US National Cancer Institute Now Lists Cannabis as Potential Cancer Treatment

Medical Marijuana Posted Aug 19 2015

Cannabis has been a widely accepted treatment for cancer patients to help with the nausea, anxiety, and depression. New research is showing that the cannabinoids found in marijuana not only fight the symptoms of cancer, but also kill the cancer cells themselves. Tests in mice and rats are revealing that many types of cancer cells are being destroyed by THC and CBD, while at the same time the normal healthy cells are being protected. The National Cancer Institute now lists on their website that marijuana can effectively inhibit and shrink tumors, yet the DEA continues to list marijuana as a schedule 1 narcotic next to heroin. Schedule 1 means the drug has a high potential for abuse, and no accepted medical value. How long will it take for government agencys to accept modern research and reclassify marijuana?

The National Cancer Institute’s listing of Cannabis and Cannabinoids as holding tremendous potential for medical applications, particularly as treatments for cancer, clearly contradicts the DEA’s position regarding the Schedule I status of Marijuana. It seems that no one can manage to get on the same page regarding Marijuana, leaving many still pulling from impressions of Reefer Madness to form their opinions.

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