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Med Quality 4.3
Location 4.5
Budtenders 4.2
Knowledge -
Price 3.2

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  • Report Cool Spot! GREAT MEDS

    So i came into Buddys today because another patient got a card in there mail box.....So i thought i would go since its really close to home...So i jumped in the GTO rolled over to Buddys...

    The parking lot is decent size they share it with a car audio place...nice chill spot... so once i get outta my car there is a guy at the door, opens it up quickly and lets me in... he was really friendly... then i meet another guy name jessie which ends up being the nephew of the first guy... pretty cool... since it was my first time i had to fill out all the stuff..not a long form tho... the place is cool few leather chairs to sit in there.. they had some cool art work on the walls... Couple of 2pac paintings... a B.I.G. Painting along with some really cool art... this from the patients!!! some are for sale! pretty cool... the building is really really Big. I just mark the Atmosphere cuz its not complete they have only been there 3 weeks. But once they finish it...that place is gonna BE AWSOME!

    On to the meds! they had great great looking meds. All in glass jairs, you could look open them look smoke and they said i could touch them, cuz they didnt sell those meds to anyone. I The prices were kinda high, i saw one 8th was 70 bucks plus tax. I think there cheapest one was 55 plus taxes...i didnt buy anything to smoke but i really wanted to cuz it looked sooo good but 70 bucks, i couldnt ima go back and get a 60 dollar 1/8 next time.... So i bought a Yak Greenie 800mg of flowers... Just ate it hope it works....

    Im gonna come back and get some meds just Jessie and is Unlce alone make you feel welcome to be there and I learn something new today... learned about a Vap! Thanks GUYS! cant wait to see this when it gets all fixed up inside!

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  • Report Nordstroms of MMJ!

    First of all, I'd like to say that customer service is the key when I walk in to any stores. Buddy's surpasses all of the other dispensaries in the south bay when it comes to customer service. Their medicine is off the hook too! Talk about premium grade quality? Once you open one of their glass jars you're automatically just in awe...you know the expression..."don't make me give you a can of whoop ass"...well, let me tell you, that's what you're going to get after you've tried their stuff. I spend less because I don't need to use as much, whereas,the other places sell their stuff in a little baggies..making you feel like you've bought it from a dealer down the street corner somewhere and you end up buying more since their buds aren't as strong. I'd rather pay for the price at Buddy's than some other place where you feel like you're wasting their time. They have edibles galore, Canna Canola Oil, Canna Butter and a whole bunch of new things I've never seen before. Their vapor lounge is off the hook too! Oh by the way, they have a Buddy's shirt now... I can't wait to buy one...GO BUDDY'S!!!!

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  • Report A sunny day with SUNNY D!

    So as a prop215 patient, i definitely like to search out new collectives within Santa Clara county and I came across Buddy's through my brother. This place is awesome! And I mean collectively AWESOME! First let's talk about the staff. Amazing men who are funny charming and super nice. The atmosphere is truly about being a COLLECTIVE in every sense. With local art, music and all around flavor, I would go this place just to hang out and try my expertise, or lack there of, on the turntables. My first visit I was able to indulge in a little Volcano action with some Lemon Drop. Holy heck! That thing was great. Thanks Matt! Then I finally made it to the displays. Their strains are literally all Connoisseur!Highest grade overall. I decided on a gram of SUNNY D.
    After getting home,( it took awhile since we spent about an hour and a half at BUDDY'S) I took out my favorite pipe with the lovely SUNNY D. It was a beautiful green variety that smelled amazing. Bright and super citrus delicious-ness overtook my senses. I immediately began to salivate. The first hit was so smooth and tasted exactly as it smelled. A tiny backlash on the throat so don't bogart! The smoke was nice and heavy and the affect was nearly immediate. Maybe 3 minutes in and I took off! A really great heady high. I was able to work on the computer and became a giggling chatterbox all at once! Great for first medication of the day and throughout the day!!! I highly recommend BUDDY'S and the lovely SUNNY D for a really wonderful experience!

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  • Report Good selection and location, very pricey

    Perhaps a carry-over of moving (unwillingly?) from Sunnyvale / Mountain View, their prices on greens are too high. Their selection is generally good, and the baked medicine I picked up was plenty potent and reasonably priced.

    They could benefit from a healthier selection of clones as well, but not a huge deal.

    Read more reviews about their last location: http://www.yelp.com/biz/buddys-cannabis-patient-collective-sunnyvale

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  • Report buddys is your buddy

    I went to buddys for the first time today because its close to my house, what can i say? The place is awesome, they have a vape lounge where you can use their volcano vape and roll joints with the papers on the table. gives you a good vibe, the lady that checks you in was very nice and made lots of smalltalk while verifying me, and the blonde dude was pretty chill, helped me figure out what i wanted patiently even though i was pretty indecisive. they had good music playing and cool paintings of biggie and rappers. this place is awesome and pretty cutty, the only bad thing about it is the price but atleast theyre honest about it and tell you that they are an expensive collective right when u start looking at everything. the guy said they have only been open a month so theyre trying to get everything rollin before they can hook ppl up fatter. all in all this place is awesome, top qual bud in a convenient spot

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  • Report Buddy's Review

    I really enjoy buddy's they have a great staff, fun atmosphere. The Bud is alway top Quality. Just a lil over price for me $55-$65 per 1/8. Its a really fun place to go and hang out. They also have a Volcano hang out spot witch is very nice.

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  • Report Price too high for what you get...

    Fairly nice place and good Bud, but the prices they charge are just punitive. There is a place not too far away that has as good or better Medicine and the owner gives a 20% discount on an ounce and a 10% discount on a half ounce. Really makes you feel like you are being treated fairly. I did NOT feel like I was being treated fairly at Buddy's.

    They give you a free 1/8 if you buy an ounce and that's it. Big deal. You end up paying about a hundred bucks more than you would on the Black Market. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to pay more for legal weed than I did for illegal weed! If you are paying more than $400.00 an ounce, then you are getting ripped off. It's as simple as that.

    They seem like nice guys trying to make a buck (apparently a LOT of them) and the Buds are good to very good, but I feel like they are gouging their patients on price. Really turned me off. I would not recommend their collective, and I won't go back there again.

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  • Report untz untz untz

    I'm sure by the scores I've given in the ratings that this will probably rate pretty low, but that's just the way weedmaps 'scores' things. I'd say this place is pretty average. First experience was... eh. Entire area was dimly lit, the music was wayyy too loud - in general it looked like they always wanted to run a nightclub but chose to dispense medicinal marijuana instead.

    The bud is pretty good, they make a point of saying everything is 'top shelf' but... yeah. Nothing they had really caught my eye, ended up grabbing something random (since they're all 'top shelf')

    Atmosphere... I kinda discussed in that first wall'o'text. For the most part it's one wide-open room. A little awkward, if you ask me. The vaporlounge is in plain sight, the herb buying area is highly visible, and... there's pretty much nothing in between. I guess it's cool if you're looking for a good time but... I just want my medicine.

    The staff was cool enough A lot of places have a kind of "guilty until proven innocent" attitude right now where they automatically think you're looking to rob the place, but these people were pretty chill. They have their own ID card system which is cool I guess. Made the initial sign-in a little longer than average.

    They have a smallish parking lot that they share with a few other businesses but it's a legitimate parking lot, not 2 or 3 spaces out front. Some places get uptight about where you park, didn't seem like any problem here.

    Price... probably the only major deterrent for me right now. Everything is 'top shelf,' so it's all $50/eighth+. Then you pay tax. Noooo thanks.

    In the end... the jars are cool. I don't think I'd go back to return it, though :D

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  • Report Sweet and spicy

    Buddys is a great collective! After the first time i went to this club i knew it was going to be my regular spot. The staff was super nice and helpful! They knew a lot about their medicine, and had great recommendations! The bud quality is outrageously good, I'd go back just for that anyday! Yes it may be a little price, but for me its quality over quantity, and their quality is definitely worth it! They have a vape lounge thats really cool to try your medicine at before leaving.

    I would recommend this club to anyone interested in top quality bud!! this place is great!!!

    I love Buddy's!

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  • Report buddies

    Buddies, Is just, that i felt like i was hangin with my buddies. Super freindly staff,check in a little long but worth it,you leave with a photo id card.security is present but very chill.Budtenders very helpful and knowlegeable.Owner was present,very pleasant,took time to sit and chat in the vape lounge(every thing is in one open space if your looking for privacy, not the place for you)brought me a cup of water and threw on some tunes(has some turntables,dj set up).I was disappointed they dont have first timer insentive,but as i tried my shrek (comonly known as ogre, a cat piss / jack herer cross,very smooth)in the vaporizer,the budtender(very proud of his wares)vaped me samples of his favorites,all very nice(by this time im becoming part of the furniture).Price a little high,but quality is far above most ive seen comercially,glass jars are nice,(meds stay fresh longer)tax is extra.Hopefully market saturation in that area,more time in bussiness(relitivly new collective)will bring prices down.Not enough to keep me from come going back.Quality,variety of strains, vibe all that good.Offered delivery ,discount for referals, menu only shows Gr-1/8 donatoins,no hash or kief,have a few edibles,ample parking,(you can get stereo, bluetooth, nav. installed in your car while medicating)I walked in very stressed,left the most relaxed, pain free, and spiritually at peace than i have felt in along time,thanx Buddies....Hukuvern P.S. The art supplies about the place,the art displayed,the whole freedom of expression vibe kinda burningmanesque,nice touch

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  • Report Expensive

    Good quality bud but really expensive, don't sell grams and staff is rude. not coming back again.

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  • Report Pricey but good Meds

    I've been to this place at both of their locations. The first time I went I got two half eighths but it ended up costing me $70! It was really good bud but I don't think I can ever spend that much on an eighth again. The budtenders are really cool and friendly and the new location has a place where you can use the volcano.

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  • Report For that price I can buy more than double the quan

    After doing some research to see what else is out there, you'll be surprised. For example you have to pay $240 + tax for a 1/2 oz ($265.00 or so after tax.) I found the exact same strain for $170 out the door. Just to make sure I didnt get ripped off on the new strain, I went back to buddys and picked up a small sample to compare the differences. What do you know, wallaaaaa "its a match". All you have to do is do your own research and when going to a new club, never buy too much unless you are 100% sure of the quality and fair price. That is my suggestion to you!

    So, if you're super rich and can afford to waste your money on whatever, then so be it. But even if I was a millionaire, the principle is more inportant for me. Considering Buddy's is only hurting themselves with their pricing, along with some dry weed at times. If they want repeat business make the prices fair, make sure weed is cured and not pre-weighed and we might be back.

    HAPPY 420 Yall!

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  • Report Poor service and overpriced

    I'll never come back.

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  • Report Not My Buddy

    This is a nice co-op with huge potential to be something good but instead sell's less than quality product that is beyond overpriced for even southern California...

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  • Report My Review - January 15, 2011

    - Great location if you live in Santa Clara
    - Friendly Staff
    - Comfortable environment
    * Lights turned down for a dark look
    * Decent stereo system
    * Table with Volcano for those who like to vaporize
    - Good quality bud and nicely manicured

    - High Price
    * Price ranged from $55 to $75 (I believe)
    * Tax NOT INCLUDED in price!
    * If you bought the lower end for $55 it would cost you $60.08 with tax
    - No free goodies offered to new customers (At least I wasn't offered anything)

    I thought the place had great potential, but in my opinion the price kills them.
    Especially with the large variety of competition out there. People are looking for quality with the best bang for the buck. They provide their bud in a neat little jar with the Buddy's logo on the lid. In addition they package the jar in a nice little gift bag. While this delivers a nice presentation, if they eliminated the fancy jars,labels, and gift bags, they could save money to pass on to their customers. Also, if they could provide more of a quality bud range falling within the $50 to $60 range (including tax) I would be more tempted to return as a repeat customer. Just my 2 Cents...

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  • Report this place is amazing.

    I love it here, everyone is really friendly, helpful, and informative. The atmosphere is great, I feel comfortable being here, and the bud is perfect!

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  • Report my new best buddy

    all hail the baby jesus.this place is great.i can get my car serviced and my meds all in one trip.

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  • Report Great Vibe

    I like the overall vibe of the place, Nice and dimly lit with good music and Vapes! There were a few things I did not like about this place One being that the lowest amount you are able to purchase is half an eight.If you like to buy a few grams of a couple of different strains then this is not the place for you. I also thought that 70+ dollars for some strains was a little steep for something you could get at another place for 55$. I think that Buddy's has a lot of potential if only it wasn't so expensive, Try this place out and see for yourself Its worth checking out!

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  • Report Buddy's

    This place is one of a kind. The Goat is the logo. they have a nice staff. very friendly gave my friend a gram just for coming and checking out the club, And i got a Drink on the house. The atmosphere was good but the place had a lot of space they should make more chill spots. The Bud is not bad the rave about the master kush. Its not my favorite. but over all its a great place to hang out and pass time. 4.4

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  • Report Pricey, but worth it

    Ok, this club is very easy to find.

    All the employees (that i have met so far) have been very nice, pretty knowledgeable, but perfectly capable of selling me my medicine.

    the building is pretty dark inside but the lights on the weed make it ok.

    Ummm, the wait isnt bad at all, you gatta take a webcam picture for a free ID and thats about it.

    My buddy walked out with an 8th of there sugar plum for 65 bucks

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  • Report Good operation

    BACKGROUND: The first place that I went to after I got my medical recommendation.

    PROS: It's easy to get to because it's on the corner of Stevens Creek Blvd and Kiely Blvd. The staff were nice: a lot younger than me, but they made me feel welcome, and they patiently answered my newbie questions. The two strains of bud that I bought were both great.

    It's decorated to feel like a nightclub and has a young vibe to it: black paint on the walls, a DJ setup in the middle of the room, and members' artwork on the walls. I would love to display my oil paintings there, but I don't want to advertise that I have a medical cannabis recommendation.

    They had a good selection of buds and edibles, and an on-site vaporizer, which sounded a bit too high-end for me.

    They're also open on Sundays, which might be useful for people who don't plan ahead.

    CONS: I'm not crazy about strip malls, but this seems to be the most convenient collective for people in south Santa Clara or south Sunnyvale.

    Another negative is that the smallest weight units for sale were a "half-1/8", which is about 1.75 grams. They were not selling single grams.

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  • Report Go Elsewhere

    I've been going to Buddys since they were in Mountain View. Boy have they changed. Buddys is about the money, plain and simple. They grow their own pot and then sell it to unsuspecting patients at a pretty big profit. Some of the medicine is nice but you can fine better meds at a better price elsewhere. The staff isn't as well versed on on the buds as they should be. It's as if they've been told what to say, they don't vary from the script much at all. It's not a professional atmosphere. House music blares and if you're there. It's dark inside, not light and airy like some of the nicer, more medically directed dispensaries. For better buds at a better price, I recommend shopping around.

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  • Report high quality and friendly staff, but not the cheap

    when i joined this club i had to wait almost fifteen minutes, but it ended up being worth it. i have a lot of back pain and need something strong to help me sleep sometimes. i tried their master kush, and it really got me relaxed. it wasn't cheap, and maybe it was a little too intense for me. the budtenders were friendly, but some could've used a little more knowledge. i like the art and openness of this place.

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  • Report great bud

    Everything about this club is great. I picked up some trainwreck and it was insane. Trainwreck might have become my favorite strain because of buddy's.

    The only problem is the price. Its expensive and there is no cheap option.

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  • Report I had high hopes.

    It was nearly $30 for a 1/2 eighth. Everything was in unlabelled jars. The budtender was spacey and described each bud with one sentence. I have had many more knowledgeable budtenders who actually helped me pick medicine and educated me rather than just stood there and said, "I like it, it's cool."
    The lights are all really low and I couldn't see anything at all. There was a shotty little table lamp near the bud, but...eh. Wasn't even worth it.
    And they didn't do anything lower than a half eighth. What? Overall, just, no.

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  • Report top quality, friendly staff, perfect atmosphere

    I love Buddy's

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  • Report Skeptical at first, not anymore

    The only problem with this place is $45-$70 8ths, no 'recession options'. But I have plenty of other places for that purpose. But this is what deterred me to come here at first. When I finally came in though it made sense why the prices are what they are. All their flowers are top shelf only. Let me tell you, I have a very high tolerance so I need good stuff, and if you want to buy top shelf somewhere this IS THE PLACE to do it. All their product is in jars, even the 16ths come in small jars. You can tell the bud they get is very good and they keep it all air tight and take care of it, very sticky, dense yet a little squishy bud. I got some of their AK47 and it is amazing and I've never smelled skunkier or seen frostier bud. I've been to quite a few places around the SJ area and this one stands out for the only thing that I care about in the end, BUD QUALITY. Just give this place a visit, forget the haters who make miniminum wage complaining about prices. Just TRY it, what do you have to lose? Oh, and they'll offer to smoke you out with a vape on your way out if you want haha, great!

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  • Report luv my goat, BUDDY!!!

    when i first walked in last week, i was a bit skeptical waiting in the dark large room with the not so luved pink walls (do dig the art in vap). but when i walked up to the counter (with sublime rockin), it was like god opened up the clouds and the lights were shinning. buds selection is amongst the best i have seen! master kush is truly top self! (thanks for the sample at the vap!) i must admit the prices are higher, but you definitely get what you pay for. & i am willing to pay for these strains. i walked out with OG PR (luv the flavor & effects. this was recommended by a very knowledgeable, blonde male budtender;), some hash and a chocolate caramel in some silver package. i only ate 1/2 and this would have made chong very happy. buddy's made my day more tolerable with my pains:)
    i had a great start on 420 the next morning with the other 1/2!

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  • Report Rip Off Dispensary!

    I have to say I am very disappointed with my first visit to Buddy's. I was blown away when told the price structuring. $70.00 + tax for top shelf. How's that for compassion, way to go!!! This is unbelievable a am so glad that this will for sure not be one of the 10 dispensaries left in San Jose. Time to move again Buddy's, this time try Beverly Hills. I bought a top shelf pre roll it was really bad. I will not be returning.

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  • Report Too Expensive

    If this is Buddys "new pricing structure", I'd hate to have seen the old one. Good buds here but not worth 70 dollars an eigth. I loved the bud tender telling me it costs more to grow good pot. BS! It cost just as much to grow bad pot as good. The difference would be the skill of the grower. They're young, still have LOTS to learn. I ended up buying a very small amount and won't be back.

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  • Report Pretty good just a little expensive

    I like buddy's they have a nice selection of strains and friendly staff. Its right off stevens creek so there is plenty of parking. I really like the vibe the only thing i wish they had a litlle bit brighter lights. The quality at this place is really nice the buds are straight fire, the price is a little high for me though. They also have a vapor lounge which is pretty tight.

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  • Report good atmosphere... bad vibe

    I was in santa clara for 2 days and decided to try out the local dispensaries. The closest one i found with a decent review was Buddy's. It was easy to find, excellent staff, parking, good vibe.. everything was good. The prices were in the sky however. The bud comes in pre-packed GLASS containers (yes its glass, it is a business after all and they must cover all expenses, glass is more expensive) and you cant really tell if what you are getting is really the amount u wanted. Above all that, when i came to donate he tells me its going to be a little bit more than the price on the board because he has to add sales tax. (WTF?) Finally there was the new patient discount, what a crap load, have to buy 7 grams and you get 20$ off. What about the people that cant inhale that much and it just gets dried out?

    even if i do end up going to Santa Clara soon, or ever, never going back to buddy's. its not worth it.

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  • Report best quality and service

    This was my first dispensary. it was a bit expensive but worth every penny. They have some of the best looking and tasty cannabis I ever seen to date. I been to other dispensary and none can compare to this one. Other club have cheaper prices but u get what u pay.. The budtenders are knowledgeable and friendly.. you get your medicine in a air tight jar not a zip lock bag.. They have edibles and drinks in stock... If you complain about there being too high I can tell u one thing.. Your never going to get bammer here..

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  • Report Taebanga

    Buddy's has some of the best medicine in the entire Bay Area! The prices are pretty steep but the do have a litle less pricey medicine for patients as well; that I'm quite sure is still good quality. I had some Papi from there that was exactly what the budtender explained to me to be (THE TRUTH); it was great. I will be going back to Buddy's whenever my funds are looking on the up; cause once u do go u don't have to be running back-n-forth to get medicine cause of the long lasting medicaide Buddy's leaves u with. Nice atmosphere, outstanding medicine, nice & knowledgeable staff; just have yo ca$h right when u go!

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  • Report Pretty Chill

    Went to buddy's the other week and got an eighth of kushberry that was high quality. No free gift and the offer they have for first timers is 7 grams for like 120$...... staff was nice and helpful. The prices are high but there are some eighths that are only 45$. Some of the buds come in jars that are nice little nug jugs, but they are all weighed out to 3.5. There is only one eighth that is 70$, but the average price is probably around 55$ plus a 9% tax. All in all a good place to go and they for sure have really great bud.

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  • Report cute place but not the best dispensary

    The front desk girl was super friendly. Our budtender, Candy was nice, but not very excited to help us or be there. The inside is super cute giving it a nice vibe. Love the cute goat as logo (which is why I went there), however there was just a banner on building with Buddy's across it, no goat which was sad. The bud is pretty good but definitely overpriced, probably will not go back there for that. Had ice cream that was very yummy and was reasonably priced and gave you a nice buzz. They also sell a little coffee energy bottle to have every morning and I really like it, it keeps me awake throughout the day but I still feel relaxed. This little bottle is why I would come back (unless I find it somewhere else for cheaper). Also no free gift for new patients which is stupid

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  • Report quality, but that's all.

    buddy's flowers were definitely the exotic yummy kinds I.was looking for. but HIGHWAY ROBBERY! & no grams? I'm sorry but I thought these dispenseries were also known as 'compassionate care centers' there's no compassion in those prices. & the girl who helped me seemed annoyed at all the questions I was asking. not very good customer service if you ask me. all in all I wouldn't go there again unless they get some budtenders with better attitudes & some deals going on.

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  • Report Straight rope a dope for the connoisseurs

    i like the fact that their weed in the display jars smell and look the same as what you buy and take home. master kush is some sticky icky and well worth the price cause ima connoisseur and dont mind paying more than settling with bud that barely gets me high and doesn't have a potent smell to it at all. out of all the clubs ive been to this place has the best weed in sj!

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  • Report buddy's = AMAZING

    I walked into buddy's and was instantly greeted and welcomed inside. I handed my paper work to the front desk and they made me a buddy's card! they make them for everyone. The staffs bubbly attitudes make my day EVERY TIME I walk in there. I would HIGHLY recommend trying this club. It is well worth the experience and you wont be disappointed about the service nor the atmosphere. Its wonderful. I could spend all day there talking to the employees. enjoy

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  • Report Do Not Shop Here

    I am from San Diego and decided to find something while i was recently up north. Unfortunately I found Buddy's. Pricey to say the least. Also what they have on display is just that, display. Sure the stuff smelled the same as what was on display bud it had no crystals. There display buds were sparkling like diamonds, but what i ended up with was completely.......well worthless. No new customer incentive, no grams, no compassion. Who's buddy are they? Certainly not mine!

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  • Report Chill Atmosphere, Nice Budtenders, but overpiced.

    This was the first collective I went to when I moved up to the bay area. It was 3 blocks away from my apartment so that was really convenient! This dispensary is one of a kind when it comes to the atmosphere. It is very relaxed an mellow, dark purple lights, DJ spinning at times, free bbqs, you can use the volcano, sweet bud books. The bud tenders were always super sweet and knew a lot of information of their flowers they had in stock. Unfortunately this collective is too overpriced,what a shame! $32 + tax for 1.8 is too much! It started breaking my wallet. Lower your prices and I'll be that loyal customer once again. This is a place to check out a least once for the cool atmosphere, definitely one of a kind.

    Just an update: Buddy's now released there Pearls which are 35 and 1/8 and sometimes 25 an 1/8. I will be returning more since they have made some of their flowers more affordable.

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  • Report Great product and close to home

    I saw the sign from the road and a couple days later went inside. The staff was super-friendly and took the time to answer all my questions. They know their product and make great suggestions. The bud is great!! It is some of the best I have gotten in the South Bay. The prices may seem high, but you pay more for quality. It is well-worth it, for sure. The pre-rolls are awesome too! I'm so glad Buddy's is in Santa Clara too. I don'y really care for downtown SJ so its nice to have a dispensary close to home. It's even better that it is a great one like Buddy's!!!

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  • Report Sweet spot

    Been here a few months. Love it so far. Great range of prices, the staff know their shit and you're in and out in 5 minutes unless you decide to use teh Volcano. What else can you ask for?

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  • Report Rip Off-Don't Go Here

    Came here near closing time on a Sunday with a friend of mine. He had been there before but it was my first and last time. The place seems nice and mellow when you go in. Its on the darker side, which is cool, but the areas where you check out their bud should be better lit. I guess they do that so you cant see there bud as well. Anyway, after checking in, we both went to separate bt's at different booths. I thought the booth and chair thing is cool, makes you feel relaxed and not rushed. Also, it feels more personal. So, after checking out their top shelf, which in the jars smelled and looked great, the bt said they had a special on an eighth of some purple (i honestly can't remember the name of the strain, it was that bad) for like $50 or something. The jar she gave me to look at was not what I got! Let me say that again, what I thought I was getting was not it. So, thinking I got a deal, she told me the total and I was blown away cuz I wasn't expecting her to add all the taxes to it. That was no deal. Then, to make things worse, I didn't get anything for being a first time patient. No preroll, edible, or discount of any kind. I don't want to come off as a scrounge, but clubs should ALWAYS welcome new patients with a free gift. If they expect people to return, they need to feel their donations are appreciated, as well as their choice in coming to their given establishment. With all the clubs around here nowadays, people have options. Why would they want to go back to a place that knowingly rips its patients off?. These dispensaries are supposed to be care centers that provide medicine, not people who sell weed. So, after I felt I got ripped off, my friend went to go use their vaporizer and they told us they were closing up and had to kick us out. WTF? We weren't going to spend the night. All we wanted to do was smoke real quick and bounce. They could have let us stay, but F-it. They were cool with us spending money but not using their vape to smoke a little of it. I think I found out why about a half-hour later when I got home.
    Despite all I have said so far, the worst part of the experience happened when I opened the glass jar to pack my bong. The weed, while very very dark purple all the way to the core, was littered with stems. This weed had so many stems running through it I thought I was looking at a map of the US highways. Making things worse, the shit was hella dry. And I mean DRY! This weed must have been older than God. So, before I smoked it, I deboned the motherfucker, all of which was made up of small, long thin nugs. It took over 20 minutes to manicure to look somewhat presentable and smokable. Next came the real test, blazing the shit. I took a fat rip and almost choked. Not because I was like, "Damn, that's some bomb," but because I was like, "Holy Shit, this weed is fucking dirt." It was a heavy ass smoke that tasted like bammer with a hint of chemical to it. I swear it was the most odd tasting weed. Totally disgusting. My friend could't believe it either. The top shelf he got was nice, but not for the around $70 he paid for it. We both got ripped off like a bunch of noobs. How did this happen? I was pissed and ended up tossing the rest of the eighth (which wasn't much of an eighth after I took out all the stems, it weighed out to 2.9g) after trying to smoke another bowl. What the bt showed me on display and what I got to take home where not the same. In all my years as a medicinal MJ patient, I have never once been given something to take home which wasn't what I had purchased. Th purple in the jar the bt showed me looked and smelled decent. The purple in the jar I took home was totally different. Honestly, it was so bad, I didn't even feel right giving it away. I haven't had shit like that since I was broke in high school going halves on a dub of some stress. But I was probably only 15 at the time and got my shit on the streets. Fast forward another 15 years and those days are long gone. If Buddy's is still trying to kick it old school by keeping the stress alive, I'm not feeling it. Don't waste your money here. The bud I got was crap, the prices are ridiculous, and the service was obviously shady. Only cool thing about this place-the fucking goat on the logo. But they didn't even have one there. Lame. That would have been cool if they did. Maybe if they got one I would consider going back...ha. Nah, a cool looking goat named Buddy still wouldn't even be enough. Stay away from this place. They just want your money.

    Review Source:
  • Report Buddy's Cares

    Buddy's has pioneered in providing medicine in the Mountain View area.

    After an epic effort there - they found the sweet spot on Steven's Creek "Golden Mile."

    The location is convenient, the atmosphere is top-shelf, the quality control is awesome.

    Try some of the mixtures in the raw cones - a joy to smoke - my hat's off to the mix-master.

    Buddy's cares and has something for every budget and modality.

    Review Source:
  • Report Win!

    I love almost everything about this club. Chill atmosphere, the vape of course, and the staff. There bud qualitys always bomb topshelf and is as described. The only thing that makes me hesitant is the prices they have... but its worth it. one of the best clubs out there by far!

    Review Source:
  • Report Buddy's in Santa Clara

    Buddy's is close to home for me and I like the atmosphere. The employees are always nice and yes, they do give long term members free gifts. I like it that they aren't trying to attract everyone and anyone off the street with with free product. The atmosphere is safe and fun and easy going. The cones are a little smokey and dense, but the jars of product are very good. I'd rather pay more for their product because I find Buddy's very trustworthy. I'm an older user and don't think of marijuana as some sort of little god to be worshipped. I am not into the "let's get as wasted as possible" attitude that younger people tend to have. I view this herb as a strong medicine with side effects. Buddy's employees are great at helping me to determine the right strain with the least side effects for my needs. They always give me several vials to choose from. They have a big magnifying glass with which to view the product. The employees are straightforward and honest and law-abiding.

    Review Source:
  • Report This is a very awesome place

    I've only been to one other dispensary, and used one delivery service. However, I have to say that buddy's bud quality is fantastic. I've been to buddy's several times, purchased a different strain each time and never had a disappointment. Their prerolls joints are a good deal too since there's so much bud in them. There's also a Volcano vaporizer for customers to use. Their prices are on the higher end, but I think the quality is worth it.

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Budtenders + Great Product = A Happy Me! :)

    Since I don't smoke that much, I find dispensaries a little intimidating. Buddy's is the best dispensary I've found. The budtenders are so nice and always willing to take time to explain the different strains to me. Their prices are a little higher than others, but you are paying for their high quality flowers; higher quality means you need to smoke less to feel the effects, which saves you money in the long run. Plus each glass jar is hand-trimmed, so there are barely any sticks or stems. Again, I don't mind paying more for that.

    The atmosphere is awesome too. There is always great music and pink walls. How can a girl not love a place with pink walls and a fuzzy little goat as their logo? They also have a lot of yummy edibles.

    Buddy's definitely caters to a more discerning crowd than other dispensaries. People who appreciate a fine wine will appreciate Buddy's.

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice environment cool people great buds

    my first time here was great! Was greeted with a friendly hello and then showed me all the products. Chronic buds. Cool lights and artwork on the walls.

    Review Source:
  • Report Super cool club

    I went here today for the first time and I have to say I'm impressed. The staff there are super friendly and patient with you. The inside of the club is decorated with beautiful artwork by local artists and low lighting to create a better mood. Nice bud display. The experience feels very personal and the staff is very knowledgable. They have a good sound system with turn tables. They got a small lounge area with a volcano vaporizer and comfy chairs to relax and chill. Oh and they give you a card to use with their club. Check em out if your going club hopping and in the area.

    Review Source:
  • Report Buddy's Found its Niche


    Review Source:
  • Report Buddy

    Wow Great place for THC Pills. I tried the yak and the gold caps. I mostly get the gold caps. They have a great deal on that. The Bud Price is not bad too avg, you still have to pay tax. I will definitely be back for the Gold Caps if you keep it for 5 for $25.

    Review Source:
  • Report buddys

    Very very good cannibus club..one of the best, very strong strains.
    I recommend this club to anyone wanting top shelf buds!!!! kEep it going

    Review Source:
  • Report Great place.Great prices Kind people

    Great place.Great prices Kind people

    Review Source:
  • Report These guys treat me like a Buddy.

    This is a great dispensary.
    Easy/accessible parking, welcoming staff, and great medicine.
    Awesomely grown bud, different grades of hash, pre-rolls, and a huge selection of edibles...
    What more can anybody ask for?!
    I get really indecisive about the type of medicine I'm looking for,
    but awesome enough, the staff here is patient and very informative
    about their herbs. And when I'm done, I can sit back and relax while
    I enjoy the awesome atmosphere surrounding me. :]

    Review Source:
  • Report Budtending at its best!

    Overall this is one of the best collectives I have been too. The budtender was very knowledgable and did not leave one question unanswered. The atmosphere is super chill and I would recommend this collective to anyone.

    Review Source:
  • Report buddys

    the medicine at this collective is the most clean bud ive smoke in a while.....organic is the way to go.If your are tryn to look for something strong and sweet tasting then go to buddys.

    Review Source:
  • Report one happy man!

    i've travelled around and this is one of the best collectives i've been to. the staff is very helpful and their selection is great! and they have a wonderful collection of art for sale!

    Review Source:
  • Report Ridiculous prices and dont expect any deals.

    Nice place and staff but 70 dollars for an 8th? Absolutely ridiculous no matter who grew it and how chronic it is (lol if it was Jorge Cervantes himself) selling for $560 an ounce they are clearly making business on the inventory. No cheap eighths got to pay an arm and a leg to get medicine mainly target elderly in saratoga mountains for majority of their patients. I guess some rich housewives can pay $560 an ounce if their significant other was the CEO of Dell or Hewlett and Packard.

    Review Source:
  • Report Customer Service

    Wooohoo!! My first time here and the staff was very welcoming and knowledgable. Made my first time experience comfortable. Thank you so much. Ill be back.

    Review Source:
  • Report Vince is the MAN

    Thanks guys for all you do. Great medicine at every price point.

    Review Source:
  • Report Review

    Great staff good medicine great environment

    Review Source:
  • Report great experience

    The Atmoshphere was great they have friendly and helpful employes. I loved that all there Medication was top shelf and organic. Definetly a place i would love to go back to.

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice, friendly place

    Budd's is one of the closest clubs to my house and it is a pretty reliable one at that. They have the best edible selection. Period. The atmosphere is legit, and they even have a vaporizor for members to use. There bud selection is good but the price is pretty steep. Don't be surprised if you end up spending 70 dollars on an eighth, but it is well worth the money.

    Review Source:
  • Report good club

    Buddy's is an excellent club with a friendly atmosphere and they have good quality bud and edibles.

    Review Source:
  • Report good bud quality

    buddys has very good bud quality , my first time there and the next day i had to go back very frienxly stafff(:

    Review Source:
  • Report Very good

    great place. Good, friendly staff. Always polite and helpful. Great selection, always. Cool delivery driver, Nick.

    Review Source:
  • Report fiiirrreee

    awesome bud. deffinitly pricey. the staff is very informative. overall great experience

    Review Source:
  • Report excellent stuff all around

    This place is super awesome! the staff is very friendly and the place itself is very easy to find! i go here all the time now and it's definitely one of the best places around santa clara. The bud is good stuff and the staff is wonderful!

    Review Source:
  • Report awesome service, awesome product!

    very helpful and knowledgeable staff. everyone ws very friendly and patient. great deals also! yummy edibles! i love that they also have a huge variety of edibles and weed. :)

    Review Source:


    Review Source:
  • Report private reserve og

    Bud quality is there, but prices are too high. They are saying that they have the best bud hands down...... But, do you realize there are triple digit dispensaries in the bay area??? Over a hundred. No, their bud is not the best in the bay. It is up there, but at prices that are higher than most, why not just go elsewhere? If they really did have the best bud in the Bay, maybe I'd think twice. But this is just "up there". These people are in the business of "Oh, if we price our top shelf eighths $15 higher than most, people will think it is better quality." No, sorry. Weed is a plant, I'm not paying an extra 15 bucks an eighth for your trees. Sounds arrogant and it is. I mean, private reserve, come on, where are they growing, Area 51? I'd tell my buddies to go elsewhere. pun intended.

    Review Source:
  • Report chroonnn a-1

    awesome club. pricey but the A-1 was chronic

    Review Source:
  • Report pretty cool pretty cool

    i rolled on into buddys today for the first time today and heres how it went. its behind like a mechanic/car shop and all the windows of buddys are limo black. you walk up to the entrance push a buzzer button on the door handle and wait for someone to open. buddys is odd in that its just one big room. you dont sign in one room and then go into another, but thats how they do it. you hand the person at the desk your mm card/id and wait, read a snippet of an article before they are done. then they actually give you a buddys patient card, like sit down, smile, say cheese and before you cut out they give you a plastic card with your picture and id number. now the bud selection was crazy, they have...a ton of shit. like everyone else is saying though the quality definitely is there but the prices are right there too. im not sure about other strains prices because 1. i went in to get "og private reserve" and they were out. 2. the girl was soo cute i kinda got distracted from the buds after a second..so i didnt really look at anything else on the counter. the "private reserve" i guess is supposed to be buddys FIRE, thats really why i skated over. i could have called, damnit. they have a vape lounge. when i walked in some older dude had a big ol volcano bag full, just puffin away. that was kinda chill never seen that before, well in a collective. overall this place is really nice, not like some of the more formal dispensaries that look like a physicians office suite. i felt comfortable and the staff was friendly and attentive. ill call em in a few days to see about this mythical "private reserve". it was sold out so thats gotta mean something, right?

    Review Source:

    youll dig it. trust me.

    Review Source:
  • Report Pricey but worth it

    I enjoy going to Buddy's for some Top Shelf. They constantly get very unique strains (Jackie O, Dr. Grinspoon OG, Twizzler) and killer examples of things like XJ-13, Afwreck, Trainwreck, etc.

    They have great Sativas--probably top in town for quality, variety, strength.

    I like the atmosphere of the store, although it is a bit dark. They have lamps to view the meds, so no worries seeing what you are getting.

    My only real complaint is price. For the top shelf you will walk out $70 poorer with taxes. I like the glass jars but don't like the meds are pre-weighed and so expensive. The weight is always spot on at least.

    Overall, I come here to pick up a killer strain or two but can't afford to buy all of my meds here at $65-70 per eighth with only a 10% break for larger quantities.

    Review Source:
  • Report best bud and great staff

    I love this place so much I'm writing a second review. This place has the best bud hands down no joke. Also I must say the staff is outstanding. They are all pretty down to earth and helpful. The pretty girls working there are a plus too. Also thanks Vince for the hook up!!!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Bud

    On my first visit yesterday, i found a parking lot with cops taking up parking spaces and they weren't at Buddy's, but it had me thinking about not stopping. But I did and came away with some really great Bud! The Durban Posion and Sunny D were just what I was looking for. The prices are about the same as most clubs in SJ. I'll be back and I hope they are 1 of the last 10 left standing with the B.S. ordinance that S.J just put into place. Thanks Buddy!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Great buds, great atmosphere, and the best of the

    Buddy's was my first medical dispensary I had ever been to. Before I even rung the door bell, the door was already being held open for me by Xavier :) filled out my paperwork, had my picture taken adn we were off to check out the goods. The staff was very helpful, very knowledgeable and so so friendly. Ended up leaving with some Mango Kush (MMMM!), Papi Purple, and their $25 3.5g Pearls. Not to mention the kick ass brownies I left with. Since I live in Monterey, I was almost sure I wasnt going to be able to go back to Buddys for a while... Ended up having to take my grandpa to the airport about a week and a half after my first visit, so I made another stop by Buddys (couldnt resist!) once again, everyone was very welcoming, and relaxing. Picked out some Blue Dirt, Pure Kush, Papi Purple, and Purple Kush hash (and brownies again!). Right as I grabbed my bag and such, Xavier invites me to use the vape with him. Packed some bowls of Pure Kush (amazing btw) and smoked up. Great conversations, great ganja, great people. I love Buddys and I reccomend it to any one in OR out of area (like me!) You guys are the best and I hope to see you soon!

    Review Source:
  • Report always good shit

    buddy's was one of the first dispensaries i went to. i didn't even realize it was a dispensary because of its inconspicuous pink banners. theres always hi quality buds there and it feels like a lounge. being able to chill n vap there is always nice too. staff is always really friendly and informative. buds are expensive but u get what u pay for

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Place

    this place is great with great top shelf that made me high as fuck

    Review Source:
  • Report Great Location

    Buddy's is conveniently located close to where I live, which makes it easy for me to get my meds. The quality of the meds are great, which is why they are a bit on the higher end. I have noticed recently that prices have come down a bit, and that Buddy's now has a rewards program which I think is smart for business and good for us as patients! :-) Each time I have been into Buddy's, the staff is always friendly. They always help to explain the different strains availalbe, and they even educated me on how to vaporize. I plan on returning here more often, especially if they continue to offer specials on a regular basis. :-)

    Review Source:
  • Report great club!

    I really enjoy this place. They have very good quality stuff, very convinient location for me. I love that someone akways opens the door before i even hit the sidewalk. I would definitely recomend this place!

    Review Source:

    I am in love with Buddy's. Not only they are friendly but they have the knowledge to be known as a Budtender. I mostly know every one who is working there now, from what i can see GIRL RULE over at buddy's. Their Vape lounge is very relaxing, the coffee table is full of random things to do....don't forget the big bowl of condoms....safety first! Buddy's have A grade medicine, it can be pricey, but this is CRONIC MEDS!!! you are playing for the best sleep or the best day of all times!!!

    KEEEP BUDDDDDYYY"SSSS OPEN!!!!! tell every one about this place....plz and thank you!!!


    Review Source:
  • Report cool

    This was one of the first places I visited after getting my card. I had never been into an actual dispensary before and didn't know what to expect, although I had seen some pretty sketchy clubs in the past. The staff was very friendly, especially...., and the atmosphere was exactly what I expected from a professionally operating medical cannabis club. They also had a lot of cool deals:
    The only downside would be size is ...buds got me f...up, because it so goooddd

    Review Source:
  • Report Great place!! Great Staff!! Great Bud!!!

    Convenient location for me and a nice friendly environment, budtenders know what they're talking about. The bud is awesome but kinda pricy and they don't include tax in their prices but still definitely worth it. They sell the bombest joints too!!

    Review Source:
  • Report legit

    this place is legit. my only proem is the prices are way to high and the tqc kills u. tw buda are auper bomb so its no like u are paying altnor crap but maybe i thebprices were liwer this woukd be the best club around

    Review Source:
  • Report Buddy's love this place!!!

    I have been going to buddy's for a while and decided to give a review. parking is easy. the staff is the best and will always point you in the right directions on which meds is best for your needs. the price of the meds is kinda high, however you pay for what you get, AND BUDDY'S you get some of the best quality meds out there. my personal favorite is there master kush=(FIRE).

    Review Source:
  • Report Where are the girl scout cookies???

    Overall this place is cool. The guys there don't try to hustle too hard and promote trash or try to school you with some bs. BUT THEY NEED THE "GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!" Yeah it's expensive but it's the best bud I've seen by far. Google that shit!

    Review Source:
  • Report One of the worst in SJ

    I'd like to take a second and warn folks before wasting the time of going here. There's a reason prices aren't listed... I've been to 50 or so clubs between NorCal, SoCal, and even seen some in Michigan, this is EASILY the most expensive club I've ever seen. The new patient deal brings you a top shelf quarter, out the door around 115-125. Simply by amount of competition alone, that asking price is nothing other than greedy. Mind you that's WITH the discount.

    With as much 'spirit of the culture' reflected in the building, one would think the ones that control price would reflect that, also.

    Review Source: