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Fla. low-THC medical marijuana law passes major hurdle

Medical Marijuana Posted May 27 2015

Florida, like many other states, is ready to embrace low-THC marijuana to help treat children with epilepsy, as well as many other debilitating conditions that marijuana can help treat. Under this new bill, there will only be allowed 5 growers in the state, and the applications to jump on the marijuana bandwagon is taking off. The strain of marijuana chosen to treat children most would be Charlotte's Web, which is a strain purposely bred low in THC,(the cannabinoid that gets you high) and high in CBD which is primarily a healing cannabinoid. 

"It's been a long discussion and dialogue and I know there's been some frustration with it, but here we are with a rule that's going into effect. We'll have people submitting applications to become dispensaries and I think Florida's ready for this."

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