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Washington state growers struggling to sell legal marijuana

Dispensaries Posted Jan 16 2015

Last year, Washington had it's first chance to open the marijuana industry doors. With the market being so new, growing, cultivating, and selling had a slow start, creating limited supply for dispensaries and causing some to close their doors for good. After last fall's harvest, the growers now have a massive surplus of marijuana because the dispensaries simply aren't selling enough of it. Black Market prices are still cheap enough to stray citizens away from legal weed's taxes, leaving legal marijuana business to sell buds at a loss. 

State data show that licensed growers had harvested 31,000 pounds of bud as of Thursday, but Washington's relatively few legal pot shops have sold less than one-fifth of that. Many of the state's marijuana users have stuck with the untaxed or much-lesser-taxed pot they get from black market dealers or unregulated medical dispensaries — limiting how quickly product moves off the shelves of legal stores.

Original article: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/01/16/washington-state-growers-struggling-to-sell-legal-marijuana/

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