Dutch ban tourist marijuana purhcases

Medical Marijuana Posted Apr 30 2012

Dutch ban tourist marijuana purhcasesAs of May 1 tourists in the Netherlands are no longer allowed to purhcase marijuana in the three southern provinces.

Though weed is technically illegal in the Netherlands, it has been sold openly for decades under the country's famed "Tolerance Policy." This over sight has made the Netherlands, more specifically Amsterdam, famous for its pot pedalling coffee shops.

The new ban is focused mainly on the city of Maastricht and the southern three provinces. The city sees a constant flow of traffic from more than a million non-Dutch drivers traveling to the city to buy as much marijuana as possible and drive home. Also several coffee shops have been warned in the area for violating the ban against tourists.

Only holders of a "weed pass" are allowed to buy marijuana now. Non-residents aren't eligible for the pass, meaning tourists are effectively banned. This move by the Dutch could have a serious impact on tourism should the ban be applied to the famous coffee shops of Amsterdam. The ban isnt suppose to effect Amsterdam until next year, and may never truely be inforced.

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