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4 uses for marijuana that you would never think of

Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 20 2013

4 uses for Marijuana that you would never think of

We all know weed has some amazing benefits. Its ability to calm nerves and lesson pain are well documented, but there are a plethora of other ways marijuana and, its close relative, cannabis can positively affect everyone.

Munchies… some of us have experienced them, but knowledge of the damage that they can wreak upon a bag of cheese puffs is universal. As it turns out, humans aren’t alone in experiencing the hunger inducing phenomenon. Apparently pigs also feel the need to feed when exposed to pot, and farmers in the Pacific Northwest are doing everything they can to take advantage of it. Marijuana growers in the area are growing more product than ever. They needed to find a way to dispose of the left over roots and stems. Local farmers started feeding these unused portions to their pigs, and to great result! The pot bellied pigs were up to 30 points heavier than their standard feed litter mates. Seattle’s Pike Place butcher shop reports that he actually ran out of meat from the weed fed porkers. Customers were drawn to the unique savory flavor of the meat. If applied all across the country it could substantially improve the 5.83 billion pounds of pork produced in the U.S. every year.

 Hemps many uses are almost innumerable, but few people know of the very important purpose its serving in Ukraine. Hemp is one of a limited number of plants that can be used as a “mop crop”. Its unique ability to pull impurities out of the air, water and soil make it ideal to be planted around sewage treatment facilities and farm drainage points. However its most amazing feat is its ability to cleanse an area of radioactivity. For those not familiar, in 1986 in Chernobyl Ukraine a nuclear power plant exploded. It is considered the worst nuclear power accident of all time, and hemp is leading the way in bringing the radiated area back to livable conditions. This process of Phytoremediation is ongoing and so far seeing great results. Interestingly enough hemp is so efficient at these processes of removing substances from water it can be used in aquaponics. Living only of the byproducts of fish and in turn filtering out the water for the fish in a completely organic way.

Everyone would love to be in better shape, but getting that body you want can be extremely difficult. For some the hardest part the dieting. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat can be extremely confusing as different diet “gurus” say different things. One things for certain though, cannabis seeds will help you gain muscle. As almost any athlete can tell you protein is responsible for repairing degraded muscle and building new fibers. Cannabis seeds are chalk full of protein.  These seeds could be a great alternative for vegetarians looking to bulk up, or lactose intolerant folks looking for a healthy alternative to whey supplements. Besides the great amount of protein there is also a large amount of Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for keeping internal organs in peak condition. 

Is anything more relaxing than a good toke? Well maybe waking up in the morning clear headed and refreshed. Well why not both? For centuries marijuana has been used as a sleep aide. Cannabis long record of inducing restful sleep is well deserved. It’s reported by many that even when getting less than eight hours users still wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. Marijuana is non habit forming and completely safe unlike several sleeping pills currently on the market today. It lets you wake up in the emergency without any grogginess or ill side effects. All in all it appears to be one of the best sleep inducers around.

There dozens of uses for marijuana, and not just in the medicinal field. Here are some of the least known practical uses of this wonderful plant. Hopefully highlighting all the potential uses will make those who question marijuana’s practicality reconsider. Here's just a few more uses for the plant:

4 uses for Marijuana that you would never think of

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