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Overall Rating:
Based on (64) reviews
Med Quality 4.3
Location 4.6
Budtenders 4.6
Knowledge -
Price 4.4

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    i used to shop around a lot at different clubs until the day i found SBCPA. I went in there expecting nothing special just like all of the other clubs here in bay area but i was wrong! It was easy to find and the staff was very knowledgeable. They had over 30 different buds and anything else you need! i picked up some of their gold dust and a 1/8 of purple dragon rolled that up and was gone!!hah even got a free gram with my 1/8 of what i wanted not something that had been rolled or picked out for me:)

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    MAN they have the FIRe!! loved everything i got from them! MUST GO!! wont go anywhere else!

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  • Report Great selection, great staff - great dispensary!

    I went to this dispensary for the first time today to check it out based on reviews from this site. I was VERY IMPRESSED! The staff were extremely friendly (I wish I remembered the name of the guy who helped me!)

    Prices are excellent - and you can't go wrong with a free gram as a first time customer. I plan on trying the edibles next time, but regarding the marijuana itself - they have a great selection and I'm excited to try the other strains they have.

    I also like that they accept cards as I rarely ever carry cash on me.

    There's a reason this club has 5 star reviews. Go there and see why :)

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  • Report the best club in san jose

    after checking out all the reviews from this site i made my way over to SBCPA.
    Wow they have a great selecion of buds. by far the best buds and prices in San jose.
    the staff was helpful he didnt presure you to hurry up. they have about 30 diffrent
    starins of buds. i didnt look at the edibles nor any consintrates. nice selecion of purps.
    there was one thing i didnt like about this club. didnt like that they dont have any buds
    on display or a show case so you can see the buds. they have a list with 30 diffrent buds to chose from
    and the guy shows you an eight of what you want to see. i got an eight of ice cream and a FREE gram of my chosing. this spot carries only FIRE. stop wasting your time shopping around looking for some fire and stop by this club you wont be dissapointed. i'll be back very soon.

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  • Report Very Good, Efficient Club in San Jo

    My first visit was today. The Purple Erkle is really kickin' it. Good flavor and burns evenly. The staff is friendly here and as a first time patient they verified me on the spot so I was able to purchase my meds upon walking in. The selection blew me away. The guy was very patient with me and let me look at over a dozen types. And that was only a third of the selection. I'll be going back. The free gram on your first visit is a nice welcome gift. I just sampled the GDP I purchased. WOW! It's superb too ! The prices could be better, but they are competitive for the grades.

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  • Report Extreme Value and Extreme Value!

    Wow! I have to thank my provider for recommneding SBCPA.
    Going to SBCPA was the best dispensary I could have found.
    I bought an eigth and got 4 grams!
    All the employees dress up in Company Uniforms, are friendly and knowledable.
    There are repeat customer discounts.
    Complimentary snacks and drinks await those who wait.
    Its in a industrial area so you don't feel out of place approaching the building.
    I heard they give 5% Military and Disablity discounts as well. (not positive)
    They have edibles, hash, keef, ear wax, oils.
    DANK FIRE...........
    Nice mixed crowd was inside (they verify recommendations on the spot)


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  • Report Nice spot!

    Staff is friendly. 4 gram 1/8's too! Large selection of bud, about 15 different strains or more. Choices of edibles, fruity pebbles are great! Hash, kief, honey bud, clones, etc;. Prices are good. Free gram on first visit and 10% off order on next visit. This is my favorite spot close to home.

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  • Report Awesome Club!!!

    This is my favorite club in town. I love the 4 gram 1/8's and selection and quality of bud. The incentives for returning customers are awesome! Employees are all really cool and professional. I will keep going back and I recommend this place to everyone looking for great dispensary!

    Thanks SBCPA!

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  • Report Just what my body needed!

    What more can you ask for? The minute you pull up, you know you are at the place to be. Chill place, with a chill atmosphere. The staff's knowledge is top notch and you feel like you've known them forever. Many choices of bud to choose from and the quality speaks for itself. Visit them and you won't be disappointed, plus they have great incentives!

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  • Report Incredible club

    All I can say is incredible,they have the DANK FIRE!!! Unbelieveable selection 8 to 10 purps alone.All top shelf and nothing over $55 for an eighth and it's 4 grams.Plus new patients get a free gram of their choice if you buy an eighth. Great selection of ebibles and concentrates too. Easy to find and plenty of parking.I'll be going back soon. Best club in San Jose by far.

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  • Report Best in San Jose area!

    Great selection of awesome medicine! Easy on and off freeway access and easy to find. Clean and modern club. Best prices around. Plenty of parking close to the front door. Handicap accessible. These guys are definitely the best in town.

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  • Report inviting atmosphere.....candy, drinks

    on my second visit, what a surprise.... 4 grams for eights just like my first visit too...nice place, professional staff, the best around. Don't go where you get a half gram less.What do you think?

    my new place of choice now


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  • Report bummer....

    I was so excited to hear about a clun in san jose. I went to this one first and was bummed. The place was very nice and great staff, but the quality was not there. I would rather have an 8th that weighs 3.5 and excellent quality then a 4 gram of poor quality medicine. Most of us use this medicine to help cure pain, or anxiety. I use it for pain and it didnt help.... again i wouls skip this place until they understand what quality is.. after all we do live in cali right????

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  • Report Great Find!

    I went there yesterday and was verified within a couple of minutes. A private room with a bud tender showing me over 20 different strains. GDP was couch lock. Free gram of Purple Erkel that was super crystal. I will be going back soon.

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  • Report great place!

    great club, medicines ranging from buds,concentrates, and edibles. Very broad selection of buds, very friendly and helpful staff, everything was shown to me with care, nice wait room and the smoke is all high quality, of course theirs a few strains that could be a little stronger but overall excellent club. repeat customer for sure! Of my top 3 in the bay area

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  • Report SBCPA is the $h!t!!

    SBCPA is quickly becoming San Jose's #1 choice by popular demand, so I had to check it out for myself. As a critic who travels the states and world, looking for reliable consistant caregiving who can meet my needs at a fair price... They had very healthy strains and many choices of well cured medicine, as well as a full line of organic based edibles to choose from. The staff was friendly, professional, and well knowledged. There are many caregivers we visited in the area but only 2 stood out in my memory and the other was in Oakland... But SBCPA is local and ready to meet your needs! 5 stars all the way!!!

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  • Report earwax is bomb

    this club is pretty good. the thing that i liked most about it is the big selection of edibles, clones, and medicine. i got there and this place looked sort of weird. said their name on the door with no picture or anything with it and i got greeted by a sort of unfriendly guy at the front. paperwork was a breeze as usual and then i got to go inside. it look average, nothing really impressive about it. they showed me the medicine, none of which impressed me much. the gdp looked the best but it definitely needs to get manicured but i got it and its pretty bomb. there was super skunk or something else that looked like some crazy outdoor loaded with crystals and big leaves, which i might try if i go there again. the thing i didnt like about their weed is the way they display it, which is in bags where you can't really see through them. if they get jars it would be a lot better in my opinion. my favorite thing there is the earwax - it gets u fucked up and its bomb id recommend to try it out. there are a shitload of edibles but none of them are more than 2 doses. overall, this place is aite but since there are a lot of new places in san jose they need to have something special about them like amazing trees and then ill be coming more often.

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  • Report BEST IN SJ

    Easy to get to, always a good selection of bud,4 GRAM 1/8th's, healthy clones fed with Advanced Nuterients, and good selection of concentrates( the earwax is the best, followed by gold dust). The staff is great, rarely have to wait, and there is always parking. If your going there soon, i would recomend the GDP.

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  • Report DOPee

    This place is legitttt. the quality is bombb, and the price is fair for the quality.it is considerable distance from my area so i will deffinately be hittin up this place more often. The staff is very kind, and they gave me a cool little card to show when i return. Keep up the great work!!

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  • Report Very Detailed Review

    I have visited most of the dispensaries in San Jose as of March 2010 in an attempt to find my personal favorite and get a sense of what is available. I am trying to write honest reviews about each one of them, so please look for my other posts as you'll get a good sense of the plusses and minues that each club has, and I do truly believe that most of the clubs have plusses and minuses, it is just a matter of personal taste. I will NOT be reviewing any delivery services, only store front locations. And even though I have frequented many other dispensaries in Nor Cal (SF, Berkeley, Oakland, Redwood City--before they got shut down, etc) I won't be reviewing those.


    SBCPA had about 14 strains available when I was there. This included several top shelf strains like Green Crack and Ice Cream. They do indicate the rough approximate breakdown in 20% increments of the strain dominance, although I found this to only be about 70% accurate. They had several top shelf strains that I only saw at their location, and nowhere else in San Jose, like most good clubs have.


    SBCPA is among the top 3 clubs in San Jose for the highest quality top shelf medicine you can get. Unfortunately, I can not mention the other two here but I have reviewed both of them already. I only smoked top shelf varieties from this shop, and all of my purchases were absolutely top shelf in quality, very hard hitting in their own unique ways. Ice Cream was one of the most unique strains I have come across in terms of smell (not look).


    On a per gram basis, SBCPA is expensive for top shelf. $20 per gram. For me, this is a slight negative because I like to buy a lot of different strains and try them out before I buy in bulk. However, when you start to buy it in 1/8ths, the top shelf is $55. This is very competitive pricing, and since they have some of the best strains curently available in San Jose, it is reasonable at that price.


    Since I am coming from West San Jose, the location isn't great. However, it is in a section of San Jose that is pretty close to 880, and had plenty of parking in front since they are in a purely industrial location. I don't know the area well, but it seemed relatively safe.


    All of the staff are friendly. The atmosphere is somehwat strange because you have to buzz to be let in, then you go into a warehouse area where they sign you in. The lamest thing about this place, although a very small detail, is that they provide you with a wallet card identifying you as a member so you don't have to bring other things, but it doesn't fit in your damn wallet! Must have been baked when they came up with this winner idea.

    On the way back to the selection room, you walk through more of the warehouse area, where you can see them growing clones. Then you finally get into the selection room, and it is very small. There are no displayed buds, just a fridge, a counter and some storage. You basically have a menu and then the budtender will pull out what you want. The staff have been pretty knowledgeable, honest and frank about their products. But the overall atmosphere was not super relaxing/chill, I equate it to a Costco experience without all the people. Not bad, but not great either. Very industrial, somewhat cold, not inviting and warm. Definitely not a place I'd want to hang out, just a place to buy and leave quickly.


    Great bud quality (top 3 in San Jose), not the widest selection, reasonably priced for what you get, friendly guys, easy parking, probably overall 2nd place in San Jose. If my favorite was closed, I would likely go here--although it is a very distant 2nd place from my favorite.

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  • Report My Favorite Place!

    There are quite a few places to go to these days, but I would have to say i'm still a big fan of SBCPA!!!! The bud choices are great and the staff is always friendly. I must admit, I do visit other places but I always find myself going back to sbcpa, the location is a plus as I work fairly close, but when you like a particular place little drive doesn't hurt. I'm a sports fan too, so its nice to get an update of whats going on while i'm there....

    Great place guys, keep it up and I'll keep comin back!

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  • Report NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!!!!


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  • Report Great Costomer Service And Super Potent Edbles

    I travel to this club from 3 hours away and its well worth it! friendly staff and great selction and good prices! there edibles are my favorite though! i have been to over 50 clubs and i defianetly will always go back to this one for there edibles, there so tasty and knock me on my a$$. actually a club with REAL edibles that actually do what there meant to do! they also stand behind there products and have 100% satisfaction and customer service a++++ keep it up guys!!!! When u guys gonna open up a shop near sutter/yuba county?

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  • Report LOVE this place, GREAT BUD, GREAT PRICES

    SBCPA is awesome, a must visit south bay dispensary. Staff is very friendly and easy going, service is excellent and very quick. Nice selection of superior quality buds with super simple and low pricing. Customers are treated as they should be, frequent buyer programs and regular discounts make shopping here a pleasant experience. Check it out!

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  • Report recent visits to nor cal patient associations

    this was a pretty clean place. great selection of everything under the sun. smokes eddibles ect... huge list, very affordable. i visited three other places in the general 10 mile radius and sbcpa was pretty friendly clean an respectable place for patients needs, the others were a little shabby in appearance and staff were questionable. staff at sbcpa smiled. and they were pretty knowledgable about their meds. which i cannot say for the other two... id give em a five star all the way around. if your in the san jose area and need a reliable caregiver i think they they'd be your best #1 choice for an all around 1 stop shop. good job guys keep up the good work!

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  • Report second time, and no complaints!!

    yesterday was my second time to this club, and each time has been great! i LOVE that its never too busy, so you dont feel rushed at all! they have a big selection, although it does take a while going through them all! lol! the only minor setback that i noticed, is that they tend to have the same herbs alot! for example, all the herbs were the same both times i went (4 days apart), so it could be good, or bad depending if you like the particular herbs or not!

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  • Report Awesome concentrates

    This place by far has the best concentrates I have encountered so far, I cant seem to find too much earwax let alone some amber glass looking stuff and this place has it. The buds are not bad but one time I did get some mold which I did not pay for. They do always have the same buds but perhaps for some its a good thing and the quality will hopefully improve I gave an extra star for quality because of the concentrates. The staff was nice, I have been to places where the bud tender looked intimidating. The prices were pretty fair and the tax is included.

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  • Report if you like good buds like i do go here

    i have been to a lot of different clubs in san jose before i came across this one sbcpa. i am very picky in what i like so i wasnt going there expecting much. first i got in there and withing 5 mins they had me verified and i had the paper work all filled out! then the bud tender took me back into a room where we were 1 on 1!!!! they have so many different kinds of strains and edibles and extract i had no clue where to start. THank god for the tender took his time with me and told me about all the different kinds they had what they do how to do them for what time of day!! that was a plus and even bigger plus was that the 1/8 that i got was 4 grams and sense i was a new patient i got a free gram with it!!! i dunno just saying a lot of clubs i dont think twice about but sbcpa ill be returning more than TWICE!! thank you guys keep it up cause we neeeeeed clubs like YOU!!

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  • Report DYNAMITE!!!!

    Man do i LOVE this place!! these guys are SOOO friendly! they go above and beyond to help us patients!! i missed the good friday sale, and went on saturday, and they still worked with me, and gave me a discount since i drove all the way up there!! ive been there maybe 5 times, and i HONESTLY feel like FAMILY! the guys are soo cool, and chill! i walk in and they are all like " hey hows it goin bro! whatcha up to today? how did the meds work for you?" and these guys actually like to hear feedback about their herb, and goods!! they always reccomend great herb, not just the highest priced herb, and they ALWAYS have a DYNAMITE SELECTION!! i literally had to go back twice yesterday, because i didnt want them to sell out of that KRYPTONITE!!! WOW! its seriously STONY!!!!!!!
    i had a major migrain from an aweful tour guide at the Winchster Mystery House, so i rubbed a lil bit of the Doc GREENS lotion they have, on my head, and took a quick drive to the club, and got some more kryptanite, and smoked out FAT the way home!! needless to say, my head felt great after!! no headache, no stress, just bomb weed, and great staff!!!

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  • Report Great Place!

    This was/is the first Dispensary I have ever been to, but I was very impressed. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I have been there a total of 3 times. Basically, the convenience, selection, and friendly and knowledgeable staff keeps me coming back. They did/and still do, make me feel very comfortable being new to the world of medical marajuanna. I also like the speedy checkin.

    My favs right now:
    Green Crack and the Chocolate Brownie Edible.

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    THIS 70 YEAR OLD MAN'S REVALATIONS: SBCPA Is My Ultimate Dispensary, Period. Their 1/8ths Are 4 Grams...Not 3&1/2 Like Everyone Elses. I Have Been To 11 San Jose Dispensarys. I Have Nothing Bad To Say About Any Of Them, But SBCPA Outshines Them All. Free Grams To 1st Timers...10% Discounts Thereafter, & Just Wait Til You Get In Their Very, Very Special Showcase Rooms. I Was Truly Impressed! Jars & Jars Of Premium Merchandise. Not Only Do They Open & Let You Partake Of The Quality, Aroma, Etc., But They WEIGH IT OUT FOR YOU!!! Their Prices Are Clearly Stated...Which Are The Lowest I Have Encountered For Such Quality. Actually...Their Prices For Supreme Quality Are Even Lower Than Their Competitor's Good
    Quality. I Am An SBCPA Member For Life (Well..At Least For As Long As I Live!)

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  • Report Ok

    Read all the good reviews on here so went to check it out. Once I got there it seemed pretty nice, got checked in pretty quick. Once I got taken back to the bud room my opinion changed. I walked into there closet and that's were they keep there bud. They had a pretty good selection but was not impressed with any of it. Everything was prepackaged in plastic bags. I must have looked at over half there inventory and nothing really seemed great. They have average prices and there staff was pretty nice. Could be a great place with a few changes.

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  • Report Happy!

    Just visited yesterday…the Green Crack is awesome. Went in got what I needed and got home and was happy with what I got. No complaints here! Thanks guys!

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  • Report LOVE IT


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  • Report Beautiful BUDZ

    I went there because I wanted some herrer and gold dust or earwax for my up coming bDAY... they were sold out but instead I got some the most beautiful buds I have ever seen since a while, of some{{Green Crack & Super Silver} ...the prices are great and they don't rip you off like some of the other places out there.... PLus and they are very knowledgeable about their herbz!!! what more do you ask for? Peace.

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  • Report My trip to SBCPA

    BQ: I got some excellent Thunderberry and I picked Sweet Tooth for my free gram. The Thunderberry was Top notch but the Sweet Tooth seem to suffer from lack of nutrients at the end of its cycle(flushed improperly) and resulted in the buds being somewhat loose BUT very smooth.

    Atmosphere: I got mixed vibes in here. Nice guys, but the environment was kind of strange. Kind of like a liquor store.

    Staff: Friendly enough staff. Knowledgeable about the strains.

    Convenience: I was in and out like at a convenience store. Industrial park location.

    Price: Fair. I have seen other place charge more for equal quality medicine.

    Overall Impression: Close by, quick in and out, good medicine. I will be back. I recommend others to stop in and check out this place.

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  • Report My 1st and Still Favorite Club.

    i been coming to SBCPA since the day i got my club card back in the first week of january. the place is fuckin great the staff, the atmosphere, location, bud, everything. the only thing i admit is that some of the prices are competitive, but the thing is even though ur paying standard price for ur meds they hook u up fat. some of the meds might not look HELLA pretty but that doesnt matter. theres plenty of bud that looks godly & it ends up being crap when u break it down and smoke it. ilove this place theyve always treated me good, their returning customer program is the shit. hooked me up more than a couple of times. and for being such a persistent customer sometimes they would cut me slack when i would be $5 short. the place is really for patients unlike a lot of other places that you can tell theyre just trying to sell weed legally. everything here is good even the sierra(their lowest grade) the only thing i would stay away from would be the orinda gold lol but thats just because i personally dont like 50/50 hybrids. the purple dragon is kill, the ice cream is chron, their new purple urkle is fire, and i usually hate urkle because i saw it passed around so much but they have a GREAT batch. overall this place is perfect. like i said some bud might not look divine & pretty but for real pot smokers we've all seen that ugly ass bud that got us higher than anything we'd ever smoked b4 at least once. & this place has given me just about all the best meds. i HIGHLY recommend the place if ur a first timer, or ur sick of the crap from other clubs in san jose. i rather pay 50/55 $ for an 8th of some fire and get 4+ grams, than pay $40/45 and get less than 3.5 or 3.5 on dot at another place of some lesser chron.

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  • Report Cool place, nothing special

    Price is ok. 55 an 1/8 for top shelf. Was really disappointed because they advertise "free gram for first time patients" I came in as a first time patient and they informed me that it was with an 1/8th purchase that they do that. SO Advertise 1/8th donation necessary. that really bummed me out, times are tough and I didn't have enough to donate for an 1/8th. Checked out all their selection, nothing special. I'd try the blue dream and shiva something but 55 an 1/8th is outa my price range. Cool people, cool place, woulda been nicer with better meds.

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  • Report Craving the Green Crack, Blue Dream, and that Thun

    Hey guys!
    Im outa state right now, and Im HELLA craving that Green crack, with some Purple Dragon keif! i brought a lil, and i WISH i could just take a quick drive to your store, and pick up some FRESH buds!! Thank GOD you guys had some EXTREMELY FIRE Blue Dream buds!! And i HAVE to thank you for pointing out the Thunderberry to me, my girl would not be manageable without her hourly dose of it!! I Hope everything is going great for you guys! and i will be there as soon as i get back to CALI!!!! Pack a fat bowl of some jollyrancher in my name! lol!

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  • Report Compassionate!

    I visited the SBCPA for the first time today and had a wonderful experience. The verification process was quick and easy, once verified i was taken into the bud room which isnt much more then a large pantry full of meds. I was hoping they would still have some their Sierra in stock that they had advertised in here for 30 an 8th but they had run out. Upon telling the budtender I had low funds to spend he generously offered me a 45 8th for 40, and also offered me a free gram for purchasing a 8th on my first time. While the facilities weren't the best I've seen, the staff and bud quality was well worth the trip. I picked up an 8th of Kali Mist for 40 which was ok, but what really impressed me was the free gram of Thunder Berry they gave me. Pure Fuego!

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  • Report Really Nice People

    So first trip in, Location- its ok.
    Atmoshpere - security at door good sign, mostly friendly guy
    Staff- The girl i talked to was really cool and very friendly, the guy who took me back to the meds way cool, seemed a little stressed, maybe had a long day no biggie he waas cool.
    Buds- Of all the strains id have to say that from a appearance standpoint, there were only 2 i would consider, the rest looked to be mostly outdoor stuff, Not saying they were no good , just that i didnt like the look of it, didnt see many visible Tri's on the buds.
    The 60-40 white widow i chose was REALLY NICE LOOKING and PACKED A PUNCH, so i was very happy with what i got and the fact that all 1/8' are 4 grams....WINNER IN MY BOOK!!!

    Price- At first i was looking at the price board thinking for what i was shown, 50-55 an eigth seemed abit ify when i thought about tax being added. BUT once i discovered that was the price Tax Included It all SEEMED COOL TO ME

    Bottom LINE: Cool place, Cool people, Cool Prices and MEDS

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  • Report Nice selection. Poke these buds!

    Nice buds, price is decent, includes tax. I liked the containers and he let me poke all the buds around and figure out which one I wanted. Very knowledgeable guy.
    Sweet selection of edibles too! I have yet to try them, but if I can scrounge up ten bucks I'm going today!

    The down side: When I walked in the first time, I set off the metal detector. Had to take out my phone and keys and the security guy searched my bag. First time this happened to me! Must have just been my phone, but I never set off the alarm at Harborside, so I don't know?

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  • Report Koo spot wit tons of fire

    Went for the first time and was highly impressed with everything. the Atmosphere and staff were chill, super secure spot security guard out front strapped. This was the first place i seen with real security they even have a medal detector. Overall this is a great dispensary, bud for days, fat selection of top shelf mid and low. prices were normal but they hook it up and aren't trippen if you wanna mix and match a 4g 1/8th. I have nothing but good things to say about this place go check them out you wont be disappointed.

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  • Report HempCon Visit

    I discovered these guys at HempCon! Good first time patient gift w/ purchase of an 1/8th! I'd go back if I lived in SJ!

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  • Report First time here

    Nice buds. THC pills dont work for me unless I have 4-5. Should be stronger.

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  • Report good spot

    went in looking for a half of some good trees and came out with 15 grams.

    no other club is going to do that especially for the price. these guys are doing it right. going back for sure.

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  • Report Good bud, better people

    Bud quality - It's decent bud for a good price. I grabbed two gs of plant and another of some bommmmb kief.

    Atmosphere - I was a little sketched out at first because of the guard/metal detector/awkward entrance but it ended up being okay. This place like most other dispensaries feels like it is in between construction phases.

    Staff - The security guard was a LOT nicer than I was expecting when I got inside, he cracked a few jokes and didn't make me feel like a criminal trying to get his hookup. The girl doing the check-in/receptioning was really nice, smokin' hot as well. She actually made small talk with me, more than any other check-in has braved so far. The budtender seemed a little inexperienced but he recommended some chronic shit so what more can I ask for?

    Parking - They have a good-sized parking lot, I believe it's shared but still good enough that i don't feel like I'm leaving my car somewhere sketchy.

    Price - Prices are fair enough, $55 is a little more than I'd want to pay per eighth but they have plenty of cheaper bud to offset that.

    Overall, this place is pretty chill. The bud wasn't the greatest but the atmosphere and the staff definitely makes up for that. I will be going back next time I'm in the area.

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  • Report First time patient

    I'm gonna be honest.. The only thing that caught my eye at this club was the chick at the front desk.

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  • Report SBCPA 9/23/2010

    Stopped in here the other day after seeing that they had Catpiss on their menu. I haven't seen the "real" catpiss in a long time. Probably back in 2002 at the Berkeley Patients Care Collective if I'm not mistaken. SBCPA's Catpiss was a little on the dry side, but still smoked well. The high is just as I remembered it, a creeper. After smoking a bowl, you feel okay. Then after a few minutes, you feel better. After a few more minutes, you'll be high as a kite. The prices are a little high and they have upped security a bit. But overall, I was happy that I stopped by. Got a gram of that CP for $17 and got a bottle of "Doc Green's" Therapeutic Healing Creme on the house, SWEET!!

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  • Report Not So Much

    This place must be going thru growing pains. It is NOT a place for people who are truly looking for medicine. Its more for the recreational user. I say this because their "medicine" was not prepackaged. On my visit I was handed a couple jars and told "its ok to handle the buds". I was given permission to take the bud out in my hand, look at it and pick out what I wanted and dump back into the jar what I did not want. This was shocking because of the thought of how many other peoples hands have been in this jar handling the medicine??? NO ONE should be handling the product except the bud handler and he/she should have extremely clean hands or put on gloves. This is medicine that is used by people with immune compromised systems. It should be treated as such. I also asked about their clones and was shown 2 very small clones and was shown the mother which looked very sickly and not well taken care of at all. If you are seeking decent bud to get high then this is the place for you. If you are seeking medicine then you should go somewhere else.

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  • Report AWESOME PRICES & AWESOME PEOPLE! Feels like Home.


    They have a great selection of buds here - at LEAST 5 strains of top shelf. Top shelf never goes over $55 FOR 4 GRAMS! And that's tax included. Great prices! They also have buds ranging from $17-$10 for anyone on a budget. Sometimes their mid grades even look like top shelf!
    I like the fact that you can actually open up the jars, smell them, & poke at them if necessary. Most places prepackage their medicine, but I love that they weigh it out right in front of you! You always know what you're getting & even though they weigh it out in front of me, I always go home & weigh it out a second time. Surprised to say, sometimes they even give me a little extra on top of the 4 grams!
    Their concentrates are more than what I expected. Their Earwax & Honey Bud is well worth it's price! I go to other dispensaries & they sell Honey Bud for $45/gram. No thanks. And their Gold Dust is out of this world, literally! I've never seen any other dispensaries carry this concentrate.


    The place isn't decorated as nicely as Harborside, but that doesn't really matter to me. I mean, you are going for medicine, aren't you?
    Staff is the best! They certainly make me feel at home. The security guard out front always cracks jokes with me & remembers me every time I come in - and so do all the other workers! They never make me feel rushed like almost ALL places do, because most dispensaries just want you to get your medicine & get out. I love how they have the 5 GRAM deal for first time patients & their returning patients program. You get a free gram every 10 visits of your choice? Awesome! I even came on my birthday & they gave me a birthday special! EVEN MORE AWESOME! This place is truly all about the compassion of patients!


    There is plenty of space for parking. Nothing more to say about it.

    If you are looking for a place with friendly, chill people, awesome prices, & good buds with a large selection to go along with that, then this is the place for you! If you are on a budget, they've got cheaper buds for you that are well worth it's price. I've been to many dispensaries before & this is probably one that never seems to fail me. What more can you ask for!? This definitely beats Harborside any day. You guys rock!

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  • Report SBCPA....Should Be Cannabis but Probably Aint

    Can we say wtf?I really liked this place I've gone there several times. I went back to see if they had some more of that Kryptonite that they had and Strawberry cough which was some of the craziest mixtured I've seen. And these people show me some suuuuuuper empty jars...with shaky bud,that smelled like hay. Come on now! I'm speechless.

    On top of that,their clones have spidermites.Or at least thats what the budtender said when I asked about it. I thought the security guard was going to give my boyfriend a shake down too. Can you say I probably would not venture off into this territory for a few more months maybe they'll step their game up on quality and service, and maybe ease up on the security.Always worth a try.

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  • Report 1st, 2nd, 3rd.........I'M GOING BACK!

    PARKING: Excellent; Plenty of spaces directly in front of the building.

    SECURITY: Be prepared to show ORIGINAL COPY RECOMMENDATION + a metal detector

    WAITING ROOM: Nice and warm. The girl at the counter is eye candy.

    STAFF: Very friendly. Very generous. Very polite. I like the atmosphere the energy was great. The boys are cute. One of them reminds me of Matt Damon :P

    CLONES: Teenagers for cheap $10; Almost 3 feet tall.

    BUD ROOM: Top Shelf = I recommend the Strawberry and GDP. They're beautifully strong. And all 1/8th are 4 grams or over! I SWEAR TO GOD :D oK, now that the secret is out tell the Matt Damon look alike hello for me :D

    PERKS: After 10 purchases of 1/8th's you get a gram for free. And remember for as much as they give you it's totally worth it. They hook you up. I just hope it lasts.


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  • Report Great Find

    4 gram eighths weighed out in front of you and you can mix & match strains. Top shelf donation is $55. Tax is included in the price, which is a big plus for me. The fact that I get 4 grams instead of 3.5 makes me feel better about paying $55. And you get a free gram as a new patient. Now it really doesn't matter how much you get if it's crap, right? Well, no worries here. The flowers are really nice. They really need to invest in a magnifying lamp like a lot of the other clubs already have. If they have one I didn't see it. But the point is there buds are not only covered heavily in trichomes, the buds have been nicely graded size wise too. What I mean is all the nuggets in the glass storage jars look about the same size, which is a good thing. You won't get a bag of shake & buds. It's all buds. I picked up three different strains. All were exactly what I wanted them to be effect wise. I got some Xxx (S), which is a very potent sativa love the smell. A little heavier than most sativas, so take it easy. I also grabbed some Strawberry Kush (H) , which is great for movie watching. Big smile inducer. You are not gonna be able to hide this high, everybody will know. It's good with a great flavor. And lastly I grabbed some GDP (I). Great cure to this one, I love the flavor. I usually don't pick up GDP as I'm not the biggest Indica fan. But this batch looked good and did not dissapoint. Not for going anywhere social though. At least not for me. Not gonna make you stuck on stupid, but it does relax you heavily with a grin. I was nite nite an two hours after hitting this one. Great night timer. All my meds were chosen off of my budtenders reccomendation. This is great because it means he listened to me and chose exactly what would do the job for me. They have a great selection so I can't wait to go back and try more.
    So now the negatives, if you can even call them that. The location is in a wierd spot. I live close by, but I can see it being a sort of pain to get to for some. With that said most clubs are in wierd locations, so it's not a big deal. When I pulled up I almost wanted to just skip it and go somewhere else. The place just isn't inviting from the outside. The inside is not that much better to be honest. You walk into a tiny room with a metal detector before your actually let inside. They do have a giant TV on the wall and some cozy couches. It's just that if you've been to some of the fancier clubs, you might be a warry at first. I was. But as soon as I got home and tried my meds that was all gone quick style. Like I said earlier, the bud is nice. Speaking of bud, the bud-room is very small and without a magnifier lamp and it's seems thrown together. With a few tweaks including a magnifier, this club has easily just jumped into my rotation based on flowers. I have yet to try their edibles or concentrates, but if the potency is anything like their buds, I know I won't be dissapointed. Bottom line, this is great spot for bud.

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  • Report Bud is dank... the rest, eh not so much.

    So I've only been once. That being said, here was my experience:

    I drove on the ghetto street that this dispensary is on, passing by it once or twice, wondering what the letters "SBCPA" were doing at the same address as this club, until I realized that the club's name is SBCPA. Huge empty parking lot right on the spot though, definite plus. The security guard at the front cracked a joke about that, and I couldn't tell if he was laughing at me or with me.

    After passing through a metal detector (which I'd never done before for a dispensary), I was given a few sheets of paper (not short, not painfully long), to fill out. After that, the guy behind the counter who was watching ESPN on the big flatscreen TV in the main waiting room handed me a laminated card a lot like my MMJ card with my name and the club's name and stuff on it, telling me to bring it in next (I think he meant I could bring it instead of the doctor's recommendation). Neat!

    It turned out the guy behind the main desk was also the budtender, so he led me through this large warehouse room where I saw a few plants (he told me warehouses aren't good for plants though, so that's why he's not selling any for now). In a smaller room, I checked out a bunch of stuff, all of which looked pretty good (though I was only really looking at top-shelf stuff).

    Bought 1/8th of Blue Dream, 1 free gram of Strawberry Kush, a Jack Herer lemonade, 6 THC pills, and I bought a rice crispy treat for a friend (who is a patient). I think that cost me 90 bucks or so. Pretty reasonable.

    The Blue Dream was the best by far. I'm a student in San Diego, and I always tell my friends that NorCal weed is better. This was actually the first NorCal weed I smoked, and am happy to confirm that NorCal weed is better ;) The buds were frosty and clearly a well-controlled indoor grow. Very pleased with it (and it was only 55 for the top-shelf eighth.)

    Also came out happy with the gram of Strawberry Kush. I got one big nug, which I think was actually 1.1 or 1.2 grams, so props on that. It was also really dank, and smells very Strawberry-licious. Perfect combination of indica and sativa. Doesn't make you too tired or sleepy. Very lucid high, but still quite potent.

    The Lazy Lemonade that I bought for 10 dollars was extremely disappointing. I loved it because it tasted like lemonade without ANY marijuana flavor, but it was really weak. For the same price, I've bought Auntie Dolores brownies that knock you off your ass with just half of it. Whatever though, it's not like SBCPA made the drink; it's not exactly their fault, even if they didn't inform me of that.

    Finally, I bought 6 THC pills for around 14 bucks. Awesome deal, or so I thought. These pills smell really strong like cannabutter and the budtender claimed they had 100mg of THC, stronger than my friend's pills which contain 75mg. But these pills I was sold are a dark green/brown, aren't sold to you in a bottle, look gross, and apparently don't have the same activating ingredient as my friend's. My friend told me his were cayan pepper activated. These were cannabutter, so yeah. The buzz from these was moderate (although I do smoke close to every day, so my tolerance is on the higher end). Oh and while the pills are on the larger side, they're easy to swallow because they're so greasy thanks to the cannabutter.


    Bud is AMAZING at a great price but avoid Kushtown sodas & the ghetto and greasy looking (and tasting) THC pills. Staff is pretty helpful, but again, only when it comes to the actual greens, not the edibles.


    I'm not sure whether or not I'd come back, although there is a 10% discount for 2nd time patients... I probably will when I want some bud, not edibles though

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  • Report Another Great Find

    Found this place using the weedmaps APP and i must say WOW. Picked up a 1/2 of mendo purp 2 weeks ago and it was amazing, Great taste Great High . Also the purple Cream was also amazing. The Staff is friendly and nice. Will be back again Thank you SBCPA

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  • Report SBCPA

    This Place was expected avg but good price not to far. good parkig out front. the quality was okay not the best when i went there they had security and metal detectors. over all place 4.5

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  • Report good club

    They have a pretty good range of meds. They have some bargain meds and some top shelf. Their top shelf is a little over priced, but its good. I picked up some chocolope and it was fire. I will be back a bunch this club is real nice.

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  • Report great tree

    this place is bad ass , great quality trees , good psrkijg and everyone who works there is super chill--highly recomended

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  • Report unfair review

    I have edited my previous comments, SBCPA is a decent club. Not everything goes as planned, my apologies for previous statements.

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  • Report OUNCE=$130!!!!!


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    MEMBER #3486

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  • Report ~Good Meds!~

    Decided to check this spot out..quick w/paperwork,simple dislpay..liked what i smelled.
    went w/ a fat 1/8 of strawberry cough and another fatty 1/8 of orange crush..got em home and they are tasty!good buds,fresh too. good deal for 1st time customer and pleased overall.

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  • Report Always the best

    Came in bought a zip of headband yesterday always the highest quality for the price. And a lil over on the weight. helpful budtenders too.

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