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Will Marijuana for Sick Kids Get Government to Rethink Weed?

Medical Marijuana Posted May 15 2015

CBD oil is changing the way voters and legislators are seeing marijuana as medicine. Many states in the US have legalized non-smokable forms of medical marijuana, primarily in the form of oil. These CBD oils have become essential to epileptic children everywhere who have lessened or eliminated their daily seizures with the miracle drug. Though CBD does not get the user high, it's affiliation with marijuana may cary a stigma for some time to come, causing politicians who personally support marijuana reform to instead avoid tackling marijuana law as it's just not a priority.  FDA approved CBD research is expanding and continuing to show positive results, hopefully eventually forcing the government to reschedule the drug and open for more broad medical testing.

Still, Hudak believes that if demand for cannabidiol research increases, it could have a lasting impact by reducing marijuana’s stigma. “There is a lot of ignorance in the political community about CBD,” he says. “I think people, particularly opponents of reform, think of marijuana as a rolled joint and that's it. When, in reality, it's a very diverse product.”

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