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How does marijuana affect your golf game? An investigation

Fun Posted May 25 2018

It's common to wonder how exactly consuming cannabis might effect your performance during your favorite sport, luckily some curious people out in California did a simple study to find out just how cannabis effects a player's golf game. After finding the baseline for each of the 3 player's driving, approaching and putting the real test began. Each player consumed about 6mg of THC through a vape pen, then went back to perform the same shots. The players did this several more times until clearly reaching a point passed their prime. The findings showed that introducing a mild amount of THC in the body actually increased performance for most players and events compared to their sober baseline. Of course, as with any substance there is a proper dosage that should be considered. Once the players began their 3rd and 4th smoke break it became more noticable that their performance, on average, was slipping. It's important to find the sweet spot of consumption if you want to both increase your stats and your fun.

Like everything else in life, moderation is key. A little bit of marijuana—in this case, around 18 milligrams—can help to relax muscles and calm nerves, aiding distance and overall tee-to-green performance. Consume in excess of that, however, and focus, energy, hand-eye coordination, and munchies become major impediments. In the most general terms, marijuana use on the golf course reflected our experience with alcohol: A little goes a long way, but a little too much will have you playing from the wrong fairway for the rest of the afternoon.

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