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As the name suggests, Centrum is the historical central district of Amsterdam. The popular destination is home to the famous Canal Ring, Museum Quarter and Red Light District. Though technically not 'legal' throughout Holland, cannabis sales are regulated in the Amsterdam province and use and possession are decriminalized. Scores of coffeeshops, distinguished only by green and white window stickers, offer tourists and locals alike selections of hash, pre-rolls and edibles. Most of them allow consumption on site and, like bars, each offers a different atmosphere and vibe.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Centrum, AM

  • Who can purchase cannabis in Centrum
    Anyone 18+ is allowed to purchase cannabis from a coffeeshop, but some shops may limit entry to those 21+. Ask about payment methods before you begin a transaction. Some shops take only cash, others take only cards.
  • Where can I smoke in Centrum?
    Most coffeeshops allow consumption of cannabis products on site. Many allow for consumption of cannabis products purchased elsewhere, but it is expected that customers will purchase food or drinks from the establishment. The majority of coffeeshops do not allow tobacco use and absolutely no hard drugs. Amsterdam law prohibits businesses that sell cannabis from also selling alcohol.
  • How much cannabis can I purchase?
    Coffeeshops limit purchases to five (5) grams per day per shop. Some shops may limit entry to two times a day. Although decriminalized, possession of cannabis can still be punishable and having more than 5 grams risks prosecution. Buy small amounts, consume it in a coffeeshop and you'll be fine.

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