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Med Quality 4.6
Location 4.3
Budtenders 4.7
Knowledge -
Price 4.5

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  • Report Great New Spot w/Pontent Strains

    this place is has potential. its in a very stretchy spot but its worth it. there BUD is top quality, unlike new clubs. and you get free 1/2 gram of your choice! try the CHERRY AK!!

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  • Report My New Fav Spot

    This place is so worth it and I have memberships at over 20 clubs. This is my 1st time posting a comment because I fell in love with this spot. I'm super picky and if you are too you will like this club because they have Great buds for a good price. I was super happy after my 1st purchase, got a big smile on my face after my 1st puff! haha Plus I was given a free gram and 1/2 for purchasing an 8th.... I will be a regular here and out of all the clubs I'm registered at, I only really visit 3 and this is my new 4th. Others ones were too over priced for the quality of their herb...

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  • Report High Standards definitely has High Standards!

    I decided to check out a new club over the weekend, and I definitely found a hidden gem. High Standards Medical Collective has exactly what is says, "High Standards". The bud at this collective was amazing. Even the mid grade bud looked great. The strains I choose over the weekend were the Deadhead Kush, Island Sweet Skunk, Blue Dream, Cherry AK, and the Green Crack. I had to get so many because they were all so good! The trichome coverage and bud structure on each strain was amazing. I couldn't find one negative thing to say about it! The prices were also something High Standards should be known for. They do 4 gram eighths for a great price, and if you get an Ounce you get an eighth free!! What could be better than free bud? Also, those ounces cost at the most $330! I have never seen top shelf for that price! The budtenders were also amazing. I came in during there opening week so things were still getting put together, but it wasn't bad at all. The staff was so friendly and really makes you feel welcome. Something that also stuck out to me was how they tried to specifically help my condition. They took the time to get to know me and know what strains work best for me. That kind of one on one attention is what this industry is missing. I am very happy to have found such a great place. Also, for being my first time they hooked my up with a free 1/2 gram and a joint! By the time I left I had such a huge smile my cheeks hurt.

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  • Report High Standards

    I do not normally leave reviews for medicinal cannabis facilities in San Jose simply because they do not a clue as to what high quality, cared for, and properly grown cannabis is. 97% of the growers out there are beginners and no matter how many high times magazines or internet blogs a person can read it does not substitute for experience. Flowers from these growers find their way onto the market which are taken in by the "in-take" person at the cannabis club who also doesn't know what their doing. So just about everyone in San Jose who is all giddy over the fact their legal is giddy over nothing because their not experiencing cannabis grown with high standards. I know my cannabis too. I can smoke a growers cannabis and tell you a lot about their growing process.. Yeah... I'm that good. For me, its almost not worth going to the clubs here in San Jose because the quality is generally not there and the price is too high.

    HIGH STANDARDS is the new emerging pinnacle of what this industry is supposed to be about in San Jose. First, their compassionate. Second, ONLY, I MEAN, ONLY, highest quality flowers. Crystal amount is important but also cleanliness and feeling of smoke is equally important. I purchased Island Sweet Skunk, Blue Dream, and Cheese.
    Third, GO there NOW! This place is definitely a hidden gem in San Jose. If they continuously have quality buds like this it doesn't matter where they are... I'll come back when I'm between crops for flowers. Don't trip about the location its not sketch. Just be careful of pedestrians when you turn the corner onto their street.

    Now, I'm gonna go eat a fuckin' whale! :-)

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  • Report High standards lives up to its name.

    So, I have been smoking for the last 18 years of my life. I very openly friendly with 420 and people that participate and I have smoked with a lot of people. Everybody claims they have the "best" and "its from the club" but this place showed me a whole new light. I asked Jason for a strain that keep me clear and not lazy. He pulls out some Green Crack. I smoked some of this right before I went to party downtown and it was awesome. He knew what he was doing when he gave me that strain. I was feeling awesome not sllllllloooooowwwww. Everybody there is just so cool. They have 21 different strains and I still have a lot of sampling to do. The Blue Dream is off the hook and the Island sweet skunk has a great taste and smokes great in vaporizer. Oh and what a great thing High Standards will give pay your taxes for you and give you a four gram 1/8th....more to come.

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  • Report AMAZING

    The quality of the medicine is 5 + stars anyday. I have gone to a lot of clubs in my day and so far this one is the most effective in their herbal relief, their edible relief, the meta milk and the other products of medical relief. & THE PRICES are there to encourage the average patient, let them know there are still places that fluxuate with the economical times as well as being taxed outrageously!
    ALL IN ALL best club, best prices.

    & The staff is down to earth, and really understand and try to match you with the right things you need.
    This place is great to go to their menu selection is significant and the atmosphere from the staff is super chill.

    GOOD LUCK !! 420

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  • Report Just GO!

    By far one of the finest clubs to step onto the SJ scene. I was told about them by a friend and then saw a favorable twitter and I was not mislead. The quality of the flowers is there; some clubs don't come near the quality I saw there today. The prices are great for the quality and from what they said they'd like to keep it that way. There is a new attitude at this club and one you need to experience for yourself. If you like great service and quality medicine you won't be disappointed!

    thanks High Standards!

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  • Report first time

    Came in yesterday to check these guys out and capitalize on their oz deal. I got some cherry ak-47, ak-47, green crack, and sweet island skunk. I gotta say I really like the regular ak-47 the best. frosty nugs dank smell. really effective meds. This place is really cool, atmosphere is chill, they were spray painting the front with graffiti like painting which was cool, but I wonder what the neighbors think, especially being right in a neighborhood col-de-saq. My only beef with them is the fact that they charge tax ontop of the price listed. they cover the 7% but me as a patient had to cover the 9.25%. I don't like it, but whatever. Staff was friendly and informative especially the receptionist dude checking me in and my budtender who i believe was the owner. He said it'll be around 327 with tax so I gave him 330 and he didn't give me change, which was kinda weird...but he did hook up a free joint. So all in all I got 32 grams for $330. Another thing I got some of meds in 2 nice glass jars which was cool. One had the sticker on the bottom saying how much it costed $2.99, so i wonder if I bring my own jar next time and don't use theirs can they take $5.98 worth out of my total? Just something I was thinking about, everyones trying to save money these days. They have a good number of their strains tested by Steep Hill analysis or something like that and their green crack supposedly tested higher than any other green crack they've tested at 20.--% thc i got some and its good,but I like the ak-47 better. The cherry ak on the other hand smelt like ass, which i didn't notice at first. it was crystally and dense looking but when i really got a good whiff of the smell i didn't like it, its effective medicine thou. The sweet island skunk is pretty good also. I wanted to check out more of the strains but they were far away in the back so I had to ask for them to see them and they have alot of strains so there was alot to ask for. By the time I got halfway through the menu their was another 2 dudes inline behind me so I felt like i needed to just pick something and leave, I was taking awhile. So i got a joint of the sour monkey and 32 grams for 330. pretty cool place, I'll definetly be back in the future, didn't notice that they had concentrates or edibles anywhere but I wish I had checked those out. Wish prices posted where actual prices so I can figure out how much everythings gonna cost before I come on down and find out i don't have enough.overall good place, thanks high standards.

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  • Report I'll be back!

    It's really good to know that there are experienced Horticulturalists who empathize with the Cannabis Industry. These guys understand their medicine! It's all top shelf and they just sent a sample of every strain they have available to Steep Hill Lab in Oakland for Testing. My friends and I are anxious to check out the results. The staff is friendly and informative and the Medicine truly is high quality. Don't miss your chance to check out the Purple Kush and Cherry AK 47 because they are both excellent, effective and full of tricombs. They just opened but they already have a great variety and full selection of Meds. Certainly...I'll be back!

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    First let me start by saying that I've been to over 40 clubs all around the Bay Area and beyond. From the first time I walked in to High Standards I was treated better than any other Collective. Everyone is super friendly and professional. Besides the fact that everybody behind the counter has complete knowledge of everything that is on the shelf, they really got their stuff together.

    Now lets get to the good stuff, which is all you'll see at this collective. Since discovering High Standards I've probably tried over 90% of their selection (Top Shelf). And everytime I go back there is another new delicious flavor waiting just for me. Personally I've never witnessed anything like this, where you go to a club everything is fire and if it's not they will let you know. Since price is a big issue for me and just about everyone else, this is one of the most important reasons why I return. Besides the chronic of course :-)

    If you are a picky patient like me and dont want to take the chance of going to 40 clubs before actually finding 1 that is right for you, then just take my word. I've been medicating for over 23+ years, "trust me" I know my stuff and so do they. Why am I even telling you guys all this, you gonna go smoke up all my good stuff.

    HAPPY 420 YA'LL

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  • Report HSMC has earned my trust!

    After visiting HSMC twice now, I think I have a good feel for the vibe here and I couldn't be more impressed. Bottom line, this place gets it! A collective is a place built by patients for patients. First impressions are everything, it's when a patient decides if they'll ever return again. People like me want to know they can trust the staff and medicine they are buying to help them! Never a doubt at HSMC. Jason is super knowledgeable about all his medicines and makes sure to find the right medicine for you.

    On my second visit I saw results that they had already begun testing their medicine with Steep Hill. The Cherry AK I picked up on my first visit came out at 23% THC! What more proof do you need?? Next time it's on the shelf I'm going to buy two bags just to be sure I have more on hand should it run out. Right now I'm smoking on some Purple Princess so fresh it wasn't even on the menu yet. Jason hooked it up because the man knows how to treat people!

    I'm excited to see they'll soon be carrying lotions and other non-smokeable products soon. I always like testing new products which allow me to take medicine whenever, where ever! Truly an answer to every need here. Need some of the best buds in the South Bay? Done. Need fair prices that won't break the bank? Done. Need a wide-variety of high-quality buds to choose from? Done. Need help from a true expert in choosing which medicine is right for you? Done. Need a collective who is truly built to improve the lives of its patients? Done! ... And the best part is they've only been open a few weeks! This place has unlimited potential.

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  • Report you wont regret this vist

    After trying out some of the new clubs I was kind of hesitant to walk into this one. The only thing I regret now is not having gone inside sooner. I was really surprised by the quality of their medicine but I tried not to get too excite because how it smokes is always more important. I got some deadhead og for my free half gram and it was way stronger than I thought. I just took a few hits and I was high enough. I seriously hadn't been that high in a while. I also got some of their OG kush and it's also as good as it looks. All of their medicine seems to be of high quality and trust me it wont disappoint you. They truly live up to high standards because when you smoke their weed you can tell the difference.

    the people there were very helpful and seemed to know their medicine. I also had trouble from some of the other clubs not knowing what they were selling. I think employees should at least have to take some kind of marijuana test to make sure they can at least be semi-helpful. Glad to say I didn't feel like this with this club. I highly recommend trying this place out.

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  • Report Island Sweet Skunk

    There were a number of jars at this stop that had true top shelf bud in them, but this Island Sweet Skunk is as good a sativa as you'll find anywhere. The place is relatively new, so the staff goes out of the way to show you the setup. Also, the eigths are weghed to four g's.

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  • Report Real Deal

    I've been to over 30 clubs in nor cal all well known but this club hands down is number one and its new I went and got an eighth expecting 3.5 and got 4.0 of four different strains which were all fire and usually clubs that give you 4.0 gram eighths and go out of there way to help you suck but not high standards its a new better breed of collectives with qaulity meds If you want top shelf and variety with great costumer service this is the spot they show you love I gaurantee it will make your day if your looking for some of the finest cannabis in Northern california.

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  • Report High Standards Indeed

    The staff were patient as I asked questions while filling out my first time patient's sheet. WHen I got into the room with all of the medication in it, I asked for 1/8th of blue cheese. The owner started bringing me jars of buds to smell (the Super Silver Sour D Haze smelled amazing, I might get that next time). Somehow I mentioned that I normally don't smoke Indica because it tends to knock me out, so the owner brought me some purple snowcap to try at home for free, along with an eigth of LAX for buying an eigth. Those people are gurus. Also, 4g eigths!

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  • Report high standards- the name speaks for itself

    decided to check this place out cause they had a sale on here for bogo eighth free so i went in. you could tell by the graffitti paint on the outside that i was at the right place. the form was so short it barely asks for your name. went into the bud room and the owner was the budtender. jason was truly into his work and knew what he was talking about. showed me everything i wanted to see or smell, plus more. he genuinely took care of me and seriously has me referring my close friends.

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  • Report Name is everything!

    This place is tight Super silver D is bomb as shit. Also right now its buy one 1/8 get one few cant beat that! The preroll of sour monkey was good, loved the blue dream got a nice 4.6 gram nugz!

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  • Report Putting the PASSION back in COMPASSION

    After visiting a lot of the top clubs, this dispensary was the only one to compel me to finally write a review about one.

    Here we have High Standards Collective, an up and coming dispensary in the South Bay area. Their building stands out from the other collectives, the moment you drive up you notice the awesome graffiti mural done up on their front facade. Parking is easy (Few spots up front, some on the side streets). Neighborhood is an industrial area with a few other businesses around so it seems fairly safe to be around here even in the evening (This is one of the few spots I know of open past 8PM in my area, kudos for that one). Usual paperwork to fill out, small front office, though I believe they are doing some construction to expand the waiting space. After all was said and done I was allowed into the medicine viewing room.

    Now for the good part! As I entered, I noticed the huge whiteboard in the left with their full menu/price/strain break down. Good variety all around with at least 8+ different strains in each of the different types of MMJ (Indica/Sativa/Hybrid). There's a main counter area where the budtenders bring out huge jars for patients to smell and view. Jason, my budtender, who also happens to own the place knows his stuff. He literally brought out a plethora of jars for me to look at, it was almost overwhelming! He knew all his strains and worked with all the growers directly I believe. Its good to know that the man knew where he got his medicine and not from just some vendor trying to peddle some brand name herb. All the meds looked perfectly cured, killer aroma and frosty all around. No taxes, hard capped $55 4G 1/8th & 8G 1/4th is great during these rough financial times. I ended up walking out with 5-6 different strains, each one solid in its own right but two that stood out were the Sweet Island Skunk(Sativa) and the AK-47(Sativa). Both strains went down super smooth in my water pipe, real kiefy when broken up, THC literally falling off your finger tips. Some of the best sativas I've had in months! And like my title suggest, Jason is really compassionate about what he's doing, what he's trying to do there at HSC is what the standard for all other clubs should be based on.

    Discover this gem now! Tell a friend!

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  • Report High Standards Collective

    High Standards is a nice place to visit. The Bud was very good I had some of the Purple Cream, Purple Snow Cap, & Some Blue Dot. they hook u up with a .5gram if you do a $15dollar donation of any kind of flowers. The Atmosphere is oka kinda feel cage in. But the Art work outside is wonderful. The Access is a bit hard to find just cuz its in the cuts. The Staff is okay... The owner is kool. The Price is a lil High for my standard.

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  • Report best place i have ever seen in san jose

    just stop by and check it out please u will be happy

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  • Report This one's a favorite!!

    Found this place on weed maps and it's kinda hard to find cuz it's in the industrial area but once you see the big graffiti art you will know you've come to the right place. Sign in process was simple and easy. I decided to try this place because of their special, 5 gram eighths. I got the K1xGDP, AK-47, Casey Jones. They also hooked me up for being a newbie. Free 1/2 gram of my choice of Purple Snocap, free edible, and free purple cream preroll. The buds at High Standards Collective are definitely high standard! The buds I got were frosty and covered with lots of trichomes. The price is a lil bit pricey but you pay for what you get. If you wAnt good medicine this is the place! Super friendly staff also!

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  • Report needy greedy

    I was excited about this club. the budd was strong and the prices were great but I made the mistake of making a remark about how great their prices were. all of their grams were $15. when I went back the next time the prices for the grams had gone up to $20. when I made the remark about their prices one of their employees said we're here for you. when they said that I knew they were full of shit and they proved it.

    and don't ever buy their overpriced hash. you're better off cleaning your pipe for resin.

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  • Report KILLER SMOKE MUST TRY!!!!!Good Quality

    Tthis place is great..I had no problem finding it. right off of coleman ave, near sjo airport , nice people, good art work on the building props. Really good weed. I lost count of all the strains and had a hard time picking, since there were some many good ones I wanted to try. I definitly going back..

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  • Report i went in for the first time today; easy...

    i went in for the first time today; easy to find, quick paperwork, and plenty of nice buds. i talked to all the employees like i havve known them for a long time, very chill vibes. they give a lot to welcome new pts. ill be making a return visit soon.

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  • Report THE BEST!

    Me and my girlfriend love this place,lots buds,good prices,lots of love. We Love High Standards!!!! ^___^

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  • Report good place if im by the airport

    It a nice little spot tucked away in the back of the street. iv'e been their 2 times and always liked the flowers and pre roll's. the house blend is killer and the white widow was great also like the fact that they test their meds so i know their clean. Thanks High standards

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  • Report my new home!

    theres no place like a home with high standards! the best on the west! might as well close all the rest of them!

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  • Report High Standards Indeed

    Great club great weed great deals. yes.

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  • Report Having Higher Standards

    This was recommended to me by a weedmaps buddy. The location was a little out there but that’s my only gripe the rest of my experience was sweet. Patient verification was quick and easy. Again if you are trying to become a member of a collective in San Jose you will need your original recommendation. Once verified, which took less than five minutes I was led back to the medication room where I was greeted by Robert and Jeff. As far as bud tenders go these guys are the ones you want to have dispense your medicine. They were highly knowledgeable and interested in meeting and accommodating my specific needs. Wow I am impressed it appears if a higher standard is a real compassionate place for medical marijuana patients to go. In the short time that I have been a member I have noticed that both on Friday and Monday the dispensary was offering deals and posting them on weedmaps. I took advantage of Fridays deal which was an eighth of top shelf for forty-five. New patient gifts include a free pre roll and half gram of whatever you want (flowers). Not bad for a fifteen dollar minimum purchase. Other dispensaries have a forty dollar minimum purchase in order to receive your first time gift. Higher Standards is better. I am highly impressed with higher standards check it if you have not you will be glad you did, trust me!

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  • Report doesnt get any better!

    seems all my regular clubs have been slacking as far as quality and quantity and pricing...so my journey began to find a club that would serve my needs...a friend says go to High Standards...they had a special going on buy one 1/8th top shelf get one 1/8th free!!!!! they knew exactly what strain for what ailments!!! needless to say I walked out with an 1/8th of Grandaddy Lavender and an 1/8th of Superjack and a prerolled and a gram of blue cheese for only $50 with my Military Discount!!!!! The quality of the meds was above and beyond my expectations....gonna have to go back for a shirt to wear to the expos/conventions!

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  • Report Thank You

    So this place really isnt that hard to find at all. They have nice artwork inside and and out. The staff there is awesome and extremely helpful. I have been to about every place in San Jose and this place is one of the top!They hooked it up for my first time and as a regular patient they hook it up with daily deals Sat thru Mon I think. I got some Lemon Og, Blue Cheese, and some Og Kush flowers they were all amazing put me right where i wanted to be. They also gave me a purple princess pre roll that was one of the best pre rolls Ive had. I also bought some hash that was the 2 best one they had and it got me super medicated, I loved it! seriously need to jusdt give them a try some of the best in SJ. Thanks High Standards!

    Must try once at least I know i will be going back in the near future though.

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  • Report WOW what a Awesome Club

    High Standards is now my only Spot i will go. The bud tender was very knowledgeable and spent time to make sure I got the perfect buds. I left their very happy i went their. As a first time Patient I was given a nice fat joint, and a gram of some top shelf White Widow..WOW was some fire too. If you bring in a new patient you get a gram of weed. So get all your friends and bring them in and get hooked up PHAT. I like that all taxes are paid for by the club. I have gone to over 60 clubs in San Jo and this place is my Favorite. Finnaly a place that had awesome BUDS and the best service i ever received . I got 2 8ths of some Purple Snow cap for $60.00. They also have specials on some days.You buy a 8th of top shelf and you get a 8th FREE.

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  • Report Love This Place!!

    I normally do not do many reviews but felt I had to on this place. I have been to many clubs in San Jose and by far this is my all time Favs.. I stumbled across one Friday and with my Luck they were having a Friday special. Comes to find out that they have a special every Monday and Friday. I must say some of the best specials by far, this Friday I went in and took advantage of their special which included buy any top shelf 8th (Tax Included) and you get 5 grams and a 3x Budbarber cookie!! Sweet deal. Last week I got a top shelf 8th for $45 and as a new member I got an extra gram for free and a top shelf pre rolled. Everything I have had from here has been great!! So far my favorites are the Green Crack and The Purple Snowcap!! You cannot go wrong with their bud and their staff is great!! They really pay attention to what your looking for or what may be best for you and your current conditions. They are very helpful and really know what their talking about when it comes to their product. I highly advise you to check this place out ASAP!! Can't wait till you have discounts for Military Parents!!

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  • Report Excellent dispensary

    this dispensary is very good.I've tried about
    Ten different places in san jose and this place
    Is my favorite!intake is fast and easy staff knows
    It's flowers and what works well for your condition.
    I love that they have 4g eights also mix and
    Match is great!I prefer indica but Jason
    Recommended a great saliva for my anxiety.
    Check this place out you won't be sorry!!!

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    Review Source:
  • Report Cool Club w/ decent variety

    So this is a pretty cool club. Overall not a bad place at all. Tried the Chemdawg and Cheese, both were very nice. Not that it's per se their fault, but I'm sick of seeing purples every where I go. I can't help but feel So Cal clubs have bigger and better varieties, but I understand the Bay still seems to be stuck on the purples even though they are not the greatest.

    Sorry got side tracked. I like High Standards, nice place. Pretty good selection. Service was not the greatest, but frankly, I don't really care. I just want high quality meds.

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  • Report Quality Club

    Bud Quality: Very pleased with all of the medicene I took home. Some absolute fire.
    Atmosphere: It is a solid atmoshpere with great art work on the building.
    Staff: Everyone was very friendly. My Budtender, Jessie, was awesome. He knew his stuff and had some great
    reccomendations of different medicines.
    Accessibility: A mile or so off the freeway, easy to find.
    Price: Very affordable. I left happy for what I paid.

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  • Report Thank You To High Standards: Jeff, Jason & Robert

    It's no wonder that High Standards has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on www.weedmaps.com and this current rating without a doubt will continue to climb. I have had nothing but positive experiences every time I go I to High Standards. Great location as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff willing to recommend and suggest a wide range of cannabis flowers to alleviate various symptoms. You wont feel rushed here and a couple of things worth mentioning; $5.00 pre rolls(very tasty). High Standards is always having specials and deals and also offers some outdoor strains for around thirty an eighth. I liked and recommend the outdoor purple snocap and outdoor LAX. Thank you all! Until next time have a good weekend.


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  • Report High standards indeed!!!!!

    so i just got back from high standards and i have to say this is one of the better clubs i have been to by far......jumped on weedmaps to check coupons and i saw that high standards had buy n eighth get a (select)eighth for free....some my cuz n i take the trip out to sj from salinas.....finding the spot was quite easy thought i was lost for a bit....once we got in check in was easy guy was really cool....once we got to the back room the two guys were cool as fuck let us look and touch the buds everything smelled and looked bommbb the best part that will keep me coming back is i got 2 eighths 2 pre rolls n 2 half grams for 55!!!!!awesome these guys are the best in every way fuck yea thanks guys!!!!!!

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  • Report The Best

    finally getting to writing my review, im a usual here, havent been anywhere else since my first time here. I always come in and get a ton of pre rolls, BOMB! not that bunk shit other clubs do, they roll whats on the shelf, its not as potent as straight out the jar obviously but its all good, still fire. ive copped almost every strain. budtenders, the whole staff are all cool people, jason the owner hooked me up with two of his wifes edibles that were so potent they had my eyes red after i took a shower and clear eyes! he said they'd be considered 20x, dope shit. I suggest all san jose residents to come here exclusively.

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  • Report their name says it all

    High Standards is the best dispensary I have visited to date. The staff is excellent: very helpful, very honest, very cool, spot on regarding all recommendations. The prices are the best, especially if you buy quantity, and their deals rock! lots of freebies. I would not hestitate to recommend High Standards to everyone I know. Great job guys!

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  • Report Great buds, but could have a better location

    Went a couple days ago and picked up a mixed half ounce, got a quarter of their super jack, and a couple eighths of green crack and casey jones respectively all of each were quite good. I also sampled a half gram of their AK which was tasty as hell and pretty stoney. Their selection is good, they keep it all in glass and weigh it out in front of you. All the medicine I got was very nicely manicured and cured and they make sure to not include a lot of stems. I spent some time talking to the bud tender who was quite helpful and did not rush me. I also got a couple pre-rolls of mendocino purple and querkle both of which were pretty stoney but they did not taste quite as good (could have been the papers..after smoking Elements and Raws almost exclusively for a couple years any other rolling paper tastes weird to me) but since I got one pre-roll free (first time patient gift) and the other was only $5 I certainly can't complain too much. They also hooked me up quite nicely, all my 8ths weighed out to 4.2 and my quarter ounce weight 8.4, the half gram (also a first time gift which I got to pick the strain) weighed .8 and each joint weight .7. Total price out the door: $180 for everything.

    My only real complaint is the location, it's a bit hard to locate if you don't know the area (it's in an almost residential neighborhood in a culdesac) and isn't in the nicest part of town. However, they do plenty to make their patients feel safe, they have plenty of security cameras and can see everything that is going around. There also is unfortunately not much parking and the waiting room to sign up in is a bit cramped, but luckily the registration process was quick and the waiting room for the bud tender is much nicer.

    All in all they are a great collective that just needs a bit more accessible of a location. I will definitely be returning, however. Need to get me more of that AK.

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  • Report Good overall club with rare strains

    This is a pretty good club. First, the very few negatives: the location can be a little tough to find the first time around, and the facility itself is fairly simple (sort of barren) with limited parking. And that's pretty much it for the negatives.

    Everything else here is good. Signing up is easy and the guy who walks you through the process is cool. The bud room is simple but they have a great selection. There are a lot of strains here that I don't see elsewhere, so I use it as my "change of pace" dispensary. The budtender is chill and lets you take your sweet time looking through the medicines. If you ask him to recommend something, he will, but otherwise you can just browse and you never feel rushed.

    As far as a bud quality: I have to be honest, I'm a big indica lover and I don't recall ever having gotten a mind-blowing "top 5" or "top 10" (basically "top X number") all time favorite strain here. But indica quality is very consistently high across the board, and their sativas looked really nice too. I've never gotten any bad flowers here at all. In fact I'd say the buds I've gotten from this club have all looked very nicely cured and handled -- typically the nugs are nice and tight and dense, and you don't get shake with your purchase. And the prices are very fair for what you get.

    I'd recommend giving this place a look. It's tucked away in a corner (I bet a lot of folks drive right by it every day without realizing it) but has some nice goodies for reasonable prices.

    Review Source:
  • Report Weed Wall

    I recently revisted High Standards and again was not disaponted. I got some Super Jack and C4. Super jack smelled so strong it almost gets you high and the taste is sweet with hints of flower. The C4 is just as good. The people that work there are super nice and welcoming and they got the biggest selection of im not sure but it all looked like top shelf to me.

    Highly Recomended.

    Review Source:
  • Report Got Damn

    Wow definetly a spot to check out it's going to be one of my new regular spots when im on that side of town or even if it's saturday because they stay open late. so all prerolls are buds and not shake. then as a first timer and spend $15 you get to pick any preroll you want which are all fiiiiirre. then for your free half a gram they dont give you a pre-bagged brown piece of stress but let you pick from any strain in the dispensary yup even top shelf. the staff friendly and know what there talking about and dont rush you. I reccommend the Allen Wrench which was free for the first time plus Ogre OG preroll. and for the minimmum $15 donation i suggest to get 3 prerolls almost like getting a gram of fire for 5 which is another good thing there prerolls arnt $7 or $10. But check this place out!

    Review Source:
  • Report *~(Real-Top-Shelf-Cannabis-Provider)~*

    Back for another H.S. review, this time I want to focus on their top shelf high grade flowers. I have been coming in regularly for the last month and have tried many (not enough) strains. Some of my favorites are; Purple snowcap, the grape, and super jack. It would be hard to go wrong there. The purples are just so fresh and tasty, a real treat. Their flowers are very sweet and fresh and tasty and the strain selection is massive. Theres a strain for everyone there and if not than there is bound to be an edible there for ya.

    Review Source:
  • Report Definitely Worth A Visit

    BACKGROUND: I went to High Standards because of their great reviews on WeedMaps.

    PROS: Very close to the freeway. Although it might be hard to find your first time, once you know where it is, it's very easy to get to from the 280/Coleman Exit. Just look for the colorful painting on the front of the building. Very little traffic in the neighborhood, although somewhat limited parking. I give them five stars for ACCESSIBILITY.

    The bud tenders are great. They really encourage you to take your time and look through the magnifying glass and touch and smell everything. You really will not feel rushed here, even if many people are in the waiting room. They really know what they're talking about, and they're not afraid to give their personal opinions. The lady in the lobby seemed to be new at the job, but we'll hope she comes along. In spite of that, I give the bud tenders five stars for STAFF.

    Great selection of buds. Everything is weighed in front of you.

    New patients get a free pre-roll and a 1/2 gram of top-shelf on top of your $15 donation/purchase. Top-shelf's are $20/gram, but that includes sales tax and San Jose Pot Tax, so I give them five stars for PRICE.

    Fair selection of inexpensive ($5) pre-rolls. The day I was there, they had two Indica pre-rolls, two Sativa pre-rolls, and one blended pre-roll.

    CONS: Since the bud tenders encourage you to take your time while in the bud room, you may have to wait a few minutes (or more) in the waiting room if it gets busy. Also parking might be a problem during busy time.

    The lobby is fairly small and cramped.

    Pre-rolls and buds come in basic plastic bags (not Doob Tubes, nor heavy smell-proof bags).

    Only four non-blended pre-rolls. That's better than most dispensaries, but less than others.

    Overall, one of the best dispensaries in San Jose. Someone suggested it's a great "change of pace" dispensary. I would agree.

    Review Source:
  • Report Highest Standards Around

    2nd review for HSC on some of their top notch medicines, a must visit dispensary for oldies and neophytes alike!

    First off their Yak Capsule's(Indica), Rob recommended these too me so I decided to give them a shot, solid night time medicine for those who don't like to smoke or eat their medicine, and in my opinion, better then some of the habit/non-habit forming over-the-counter sleeping pills you get at the local pharmacies. Very pleasant medicine.

    I've been on a binge on HSC flowers, their Green Crack is always a favorite of mine(This batch being a smidge better then the last). More of their pure sativa AK-47(Low tolerance patients use caution when smoking this herb), which if you have not tried, you should since this particular strain can go in a flash much like their Sweet Island Skunk and you may not see it here again for months. They have a new custom strain by the proprietor of HSC himself, Jason. The stuff is called C-4 and is a sativa, managed to pick up some of this stuff when it was fresh and will say now, it is definitely some compound 4 sativa explosion but don't let the name scare you, it is one of the smoothest smokes I've had in awhile. Goes down smooth, effects slide in like a bomb disposal team.

    Again, a great selection of herb and their indica selection is no exception. A literal plethora of OG Kush crossed strains, Lemon, OG(Original), Stealth, Skywalker and SC(Santa Cruz) just to name a few off the top of my head. I've only had the opportunity to try a few select strains but upon inspection of the others, all appeared to be some of the best of each respective strain I've seen gathered under one roof. This alone should bring you in if you're an OG Kush fan.

    Last but not least, I managed to get my hands on some of their honeycomb concentrate. I believe it was the Morning Star honeycomb hash. Soft to the touch, melts better than a full melt hash but not quite as good as a wax(Pretty damn close as far as consistency goes though). I had it topped on some flowers and it provided a nice, quick "stoney" effect. Almost on par with a Super Jack/Purple Diesel concentrate I normally use, definitely worth a shot if you want something new to try that's potent and they do 1/2 grams!

    High Standards Collective comes through again with solid bud tendering (Rob, Christina and Jeff setting the prime standard of bud tender behavior) and potent medicine. HSC in the 2011 Cannabis Classic, lets make our votes count!

    Review Source:
  • Report Wow

    Yes very very happy Good Trees over-all very satisfied . So if you go to San Jose THIS IS A MUST stop by hehehe : )

    Review Source:
  • Report Very impressive, the staff, the service, and the b

    Its amazing to find excellent staff, impressive service and good quality products all at one place, but, this is the place where you can find all three and then some. The knowledgeable staff, give you detailed information on all of their medicine products. They let you smell and touch. The generosity and graciousness of the staff, made you feel like you were walking into a room filled with old friends, warm and inviting. We were never hurried and we were educated on how different strains effect a person. This was mine and my husband's first time ever to a dispensary. It was nice to be in a place where there was no stigma against this medicine and actually felt like normal citizens at a pharmacy. The promotional free samples were abundant, these people are truly gracious and sympathetic towards bodies with illness. We just happened upon this dispensary unknowing of their awards, or anything else. We just picked an ad out of a magazine blindly and were blessed with a fantastic choice. I would recommend this place to everyone, especially, novices like myself and my husband. Thank you all for your help, support, compassion, and great quality products.

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  • Report Yaboy

    first legit shop i went to and grabbed who had great deals with quality. staff was very friendly.

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  • Report First dispensary, great experience

    From the moment I walked in the door I was impressed with High Standards Collective. The staff was very friendly and engaging and made me feel welcome and accepted immediately. Everything is laid out nicely and flows smoothly. As a first timer visiting on a weekend I was amazed at how much they took care of me. Green Crack is one of my preferred strains and theirs is great right now. Looking forward to future visits.

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  • Report "I give it a-ya...a TEN! A TEN!"

    First time to this dispensary and I was very impressed. Quick registration process. Wide selection of strains, edibles, concentrates. Very very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Small building at the end of a cul-de-sac. Highly recommended. Their flowers look, smell and taste amazing. $55 for top shelf 4g 1/8th's, tax included! I was only looking at the location when I chose this spot so the hook-ups were a pleasant surprise. So far the Purple Diesel (free 1st visit .5g) is nice. Can't wait to try the AK47 (smells super fresh) and OG Sour D (free 1/8th) and Super Jack (free 1st visit pre-roll). They allow you to handle the flowers as you decide and they don't pre-weigh. Worth a visit.

    Review Source:
  • Report Awsome club

    I been to this club a couple times now, and i have to say each time i came, i left with a simile on my face. They have a huge selection of strains so everyone can find their own strain that works with them. Some of my favorite strains so far are ak-47, Purple Snow, Casey Jones, Super Kush, and Grapes. They have a small selection of concentrates but i did pick up a gram of their Purple Urkel earwax and for forty bucks,(usually its 50-65), it was a great wax and a great deal. The staff is chill and knowledgeable plus they have a booklet of the strains that explains the effects and which other strains it came from.Easy locations right off Colemen Ave and 880 but they have limit parking. Overall this club is great plus they have the best weekend specials around

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  • Report buds

    The first visit to this collective was worth every drop of gas and time.The staff is so nice and laid back they treat every patient with respect. ohh the art work there is very beautful if you love art this is a place to come and checkout.signing up to become a member was like any orther collective you got to read the rights as a patient and the federal laws and what not.last but not least the herbs, when i tried the ak-47 i was medicated withen seconds thanx high standards. i will be makeing a trip back to this collective soon.

    Review Source:
  • Report Great!

    This place is no doubt the favorite dispensary I've been to so far. The people are all very friendly and talk to you. The people who are giving out the prescriptions are very knowledgeable about nearly all the products and really love what they do, you can just tell. I had a great experience here during their (1/8 = 5g sale) today. I got two indicas and the quality was superb. I will be going back.

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  • Report One of my favorites (Top 3 in San Jose)

    Not hard to find. On a side street right off 880/coleman exit. Parking is limited to street side. Cool artwork on the building...

    Chill Staff, Fast and easy paperwork....

    So far I have sampled Cheese,OG, C4, LemonOG, GDPxOG and some of their morning/honeycomb hash.

    Everything other than the hash was excellent.

    Their prices are among the better ones in the area. Taxes included in the pricing.

    absolutely HUGE selecction of strains and always a strong selection of OG's....

    They run some crazy specials.... Buy and 1/8th and get one for free. I picked up their OG Kush which is right up there with Elemental and Kens Pure OG at P2P. they thews in a 1/8th of their C4 budlets (Chem4 x SourD) and its frosty covered with trichs and other than its budlets its top shelf. How can you guy wrong. 2 8'ths for $55 out the door!

    Jesse and Jason both know their products real well. definite cool place...

    Great 1st timer gifts. Got a LemonOG pre-roll and a free 1/2 G.

    only real nits are the parking, small waiting room and small bud room but everything else is cool...

    One other note: They have everything in big glass jars and weight it out fat for you everytime BUT if your a patient with low immunity look elsewhere as they do allow patrons to touch the meds before its weighed out. Doesn't seem to bother most folks but for those with serious conditions there are better choices with safer med options.

    Overall one of the Top 3 in San Jose.

    Highly recommended.

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  • Report Lowering their standards

    heres an updated review, i usually come here for pre rolls, then the bogo 1/8ths they do, but the other day i got some pre rolls that literally weighed out to .3-.5, they were really loose and rolled to look fat but were loose. the pre rolls are usually .8 some ive gotten were 1.0 and above, thats what i expect from HIGH standards, dont get me wrong i still love the club but the last couple visits have been lack to me. and dont buy sour monkey pre rolls, theve been there since almost 2 months ago;trust me i know, i consider myself a usual, i know almost all the budtenders except the new dude. the new front guy is okay, not as cool as the usual dude who knows me so well i dont show my id. high standards is blowing up in san jose, before i would hella chop it up and chill longer than usual, now im grabbing my meds and im out the door, there getting real big and its starting to show, still my favorite club in san jose.

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  • Report White Rhino

    I really miss the White Rhino

    My Favorite Place! Will not go Elsewhere!!

    ~Marine Mom~

    Review Source:
  • Report Nice

    and wow what a selection, largest top shelf in San Jose by far and what 55 an 8th no taxes? whats not to like. unless i got some secret 10% off i wasnt told about for being a first time patient, Oh, and i got a free pre roll of bud not shake and a free half gram which was fat, the dude literally gave me a gram, anyways good place pretty fast pace in the morning i didnt have to wait let me in right away, will be coming back.


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  • Report all the strains are tested by Steep Hill

    Checked these guys out again today, they had a book full of all the lab results of all the strains tested by Steep Hill Analysis listing all the thc cbd and cbn percentages. Which is way cool, exactly what i like to see, I went with some Jack Herrer 5 grams for 55 tax included. thats tight, practically 10 dollar grams. jack is 20.13% thc or stealth og where my 2 choices between, the jack is a nice sativa but I think I'll go with the stealth next time with is 18% thc a nice indica. staff was nice and helpful. apparently theirs an issue with lines forming but i came in early so it wasn't an issue. cool place, i just wish they posted their lab results online so i can see them better before i go in. thanks high standards.

    update 6/28/11- noticed they have hubbies for donation now, thats fucking awesome, if you know anything about hubbys chocolate bars they are the strongest in southern california. and as far as i know they are the only club that carries them in northern cali, i don't know how they managed to pull that off but props to them.

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  • Report Be gentle with the bud...

    Ok, so this place has really big ups and really big downs.

    First, it's easy to get to, like, just off 280, in a nice, safe-feeling location.

    Second, the line was insane! It was about a 40 minute wait for my friend and I, and there were only about 6 people in front of us. On the way out, there were somewhere near twice as many people waiting though, so I guess we got lucky. This place is popular! ...I hope they expand, because they need at least one more budroom.

    Additional note about the waiting room: there's a TV (that was playing House at the time), and psychedelic ceiling artwork. Neat!

    Third, after getting into the budroom, the place felt really homely. It was actually a pretty cool set-up, the bud was on racks behind the BTs (all men, weird), split on the right side with their high-grade sativas, the left side with their high-grade indicas, and the middle with their mid-grade stuff.

    Fourth, the bud. Unfortunately, being a germaphobe and having been to many clubs, none of which touch their dank this much, was an issue. The BT would literally rip pieces off the bud to make it weigh closer to what it should (as oppose to putting a different nug on the scale). Maybe they were just in a rush, but that annoyed me a lot. Also I enjoyed being able to touch the weed, but sometimes it's nice to have a pair of tweezers, a blacklight, and a magnifying glass to examine it instead (the club didn't have any of this). I'm not a fan of having THC crystals get rubbed off on everyone's fingers. This also made the bud seem less frosty, but I haven't smoked it yet so I can't tell you for sure.

    Buuuut on the other hand, the price was AMAZING. For $125 (and being a new patient), I got a 1/4th (8.2 grams!) of OG/Sour D, a split eighth consisting of 2.1 grams of Blue Cheese, and 2.2 grams of Purple G, a FREE nicely-sized glurple joint (they were out of Tahoe OG joints), a FREE eighth of gold oats? budlets, and a FREE 1/2 gram (probably more like 0.8) of grapefruit kush.

    My friend who's also a patient smoked the OG/Sour D and it knocked him out. A surprisingly well indica-dominated hybrid from what I hear. Only complaint I heard was the stringent taste, which shouldn't come as a surprise as it was mid-shelf stuff (still a great high!).

    I smoked the Glurple joint yesterday and it was pretty damn good. Not quite the couchlock I was expecting, but still pretty good. Also smoked some of the gold oats? which were also a nice sativa high that energized. Awesome for some free bud.

    Overall, the price is amazing! (six or seven stars if I could), but the wait time and man-handling of the bud made me like the place a little less. Also, I got overcharged $50, but after I mentioned that, they gave me $55 back. Awesome!

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  • Report Lower Standards

    First off the prices here are great for the amount you get which is the plus side and why I've been going there for over a month. On the other hand yesterday the service was slow and the whole place seemed unorganized and chaotic. The prerolls were on the small side again but for $5 what can you expect. Until yesterday this was my spot but after what I saw yesterday I'm not going back and after reading the last couple reviews looks like I'm making a good choice. I always had a feeling that some of the strains weren't what they listed them as, oh well. There are other clubs in San Jose who actually can keep up their standards of service and don't become an unorganized mess. High Standards is obviously having a hard time with that. Still 4 gram 8ths for $55 aren't bad but if the service and atmosphere aren't right it doesn't matter. I'm off to find a new club.

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  • Report Love this Place!

    atmosphere is awesome! the people that work there are really cool :)

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  • Report Check it out! Great Variety!

    Bud Quality: Outstanding, well cured bud, bright hairs, nothing really stood out as shining, everything on their top shelf was solid as hell! As well as their lower shelf. Amazingly fresh, fruity in smell, smooth taste! In addition they have some nice concentrates, some killer oils/waxs!

    Atmosphere: Really like the atmosphere. Professional, personal, and chill.

    Staff: Overall staff was friendly, the guy up front was social and the BT's were overall pleasant. My BT just seemed a little preoccupied, disconnected, and in no rush to get me my medicine in a timely manner. I was in no rush, but it's comforting to feel like you are being taken care of. Other than that she wasn't rude, and made some small conversation

    Accessibility: Right off the freeway. A left turn and a few rights will get you there pretty fast.

    Price: $55, 4 Gram Eighths. Pretty standard, but their deals made up for it. When I came in they had a deal where any top shelf eighth you purchase would be 5 grams instead of 4! Pretty sweet. Plus a free preroll and half gram for being a first time patient.

    Check it out!!

    stay medicated

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  • Report Chea!

    Nothing like the buy a 1/8 get one free deal. Plus you can split your bud. Diggin the super jack from here aswell as the og cheese. Bomb shit. Staff always hooks it up fucking fat!!! Also check out the plat og wax...!!! no tax!

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  • Report New and growing beyond their walls, Fantastic!

    Great place! People are really nice, compassionate care is here. Bud variety is great as are edibles. New, small place that is exploding beyond their walls. We will keep going back. They remember you here. The buds are great. My favorites are many including; Skywalker, Jack Herer, Sour Monkey, Grapefruit.

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  • Report High Standards gives back to its patients...

    This is one of the best places to go in San Jose if you are true patient. They actually give a shit if you come back or not and they take good care of you. Doesn't have the corporate feel of Elemental and the BTs aren't impersonal. A professional hand shake goes a long way. You want to feel good about spending your money, go here. Plain and simple.

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  • Report Best Club in the Bay!!!

    I have been coming to High Standards since they first opened and every time im there its nothing but a great atmosphere, great customer service and getting you exactly what you are looking for. I have seen this place grow as the time has gone by. They always have something new and their buds are the best around. Their prices are great and I learn something new everytime im in there. They are all about you that is why I love it there and can't ever see myself going to any other club and believe me I have been to almost every club in San Jose and they are the best by a long shot.
    -Jeremy F.

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  • Report Round 2

    went to High Standards for a second time and enjoyed just as much as the first.took in my girlfriend so i got a free gram (of my choice) for the refferal.ended up leaving with a vriety of strains,2 hubby bars which is more of a plus as ive only seen these in so cal and are EXTREMELY POTENT and thats saying something cuz im not really a fan of edibles....also scooped up a gram of honeycomb...All of it was fire The White,Jack Herer,Plum Kush...love this place wouldnt mind making it my main one

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  • Report Highly Recommended ;)

    I absolutely love this place! The bud is great and they have sooo many edibles to choose from. Staff has always been very nice to me.. Plus I dig the awesome artwork they have on the outside of the building o.O High Standards,Great bud, highly recommended! See you guyz soon :)

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  • Report This place is the real deal. OTHERS TAKE NOTES!

    BUD QUALITY: I picked up an 8th of Blue Dream and an 8th of Platinum OG Kush. Both 8th's were DANK. Sticky, hairy, frosty, and most of all NOT DRY AT ALL.

    ATMOSPHERE: Nothing special, but it's clean and welcoming. The art outside on the building is LEGIT.

    STAFF: Everyone was very friendly. Excellent staff!

    PARKING: Not great, not terrible.

    PRICE: Nice prices, and they give me 10% off for being a Veteran.

    Did I mention all 8th's are FOUR grams? NICE!

    Check these guys out ASAP.

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  • Report All other Clubs can not touch the buds here...

    Wow I have go to so many clubs in San Jose that claim they have Fire but Do not. Here they do have some super all the time. I like the fact you get a gram of top shelf for recommending a new patient. All the Bud tenders are very knowable and take the time to make sure you get what you want. The 8ths are 4 Grams. I only go here Thank God for High Standards.

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  • Report The only collective you'll ever need


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  • Report the best in town

    my boyfriend and i love coming here the people who work there are super friendly, nice, and if you ever have any questions they have all the answers. not only that they explain to you all the meds they got in stock and let you kno if its an indica or sativa. this place makes you feel right at home and they always got good deals and very good meds that cure ur pain right away. we have and will continue to refer many of our friends. we will c u guys there later if i get off work on time..................:)

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  • Report LEGIT!

    GREAT TOP SHELF MEDS! staff is real awesome and they're all nice and hook you up but imo the meds are a little pricey for my liking but overall i'd say the quality is worth the price.

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  • Report Amazing Collective

    HSMC is the best!! From the friendly bud tenders to the top shelf flowers, to the low prices, everthing is awesome. As a fairly new patient HSMC provides the environment that is a perfect match for me. The bud tenders are knowledgeable and their recomendations have been dead on! While I may be a fairly new patient, I have a hell of a time trying to get to sleep and have a crazy high tolerance HSMC has fabulous top shelf buds that handle pain, anxiety and insomnia. I've tried about 7 other collectives this is the only collective I will go to.

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  • Report oh yah

    great place

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  • Report Love this place

    This is one of the best places I have ever been. The people are so nice. Walking in, I felt like I immediately had new friends. Very professional, extremely helpful, knowledgeable. Choosing from all of the different buds was made easier because the budtenders take their time answering all of my questions without making me feel hurried or stupid. I appreciate the buds being tested for the purity of my meds. I am elated that Stanford University is associated with this collective. I appreciate that the staff knows the effects of the different strains and what is beneficial to my needs. I tried Jack Herer for my diverticulosis pain and cramping. Within seconds I can feel relief and relaxation instead of pain and tightness. I use Skywalker for sleeping. I use AK47 during the day to relax my tension and to motivate me. Awesome buds. Fantastic medicine. Thank you HSMC for helping me with my medicine needs. You guys are the greatest.

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  • Report highly recommended

    Not only being my first time here, but I had also hit it on a bargain day (4g 1/8ths anyone?). It's conveniently and quietly located in a culdesac, with nicely done "graffiti" on their building. I rang the bell and was instantly greeted by the receptionist. Filling out papers was quick, and he even answered a few usual questions before I had asked, one of which was addressed by him saying that they don't share member information with other third parties. +

    Past this room is a waiting room with the actual budtenders' room afterwards. In this second waiting room, I remember there being cold/hot water dispensers, drink mixes, teas, etc. Very nice. I had gone in not only with 2 other new members, but when the actual budtenders' room was full - yet I only had to wait a few minutes. +

    You are greeted with respect and eye-contact as you walk in the next room. Buds are pre-weighed (EDIT: weighed to order; in front of you. Woops!). Being my first time here, I was picky with what I wanted. I had explained what I looking for, and Jeff and Andrew addressed me very well - probably the most knowledgeable budtenders I've ever encountered out of all the dispensaries in SJ and a few in SF that I've experienced. I like very much that they didn't say things along the lines of "Oh, dude, it's great stuff...", nor "I really don't know, I'm sorry."; they definitely did their research / sampling of the buds they were selling.... which is why I had been waiting to address this review; I don't smoke a whole lot, and I did make quite the purchase that day.

    They don't pre-weigh nor pre-bag. They have these huge glass mason jars and allow you to pick them up with your fingers.. (I honestly wish they had some tweezers or something). They weigh it in front of you, for you. luckily for me, I got the longer end of the stick, being new and showing up on a good day. I got an eighth of blackberry kush (phenomenal, beats elemental's IMO, smooth, sweet, drowsier, yet not as much bag appeal), some super jack (tastes as sweet as it smells, burned nicely, uplifting yet also more mellowy in higher doses), c4 (have yet to try), plum kush (have yet to try), and chocolope (skunky, sweet, fruity, then chocolate smelling [I honestly would love a potpurri of this lol], which I have yet to try) EDIT: tried it last week. Not very potent, which is - upon further googling - not uncommon among most chocolope labels. But tastey :) slightly burny on the throat via joint, but not enough to grunt uncomfortably.

    As you can see, their prices aren't exactly generous, but I feel with High Standards, you really get what you pay for. Kudos to the staff and flowers they got in stock! Hope they remain as one of the 10 dispensaries of SJ.

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  • Report amazing!

    absolutely loved them! everyone is really nice and chill and they know teir bud. they made my firat time awesome ans the deals are amazing. the staff was very nice amd relaxed. im definetly coming back!

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  • Report a bit Over-Rated. But def better than a couple oth

    Bud Quality: some good meds here
    Atmosphere: cant compete with the big boys
    Staff: one of the best
    Accessibility: Another club that needs to relocate
    Price: Average

    Overall: a bit Over-Rated. But def better than a couple others

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  • Report ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!

    The staff here is absolutely wonderful. The medicine is great. The deals are amazing. This is by far my favorite co-op that I have ever been to, hands down. I would love to work here.

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  • Report chill vibe

    ok so i finally get to this place an i've been havin major drama for a few weeks health wise that my family dont know about yet an as soon as i walk in this guy at the front desk named oj has this huge smile but like it was real like he was really happy to see me an i'm like instantly glad i went. like honestly if everything was like everywhere else i would still come back cause the way oj made me feel like an old friend an the real peaceful vibe he gave off an the cool way he lifted my mood.

    when i get to the bud tender area two guys were like all great vibes to like the guy at the front. jeff an bo. jeff was real smart an help me choose what i needed an i waited to write this till i figured out how it worked out an jeff was right it helped me alot so thats real cool cause the stuff my doc gives me makes my stomach hurt. bo was real sweet an he recommended a chocolate bar an i had that an that was real cool to. i saw some other staff around an they all look real friendly. i think the owners wife was there an she seemed real chill people with a cute dog an she was with real smiles to when people talked to her but i didnt talk to her but she seemed cool like i said.

    i think you should go here. i never write stuff like reviews cause my opinion is mostly only important to me but i think you might find this opinion is one that is ok to tell cause it will help you if you need help. if you need medicine an you want to have some chill vibes for a change for real no joke this place is kinda special cause of both the medicine but i think the people mostly. imo. danigrl408

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  • Report :D

    wow. where have you beeb hidibf ;)

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  • Report no one to balame but myself

    ok so im sporting my HIGH STANDARDS shirt at the gilroy garlic festival when some guy comes up and says I gotta club @ 966 santa clara street and we have a true high standard of product they cant beat...so we on our way to High Standard and as we pass botanica de canna im told lets just stop here...ok so we go in and my companion desides to get an 1/8th for like $65....as we get to the car this dry ass flowers getsmy curiosity and as im examining this bud i break it nd low and behold A BIG ASS SPIDER MITE CRAWLS ONTO MY FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!


    needless to say I ended up going to High Standard like I should have in the first place and got a fat ass 1/8th of L.a. confidental AND an 1/8th of Snow cap for $15 less and NO SPIDER MITES!!!!!!!!!!

    its one thing to give your place a name but High Standards lives up to their name as far as quality and quantity as well as the staff.

    I cant blame anyone but myself for not sticking to a tried and true club...HIGH STANDARDSS....ITS NOT JUST A NAME!!!!

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  • Report best club on tha planet

    for my first time i walked into a place a seemed loved. from the front desk to the back it was an awsome experience. top shelf meds and great deals . i went twice my first and second day. the guy at the front desk was great (the older guy) my badd im not to good with names. will be back

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  • Report great people

    good job

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  • Report best deal I gotten in san jo!

    well plain n simple I went a while back n never got to leaving a review I give em a 11 outa 10!

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  • Report idk wat happen this time?? wth...really?

    well drove from bakersfield and I brought a refferal friend wit me cuz I like the club..and both of us walked out empty handed? denied sale for lack of One dollar? all bad n my migraine was/still killing me friend n I came 4 Hours away! will NEVER COME BACK thought that wasn't koo wasn't my fault they dnt keep there weedmaps updated! scandosious I say.. but hopefully it was a misunderstanding? oh ya and no refferal gift? guy also didnt even offer that i could of bought 2 grams instead of an eighth? hmm so i heard of clubs sayin if short then we can shorten the eighth and i would of been fine with that but it was a straight "NO". well i will admit this cub was alot different the first time now idk wat happen?

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  • Report Cool little Dispensary

    I been wanting to check out High Standards for a while now after reading the reviews on weedmaps. Yesterday they had a awesome deal, get a half and you get free top shelf eight of your choice. I had to restock, and couldn't resist so off I go. Place was easy to find, right off the 880 freeway. However its street parking mostly, so I can see a problem with this during peak hours. The staff was really friendly, and the BT's knew their stuff. Got some LA confidential and cherry AK on recommendation. 4g eights even on the free one! LA confidential was real nice, mellowed me out good.

    The flowers are a little dry for my liking, but nonetheless they smoke real nice. My BT was really good, he took the time to trim all the excess stems before weighing, appreciate that. I do agree with earlier posts though, I wish they were a bit more gentle with the buds. Some tongs would be nice instead of handling it all the time. Also I think they should wipe the scales before weighing, getting bits of other strains mixed in is not good. Other than that, its a nice cannabis dispensary with good people. Will be back for more of those deals! Ohh being a first time patient, I got a free edible and joint as a gift. Thanks!

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  • Report Enjoy the Specials

    I always try and come in and buy one get one free day. Its a good special. Basically you buy an 8th of top shelf and they give you an 8th of some other strain for free. Done this deal 3 times....

    1st time: free 8th was some house grown c4 budlets and it was fire. covered in trichs.... good stuff for sure.

    2nd time: it was some 3rd dimension budlets. Not quite as great looking as the C4 but it smelled fantastic and smoked quite well.

    3rd time: it was some trainwreck. Honestly a little disapointed. It was outdoor and didn't even a strong smell to it. Defintely the worst of the 3 free 8ths I have picked up here.

    All the top shelf strains from the AK-57 to the Blue Cheese have been very good but their OG's are my favorite. Their straight up OG Kush is great as well as their Platinum OG and the headband I tried last time was excellent as well.

    Wish they had a little better parking situation and maybe a little more room inside. But overall a great club with a cool staff and generally very knowledgable although my last BT (sorry dont remeber her name) was super nice but was still learning.

    Still not happy about letting everyone contiminate the medicine with their hands. get some tongs folks! If you have any sort of immune problem don't get your medicine from here. That would be very dangerous.

    cool place with good specials. pays to watch weedmaps if you visit this place.

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  • Report Best Meds Around

    I have been going to high standards for months now and have watched changes for the good its build around the people that come thru but i have read a few reviews now where people ask to use tongs only people from the club touch the meds im not sure if people really understand what goes into process if you think that you can take down and trim with tongs come on people get real you dont want it pre-packaged cant use gloves because that really does make people sick and like i said you try moving meds around with tongs all day they take as much care as they can to make sure all is safe and MEDS ARE TESTED THRU STEEP HILL so with that said great place great meds and people Come check this place out its well worh the drive.

    Review Source:

    Been going to this club a few times and every time i go their they are very knowledgeable about each of their products of med's n edibles. Service is quick when its not a rush hour and they usually have very great daily deals so cant go bad with that!Best they do not prepackage there med's. Anyways the only negative about this collective is the price range ON BUDS, meaning you should go to here if your willing to spend a least an 1/8 to get the best experience. Unless you go for their edibles which are very potent and very low prices then other clubs with the same dosage, which you gotta try the Bud Bar 6x Cookie! OVERALL GREAT COLLECTIVE ONE OF MY TOP 3.

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  • Report Thank you H.S.M.C. High Standards indeed.

    I read about the First time patient specials here on weedmaps. I just had to drive across town for it . I found the place easy , thanks to the easy to find direction options here on weedmaps.com. What I found, hidden in a little nook by the airport, one the best places to get your meds. The only downside is parking is limited so go early if you can .

    I walked right in , the guy at the front desk who was from Illinois was very friendly and talkative and the paperwork was a quick read and sing. The inside is small and dark , I like that . They also sell vaporizers and accessories and T-shirt and hats and such . When i walked into the flower room i was greeted by two friendly faces . One of the bud-tenders Justin gave me a sample of some delicious Funny Honey . It was good but i wasn't there for edibles today. I was there for the Super Jack . One of my top strains is jack herer , one of the best strains in my book and i just love that smell . My budtender Rob was very patient when i was trying to select and run through all my options. I got a mixed eight of indicas,Purple Snowcap,Burgandy,LA Con,and True OG. And a split eight of sensi and super jack , and since i was a first timer i got a free eight of casey jones for making a donation over $100 . And they had a 2 pill pack of Yak Caps for 3 bucks , WOW !

    And since HSMC has daily specials i also got a fatty pre-roll on the house. Wow again, I love this place! This is my new number one place. The staff is friendly the prices on flowers , edibles,and clones are the best and the specials are killer . So go check this place out and follow 'em here on weedmaps.com . And thanks again Rob , Justin and the crew at H.S.M.C , you made my day . High Standards indeed.

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  • Report way to expencive!!!!!

    buds ok but it costs way to much. there are so many more clubs that have way better prices and their medicine is way better. and you really shouldnt bad mouth your costomer for giving u a bad review. they are right your stuff is way over priced!

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  • Report Beyond the highest of standards

    I've been a patient at high standards for a little over a half a year, usually daily. I have to say this club is #1 hands down. Every time I come here everyone greets me by name with a real smile. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need unrushed. Top quality meds even when you get deals unlike most clubs. Thank you high standards for exceeding any expectation I could ever have for a club.- Dominic D.

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  • Report Good as usual.....

    Been here before and again parking was scarce but got it anyway.....check in was fast....once i got to the back i knew what i wanted already and i got a quarter of the Casey Jones and a quarter of the Goo...the BT recommended the Casey Jones and it was great....very strong and smooth and only 75 for 1/4.....Goo on the other hand was quite dry almost dusty burnt fast kinda of harsh it was alrite....other then that these guys are great and i will be back again

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  • Report high standards!

    Great place to go if your in san jose deals everyday and they hook you up with some great bud

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  • Report not sure it can get better than this

    It all starts with the greeter, who is really friendly and outgoing. Once you get in, if you have to wait, there are some chairs, a tv, and it's chill. Once you go in, the smells knock you out. I haven't seen a selection of high quality buds in, maybe forever? I've talked to multiple bud tenders, and they haven't been wrong so far. If Bo tells you it's quality, you can bet on it! My first time there, we talked about what I've found that works, and why. He started steering me towards other strains and has been spot on, then and ever since. Their pricing is pretty good, and fair, but the quality...mmmmmmmmm. Great value, great BTs, and outstanding meds. If you haven't been there, you owe it to yourself to go.

    Rock on High Standards

    p.s. - add a free t-shirt to the rewards program, it would help spread the word about HS

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  • Report Cool, Discreet, Everythign you need!

    Good stuff at this place, it's as simple as good customer service,knowledge,interest,and good product. Going tomorrow to pick up a delicious special of top shelf 1/8ths. 5 Grams of top shelf Cherry AK or GDP for the price of an eighth? I'm sold!

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  • Report High Standards: Met!

    This place is good for jus about anything. Jus picked up 4clones and the roots were lookin sweet. Also if you want a good top shelf with a great taste pick up some Cherry Ak while you can!

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  • Report Dank!

    Okay. First review and I'm very well medicated at the moment. First of all, this place is amazing. Been here two times and I have never left disappointed.

    Bud Quality- Excellent.I was able to see the newly delivered goods and copped the Purple OG. I've never smoked buds that got me that high off one hit. Truly amazing strain. A MUST TRY! Also, you gotta love them for their 5 dollar pre-rolls with such a great selection!

    Atmosphere and staff was truly dope! very nice and welcoming. No dirty looks whatsoever at the guy who came in 5 minutes before closing. The receptionist in front even told me that I was the lucky last patient who got to see the new goods for tomorrow. Who doesn't like fresh trees?!

    Accessibility was cool. Everything's good except this can be a busy place and parking can be limited since its in the court of the house. Never had a problem, tho.

    Price- GREAT! buy an 1/8th get a free select 1/8. Now I don't know about you but to me that's a lot of weed for their already low prices!

    Thanks High Standards. You were my first review because y'all deserve it!

    -Young B.rokalifa

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  • Report my neighborhood club

    I love this place, but only because of the staff. The quality is ok, its the prices that are disappointing. Their bud isn't all that, but it does the job. The $5 preroll is the best deal they have going. I just wish the prices were more compassionate, because I am on a strict budget and I would prefer to come here but with many clubs in the area that give excellent discounts I find myself disappointed when I do end up going to High Standards. I'll continue you go here occasionally but only because I'm a sucker for cute boys and excellent customer service.

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  • Report Disappointed with a Capital D

    This is my first review, although I've been to about ten clubs in the area. Most of the time I'm satisfied with the clubs out here. However, This club is a disappointment. They got me in with the "buy one 1/8, get one free" promotion. I would never smoke that free 1/8th. If I'm buying top shelf, I'm not sure why they thought I would appreciate free swag. But hey, free is free right? It would have been better if my "premium" bud was cool, but I got some OG Kush. Smelled good in thier jar but when I got home, no smell, no taste and a very weak high. The swag started to look appealing!

    Main complaint about this collective is the lack of bud quality. Alot of thier bud looks the same, the guy that helped me said this is because they grow most of thier medication. If they do, they need to get with some other people to help them. I even found little pieces of egg shell within the medication.

    Another thing that turned me off about this place was the parking, very limited.

    The staff was okay, nothing special. There really is absolutely no reason to go into this club imo. There are too many better options. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

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  • Report MY FAVORITE :)

    I went to this club today, and was absolutely blown away! First of all, my boyfriend and I walk in the front door and the guy at the front desk is so friendly and welcoming. It was my first time and he made the paperwork a breeze and chatted with me the entire time. Then, I walk in the back and am instantly welcomed in by the tenders...it was like being at a friend's house! I mentioned to them about my boyfriend's birthday surprise that I am planning and they were so interested and helpful! The guy that helped me (I wish I could remember his name!) pulled out his favorites, and was so knowledgeable about all the high points of each strain! They have an amazing deal for first-timers too, just when I thought it couldn't get any better! I spent around $70 or so and ended up with several edibles, plus over 5g of bud!! We discussed vaporizors, birthdays, everything...before I knew it nearly 45 min had gone by! This club is absolutely phenomenal, and is my favorite by far...I'm going here always now! Thank you guys for such a fantastic first experience and I look forward to many more!!

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  • Report its decent

    alot of these comments sound fake. qtr and half prices are good. maybe some gravity to get dense nugs and less leaves through out the final nugs. all the strains ive medicated with have been good but the waterleaves fill up half the bag at the end. i still enjoy their meds when i have them

    Review Source:

    I have been coming to this club for awhile and just joined weed maps. I have noticed that a few other clubs have not had great quality lately EXCEPT FOR HERE. I'm not sure what is going on. I am extremely impressed with the customer service and the "welcome feeling" that you feel. The edibles are delicious!! The staff is helpful, knowledegable and courtious. This club doesn't have the atmosphere of a "buisness", they truly care about there patients. I was assisted by a Don or Donny and he was knowledgable, helpful, and he was caring and sympathetic to my health issues. High Standards is deffinately a one stop shop! Your Bud Tenders are rockin!

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  • Report Consistent good service and deals

    Finally writing a long overdue review after several visits. Across the board top effort on every viost. Thanks Bo, Jeff, Wendy (sure I didn't get all names right - sorry!) for great bud service and the mix and match, great specials and the flexibility and effort you all make in getting the right medicine that works for me. Great operation and thanks Nick for the the good service coming and going. Definitely will be returning.

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  • Report Was really impressed up until..

    Checked this spot out the other day, hadn't heard too much about it. Its located on a residential street, not the first club like this, but parking was really limited. Check in process was quick and the young lady who helped me out was friendly and helpful. They asked if i had been referred(i had) and offer a referral gram to the referree. Not something they have to do, so that was cool. On to the bud section, only two budtenders but i caught them at a good time so i can't complain. Budtender was a younger guy, friendly and looking to help. Unfortunately, the top shelf sativa's were almost completely gone. I being a high tolerance sativa lover was a little bummed, but decided to split an eighth of their top 2 sativas as they didnt have enough of either one to make a whole eighth. Also grabbed a gram of a nice indica they had that was near top shelp. I don't tend to look at the lower grades just because i don't have a good track record of success with them. Budtender was getting me ready to go while i did last second scanning for anything else. He mentioned a free gram with meeting a certain spending price which i remembered reading about on trusty weedmaps ;) i fell in love with their mazar hash. It looked fresh and smelled great. I had to get a gram of it. This put me at little over $100 and they pay the sales tax so it was a great deal. I did remember seeing something about a free eighth when spending $100 so i did ask if there were any more deals i met, and to a little bit of suprise, the budtender seemed a little like he was trying to get me out the door and quickly said no. I checked on weedmaps and sure it enough it says the deal as i remembered. I should have definitely asked specifically about it, but being that its about helping the patient, i also feel like they should be aware of their own announced specials. I also got a free small edible which was nice, except they never hit me(it didn't). Overall a pretty good experience. Nice meds, chill staff, but left disappointed. Might be back for the hash as it is some nice stuff. Otherwise, i say check it out and see what you think :)

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  • Report More Clubs Like This

    Club Is Great. Awsome Art Work On The Outside. Staff Is Great Freindly And Help Full. There Bud Quality Isnt Outsatnding But The 10g Is A Good Deal. I'd Personaly Bump The 20gs to 18-17 Then that shit would fly off the shelf. Other then that Coffee Is Great, Concentrates Are Off The Hook.............GOTS ME COMING BACK!! CHECK THIS CLUB OUT!

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  • Report San Jose's dispensary

    My official new home for marijuana in San Jose. You will be taken care of here.

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  • Report FIRE!!!

    This is one of the bet clubs in san jose for quality and prices! first off the staff is very helpful and professional with any of your questions and or concerns. The bud quality is very high at this dispensary with multiple kush strains and purple. Only bad thing i can say about this club is not many mid grade products but thats not much of a complaint. highly recommend this club to all of my friends and anyone else looking for high quality meds and great people!!!

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  • Report New Spot

    Great buds, great staff that cares and listens, always great deals here (buy 1 1/8th get 1 free). The accessibility is probably the only downside but since HS has such an awesome staff they seem to be finding ways to better the parking(recently opened up a new HS parking lot). Pricing is very fair here and I've never had a problem with my medication being too expensive. I like the building and all the artwork that has been put into it, it gives off a friendly vibe when you walk in. High Standards is now the only collective i go to and has beaten out all the other san jose medical collective's price wise/quality of bud/and ofc the staff (a caring staff that listens can go a long way), staff at other clubs and collectives seem to just want your money and to get you in and out as quick as possible. This is not the case with High Standards which is why it is now the only collective i visit.

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  • Report Check this place out

    Made the trip to see the what the hype was. The location could be better cuz it's in the back of a court in a residential neighborhood. The artwork is nice but will definitely turn a lot of people off who would prefer something a little more low key. It's all good to me, though. I used to be all into graf-art back in the day (I still catch myself drawing pieces when I'm high or bored) so I can appreciate it. Anyway, went inside and was quickly taken care of by a friendly guy at the door. I was then escorted to the back by a dude who ended up being my bt. He was cool and helped me with my choices with some great recommendations. Only problem that I had was when I was mixing and matching strains for a top shelf eighth,he suggested a high grade to the mix. I took his word on the suggestion since the container wasn't marked by potency, so I assumed it was top shelf. Lucky for me, while he was doing it, the owner came by and noticed. He pointed out the mistake, apologized for what almost happened, and watched over the rest of my order. That is great customer service. I wouldn't have noticed till I got home and checked it out. The mistake wasn't anything intentional so I don't fault anyone. Accidents happen. I'm just glad they came correct. High Standards, indeed! ha
    So, for being a new patient, I got an extra gram. That's a five gram eighth out the door! I picked up some Burgundy, C-4, Sour Diesel, Larry OG, and Super Silver Haze. All the strains where nice, but the Larry OG was by far the best. From what I was told, it was a fresh batch that just got delivered about an hour before I got there. Definitely some fire worth trying. I was also given two free edibles, one ginger biscotti and a chocolate truffle. Both tasted great but since they weren't dosed strong (which I already knew when I got them) and I smoked all day before trying them, I couldn't really tell the high. I'm sure if I would have put them down under different circumstances it would have been all good. Regardless, they both tasted off the hook. Definitely not the normal bullshit edible you always find yourself eating while trying to ignore tasting the ganja.
    All in all, it was a great trip. Awesome staff, great buds, and hella love for a first time patient. I'll definitely be coming back sometime soon.
    Oh yeah, one last thing...go at an off-time cuz parking and getting in and out of that court can be a bitch. On the way out, some brotha almost hit my car as I was trying to turn left out the court. He came speeding down the street bumping some fake gangsta shit with his ugly bitch riding shotgun (I'm only hating on her cuz I heard her talking shit in background later). I guess he didn't see me cuz he slammed on the breaks as he came to make a right turn onto the court and almost crashed into my door while I was waiting to turn left. Then, this motherfucker had the nerve to look at me sideways while mumbling some shit, as if it was my fault for waiting at a stop with my blinker on. After rolling my window down, he probably noticed I'm pretty f-ing large, I then proceeded to tell him in some colorful language what I would have done to him if he hit my car. I also asked him what the fuck he was mumbling before I rolled down my window. His look then changed real fast. I saw that phony hardcore look wipe right off his face. He then jumped on an apology and sounded like a little bitch saying it. I just shook my head cuz I felt the point was made and I had shit to do. If I wasn't so pleased with my purchase, there surely would have been some road rage popping off. But, I let it ride. If you are reading this and it sounds familiar, you can thank the High Standards crew for why didn't beat your dumbass senseless right there in the street in front of your hoodrat girlfriend. Whew.....ha. Had to get that off my chest. I hate that shit. Much love to High Standards!

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  • Report new stuff

    So I was browsing weed maps and noticed high standards got some new strains in. decide to check them out and it was a good call that I did. I bought an 8th, split it in half one strain was call white fire and man it has such a good smell plus it was a good indica. very relaxing. the other strain was called double dream. They had this last week and it was gone in five hours. I can see why, dense tight frosty nugs with such a smooth sweet taste and uplifting effect. Check it out.

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  • Report I LOVE IT HERE


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  • Report fire as kush

    if ur from so*cal like me we love that kush and the got that real kush check them out

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  • Report THE TIME IS NOW

    5 grams 8ths im coming in early tomorrow. double dream an 8th only a day.. sold, gona check the pineapple thai vs the white fire.

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  • Report Amazing Prerolls!

    I come here all the time for the prerolls. $5 prerolls is an awesome price. I break these down to put into my vaporizer and it looks like it's all bud, no shake/trim. Good job HSMC. I'll be back soon!

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  • Report Amazing collective

    I come here at least 3 times a week and man do these guys take care of their patients. I just picked up some of the double dream the other day they had just got back in and it was f-in Delicious. Also try the White Fire, very good for pain relief and for a goodnight med. Thank you again HighStandards and staff for exceeding my expectations-Dom

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  • Report New Best In SJ

    Great staff thanks guys all of you are like family to me: Ray, Bo, Jay, Wendy, Jeff, Jamie, and andy!

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  • Report HSMC - Great first experience

    Bud Quality:

    1 Gram White Fire - Looks, smells, and smokes great. Was reading other reviews and knew I had to try it out, not a let down at all. Great recommendation.

    1 Gram Sour Diesel - Just like the white fire, great in all aspects. The nugs are dense and full of flavor.

    1 Gram Pineapple Thai - The aroma behind this particular strain of buds is one of my favorites, smokes amazing and leaves one of my favorite eccentric highs.

    1 Gram Coastside Kush - Yet to try it but definitely fits in the category of legit Kush.

    1/2 Gram of Headband Hash - From what the BT said, the process in which this hash was made was very tedious and taken very good care of. Will update when used!


    The atmosphere is nothing exciting, the usual dispensary setup.


    Great and knowledgeable staff, I had Bo as my BT, he was very helpful in choosing an array of top shelf meds to try out. Also the other staff members are friendly and the verification process is quick and standard.


    Location of the dispensary is probably the biggest downside, in a residential and sticks out. I dont mind the graffiti, but if you're looking for a discreet dispensary, probably not the best place.


    I spent 75 dollars, 55 dollars for 5.5 grams of meds, and 20 dollars for a 1/2 gram of hash. 10 dollars a gram for top shelf, I cant argue when it smokes that great too. Great bargains and deals.

    I completely recommend HSMC as a dispensary to check out. Thanks guys.

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  • Report These guys are A-mazing!!

    Everyone at this dispensary has been super positive and make each of my visits enjoyable. They know me by name, shake my hand, and are ready to make a recommendation on the spot. Every time I visit they have a new strain and of course a great deal to go along with it. Buy one get one free eights, free grams, free cookies, for all patients, not just the new ones. They always have a big fridge stocked with edibles both homemade and from local companies. All their prices are tax included. Plus! they let you mix 'n' match! You can get an eighth with four different grams, half and half, whatever your heart desires. Definitely my favorite dispensary in San Jose

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  • Report Bud Barber cookie! big bite in a small package

    Went in to hit up what has become the regular Saturday special. Buy an 1/8th of top shelf and get a select 1/8th for free. $55 out the door. This week it was a choice of 4 strains. Some outdoor buds and indoor budlets. I went with the chocolate thai. Good stuff, not top shelf but it tasted good and got the job done.

    The Casey Jones was a fresh batch and tasted great. Sour Diesel was tiny hard buds but very pungent and effective. Good Stuff as usual. A little disapointed that their selection of OG's was down to maybe 1/2 Zip in the jar. Usually they have 3-5 OG's on the shelf. Its honestly one of my favorite reasons to visit HSMC. please guys, get some more OG's in.

    Vibe and Staff were excellent as always. Always get a different BT. As usual super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and patient. Good recommendations on the Casey and SourD.

    Parking is improved with the new lot around the corner but still not the easiest place to get in and out.

    Never tried their edibles before and wanted to try a few things...

    Got some sativa caps, a hubby bar and a bud barber 6X cookie.

    The bud barber was super professionally packaged with dosage listed and steep hill safe cannabis logos (cool). it was tiny and only like 125 calories but it packed quite a wallop. very impressed. shout out to the bud barber!

    As Usual, great experience, great folks, great products, and great prices. one of my favorites for sure.

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  • Report Can't go wrong here!

    Arrived early for their Monday 5 gram eighth special. First time check in was quick. Was greeted by a friendly receptionist and directed toward the bud room. Great selection of to quality flowers to choose from. Went with a couple of sativas, Casey Jones and Chem Dawg, both very potent. Bud tender was patient and helped with my selections. Received good first time hookup. The only knock with this collective is they handle the medicine when weighing out your selections. I wish they wouldn't do that. The use of tongs would seal the deal for me. Overall, a good experience. I will return.

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  • Report CHECK'EM OUT !!

    High Standards have some great deals through the week and also on saturday special where you by a top shelf eighth and get a select one for free!! over all i would say just check'em out, thier prices are not bad and they are what they say they are!! peace!!

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  • Report dragon

    the buds are really good they have a great location and they always have good specials you just have to know about. if theres one club you have to check out its this one. i love the dragon they have in there special select strains.

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  • Report mix n match

    Drove down from the penninsula on Friday just to go to this club... Had checked them out on weedmaps and was looking foward to a great experience. By what I saw and read about there mission, this was going to be the new spot.. Many Many strains, fair prices and the option to mix strains on the amount.This spot was easy for me to find. parking cool. Check in was a breeze. People seemed way cool and personable, very nice vibe through out. A bit busy though, wich shows a good thing.. Then my turn in for slection. Being I live on the penninsula and dont have the option to visit San Jo often. I like to purchace an oz at a time..Being able to mix the strains means I will be able to meet all of my medical needs.. So I asked the B.T about a top shelf oz.. He said they had 3 strains avalable for ozs in top shelf, for the oz price.. I asked about mixing the strains,getting an eigth or quarter of differnt ones and he said those 3 only.. He said I could buy an oz of there others for $55 an eigth, $440 an oz... not for profit but compasion..? So I checked out the 3 they offered. Blue cheese, looked good, smelled like og? Coast side cush, look and smell? I thought they must have put it on the top shelf by mistake! and the third I forgot what it was.. I was really dissapointed, so I said no thank you maybe next time? and left empty handed. Its my own fault for not knowing how they do there menu. Now I know, If it does not have an oz price with it on the menu, you aint even getting a gram of it in your mixed oz.Again its my faul for not knowing. Peace to all at H.S

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  • Report its ok

    came here to check it out. buds kinda ok but not fire. worth checking out but not for me

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  • Report i love high standards. I went there yest...

    i love high standards. I went there yesterday and picked up an always satisfying mixed 1/8th for $55 out the door. It is so cool to always know how much you are going to send if your are in a crunch, some dispensaries have $55 1/8ths but include ten dollar tax charges later, ouch. When I first went to High Standards it was on a whim, I had money who should it go to? First time I got a mixed 4 gram eighth of bubba kush, dead head og, sour diesel and northern lights, yay, and then I recieved a free half gram of g13 and then a fresh FREE eighth of Mr. Nice! The budtenders are great and sweet and very friendly. Check this place out, it is the best! :) - Ariel

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  • Report Missing you guys out here in Oklahoma

    To all of our friends at High Standards, we just wanted to let you guys know that there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about you all. We are at the mercy of trying to medicate with some of the harshest Oklahoma dirt swag you've ever tasted. We always say," I sure wish we had some AK-47 for our wake and bakes and Gypsy really misses her Jack Herer for her diverticulites pain. And lets not forget, our choice of Lemon OG for relaxing after a stressful day. I hope our paths cross again soon. Jason and Jamie, thank you for everything that you did for us. Bo,Jeff,and Ray-stay cool.Peace

    -Dude and Gypsy

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  • Report Bud Barber 6X Yummers

    Made it back into High Standards...A great location, excellent security and staff make High Standards stand out among other dispensaries. Located on Vermont St. in San Jose its practically a stones throw from the freeway and easy to navigate and locate. Parking is easy there are spaces in front of H.S. as well as street parking if necessary. The security @ H.S. is adequate, doors have buzzers and patients are all screened and verified before being buzzed back into the candy shop. I noticed today the willingness of the staff to listen and help specific patients individual needs as well as a patient loyalty and appreciation for these traits. High Standards has a mountain of buds that are looking pretty danky. I went with a good recommendation today from my budtender and that was the Bud barber 6x oatmeal cookie for nine bucks including tax. I must say that was a good freaking cookie...Thanks for being around, I'll be back...Peace!

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  • Report High Standards......

    I had just renewed my rec and happened to be in the area so i just decided to stop by with my girlfriend....Luckily there was parking in the front so no worries on that....got checked in quick since there was no wait....once we got to the back i got the Sour D kief and the Ny Diesel while my gf got an eighth of the Candy Kush and the free eighth was Pesky red both were quite good actually both very sticky...we were told we were to get a free gram from the guy at the desk but forgot to mention it to the bt hopefully i can get it next time.....either way these guys never dissapoint...I come from Salinas and it is always worth the trip...... until next time guys thanks!!

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  • Report love this spot.

    always a favorite. :) worth every penny. Buds always look hot and sparkling love it Staff great super sweet and friendly. pre rolls $5 out the door. they pay ur tax, whats not to love. :)

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  • Report High standards, indeed

    ...Quality flowers, secure setup, personable and informative staff; fair donations with great specials. Their daily deals help this collective to really stand out, and are a good example of their compassion.

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  • Report overall best dispensary out there

    If you want really good meds at a great price, I would recommend high standards. The staff is down to earth, friendly, and very knowledgeable individuals. Everyday they have a different deal that's worth the visit. They have a big variety of meds that will help with your medical needs. I used to go to other dispensaries (that I'll leave nameless), till my friend recommended going to high standards. Ever since that day, high standards is the only dispensary I go to. Another really good thing about this dispensary is the the tax is included in the price. So if you want to pay for over priced meds, go to the other dispensaries, but if you want great deals, come to high standards.

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  • Report This club is fantastic, everything about...

    This club is fantastic, everything about it from the meds to the staff. Everyone is super compassionate here, and the prices work just fine for me, on a budget to splurge you can buy something! I love this place, super convienent to downtown.Sj and its right off 880. Everyday they always have specials, such as get an extra gram of ur choice.with an 8th purchase, um free hash, hell ya! $5 pre rolls! Where can you find pre rolls for that cheap and of bomb quality, nooo where! Hey, I have been around the bay and beyond to sooo many different clubs and there is a lot of great product and lots of competition but nobody seems to compare to these guys! Honestly, service is huge to where you should spend your money and if ur club isn't weighing properly, or lacks compassion time for a change! Give them a shot, why not? You won't have regret it. :) - ariel

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  • Report sick


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  • Report Never had a poor experience here. Love t...

    Never had a poor experience here. Love the bud and the staff. High Standards is definitely where my heart is. Much love to : Jeff, Rob, Andrew, Justin, Ray. If i missed ur name ur awesome too! Thanks again guys! *hugs*

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  • Report Horrible Without A Smile

    Decided to come in since I didn't want to make the drive to Berkley. My friend has been telling me to go in, and that its the best club in San Jose. No it is not the best! Their topshelf bud is average at best, along with all their bud smells the same... Get with it you guys.. Concentrates a joke.. I bought some yak pills which i was told were very strong, and nothing. So I decided to smoke some of their Best hash, according to the budtender, please somebody help these guys. Harsh, chemy, didn't even taste good.. I spent around 2 bills and didn't even receive a preroll. Wont be coming back!

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  • Report Chill Place and GREAT BUDs.

    I usually come here to pickup prerolls and they have never been a disappointment. They gota chill staff here always welcoming and really nice to its patients. I wish the top shelf wasnt that expensive or I would be getting that. 45 shelf is still VERY nice its like grade A- to A stuff and they top shelf is like A++ shit. Great price on the prerolls. I love it here man.

    KRONZZ. hope u stayin open

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  • Report what a awesome place.

    best club in San Jo. come in and look the best meds. menu always updated. best bud tenderz

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  • Report Nothing but true compassion

    Nothing but true compassion
    right here! Took a quick glance at a reciept from when I bought a few top shelf $5 pre rolls and noticed each weighed more than a gram! Your bud is amazing and is an excellent med. See ya real soon :-) love ya guys.

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  • Report ok

    went there today and went for clones only i got a a-train teen for $5(on sale) and a white russian for $5.the place is in a really sketchy spot,the staff is koo idk bout the bud i didnt buy any but my friend did idk how it was he bought an edible that he said was pretty good and their credit card machine didnt want to work so they gave him his gram for free so if it was bad he didnt lose any money but for clones this place seems pretty good other then that idk.

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  • Report Still better than any club out there!!

    I walked into High Standards a little after they opened up and have never really went anywhere else. I came here because they sold Budbarber cookies((thee best edible ever))By the way they are cheaper here than most places. Ever since then I have felt like at home here. The staff is great!!! I have seen workers come and go and that tells me one thing, that they care about their patients and the service they give. They greet everyone with a smile and by their first name. To top it off the bud is great!! The prices are great and the everyday deals are amazing!! My most favorite deals are the buy one 8th get one free and the 5 gram days!! Keep up the good work guys there are so many more positive things I can say about this collective but I dont have time.. I need to get ready to head over there now!!!

    Military Mom~

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  • Report Still a good value...

    I will have to agree with a few of the other reviewers in that lately the selection and quality of flowers has not been as good as it had been in the past but its hard to complain too much. Yes, there is a fair amount of very good bud but not real top shelf sitting on their top shelf like a lot of other clubs but my BT's are on point and always have good recommendations and show me good choices. Sometimes I ask about something and I get an honest answer that I might not like that choice for X,Y, or Z. The BT's here are one of the best aspects: Friendly, Knowledgable, good recommendations and always a hookup.

    I always go here on Saturdays for the buy an eigth of top shelf for $55 out the door and get a free 1/8th of something else thrown in. I've only been disapointed once in the free 1/8th. Usualy it's good mids. and speaking of hookups they always hook it up. I usually split and eighth of top shelf. Last time out I got 2.24 grams on bumbleberry and 2.14 grams of Casey Jones and my free eighth weighed out at 4.5 grams. Thats over 8.75 g's for $55 out the door. So the opposite of the last 3 new clubs I decided to check out where I got shorted on multiple products from all 3. Does no one weigh their meds when they get home. I do and my receipt from HS always lists the weight and my scale always matches or at most is 1/100th off. Never been shorted here. Shame on the other 3 new clubs I visited that each shorted me on more than 1 product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe there bud usually isn't as frosty and my favorite spots (P2P and EW) but generally good flowers for the price.

    Wish they would get some of the legit OG's they used to keep around. I haven't seen that fire straight up OG Kush they use to have back in the summer when the opened.

    Still lovin the bud barber cookies and the Nitro OG wax (best thing yet for the Omicron pen vape)

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  • Report My favorite spot!

    This has always been my favorite spot. The negative reviews don't make any sense to me because I have been going here for 4 months and the quality of great 5 stat experience and bud hasn't changed. The budtenders are humble and SUPER SMART about their product. Great people, great team.

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  • Report love u guys ignore the hater plz and hav...

    love u guys ignore the hater plz and have Awesome days :-)

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  • Report Best club hands down!

    I have visited several dispenseries in SJ for the last few months and I must say that after every new visit to a new club, I always end up coming back to High Standards. The flowers there have always been potent and definitely worth the price. Best strains ever! Even their lower shelf flowers medicate u well. They have great deals on weedmaps and definitely a chill environment. Staff is friendly and offer great recommendations, definitely WOWED me with excellent customer service. High standards kept across the board! Great job fellas!

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  • Report great place

    get beat the free eighth every Saturday deal

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  • Report Hmmm

    The bud is good, that's true. The clones? Not so much. They infested our others with mites. It's impossible to get a real good value from this collective.

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