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State panel: PTSD, migraines OK for medical pot, but not anxiety, diabetes

Medical Marijuana Posted May 4 2015

Last year, Illinois legislators passed a bill for medical marijuana, but due to delays the first dispensaries may not open until this summer. With a fear of fueling the black market, the bill was limiting on how many illnesses would allow for marijuana prescriptions, but many were concerned it was too limiting for the program to succeed. A new list of illnesses is ready to be approved to help more citizens access the miracle drug. Among those on the list are: PTSD, anorexia, and migraines, while diabetes and anxiety were omitted from the list.

“If they get a lot of new conditions and everything works, this program will be healthy and will likely be renewed,” said Walsh, the editor. “If it’s kept tight and small and businesses fail because the patient base isn’t big enough, that’s going to hurt its chances in the long run.”

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