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Overall Rating:
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Med Quality 4.7
Location 4.6
Budtenders 4.6
Knowledge -
Price 4.2

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  • Report Unmatched Quality

    When I went here they gave me a tour of the place, so I have more to write about than I usually do with reviews. I've decided to take the format that Weedmaps likes as far as ratings go

    Bud Quality: I bought the Sour Diesel, and it may be the best strain I have had in all of San Jose. I only bought a gram, but I believe it was $55 for the eighth. This place has moved to the top of my list of clubs in San Jose as far as top strains is concerned.

    Atmosphere: The Dispensary opened 3 weeks ago, and 7 weeks ago it was nothing but a large building with four walls. Since then they have added in many different rooms (for things like Chiropractic work, Messages, Yoga, and maybe even cooking classes in the future). Before you leave you will also pass a merchandise station. It is not fully done yet, but the majority of the work has been put in. I am excited to see what they are like when they are running at full steam. This is certainly a club to watch.

    Staff: As I already said, the staff actually gave me a tour of the store and were very kind about it. Not only that, but I was able to be helped by three different bud tenders in my session so I was able to find any answer I could have possibly wanted. The staff is both professional and personable. Getting verified was quick and easy. They even asked me for input on everything they were doing, which is a great sign for a dispensary because it shows they are continually trying to make the place a better area for patients.

    Convenience: They followed all of the zoning laws from the last time they were drawn, unlike many places who may have to move come the time when/if they redraw the lines. They have a dedicated parking lot, so it is not hard to part and it is close to 101, 280, and 87 so it couldn't be much more convenient.

    Price: This is certainly not the cheapest place in town, but there is more to price than just what is cheapest. You really get what you pay for. The prices ranged from $35-$60 when I was there and they told me that even the Xmas 2 ($35) was great. I didn't get any, but I doubt it. So, this place does have options for the cost conscious as well as people who want amazing quality. I believe every strain is $20 for a gram as well.

    Last Word: If you are in San Jose you have to check this place out. They have edibles that the staff themselves made that are amazing and very potent as well as a plethora of amazing strains, ranging from expensive to cheap. As a first time patient you also receive a pre-roll or a edible (I took the edible), so this is a place you can't miss out on.

    They even have plastic containers.

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  • Report Sick spot~!

    Checked them out on 420. They had like 15 strains 12+ of them were kill. I went with the super silver haze nice high.The free cookie i got witch was only x1 owned my ass lol. Check them out!

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  • Report Favorite club I have been to!

    Highly recommend. Great staff, very knowledgeable of their product. Looking forward to watching this club grow and expand their services. Must visit at least once to truly appreciate. Lots of good things in the work. Can hardly wait!

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  • Report not bad, relatively affordable

    Checked them out a few weeks ago, cool people cool place. Dog that looks like a lion running around, haha. Blackberry kush, mendocino hash plant, shipwreck, and goodness gracious all looked bomb. prices for top shelf for highest grade go 55/105/190/350. budtender was nice enough to hook me up with a free edible. they have a large selection of meds and edibles to choose from. They have big empty rooms they are planning to fill. Place was kind of dark but I'm sure they're working on it.

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  • Report New stuff

    New stuff...killer...Hemp clothing stuff and cool surf board.

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  • Report nice to meet u guys

    just wanted to say thanks for your time and recomendations. i tryed the banana kush nice effect but the bud was a bit too dry n for the price i was disapointed. sorry. i DID like the 3x brownie though. i'll stick with those but for the price its a bit much. will be back n try more selections, maybe a better smoke next time...thanx

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  • Report Stop hating SanJoToker MedMar is legit

    MedMar is a unique spot, they got everything. This really is not your ordinary dispensary these guys are doing it big. Verification/paperwork was quick and easy, the grand tour was legit, MedMar carries tons of hemp products such as clothing, bags, even a surf board. They also carry cleaning products which contain no harsh chemicals rather enzymes that are healthy for everyone. Buds were koo fairly large selection of strains, concentrates, edibles and drinks. Almost forgot about the cultivation classes they do on sundays and mondays in there in house class room. They also are in the process of setting up massage therapy in the back with some water bed thing and some other cool stuff that i cant wait to try. Overall the atmosphere was extra chill, 2 salt water tanks, huge area to chill while you make your decision. This place is legit and i appreciate the time Doug took to show me everything and hook me up on my first visit. Il be sure to go back soon and for those that read these reviews trust me there legit and i suggest stopping by to check them out.

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  • Report This place is the best I have seen

    WoW - this place is amazing, the staff and community are like family. my back is jacked so I just got me some NL #5 and its so tasty and smooth/pain gone. they have got therapy machines for nerve and muscle pain, hemp clothing, growing classes and a serious collection of buds, edibles, candy, soda, you name it - its there.
    Very cool people running this place and its the best i have ever seen.

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  • Report Gotta go back for the Strawberry Kush

    Couldn't make up my mind the day I visited this club, but somehow Blueberry Haze won out. Friendly staff had my paperwork all set from Hempcon a couple days earlier. There are a few tremendous strains here but the Strawberry Kush comes with me next. For the record, Goodness Gracious has an unbelievable nose.

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  • Report Why I like MedMar

    Shipwreck - nice

    Sour Diesel Kief - excellent

    Blue Dream Kief - mexcelletnt

    Blue Dream Bud - excellent

    Pot o Gold Bud - Very Nice

    I'm goung back for the Strawberry Kush today!

    The all-volunteer staff rocks!

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  • Report Great Place.

    I dropped by here the other day since its just a couple blocks up from players ink(i went with my Gf so she could get a piercing). We stopped by since i told her it was just up the street. the place is definitely welcoming, friendly,relaxing, and very comfortable. verification was quick and easy. the staff is great and extremely nice and knowledgeable. i got a really good feeling from the whole place. the atmosphere is extremely nice and relaxing. you can see that the staff really put work in to this place. they also sell hemp clothes which is not the 1st time i seen it but they had the best prices for the clothing. they also offer growing classes and other type of studies i cant really remember right now. way cheaper than oaksterdam but just as professional. i checked out all the bud from bottom to top, they had better prices on TOP edibles than ive seen anywhere else. they had a VERY good selection of bud. way better seeing it in person than online menu. i loved everything about this place except for the prices. i went in with $300 and was disappointed to see i was barely going to receive over a half for the top shelf NLxHaze. I've had strawberry kush just as good for half the price else where. but ive never seen the NLxHAze in person. only heard of or posters. so i was impressed by the product all around. i ened up not purchasing anything because of the price i was looking to buy in bulk than to sample a few things out in grams. the main thing i did love was their BLUEBERRY HAZE. Got a small sample. Best bowl I have ever smoked in a while. its hard to come by OUTSTANDING weed when you've been to a ton of clubs and seen a lot of whats out there. i highly recommend the place if you've got the bank to purchase the top shelf by big amounts. or definately jsut if you want grams. wouldnt purchase an 8th for over $60 anywhere. no matte how good it is or how great the dispensary is. definately a place to check out

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  • Report Great people, great medicine, great deals

    Today was my 2nd trip to Med Mar. I've got to say both times have been great. This place has GREAT medicine. Their Blueberry Haze and Strawberry Kush are phenominal !! Sage and Sour is NEXT on my list!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great prices on the snowcaps (small buds) @ $40 1/8.

    Location is great. Super easy to get to and parking right out front.

    The staff are friendly and super chill. They also really know their medicine, and make great recommendations.

    I would have given 5 stars on price, as most things are very reasonable. But $65 for a top shelf 1/8 hurts.

    ** Patients also can sign up to receive texts from Med Mar. Todays text brought me there "free 1/8 of purple diesal" with the purchase of 1/4.

    THANKS MED MAR. I look forward to my next visit!!

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  • Report Up & Coming collective

    MedMar was the second collective I set foot in as a new patient and I instantly felt right at home. With a mixed age group of knowledgeable/friendly staff, I'm confident there will be someone there that can answer my questions. If for nothing else, go check out the miniature "LION" that has been spotted occasionally. While your there check out the great strains and powerful edibles. I had 1 of Kris's brownies for some back pain and I only needed about a 1/4 of the brownie did the trick. Great flavor. Too many great things to tell you about. Go check it out for yourself, I was not disappointed, neither will you.

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  • Report good location

    Right down the street from my house. Love the convience, tried 4 strains 1 was a bit dry, but the other 3 were on hit. I shall b back:)

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  • Report WOW I love this place

    I stopped by Medmar last week for the 1st time and I was really impressed with the place. I had no idea how BIG the place was and how nicely laid out it is. They have a bad ass little mini lion dog that greats you when you walk inside and played with me while I waited for the bud tender to help me out. This place has GREAT bud! I didn’t have much cash on me and was a little worried that I might not find any good quality since I am on a budget, but I got an 1/8 of purple diesel for $30 and I loved it.

    They also have a school there. The teacher was there and answered a few grow questions I had. I am going back next Sunday to take my 1st grow class. I'll write back after and let you know how it was.

    They also have a room with 2 massage beds. I didn’t try either of them but the water jet bed looks like it will be nice to relax on and they said that I can use them for free, which is big for me since I am on a budget.

    I really like this club and will be back next week to try the shipwreck and the GDP after pay day...

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  • Report love this place!!

    greaaaat buds!!
    great budtenders!!
    awesome prices!!
    love lazy lemonaid!!
    awesome edibles
    i will always come to this club!!
    easy fast paperwork
    even offers classes on many things!!!
    overall great experience

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  • Report hands down

    Coming to medmar was a much waited long experience which I should have done way earlier. HUGE facility, a lot larger than other clubs. Good environment with quick verification and hardly any waiting. Once getting in back, you have 20+ strains to choose from. ALL TAX IS INCLUDED made the trip even more worth it, and all top-self strains are well worth the 55 cap per 1/8. Good concentrates, kiefs, have the co2 gold dust which was hands down amazing. Chocolote syrup, ice cream, honey, and all the other things inbetween is what you will find in coming here! Plz do as i did and cut the wait, medmar is worth it!!!

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  • Report Fan of the TRUE CHEESE

    Some serious yummy strains here. Blue dream, True Cheese, and Strawberry Kush. I was like a kid in the candy store, and its a good thing this candy store takes credit cause its very easy to spend more than cash on hand.

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  • Report Best Club So Far

    I LOVE this club!!! The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the medicine. This club has one of the largest selections of edibles I've seen. They have excellent lemonades, sodas, lollipops, hash syringes (I have never seen this before and its one of my personal fav's), honey, chocolate fudge, instant made brownies and more. I live in Morgan hill and this place is totally worth the drive to downtown San Jose.

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  • Report You Have To Try "THE RIDICULOUS"

    I stopped by here the other day and had to write a review. I recommend their Bro Diesel which looks like it was dipped in sugar and it smoked amazing. I also got a gram of Blueberry Haze....the nugs were spme of the largest I've seen! I highly recommend their pre-ruled joint there called The Ridiculous and it truly was ridiculous! It has a half gram of hash oil and a gram of Bro Diesel inside. I smoked this with some friends and got over 30 hits out of this one joint!!!! THATS THE FIRST TIME THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED FOR ME. I will definitely be back to this place.

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  • Report On the fence...

    I'm fairly new to the 215 scene or smoking at all, so my review might be extremely informative. My friend and I arrived after getting the text a few weeks ago about buy a 1/4 of anything and get an 1/8 of purple diesel for free. The space is great. They have a classroom for Cannaversity and some retail hemp fiber products (clothes, backpack). I got to the counter and was immediately overwhelmed! They really do have a lot of choices, but they aren't very clearly labeled with S/I and price. And the guy behind the counter seemed like he didn't know his strains very much because we got more information from reading the binder on the counter. Their top shelp seemed to be nice stuff, but I didn't have the money to buy that high. The "economy" stuff is really, really economy. I kinda felt cheated on that because I didn't think it was 50 for the 1/4 (sad but true). If I do go back I'll get a bit of the higher grade stuff to see how it goes.

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  • Report New Home… Go Sharks!!!

    Been looking for a place like this for a long time and just happen to come across it, as I was going to the Sharks game this week. Their setup was great, big parking lot, nice lobby with a salt water tank, friendly people, check in and verification was fast, no waiting around. But what got my attention about this place was their medicine. I love me some good meds and this place has it. Too many strains to list but that shipwreck was the BEST shipwreck I’ve had, no BS and also picked up an 1/8 of mango kush for 30 what a steal, top shelf at most other spots. Although the sharks lost that day, this place made up for it. You Know I’ll be back, NEW HOME….. Go Sharks!!!

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  • Report prices

    the prices for their 1-2 top strains is pretty ridiculous, everything else about this club is great except that.

    260 for a half ounce is insane. good luck to who ever buys those.

    when i went i got some grandaddy purp which was amazing, comparable to the best. and some headband which was alright, not the best headband ive had but it was still good the effect was there.

    overall, i wont be going back anytime soon. Can get the same quality for cheaper elsewhere.

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  • Report MedMar Healing Center Review

    This Place is nice inside & they has a friendly dog, they also have hemp cloth for sale. The Bud Quality is good, but the price is way to much for the strawberry i tried. it was not bad. just the cost. but they have a good section and they get there stuff tested witch is very nice to know what your THC and etc your getting with what you choose. The Staff is nice a friendly they open 15mins early for me this one time i was ealier there. its a place that has a lil bit for everyone

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  • Report these other reviews dont surprise me

    this place just makes me feel at home. ive been to alot of other places. but this place is like 4 times bigger than most places ive been too.

    bud quality- tried bro diesel and shipwreck from here. and wow. they almost look white due to all the crystals. taste and smokes good. oh and the high. well lets just say i keep going back for the same thing

    atmosphere- very welcoming, dont have crazy security stareing you down and treating you like a criminal as soon as you walk in. everyone working there is smiling and very nice. looks like they really love with they do.

    staff- great.

    parking- is never an issue. they have a big parking lot in front. but not sure if it gets busy during arena events since its so close to the shark tank

    price. they do have some buds at higher prices. but i figure you get what you pay for. they have $25 1/8 all the way up to $60 i think.

    well ill be back to this place for sure

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    Medmar is one of the most friendliist medical dispenseries that I have ever been to. They have been most kind to my back pain. I will always support them. Go GIANIS.

    Thakk you, Adrian Vargas

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  • Report Medmar Healing center

    Medmar Healing Center is my Favorite dispenserie. When u walk in Everyone is Very Friendly.It is like walking back home. Med mar is a Huge place,with a Very Warm Welcome in the lobby and behind doors.When im at med mar I feel relaxed.Unlike other dispenserie's i have felt like i was walk in to a county building, being felt up by the cops.At Med Mar.i Never ever had that feeling completely relaxed and safe.And the meds are top of the line. With a wide chioce to pick from.


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  • Report medmar healing my new favorite

    med mar is a great club. the staff are patient and knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you have for them. good quality meds , fair prices and a great selection.if you havent been here yet, its definately one to check out.

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  • Report Just getting going

    Sounds like people are real positive on this place, great! I went and it was sort of a different story. Place was messy, totally empty and I sort of resented the tour I was taken on with the sales pitch for the class, etc. Now, Jason? I think his name was, was a nice guy and I really thought his dog was cool (it's the haircut probably)Most of the med's smelled just OK, so i took the advice of Jason and picked up some of their OG X XNL#5 and I have to say, it was good, got me way high the first time I smoked it. The welcome new member ganja popcorn, pass.

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  • Report One of my favorite places

    I've been to a lot of different places, some sketchy, some fancy, some in between. MedMar is on my list of top 3 places to go to, and given it's location, it's my #1 most traveled to. I really like their selection of strains, various edibles, clones, concentrates, etc. They have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. When I went in today, I picked up some Blueberry Haze. I've had it before from MedMar and I really liked the way it smoked, tasted, and smelled. It also had a really clean high that I enjoyed during the day. I met the owner and he helped me out and was knowledgeable about some other strains that I was asking questions about, and got to know my name. The staff is personable and I always will go back to MedMar. No lie. This is coming from a guy who really doesn't care and doesn't write reviews, so you know they are good.

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  • Report New Favorite

    I went here for the first time today and couldnt have been more amazed with it. The budtender was extremely nice to chat with and learn a few things from. The place was huge and didnt feel like a dash in and out kinda establishment. I really liked there variety of flowers and edibles and concentrates and weekly deals. This is a place i will definitely go back to.

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  • Report simply the best

    everyone here is so nice and the edibles are a amazing. the best i've ever had. if you are looking for natural healing MedMar is the place to go. you won't be disappointed

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  • Report Medmar is doin it

    Very very very good club good selection good staff very solid

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  • Report Good bud quality!

    Prices are high but the medicine is good.There is a large variety of buds. I went for the stawberry kush but they ran out.So I setteled for the Blackberry Kush which was just fine. Nice taste, a little dry but the high is exactly what Im looking for.It's a indica but doesent have the drowsiness that comes from the GDP for example. It gives you a relaxing high and you are fully funtional to do what you have to do during the day. I also tryed to Grand Daddy Purp at MedMar and it was lovely but definitely will give you couch lock.I recommend smokeing at night.The envirinment is nice and I enjoy the saltwater fish tanks in the lobby.Well the service isnt the best but I had worse. However, if you dont like paying for high quality buds then this place is not for you. The prices are higher then I would like to pay, But the bud quailty is better then other dispensery's I've been to in the San Jose area.

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  • Report A Review on MedMar from Eric Walrath

    High quality Meds, very friendly staff and helpful.

    Strawberry Kush was excellent.

    One of the Best Clubs in San Jose.

    Prices very reasonable.

    Very convenient location.

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  • Report Bananabis..MAna

    The banana ice cream is the best ever. I would buy it if it wasn't medicated but the whole fact that it is , IS A HUGE PLUUUUUS.

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  • Report Friendly and Welcoming

    Staff is friendly and helpful. A minor mistake when ringing out caused the budtender to give me a second free, new patient, gift. That was very nice!

    Parking is great though I didn't use it. The location is right next to Dirdon Station so I just took the light rail. Talk about green! ;-)

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  • Report COOL SPOT

    The parking isn't huge, but it is big enough to not overcrowd. The people in the lobby are nice, prompt, and informative. The bud tenders here seem to know more than enough to answer you if you are curious about anything.

    The prices aren't so bad if you go when there are deals, but I will admit that I'm someone that does not believe 1/8s should ever cost more than $50, unless it is a rare strain. With that said, their high end strains are more than enough too leave you wondering what just hit you.

    Though a small selection, they do provide clones for growing, so that's always a plus. They also offer growing classes and many other services.


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  • Report Great Meds, Excellent Staff

    This club would be perfect if the prices were a capped a little lower!! OTHER then that i highly recommend this collective to anyone looking for high quality medicine.

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  • Report Great Service and Selection

    The staff was very informative and was very helpful in determining the perfect flowers for me. Don't miss out on the 7x cookie either! It completely flattened me!

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  • Report Blackberry Kushtastic

    I've picked up the Blackberry Kush several times from here. It is by far the best I've had at any of the San Jose Collectives. The nice kush flavor with sweet undertones, gives your body a nice heavy high.Don't try and do anything that requires focus on this one. Blackberry Kush is the perfect medication for heavy pain and insomnia, or anxiety.

    I'm loving the Easy bake brownie thing. I used Extra Virgin Olive oil infused with blue dream instead of regular vegatable oil. It was AAAAHHHH-Mazing! The banana ice cream with cannabis, with nutella and fresh bananas on top. Perfect desert for a canna-lover.

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  • Report the best place in town i ever been to

    i been to like 5 place and this is the best i been to in the town the staff is every good to you when you frist go in the are realy nice to everyone that gose in there and its the best place i been in its so nice outsind and its verey nice in the insand to and the prices are the best to. if you like to have a place to go to thats verey nice to you then please go see them and youll see what im talking about

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  • Report Top of The List

    I've been to a dozen or so collectives in San Jose and MedMar ranks at the top. Great staff, easy parking, open Sundays and top meds. I have tried the Blackberry Kush and Mr Nice, both top notch.

    I also really like the Hemp clothing selection too, check them out.

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  • Report Strawberry Bubba Kush Fields Forever

    I've gotten 3 8ths of Strawberry Bubba Kush from Medmar on separate occasions. I love it! Its a nice strawberry flavor lined with kush....mmmmm.love it love it love it.
    Nice headband effect around the eyes and super heavy body. Its a bit difficult to type, so it definitely helps with uncoordination. Haha.Super dense buds,covered in sticky crystals.

    I usually give this place 5 stars all around but the staff wasnt that friendly or helpful this time. I guess there were a lot of people there that weren't working and when I asked a question,I got a blank stare from some girl standing behind the counter. It just wasn't the same experience I've always had,but it's no reason to stop going there or not to check it out. I guess the bulldog puppy made up for it in the lobby. :-)

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  • Report Best top shelf selection in San jose

    Medmar has a the biggest variety of top shelf's and clones in the area. The staff is very knoledgable and friendly.
    The place is one of the cleanest I have been to. This is an overall professional place, if you decide to go here expect to be treated with great compassion.

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  • Report Medmar good dispensary with quality meds

    The selection is good and the staff is courteous and knowledgable. 55 dollars for top shelf eighth is a little steep compared to other dispensaries in San Jose. BUt prices do include tax.

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  • Report Great

    Awesome & Affordable

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  • Report A Must...

    This spot is a must if you live downtown.

    The Bud - I have to say when I went the bud that I took home looked better than what was in their display jars. Time to restock those. The buds were nice and frosty though with dense structure. Just what I like to see. I got Shipwreck and Candy-cane Kush. Both were excellent.

    The Staff - Chill. The guy who checked me in was also my budtender. Friendly guy with a good amount of knowledge on the strains they carry.

    Price - Average for downtown. $55 for a Top Shelf 1/8. Weighed in front of you (big plus).

    Parking - Decent, but don't go when the Sharks are playing. They sell their parking spots on those nights to Sharks fans and parking gets very limited.

    Overall this is a really cool spot to get your meds. The medicine is potent at a fair price. They have growing classes and some weird looking massage tables, which is a plus. you won't be disappointed with the medicine. I only tried their buds so I can't comment on the edibles. But they have the normal variety of those too. This is one of my favorite clubs in SJ. Check them out.

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  • Report nice

    nice place,

    Review Source:

    What's up weedmap?? This is the spot!! The staff is very helpfull and cool!! And that cotton candy kush is fire!!! It's very rich with that lovely kush taste!!

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  • Report Tops in San Jose

    If you are in the San Jose area stop by and check out a wide, high quality selection of meds. I've never been disappointed with price or quality of the meds and all the budtenders are helpful and know what they are talking about.

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  • Report some great tops

    They let me get 3 kinds of kush for my first time on a 8th all was nice and my bud got amazing drink and an alright headband keif.

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  • Report nice experience as always

    picked up thier special stRawBERRY KUsH!
    i wasnt dissappointed at all the gram was well worth the $25.
    nice smooth smoke,of course hash a Kushy,strawberry flavor..definitely a nice hybrid that leaves u functional yet relaxed.

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  • Report Good bud but kinda wierd place

    This place has really good flowers i picked up some mr nice which was beautiful. the service was kinda wierd the bud tender was very quiet and "stand offish" it was kinda wierd that they were asking for "volunteers" and the fact that it was like a giant cubicle with plants growing in it. i will prob go back one more time for that mr nice though.

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  • Report Great top shelf, good staff, chill place

    I've been to four or five clubs around this area and Medmar is definitely my favorite. All of the top shelf buds there are amazing- super chrystally and pretty sticky. I really like the shipwreck and the Mr. Nice, but am yet to try the Strawberry Kush. They have a wide variety of top shelf buds, although I do with they had a few more options for lower end bud. They have a lot of edibles by different makers which is also nice. The staff is all really chill and extremely welcoming. They are ready to answer any questions you have and give their honest opinions on their products. It's also really cool being able to see some of the plants they are growing in the grow room too. If you are looking for the best top shelf, definately check Medmar out, you won't be dissapointed.

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  • Report My Go-To Shop

    I love this shop. The buds are great and the staff is really really nice. (Be prepared to remember 10 to 15 names or so - they have different people working all the time). Im even thing of taking some of their grow classes. The buds are just a little pricey, but they generally hook it up FAT. I am a regular, and the last 8er I bought weighed 4.8. Amazing. They could use some more concentrates though!

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  • Report One of the higher grade places.....

    Love this place for a couple reasons!
    Staff- Theres so many different members kinda hard to remember their names BUT dont madda cuz they got TANK the bulldog puppy and another dog thats shaved like a lion....THEY ARE WORTH THE TRIP ALONE!! LOVE THEM!!! lol They switch up the atmosphere and lighten the mood n shit...love it!

    Atmosphere- GREAT! they have everything!! a lil hemp store starting up with all hemp made shit, they have fish tanks and chairs to chill and relax...a place to do puzzles if ya want, and in the back they have construction going on now but they will have their MASSAGE BEDS up n runnin in no time...FUCKIN YEEE!!! lol (they were donated by Shamrock the fighter whos a frequent flyer at MedMar). Also they have growing classes at cheap prices and all different classes for different growing types and different growing purposes.

    Buds- DEFINATELY alot to choose from...atleast 10-15 kinds.

    Prices- INCLUDE TAX!!!!! who cares after that right?! lol anywhere between $25-$65 for a 8th...kinda pricey but if u choose right only run u $100 for a quarter...mention that you'll write a review on here and they should give u $5 off coupon!! and they hook it up hella fat too...got a 8th and dude weighed it to by 5.2 and gave my the $5 off so paid $50 for more than 5 grams!! i'll take it!!!

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  • Report ?

    Sometimes they have dog hair up in their buds. They need to fix that.

    Review Source:
  • Report BUt prices do include tax.

    The selection is good and the staff is courteous and knowledgable. 55 dollars for top shelf eighth is a little steep compared to other dispensaries in San Jose. BUt prices do include tax.

    Review Source:
  • Report Awesomeness love medmar

    i feel this disperory has compassion for the patients here.As i lay in the spinal massage machine i know today willbe relaxing and the staff here is great budtenders know alot and friendly.. choose some shipwreck to smoke when i leave the spinal massage machine today will be forsure be relaxing thanks everone in medmar

    Review Source:
  • Report medmar is the best by the shark tank

    i stop by befor i went to the sharks game.... the tends were helpful and nice... i got hooked up..
    oh and they got growing classes..... thats right!!!!! and its down-town... medmar is a good spot..


    Review Source:
  • Report Family Feel

    Very Cool Club

    Review Source:
  • Report making the best better

    not only does this dispensary offer an amazing selection of cannabis and cannabis extracts, they offer superior product knowledge.
    I know my pot. I know how it grows. So do they!! That is why you should come to them for your medical needs.
    For patients that need something mild to the ones who need potent medication, Medmar is one stop shopping.
    Don't take my word for it, go there!!! see and compare. Give this dispensary a chance and you won't be disappointed

    Review Source:
  • Report MedMar Dispensary

    About a month ago I went to MedMar and got hooked up with a mixed $60 1/8 of Strawberry Kush ($65/8th) and Pineapple Trainwreck ($55/8th). Both buds were absolutely primo in look, breaking up, taste, smoke and effect. Not to mention this is the home of the "CANNACADEMY" for any interested growers seeking quality education on this matter.

    Review Source:
  • Report MedMar

    I've been to MedMar a few times and all I can say is that the staff are all very friendly and helpful. The meds are really good nice crystally nugs. Come by and check this place out. You can also learn how to grow.

    Review Source:

    Clean, organized, large bar with selections available to touch and smell.

    Staff is friendly but could be more knowledgeable on product strains, effects and content.
    Menu should include the info posted on Weedmaps..

    The manager suggested "Gods-gift" and I loved the uplifting effects.
    Conveniently located downtown SJ.

    Will diffenitly continue to come here, oh and they offer classes for growing!

    Review Source:
  • Report Good stuff...

    The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. The selection is great. Have taken a class at the university and can't wait to take more.

    Review Source:
  • Report Love it...

    Every time I come, I enjoy myself. You must check out the massage chairs when you have a moment to spare but try not to fall asleep :)

    Review Source:
  • Report what a joke

    man this place is alright their bud is pretty good..not the best but the thing that really got to me was that they sent me an email saying that if i give them a review they will give me medicine. i thought that was very unprofessional

    BTW i haven't gone back to get the meds

    Review Source:
  • Report SaTiSfAcTiOn BaBy!

    I love MedMar,they open early enough,they have good quality bud and the staff couldnt be better.They have nice specials and if you go enough there's always a special deal.Nobody can hate on this club.It's always nice to have one around your neighborhood especially by the HP. check it out! =]

    Review Source:

    -Great place, I don't waste time with any other dispenseries for the fact of lack of compassion and knowledge. I never have to worry about quality because of there selection I know I will recieve the best outcome for every donation I make. The location is easily accessible and far away from surrounding schools. So please don't take away our San Jose Medmar.

    -on my way there now!


    Review Source:
  • Report good stuff

    good pleasnat custom,r servic. good strands at a good price. this is my everyday go to spot

    Review Source:
  • Report Best in the Bay

    Now, I'm a road warrior, So I go up and down the state,and when I run out of meds I gotta stop somewhere,so needless to say I go to a lot of off the chart dispensaries. However, MedMar is hands down the best that I've been to. Its my local shindig,perfect location,right next to HP pavilion right off the 280,87,101,and 880 so where ever your coming from it is easy to find!

    The bud is amazing, I have never ever ever ever ever been disappointed with anything they have had. If there is ever a problem it is handled quickly.professionally.and discretely.

    The bud tenders,pharmacists,patient care providers,whatever you want to call them now are the best! They know me by name they are always asking me how school,or work is going. They actually care,and did I mention there is always a new face and even they seem to know me.

    If your ever down and out, go to MedMar because they are guaranteed to have something for your needs,but the staff is more like a family and they will definitely make your day better. Plus,if your an animal lover there is definitely bound to be some cute puppy or crazy fish lingering around the place.

    The price is definitely a bit of a set back,but if you want good reliable,and on-point meds,this is place to go. San Jose enforced that 7% tax thing,and MedMar did a great job of letting people know about it ahead of time so that no one was bombarded with the price increase. I know there are several incentives on weedmaps,yelp,ect...so if your ever needing those compassion days I think they will always have something for you...

    Now...more reviews to come Strawberry Kush, Magic,Hashberry,DOUBLE BERRY KUSH, CHERRY AK, Cheese,Mr. Nice, Cake Balls, chocolate bars....

    I really love this place.

    Review Source:
  • Report Double Berry Kush for the WIN

    So if you look in my info, GDP and orange kush are listed as my favorites. I have a new favorite. DOUBLE BERRY KUSH. Not quite sure what the genetics are on this plant,,but Medmar got a hold of a goooooooooooooood batch.

    I have consistently been picking this up since January 2011 from Medmar. I love that they always have it and it is always fresh.

    This strain is great for muscle and nerve pain,headaches,nausea,cramps, and just about anything else fibromyalgia can plague you with. The strain isn't too sedative so you can still function and get things done. This is useful, yet if you wanted to go to sleep..Double Berry Kush would definitely assist you in relaxing and finally,going to sleep.

    This bud is sooooo sweet. My car always smells skunky after a stop for some meds. With this in my car, it smells like Blackberries. The smoke tastes very sweet and is very resinous. The buds are really dense,and frosty. The color is burgundy. Not purple. Burgundy. I love it, very unique. The color,flavor,smell,and effect make this the all around perfect bud.

    The staff is always amazing and will help you find the right strain for you medicinal needs. Truly are for the patients.

    Review Source:
  • Report Blackberry Kush,Strawberry Kush,or Double Berry Ku

    Blackberry Kush,Strawberry Kush,or Double Berry Kush??? These are all amazing strains that Medmar has had consistently for a while.

    Blackberry Kush(NEW!!!!): I'm loving it. Frosty,like usual. Really fruity flavor initially,and then a kushy earthy after taste that lingers on your tongue. The smoke is smooth and sweet,and easy to take large hits. The bud burns slow. The effect is immediate and has a heavy,euphoric effect that leaves you feeling warm. This was great for the cold days this weekend,great for warming up the joints.

    Strawberry Kush: I mentioned that Blackberry kush was great to roll,This one is even better. I caught myself eating the crumbs that fell out of the end of the blunt instead of spitting them out,like usual. Great burn flavor,but when it burns it releases fresh,sweet strawberry smoke. The kushy flavor lingers a bit with this one too. The effect isn't as heavy as an Indica. Very relaxing body effect,but still get the sativa effect in there. Left me feeling very creative,and helped with homework and studying. I remembered what I was studying the next day,so it didn't induce memory loss which is NICE.

    Double Berry Kush: Still my favorite. The most recent batch is a little more stemy then the previous,but on the upside is a little more dense. It still has that great aromatic perfumy smell to it and heavy body effect. I still like this strain the most out of the 3.

    Review Source:
  • Report Cherry Ak-will blow you away

    Cherry Ak- I have picked this strain up the last 3 or 4 times I've stopped by medmar. Holy Batman! It is crystally and frosty and sticky and it looks like candy. Just looking at it and smelling it makes me salivate. After you medicate with it you get the same affect. This is another one of those strains that has the flavor to die for. The medicine will leave you feeling heady and a little loopy. Ak-47 always expands your lungs,Cherry Ak expands the lungs,but has a smooth exhale that doesn't induce coughing.YAY!

    If you ever get over the frosty-ness and medicate with the bud,then you won't be dissapointed. It is definitely worth the PRICE and goes a really long way.

    Review Source:
  • Report OG Wax, GDP superMelt,SD earwax

    I picked up some OG wax this weekand and I have to say.I'm impressed. I really don't like OG strains but I really wasn't disappointed with this product. IT was great on the blunt or in a bowl. It melted evenly and didn't get too runny. However, it did melt really really slow which is a good thing and left minimal ash so that tells me it was extracted relatively cleanly and there isn't very much,residual solvent left over that I'm smoking. HIGH FIVE.

    GDP supermelt: I picked up some of this about a week or 2 ago. I didn't even finish it. I still have a whole bunch left. It is strong. IT left me sedated. For the amount that I medicate daily, I never say this. I am saving it for a rainy day because only a little bit is needed to leave you medicated forever.

    SD earwax: i got a small taste of this last week. I am usually an Indica user but Sour Diesel is usually a heavy head affect. I didn't get that too much from this wax, it had more of a headband effect that left my eyes heavy. I felt pretty slow and my reactions were definitely slowed down as well.Nice burn and flavor too it, I definitely tasted a lemony aftertaste with this one,and it was actually pleasant.

    Review Source:
  • Report awesome

    MedMar is a great club they're one of my favorites in SJ. Their staff are kind & professional.
    One of the best things about this club is they don't make you feel rushed to choose your medicine, Not focused on "in and outs".
    They also have some of the nicest meds i've seen in san jo. The price is average, which is why "price" rating received a "3 stars".
    The area is clean, they have an awesome fish tank too! If you have back pains on sight they have a room with you name on it, consisting of massage beds that are great.
    If you're in the area i suggest you hit this place up! you wont be disappointed.

    Review Source:
  • Report Pre 98 Bubba Kush and SnowCAP

    My favorite place in the whole world, the bud tenders are so great. They tell the truth about what you can expect from each strain and most of them have the same taste in meds as myself,so it works out well.
    Anywhoo...I picked up some Pre 98 Bubba Kush,after I had just read about it in the lobby in the New Cannabis Magazine. I don't like OG and Bubba Kush strains particularly because of the flavor and smell. But this batch look great. It was super fluffy,but really crystally. The flavor was very kush and earthy,but with sweet after tastes. It was more of a headband affect for me. I felt a really heavy,"heady" feeling behind my eyes and experienced a weighed down body feel. Great for relaxing just what I need. I kept it in my backpack and the aroma was my motivation to stay awake through class.It was well worth the wait I really enjoyed the long lasting affect. I only needed to medicate once that night which is unusual for my tolerance.

    I also picked up the some snowcap. I think it was more of a heavier body effect then snowcap usually is. It was nice,but it wasn't what I was expecting. However,it did have the quality "stupidness" that comes associated with Snowcap. I was less than functual after smoking a blunt of this. I tried doing some homework and being productive,but I literally sat on the couch and watched tv for a couple hours. The flavor was amazing very melony. It smelled just like Jack Herer or a strong trainwreck scent. It lasted quite a few days with the Pre 98 Bubba. Both of these knocked my socks off. I was NOT disappointed at all. They were all around great picks :flavor,appearance,affect,and burn.

    Review Source:
  • Report Hash Plant X Trainwreck AKA Trash

    I feel like this strain deserves its own review. I have not been that medicated in years. The affect is long lasting,for hours. I am not necessarily ready to pass out,but I keep feeling forced to close my eyes and sit down. It is a very spacey,lightheaded feeling. I love it! The is some strong stuff. The bud is really resinous,I guess that's from the hash plant.The buds are really shiny and green. It looks suuuuper fresh. The trainwreck is evident in the denseness and the flavor. I love how this smells I want to eat it!It makes you salivate just when you open the bottle. I don't have the munchies or cotton mouth which is an even better plus.

    Review Source:
  • Report Candy Cane...wasn't plain

    SUPER SATIVA...Energetic,heady,headband affect,increased heart rate,urge to clean..I love it. This is the kind of medicine that gives you the get up and go for your day. I medicated with this instead of coffee in the morning and it worked well.

    Appearance: Crystals. Crystals. Crystals. It is super frosty. I think its candy cane because it had such a sweet smelling aroma. The light green moderately dense buds,were average size and not too stemy.

    Affect: Great for killing naseau.

    Price: Great because it was free! Haha. I requested a sample,and they provided. I definitely am not on one of those people that goes around bumbing free meds,but I just wanted a taste,and I wasn't expecting it. SO DONT GO in there asking for free meds you moochers.

    Accessibility: In and out. Love it.

    Staff:Out of all the places. This is my favorite. They ask you how you are doing? and they mean it. Have you ever had the experience where someone asks you How are you? and then doesn't even respond to your response. Ya, you never get that here. And they don't get too annoyed with my overtalkative spells that I get on the occassion.

    Definitely, a great place for your first time,any time,last time, or only time.

    Review Source:
  • Report Battle of the Nice

    They had 2 strains of Mr.Nice.One of my personal favorites. Hash plant X G-13...Definitely an Indica dominant,goofy mood affect.

    Mr.Nice #1:Frosty. Looks like a purple candy strain. It definitely has the smell and bud structure of the typical Mr. Nice. However, I thought it was a bit heavier. I enjoyed the affect. Very strong long lasting. The 8th lasted a few days. Great for sleeping. The smoke was very hashy flavored with earthy undertones. I enjoyed smoothness of the smoke because I didn't cough too much.

    Mr.Nice #2:Colorful hairs,orange and white. Purple and green buds. Average amount of crystals. Different smell...kind of hazy,kush even? I liked the fact that this one was a little different in appearance but that the typical Mr. Nice affect. I was very humorous and instantly in a good mood. I definitely would purchase both of these strains again,but if I'm ever in the mood for ONLY Mr.Nice I would have to go with this one. The price was a little more appealing as well at $20 a gram.

    Once again,they always take care of me there.I love the staff. Show them love and they will show you love.

    Best Collective around. Hands and Feet Down. :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Purple Diesel Flowers

    Gorgeous FLOWERS!! The purple and green buds actually look like some kind of flower. Love it. I instantly snatched this one off the shelf.

    The buds were super frosty and colorful. I can tell from the way it looks,the grower really knows what they were doing. Cured great,not harsh,and crazy crazy crazy pods. It looks like a mother plant because of the crazy calyx going on. Super strong. I love the motivated affect I got from it. Expand the lungs,cough a bit. Now lets do work. Very upbeat and care free feeling.

    Once again...Love the staff. Always brighten my day.

    Review Source:
  • Report man this place is strange everytime...

    went here today picked up some flowers i was pleased with what i got i wasnt blown away by the quality though...this place has issues though while i was in the bud room there were employees arguing back and forth for 5-10 mins i thought this was very unprofessional for a "medical" establishment.

    Review Source:
  • Report best club in SJ

    by far most helpful and nicest staff out of club. bud selection is over the top, stuff they have as mid to low grade is better than mosts top shelf

    Review Source:
  • Report Bruce Banner

    This was the first time that I have tried this frosty strain. I would say Sativa dominant hybrid-light green color underneath all those fuzzy little crystals. The affect is strong and lingering. I found myself looking extremely medicated as I'm sure everyone else noticed.

    The flavor was great..very og kush like. I think the bud was a bit fluffy but the stickiness made up for it. The head affect was the most noticeable side affect of this. It felt like I was wearing a tight helmet.The most I wanted to do was lay down.I wasn't heavy or weighed down,but just not motivated at all!Definitely a mood changer...great for tuning out the world and doing what you need to do.

    Review Source:
  • Report Blue Crack

    I usually steer clear from anything with the term "crack" in it,but it smelled soooo good. The Blueberry really comes through in this strain. Very mellow effect. Very light,thin smoke that had the flavor of blueberries. The balance of the Sativa and Indica was on point. The green crack did not make me super shaky and forgetful like the typical strain.

    The affects from this medicine were mellow,relaxing and at thesame time uplifting and energetic. I noticed I had a really short attention span. Not too great for reading or watching a movie,but great for goofing around. I watched some videos on youtube and was cracking up.

    Great staff. They hooked it up with a discount for my renewal which was amazing and unexpected. This really helped me out a lot.

    Another plus,they always have a bunch of grape suckers in the lobby. :)

    Review Source:
  • Report "sorry for the wait"

    Got a sick deal on a half onion of top shelf budlet's. As a first time patient, you couldn't ask for a better deal. I was high as hell walking in there, kept changing my mind about what bud I wanted. Anyway, I walked out a happy customer. THe edible was pretty dope as well...
    Thank you

    Review Source:
  • Report Pineapple Trainwreck

    One of my favorite strains ever. This is my favorite strain since the Double Berry Kush. The affect is extremely strong. I find myself consistently just sitting kind of in a vegetative,comatose state. The flavor is sweet but kushy. The smoke is really thick and has a bit of tingle to it. I did not experience very much coughing which is a plus. The initial smell is amazing. I love it smells tooo die for. Can't really pinpoint the exact smell though.

    The buds are really dense and most of them are pointy,frosty mountains. haha. There is obviously a little creativity and imagination induced by this strain . Anyways the buds are frosty and green almost like little christmas trees.

    Once again, gotta thank the staff. Always a nice experience when I go in here. Homey.

    Review Source:
  • Report Blown Away!

    Out of all the clubs i have been to Med Mar is probably my favorite. The budtenders are amazing and very helpful. My favorite strain that they bring in would have to be dragon. The flavor and the amazing high you recieve from this bud is incredible. I at least come here times a week and dont plan on slowing down any time soon.

    Review Source:
  • Report DeadBand OG

    Great straing.Buds aren't too dense.but they are manicured nicely and really hairy. The Buds are covered in crystals and smell amazing. Definitely a Kush smell too it. The headband gives it more of an earthy,Jack-like aroma. The affect is definitely a strong one. Long lasting and doesn't take much to do it. More towards the Indica side,but still a bit upbeat. I feel pretty motivated to get things done right now,so it definitely has a bit of Sativa in there.All around good hybrid.

    Review Source:
  • Report Super Friendly Staff

    I definitely recommend coming to this club.
    They have a great selection of buds and their edibles are fantastic
    I also just come to talk with the lovely staff, they are awesome. See you soon :)

    Review Source:
  • Report Healthy Clones at MedMar

    The clones at MedMar are the healthiest in the Bay Area. They are always large, fully developed top stems from established mothers - never small branches off the bottom of plants. These stems are then rooted in rockwool cubes so they can be placed in any system from soil to aeroponics. The rockwool cubes themselves are always inoculated with beneficial bacteria and fungi before the clones are rooted into them. This ensures not only a 100% success rate, but it guarantees that the roots will be protected from all forms of root rot - not only for the time that they are on MedMar's shelf, but even after growers take them home. They do not have, nor will they ever have, mold or root rot of any kind on them. Also, growers may be interested to know that this is the only club where you can actually see and tour the mother stock garden. Patients can see every stage of the growing and cloning process right in the facility - it's all a transparent garden. Patients can even take classes at the CannAcademy and learn professional propagation on the same mother plants that MedMar uses for their clones. I've even heard 2 separate reports from patients who were referred by other clubs to MedMar specifically for clones and starter plants. If you're looking for the best clones and starts in the bay, this is the spot.

    Review Source:
  • Report makes my top 10

    Bud Quality: great
    Atmosphere: above average
    Staff: some good ones here
    Accessibility: best downtown club
    Price: good

    Overall: makes my top 10

    Review Source:
  • Report Deadhead OG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is some for real one hitter quitter stuff. They really nailed this on. I really am not a fan of OG anything,but I always try what they recommend. I was not disappointed.

    The smell,flavor,and buds definitely resemble some kind of kush,not really OG. Anyways, the Buds were pretty big needed 2 containers for my 8th. They were moderately dense,but super sticky. Not too frosty but super glue your grinder together crystals. The smoke was super thick and immediately affective.

    The affect was strong,sedating,euphoric.LAZY. I definitely wouldn't recommend this one if you are trying to be productive. But the flavor is piney and fruity,and it definitely makes you wanna keep smoking it.

    Staff is great. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Review Source:
  • Report Great dispensary at the heart of San Jose

    Huge variety of Buds and edibles, good prices, everything is out on the table to open and smell freely. More than meets your needs =)

    Review Source:
  • Report nice location. budtender Jose is good

    little expensive, but good stuff. I had the super lemon haze. jose's a very knowledgeable budtender (kind of geeky - I like that). he was at the far right end of the counter - try to get him. he knows what's good and what's not so great.

    place is very spacious, has a nice lookin growing class goin on. truly a sight to see. little expensive, but i'd like to try out the entry-level program someday (40$). apparently the person teaching had some articles published in some cannabis magazine - article's posted on the wall near the grow tent in the budtending area. nice read for all you drip/hydroponics growers.

    the super lemon haze had a very nice, strong, artificially sweet aroma to it. very uplifting, not the giggliest, but nice in the morning or day-time. that said, they had a lot of low and mid-shelves. they didn't look too good. i don't think you can go wrong with their clones, but that's just my 2cents. try to get stuff that their teacher (growin classes) grows - apparently it's top-notch. I lucked out and wasnt in time to get any of his stuff my time around =

    Review Source:
  • Report pleased

    there are lots of clubs in san jose but this one has me coming back! the vibe is friendly and their selection is good. i highly suggest coming to check out what medmar has

    Review Source:
  • Report Get Past The Hostile Secretary

    Well i have been a cannabis card holder for 2 years and have been to over 75 clubs here in san jose as well as so cal. Never have i experienced an hostile enviorment where i walk into a facility and get denied my cannabis i.d. due to it matching my original doctors. Caught me off gurad, kind of confused me. Instead of the secretary being of any assistance, she directs me to fill out paper work and points to it and repeats "everybody always carries two forms of i.d. it shouldnt be that hard". I give a smirk look to my freind and whisper that i havent had to deal with this in any other facility and ive never felt this uncomfortable. Before i can finish my sentence the secretary stands up and ask me very rude,"Do You Have A Problem", I paused then replied, "Ummm.........No.No."

    That Was Pretty Much The End Of It, My Freind Got Up And Walked Out, I Returned The blank paper work got my credentials very unpleased and felt like i just waisted 15 mins of my life. Never Made It in to get me meds but Easy to Say SAN JOSE PATIENTS GROUP WAS DOWN THE STREET AND GREETED ME WITH OPEN ARMS...Exactly How It Should Feel. Exactly How Facilitys Have Done In The Past.

    Review Source:
  • Report Blue Diesel and Purple OG Hash

    some of the best hash i've soked with my dad in awhile. And the staff here is really funny,especially when u walk in heavily medicated. Alwayz doin it right,keep it up and cant wait to come back for more.

    Review Source:

    GREAT bud as usual. The flowers are dense and well manicure with a lavender purple tinge to the outside,but yet somehow still green. The bud is sticky must have a grinder for this one.

    Thick smoke,with a sweet sugary flavor. The best part is the heady buzz you get from it. Still indica dominant,but there is an upbeat,goofy affect.

    Staff is great. Never any wait.

    The bud is worth the price,there are many options for everyone's budget.

    Best CLUB in SAN JOSE

    Review Source:
  • Report HEADBAND

    Great stuff...

    Felt like I had a really tight headband on for a while,but then I just vegged out on the couch watching jersey shore. I definitely didn't expect that since headband usually is a little more stimulating,but I was impressed. It felt like I had just woken up from anesthesia of something...really,I slurred a bit.

    Definitely not a productive one...

    The staff is great and welcoming as always. Gotta love the puppies too!!

    Review Source:
  • Report Average mega-dispensary

    Average mega-dispensary I like that they offer cultivation classes but was disappointed in their clone availability. They only had a few and they did not look that healthy may have been last of their stock the budtender was not knowledgeable on the clones. High average pricing selection of mid or value strains is limited. Staff friendly and I was given a tour of the facility. They have several areas where you can sit and medicate but the room with "massage tables" made me lol most of them looked like they came straight out of the 80's...

    Review Source: