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Overall Rating:
Based on (52) reviews
Med Quality 4.9
Price 4.9
Bud Drivers 5.0
Speediness 4.5
Knowledge 5.0

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  • 0 Report Thank You!!

    Love your speedy service, and your product is outstanding. Your buds are just perfect and your edibles are YUMMY and good. see ya soon.

  • 0 Report FANTASTIC!

    I'm very satified withyour service, product and staff. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the free gift. You will hear from soon. Ciao

  • Report Grea New Service

    Great new service, very professional....


    Fast delivery

    Meds where better than advertised

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  • Report Highest Quality in a Long Time. Fast, Professional

    I ordered a quarter of Berry Queen. It arrived exactly as expected, by a friendly and knowledgeable bud tender. The service was good, the price was good, and the medication is the best I've had in over a year. I am a regular user, in a white collar profession, and need all of the advantages Buds Direct has been able to offer me. It is as if I've rediscovered the MMJ delivery process!

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  • Report Friendly fast delivery / Bud's weren't ready to sm

    I called around for delivery and they were the first to answer my phone, took my information and order and showed up very promptly and friendly.

    I asked for what they would consider their best indica, and I got an quarter if the g13, the bud quality would have been very good, except it hadn't been dried completely (the stems didn't even snap and when I tried to pull the buds off the stem would peel with it) and not cured at all. It's almost like they picked it off the plant (before it was ready) and stuck it in a bag to be delivered. I was a decent high, but came with a headache due to not being dried. I left it out all day and then stuck it in a jar overnight and the little bit I smoked this morning was a little bit better, it seems some patience with the growing process might serve them well.

    He did tell me if I wasn't satisfied I could call back and they would weight it and exchange for something different, but since I asked for the best, and the quality might have been very good had it been ready, dried and cured, I figured the other strains were most likely grown the same way I decided to pass.

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  • Report High quality meds

    I'm a repeat client of Buds Direct. They always answer their phone or call back promptly when I leave a message.

    The Meds are top shelf. To date I have had the Berry Queen(my personal favorite) the G-13 and the Hogs Breath. All outstanding.

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  • Report best delivery service in the area

    buds are always dank. delivery quik and prompt and the guy is chill as hell!. this is my favoirte delivery service in the area for sure. cant go wrong

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  • Report another great experience

    this place has become my home dispensary when im in the inland empire. just ordered a 8th of berry queen and its killing me right now. Thanks BD!

    the new dude filling in was chill as hell also

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  • Report keep up the good work

    called yesterday for 3 diff strains,deilvery was quick and the buds were excellent. thanks again BD!

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    WOW, what else can I say. The BERRY QUEEN IS THE BOMB. I was completely locked for hours. Everything about it was top shelf. Smell,taste, quality of trim all outstanding. And the effect, outrageous. This is my second donation to Buds Direct. There will definitely be a third.

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  • Report BQ

    I've had deliveries from him before... Hooks it up fat, bomb nugs, and he'll be there quick. Hes a super chill guy too. I recommend them to everyone. I already see everyone talking about the berry queen. BOMB!

    Review Source:

    AWSOME! these are the BEST bud I have found in southern Riverside county. YOU sir are the man. IF any one was looking for meds your the first an only name I give out. Hooks it up, always speedy on the delivery's. Has lab test on the strains. I need to look NO further. Thanks again for caring about the PATIENTS and not about the bottom line. I rest my case . :) YOUR Painting in the pictures is sick! I love the depth of the stars

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  • Report Greatest quality around

    Buds direct is the greatest. It is the best quality I have seen in a long time. I dont know what i would do without buds direct. Thanks. I suggest anyone reading this try their sevice, and u wont want to go any where else. The Berry Queen... insane! and white russin keif on top, perfect. See you soon Buds direct.

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    After Having my brother over yesterday who went through this service... THE HOGSBREATHE IS AMAZING!! So glad its up in this area..Imfrom North county SD where the strain originated... feels nice to blaze it again..

    Today I ordered some Larry OG and got a bit of Berry Queen

    Nothing I can say but AWESOME!!

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.. ill mos def be see ya soon


    THanks again..

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  • Report cool as hell all the way around

    So like I've said before & I'll probably say it again, I love to read reviews and compare the different variety of all the wonderful meds we are blessed with. It has payed off very much so, as I have been very pleased with my choice of delivery. I am only a newbee to the world of delivery. I'm very picky about my meds, how they taste , how they are grown, and of course a high end number when it comes to the percentage of the potency, and all the important facts that come behind the history of the meds.
    Buds Direct was by far the wise choice to make for quality buds with staff that informs you with a comfortable and knowledgeable atmosphere. I was satisfied all the way around. With all do respect the meds defenetly did a awesome job taste great and I'm looking forward to calling them again, they gave me that wow factor for sure just without the explanation point. ! I guess I'm a little spoiled as far as the taste and potency. Bud's Direct keep up the great work looking forward to trying your services again.

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  • Report Up to par

    No complaints at all. Nothing but satisfaction. You can't go wrong here people so what are you waiting for, call and find out. Thanks again B.D.

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  • Report Just what the doctor ordered ....

    Really nice pre 98 bubba was what was on the menu days ago and I am just getting back to reality long enough to write this review to let everyone know that Bud's Direct is very efficient, extremely professional, always prompt, friendly courteous, I can go on and on but I think you get my point. Let me get back to my medicating joint..... See you soon B.D. thank you kindly :)

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  • Report great expereicne was always

    called in today around 6ish and asked to bring the berry queen,pre 98 and the hogs breath. all looked dank and i went with the berry queen,can never go wrong, buds are sticky and dense as hell!. thx again dude! way to look out for the patients!

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  • Report Top Shelf Meds YUMMM :)

    I called Bud's Direct earlier monday and I am very happy I did. They were everything you would expect and need and then some. Awesome job guys! I am surely gonna be calling them again real soon. I tried the lemon haze this time by the way. Killer stuff, it had everything you look for in a sativa. For the icing on the cake I was also lucky enough to score on some extremely nice kief. Primo combo, always satisfied and grateful for the rightgeous service in delivery. Thanks again. Keep up the great work guys.

    Review Source:

    Called today to get something new!! Got the Larry OG....WOW. Took two hours before I could even think about writing a review. I was quality all around..Looked good,smelled good, tasted good and FELT good. It was also trimmed out well. LOVE IT

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  • Report excellent service

    called in today for 2 grams of berry queen the buds were dense and dank as always. best delivery service around

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  • Report nice looking buds :)

    I called and he was here in an hour. (great timing)
    I got some hogs breath and it was what i was looking for. the customer service
    and the green definitely get a five stairs from me.

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  • Report outrageous

    Great delivery service. I got 1/4 of the Hogs Breath and 1/4 of the Berry Queen. Top shelf all the way.

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  • Report sweet

    awesome again. all i can say

    Review Source:

    Bought the 7 gram sampler. I decided to stay with 4 strains so I got the Berry Queen,Hogs Breath,Larry OG and the Bubba Kush. WOW, all bomb all Dank. I will be calling these guys again for sure.

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  • Report AMAZING!

    Got an 1/8 of Hogs Breath. Not only was the bud amazing but the price was more than affordable. I was hoping for an edible for the new patient deal, but instead got a gram of kief! WAY better than an edible in my opinion. He promised to deliver said edibles at a different time which was a nice offer although I'm very content with the alternative. I would recommend to anyone! Thanks man!

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  • Report Everyone else can close down, we have a winner!

    Yet another eighth of Berry Queen, and I have to say that it might be the best stuff I've ever had. Delivery is prompt, pricing is predictable, and the quality is great. Often, I've thought the big perk in having a card is getting around to a lot of different dispensaries, but I have been content making Buds Direct my total supplier. The kief is incredible by any standard, too.

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  • Report Delivery first timer

    So I just got my card a month ago and have been itching to see whats out there. I logged on to weedmaps to see what's up near my area. Turns out I'm far from everything, nearly 40 mins from Temecula. That is why I gave them a 3 here but what I like is they were willing to meet me in Temecula which worked out. I went with the sampler and an 1/8 of the Bubba Kush. Now I gave them a 5 for Bud quality because the Bubba Kush and HogsBreath were some of the best meds I have gotten up here so far and worhty of a 5 rating. Although I noticed like all the buds up here almost everything was dry (except the HogsBreath). Now this is not bad mouthing the guys at Buds Direct, it's just every collective I have visited up here has a lot of dried out buds (end of the season I guess?). As of just last month I have gotten all my meds from L.A. and stuff out there just seems to have a lot more sticky ickyness to it. Anyway they were up front on the phone about being almost out and restocking the next day so the sampler was less than attractive as it usally is I bet but the HogsBreath made up for that. Also he kicked down 4 little munchies; which was cool. So all and all for my first time getting a med delivery, I have to say it went very smooth.I felt comfortable talking to the driver, he was on time and he seemed to know his stuff. I will for sure call Buds Direct again and look forward to trying the Berry Queen.


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  • Report Barry Queen!

    Wow! Berry Queen! Buds Direct has got something very special. The Barry Queen has to be in the top tier of all the weed I have smoked. If you want to find out for yourself. Give this place a call, asap.

    Thank you Buds Direct!

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  • Report potent and great tasting edibles :)

    Thank you Chris, your edibles are delicious and potent :) Another thanks for the bubba sample you brought me. It was smooth, tasty and kicked ass. Didn't see the kief on the menu so I sure want to try that next time.

    Chris was prompt, courteous, sweet and very professional. Thanks again! Becca

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  • Report Delivery first timer update

    I just wanted to update this right quick. I forgot to mention in my review that Buds Direct offered an exchange for any reason I felt the meds did not meet my needs. That is something no body has said to me outright and still got to try that Berry Queen.

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  • Report XXX

    Wow, opted for something different than the Berry Queen. I tried the triple x instead. Nice head wrap, taste was good too. Thanks to the bud tender for the recommendation.

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  • Report Wow! Exceeding Expectations Once Again!!!

    We just picked up a 1/2 of that new batch of berry queen! Better than the first!!! mmmm... Tasty! So sticky, you should include a grinder with delivery! Haha! My nose is still burning from the pungent smell of the Hogsbreath I had to try out. Thanks again for the best service around, Buds Direct!!!!!!!!:)

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  • Report Expect the best, then ask for it: Berry Queen

    Set it and forget it with the Berry Queen. Smoked a fat bowl and was faded for ... for... shit I was so high lost track of how long it was. Buds Direct really has some unique strains i.e. Hogsbreath and my new favorite Berry Queen. The buds were dense and thick, all of the hairs sticky covered in crystals, it smelled incredible. My first take of this locally grown herb is outstanding. However I also like to take some time to really test the herb around here before I say anything.No need! After a while I went for a bong toke, blew my mind clean taste no hoarse burn, stoney. Berry Queen should be considered one of the standards in this area for what is considered a TOP SHELF MEDs. Let me remind all those in stonerland; there are highs,lows, and mids. To may mids are passing for "top shelf" prices. Dont be fooled, or give in to prices that suck cause your out. It is our responsibility as stoners to demand better from this new industry. I just came out here from Los Angeles and I'm having a hard time adjusting to prices of herb out here. We shouldn't have to take in the... well you know.

    I'm going to call Buds Direct cCR cause that is who helped me out big time today. Gave them a call short on cash and completely out of herb. Little c helped me out over the phone and was very cool. I told her I didn't have big time cash and really needed a deal. She told me to give her a minute to call Big R and she would call me back after she ran it by big R. He said No problem. I got a good deal on a quarter of Berry Queen. I felt I got a good deal, on a good amount, of good freakin herb! Talk about service Big C was already waiting for me, was very cool and brings a good atitude that made the delivery feel totally legit (even with a ton of cops around because of a car accident at the Wal-Mart). Little c even called me later to make sure I was happy with my purchase. With strains and staff like this I forsee many calls to Buds Direct.

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  • Report berry queen

    super dank berry queen, great high. maybe a bit stronger on the edibles but they are so delicious.

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  • Report outstanding

    Was sad to hear they were out of Berry Queen so I tried the Sinsi Star and Purple Crack. Excellent, good recommendation from the delivery guy.

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  • Report bam

    Loved the head wrap on the sensi star. A little dry but worth it.

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  • Report good delivery

    caught the guy in the middle of a delivery, says he will call right back..5 minutes later he calls. Gets my info and hooks me up fast.
    Buds were Dank. Smoked a bowl of 3RD eye. Damn...I wish I had smoked less, I still had shit to do today..lol

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  • Report out of the park

    Man, I got an 1/8 of the Sensi Star.. it was a little dry but it kicked my ass. Id do it again.
    Driver was prompt and knew his stuff.

    Review Source:
  • Report dank heaven

    Decided to try a delivery service for the first time. I liked what I saw on their reviews. Dude gets here with a backpack of meds. I wanted some sativa and indica strains so I got a 1/4 of Purple Crack and 1/4 of Sensi Star. Both were first rate. The purple crack was strong for a Sativa. The Sensi Star left me passed out and drooling on the couch....damn. Thanks Buds Direct.

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  • Report fire on the mountain

    Do yourself a favor and try the FIRE OG. Nice Nugs and a great body wrap.

    Review Source:
  • Report Gotta Have that 3rd Eye!!!

    OMG! This place is awesome! I put in an order and within 15-30 minutes it's there everytime I call. The prices are great and the quality is definitely there to. I had the Third Eye and it flat out knocked me out! Super sticky and tasty and the high was a strong and hazy one that left me laughing the entire night. I definitely recommend the third eye for when you have the friends over :) Overall the best delivery service I've used yet, and trust me, I've used a lot of them.lol

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  • Report Buds Direct is all you need!

    Rodney from Buds Direct is a professional with quick service. The Berry Queen is perfect hybrid. Get More! :)

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  • Report Dank and best customer services

    Must say the hogs breath was great and the service of this collective is 5 STAR and that goes along with thier buds. The best part is he guarantees you will like it or he will take care of ya. SO if ya haven't check them out cant wait to try the berry queen but for now hogs BREATH is bomb.
    Thanks again for being a top shelf collective and for the compassion you show your patients.

    Sun City, CA

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  • Report Taste of NorCal

    I called Rodney yesterday for some meds and he showed up within an hour with a selection of buds that can't be beat. While his Hogs Breath and Berry Queen are very potent and tasty indoor strains, I was especially pleased to see the Northern California outdoor grown SWEET TOOTH in his bag of tricks, This strain brings back fond memories for me, the smell, the taste, the high.....all so distinct and different than the indoor hydro we see everyday around here.Very rare to see NorCal bud make its way down here, as it usually ends up back east as they will pay twice the price. Thanks Rodney, for the trip down memory lane! Loving this Sweet Tooth!!

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  • Report A+ Glad I Called

    Went with the berry Queen and knew i had to try it and I'm glad i did it is some fire that stuff will stick to your finger just packing a bowl...

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  • Report WOW! Gotta Have That BERRY QUEEN!!!!

    WOW! Just wanted to let everyone know how AWESOME that BERRY QUEEN is decided to try an 1/8 after reading other reviews and DAMN they were right. That stuff is FIRE. I am a regular smoker and it only took 2 good rips and I just sat back and melted into the couch. DAMN I HAD STUFF TO DO TODAY!. To top it all of You get a FREE 1/2gram of BERRY QUEEN an HOGS Breath KEIF!!!! I Will be calling these guys again. Delivery service is pretty fast,the bud-tender's are nice, and they are knowledgeable, the prices are great. I will be telling a few friends. THANKS again Jay :)

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  • Report !!BERRY QUEEN!!

    This place is TOP SHELF since I have joined been nothing but impressed how professional they run their collective they treat you with compassion, call you back when something tasty comes in and just cool people best words for it. Now lets get to the BUDS Ive tried sensia star, HOGS BREATH "ya you feel like a hog lol DANK" and now after been waiting for its arrival the BERRY QUEEN and yes it is what they said it would be DANK!!as you can tell writing a novel right now LOL just wanna save it not smoke it but we all know that aint happening .

    Thanks again and appreciate the hook up on the KIEF dam it is tasty and powerful sprinkled on and next time when not short on money def want hook ya up $$ in-till next pick up take easy(:

    Sun City,CA

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  • Report Great service, awesome prices.

    Rodney came by within an hour of my phone call. I was verified and delivered to within an hour, fast service indeed. I bought the Hog and I must say, it's some very good medication! Sweet taste, great buzz, very happy!

    I will definitely be back to try that Berry Queen. Thanks again for the veterans discount, it was very generous of you guys!

    Regards and thank you,


    Review Source:
  • Report Bud Direct Baby Should be legal n e way ! ! ! Awso

    That was lightning quick delivery. I called at 11:15 and had a bowl packed by 11:45. Pretty darn professional and dicreet service. Thank You.

    Sweet tooth is a lil leafy for a sativa; yet, it was SOOOO smooth. I tried to pack a choker but it's just too smooth. Love it.

    The Hog's Breath is Hot Fire. A great grow and cure for sure.

    So put the bastards of this world on notice, that other collectives do not have your best intrests at heart.

    I will try and speak for my weeder. That is my promise, and it will be a voice made of pink and sage...

    Thank You

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  • Report burmese kush and Berry Queen!!! Ohh Ohh

    As always I love the Berry Queen!! Going to get that as much as I can and the Burmese kush is Dank too but I really love that Berry Queen!! Ohh yea and that rewards card is Bad Ass thanks....

    Review Source:
  • Report HAWG HEAVEN

    I called them up for a first time patient hook-up. Very nice on the phone and sign up took very little time.
    After talking for awhile decided the best thing for me would be the Hawg breath. I've never tried this strain so I was looking forward to it. Man was I not disappointed. Fantastic strain. Very nice high, killed the pain too. Kicked back on the couch and chilled for a couple of hours. Super nice pungent smell and smooth as water.

    Thanks for the recommendation guys. Ill be calling again real soon.

    Review Source: