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Colorado lawmakers approve medical marijuana for students in school

Medical Marijuana Posted May 6 2015

Every parent wants to know that their child is being taken good care of while away at school, especially when a medical condition demands attention. This can breach tricky territory when public schools are drug-free zones, and some medicines are considered federally illegal drugs. A new bill was introduced in Colorado to ensure all student's medicines are treated the same in a school regulated system that allows secure access to provided healthcare means.

The bill would allow parents or caregivers, with a doctor’s note, to come into schools and administer marijuana in the form of a patch.

“Jack’s Amendment will assure that children don’t have to choose between going to school and taking their medicine,” Singer said. Singer also sponsored the underlying bill, which was initially intended to regulate marijuana caregivers. 

"It was so frustrating that we finally found a medicine that worked, and then had it stripped away from him at school. It was unacceptable," she said. 


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