Senator to push Florida medical marijuana legalization

Senator to push Florida medical marijuana legalization

Published on 11/22/11

Florida's medical marijuana program has picked up steam with the help of State Rep. Jeff Clemens and State Sen. Larcenia Bullard. Both Clemens and Bullard are for medical marijuana and allowing the Florida people to have the choice to use cannabis as medication.

State Rep. Jeff Clemens‘ joint resolution allowing Floridians to vote on whether they want to legalize medical marijuana in the state during the 2012 election has picked up a Senate sponsor.

State Sen. Larcenia Bullard, D-Miami, has introduced a resolution proposing the creation of articles in the state constitution that would “allow the medical use of cannabis by citizens.”

Clemens, D-Lake Worth, told Capitol News Service that the topic of medical marijuana is “a compassion issue.”

“It’s an issue of people in this state that are going through tough times and a lot of physical pain and if they want to use this particular drug as opposed to a more heavy prescription narcotic,” he told theNews

Service. “I don’t think there’s any reason why we shouldn’t let them.”

Sixteen states have already legalized medical marijuana.

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