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Florida Cities Moving Full Speed Ahead With Marijuana Decriminalization

Medical Marijuana Posted Aug 24 2015

Florida makes the third most arrests for marijuana possession in the country at about 60,000 per year, yet the residents show overwhelming support to legalize the plant. More and more cities are taking it upon themselves to use their local government to decriminalize small amouts of marijuana. Florida's largest county, Miami-Dade, decriminalized the possession of up to 20 grams as a civil infraction punished with a $100 fine. Many other cities are following with similar bills, but Florida NORML is pushing for a 2016 vote to legalize marijuana statewide.

It’s clear that Florida residents are fed up with policies that treat those who possess marijuana as criminals and are looking to their local governments to lead the way in reforming these policies. NORML encourages you to contact your local city commissioners and urge them to consider adopting decriminalization policies in your communities.

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