Most disappointing dispensary in San Jose

    This dispensary gets a lot of hype, and I have no idea why. Perhaps the name? The building exterior? I have no idea. But when I went there I was sorely disappointed. This dispensary consists of a backroom, with a menu that has maybe 6 things on it? Not only this, but the price was probably the highest I've seen in a dispensary before and the bug quality wasn't anything special at all. All in all, avoid this place.

    Review Source:
  • Report Disappointed

    Welcomed by a friendly person at the front desk . Not much of a selection and pricey. Bud tender was extremly rude and made a face at me when i told him thanks for your time but ill pass today. Parking was a pain in the ace also. Wont be returning to this spot even with them being only a few blocks away.

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  • Report Best Dispensary in San Jose

    Amsterdam's Garden attracts the right kind of attention. The quality of their flowers are leaps and bounds above the quality of other dispensaries in San Jose. Their strain selection is small, however it is of no consequence. I have full faith in Amsterdam's Garden' intake process. If you put me in the middle of a circle with all their flowers and spun me around I'm sure the one I landed on would be of higher quality than any other club.

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  • Report Okay Club good but not great...

    The atmosphere at Amsterdam’s Garden is nice. I liked walking into an old Victorian style house that is set up as a cannabis club, I thought it felt welcoming and no one else was in the place. The guy who worked the counter was nice. You of course have to fill out the normal paperwork.

    Then I had to wait a few minutes before I could head into the back. It was more time than I would have liked to have waited, and I usually don’t have to wait this long at some other clubs. When I went to the back I was surprised that no one else was purchasing any medicine. So why was I waiting out in the lobby to be brought in when no one else was purchasing? Whatever.

    They had a few selections of Indica and a few more selections of Sativa that were in jars in the front that you can pick up and smell the product. I would say around ten to fifteen strains total. I spoke with the guy who highly recommended the Hollywood Kush or the Candy Cane Kush. They also had some edibles for sale in the counter below. While they don’t have a ton of selection I would say overall they have a good selection for how many strains they have available for purchase.

    They just got a new supply of Hollywood Kush ($60.00 1/8) which I had to try since it was highly suggested. When I brought it home it was nice it just wasn’t amazing but it was nice. It was a fresh batch that I would say was so fresh it should still be drying. Overall it was a good selection I just thought it was going to be a little better than it was. Maybe next time I’ll try the Candy Cane.

    I also picked up some Green Crack ($60.00 1/8) since it’s super hard to find and even harder to find in its original name at clubs, I think it’s usually called Dream Queen in most clubs. The product wasn’t trimmed nearly as good as the Kush was, and to be completely honest I was a little disappointed with my purchase. As they had some Australian Blue that looked and smelled super good but the guys said both were great and the Green Crack tasted great. Wrong! It didn’t taste like a tasty batch of Green Crack that I am used to smoking.

    Overall I would go back and try this club again as the Kush was good and I liked the feel of the place. The prices were right in line with most clubs in the area having top shelves at 60.00 per eighth. The purchasing room is super small so I can see why people will need to wait in the lobby. Not sure if they offer any other services I wasn’t told about them if they do.

    One plus, first time buyers get a small one dose edibles with first purchase.

    Review Source:
  • Report coffee bread with coffee

    was definitely disappointed when i entered the room with the bud tender. small selection and way marked up on the prices. went a few times to really try out their buds but the selection is mediocre at best.

    Review Source:
  • Report nothing like a garden

    first of this place is hard to find, when u do find it there r like three parking spots, luckly when i went they wernt busy. buds r ok sound exotic but r just decent nothing special. the day i went theyhad two guys working this small bud room, was creepy, they didnt say much and didnt seem very knowledgable about the bud. they actully overcharged me for two grams, which they did take care of. but still come on.i did get a free edible,even though it was week. it was freedef not going back here would recomend same to u, a must miss

    Review Source:
  • Report Never going back

    I can't tell you how excited I was to try this place out. It was the first club I found out about before getting my card and it seemed like it'd be a cool place. And with a name like "Amsterdam's Garden" you would think it'd be pretty chill.

    Unfortunately it was all BUT chill in this garden. From here on I'll break it down by the ratings. Parking is a pain. I think finding a place to park took longer than the entire process of becoming a member, talking to the guys, and leaving. So I had to walk a couple blocks over to their location.

    Atmosphere gets a single star because the entire experience was painfully awkward to me. After sitting in the lobby for about 5-10 minutes I was called into a small room with... two budtenders? Or... one budtender and one guy who sits at the register looking bored/pissed off. The room itself felt more like a large closet than a medical marijuana dispensary which only served to make me more nervous as the two budtenders stared me down as I tried to pick from their 'selection.' As I left there was a gaggle of some heavily-muscled bros who made me feel real welcome by going completely silent, which just about sealed the deal for me.

    I guess the staff rating kind of goes hand in hand with the atmosphere rating. The guy at the counter made me feel awkward for being there, being cold and quiet to the newcomer while he welcomed his muscled friends. The budtender was nice and knowledgeable enough but he was offset by the guy in the lobby and the other guy in the room with the budtender.

    The bud quality was eh, I ended up getting some edibles because everything else was out of my price range. But... I can't say that any of the edibles did anything for me, despite the budtender's assurances that their edibles are carefully selected to be the most potent or flavorless or something like that. I didn't taste much medicine in them but I didn't get high either, a bust having spent some $20-30 on edibles.

    And finally, price. I've been to a handful of clubs since getting the recommendation, and Amsterdam's Garden is by far the most expensive I've seen. It didn't seem like any of their bud was under $55-60/eighth, and their cheapest concentrate started at $30 a gram - way too much for my budget. The edibles seemed like pretty standard prices, but they weren't really selling anything I hadn't seen at other shops in the area.

    Overall, the experience was a letdown. I would have to be really desperate to go back, even then it's still not likely. There was nothing about this place that made me feel comfortable. It was obvious to me that this place was about the MONEY and not about the RELIEF.

    Review Source:
  • Report Always Satisfied!!

    Amsterdam's Garden is one of my favorite clubs! It is located in the coolest, most profession building. It is a little hard to find your first time but ive seen harder to find clubs before. The buds are ALWAYS top grade, top shelf, grade A++. I will be coming back here for a long time.

    Review Source:
  • Report Most professional place in all of San Jose

    Every time I go to this dispensary it is always have a positive experience. The bud quality as never been less then top grade. And I just love the building and setting, it is so pleasant and warming. I highly recommend joining this club.

    Review Source:
  • Report Just Ok

    It is what it is. The bud and how much you pay for it dont much up for me. Finding this place wasnt all to difficult. The girl that works the front is really nice. The dude working the back room gave off this weird vibe for me. It felt like "get what you want and get the fuck out of my sight."

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  • Report nice little place

    when i first went to this place i thought i was at the wrong address, but this place is in a nice office plaza with few parking though. they got a fire place and nice chairs. I would like to go to this place more and try some of the newer stuff. the medication is in a small room that makes u feel trapped but its good for security so i didnt mind it that much. all and all a nice collective that should be checked out.

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  • Report Cozy n Classy

    This place has 'Class' the antique decor is warm and inviting yet classy. The customer service is always with a smile. I am always greated and treated with respect when I visit. Customer Service is Gold to me as I am an instructor for Customer Service techniques for a large company, and I appreciate good service when I get it. They have security camera's for safety but no metal detectors. I love the edibles. I buy the x1 dose lollypops and stock up for my bad days, when my spine acts up like at my son's football game 'no problem' I just eat my special dessert ;) and I am able to sit in the bleachers longer to watch him play. I also love the brownies but be careful with these. They say x3-4 doses, but for me one with low tolerance I can make x8. For seasoned users I would try 1/2. It is up to the patient really. They have a small selection of flowers but the selection they do have is 'Primo'. I bought some honey oil, but have not tried it so I can not comment. Just wanted to let you know they carry an assortment of goodies.The prices are about average. Don't complain about prices. Just be glad we have people that care enough to open these places for us. Would you open one and risk all the dangers that go with it? ok then. Just be thankful. Go check them out if you need some meds and want to visit a classy and cozy place.
    Santa Clara Angel

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  • Report Feels like a Pharmacy

    They have a great selection and are very professional. I just had chemo and my doctor who does not believe in marinol suggested medicinal cannabis. She recommended that I find a legit club, so after some research I ran into Amsterdam's Garden. They allowed me to mix and match 8ths and quarters to which helps a lot. Overall, a great experience that left me feeling good about my decision to go there.

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  • Report You get what you pay for.

    I was very pleased with the bud quality from Amsterdam's Garden. The bud room was tiny and it's not the cheapest place in town, but I would have no reservations going back. Very convenient location off of 880/17. Receptionist verified my recommendation within a few minutes. This place isn't the flashiest joint in town, but I kinda like it for that reason. Keep on keepin on...

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  • Report bad joint

    So this place is a little pricey. I bought for $10 a pre-rolled joint, I took it home and tried to smoke it and it was horrible!!! Did not light well, burned shitty, all in all I had to take the J apart and load it in my piece. Totally sucks...

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  • Report nice

    This place is really nice, they have a good vibe amongst the staff and everyone I came in contact with was friendly. Very nice selection of edibles, teas, and other things than just buds. They have the buds too, a pretty nice range of choices as well. I will definitely be going back there for most if not all of my medicinal cannabis needs. Thank you OneSolution!

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  • Report pretty decent

    they claimed headband is a sativa. and it is. but it's a cross of Sour Diesel (sativa) and OG Kush (indica), so really it's a hybrid. i don't understand why you wouldn't advertise it that way.

    the place - it's in an office building, it's a nice building. when you walk in, you immediately see the front desk.
    there's comfy couches, a bathroom, magazines.
    verification took all of 3 minutes, but then i had to wait for the guy to set up? It was like at least 11:20, and they opened at 11. THIS ISNT UNCOMMON (when i was in northridge one weekend i went to 6 different dispensaries that all claimed to be open at 10 and none of them were at 10:30), but there wasn't much to set up.

    i walked, but parking didn't seem that bad. then i walked in and saw a sign to not park in the empty lot next door. That leaves 3 parking spots in front of the building. one of them was taken.
    it's also not obvious this is where it is. Look for the # - 2170 i thinK? there's a big sign that says 2170, look for that then walk indoors, that's where it is

    the budtender seemed "aloof," probably just stoned. i mean he didn't seem to care or want to talk.

    picked up some edibles and a gram of some maui something or other. the strain name isn't listed on the cannister. just "MF." that's unacceptable . . . buy some stickers with the prop 215 warning and a line to write in strains. or just have stickers for each strain so you don't have to write anything.

    bud quality looked pretty good. but not consistent. their strains are $60/8th across the board. not all of the weed is worth that. dude showed me some sensei star/green crack cross strain. I imagine it's pretty potent, because it's crossed with green crack, but the bud didn't LOOK like it was worth $60/8th.
    overall, i'm just generally skeptical of dispensaries that charge $60/8th. where i live there are $35/$45/$55 caps at dispensaries, and $60/8th = 4g 8th

    they didn't have a wide selection. 10-12 strains tops. i mean, when you only sell at one price grade you don't really need more.

    which brings me to the weed. pre-weighed. i don't like that.
    come to think about it, he didn't even show me the cannister before he put it into the bag. never been to a dispensary that pre-weighs without them at least verifying the contents.

    i got a free cupcake for first time patient. it was delicious. sativa dominant, and i'm feeling really mellow right now.
    picked up some chocolates, and a lollipop (someone on weedmaps mentioned they were delicious), and then obviously my gram of weed.

    ONE THING i will mention, that is good about the pricing is $18/gram. usually when you see $60/8th, you see $20/gram, but at least they make it a bit more reasonable.
    ALSO, they have some real OG (you know, that OG smell), which sometimes you don't see outside of LA, so that was impressive.

    summary: they have some bomb weed and some tasty edibles in a nice location, but they charge you more than you should pay. i wouldn't drive out of my way to go to this dispensary, but if i'm ever near SCU again I will be back.

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  • Report Good location but often an awkward experience

    I've been to this club a couple of times now and have to say that it's been a pretty consistent experience ... unfortunately, consistently weird, that is.

    First, a couple of pros: the building itself is a nice old charming Victorian era building. It's right out on the main street so you may drive by it the first time, but once you find it, it's easy to locate. Parking is limited to a couple of spaces out front, but it's usually pretty easy to grab a spot. In the worst case, there's always street parking on Alameda. Don't park in the bigger lot to the back and side of the building as that's used by the law offices next door and they don't like it when medical marijuana patients park there.

    Another pro is that first-time checkin is pretty quick and easy, and the front desk staff have always been easy going and friendly during my visits. Finally, the place looks very easily accessible for disabled persons. No obstacles for wheelchairs or assisted walking devices that I can see.

    Now on to some of the things that strike me as kind of weird and awkward...

    One is the budtender. As several other reviewers have mentioned, he does indeed seem to take little interest in patient questions or providing any kind of feedback. In fact, most of the time, he seems to just stand there and stare blankly while you look through the medicines. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with overly chatty budtenders; in fact, a lot of times, I prefer to just be left alone so I can examine, smell, and choose my flowers of my own volition. I do like budtenders who can offer recommendations when I ask for them, but I don't like it when they try to push certain strains when I'm obviously not interested in them. Here, the budtender does neither ... he's just kind of present, and that's it. Basically, being in the bud room here just always feel awkward for some reason. I think it's a combination of the budtender being a real quiet guy, the bud room being very small, and the fact that it's deadly silent in there.

    One other con here IMO is bud quality. I'm going to be real honest: I don't think I've gotten anything very good here. I see a lot of crazy "wow I've never seen that before" strains on their website, but they've never been in stock during my visits, so I will disclaim that it's quite possible I'm simply missing out on their more potent medicines. But I've gotten some well-known flowers here such as Green Crack and G13 that just haven't hit very well for whatever reason. I can compare them to the same strains from other dispensaries and the difference is noticeable. I've also noticed that the buds I get here are usually drier than I'm used to -- not a major issue by itself because this happens from time to time with every club, but it just seems to happen more here, and combined with modest bud potency, doesn't make for very high overall bud quality IMO.

    Finally, prices are high. Okay, let's be honest: prices are pretty high everywhere in San Jose due to all the taxes. But they're higher here relative to the quality of the goods is what I'm getting at. If the bud quality were better, I'd consider prices about the norm for top shelf. But it's too high for what you get if you ask me.

    One last thing: the door to get inside the building doesn't always unlatch properly. So if you can't get in and know that the club is open, knock or call and they'll let you in. The first time I came here, I thought the place was closed, but it was just a finicky door.

    All in all I suppose this could be a good spot if you're going to school at Santa Clara University and want something within walking distance. But I have a hard time putting it ahead of, or even on par with, the numerous other dispensaries within a couple miles driving distance.

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  • Report Looks arnt everything!

    Pricey, Small and jus needs to change!

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  • Report Great first experience with my wife.

    I did read the other reviews but decided to make up our own mind.

    First off, the building is quite charming and has great bones. Upon walking in it felt like a dispensary with an old world presence. This might seem quite superficial and quite irrelevant, but it comes into play. My wife and I just got our cards and she was a bit nervous walking into a dispensary, mainly because we had no framework or experience to reference. We were greeted by a friendly receptionist and was very polite, informative and utterly efficient. Since it put me wife at ease, it reinforced my choice for a first visit.

    Now here is where it gets a little strange. You are buzzed into a room with a thin, fashion forward gent who looks like a european guy in a SNL skit. Not a big talker this one. Mind you, if a budtender is too talkative, that can be a grind as well. Here is my suggestion: tell them this is your first time and if they could give a quick once over of what they got. I felt if I nudged the conversation along, tapped the jar asked about a particular strand, the guy knew his stuff. Now I know he comes off a little "stand offish" but that is just his personality and just come prepared to ask the right questions.

    It would be in your best interest to know the following to engage this budmaster:
    - Know that he assumes you know the difference between indica & sativa
    - Know when the scenarios you intend on using you prescriptions: chill out at night, creativity, increase appetite and so on
    - Plan on getting 2 strains: 1 that enhances euphoria, and one that has a kick
    - Know how potent you want the product.

    It is important to note that they do have specials, they just don't promote them as aggressive as some other establishments. We ended saving $30 by just asking.

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  • Report Great but not for the price

    This place would get all 5s straight across if it wasnt for the price. I think 60 including tax was a bit to much for AUSTRALIAN BLUE. Even though it is very frosty and the feeling was great. Just like the website says. The choices were small only about 8 flowers to look at. AUSTRALIAN BLUE was recommened by the BTer, but dont expect a lot of interactions with him. The questions I did ask were all just simple yes or no answers. Now the girl that checked me in was amazing btw. Way friendly and personable. Atmosphere was great and parking was easy as can be. Check was nice and fast too. If you can get over the price then this place is good.

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  • Report Easily, my most uncomfortable experience

    After a normal registration, I asked the less than enthused budtender about 1st timer specials. He responded with an emphatic, "no we don't do that here". Naturally curious I asked why. The response was, "what kind of an image would that promote for our product?" It an industry where a first time special of some sort is almost a given, this looks to be a clear example of greed or that they were hiding something. It's a shame the ban isn't designed for clubs like this.

    Very, VERY poor service that made it clear to me to stay away.

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