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With Brookline Dispensary, A Trial Opening For Medical Marijuana On Boston’s Border

Dispensaries Posted Feb 17 2016

Brookline, Massachusetts is now home to a brand new medical marijuana dispensary called New England Treatment Access (NETA) which can be found only 300 paces from Boston. Officials exptected high volumes after the grand opening and declared the first two weeks at the dispensary appointment only. NETA staff is confident they can handle more customers and keep inventory up, which has been a problem for dispensaries in many areas. Patients can choose between 8 different strains on the menu, and NETA plans to circulate between 50 different strains as well as offering pre-rolled joints, candies, tinctures, and even pill capsules.

“We get a lot of people, the last time they tried this was in college many years ago,” says Norton Arbelaez, a consultant for standards and practices at the dispensary. “So we really need to understand the baseline knowledge of the product and from there we go to method of delivery.”

Original article: http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2016/02/medical-marijuana-brookline-opens

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