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Call 661-578-1882 or sign up at www.mmjmenu.com/hwy58. $45 minimum donation for free delivery. You can complete your order online now! Ask how. Hwy58 is providing Home Delivery for Prop 215 Patients. We have the top quality medication you find...


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    Its the best spot to get the best for your money nobody has it like them

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    Well this is like my 4th or 5 th visit & each time to-date I. Walk away smh: so the quality /quantity issue; not to mention they're timing ( dear hwy58:tho it was Xmas- u still r a delivery svc ;who quoted me a time that expired by 45- to an hour)

    So I go to order.an8th of Xxx - @3.6 g for $45. Most 8ths in town run 30-40 and oft times many round it out to 4gs - for the output in quality quantity and service I'm shocked your still in business / next time if ; pls simply tell me out rite when u will b here/ if 2 hrs @ least id know - I'm not sure I'll return - unless as plan b/ js... Good cxxx tho word

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    Very disappointed
    You never get what your buying, buyers be aware

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