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Latest bill to legalize marijuana gains momentum in Legislature

Legalization Posted Jan 27 2019

New Mexico legislators have been working on a bill that could bring the state a legal recreational cannabis market. With the support of the governor and several key lawmakers the bill could make it's way through the New Mexico House but it might have trouble in the conservative run Senate. If passed the program would allow medical marijuana patients registered with the state to bypass the taxes while enlisting a 9% tax on non-patients. Tax revenue from the program would be used towards research and education, substance misuse treatment, mental health treatment, and youth drug-education and prevention programs. The bill would also seal the records of certain low level cannabis-related criminal records and even dismiss the sentences of those currently incarcerated.

“We have the chance to pass an innovative legalization bill that stays true to New Mexican values and what we care most about: the well-being of our children, healthy and safe communities, and a stronger economic future,”

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