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Texas Legalizes Medical Marijuana Oils For Epilepsy

Medical Marijuana Posted May 31 2015

It's official...Texas has legalized medical marijuana! The governor signed the bill into law this week that would allow medical marijuana oils for patients with severe epilepsy. Though the bill is very restrictive and many potential patients will not be allowed to benefit from the drug, it is still a historic day for the highly conservative state. To qualify for the CBD oil, epileptic patients must prove that atleast two previous medications have not helped, then receive approval from two different doctors.

“While this program leaves most patients behind and we’re concerned about its functionality, today is one for the history books," Fazio said. "The Texas Legislature is sending a resounding message: Marijuana is medicine. We commend our Texas lawmakers and look forward to continuing this conversation when the 85th Legislature convenes in 2017.”

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