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Delusional Confidence? A Report from the Marijuana Investor Summit

Medical Marijuana Posted May 11 2015

Dooma Wendschuh is one of the many people who decided to drop everything and invest in the marijuana industry in it's early stages. After graduation from Princeton, Dooma  and a friend started a video game coding company and became a massive success. The day marijuana became legal in Colorado and Washington, he knew times were changing forever and sold his share of the company to look into the future of cannabis. His new company, Ebbu, has a goal to scientifically locate and manipulate the compounds of marijuana to get all the high, but none of the undesired side effects. Many people want to spare the munchies and paranoia, and Ebbu, plans to make it happen.

They saw their mission as creating “a healthier and safer alternative to alcohol” that one day could be sold in bars and restaurants. “After we distill the plant into its basic components, we’re able to combine them and create new products that emphasize one effect,” Wendschuh said. The first five effects, or “feelings,” he plans to market are energy, bliss, giggle, chill, and create.

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