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Red’s the New Green: System of a Down Bassist Launches Cannabis Merch Line 22Red

Celebrities Posted Oct 28 2018

From a straight edge skater kid to rock and roll legend, now Shavo Odadjain, most famous for playing bass in the band System of a Down, is the head of his own premium cannabis company. Odadjain's new company, 22Red, will not only feature his hand picked premium cannabis brands but also clothing and accessories to match. By partnering 22Red with a top cannabis grower in LA and a premium clothing factory making shirts from scratch, Odadjain set's his cannabis company apart with great quality all around. The number 22 has followed the famous rocker around his whole life and he plans to continue the tradition by releasing new products for his company on the 22nd day of every month with the first having launched in October. His incoming products currently announced will be all-CBD pens, tinctures and microdosed gummies. While his CBD products are available nationwide online to try the official 22Red cannabis you must visit California for now.

“My whole purpose in doing this is giving people what I smoke,” Odadjian said, “because I smoke the best and I have such a taste for it … It isn’t just me, because I’m a celebrity, putting my name on something. It’s me actually working hard, meeting the right growers, curating the right flower.”

Original article: https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/system-of-a-down-bassist-launches-cannabis-merchandise-line-22red-10963184

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