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Enough with this silly war on marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted May 24 2015

American soldiers come back from war and are often greeted by friends and family, but no matter how much it means to be home, many soldiers never rid themselves of the horrors or combat. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) effects soldiers in such a way that too many are driven to suicide as they find themselves consumed with anger, depression, anxiety, and unforgettable night terrors. As a last restort, one soldier, Pfc Jared Hunter, tried marijuana and it turned his life around for the better, allowing him to move on from crippling depression. Someone reported Pfc Hunter for his marijuana use and he was nearly convicted until the court offered him a deal which most of his punishment is fines.

One is glad Hunter's legal travails have come to such a favorable end. But who's to say the next person in his position will be as fortunate? More to the point, we should be appalled this sort of thing is even possible, that a veteran can be threatened with prison because he used the only effective treatment for a wound incurred in the service of his country.

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