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ATTENTION:This business has not been verified. Due to the ever-changing nature of this industry, it is suggested that you call prior to visiting. I am the business owner
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Med Quality 4.6
Location 4.4
Budtenders 4.7
Knowledge 5.0
Price 4.5

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  • -1 Report Luck da kid

    yal be looking out keep da locals happy cuz I stay with a smile

  • Report your one stop shop for all your medication needs

    this is the best shop in venice. its affordable, the staff are really friendly, the quality of the bud is great and ohh my damn the hash and concentrates are heavenly. anyone coming to the beach for the weekend or day must stop by green dot collective.

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  • Report Great Shop!

    I was visiting Venice and found this shop on weed maps when I went in the staff was very friendly and helpful. Nice atmosphere and they didn't rush me out like other shops in Venice. I picked up some Romulan and it was delicious as were their hash cookies :)

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  • Report Awesome!

    Every time we go here they have plenty of edibles,concentrates and buds. I like variety. They always have suckers or awesome chocolates. Got some hash-ish stuff there called Shiva Crystals, Amazing! Went a few weeks ago and got some of the Viper OG Hash Oil. Also Amazing and with the LOTUS, GD Amazing!!! We live in Ventura County so we only have delivery systems and only one that is sorta any good, so coming out to Venice to green dot is our special treat. They are totally worth coming to and avoiding the main ocean walk dispensaries. I gave the atmosphere only a 4, it's really like a 4.7. It's just a little cramped with how many people are usually behind the counter but also sometimes in front of as well. Everyone has been super helpful and nice. The accessibility I gave a 4, again it's only like a 4.5. The Price is also only like a 4.5. They aren't cheap but neither is the product! They also aren't exorbitantly expensive either. They overall get like a 4.7 from me! So Well Done Green Dot and we will be back again! Thank you.

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  • Report Cool Spot!

    this place is cool the atmosphere is reallu chill and friendly staff nicest place in the venice beach area! will return

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  • Report cool spot

    this plavce ia cool love the art and the bud is cool

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  • Report cool place to go!

    great place!!!!! lovethe bud and art

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  • Report Favorite Place!

    This is definitely my favorite place, 5 out of 5... Great quality buds, best prices around, super cool staff, awesome location, and sick deals... $20 for a gram of OG kush and a half gram of master kush hash... YA BUDDY! ALL DAY! GET ON IT!

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  • Report cool shop

    great service. grest selection, great atmosphere. the guys in there will take care of you. its always busy when i go in there. i love the jolly rancher strand. theyre edibles are good.the only thing i could say thats negative is they need a biiger place. lol other than that this place rocks

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  • Report Always the best...

    Just can't go wrong - if you think going downtown is a saving grace on the buenos, you get what you pay for... Besides, the prices are excellent and so is the connoisseur attention to detail. Great bud, great place...

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  • Report Green dot is the spot to get pot!

    Oh! oh! oh!

    Absolutely love this spot!:)

    It's been awhile since I've come across $10 strains.

    The selection is phenomenal.

    Their pre-rolled are bomb!

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  • Report venice beach is the shit

    went by today for the first time today, was just in venice for the day but glad I went by green dot. I liked the paintings on the wall on the way upstairs lol. the flowers were all pretty impressive, the only thing is the price. I think their top shelf is too pricey. I did think their 30$ eighths were the best ive ever seen for the price. I got some blue dream and green dot ( house strain ?). liked both a lot very good for the price I gotta say. I loved all their top shelf it was all good but I cant afford 60$ eighths. would reccomend to anyone ill be back I come up to venice from oc all the time thanks

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  • Report Venice 420

    I always enjoy the short stairway through The Jungle murial
    To pick up their Top Shelf Shake with an 8th of sativa from their Menu!
    Sour Diesel and AK47 are always superb choices!!
    Their Shiva Crystals are delicious!!

    One block from the beach with ample Free parking on premises!
    But close enough to beach to public park and visit green dot
    Before/during/after beach fun!!

    Staff is friendly helpful and informative!
    Shop for snacks and other goodies while getting Rx filled!!

    Go to Green Dot and Enjoy The Venice Flow!!


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  • Report im there everyday!

    i love it at green dot im in there everyday! the people are te hommies and im always happy with what i get!! :)

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  • Report A stop before the beach

    This was my first time at this collective. I will be back. good prices and good quality. Lemon Kush is excellent. The staff was top notch. I enjoyed every thing about this place. Love the art work. See you guy the next time Im in town.

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  • Report hahah damn

    you know i went in and the bud tender didnt really talk to me or anything
    i didnt even get a first time patient gift
    dude didnt even mention anything about it

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    I got a text for a free 8th of Private Reserve with a purchase of any 8th. I was hesitant but the clinic is in Venice (a win-win). It’s kind of hard to spot out but once you know where it is it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s a nice place, the bud tender was legit (hooked it up). I bought an eight of Jack H. and man did it put me out, not to mention the Private Reserve. It was well work the 20 min drive there. Now go check it out!

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  • Report First time here

    I only found out about this place when i got a text coupon saying that if I bought any 3.5g or more I would get a free 1/8th of their private reserve. I went down to the Green Dot and got a gram of the Maui Sour Og and a 1/8th of some Casey Jones. I was not to impressed with either of those two.(not that I was expecting very dank bud for $10 a gram. lol. The private reserve was alright. They have a lot of selection and even though the lady there seemed a bit odd she was really nice and they hooked me up fat for only spending $40. If I am close by I will come back to try some of their danker buds and some hash. Not the biggest place but the clone they had was like perfectly grown. Plus there are couches. Everything they gave me was prepackaged, which I did not like but no biggie.

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  • Report Best Dispensaries in LA

    i love the edibles and the buds are all fresh and dank ...... on valentines day i went in and came out with special valentines day treats .....

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  • Report Best Bud Around

    Found this dispensary through legalmaps/weedmaps on my iphone. Iv been to lots of clubs in amsterdam, the bay and la and I must say this one is one of the best bang for your buck. They have a wide array of prices and some damn good buds. Purple mist for 10 dollars is the best deal around. The people are nice and they have some good edibles and concentrates also. I recommend this club, its my favorite one that i have fun thus far in la

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  • Report BEST VALUE on the BEACH!!

    First impressions last... Super friendly and professional staff. you didnt feel rushed and Dude was way cool and chill.

    How do you know that a dispensary has fresh quality stuff? the proof is in the shake! i gotshake as a freebie for my first time patronage and it WAS and STILL is The BEST SHAKE I HAD!
    Another way to see if their stuff was potent was their specials: Azura and maui sour Og @ 10/g!?! fresh like they were just picked!! and most of their buds were nicely priced 10,12,18,20/g all goodquality stuff.

    This Jamaican rudeboy says " Dont waste your money or time dealing with that phony "medical beach club" thats seriously unprofessional (y'all know y'all jibbing people on the beach over there!)


    nice vibez , clean layout, cool staff that KNOW their cannabis and some Very Irie deals!

    Jah Bless

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    Green Dot Collective is the most compassionate dispensary I have ever come across! They have wonderful deals, (buy an 8th, get a free 8th), and can fit most price ranges.
    You can get grams of amazing water hash starting at $20/g!! Most dispensaries charge $40+ per gram of hash, OF THIS QUALITY.
    If you are a HASH LOVER, you want to come to this place!!! AMAZING HASH!! $20/g $25/g and even moonrocks for $40!

    The pre-rolls are the best pre-rolls in Los Angeles! All sorts of edibles starting at $4!!
    Most venice dispensaries are extremely STINGY, and over charge SO MUCH for good bud. For example, VBCC charges 75+ for the top quality bud, which is a RIP OFF.
    This dispensary genuinely has the most compassionate prices and I will continue coming back!!

    The atmosphere in this place had very CHILL and POSITIVE energy, and I felt very welcome taking my time checking out all of the different buds. The owner is the coolest guy, very kind, and very pleasant. He makes you feel like he knows you already, or like this place is your home.

    The interior decor is beautiful, and very inviting. It definitely does not make you feel like you're walking into a jail like some places. :) lol

    I did take off one star for the staff. Today was my 2nd visit, the guy behind the counter was nice. I showed him my text coupon I got (buy 3.5, get an 8th and a free gram of shake). I asked him if the special was good on all 8ths, and he didn't give me an answer, he just looked around at the weed. He seemed heavily, heavily, HEAVILY medicated, to where I had to remind him to give me my gram of shake, and he forgot to put my edible in my bag.

    I LOVE this place and I LOVE the owner but it just seems like this employee was WAY too fucked up to preform his job in a decent and professional manner, and it was frustrating.

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  • Report Green Dot RULEZ!

    This is my favorite dispensary in Venice & I've been to alot of them!
    It's easy to find high quality medicine in any price range & in many forms!
    The staff is friendly & knowledgeable & are happy to answer questions, make suggestions or let you browse!
    Seek this place out...ask for Derrie!

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  • Report Great Bud Great Price!

    Good clinic to go to. Awesome selection of buds to choose from. I like the Champagne myself. Lots of really good edibles too! I recommend stopping by and making a donation.

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  • Report Bomb klub

    Jus went 2 this klub 4k the 1st time yesterday nd it didnt look good from downstairs but once i got up those stairs i felt a good vibe most clubs are strict and like a lock down facility this klub looks very very nice the staff was very friendly and helpful. The prices are real good and so are the meds.. My new favorite klub rated at 10 all around good......
    IngleRu 4krm Piru

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  • Report giant house joints

    Just went to this dispensery for the first time yesterday and they had tons of different kinds of bud, cookies, accessories, etc. YOu get a free edible for first timers. and they had giant $10 house joints :):) well worth it.

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  • Report Best Dispensary Around

    I have been going to the Green Dot for a little over a month now & the service, atmosphere, and quality of the product is superb.
    The people there are some of the best people on Earth, man. Any day you walk in, you walk out appreciating life. GO HERE!

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  • Report My frequent stop

    The green dot is a very nice and convienent dispensary. the staff has always been very friendly whenever i come in. they have a wide selection ranging in price from $25 - $65 a 1/8TH. thier $25 1/8th is hindu skunk and it reminded me of BC bud but its a great high especially for the eprice i can always be able to afford that. their concentrates are realy realy good. my absolute recomandation from there is the shiva crystals. they will blow your mind. totally worth the price. If you are in venice and see the "VENICE" sign over the street go south about 1/4 mile to the blue building, beach side of pacific. definitelty worth being a member here.

    p.s. .. Dont forget to make a wish in the well while you are there :)

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  • Report Green Dot is the Spot

    Once you come to the building you realize that something cool happens here. On top of Rock Scissors Paper Hair Salon you will find Green Dot. As you walk up the stairs into the jungle you will be greeted by very nice and kind staff. They have a great selection of Flowers, edible, hash and so much more. They are one of my favorite places to stop at to get my medicine. From $10 grams to their house joints. Very reasonable prices for good quality is what I always look for and The Green Dot has just that. I will tell anybody about Green Dot.

    Google Me:
    Twista Jaye


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  • Report GREAT MEDS!!!!!!

    Green dot is a very nice place Ive checked it out a few times and i became very fond of this place great staff great prices great meds!!!:)

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  • Report Excellent service,staff, medicine!

    I love coming down to the Green Dot. The staff very quickly has felt like family to me and is an enjoyable experience! So many of these places feel uncomfortable and not so friendly. This place takes the cake or eh,, bud! =) Great comfortable atmosphere and fun place to kill sometime. Thanks Green Dot!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>> Adam

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  • Report Green Dot/ Good buds

    Great deals on g's and oz's. Good staff, good dispensary.

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  • Report overall great

    Green dot has a great and helpful staff who really know what they're talking about and they are very professional. It is a great location and with a great vibe. I strongly recommend going there if you want reasonable prices and amazing product.

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  • Report MY 2ND HOME

    me and my friends look forward to going to this dispensary anytime we can when you walk in you get a very beautiful forest like art scenery backed with the smell of quality happy buds the people who work there i consider friends its not like most places when you walk in theirs a rush out everything is easy to read good music overall GREAT VIBES PRODUCE GREATNESS-one love did i mention the stunning prices :)

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  • Report Stairway to Heaven

    Green Dot is my home away from home I got there almost daily. The employees are friendly people and I enjoy seeing each and every one of them. The product is always a deliciously dank treat that is a cut above the rest. Since I have gone to Green Dot I have not visited another dispensary. I enjoy referring new people because I know that the deals are some of the best in the Los Angeles area. Overall the employees and products make this dispensary a metaphorical heaven on earth. Every time I walk up the stairway to go inside I feel like I am walking up the Stairway to Heaven.

    Review Source:

    ALWAYS GOT SOME TOP SHELF BUDS 4 $10,12,15/g! I REPEAT TOP SHELF and Nothin over $20!


    They are about getting the best medicine to you for a good price period(No $25 Bull here)

    Menu Stays Current.

    They don't try to keep prices high till buds get stale then give em for sale!

    Banana Kush shake with ACTUAL Buds @ $5? um ..YES PLEASE!


    One love Green Dot!


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  • Report Best In Town

    This place is great. It's in a convenient location right off the Venice boardwalk. I love walking over to this place whenever I'm in the area. The Green Dot is located on the second floor of the building and has an awesome atmosphere. The staff working there are always very friendly and help you find exactly what you're looking for. The variety of the weed at this club is insane as well as its quality. It's all very nice looking and smells great. I definitely recommended everyone go check this club out for their next run.

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  • Report Fair Prices In Venice...What!!!

    So let me just say this before i start, I grade Venice Dispensary's on a different scale than other places. I already know that Venice is a tourist trap where naive foriegners have $40 1 month doctor recommendations peddled to them up and down the beachfront. I don't even understand how someone from say Canada or Australia can even get a medical recommendation when they're not even legal residents of the State, but trust me they do get them and that is why Venice buds are so outrageously priced. This brings me too my point of this rant which is The GreenDot actually isn't like this at all. They have decent prices on bomb meds and i really almost can't believe it myself. So this is how it went down.

    I was down in the Venice area with my friends David and David, the double D's. One of the fore mentioned Davids had actually forgotteb his rec so he just renewed it since it was almost through with anyways. Well we were chilling at a local hash bar, that shall remain unnamed, where things are way too expensive and since i was starting to run low on meds we decided to venture out for more fairly priced buds. The journey landed us at GreenDot. Now here is the only bad thing i will say, there is no parking and no waiting room. If you're lucky you might get a street spot but it would be more practical to park at the beach and just walk, but im sure thats what people do. And i guess you could call the stairs a waiting room but it just doesnt work out right. I was let in way before my friends and i had already made our purchase, we were all going in on it, and was walking out when they were let in. So they just walked in and straight out, probably tripped the staff out.

    Aside from that i liked GreenDot. The Budroom i was let into was setup pretty nice with a L shaped glass counter with all the products in it and a couch to chill on while you waited for the BT, who was a very friendly chic. She asked how i had heard about them and i said i got a flyer on the street and i kind of remembered their Weedmaps, i see now that i was supposed to get something for that but it was no biggie. I asked which OG she recommended and she busted out the SkyWalker. I was only looking to buy a g and $22( i should mention this is the only $22 g they have) sounded a little too much but this was some real deal SkyWalker and the Force overpowered me. Big meaty slghtly loose nuggs, ultra bright lime green with a sugary dew drop coating, it was delicious looking. I also got a peace Krispies treat for $5 more because i was hungry and she gave me a Blue Dream Hash Cookie for being a first timer. So $27 for Two edibles and a gram of some topshelf, in Venice that is excellent.

    When i got back home last night i decided to save my SkyWalker for the Morning. If i remember correctly SkyWalker is usually Sativa Dominant and i didn't want to risk losing any sleep. So when i got up in the morning i packed a fat bowl for a Wake n Bake. When broke up the aroma is very intense, a fresh lemony piney smell that tingles your nose and tongue like a sour candy. When smoked the effects are instant and cerebral, with a warm had rush feeling that accompanies the lung expansion. When blown out it leaves a gentle buzzing behind your eyes taht is so nice. The edibles on the other hand, while delicious, were not taht potent but they were basically free so im not complaining.

    All in all the GreenDot really suprised me in a good way. It's just that when i go to Venice i am always very wary of the dispensaries and now it seems like i have found a legit one. I mean the Bud was good the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the prices are actually comparable to the real world. Wow! So if you're in Venice and are just sick of all the other places trying to ream you give the GreenDot a try. I dont even mind no waiting room as long as i can pay real world prices!

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  • Report smokln budz


    Review Source:
  • Report theyve got great prices for this side of town!!1

    I love this place! its small and cute :) you walk up these little stairs and they have everything organized behind the counter. the woman who worked there was sweet and even gave me info on how to get a free 1/8th. I got two edibles which were my favorite the vegan sativa butter cookie and the cookie brown Venice cookie company edibles which packed a great punch! they have a coupon up there you should bring it! I got a free gram of the private reserve!!! :D thanks green dot!

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  • Report Worth the drive

    This place is great, I drive from Hollywood all the time to get bud there and I have no complaints. It gives you a real calm/California atmosphere. They have very decent eighths that go down as low as $25. The more expensive buds are the best I've had since I got to LA. I only wish I was close enough for them to deliver to me.

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  • Report Cant wait!

    I live right next to San Bernardino so its kinda a drive but i am going out there soon. So i decided to check out what i could find on weedmaps.com and so far this place sounds amazing i have read all the reviews and i am glad to say when i hit the beach you will be my first stop thanks to everyone for leaving a review for me to read so i know whats up when i make the trip out there xoxo Shanna

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  • Report Cool little spot

    Well, I just happened to be hanging out in Venice Beach over the weekend and purposely did not purchase my meds before leaving my hometown in hopes that I would find a great shop to visit on the most famous beach in the world! I came across Green Dot here on weedmaps, along with a couple others. However, while walking down on the beach, I was informed by one of the evaluation clinics that Green Dot was the place to go. When I went to the location, parking was a pain in the rump. Oh well, it's a weekend at the beach, what did I expect??? LOL!!! Went upstairs to a small, but very clean shop/room. Easiest registration EVER! Inside the budroom was very artsy. Loved it. Very appealing to the eyes. The glass shelves were stocked with what looked to be a great selection of meds and edibles. Budtender was very friendly and helpful. Prices were high. And thats one time when "HIGH" is not cool. BEST PACKAGING. The pouches used here keep your buds fresh for a long time! And they use labels. A+++ for that. I requested some GDP and Headband. A little disappointed to get away and find that my headband turned out to be Casey Jones. Bummer, but still ok. Meds were avarage. Good, but average. And to top it all off, my puschase was a bit heavy AND a free gram of shake was included. That makes a guy very happy to get free weed :-)

    Overall: Great shop with an awesome staff. A bit pricey, but Im just guessing it has to do with being near the beach. Still worth stopping in when you're visiting. Especially if you like to shop hop like I do.

    Thanks guys and keep it up, You have a great shop!

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  • Report Green Dot on the Spot

    So it's raining and it's 9 in the morning which in Venice feels like 6am. I check Weedmaps.com hoping to find a collective open at this un-godly hour. By now it's 9:30 and I found my destination, a collective which advertised being open from 9 - 9, sweet. Just in case I found another nearby open at 10am, Green Dot. Into the rainy morning I went dutefully driving to my destination which because I live in Venice, thank God it's not that far. I arrive only to find a dark doorway and no sign of life or possible entry. It's now 9:48 and I am glad that I have a back-up plan and that Green Dot's location is basically across the street, but I am sad I have to wait 10 minutes... I drive towards Green Dot and because I know where to park, I head down the alley and around to 18th street where I park and wait. It's now 9:52 and it feels like an eternity til 10am. At 9:59 I make my way over to the collective and happily find an open door and a sign signaling my success. Upon entry I ascended the stairway, dodged a street person on my way in and made it to the small glass window of hope. I meet the guy behind the glass, his name a hard one to remember, sorry Bro. I fill out the red tape and enter into a tiny display area with the cases filled with medicine and its wares. The budtender was the best thing about the place, helpful and soft-spoken, a good thing that early. The quality of the medicine on the other hand not so great, good, but not great, especially for the price. Most medicine at Green Dot costs 20/60 with very few strains at $50 an 1/8 or lower. Of course the strains I wanted were the upper echelon but I could tell it was that or nothing and I wasn't about to leave empty handed. I ended up with an 1/8 of a purple called Mr. Nice, caught my eye right away. It was nice, only nice. I also got a gram of Orange Crack which ended up being a run-of-the-mill sativa. For mentioning Weedmaps.com and for being a first timer I recieved a free gram of their "House Strain" and a choice of edible. I got a dark chocolate that was awesome! The House weed though, smelled brownish and didn't smoke any better, but, beggars can't be choosers right? Overall my morning mission was a success an Green Dot really did hit the spot for me in the rain at such an un-godly hour.

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  • Report DAnk!

    Me and my friend Anabel live in fontana, and we found Greendot on weedmaps, so we decided to make the trip to try out the medicine here. Let me tell you guys...everything was fantastic! The bud quality alone won me lol. I got a gram of skywalker, super dank!!!!! Got me heavily medicated, I have to go back and get my a quarter of that for sure! and I also tried mendo purps, outta this world let me tell you, and the color on this strain is crazzyyyyy....completely purple!! not one sploth of green! will def comeback next week to try out a few more strains that caught my eye! the budtender was very cool too, got me and my friend through the door fairly quickly, gave me a choice between a gram of house shake (banana og) and a hash cookie. I chose the gram, and my friend got the cookie both of which were tasty tasty tasty, those hash cookies are potent, good thing we bought three more, yep! they got 3 cookies for ten bux! deallll oorr wuuut man! in conclusion, this dispensary is awesome! DEF coming back soon, cya soon man! (forgot budtenders name, i know it starts with an l, my bad bro :P
    thanks a bunch green dot !!!!!

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  • Report A wondrous collective!

    After literally hundreds of collectives that I have been to over the years, I am pleased to tell you all about this fabulous collective in Venice Beach!

    Why Guinevere loves Green Dot

    Obviously my stars above speak to all of that but what I really want to say is simple but hopefully meaningful for you.

    If you want to get your beloved bud from the coolest, nicest, most informed and no attitude, honest, fun and GREAT QUALITY collective on the Westside-This is your place.
    How about 30$ eighths that of absolutely top notch bud.

    Oh and their entry way is a magical painted forest as you climb the stairs. How cool is that! AND then you get to play in Venice Beach ;)

    Needless to say, I love this place and send them all manner of blessings on their fine establishment.

    This will be my "home" store now!

    my love to all who read these words- may all your dreams come true,

    Guinevere the one...

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  • Report Super High End Meds

    I've tried a bit of each type of product and I have never been disappointed. The prices are more than reasonable for how reliably potent and high quality everything is.
    Moondust- the most full, even high I've ever felt. Extremely potent yet extremely functional.
    Shiva Crystals- Yet another knockout. Possibly the most uncontaminated, cleanest product I've ever seen.

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  • Report Good Experience

    I dropped in while i was out at Venice beach.. service was proper and i am diggin their Master.

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  • Report More GREEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good location, i love the painted walls and blasting music, i wish the hanging plants were real though! the staff were pretty nice, i'm glad they were kind to be willing to trade for more decent quality bud as my first time honoring, cause otherwise i would have had a really bad quality bud for free, which is no good to me at all, it's really important to be sincere about blessing first timers with something good i strongly beleive! overall better bud quality and prices, better packaging and more/better edibles is what i would personally like more of! ☮ wishes

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  • Report MOONDUST

    great shop with alot of good concentrates n edibles da moondust is a must have !!

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  • Report Green Dot hits the Spot.

    Green Dot is the Spot. The staff is very friendly and knows what they are serving. They must put their employees through Cannabis Boot Camp. I love the items on the menu for different reasons. I love Candy Kush, King Louie and even their Super Shake will get you going.

    For the best spot go to the Green Dot.

    Twista Jaye

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  • Report Yay green dot!

    I just started going to this place and i haven't been let down at all. I have been to many bud places in venice and the downtown LA area and Green Dot has been on point every single time. The bud is ALWAYS nice and does the job. The staff is super nice as well!!

    so glad to be in walking distance of this place!

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  • Report awesome

    this place is sweet.i tried thier champaine,and their mango kush.they were yummy.the staff is friendly and they are in a convinient location.definately should try this place.

    Review Source:

    The Bud is Fire. I highly recommend this club to all the weed smokers. SMOKE OR DIE GREEN DOT Is My SUPPLIER.

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  • Report Not bad

    I really liked this place but the only problem I head was it was difficult to find. I wouldn't of found it if the green team did not show me. But they got some killer meds at killer prices

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  • Report Solid Selection

    Came here looking for edibles, didn't get any bud. And was really happy with the selection, pretty dope fancier edibles too, like the Little Britton Truffles. Bit pricier than others, but there were two attendants and they were both very helpful and they knew their products.

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  • Report Super Cool Dispensary!!!!

    I went there today and when i got there Weedmaps.com was already there doing a interview with the Owner and a couple staff members so they asked us to wait five minutes. Well when i finally got up there they gave me two fat grams of this super dank og that weedmaps.com was doing an interview on for free and then my buddy and I got to go down to the beach with the owner and this cute girl who worked there so weedmaps.com could video tape us smoking a fat joint of the super dank og on the bank :) I guess we were there at the right time i cant wait to see the video im super stoked!!!! So if ur ever in Venice you must stop by the green dot collective!!!! One of my favorites and they always have a huge selection of some of the best Buds i've seen around.... They get an A plus in my book

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  • Report Always consistently good...

    Can't go wrong in Venice... Staff is the best - good bud at reasonable prices!

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  • Report Friendly and super mellow!

    Super easy and convenient location in Venice, their buds were great. Their staff was super friendly and helpful, all wrapped up in a mellow environment. Would highly recommend to anyone.

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  • Report Always a favorite - best staff around!

    Good prices and caring people who know their business... Derry is a great guy who will always be there for you!

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  • Report Dope spot by the beach

    Everything here was legit! Cool spot to go to when you'e near venice, definitely going back.

    THL squad!!!!

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  • Report Best buds meet best deals!!!

    I have been to over 200 collectives in the SoCal area, and regularly serviced 37 of them for 2 years. I have most definitely seen and smoked my fair share of greens in this city, and while many overpriced collectives have bomb buds, and many not-so-greatly stocked collectives have great deals, NEVER have I been in a collective where such AMAZING smoke is so affordably priced. The 20/g stuff is as bomb as the 22-27/g buds at local competing dispensaries, and the $10/g medicine could easily go for 15-18.
    Maybe even more importantly, the staff is super friendly, and the ambiance is homey and hippy. It feels like the spot, not like a stuck up business.
    The Green Dot gets A pluses across the board, and having gone there for a few years, Darry totally changed the place around. He took a hole in the wall and turned it into the place to be! Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. You rock, and so do all the other Green Dot related cats :)
    Needless to say, Clone Girl has changed her home base!!!

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  • Report Pretty Awesome

    i was actually told about this place by a guy handing out cars on the boardwalk, he convinced me to check it out and i'm glad i did because there service was really good and all of there Meds were really good. The girl behind the counter was nice and hooked it up a little and i got a pretty fat joint with my first donation, i'll def be going back next time i'm on the beach.Even there lower end stuff was really tasty and sticky.

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  • Report Snow Capped my mind

    I went into the jungle of the Green Dot and was there getting some Snow Cap and some of their Bubba Urkel earwax/peanut butter concentrate. Well me being me I could not smoke alone. A friend joined me in just one bowl. I loaded the snow cap and put a schmear of the Bubba Urkel Earwax. as we smoked it the earwax was just what I was looking for. it bubbled very nicely then melted into the snow cap. It was sooooo good that after the bowl my friend and I got stuck for a bit. Nice smoke and great prices are only found at this spot The Green Dot.
    Twista Jaye
    Venice 420 Tours and everywhere else good herb is to be found!

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  • Report WoW great

    great bud great price why go any were elts

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  • Report for the love of god

    i have to wright another review i went there yesterday and got the pinapple headband hash and sume of there skunk i think every one should be going to the dot and if ur not then you are the one who missing out on every thing

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