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Based on (20) reviews
Med Quality 4.4
Price 4.5
Bud Drivers 4.9
Speediness -
Knowledge -

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  • Report good stuff

    thanks , made for good holiday start

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  • Report Great delivery guy

    Michael even remembered to kindly remove his shoes upon entry when he returned for the 2nd...17th time. Also very punctual.

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  • Report Professional and Caring

    Amended comment and rating: The owner spoke to me about losing their credit card account unexpectedly that afternoon, and the steps he implemented to ensure their internal miscommunication would not happen again. His personal follow-up demonstrated that this Collective is, in reality, both professional and caring.

    I placed a return order last night, and planned to pay by credit card as I always had done in the past. I am disabled, can’t drive myself or use an ATM, so this is very important to me. The driver, Michael, showed up 3 hours later at 9:50PM and said their policy had changed to cash only. He was shocked that I was not told this over the phone and that both their internal website and WeedMaps had not been updated for this major policy change. I had checked both before placing my order. Michael knew me from previous deliveries and tried to be very accommodating, but his boss got upset at him and actually sent him back to collect the meds. Although Michael was very apologetic, I told him that if this was the way they wanted to treat a disabled return patient who had waited for 3 hours then they would earn this review.

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  • Report Would order from again

    Staff is friendly-including our delivery guy Michael and fast. Will order from here again.

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  • Report I'm Impressed

    Very professional and kind. Good meds reasonably priced. Why can't others be like this?

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  • Report Awesome delivery service

    Called around 7pm and they were there in under 30 minutes, very friendly service and delivery guy.

    Amazing Kandy Kush Wax, and I also loved the free 1st time delivery gram of Pure Kush that I got.

    Definitely will be ordering again soon

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  • Report Fast Delivery

    The selection, price, service and best of all the quality is AMAZING. Their receptionist Whitney was very friendly and helpful. The delivery was
    SUPER FAST and the driver (Michael)was a real professional. Thank you Medicalkush Collective for
    a great experience.

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  • Report Honest review.

    Well, the staff at this place is great, they are always nice and try to help. They get here on time usually and i like that.

    First of all, i got the romulan grapefruit. It is is in my opinion a C- at best. The buds look nice and sparkly at first. But with close inspection i note a huge, lack of patience. The person who grew this bud probably pulled it at 5 weeks. This is a sativa dominant strain, should go for about 10-11 to be sure you get all the cannabinoid profiles fully developed for a proper medicating stone. Or at least a nice buzz in the head. This bud being half done has its medication effect in shambles. I actually kind of regret paying for this bud. The taste in the vape is hard to describe without being blunt. It tasted like, mildew on top of your grandmas house with some sprouts. In other words. Terrible. There was no character, no zip on the tastebuds, the vapor was simply a visual effect. Now, im going to tell you. I have lived in the east bay area for about 2 months now. And %90 of the bud i get delivery, is like this. I have gotten good bud from here before. This particular service im writing on right now is where i got it, but for the love of god, its not this strain, its not the sweet tooth strain from the other shady service..If you have serious pain releif needs, do not spend the money on those strains. The prices are steep here. Extremely, and i mean that in general.

    In my old town, the bud i got tonight, and the other night. Wouldnt cost more than $5 a gram. I paid $40 for 3.5 of basically hopps. IMHO, If you dont find yourself a standby service with a strain thats good, well priced, and always on tap. Its not worth being medical in the dublin area. Simple as that.

    Now, i got the cherry pie hash, which is also very overpriced. It was actually fairly decent but i have never seen "wax" that could be handled like bubble hash.. but maybe thats just me. Anyways, thank god for this, a couple days before my bday here and if it wasnt for this tiny half gram of hash i would have been in pain..But i digress. Basically, i want the service and people looking for one to take this review seriously. We all need someone we can trust.

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  • Report good bud bad buddies

    the tree ia clean and dope. The service was pretty Shity tho, hour abduction half late could not.get.threw on the phone.

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  • Report Great place!

    I live near Vacav., so I don't cross the bridge that much (aka I have a club that's close) - but WHEN I have to cross that bridge, this really is the place. The prices are a BIT high and the bud quality is SOMETIMES off a little, bit, but the staff is great, it's very easy to find, and otherwise, not a problem in the world. Recommended.

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  • Report First time, not my last.

    Okay so i called today, asked if they would deliver to my area. I had said i was looking to buy $30 of romulan, the person i talked to said that in my area the minimum delivery fee was $50, not $30 like it says in their description. I currently am tight on cash, so i simply said i cant afford it today sorry. He stopped me right there and made it work for me, getting me my meds at the right price. This is compassion, of all the score types on weedmaps. The one for compassion seems to be missing. These guys get 6 out of 5.

    When the driver arrived, we went inside, i signed up for the collective. He took my debit card with a familiar card device for smartphones(i use the same one) He sent a receipt after i signed to auth the transaction. Simple, fast.

    To my surprise, i was informed that i would be getting 2 grams of romulan, and 1 gram of free hash. When i checked the weight of the purchase, much to my surprise, i got 3 grams, and 1.3 grams of hash.. For $30.

    I absolutely recommend this service. They went out of their way to deliver, and did not disappoint.

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  • Report All-around Awesomeness

    The delivery was super fast for me and the delivery driver said that he usually delivers even faster!
    The dude that delivered was super chill and nice. I was so excited for my first delivery from them (second time ever receiving delivery for me) I forgot to ask about my cookies I ordered. I called the delivery guy back 5 minutes after he left and he turned around to deliver them to and handed my $10 back - So I got 2 FREE cookies and 1 gram of FREE hash. I'll definitely be ordering again from these guys.

    Looking forward to writing more reviews on the buds!

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  • Report Fast, Friendly, And Awesome Deals

    This delivery service is super friendly, and professional. It was my first time trying the delivery service and these guys were really intelligent about the different types of strains. they saved me time and money. I will be calling these guys back....

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  • Report hella good tree

    this place is pretty cool. purple dynasty is fire and the free gram of full melt is dank.

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  • Report Really Good Edibles

    These guys don't have it on their menu yet but ask them about their edibles. The chocolate chip cookies are incredibly good! If you need the relief but it's hard to smoke it, eat it! The cookies are reasonably priced and they really pack a punch. Long lasting effects. The delivery guys are sweet too. Very professional with the patient satisfaction first and foremost. 10 Stars!

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  • Report Great club, awesome concentrates

    the first time i hit this club up, i got a free gram of amazing afgooey bubblemelt for making a purchase. the more meds the better! really professional forr a new collective. looking to buy more concentrates and chronic bud

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  • Report Definitely just starting out....

    These guys are really nice, the quality of the bud is alright. The Purple Dynasty does smell and look really nice. The Blue Cheese is nice, but its not what I was looking for, and the OG is really nothing special.
    I got 1/8ths and they were barely on point. I have NEVER weighed out anything I've bought from a collective but these purchases seemed very skimpy. I am tempted to call and ask if I can just return the product and get my money back, as I barely have smoked any of it and have been looking at much better quality and strains for the same price all morning.

    ****** I'd like to add that instead of refunding my money, they did swap out one of the 1/8ths for something better suited for me, and the drivers are extremely nice!

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  • Report Best Delivery Service So Far...

    These guys are great, on time and very informative on the different types of strains. The free gram of hash was awesome and I will be getting more. The driver was cool and professional. Really digging the romulan it's a must have...

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  • Report Will order again!

    Great experience. First delivery was perfect - they were here super quick, driver made me feel comfortable, really NICE BUDS. What more could I ask for? Lovin the blue cheese...

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  • Report they made me really happy

    the delivery was fast, they were polite & professional & very informational on the strains.
    I would definately order again, i love their purple dynasty.

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