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    Awesome and fresh bud. Just found this pland and find out they have been here for 7 years! Nice, clean and fun to talk to. Fresh flower every week too so I say they have changed from they guy below.... try them.

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    Consistency is what I'm looking for especially when it comes to my meds.Getting bunk ass meds isn't cool.

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    I went to Green Earth remedies on Hasti Acres & BOOYAH it happened again shitty buds come on peeps.Again it smelled & looked good in the jar & then I get to the house fire up a bowl & barely even catch a head change WTF!!A great atmosphere & cool peeps & a way cool bud tender can only go so far in this biz,when I pay for TOP SHELF I expect TOP SHELF smoke!!People they make additives that boost THC levels & add flavor so whoever a growing what's coming in their doors STEP UP YOUR GAME!!or customers are gonna start not being so loyal.Peace out.