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Overall Rating:
Based on (16) reviews
Med Quality 4.4
Location 4.3
Budtenders 4.5
Knowledge 4.5
Price 3.5

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  • 0 Report Nirvana Wellness Center

    Nirvana wellness Center is a great collective, they are well located. I enjoy going there not only because of the excellent customer service, but also because of the diverse collection of great strands of both buds and concentrates. I am always happy when I leave and can never wait until I'm able to come back. Check it out soon!

  • 0 Report i would go again

    i had a great time walking in and buy my pain med there warm smiles lifted my mood and i would tell my friends about them

  • Report 5 star meds everytime!

    i love coming to this nirvana.
    i always get top shelf strains that are guaranteed to satisfy every need from a strain.
    i got some purple kush that had me coughing up a lung an im a seasoned smoker.
    whatever you are looking for you can find it here, i always leave here with a smile an a fat sack.
    the sign up process is very fast an easy an all tha staff here is more than knowledgeable an friendly.
    if your in the area stop bye here its worth it.

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  • Report Welcome Addition To The South Bay

    I popped in today to Nirvana Wellness because I saw their listing on Weedmaps and I wanted to see what they are all about. The location was easy to find (It says Synmetrix Corp. above their shop) in a business park area. The people that work there are pretty chill and pretty damn friendly. They had a good amount of strains. I went with the Jack Herer and the Cheese. I also left with a Black Dog brownie that floored me later that night. They told me that they offer free massage to their patients and that acupuncture was also available. I will be going back for more Cheese and to set up my free massage. So check 'em out.

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  • Report Real People Real Compassion

    Visited Nirvana This week because i heard they had a limited supply of Odyssey, so i wanted to aquire some to cmopare it against a 1st gen Odyssey Motherplant that i have kept for , wow i cant remember how long now.As for the Odyssey i got there, It was Very nice! For me it started in the headdy range, became a bit of a giggly skull crusher and moved into the body to about the mid section, so if it were leg problems or pains i had id pass on this one, But for pains waist and up, it will numb you up real NICE. I also found it creativity inspiring and the taste and smell where sweet and floral, kinda like honeysuckle.
    Atmoshpere: Nice place humble
    Staff: Wonderful people here, people who do it for you the patient, i felt a true sense of compassion here, and they are members of a Coalition that is DEDICATED to Patients rights.
    Convience: regardless the distance,,, It was worth the drive.
    Price: what can i say, regardless the distance..Ill make that drive again..

    To all of you at the Nirvana Wellness center, Thanks for Supporting Patients Rights and the Promise of a Free California, a Free America, People For the People.

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  • Report Nirvana Irie Co-Op

    One of the easiest intakes anywhere. Felt good dealing with this Co-Op as they are for privacy and your rights as a patient. Plenty of parking right out front.

    Staff was very knowledgeable with product as well as industry that was cool.

    More sativa for flowers but carried some indica as well. Pretty good strains.

    Large inventory of great looking edibles. Few hashes. I grabbed the Goo Hash. It was a pleasant treat. Reminded me of a red Lebanese in flavor but much more potent than any red leb I smoked 20 years ago!

    Pleasant visit here and would recommend a trip to Nirvana

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  • Report IMO: The best dispensary around

    When I first got my cannabis card, I had no idea where the best places to go were, or even how to find them. After finding this site, and looking around, I found this place and decided to give it a try. I was blown away by the amount of choices this dispensary provides. Everything is top quality, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and fair. You really get the feeling that this place cares, because if something they have isn't that great, they tell you. I gave the price 4 stars just because they don't seem much cheaper than anywhere else, but they certainly aren't over. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with this establishment; very professional. I definitely recommend!

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  • Report Different Vibe...and not in a bad way

    For as small as it is, there's a lot to be said for this place.

    - Smaller shop with no frills.
    - Takes Visa. HUGE plus for me.
    - First time buyer gift.
    - Reception staff was really nice and handled the verification without making it seem like they were screening for Pedos.

    - The Blackberry. It's the only reason I gave the place a 5 for quality and as a rule, I don't give out 5s. And it's not to denigrate the quality of other dispensaries either or even the rest of the selection @ Nirvana, but this is, IMO, is the unparalleled leader in quality. When I go there, I am LOCKED onto the BB. I don't even look at the rest of the selection.
    - The proprietor seems like an herbalist and it has the feeling of being in an apothecary; subject matter expert on growing. Also a rare 5 from me for the expertise.

    - The Blackberry isn't cheap....$75 plus tax for an 1/8

    By all means visit this place....and it should be stressed...in my downside notice I didn't say the Blackberry wasn't worth the price. It TOTALLY is. I don't get down there as much as other places because of the price of the Blackberry distorts my budget, but I highly, highly recommend this place. If money is not an issue, drive up to 50 miles to buy the blackberry.

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  • Report don't recommend.

    I came here because I saw a lot of good reviews, but was disappointed. The lady that helped was very kind and we had a nice conversation. I went with some Blackberry Kush (the "special") which is pretty damn expensive. It was my first time so I got a first time gift which was 1-2 grams of Cali Gold. I smoked the cali gold, it was straight bammer. You know what RBL Posse said, we don't smoke that in the s.f.c... I was quite offended, don't even understand why you would keep a jar of bammer weed. And I smoked the blackberry and it was nothing special. tasted nice, but the high was just not unique at all.

    Say no to bammer joints,

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  • Report A great idea,...but

    I have visited nivrana plenty of times and while they usually have a good assortment of medicine available they have a lot work to do now. With so many dispensaries opening up they have to stay competitve as to not get pushed out of the market. Top shelf going for 65 + tax is just not something that will fly down here.

    Teresa is knowledgable and you can tell she cares but the market isnt there. The staff on the other days is exteremely friendly and they will try to accomodate you as much as possible. I wont say that the top shelf isnt good because it is however the prices are too high.

    Blackberry was great left me couch locked for a nice long time. my purple durban had some seeds in it which is never cool.

    if you do however want edibles this is your spot.

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  • Report one of my top 5 here in san jose, real top shelf,

    i had heard about this place before from my cousin who frequents here. He told me they have great selections but its kinda pricey, so i had to see for my self.
    when i got there i was greeted with a warm smile by a very nice woman(blanking on here name right now) an signing up was fast and simple.
    Teresa tha bud tender was very friendly an knowledgeable an was all about getting me the best value an quality with what cash i had to work with.
    i picked a strain of purple they had witch turned out to be more stoney than i expected along with a free purple kush pre roll that was tops, no shake just bud.
    i know i will be returning really soon..like with in tha next 5 minutes! lol

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  • Report Try it out

    Nice little dispensary with great looking Buds! Decent prices and good looking edibles. Will recommend to my friends.

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  • Report Solid

    I come here only for the two blackberry strains, blackberry kush and blackberry storm, super fire! The eclipse is the best hybrid ive EVER smoked. i only get those 3 strains here and there dirty kief. Michael is a cool ass budtender, always hooks it up with me and my other friends that come in. a little pricey at 60$ for the top shelf but worth it.

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  • Report meh..

    very average club. nothing really stands out but nothing is really bad about it. clean and a wide selection but the bud is so so. they charge $15 for a gram preroll with a construction paper tip. kind of a jip. good mr nice though. probably wouldnt come back

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  • Report They got jokes and DEALS!

    I have been off and on with this collective and I must say they are all about the deals. This is what has me coming back time after time.


    We're all out for deals and it's all about that good feeling after you make that purchase. I have gotten to know the male and female owners and I really like this place. Not to mention the new cutie helping in the back.

    Easy on and off the 880.


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  • Report PmvThe420King

    To anyone out there who does not like this place,You have Lost Your mind.The Staff here are the nicest people you ever wana meet,their Pricing is way beyond fair,and their Meds are Excellent Quality.

    This is my Favorite place by far,I'm a member of over 35 clubs,from the Big boy to the small Mom & Pop Shop like this place and Nirvana is hands down The Best Place to go!

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