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Democratic House flip may mean full legalization of marijuana in nation’s capital

Legalization Posted Nov 6 2018

Washington D.C. voters legalized the possession of marijuana back in 2014 but the House of Representatives Republicans stopped the city from regulating marijuana and allowing the sale of the plant. Adults in D.C. can legally grow and possess cannabis but there is no legal way to sell or purchase the plant meaning that D.C. is missing out on lots of potential tax revenue. Now that Republicans no longer control the House there is potential for D.C. to officially regulate the plant and open retail shops for adults. Mayor Muriel Bowser of D.C. already announced her plan to introduce legislation to legalize the sale of cannabis for next year but some officials are saying the legalization of sales will be more likely in October of 2019. 

More likely, the issue would come up again in negotiations over the budget that takes effect on Oct. 1, 2019. If the Senate were to include D.C. marijuana restrictions in its spending bill, the issue would be part of negotiations between legislative leaders when they resolve differences.

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