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    Did you try the blond hash????
    I went into this place and was pleasantly surprised. I tried the BOB MARLY and the PERMA FROST both had an amazing taste and great medical qualities. I also picked up a few of his koma brownies and they knocked me on my A$$. Furthermore the blond kief hash was to die for.

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    This is what i call ditch weed, nasty stuff
    These guy's should be shut down for selling shitweed, i recommend not going here, the weed has no strength at all, they should be thrown in a pit and defecated on!

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    i am so pissed off!!! don't go here!!! crapp!!
    I thought i was gonna get some good meds. hell no!! it's nasty homegrown, what a waist of time and money, DON'T GO HERE!!!! unless you like weak product, the guy's a good bull shitter!!!

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About Us

  The High Caliber Medical Group 360-547-2680   We represent a safe and legal way for patients to acquire their Medical Marijuana. -Deliveries to most of Smokey point, Arlington & North Snohomish area....

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