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    Honest guys and HIGH quality medicine
    my only stop in Bakersfield.OH YES. the BEST edibles
    location doesn't matter....will follow this place anywhere

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    Awesome Weed!
    At first, I read some of the other patient's reviews, and found myself in complete aggreement with Rob ( the deaf dude). I'm being the most real and honest, when I say he, Rob, wrote nearly every word I would have typed in my review. Simply, scroll down and read GSC ROCKS! Next note, that the overwhelming reason for why GSC ROCKS, begins with the ladies. Yes, I'm refering to the intelligence and care of the entire environment, which happens to be, in my view, created and demonstated by the greeting at the door to the behind scenes. Appreciate all you two ladies do! Oh, yes, and all the beautiful buds you will find. Thank you all, and enjoy Thanksgiving!
    Ben (BlueDream Dude)
    Only one down grade, with all else bing a 5 Star (Weed). Wish the shop was at my house:)

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    I love me some Golden State ... One of the best shops in the town hands down
    It speaks for itself ... Visit, & I'm sure you'll leave smileing. The Atmosphere is everything your looking for .

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