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One tweet that shows just how far marijuana legalization has come

Legalization Posted Jun 10 2016

To those living in states still stuck in marijuana prohibition, the law is no joke. One slip up in some states can land you behind bars and paying heavy fines, but in marijuana legal states the tone is quite different. The Portland Oregon Police Department has decided to tweet citizens a friendly reminder that the black market is unregulated and not 100% safe,  and it's time to start using licensed marijuana shops. A major police  department publicly joking about and condoning marijuana sales is a huge step in the right direction, but advocates will not stop until every state police department becomes friendly with pot.

[A]t least five other states, including California, are expected to vote on whether to legalize in November. Whereas legalization supporters were largely dispirited just a few years back, they now regularly refer to federal legalization as “inevitable” and “a matter of time.”

When a big city’s police department is tweeting about where to buy marijuana legally, it's easy to see why advocates are now so confident. It’s a remarkable shift.

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