Delivery Reviews in Tuba City, AZ

  • Greenspharms in Mesa has a great selection and a helpful staff!!

  • Very professional and kind driver. Great quality product. Great prices

  • Excellent place to get your meds . The staff is awesome and budtenders are awesome . Great quality of flower and good prices.

  • I have never had any problems with this delivery it is always on time, polite, professional, and straight up. Keep it up. Help has arrived.

  • Called got a 1/2 oz for $80 super fast delivery no ftp gift or extras

  • I keep getting ignored when I wanna make an order which was never the case. I get told it’ll be a while but I never get a response back. Also please put your hours on your page if you’re not actually 24hrs.

  • Picked up glue and GDP both super fire best delivery hands down, definitely will be back every pay check!

  • Carts are amazing. The Oil is very good only down side is that they are.3 other then that they do the job.

  • Always on point. Haven’t failed me in months. But always fresh not once have I received dry bud. Everything they have is always good. Can’t never go wrong with anything in the tuna cans. Thank you guys for what you do.

  • Wow everything in the cans are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏽 Use to go to the dispensary. Not no more. Thanks guys. And the free preroll gas ⛽️ too!!

  • Super excited you guys are back online, y'all always got superior quality for the low!! Sundae driver my favorite!

  • Super 🔥🔥 my new go-to spot! Feels like I went to Cali myself! Gary Payton was off the meat rack!!! Also staff was very polite and courteous. Thanks y'all!

  • I just ordered the Str8organics Mimosa Diamond Sauce and it is top quality

  • So glad I ordered from this guy was on time and the bud is the best ive had in a while

  • Man! Great deals! Great bud! And best of all the , most importantly ther drivers! Always on time , reliable friendly .. Keep up the work KB

  • Orange sherbet is fire

    weed eaze
  • Buddakis is the best!

  • The coolest driver! The bud is super 🔥🔥🔥. They are the coolest!

  • Fake carts

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